It's like they want to test your computer for Active Directory

In computers the term "active directory" is well known. Every computer has it. No computer catches "AD". We wouldn't go around testing for it but this is what we do with testing for viruses in the body.

Everyone has viruses as ALL VIRUSES travel in the air everywhere all the time constantly and nothing man does can stop this ever.

Viruses are in everyone. They are in the air, they are on everything, like dust and carbon dioxide you cannot escape them and you cannot stop them. The wind carries them constantly into every place there is with air everywhere. Your body handles it like it handles dust.

Viruses which hundreds of times smaller than bacteria (bacteria is actually a living thing, viruses are not) are claimed to be the cause of a broad directory of conditions, like a directory in a building with many offices in a high rise tower, or a directory list on your hard drive of the billions of files you have on it, to claim that the cause of any part of the directory or many parts of it to be going bad is because you have a computer infected with files is ludicrous.

So too the claim that viruses cause disease is absurd as they are like the myriad of files you have on your computer. They are just there.

Like with HIVM - Holocaust In Virus Mania - "Active Directory" is a broad term so getting tested for HIV is like getting tested for Active Directory, basically your computer has it and you have it, so what.

Testing for viruses is not finding files in a computer that can contain a set of programs that would mess up the system. Testing for viruses is like testing for parts of a file system it only finds pieces. For example we might find when testing the computer active directory the letters "HIV". That does not mean that the file is a "virus".

Another way to look at it is claiming that hijacking is the cause of all collisions. The researcher sees that there is a link between collisions and hijacking of cars so with $$$ in his eyes sides with that determination.

An even better way of not looking at it is noticing the space between the MOON and Miami and the many $$$ that flow the way of space suitability in between 1's and 0's.

There is no test that is specific to finding any virus they just find random things that might be a part of a virus. It's like testing your car for dirt. It's like testing for space suits on a space craft. It's like testing for jet fule on a jet.

Virus testing is Horshit In Virology. Virology is lost in space. They take your mind up there and send it off into other worlds and watch you panic and collect all the change that falls out of your pockets.

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