current sane term used suggested insane term to use what the acronym then would be or another suggestion for a better term change operation is this change needed? comment further explained
uninsured medically underserved MU no it's an attempt to save the planet but since these changes will require more oxygen to express all these extra syllables, carbon blankets will get bigger so it's not the right direction retarded, so how is this term changed when not referring to medical insurance but rather car insurance, car underserved? what about with a home, would we then refer to the home underserved? the whole thing is so woke obvioulsy stupid
alcoholic persons with alcohol use disorder PWAUD no this is stupid! everyone knows what an alcoholic is there are many examples of this in political positions screwing with our heads and messing up the country, and world, what needs to change is not the terms used to describe these alcoholics (do we have drug testing for politicians? no) what needs to happen is them getting jobs sweeping floors instead of constantly rererewriting language and rules and making things up out of thin air and non existent carbon blankets and footprints for their financial gain
inmate, prisoner, offender, criminal people or persons who are incarcerated or detained
persons on parole or incarcerated
no duh no comment
smokers people who smoke PWS or better PTBPATAITSFPAS (person that burns paper and tobacco and inhales the smoke for pleasure and stimulation) which is all that vaccines can do anymore as they are no longer providing immunity though then never actually did anyway as the Center for Conniving Delusions (CDC) changed that definition too but here they kept the word as it was "vaccine" and never really told anyone the new meaning which is totally deceptive Horseshit In Virology (HIV) no way stupid people who smoke are smokers, like why would we need to say they are people? the English language is structured already to express ideas properly and this shows the lunacy and manipulative nature of those at the CDC and others completely trying to wreck the structure which is what they do with everything to manipulate people, making things more complex than they ever need to be, smokers are already known to be people, we don't hear that term and think "oh maybe it's that tree that is smoking when they say smoker" and they do this language manipulation big time when it comes to expressing the dangers of sub microscopic unicorns
homosexual LGBTQ (and variations) that's the acronym already for lezbo,fag,transwhatever,q-somethingorother no totally insane off the rails garbage if i am homosexual i do not want to be lumped in with other categories, for example I am not a transfreak, I am a homosexual, I am not a lesbo nor bisexual I am a fucking homosexual who does not fuck like CDC fucks everyone constantly, it would be like Home Depot being inclusive with all machines they sell there and changing "lawn mower" which clearly means a grass cutting device that is powered by a motor, to instead include weed whackers, power saws, drills, and other items and then the "lawnmower" would be changed to "motor driven device that might drill, saw, cut an object" like what the fuck does the customer do when they are forced to be inclusive when they want nothing do do with drills and saws, they are there to buy a lawn mower - example they ask the clerk (if that's not changed as well) "do you have any MDDTMDSCAO in stock?" stating it the inclusive way so as not to offend? then to make it worse the CDC suggests that each of those terms in DLGBTQ+++++++ must be considered and used to refer to people so as not to offend and "be inclusive" (inclusive to fucking what) forgoing gender specific terms so no longer do we call those who are in the whatever+ category by gender so first we have to figure out if they are genderless people how the fuck do you do that.
homeless people experiencing unsheltered homelessness PEUH no more insanity notice they warp the simple term "homeless" with "ness" and then make a long sentence when it means the same thing so they never even got rid of homeless as a supposed uninclusive term as the CDC instead keeps doing busywork to keep sucking so much of your tax cash for themselves so they can buy more homes and thus perpetuating homelessness
mentally ill people with a pre-existing mental health disorder   no   most of those suggesting such changes are mentally ill and should not be included in my world after these are the people who said I should not be allowed to be part of society without becoming an anti-freeze poison injected fool
illegal alien asylum seeker seeker ASS no lumps those who follow rules with those who do not so this is including rule breakers with those who obey rules so that is inequitable many are not seeking asylum they just want to buck the system, abuse others, steal and rob in a country they are not legally supposed to be in so a better term is "criminal aliens" or "rule breakers living where they were not invited in to live" which is like someone being in your home that is not supposed to be there, similar to how it's criminal to jump a fence at Disneyland to enter the park for free just as it is to jump a country's fences and rules for free when others pay

inspired by article found here on today's date being 1/16/2023 and remember the CDC is a vaccine company like Google and neither are my English teacher in which I got straight A's

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