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HIV - Human Influenza Virus

HIV - Human Influenzae Virus causes AIDS - Acquired Information Deficiency Syndrome better put as ID - Information Deficiency (this is really all we need to describe it when it's in humans, the H is redundant and unnecessary)*

Testing "for the virus" if it even exists as this has NEVER BEEN PROVEN can be positive when the testee merely has or had the flu.

Since it was proven long ago that HIV testing can find influenza and show up positive, it is imperative to present the dual meaning of HIV being both meaning a Human Immune-o-deficiency Virus AND a Human Influenzae Virus.

This fact of influenza triggering a positive result on HIV tests is not widely disseminated which is highly suspect of misleading the public.

Also of little known fact is that testing is not finding virus ever it only finds random strands of acids and antibodies.

Here are some references on this assertion. Is 123 references enough?

*Being that acronyms are a popular thing these days, I thought it appropriate to use AIDS to describe my understanding of the Acquired Information Deficiency Syndrome which is linked to the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome broad generalizations masquerading as precise definitions, and see what I could do to eradicate it by publishing as much information as possible that would teach, inspire, and educate.