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It stuck

As I predicted, using scientific understanding of language, Zika has stuck. It's always in the news and there are new vaccines on the horizon, no wait, they are here. Let's look at some of their claims.

As stated on "One of the reasons they have developed these vaccines so quickly is DNA vaccines.....It's really the trend of the future says Dr. Anthony Fauci head of the National Institutes of Health." Now there's a man I don't trust as I blame him for the gay disease mess.

"Traditional vaccines use whole virus.....these use DNA fragments".

So is that like using fragments of steel to build a skyscraper? Or wood chips to build a garage? Probably.

"A DNA vaccine contains tiny bits of genetic code".

Oh, so I got that wrong, it's more like software or math problems, numbers and letters written down on paper. Code. Yea, let's build a structure with code.

Again, as with most of the viral claims, it makes no sense.

Then they claim that with these new vaccines they have to inject them in a different way, sci-fi like, stating "In particular, researchers had to develop a new way of delivering the vaccine. For these vaccines to work, they have to get inside cells - which is much harder for a piece of DNA than a whole virus. In one delivery system, Fauci says, there's a device that that actually shoots the DNA vaccine in through the skin without necessarily using a needle. "It's kind of like a jet stream that puts the virus the vaccine right through the skin into the tissue," he says.

So it's harder for something sub sub sub microscopic to get into a cell than something that is sub microscopic? That makes as much sense as saying my child's round peg will not fit through the square hole but it will fit through a smaller round hole.

Then the "jet stream" thingy is laughable.

Here's another way of getting under your skin, "Inovio has made another system, Kim says. It actually gives the person a low voltage electrical shock to coax the vaccine into cells. "That happens very quickly, like in millisecond or a hundredth of a second," he says, "so the pain level is similar to that of a regular needle."

It's shocking how they con the public. So they want me to believe that using electric shocks coaxes a vaccine into the cell. If it's like tattoos, I suppose that could be true. Ok, let's go with that. So now we have tattoo vaccines that will save us from Zika.


Then there's the old fashioned way that has worked since man began, the body's immune response creates antibodies, which are mirror images of "the virus" and they sweep them away like the good housekeepers they are. Why are we not told that we already have a vaccination program going on inside our bodies all the time?

Oh yea, billing.

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HB 1523

That's the religious liberty law passed in Missisippi that everyLGBTone's now in a huff about. If a florist owner objects to a gay wedding, the law gives them protections to tell the gay couple looking for flowers for their wedding to fiuck off based on the religious objections of the florist, in that it conflicts with their beliefs that only a man and woman can be married. 

They think practicing their religious beliefs are important. I would agree. 

Now let's look at the religious beliefs of the gay couple at the store asking for flowers and being rejected, that gay couple also has religious beliefs, their beliefs are that their Holy matrimony is sanctioned by God. If a florist objects and refuses, they are discriminating against the religious beliefs of that gay couple. That is illegal. All any gay couple needs to say to them is "you are discriminating based on my religious beliefs and that is against the law". 

Not that that will always immediately sink in how severe that is, it at least reminds everyone of what we are dealing with here, personal religious beliefs. 

Now if the only florist in a small town in Mississippi wants to do the same thing and say to a straight couple, that discrimination based on religious beliefs is against my religion, thus use HB 1523 to protect themselves and thus tell the customer to fuck off, they are protected by that law.  

So too if a gay contractor, using HB 1523 to his discretion, does not want to build a church, he can refuse based on it conflicting with his religion which states "Thou shalt not even sup with those who are sinners and would treat others differently than they would treat themselves."

BTW this is not legal advice only opinions. 


Bathroom Bill

The dude gets himself into sticky situations. Now to add to Bill's stickyness, his friend Bruce Springstein has cancelled a concert in North Carolina to protest that state's protections of privacy which they call the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act. We can acronymize that as PFPASA, or if we are to acronymize inconsistently and without standardization like is done with immunotesting and like is done with the synonymous word immune deficiency and immun-o-deficiency, we could call it the BB/PASA which written out would be Bathroom Bill which causes Publicfacilitiesprivacy And Security Act. 

Now if I was a fan of Bruce, I would be rather ticked off that he chose to screw me out of a great time in order to pleasure those who get off on protesting things which apparently would include himself in that category. We can call them People Who Get Off On ProtestingThings and acronymize as the gay and medical communities always do, as PW/GOOP. The transgender bathroom situation is really so sticky it should not be one of those protest things that celebrities wrap themselves around. 

The argument that someone is born gay and they have a right to express sexuality that way is way different than someone who is born a man then wants their dick cut off to be a woman, or wants to remain a man on the outside, but thinks of himself as a woman and wants to take his dong into a woman's bathroom. 

The gay dude goes in any bathroom and still is a guy like other guys and pisses like other guys, he doesn't have sex there, he pisses there and same in the locker room, so it doesn't matter what he does elsewhere be it at home or in his car, he's not doing anything wrong but the guy that keeps his dick but claims he's a woman and claims he/she/whatever has a right to go into the woman's rest room or locker room when he still pisses like a dude is acting way different because HE IS DIFFERENT and not equal. 

Transwhatevers can be treated equally in other situations like in buying groceries, being a student or employee, all of the normal activities, but when it comes to dressing a different part and claiming that they feel different than who they were born to be, and demanding they be allowed to be in the other locker room or rest room where clearly they don't fit based on having a different body part than all the others, well that's where a line has to be drawn. The other thing is that restrooms are meant for rest, when a woman walks in and whips out a dong that doesn't make the roomrestful. 

Even if no one sees it whipped out, where do we draw the line if this is allowed? Anyone can then claim they feel like a woman one week, and then next week go back to feeling like a man and then each week go check out the woman's restroom or locker room. There can even be a medical diagnosis for this, calling it Transgenderweekaholicism. 

I haven't yet seen a good argument that incorporates that discussion into anything that can be explained that makes sense so without it I would have to support common sense approaches to this much more highly complex matter often referred to as "transgender rights" or more accurately "alleged trangendered rights".

Again, gay rights are wayyyyyy different and thus I reject the imposition of transgender issues on my gay issues and thus reject the use of LGBT as a way to describe "my community" and it's use to include my issues into theirs as if they are similar in any way, and rather will accept the term gay to describe my community of FF's (Fellow Fags).



Ebola, remember that ridiculous scare tactic? Well it was supposed to be the cause of hemorrhagic fever, or another way of saying it is fever with hemorrhage. Never mind that there are other causes of hemorrhage and fever.

So it's interesting to read (or a waste of my time maybe) that we have a new and improved virus that "causes" the same thing. It's now called the Junin Virus Antibody which of course being gay, I have to acronymize because I am too lazy to say the full term, to JVA. No it's not called John or Victor or Arthur, and it's not the virus that we just named here, it's the antibody. I really think it's emportant to emphasize this fact. 

As stated in this article the researchers claim to have created a Junin Virus Antibody. This would be something that would get rid of the Junin Virus. 

What are antibodies? They are the body's natural immune system defense so creating them for things like HIV would be a good thing. Why hasn't that ever been done?

It's like viruses are the dirt and antibodies are Formula 409 and with JVA they want to use that to get rid of TJV (The Junin Virus). Hey where's that cleaning solution for HIV? Why don't these researchers create an HIV antibody? That would solve everything!

Um, but wait, isn't that HIV test finding antibodies which scares everyone and puts that nasty + label on them? Yes indeed it does. Labels are funny things. 

From my research it appears researchers are in a bit of a bind, they can't create antibodies for HIV to treat people with because how are they going to explain that the tests find antibodies already there? That seems like a hard sell, like trying to sell someone a new Tesla when they just opened their garage and their mate just bought them a new Tesla. Thus no need to create these antibodies in the lab as a way to get rid of HIV because the body already did that. Well duh. Didn't we know this for the last 30 plus years?

Gay community testing that hunts for and claims to find a killer virus ONLY FINDS ANTIBODIES. Finding antibodies is like finding Formula 409.

Where is that test again that finds that dirty HIV particle? There is none. Claims as such are a stretch AKA/scam. Testing only finds what these Junin Virus researchers say they created to treat people with to heal, antibodies. 

So what I am wondering now, is how many getting licked's does it take to get to the center of this dirt particle naming nonsense?



I was looking up BHT which is a food additive that acts as an antioxidant to keep foods preserved. I found it in my sausage. 

In reading the details about this additive which in non-acronym terms is Butylated Hydroxyltoluene (funny how they are inconsistent like with HIV/AIDS, they have 3 letters yet only two words) yet the point I whish to point out is that in looking at the chemical makeup there is presented this symbol,

As we look up a description of what this symbol indicates we find that it's called "NFPA 704: Standard System for the Identification of the Hazards of Materials for Emergency Response" which s a standard maintained by the U.S.-based National Fire Protection Association for indicating various types of chemicals and hazards that would be found in a location containing these, with red indicating flammability, blue indicating level of health hazard, yellow for chemical reactivity, and white containing codes for special hazards as referenced on Wikipedia.

Though the importance of this symbol may not be much when it comes to bringing your sausage home with this added chemical in it (the symbol does not appear on the back next to the nutrition label) this symbol is important when it comes to a warehouse that would contain barrels of this chemical so that if there was a fire, the responders would immediately know what properties were there in that barrel containing it. The symbol would be seen on the door or near the doorway where this chemical would be stored, at least that is the rule and in most every case of chemical storage these symbols appear with varying numbers displayed to indicate their properties so that when there is a fire it gives the firefighter vital information. The most important thing to note about these and many other notification techniques is there is a STANDARD. Imagine if there were no standard and companies could create their own form of displaying the various chemical properties, firefighters would either be confused, or have to learn hundreds of different "languages" of communicating to them the properties of the chemical stored there. 

These symbols are quick, clear, precise, and STANDARDIZED ways of informing them.

We don't have that with HIV testing, knowledge, and methods of communicating.

In particular we don't have a standard of MEASURE to "find HIV" (assuming it even exists). That lack of standards leads to much confusion when the alarms are sounded that one might get a virus that they think can't be transmitted by mosquito straws. One can test positive in the United States and can test negative for "HIV" in Canada because there is no agreement in various countries as to how to find the thing and how to declare what their findings are because testing protocols are all over the map.



This article was written the day before the day of fools, April 1, 2016, which in the Coptic calendar is expressed as 23 Baramhat 1732 yet it's also the same day as the expression 4/1/16 and 4/1/2016 and 2457480. They are all the EXACT same day. It's something to think about, how different expressions can actually be the same thing. 

Take a look at this NEQLTY/EQLTY (inequality/equality) expressed in this chart. Neither the dates are the same nor the number of characters and spaces used to express them are the same yet the dates are the same! Everything's different but the same!

the date

characters used
including spaces

4/1/16 6
23 Baramhat 1732 16
2457480 7
April 1, 2016 13

All above dates are equal yet very different (stick that in your equality pipe and drink it).

Thus it should be no surprise that I would try to educate people on the different ways of expressing the same things by either using more acronyms to express something, or dissecting and using only the necessary parts of others, like when discussing HIV/AIDS or being GAY (Gleefully Accepting Yogh), which, like with the various dates above, can equally be expressed by simply stating ID or immune deficiency or Gay BLT. Sometimes I think I fail at helping people understand, so in the theme of failures, I think many will be happy to hear that the "too big to fail" companies are asking for the removal of that designation on them as they have shed some of their assets to become smaller. This term TBTF (too big to fail) became popular in 2008 during the FC (financial crisis). 


Hmmmm, so really the actual legal description of these companies is not "too big to fail", it's SYSTEMICALLY IMPORTANT. So is it better to have companies not be systemically important? And now that they are removing the systemically important label by forcing them to sell off assets, instead of 10 big companies that were too big to fail, in our next meltdown we will have 1000 smaller companies that will simply fail because they are too small and no longer TBTF.

I mean like hey here's a great solution coming from governing bodies, we don't want companies so big they can't fail, we want to encourage failure! Yea that makes a ton of sense, just like how adding the words "human" and "acquired" and "syndrome" and missing d's for deficiency (HIV/AIDS) changes anything regarding immune deficiency.

So hooray, not too big to fail! Now the banks can fail! 

Actually when we look at it, they are selling assets to themselves, I mean take a look at who owns all these companies, stockholders. The dude living in the penthouse in Manhattan just sells one asset and buys another. So when GE Capital sells off stuff, and the stockholder wants to still own the same amount, they just buy stock in the company that just bought those assets. 

So now that these companies are more likely to fail as many have gleefully stated they would like to see, to me it seems more like government requiring you and me to never have more than half a tank of gas when driving through the desert in summer going to Phoenix when the next gas station is 200 miles. Gotta make it possible to fail, it's good for the tow truck economy, rest stops, and fair to everyone. Can't have other people who drive smaller distances have only half a tank and then let others have full tanks, the trips will be too big to fail. 

In all seriousness though, I believe the systemically important label remains on these financial institutions. These companies remain VITAL to the financial system, it's just the TBTF label that will go away now if only we could get rid of LGBT labels and absurd HIV/AIDS labels. When did immune deficiency naming become too big to fail?

So as I was reading in the body of a report about the financial crisis and regarding large financial institutions and saw the table of contents and APPENDIX. I thought, what if that appendix was removed like is done with humans? Would it fail? Would it affect performance of what I was reading?

So I looked at the appendix and it had many pages of very important information that I thought was vital to a through understanding of the topic, thus, I can only conclude that the appendix does the same in humans and should always be a part of humans anatomy, if it's removed, a vital "something" goes with it.


Category disease

There is a problem in the world infecting understanding, it's a problem with how things are categorized. The word "virus" is uses so much these days and not without claims of treatments, cures, and testing. Viruses are parasites. Many people know what a parasite is, it depends on a host to survive. We can by the pure definition of the word call many children parasites unless they work and pay their own way. Aww that's mean.....kidding aside, viruses are a subcategory under parasites. 

I have created a flow chart showing a little more about these sub categories. When one "gets tested for HIV" what we have is getting tested for parasites, thus the term HIP (Human Immunodefideficiency Parasites) could be used accurately. If someone got tested for HIV they could say they got tested for HIP (leaving the inaccuracies of these tests aside for this discussion). Those two terms are interchangable because parasites are viruses and viruses are parasites like those who are constantly seeking government grants to study cellular debris (HIV). Take a look at the chart, is a tick a virus? No, but is a tick a parasite? Yes. And a parasite is a tick. 

micro bacteria
micro protozoa
micro virus
macro tick
macro mite
macro helminth*
As Wikipedia puts it,

"In biology/ecology, parasitism is a non-mutual symbiotic relationship between species, where one species, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host. Traditionally parasite (in biological usage) referred primarily to organisms visible to the naked eye, or macroparasites (such as helminths). Parasite can include microparasites, which are typically smaller, such as protozoa, viruses, and bacteria. Macroparasites are parasites that are large enough to be seen with the naked eye, in contrast to microparasites. They grow in one host but reproduce by infective stages outside this host. These generally include ticks, mites, helminths (nematodes, flatworms, etc.), and can be either external parasites (ectoparasitic) or internal parasites (endoparasitic). The most abundant macroparasite in humans is the nematode Ascaris lumbricoides which causes an infection called ascariasis. Macroparasites are also parasitic of many plant species and can be a significant agricultural pest. 

So the parasite feeds on the host. This could be sucking blood from the cell, or maybe it's into scat. Why don't we get these details? It's well known that parasites and bacteria love shit. They should tell us this shit. The cell shits. This is called "cellular debris". The worlds top electron microscope scientist says that what those who "discovered HIV" saw in the electron microscope photos was more likely cellular debris than anything, saying "they see what they want to see". So they called it HIV, a parasite that is nothing more than cellular shit.

For that matter, in science, since those who tell us this stuff claim to be so scientific, parasites 

Another thing to keep in mind is that unlike ticks or bacteria, viruses are not living things, so when they say they have to kill them, it's like a housekeeper from Guatemala saying that she is going to kill dust. 

*helminths - Helminths are worm-like organisms living in and feeding on living hosts, receiving nourishment and protection while disrupting their hosts' nutrient absorption, causing weakness and disease. Those that live inside the digestive tract are called intestinal parasites. They can live inside humans and other animals. In their adult form, helminths cannot multiply in humans. Helminths are able to survive in their mammalian hosts for many years due to their ability to manipulate the immune response by secreting immunomodulatory products. 

Helminth eggs remain viable for 1 - 2 months in crops and for many months in soil, fresh water and sewage, or even for several years in feces, fecal sludge (historically called night soil) and sewage sludge; a period that is much longer compared to other kind of microorganisms.

OMG. The gay community goes around promoting HIV testing, but never says anything about Helminth testing! What if everything you thought you knew about the immune system and sex was wrong, and the immune problem (if someone is even sick) is from helminths that are there for years! Of course we have already destroyed HIV and know there is no need for HIV testing since all it finds is cellular debris and the defenders called antibodies with no specificity so why doesn't our authorities know this and why isn't direction given to test the immune system (which 70% of which is in your gut) for helminths which are parasites? Maybe that's all HIV testing even ever finds, parasites, which are in everyone since it's not specific to any one virus. What is a virus?

They are 1/100th the size of a bacteria and can invade bacteria. What if your HIV test was merely finding infected bacteria?

How are they spread?

Viruses spread in many ways; viruses in plants are often transmitted from plant to plant by insects that feed on plant sap, such as aphids; viruses in animals can be carried by blood-sucking insects. These disease-bearing organisms are known as vectors. Influenza viruses are spread by coughing and sneezing. Norovirus and rotavirus, common causes of viral gastroenteritis, are transmitted by the faecal - oral route and are passed from person to person by contact, entering the body in food or water. HIV is one of several viruses transmitted through sexual contact and by exposure to infected blood. - Wikipedia

But that last statement about HIV makes no sense. Viruses are stupid. They don't say "No thanks, I don't travel that way" they just hop onto whatever. So if the cause of immune deficiency was viral, it would be spread by vectors. Obviously the cause is not because we don't see people dropping like mosquitoes.

Speaking of categories, I must someday publish a list of categories of alleged disease causations with which I rate their efficacy. Such as, regarding the category of immune deficiency diseases (IDD) the subcategory of immune deficiency disease (IDD but the slang is HIV), that would receive a red warning alert whereas something like testing for IDD/TICKS would get a green as there is no discrepancies in seeing a tick, and treatment by removing it. In viral (microparasite) science and treatments there is a considerable troth of debate and discrepancies in how to find them, what really is going on with these alleged causes of disease, and how to treat the conditions and/or remove them.

The Honeybee Virus - THV

Latest strain of understanding in the wacky world of virus hunting presents a tale of a viral cause for "worldwide honeybee decimation" but when we read into this, we see that it's a mite that is being blamed for it, not a virus. They claim the virus "finishes off" the bee larvae (baby bee eggs) but really, the mite is eating larvae.

Thus what we have here is a paracitic infection. The parasite, actually macroparasite, a mite, is claimed to be eating the eggs.

So they are using this term "viral cause" for honeybee decimation improperly, as a virus is a microparasite. They are using it as a broader category erroneously. Virus is a subcategory of parasite.

Pandemic Decimating Bee Populations Worldwide Is Man-Made And Driven By European Honeybees : SCIENCE : Tech Times

New SPECIES of virus discovered

Why don't scientists say it like that??

If scientists and doctors referred to viruses as "species" we would have an entirely different discussion about so called "threats" to the immune system.

Notice how different that feels when you hear of a new SPECIES. It's like watching an interesting documentary on new SPECIES of cute little penguins discovered in Antarctica. Instead, what scientists and medias do is use and repeat the term "strain" which associates fear to that already fearful name of paracites called viruses. STRAIN is something people also do every day, they strain to see the TV, they strain to understand something that's going on, they strain their brains, all negative concepts associated to that word.

I thought of this concept of using the word "species" to describe viruses which are paracites, after reading the headline "New species of tarantula discovered".

Like viruses, a new species of a trantula still remains a spider. So why is it when "experts" in science who would never stretch the truth or ever mislead or ever misinterpret things that have multiple interpretations always make claims they have discovered a new virus?

This article calls it a "new species of animals"  This article calls it "Eight legged teddy bears"

New species of viruses are still viruses and can only act like viruses. Actually viruses are paracites. So viruses can only act like paracites.

They should really be saying they discovered a new species. It's like saying "I have discovered a new human", who would do that in science? The term "human" is a broad category but humans all basically act the same. But one could argue that humans act differently. No they act the same. On all biological functions they act the same. They act differently when provoked and prodded though. They act differently when on drugs (consider how viruses act differently when a person is drunk). Some humans act bad, causing others harm. We could use that comparison to "bad viruses" but science doesn't do this, they basically look at the way they look, the color of their sheath, and determing that a black virus is a bad virus and call it HIV. It's prejudiced. They don't look at the actions of the virus, they just look at how it looks. Oh no, they say, they see how the virus acts! Not true, they look at snapshots. It's like looking at a black person standing holding a gun next to a dead person, and immediately they are arrested because it looks like they murdered the person. In viral (paracite) science they do this all the time, they look at the very few images they have of "viruses budding from the cell" as if that is an indicator of guilt. Viruses are like bears, they don't always harm others. Bears don't infect forests, they forrage for food. Viruses (paracites) don't infect cells, they forrage for food then leave (the scientists call this budding). Flowers bud in the forest and their seeds often bud from the forest, that doesn't make this budding the cause of a fungus problem that is killing trees.

Scientists in the field of virus studies always claim they have a new STRAIN. These continued claims are lucrative, if they didn't keep doing this, funding in many cases would dry up. Keeping he public in fear is a tactic that tarantulas also use.

If they started calling these viruses which are paracites, species, it would take away an overwhelming majority of the fear. My goal is to remove fear so that we can see that we are not actually standing on a ledge, ready to fall off when pushed by a virus, where the drug companies will come in and save us if we agree to buy their pills, no, we will realize that what they are discovering is not even as big and scary as a trantula which could push us over the edge, but it's the virus that will do it if we don't do what they say.

A long time ago in a galaxy pretty close actually a man discovered a new SPECIES of virus, called RETRO viruses. The virus species that everyone looked at many years ago before the scary term HIV was born, was a RETRO one. Retro viruses are HARMLESS. But other scientists, in their quest for fame and fortune, said that what they saw, like looking at a photo of a tarantula, was a scary virus. The species was the same, but the image was fearful.

They see what they want to see is what the good Dr. ---------- said who is one of few top world electron microscopy specialists who understands how impossible it is to determain with any certainty what these new SPECIES are doing. Yet that didn't stop those interpreters from going on TV and convincing governments, activists, and the public that there was a scary tarantula virus staring at their cells ready to say "BOO".

Tarantulas may bite, but they are not poisonous. RETRO viruses may sting, but they are not killers.

So how is it that the world believes the LIE/HIV? Like believing that those in the 16th century believed the world was flat when in fact since Roman times EVERY/ONE knew that the earth was round, it was sooooooooooooooo obvious, somehow the STRAIN was pulled over eveyone's eyes, claiming RETRO viruses (RETRO paracites) could do things they couldn't.

v.1. The article stated "New species of tarantula discovered". Like viruses, a new species of a trantula remains a spider. So why is it when "experts" in science who would never stretch the truth or ever mislead or ever misinterpret things that have multiple interpretations always make claims they have discovered a new virus. They should be saying they discovered a new species. It's like saying "I have discovered a new human". This article calls it a "new species of animals" This article calls it "Eight legged teddy bears"

v.2. The article stated "New species of tarantula discovered" but like viruses, a new species of a trantula remains a spider. New species of viruses are still viruses and can only act like viruses. So why is it when "experts" in science who would never stretch the truth or ever mislead or ever misinterpret things that have multiple interpretations always make claims they have discovered a new virus. They should be saying they discovered a new species. It's like saying "I have discovered a new human", who would do that in science? Yet scientists in the field of virus studies always claim they have a new STRAIN. If they started calling them species, it would take away some of the fear. My goal is to remove fear so that we can see that we are not actually standing on a ledge, ready to fall off when pushed by a virus, where the drug companies will come in and save us if we agree to buy their pills, no, we will realize that what they are discovering is not even as big and scary as a trantula which could push us over the edge, but it's the virus that will do it if we don't do what they say.


Humans can also be considered predators of tarantulas. In addition to more mundane cuisine, tarantulas are considered a delicacy in certain cultures (e.g. Venezuela[11] and Cambodia). They are usually roasted over an open fire to remove the hairs (described further below) and then eaten. -

The Sex Virus - TSV

The PAHO says that Zika might not be sexually transmitted. Says nothing about airally transmitted or not. PAHO/WHO are similar and work together. PAHO/WHO also want "R" ratings for movies with smoking in them in order to protect children from addiction. OMG/PAHO/WHO. Pan American Health Organization - PAHO

My recommendation is to get vaccinated for acronyms as soon as possible.

So really, all this "Zika" crap is about the condition of a small head on a baby called "microcephaly" - micro for small, cephaly for head. Microcephaly is a type of cephalic disorder which is another way of saying "head disorder". Microcephaly is also called a neurodevelopmental disorder. HIV is also a neurodevelopmental disorder.

Disorder is another way of saying "not in order". So another way of saying microcephaly is by saying head not in order. I could say that many scientists do not have their head in order when it comes to disease/causation as they omit common causes like pesticides. These "Zika" cases could be appearing in areas where people live next to pesticide sprayed crops, but don't expect for virus hunters to tell you that, they are not hunting pesticides. Did you know that DDT is still used in these countries? That pesticide causes neurodevelopmental disorders.

1 - 1 still = 0


Da Athoriteez have suggested people who have traveled to countries where "Zika virus" is known to be, for them to hold off on donating blood "in order to stop the spread of the virus". I see a few problems with this line of thinking,

1) This is a suggestion. Why is there not a complete and total ban on possible Zika infected blood? Clearly all travelers blood should be banned like all gay blood is banned because of possible infection.

2) The wind spreads all viruses everywhere, clearly everyone should avoid wind in order to avoid the virus.

3) Where is the PrEp pill for Zika? For that matter, where is the pREp pill for HIV (Human Influenza Virus)?


Hail, Caesar!

The movie is based in the 1950's Hollywood movie making era and it's a quirky comedy. The movie review can be seen here.

When consider this movie I think of how quirky it is to claim that sex causes MBD (Mosquito Bite Disease aka MBD aka HIVD) and how so many basically are saying with thier actions "Hail, Virus!" when they should be saying "Hail, Paracite!" so they better understand with what they are dealing. It's also quirky to go around worrying about getting a virus/paracite when we don't do that same thing with other immune deficiency viruses like flu which kills people.

"OMG get tested for the flu virus if you had sex because you might die!" should be the battle cry if we were to be balanced in our approach here.

Deaths from immune d. viruses - as per CDC surveillance - "In 2012, the estimated number of deaths of persons with diagnosed HIV infection ever classified as stage 3 (AIDS) in the United States was 13,712. The cumulative estimated number of deaths of persons with diagnosed HIV infection ever classified as stage 3 (AIDS) in the United States, through 2012, was 658,507."

Deaths from other immune d. viruses such as the flu - as per CDC - "During the past three decades, the estimated number of annual influenza-associated deaths from respiratory and circulatory causes ranged from a low of 3,349 to a high of 48,614 deaths."

Influenza deaths were 4 times higher than immune defieicney deaths, though both are immune deficiency diseases. Are they the same thing with different names? No, not possible!

Let's see what the Centers for Disease Control states about flu, since that's who we all trust for our data, government,

"CDC does not know exactly how many people die from seasonal flu each year. There are several reasons for this. First, states are not required to report individual seasonal flu cases or deaths of people older than 18 years of age to CDC. Second, seasonal influenza is infrequently listed on death certificates of people who die from flu-related complications. Third, many seasonal flu-related deaths occur one or two weeks after a person's initial infection, either because the person may develop a secondary bacterial co-infection (such as bacterial pneumonia) or because seasonal influenza can aggravate an existing chronic illness (such as congestive heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Also, most people who die from seasonal flu-related complications are not tested for flu, or they seek medical care later in their illness when seasonal influenza can no longer be detected from respiratory samples."

Do not know?????? OMG. It's the friggin flu. They always tell us that these people know!

And note the term "undetectable". Sound familiar? So where are the flu test pushers? Why are they not showing up at gay bars? What if HIV is a bad scary label for the flu? Certainly the tests only find random antibodies and we know that antibodies for HIV (Human Influenza Virus) can be mistaken for HIV (Human Immune Deficiency Virus).



Hey guys and BLT's guess what HIV is, it's a paracite. Yes indeed it is. So it's time to correct the V. HIV is now HIP.

Please inform your testing pushers that they need to tell people to get tested for HIP, though when you think of it as a paracite, do we run so fast to get tested?

Virus free?

I read a profile for a guy on a gay dating site who said "last tested 4/14/15" as if that's some kind of assurance that he doesn't have it. The back of the test kit you find at Walmart says you can have it for up to 3 months prior to testing and still not show up as positive. Actually, everyone "has it" by now unless they were not bitten by sleazy mosquitoes and never had sex with one based on how stupid V/P's are. Virus/Paracites are stupid little pieces of matter that hitch rides on everything. Compare them to dust and trying to avoid being infected by dust. What peple don't have is a clue. Time to get the clue out.

Gay life on Mars?

Not sure of that but there certainly is one vain rover taking pictures of itself!

see a selfie of Mars rover (but where's the selfie stick?)


Anecdotal evidence



Hillary wins Iowa caucus, mentions nothing about BLT rights

She said she would continue the fight for gays, but left out all those other letters. Gee I guess she was simply including all those other groups with the term gay which has always included all other BLT's so why can't everyone else do that? Oh if I leave out the BLT's I get crucified.

Global HIV warming doesn't add up

The theory is that carbon dioxide forms a blanket that keeps the Earth warm. If this is so, why do we keep having winters? Did you ever cozy up to the fire with a carbon blanket to keep warm. It's absurd! Carbon dioxide is air, no one can stay warm with any air blanket. Oh but 97% of scientists say that it's happening and we are doomed if we don't change our appetite for the building block of life. Considering that we are living on a floating ball that may change it's distance to it's heat source as it floats, and we are surrounded by 452 degree below zero vast unending space, one has to be living near Uranus to believe such bunk about global warming, our planet is warming and cooling at a constant every day as it has for billions of years.

Now speaking of far away planets, and ideas, they claim they discovered one past Pluto, called "Planet Nine". Wow isn't that creative. It's like how they named HIV. H for Human, which is absurdly redundant we don't refer to the Human Influenza Virus (HIV) this way, gee why not? Then there's I for Immun-o-deficiency, why is it not ID for Immune Deficiency as it is in Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome? V for virus, duh. If HIV was named like the flu, we would be just saying immun-o-dee-fishy-n-cee.

Taking note from planet namers we should really call HIV, FIV, Farces In Virology which basically says what it is. So in reading about this new planet which is not new at all it's been there for billions of years like all viruses have, they say about it, "This object would take up to 20,000 earth years to orbit the sun, meaning no human on Earth would be alive for Planet Nine's tomorrow".

If planetary science acted like medical science we would be hearing the alarms about how to stop this "no human on Earth would be alive" from happening but what's really interesting is to consider that the protons, electrons, and neutrons of IDV (Immune Deficiency Virus - the correct term to use to replace HIV) spin in orbits also just like planets. Why is this significant and how does it relate to global warming caused by man farces? I don't know you tell me.

Ok, I will tell you. Planetary forces can affect our climate. They are in various orbits. Their gravitational pulls affect us the way the moon affects the tides. These forces are small but are there. To say they don't matter is like saying that the forces of air don't matter, they will have an effect. Any scientist that claims they have concluded that man is responsible for global warming has clearly not studied the planetary effects, and other things like the temperature of the earth at it's core and how magma flows can cause warming. For example, Peru's El Misti volcano is showing signs of potentially eruptive activity. Gee didn't think of that did you? Neither did the 97%. Neither did the herds. Moo.

So how does one affect the gravity of the situation that the HIV (Human Information Vector) is spreading this new understanding? Has any scientist studied the effects of gravity from the moon, and Planet Nine, as to the pull/force of gravity on spinning HIVE (Human Imune-o-dee-ficien-cee Virus Electrons)?  Have these scientists looked at the protons, neutrons, and electrons spinning inside each particle of blood cells and the cells of HIVE and calculated the effects of the gravitational pull from the moon let alone all other 9 planets?

Someone should spent 700 trillion dollars in researching this instead of putting that money toward solving other problems that kill people every day, you know, like when 1/6th the world's population does not have food and clean water or a place to call homo.

Dolce & Gabana put gay couple on handbag

I guess this is some kind of statement about equality. Let me know when they put our shit gay blood on their handbags as a sign of equality.



Farce denialists

The farce denialists keep pushing the flawed theory that a virus can hitch a ride on a penis but not on a dirty mosquito needle.



January 29, 2016 - Genenitic modified corn doesn't self destruct so how is it that sci-fientists want to make mosquitoes self destruct by genetically modifying them? Well it all boils down to another dollar to be made, another fairy tale to be told. This time it's how to get rid of mosquitoes that have baggage. Since mosquitoes are said to be like those nice men and women at airports and hotels that carry luggage, delivering things to people (or maybe more like receiving your tax bills from a mail carrier) some are claiming all we have to do is  modify the genetic makeup of mosquitoes so they self destruct. This wacked out theory like so many others misses how when things that carry things fall apart, which is what would happen with this genetic modification to the mosquito if it even worked, they leave the contents strewn all over the place.

genetically modified mosquitoes are the plan of some scientists to deal with Zika virus
google news internet snapshot January 29, 2016

So like when a porter carrying bags for you falls, has a nervous breakdown, and the suitcase opens up, the things inside are let loose, and in a strong wind are strewn everywhere. With mosquitoes if they make the mosquito fall into pieces, self destruct, there will be the contents of the critter strewn about. That means any virus inside will be exposed and then can be touched and picked up by the wind and carried to lungs and other places in the body through other orofices.

So much for solving the "problem" of Zika viruses. Maybe we could solve the problem by understanding that viruses are basically a cell's feces, technical term "cellular debris", but certain scientists see what they want to see when looking at these things in the electron microscope much like how a child sees a monster under the bed? Naw, that would stop all funding for ways to "solve these viral threats". 


How rediculous can they go?

January 28, 2016 - Now it's the "explosive" growth Zika virus invading all corners of the earth. Mosquitoes are again to blame, though it's still calimed that no ID virus can hitch a ride on a mosquito rapid spread tube oddly enough.

Just look at this absurd headline from Mother Jones which says "Is El Nino to blame for the "Explosive" Zika virus outbreak"?

Mother Jones thinks that readers might question if El Nino is responsible for the latest trend in fashionable virus outbreak reporting Zika snapshot from Google News dated January 28, 2016

I won't even go to the article. Reading about new viruses is now like reading a telephone book.


TI refuses to stop using fag slurs

The Internet has not stopped saying "fag" so why do we demand people do that? Wouldn't it be smarter to make machines obey first?

Look at this long list of non bleeped out references to fags.

what does the search engine say

Let's look at some of it's meanings!

verb (used with object), fagged, fagging. 1. to tire or weary by labor; exhaust (often followed by out): The long climb fagged us out.2. British. to require (a younger public-school pupil) to do menial chores. 3. Nautical. to fray or unlay the end of (a rope). verb (used without object), fagged, fagging. 4. Chiefly British. to work until wearied; work hard: to fag away at French.5. British Informal. to do menial chores for an older public-school pupil. noun 6. Slang. a cigarette. 7. a fag end, as of cloth. 8. a rough or defective spot in a woven fabric; blemish; flaw. 9. Chiefly British. drudgery; toil. 10. British Informal. a younger pupil in a British public school required to perform certain menial tasks for, and submit to the hazing of, an older pupil. 11. a drudge.

Used in a sentence: "After a long day of work I become fag." - to make or become unable or unwilling to continue.

If I instead said I tire that would also be correct, as "tire" implies a draining of one's strength or patience. So I could say that trying to convince the brainwashed malinformed world that the whole HIV theory is fake is making me fag. I could also correctly say that when some fag like me is out at a bar getting fag ass drunk that I become fag and fall asleep in the cab on the way home.

Here we see a woman carrying a "faggot" which actually means carrying a "bundle". Contrary to popular belief, like with immune deficiencies, the term is not used properly when said that faggot means a bundle of sticks. Faggot means bundle. Sticks mean sticks. If she was carrying a bundle of GET/UNTESTED high quality reading materials, it would be also said that she was carrying a faggot because she would be carrying a bundle of papers on this subject that everyone should study.

Urban dictionary references:

1. An extremely annoying, inconsiderate person most commonly associated with Harley riders.
2. A person who owns or frequently rides a Harley.

a very homosexual piece of wood

bob - "dude, your tree keeps touching my tree"
bill - "what a fuckin
fag! im choppin that bitch down after im done watching Will And Grace"

So if someone has a woody they have a fag, thus if someone is a dick they are a fag.


"Adventurer" dies in Antarctica

Labeling a human with various labels is an interesting thing. In many cases it describes what they were doing only in a moment or in part of their lives for a period of time. Other labels are just labels (names) that migh tindicate decendants. In the case of this man who was labeled as an adventurer, there are claims are he died of bacterial infection, dehydration, exhaustion. Maybe it was the treatment he received that killed him. We can't know for sure but when people are exhausted and dehydrated they can recover with rest, food, and rehydration all the time.

He was trying to be the first man to cross Antarctica alone. His diagnosis of death sounds like one of the many descriptions under Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS/BCD*%#@) that people die of such as pneumonia, and liver failure which is common with alcoholics, but the only way to ever have AIDS is by getting tested, and that includes figuratively tattooing a pink triangle (formerly used by Nazis to label who was gay) with HIV+ so obviously the man did not have AIDS. Then again if he did, no one would ever say he died of AIDS exploring the Antarctic, he died of BIDE.

If you don't get tested you cannot get AIDS because you cannot be diagnoses as having AIDS without a test that claims you have what it takes first "the virus". No doctor or coroner will label anyone an AIDS death without that test. So why get labeled with the mark of that beast? What is the purpose of getting tested for a broader category of diseases that are claimed to have one cause when those diseases all have different causes? It's like getting tested to find out if you live in this universe or another. That is constantly the question I have as to what universe those that latch on to immune deficiency debauchery are found. Testing for an immune deficiency virus is like testing for water on Antarctica. Yes it's there so what? Everyone has immune deficiency viruses.

Without medias and tests and diagnosis you don't have AIDS. AIDS is a construct of many hours of media brainwashing, repeating that construct over and over again until its supposed definite definition sticks, and becomes truth, because after all who can dispute such a thing at this point (except those darn mosquitoes who keep saying that they carry the AIDSV around to back yard BBQ's all the time, landing on sandwiches, with dirty needles, where they just picked up some fresh AIDS related blood. 


Madonna accepts award for David Bowie

Her speech is moving. She was inspired by Bowie when she was a teen doing whatever it took to get to one of his concerts and saying that she might not be here as a singer had it not been for him making her feel like she was ok being different.

view the acceptance speech


Immune Virus Disease Syndrome

IVDS - Another name for immune deficiency syndromes. I should have a contest to see how many different acronyms we can come up with to name the same things. My computer calculated we could come up with trillions.



Another reason to not get tested with tests that find are unspecific

The law states,


(a) No cause of action arises against an owner of real property or his or her agent, or any agent of a transferee of real property, for the failure to disclose to the transferee the occurrence of an occupant's death upon the real property or the manner of death where the death has occurred more than three years prior to the date the transferee offers to purchase, lease, or rent the real property, or that an occupant of that property was afflicted with, or died from, Human T-Lymphotropic Virus Type III/Lymphadenopathy-Associated Virus. As used in this section, "agent" includes any person licensed pursuant to Part 1 (commencing with Section 10000) of Division 4 of the Business and Professions Code. As used in this section, "transferee" includes a purchaser, lessee, or renter of real property.

(b) It is the intention of the Legislature to occupy the field of regulation of disclosure related to deaths occurring upon real property and of AIDS in situations affecting the transfer of real property or any estate or interest in real property.

In other words, if I am reading this correctly, if someone with a positive HTLVTIII/LAV dies in their house, that status must be disclosed to the buyer for 3 years after the death, which can be a burden to those inheriting the estate.

So why get tested for HTLVTIII/LAV?


Here's 100 more reasons to NOT get tested.


Cake bakers and fire fighters

Came across case where Christian firefighters were forced to ride on firetrucks in the gay parade where they were taunted with sexual comments, of course, because hey they are firemen. They didn't want to be paraded in the parade, but employer forced them to and they had to endure 3 hours of torture.

They won their case and on appeal won again.

Cost the city of San Diego a million bucks.

read article

Now why is it ok for firefighters to refuse to do a part of their jobs, based on their sincerely held religious beliefs, but not for cake makers and wedding photographers?



"Human Immune Deficiency Viruses attack the immune system and we need to attack the virus with drugs in order to stop it!"

That's like saying "ISIS attacks America and France and other places, and we need to drop nuclear bombs on these places in order to stop the spread."


Many names for the same thing

Death camps, what does that ring when you hear that? Auschwitz? Deir ez-Zor?

The Syrians had massacres well before ISIS. During this time in 1915-1916 150,000 of them were driven into these death camps. Deir ez-Zor death camps which we could acronymize as DEZDC are still death camps, just like Auschwitz death camps which we could acronymize as ADC are still death camps, they are all basically the same thing, but notice how when we acronymize they seem so much more different!

Auschwitz was located in Germany, Deir ez-Zor was located in Syria in 1915-1916, different names same basic structure and purpose, different locations and players, but same outcomes. ADC/DEZDC - it becomes clear how acronymization of things can distort absolute/similiarities.

Another thing to notice, Deir ez-Zor has many names, just like viruses have many names, all describing the same thing.

Deir ez-Zor, also spelled Deir Ezzor, Deir Al-Zor, Deir-al-Zour, Dayr Al-Zawr, Der Ezzor and other variants, is the seventh largest city in Syria and the largest in the eastern part of Syria. - Wikipedia

Understanding how prevalent words are misused to indicate specificity when they are really generalizing, and where many words can mean the very same thing, one has to question this concept that viruses can only attack an immune system when it may be that they are just attacking anything they are near (if they are attacking at all). Just like death camps is a broad term that describes a location where people are driven to to die in conflict, viruses is a broad term that describes attackers where cells are driven to die in conflict, or, maybe, it's just the other way around, the viruses have been driven out of cells into death camps.

And just as in any conflict, we have to ask what makes the good army strong enough to drive out the attackers as well as properly identifying who's attacking who.


Now we gotta worry about CRE - carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae

This new disease is actually another slick acronymization of old stuff, used to sell us new treatments for old diseases and new protocols and recalls and cause confusion so we run to the doctor and demand our congress spend millions on new studies and all that crap we saw play out with FAG* immune deficiency. When we look at the meaning of Carbapenem we see it's nothing more than another word for antibiotic. Resistant is resistant, and "enterobacteriaceae" is bacteria.

I first learned of CRE in an article that told us that Olympus is recalling duodenoscopes due to the need to change their design to reduce or eliminate the transmission of these "superbugs". As per the UPI article,

"Medical device manufacturer and camera maker Olympus announced Friday it will voluntarily recall thousands of surgical scopes linked to deadly infections. The FDA has approved the company's plans to redesign the scopes, a plan that aims to fix flaws that may have encouraged the spread of the superbug called CRE, or carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae. The devices, called duodenoscopes, are used to help drain fluids from blocked pancreatic and biliary ducts. They've been used in thousands of procedures, usually helping patient avoid more invasive surgeries."

Saying that this is a "superbug called CRE" I think is very misleading. It's simpply ARB.(Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria) which is not new, and thus this CRE is nothing more than a new name put on an old jalopy.

So someone who has IV or MRHIV (Mutation Resistant Human Immun-e-i-e-i-o-deficiency Viruso) and has ARB/CRE should possibly stop eating things that feed bacteria, like sugar as a possible treatment protocol rather than seeking out experimental drugs that kant kill ARB's which are CRE's.

*FAG - Fundamentally Antisubstantative Gayrelated


Shedding LED on HIV

When we hear people say they are buying new LED light bulbs for $25 a pop we don't think much about HIV, but I /DO. You see there is a comparison to be made and understanding there-with. It's really just as stupid to call diode lighting "LED's" as it is stupid to call viruses that are in humans as HIV when for one they are not proven unequivocally to be a cause of anything any more than a bystander at a music festival is the cause of the loud music.

You see the term LED should really be just "diode". It's a term that describes the type of light without redundant use of terms that are unnecessarily then turned into new acronyms.

The "L" in LED stands for light, it's not necessary to use the L. We don't go around saying "light emitting incandescant" do we? If we were to call incandescent lighting the same way as using an acronym to describe diode lighting, we would call incandescents LEI's. Now with flourescent lighting we should then treat them equal and call that LEF lighting, though the term lighting on the end is also redundant, it's like saying Light Emitting Fluorescent Lighting, well duh, light emitting IS lighting.

So here we have a perfect example of how acronyms are used improperly just like how in viral mania they are used improperly. Is the proper expression in language to get an idea and concept across important? Sure is, that is why we are in THIS/MESS about viruses, thinking that certain "types" (really just certain names) only hitch rides on cocks and have the ability to completely destroy an entire body.

Light Emitting Diode - LED (or more appropriately named diode lighting)
Human Immun-e-i-e-i-o-deficiency Virus - HIV (or more appropriately named immunodeficiency virus)

We could take this a step further into the solar system since that is where immun-e-i-e-i-o-deficiency science has taken us, and call lighting from the sun LES, so more or LES we begin to understand the incorrect use of acronyms in describing things accurately.

So whenever anyone asks if I have been tested for HIV, I have to respond with "I haven't had my blood tested for acronyms, have you?"

Die fag

Freak out not, it's just an expression that means "2 or more dice cigarette butt" or "2 or more dice stick bundle" but some dude was playing a video game and his girlfriend caught him saying "die fag" to the TV monitor so the article was titled "Die, bundle of sticks" to present her concerns about what she heard, thinking it was an anti-gay slur and how horrible it was that he called the TV a cigarette butt and want it to die. It's a concern by some that anyone would say "die fag" as their minds are in such a disconnect they associate it with the last time they heard that term used when it was directed at a person instead of a TV but anyone who has an issue with words really needs to get a grip.

If I say "die human" to a computer generated image on a TV or to a real person does that mean I'm anti-human? If I say die rodent does that mean I am anti-rodent? If I say "die bitch" does that mean that I am anti-female-dogs or anti-gay-dudes-that-are-used-for-sex? Well duh no. I think this concern of what people blurt out in playing action games takes political correctness to high levels of incorrectness calling it an "anti-gay-slur", she didn't even get the word right, she could call it an "anti-fag-slur" or more correct would be "anti-TV" but "anti-gay" is totally incorrect. Keep in mind the term "fag" also means "annoyance" expecially when said to a TV screen, so he might be "anti-annoyance" while not at all "anti-gay". Duh. Just ask his gym buddy that he had sex with.

read the article shuts down

A site that has been around since the beginning of the internet sadly goes to the internet waste bin. gay cowboys dot com
You can see an archive of one of the pages here which was snapped on November 15, 2015.


"Illusion is the first of all gay pleasures"

Virus #148,392,344,510,011

The Zika virus is the latest news hit. Whats interesting is how it's said to be transmitted by mosquitoes, sex, and travel! Just like HIDV, HIV, I, and ID, which by all acounts is falsely claimed to not be able to be transmitted by travel or flying dirty bug needles.

Then again maybe it's the testing modalities, theories, and notepads that transmit the thing. Or, maybe like dust, we don't have that much to worry about because what goes into our bodies goes out, unless there's an oil spill, you know how those things wreck an environment. Eeek, flying dirty bloody AIDS needles! Eeek, antibodies created to get rid of things! Antibody bug spray.

Wikipedia states about ZV, "It is transmitted by mosquitoes and has been isolated from a number of species in the genus Aedes - Aedes aegypti, Aedes africanus, Aedes apicoargenteus, Aedes furcifer, Aedes hensilli, Aedes luteocephalus and Aedes vitattus. Studies show that the extrinsic incubation period in mosquitoes is about 10 days".

That term "isolated" is a funny one as is incubation. The way they prove it's transmission and it's existence is by isolation. Isolation never occured with the virus that is claimed to cause immune deficiency, yet they still claim it cannot be transmitted by mosquitoes. How can one make such a claim without isolation? One can theorize that it cannot be transmitted by mosquitoes, but one would have to, in order to prove such theory, show that there is some property of the virus or the mosquito that causes it to not be carried. Since mosquitoes are indiscriminate creatures that stick their pricks into veins to suck blood and go around and do that all evening long, it again seems pretty obvious that they are on par with dirty needles. Thus, either we have to run in fear of mosquitoes transmitting HIV and wear condoms over our whole bodies to prevent HIV infection, or we can discard the entire HIV theory as trash. Regarding incubation, viruses are not eggs. They are viruses, like a speck of sand, they are just there. Does sand incubate on the beach or in a shoe? Viruses are not even alive. 


Palm Springs gay mayor says "husband"

One of America's great cities with the highest population of gays and gay friendly businesses and gay resorts is Palm Springs wich has a new mayor. He, Rob Moon, mayor of Palm Springs was being interviewed on January 2, 2016 by KESQ Channel 3 news broadcast about the Palm Springs Film Festival and he stated in response to a question " husband......".


Lindsey Nagel has died

This is a very sad and important story to read and understand -

An HIV-AIDS specialist made comment and I was going to comment back,

Actually, the non-posted comment was anticipated to stimulate thought in the mind of the "HIV-AIDS specialist" and possibly provide an reactive explanation as to why shared dirty flying needles couldn't be causing these deaths as that is what most in the AIDS/CULT believe, and to present to the reader the processes.

Virus Mania

1) man specializes in electron microscopy

2) produces the world's first description of a retrovirus budding on a cell

3) now he's the President of a group comprising of over 2000 scientists who refute the viral origin of AIDS

Here's some excerpts from his website,

"Virus Mania is a social disease of our highly developed society. To cure it will require conquering fear, fear being the most deadly contagious virus, most efficiently transmitted by the media. Errare humanum est sed diabolicum preservare… (to err is human, but to preserve an error is diabolic)."----[2008] Virus Mania Foreword by Etienne de Harven

After obtaining his M.D. degree in 1953 from the Université Libre de Bruxelles, (where he later became "Professeur Agrégé" in Pathology), Etienne de Harven specialized in electron microscopy at the "Institut du Cancer" in Paris. In 1956, he joined Charlotte Friend's team at the Sloan Kettering Institute in New York, the largest cancer research center in the United States, where he was in charge of electron microscopy research. It was there that he produced the world's first description of a retrovirus budding on the surface of infected cells. In 1981, he was appointed Professor of pathology and laboratory director at the University of Toronto, Canada, where he researched the marking of antigens on the surface of lymphocytes. Now retired, he is the President of Rethinking Aids, a group comprising over 2000 scientists and other re-thinkers who refute the viral origin of AIDS.

Ten Lies About AIDS by Etienne De Harven, M.D. and Jean-Claude Roussez
This book falsifies ten lies that are the pillars of the HIV/AIDS dogma. These lies are that:
1 - AIDS is a new syndrome;
2 - The existence of HIV has been appropriately demonstrated;
3 - HIV is actually the cause of AIDS;
4 - Antiretroviral medications are helpful for AIDS sufferers;
5 - Seropositivity indicates an active process of HIV infection;
6 - AIDS is a contagious pathological process;
7 - HIV is responsible for numerous illnesses;
8 - It is better for people to know their serological HIV status;
9 - There is indeed an AIDS pandemic affecting the general population;
10 - All medical researchers agree, indisputably, that HIV is the cause of AIDS.


PEP and PrEP

Message found on forum:

I think Peter means 'PrEP' - pre-exposure drugs, ie Truvada. Which is essentially for life. It's meant to be an added 'safeguard' if condoms break or what not, but as we know most people (from my observations) who are using it, are using it because a) they believe 'HIV' is a potentially fatal sexually transmitted virus, and b) they can forget about using barrier protection when engaging in anal sex. It seems to make some people who like bare-backing feel a bit safer. More fool them. 'PEP' is post-exposure drug cocktail for 28 days after one sexual activity involving anal sex with someone who may or may not know their 'HIV' status.

Here we have again misuse or simply poor use of acronyms.

PrEP - Pre Exposure Prophylaxis
PEP - Post Exposure Prophylaxis

Really they should be the same - PEP. Or, one should be PP and the other PEP as in Preexposure Prophylaxis and Post Exposure Prophylaxis. Or we could say Prior Exposure Prophylaxis - PEP and Post Exposure Prophylaxis - PEP. Or, we could call it BSP and ASP for Before Sex Prophylaxis and After Sex Prophylaxis but that would narrow it down to sex, and since we know that exposure to the virus can be from dirty needles like the ones that mosquitoes carry from backyard BBQ to BYBBQ, we should use something else.

This all gets quite complicated, when the body pretty much does this stuff itself by creating antibodies to any "invader".

So now before/after sex with someone we need to make sure we ask the following in order to know if we should take PEP or PEP.

1) Have you been tested?
2) When were you tested last?
3) Are you on PEP or PEP?
4) Have you had any BYBBQ's in the last 3 months?


According to the article there is a UN agency which has a radical experiment to handle the refugee crisis called HIVE. OH/NO/NOT another acronym. This one HIVE stands for, um, I don't know! I read the whole article and it didn't say. This was the closest thing to an explanation of what the acronym stands for.

So what is the Hive, and what does it do? It’s a team of 10 people working out of New York, exploring the universe of "persuadables" in the context of the refugee crisis.

OMG, I still don't know what this stands for. Oh wait I now see a link in blue as I pasted it here. It's a barely visible yellow underline on white page with gray type on the article website. Clicking on the link we see, well we see a page that has no explanation. There is a link at the top saying "What is HIVE?". Oh great, let's go there.

That page says in massive page filling print: "The Refugee Crisis, a global economic humanitarian and political issue that ultimately affects us all" and "This is not a topic that many Americans:"

OMG (that stands for Oh My God) still no explanation!

I guess it's a bee hive or something. Lost interest in trying to figure it out. Gave me hives.

This exemplifies the problem with modern day language and explanations of concepts that are trying to be conveyed. If you are going to use acronyms, make sure you explain what they are. The problem though with ones like HIV/AIDS is when we start consistently looking at what they stand for, we see the SMOKE/MIRRORS being used to distort reality. As we have looked at HIV/AIDS before, we see the redundant H for human, the oddly combined ID as I in HIV whereas it's not combined in AIDS, the redundant A for acquired, the non-necessary S for syndrome, leaving us with what is really there, simply IMMUNE/DEFICIENCY.



Mathematically the whole theory of a virus that's only transmitted by gay penises, pricks, and BFF's, is pretty mixed up. To end the disease of Acronyms In Disguised Syntax (AIDS) we must find a cure to the abuse of the English language, thus, using formulas may do the trick.

to be continued.......

IMGAY banned!

Seems rather rediculous but it's true, you cannot get a licence plate in Chicago that reads IMGAY. I guess I won't be moving headquarters there. It's a city which hosts one of the world's biggest gay leather events. Is BLGT banned too? What about HIV+AIDS? Certainly they would ban HIV+AIDS like they do banning sex without a condom in sex clubs. Who would want to see license plates spreading information? And wait, who allowed government to control our sex lives? More important than that, where are the ads in gay rags telling the truth about the fact that viruses are smaller than the natural permeable membrane mesh (holes) that makes up a condom wall, thus wearing condoms to protect one from viruses is like leaving a screen door open and running in the house to protect your self from mosquitoes*. Sure, there won't be a swarm of them right there in the living room...........

* reference similar statement made by US government public official in 1980's on TV talk show during the height of the campaigns that spread fear and lies about disease causation 


He got an award

Gay football player came out, was kicked out, won his case, and has been honored! All gay life should be like this.


What does HIV have to do with SMOG? Smog is made up of particulate matter from automobile exhaust, dust, and other particles, including viruses! As we see from this website the smallest ones take days to years to settle out of a quiet atmosphere. Viruses travel with the wind everywhere on the planet, not just on dicks and asses and not just on flying dirty needles attached to mosquitoes.

Medium-size particles - in the range 1 to 100 μm

  • sedimentation velocities greater than 0.2 m/s
  • settles out slowly
  • includes fine ice crystals, pollen, hair, large bacteria, windblown dust, fly ash, coal dust, silt, fine sand, and small dust

Small particles - less than 1 μm

  • falls slowly, take days to years to settle out of a quiet atmosphere. In a turbulent atmosphere they may never settle out
  • can be washed out by water or rain
  • includes viruses, small bacteria, metallurgical fumes, soot, oil smoke, tobacco smoke, clay, and fumes
So like how we reference HIV to AIDS, we can reference HIV to SMOG. Why are the testing vans parked in front of gay bars not testing the air we breathe? They contain HIV!

Here's a chart that represents the sizes of particulate matter found in the air as found on Wikipedia. If you get tested regularly for HIV you might want to show this to your doctor and local HIV testing center and ask why they never tell you that you can get it from the air when all viruses are airborne. And since viruses and flying dirty needles are all airborne does this make sense maybe now why I would expose you to all my junk here, continually harping on how HIV transmission claims are a scam as they keep saying it's only transmitted by dicks and needles, or body fluids which would mean kissing and sneezing. In reality everyone is exposed to Human Immune-o-deficiency Viruses. Everyone is exposed to every virus known to man and even those not known to God, and all types of viruses every day because they are smaller than PM 2.5 and easily picked up and thrown around by the air and suspended in air. Based on this reality, if we were to believe that HIV was what it's claimed to be, everyone should be getting tested as often as how the gay community has been duped into routine HIV testing, and everyone should be on PREP......orrrrrrrrrr.......maybe not get tested at all because the theory is a complete farce.

Victorian diseases

They finally get it right, saying that the cause is due to rising poverty. Now if only we could get everyone to stop the GAY/LBT community's continued practice of Victorian sex.



 Caused by many things, bacteria, fungus, parisites, viruses, and idiopaths. The many things virus causes immune abundance syndrome.



Google news snapshot December 23, 2015

If it was from a mosquito/virus then everyone that got bit would be getting it just like the BBQ virus which is the AIDS virus that people get when socializing at backyard bar-b-ques. Why is it that "experts" can be so concerned about the environment and then are not concerned about the environment? The envronment that breeds viruses is everywhere. If viruses were the cause, everyone would be getting these things. I would guess that this emergency has more to do with environmental factors such as lead in the water or other poisons.

Note the warning to not get pregnant as a way of combatting disease. Why is everyone always fighting disease? End disease wars.

The END/LIES is near

I had a dream of someone in front of those places that push HI virus testing, standing with a protest sign with this on it "The END/LIES is near".


Getting pricked again

Remember that blood test that was supposed to test for everything? I'm sure many a gay rag promoted it as they did with poisonous HI virus drugs, well, it seems these test for everything blood tests are not doing what they promised. It was a test using one drop of blood to find 30 different things.

Safeway supermarkets, which was going to have 800 kiosks for blood testing (and big money flow) is severing ties with the company that's having problems with this.

Ah the fresh breezes of blood testing sanity. If only those could make their way to the island of HIDES - Human Immune Deficiency Exorcisim Science.

Company that makes test that promises to run 30 lab tests with one drop of blood is being investigated


Time to shred the red ribbon in pieces

Every time I see a red AIDS ribbon it reminds me of how many of my friends have died in the holocaust. I recall the march for "hit hard hit early" which reminds me of watching Hitler's soldiers march to war. Hit hard did just that, hit my friends in the head and every part of their bodies with toxic destructive drugs, blasting their cells to pieces, leading to an early death. They were sent to death camps.

Thus it seems fitting and long over due to consider a campaign to start cutting red ribbons to now symbolize the end of allowing fear mongering acronyms to mislead the public on basic immune system functions. Cutting these ribbons will symbolize ending the belief that a parasite can only be transmitted by sex and that the only way to be well is by ingesting poisons. Doing this with scissors or a paper shredder seems fitting.

Hodgkinson relates in his thoughtful article is how the symbol of HIV infection - and certain AIDS death - was rejected in India and a national campaign abandoned, when "in front of television cameras, a six-foot red ribbon was cut into pieces as a protest against the 'oppressive and patronising' symbol." Veena Dhari, the first woman in India to declare herself HIV-positive, said that when HIV-positive people see the ribbon “we feel like committing suicide”. - reference

My blood is still shit

The headlines read today December 21, 2015 after more than 30 years of banning gay blood (in theory as how does one really determine if blood is gay) that the FDA (another acronym) has lifted the gay blood ban. Problem is this headline is shit. It's only applicable to anyone who has stopped having sex with other men (even if those men are straight men) for a full 12 months. When are the fag, lesbo, supersexual, and whateversexual communities going to put an end to OFFENSIVE blood bans like they have with offensive words? Maybe when they admit that they are the ones that started this problem in the first place by believing horseshit about ISF (immune system function) and buying the lies about parasitic infections mislabeled as unstoppable terror threats to the body? Look at the headline. Why is the supposedly progressive GLBT+ community putting up with government controlling their sex lives? .

So how are they going to make sure that my shit blood is not tainted with HI viruses (parasites), use a shit test as they have for decades? How does the FDA prove this?

What about legally married gay couples? They have sex legally, now do they have to wait 12 months to be able to legally give blood? Who are the idiots that make these rules? They make no logical sense.

Take for example, some straight married dude from a small town where everyone knows everyone who's wife won't suck his dick hangs with his straight married dude friend who's wife won't suck his dick either who's also from a small town where everyone knows everyone and these dudes go fishing and camping together and suck each others dicks and go brokeback and these dudes go to the clinic a few months later to give blood after a tornado blows through town and blood donations are desperately needed where all the people who work there knows everyone in that town with one factory where everyone works and blood donations are paramount to saving life, is the FDA guidelines require asking them politely if they had sex with other men in the last 12 months? ROFL. Yea, more likely to get a straight answer from a politician.

Thus, in tornadoes we can guarantee the blood supply will be tainted with shit blood.

Another little problem. How does this apply to those who are transgendered? So the dude that identifies as being female, and goes into the female locker rooms now, and goes into the woman's rest room to pee, has sex with a male, who is the opposite sex, that female who is biologically male, and is no longer legally male, doesn't have to waite 12 months but can have sex all she wants with whomever she wants?

Silly rules.

Let's look at this mathematically.

If you have X = HIV testing that is "accurate"
and Y = blood donations that are unknown if they have HIV or HIV or HIQ
but then if you have man + sex with man = ?
and you have FDA claim they have to wait 12 months but women don't
then you have discrimination = FDA
and thus the equasion reads it's X to say that FDA = discriminating if you ? with Y

Getting tested for HIR and HIP

We think we know what we are getting tested for when we go "get tested for HIV". Most people seem to think that it's a virus that is transmitted by sex and not by flying dirty needles that mosquitoes carry. But really, how many people actually understand what testing does? Very few. Most people just accept the claims that testing finds this thing accurately. Do we know what we are getting tested for when we hear "go get tested for HIRR"? HIR could also be an acronym that someone could make up meaning Human Immunoabundancy Retrovirus. HIV belongs to the retrovirus family known as Retroviridae so why not be more accurate by calling it HIR, instead of calling it such a generalized term "virus". I like specificity.

So again we have an overgeneralization being used to describe something that should be referred to specifically.

Testing for HIV is a broad generalized testing protocol, finding viruses is like finding sand near a body of water. Finding retroviruses is a bit more involved. HIV tests do not find retroviruses which is what HIV really is, and again, should be called HIR.

Another interesting thing is that they are parasites. PARASITES? HIV is a parasite???? 

A retrovirus is a single-stranded positive-sense RNA virus with a DNA intermediate and, as an obligate parasite, targets a host cell. Obligate parasitism is exhibited in a range or organisms, with examples in viruses, bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals. They are unable to complete their development without passing through at least one parasitic stage which is necessary to their life-cycle. - Wikipedia references: retrovirus - obligate parasite

So once again we find different names for the same thing.

So now that you studied HIR here, I think you could get tested for HIR and pass as long as you know that if you get tested for HIV you are attempting to find out if you have a parasitic infection.

But lets look at this retrovirus thingy more. On that Wikipedia entry about retroviruses it states:

Once inside the host cell cytoplasm, the virus uses its own reverse transcriptase enzyme to produce DNA from its RNA genome — the reverse of the usual pattern, thus retro (backwards). This new DNA is then incorporated into the host cell genome by an integrase enzyme, at which point the retroviral DNA is referred to as a provirus. The host cell then treats the viral DNA as part of its own genome, translating and transcribing the viral genes along with the cell's own genes, producing the proteins required to assemble new copies of the virus. It is difficult to detect the virus until it has infected the host. At that point, the infection will persist indefinitely.

This is where they give us that claim that once you are infected you are always infected, for life. That cannot be true if cells die and are replaced with new ones. Remember hearing that all of your cells are replaced in your body over time? Your body is constantly replacing bad cells with new. So that statement that infection with "HIV is indefinite" and "once infected always infected" is a lie, unless we define HIV as a diagnosis and not a disease. Diagnosis are often incorrect. So if we have someone who indefinitely claims that HIV is what you have, then indefnintely they are diagnosing that, but that is only according to their diagnosis. Blood tests are not by any means definitive. There are false postives and false negatives especially with this whole HIV definition syndrome. Blood is constantly changing and a diagnosis using a blood test for parasites (really instead of calling it HIV should be HIP) is more like an poorly educated guess by throwing darts at a board that has + and - in various slots.

OMG/HIV is parasites?!? Human Immune Deficiency Parasites! Why has no one told me this? Parasites.

Also note that retroviruses are airborne according to the Wikipedia entry and of course that is on their own catching a breeze in the wind or on a flying dirty needle that mosquitoes carry with them everyehwere and inject into their victims intramuscularly or intravenously.

It's like saying "get tested for HIP" which in this case stands for Human Incomprehensible Papules. Papules come in various types. Here are some PPP's which another myth suggests they are sexually transmitted.

GT/FAR - Get Tested For Acronyms Regularly.

Martin Shkreli - a facinating study

You have no/doubt heard of this guy, he's the one that jacked up the price of an AIDS drug like 7 billion %. It caused a roar in the gay community of course, one that's pretty hooked on drugs and making sure taxpayers pay for them.

This guy's new company is now going to jack/the/price of a drug that patients used to get for free to treat the "fatal" parasitic infection called Chigras.

According to another article, "Daraprim, which is used to treat a life-threatening condition called toxoplasmosis caused by parasitic infection, had been sold for $18 a pill by the company that previously held the rights to the drug. But when Turing bought the medicine last month, it immediately raised the price to $750 a pill — a move that some patient advocates calculated would bring the annual cost of treatment for a single person to hundreds of thousands of dollars." - reference

Wait, did we just read Chigras and toxoplasmosis? Two names for the same thing? Gee whiz! That's like HIV/AIDS/I.

So Bernie Sanders (running for Democratic presidential nominee) stated:

“The enormous, overnight price increase for Daraprim is just the latest in a long list of skyrocketing price increases for certain critical medications,” Sanders and Cummings said. “Americans should not have to live in fear that they will die or go bankrupt because they cannot afford to take the life-saving medication they need.”

But it's ok for the government to go bankrupt supplying these "life saving" drugs to people? None of these activists seem to care about government footing the bill for fighting dead things.

see Martin videos



I noticed this term used in the fine print of a movie promotion website. The DC is for District of Columbia. Some people might not even know what that is. It's Washington, DC, which is not actually a part of the US territories but is surrounded by the US. It's a separate entity. The founders made that distinction for legal reasons.

The concept of legal reasoning and distinctions is an interesting one. I often argue that the laws that some communities (mainly big cities like San Diego) have which criminalize non disclosure of HIV/STATUS to sexual partners are based on an erroneous concept that when someone is tested, they cannot have a false negative or a false positive distinction. These laws assume that testing is never wrong and that there is a virus that is transmitted by penisis and not shared needles that fly into everyone's backyards.

It's one more of many reasons to NOT/GET/TESTED. Why go through a legal process every time you have sex? Are signed concent forms next? The fear of being arrested if someone isn't told your false positive/negative status? It's like being afraid of being accused of having the flu and thus spreading it to a co-worker who died the next week in the hospital of the flu and being blamed for it, so whenever you are sick with anything, you make sure you notify everyone you come in contact with because flu is deadly.

If someone says in their online dating profile "HIV negative and plan to stay that way" they actually claim they are positive, not negative. They claim to be positive that they are negative, but actually no one can be positive they are negative or positive they are positive or positive they have been hoodwinked. Immune deficiency virus testing is not exact.

"Up to today there is actually no single scientifically really convincing evidence for the existence of HIV. Not even once such a retrovirus has been isolated and purified by the methods of classical virology." (Letter to Süddeutsche Zeitung 2000)

That was written in year Y2K. Remember that wacked out year? Chicken littles invade the space of corporations saying "their computers are falling from the sky and will destroy Earth".

These claims about a virus have been spinning around the world since 1984 when the US government spokesperson Secretary of Health and Human Services under Republican President Ronald Reagan, Margaret Heckler (a Republican too!) went on national TV to declare "HIV is the cause of AIDS". There was no test, yet they claim they had found it.

That's like saying that they have discovered someone robbed a bank, they found the culprits, yet having no way to prove it was robbed because they can't find robbers.

If that same thing happened on the highway, it would be declared highway robbery.

Watch the press conference from April 23, 1984. It was the year the world was supposed to end - I guess it did in a way - the end of normal sex - the end of not being asked status as if anyone really knows their status, and the end of sanity in immune deficiency science.

Notice the statement in the video when she says "variant of the cancer virus". Cancer caused by a virus? HIV/CANCER? HIV/HCV - Human Cancer Virus or HCCD - Human Cancer Cellular Debris? I'll go with the latter.

Also, notice in the press conference she says "probable cause" not "exact cause".

It has since been well proven that:

1) no one virus was ever found as an exact cause of immune deficiency in humans
2) acronyms + fear campaigns = cause of hysterical public policy targeting humans

It was also claimed that they could "mass produce the virus" - FALSE, and that they had a blood test where they "could identify AIDS victims with virtually 100% certainty". Whatastretch! (That's "what a stretch" made into one word like Immune Deficiency is made into Immunodeficiency).

So at that time the Reagan administration was telling the world that they could identify immune deficiency by using a blood test. Who needs a blood test to determine immune deficiecy? Well of course doctors do and they have had that test prior to 1984.

I always suggest getting tested for ADS/KD, by going to libraries, and studying the basics of how antibodies work, you can learn about Antibody Deficiency Syndromes and Knowledge Deficiencies and make sure you don't have either.

So let's make this discussion about PID - Primary Immune Deficiency or PI - Primary Immunodeficiency include statements like "The laboratory tests used to evaluate immune disorders are used to identify antibody deficiencies".

We can express "antibody deficiencies" like this - AD. Thus we would ask "what causes AD - Antibody Deficiencies which causes PI/PID?

Many things cause antibody deficiencies and many things cause deficiencies in clearly understanding hoodwinks - CU/HOOD/WINKS.

The HIV/AIDS standard theories believe that antibodies show up that indicate an immunodeficiency virus is present which causes an immunodeficiency disease, but that's like saying that because water is present in a flood, the water causes flood damage. Yes it does, brilliant observation, but protecting the home from water is the best way to prevent damage. The HIV/AIDS theory wants you to protect yourself from HIV/FLOOD by wearing condoms, or not having lust god given sex, but they don't tell mosquitos to stop pricking you with their flying shared needles or make them wear condoms, thus, anyone who gets injected with shared mosquito syringes can get HIV based on their theories of transmission and everyone would have it by now.

They also want you now to prepare for the HIV flood by taking PReP, before the flood strikes. But this is more like preparing for a flood by flooding your backyard blood stream with lumber. You are better off buying a row boat.

What is seen in the electron microscope as being claimed to be HIV by those few scientists in 1984 Gallo/Montegnie is said to be nothing but cellular DEBRIS by others.

People see what they want to see.

The gay community SEES/HIV because that is what has been presented repeatedly.

first draft:


I noticed this term used in the fine print of a movie promotion website. The DC is for District of Columbia. Some people might not even know what that is. It's Washington, DC, it's not actually a part of the US so it's separate and they wanted to make that distinction for legal reasons.

The concept of legal reasoning and distinctions is an interesting one. I argue that the laws that some communities (mainly big cities like San Diego) have which criminalize non disclosure of HIV/STATUS to sexual partners are based on an erroneous concept that when someone is tested, they cannot have a false negative or a false positive distinction.

It's one more of many reasons to NOT/GET/TESTED.

So if someone says in their profile "HIV negative and plan to stay that way" they actually claim they are positive, positive that they are negative, but actually no one can be positive they are negative or positive they are positive or positive they have been hoodwinked.

"Up to today there is actually no single scientifically really convincing evidence for the existence of HIV. Not even once such a retrovirus has been isolated and purified by the methods of classical virology." (Letter to Süddeutsche Zeitung 2000)

That was written in year Y2K. These claims about a virus have been spinning around the world since 1984 when the US government spokesperson Secretary of Health Margaret Heckler went on national TV to declare "HIV is the cause of AIDS". There was no test, yet they claim they had found it.

That's like saying that they have discovered someone robbed a bank, yet having no way to prove it was robbed.

If that happened on the highway, it would be declared highway robbery.



In the news is that the "norovirus" caused people to get sick in some restaurant chain. I will spare them more bad publicity by not using their name.

According to Wikipedia entry, "Norovirus, sometimes known as the winter vomiting bug in the UK, is the most common cause of viral gastroenteritis in humans. It affects people of all ages. The virus is transmitted by fecally contaminated food or water, by person-to-person contact, and via aerosolization of the virus and subsequent contamination of surfaces. The virus affects around 267 million people and causes over 200,000 deaths each year; these deaths are usually in less developed countries and in the very young, elderly and immunosuppressed."

So we could call this WVB (winter vomiting bug). Note that it's transmitted "via aerosolization" which means by air. All viruses can travel by air, they don't need passports, or to check heavy baggage thus missing their flights.

Toilet flushes are also a cause.

"Transmission can be
aerosolized when those stricken with the illness vomit, and can be aerosolized by a toilet flush when vomit or diarrhea is present;"

Wikipedia also states various types/strains. I added my scientific/interpretation of why they are different.

Norwalk virus
- used to live in Norwalk, California and moved
Hawaii virus
- known for preferring beautiful beaches and nice year round climate
Snow Mountain virus
- avid skiier
Mexico virus
- made it's way to the US for a better life, legally of course
Desert Shield virus
- appeared during desert storms
Southampton virus
- more of an elitist type, not infecting just anyone
Lordsdale virus
- from England near Wales
Wilkinson virus
- originally thought to be on razor blades then that theory was cut to pieces

1 name many causes

Encephalitis is a deadly disease. So is the flu but let's just talk encephalitis, it has many causes, just like immune deficiency has many causes. Immune deficiency is not just caused by gays. Could there be many causes of A Immune Deficiency S?

read more about the many causes of encephalitis

"Awakenings" with Robin Williams featured this disease and a miracle cure




........and let me know when they start calling for NEC/ESS/ARY regulations like those that would fine HIV positive neighbors and HIV positive visitors they had visit them to have sex, or just to visit, neighbors who didn't regularly get their backyards tested for HIV, thus allowing their backyard mosquitoes (flying shared needles) into your backyard where they could infect you with AIDS. That's a law we need to stop illegal mosquitoes from immigrating and spreading HIV.


Dying of BC - Broader Categories

We all gotta go sometime, but before we do, we really should see the term HIV/AIDS be put to death.

AIDS is a broader category of broader categories and the continued use of this acronym does not help END/AIDS. Ending AIDS is my goal and the best way to end it is by understanding this mess and removing the debris that causes mess which we can express in acronym form as such: The best way to end it is by understanding MD/MDS (Mess Debris/Mess Debris Syndrome) and removing the debris that causes this mess. Mostly what we find in this mess is too many acronyms.

There are about 26 diseases like the flu and pneumonia that AIDS patients die of. If someone "dies of AIDS" they really died of one of the diseases under that category. The claim is that a virus causes immune deficiency that causes opportunity for other infections to arise but this is rather absurd when we look at the diseases themselves because no one ever really dies of a broader category, they die of the exact disease. AIDS is not an exact disease nor is the science behind it.

Many things cause immune deficiency beyond the 26 listed disease definitions of cause under AIDS. Then when we look at each disease under the category AIDS, looking at just one, pneumonia, there are about 30 causes of that!

Then there are things that are not diseases that cause AIDS like excess sugar and drug abuse that are not listed as causes of AIDS which is such a huge broader category it's like saying "stars and rocks" as a way to describe California. AIDS is an ambiguous description that includes pretty much the whole universe of immune dysfunction.

So if someone "died of AIDS" really there are at minimum 26 x 30 possibilities of the real cause, actually more like infinite.

Pneumonia, according to the American Lung Association, has more than 30 different causes, influenza being but one of them. The CDC itself acknowledges the slim relationship, saying "only a small proportion of deaths... only 8.5 per cent of all pneumonia and influenza deaths [are] influenza-related."

And if someone has HIV and the flu (no one just dies of HIV infection) there could be 30 different causes of the flu. It wasn't that they had HIV that "caused the flu" thus caused their death due to "complications of having AIDS" as much as it was that they had one of the 30 different causes of the flu which could include pigging out on oil slick foods and alcohol abuse as a part of the Entire Disease Formula or EDF.

Just like our example of explaining to someone about a city of Hollywood California as being stars and rocks, which causes confusion, we find confusion when immune function issues are explained with acronyms that obtain convoluted definitions. Similarly as confusing we could simply describe someone's death as they "died of something that had a cause that was caused by something else when some cause was there that caused the cause".

It makes no sense to use the term HIV/AIDS. As written about earlier in the year, the redundant H for "human" is not necessary, leaving us with the I and V. The A in "acquired" is also redundant as most diseases are acquired and those that aren't are never referred to as unaquired they are just labeled what they are labeled. The use of the S for "syndrome" is also not necessary. That leaves us with I and D. The I in HIV stands for "immunodeficiency" and the ID in AIDS stands for "immune deficiency" which are the same thing. So really we could just say that immunodeficiency virus causes immunodeficiency instead of HIV/AIDS. But when we look at that term it's pretty rediculous as we don't go around saying that people have influenza virus that causes influenza (which would be expressed as IV/I) we just say they have influenza (which as we see could be a cause of pneumonia which then should be described similarly to the absurd HIV/AIDS acronym as P/IV/I).



We hear the push for flu shots every year. Did you know they only do their best to try to predict each year's strain? It's a strain to understand why anyone would get a shot for something that is constantly mutating/changing, thus all predictions of future strains are pretty lame. Better off getting vaccinated against changing snowflakes. The thing that's really interesting though is finding out that the number of deaths from flu is greatly exaggerated as per article on Huffington Post.

Flu results in "about 250,000 to 500,000 yearly deaths" worldwide, Wikipedia tells us. "The typical estimate is 36,000 [deaths] a year in the United States," reports NBC, citing the Centers for Disease Control. "Somewhere between 4,000 and 8,000 Canadians a year die of influenza and its related complications, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada," the Globe and Mail says, adding that "Those numbers are controversial because they are estimates."

"Controversial" is an understatement, and not just in Canada, and not just because the numbers are estimates. The numbers differ wildly from the sober tallies recorded on death certificates -- by law every certificate must show a cause -- and reported by the official agencies that collect and keep vital statistics.

According to the National Vital Statistics System in the U.S., for example, annual flu deaths in 2010 amounted to just 500 per year -- fewer than deaths from ulcers (2,977), hernias (1,832) and pregnancy and childbirth (825), and a far cry from the big killers such as heart disease (597,689) and cancers (574,743). The story is similar in Canada, where unlikely killers likewise dwarf Statistics Canada's count of flu deaths.

Maybe what they have is FLU/MONIA

"U.S. data on influenza deaths are a mess," states a 2005 article in the British Medical Journal entitled "Are U.S. flu death figures more PR than science?" This article takes issue with the 36,000 flu-death figure commonly claimed, and with describing "influenza/pneumonia" as the seventh leading cause of death in the U.S.

"But why are flu and pneumonia bundled together?" the article asks. "Is the relationship so strong or unique to warrant characterizing them as a single cause of death?"

Not even the simple and common FLU is reported and tracked properly.


I never though I'd see the day where IMNBY (in my neighbor's back yard) the world would be referring to "one of those events". 2 days ago San Bernadino California had it's mass shooting, 14 died. A sherrif from Ulster County NY gave public advice in the wake, telling residents they should carry their legally owned weapons with them. It's sorta like if there was a rash of mass baseball bat killings or mass murders by hatchet, being told to carry bats or hatchets for protection. Makes sense, at least people have a chance, instead of being sitting ducks.

But then, with such calls to arms, we would have Rachel Maddow and friends call for bat and hatchet control like what is always done with gun control.

I don't expect to hear any rah rah about this sherrif request from her, rather rebuke.

California has more gun control than any state creating "gun free zones" where only the evil doers are allowed to have them.

Gun free zones where the only ones with guns are the crooks. Paris has more than anywhere in the world. The patrons of the Bataclan theater were sitting ducks. So too in San Bernardino. I wonder if The Bataclan could have had armed security or do they not allow that? Hard to have armed guards in front of restaurants. But if the people are armed, we have split second response times instead of many minutes.

It's so easy to call for more gun control, criticize existing laws, on and on, but to stop these kinds of horrors requires controlling the reasons for killing people.

I'm calling for reason control.

Libs want to continue their fantasy where government removes all guns, maybe to do so search every home and business. That's what they will call for next.

Of course that doesn't eliminate the problem of people coming in from other places, with guns hidden, and those who know how to bury guns and hid them for when they are needed, like John Wick.

So even then we still have this problem.

So I think the sherrif is more on track than the Maddow's of the world.

Bravo to those who call for citizens to carry their guns and those who call for reason control.

The search is on

The search results showed one article where Charlie Sheen's "porn star ex" got tested 12 times between April and December 2015. 12x. I wonder if she had sex with anyone else? How does one know that it was from a specific person if they do "test positive" when incubation periods can be as long as a lifetime? Makes no sense. 

google news search snapshot December 3, 2015

The 99%

99% of his shares of Facebook R going to "advancing human potential and promoting equality" in the Chan Zuckerberg Initiave. The priorities are said to be personalized learning, curing disease, connecting people and building strong communities (in that order).

Part of what was said in that initiave webpage:

Consider disease. Today we spend about 50 times more as a society treating people who are sick than we invest in research so you won't get sick in the first place.

You're telling MEEEEEE to consider disease? Pleeze! I've been considering disease up my ass.

So what are we saying, that we should research more on how to prevent a broken leg? Research till the cows jump over the moon and pigs fly to Uranus, you still have kids falling out of trees and thus spending 50 times more on treatment. Duh. And what about broken hearts? Ok, heart disease and stroke were mentioned. How does one cure the problem of people consuming oil slicks which create heart disease? You don't have to study that issue any more it's already been studied to life. How many billions would it take to understand what has been determined arleady? If we spend 50 times more treating people who consume oil slicks how is studying that phenomena going to stop them from doing it? Will the initiative call for banning oil and taxing sugar? Wow, like we don't already have idiots doing that already.

I wonder if they are going to give anything towards AIDS propoganda as part of the "curing disease". It's oh so fashionable. If it's anything like Microsoft's Bill Gates foundation has and continues to do by giving billions towards AIDS endeavors and silly needle projects, we will see an ongoing lack of cure for unicorn infections then of course blamed on unicorns having sex. I mean it's not like the information on these things isn't already available and in plentiful quantities.

The virus causes immune deficiency sham has been discredited long ago and continues to make no sense yet it continues to amaze how so many people find ways to keep their money through foundations don't know this and would rather see their billions go towards unicorns finding cures to the unicorn disease, instead of ending homelessness and extreme poverty which are 50 times more the cause of world diseases than anything.

But hey, what do I know, only billionaires and scientists know anything and everyone knows science never lies. If we applied that same principle of how people look to them for the truth to our politicians imagine how great that world would be.

Now remember and repeat after me, science never lies, only interpretations of science do.

We also know that math never lies but often misleads. What's funny is that science uses math constantly.

What are constants?


The head of the CDC says the war on AIDS may never end. I never can understand why so many liberals who hate war keep battling and calling for war when it comes to defeating VIRUS. They don't want to war with ISIS, a threat that can be seen, yet will call for billions to be spent on warring with things that can't. Just like the big bad Republicans and Bush/Cheney era of blame shouldn't we also be blaming those who call for endless wars on viruses? There are more peaceful methods of defeating an enemy, when they actually exist.

google news December 1, 2015



Don't catch sugar! Practice safe eat. Those awt to be the battle cries alongside those of preventing HIVI and promoting SS as sugar is well proven to be a disasterous cause of immune deficiency. By eating too much sugar you rot your teeth and rot cells in your immune system. Too much alcohol causes immune deficiency. Where are the testing vans parked by gay bars testing for sugar and alcohol abuse? When are our gay leeders going to put an end to the concentration camps we are all in? You say we are not in concentration camps, we are free, "what are you talking about you are in-sane"? Just try to remove your blood from your camp and give it to another camp that needs it, then you will see, gay concentration camps are real. Might as well tattoo that pink triangle on us just to make it clear.



Keeping up with the news on the latest viral threat is like keeping up with every person's surname on the planet and what they are doing each day. Bad enough the internet has made it a daily routine to follow too many celebrity viruses and people.

Similarly viruses are named different though they are basically the same with slight variations of what they do for a living.

Now we read that Chikungunya which is claimed to be a mosquito-borne virus (why do they always leave out airborne virus) can lead to severe infection.
Chikungunya virus, also referred to as CHIKV (as per Wikipedia) and of course there's a vaccine for that. Just look at this mosquito full of blood. Was it tested for HIV?

Mosquitos carry everything, so does, doesn't mean you get everything carries. If viruses were the problem every mosquito bite would be cause for deadly concern.

appeared on Google News November 30, 2015

Once again no reports about bad sanitation, bad water, bad meat as factors/causes, it's the things we cannot see that frighten us so much we pay attention to unicorns.


Russian magazine provides list of approved gays

Stephen Fry because, as the article states he is, “the living embodiment of the idea that one can be openly gay and a sensible person at the same time.” - See more at:
I had no idea that they approved of gays. Reading all the gay rags you would think that they are all gay haters. Turns out it's nothing like that.

The American editors' version of the magazine is appaled but I think the Russians are on to something. They chose for their top gay dude who's cool to be Stephen Fry because, as the article states he is, “the living embodiment of the idea that one can be openly gay and a sensible person at the same time.” ref

Many BGLT groups don't like Russia because they have a stance on protecting children from gay propoganda. I wish they were all equally as concerned about HI virus propoganda such as the propoganda that propogates the ongoing ignorance of if there was a virus, that flying syringes would have infected everyone already.

I applaud Russia for standing up and rewarding sensible gays. The only person that would be offended by this is someone who is concerned that they might not be sensible.


Russia is not big on the global warming bandwagon, causing headaches for the Paris G20 climate summit participants. It says it's a cold climate country and might benefit from a 2 to 3 degree increase so they are not big on all those beauracratic controls that make certain people rich.

Now as we read more about their position, we learn that the Russian climate change negotiators are always pushing to include the forests in carbon emissions calculations. Apparently scientists don't use the absorbtion of carbon in their formulas!*

I mean to tell you all this climate crap science doesn't include how much is taken out by trees! Wouldn't it be nice to hear the study findings on how much we are scammed by all these rich scientists who keep pumping out this climate crap?




The Human Malaria Virus. Funny, we never hear it called this, we just hear "malaria" and "mosquitoes carry malaria" It's also not referred to as "Human Malaria Virus which causes Human Malaria Virus Syndrome" aka malaria.

Scientists have developed gene-edited mosquitoes that can't transmit malaria
There are between 300 and 500 million new cases of malaria each year, with the disease costing as many as 1 million lives annually, but the majority of those cases could one day be avoided thanks to a significant but controversial new innovation ...

They claim the innovation is genetically reengineering mosquitoes. ROFL. It's like how climatologists want to genetically reengineer all motorized products so that they all run purely on wind in order to "save the planet". Sails in their wings. Mosquitoes are not the problem.

Thing is about this new concept of mosquito reengineering is how they claim up to 500 million new cases of malaria each year are killing 1,000,000. That's a mere .02% of those 500,000,000. With such a threat why do we not see malaria testing vans parked in front of gay bars? Mosquitoes are everywhere. You believe the shit we hear that it only affects certain countries? They hop on planes too.

It's 100 times easier to get laid by a mosquito with it's flying shared needle. You can be injected 100 times in a night by a mosquito. No trick is going to do that.

If you have unsafe injection with a mosquito you run the risk of dying from malaria (aka FLU).

Get tested for malaria.

Here's your test:

Do you believe that HMV can be transmitted via sox?

Studying how scientists lie

Stanford researchers uncover patterns in their published data. Oliver Wendell Douglass was able to do the same with Mr. Haney. 



Dusty Smith, queen of the athiest logic cult and king of the overuse of the word "fucker" has reappeared after a 7 month hiatus. To viewers shock he has "aged 30 years" as some of his fan exaggerated in the comments. He is sporting a white goatee and white scraggly hair. He says he got tired of dying it and his family has a genetic condition where the guys all go gray early. He looked great with it dyed. So do most stars.

Dusty Smith "cult of dusty" looks older with his white hair not dyed

Since logic is his god, I found it interesting that logic didn't come into play for making this decision, I mean, look, he's a "YouTube star", who wants to look at old men on YouTube ranting about logic? Logically everyone in film, TV, even radio will do everything they can to stay looking young and "attractive". Key word, "attraction". Sexy looks sell. It's not sexy to be an old looking white guy who yells a lot and it doesn't attract the viewer. If we wanted that there's lots of old white Republicans like Rush Limbaugh we could watch.

What is logical about not making one's self as presentable as possible when viewership is a key goal? It's well established that makeup and hair dye are important to all who present themselves in medias, and even in the business world. Imagine watching movies where no one had makeup or hair dye. With the white hair I don't want to suck his dick anymore as he now looks like an aging Burt Reynolds, he does have a way of calling out bullshit, and that I like.

His latest rant exposed that "clock kid" farce that sucked in most liberals and even the President and Google. Dusty says he can't call himself a liberal anymore because they are too stupid!

Yoga is now bad

The university cancelled yoga classes because the practice is "linked to cultural genocide".

It was taught for 7 years through a disabled student's center but now deemed offensive.

I find it offensive to find things offensive. They need to ban finding things offensive, but then of course, we wouldn't be able to find things offensive that are found offensive either, but then again, if it's banned to find things offensive, then we wouldn't be finding things offensive that were found offensive because they wouldn't be found offensive.

This is the best solution.


Controlling the mosquito virus

The claim is that altering the genes of mosquitos can rid the world of malaria.

"...researchers at the University of California -- including Anthony James, a professor of molecular biology and biochemistry -- have developed a possibly groundbreaking new tool in the fight to eradicate the disease. A paper published today in the scientific journal PNAS details their attempt at introducing malaria-blocking genes into the DNA of disease-transmitting mosquitoes." - source

First problem, how does one do this to all the world's mosquitos. We can't even count exactly how many illegal imigrants live in the US or keep track of them, how does this concept of changing the DNA of billions of trillions of octillions of zillions of millions of billions to the 100 billionth degree of mosquitos work in the real world?

Next, malaria is merely a term that means "bad air". In our scienterruific study of the word we dissect it and find we have "mal" as in "malfesence" or "malicious". Mal is like the word bad. Look it up on the Spanish-English dictionary, it's bad and ill.

Then the rest of it, "aria" is air. What do we have? We have bad air. That's malaria, bad air. The problem isn't mosquitos it's bad air carrying disease. Think of it like a lot of mosquitos or co-workers coughing in a room. Air is the most prevalent transmitter of disease, it's everywhere.

I think this DNA/MOSQUITO thing is basically another money making scheme. What isn't in medical science anymore? When are they going to go after the air and erradicate it or alter it?


I noticed a comparison between how climate works and how people latch on to the one cause theory and I*. Most people know that there are many factors that affect climate and how it changes. Most would never claim that one thing alone causes climate change. Yet with I* they easily latch on to one cause. It's like they belief that if the ocean in the Pacific was infected with warm water, it would always be infected with warm water.

* Immunedeficiency

20% chance

The latest bogus claim is that 20% of Brits have the virus and don't know it. As seen on this Google News snapshot November 18, 2015 @ 5:45ampt. I'd say that 1 in 1 who say 1 in 5 don't know, don't know what people don't know.

1 in 5

 Fact of the matter is everyone has it, it's just that testing doesn't find it in everyone because testing was designed to not be so sensitive as all other blood testing protocols.* You see long ago they started testing for human immune deficiency viruses and found that everyone was testing positive! So they had to dilute the serum 40x to get some kind of result that wasn't showing everyone positive. That's like a gold prospector finding lots of gold but then since he doesn't want everyone else to notice it, he dilutes the water with muddy water so it appears like there is not much there even though he knows there really is a lot there.

So since everyone has it one might freak out and hire Chicken Little for an ad campaign to sell Prep and other drugs. Or, one could realize that since what they are looking at is dirt, cellular debris, and calling it Satan, we are not in that much trouble unless of course you belive in both Satan and human immune deficiency devils.

The other bogus claim made is saying that 1 in 5 have it. Where the fuck do they get this data from? That is speculation. It's like how in the 80's they claimed 2/3rds the world population would have it and hundreds of millions of people would die from it. It was a rediculous statement then, and these ones now are just as rediculous again especially since everyone tests positive for D/CD which stands for DIRT/CELLULARDEBRIS which is in everyone every day of their lives.

Oh but wait, let's look at the claim again "One in five Britons with HIV do not know they have the virus". This is tricky. It's like saying one in 5 who have unicorns in their garage don't know they have unicorns. These are the kinds of language skirts used to cloak the public from seeing what's really there. Does anyone really have unicorns? The statement is true in a sense as it says that a certain portion of the ones that have unicorns do not know they have unicorns. When you don't know that you have unicorns how do you find out that you do? Go get tested for unicorns of course!

* so if everyone has it why aren't others affected in a bad way? Because "it" is merely dirt particles, cellular debris, glorified to be Satan.



You know I have my views on the I virus*

I believe the beliefs about I are embedded deep into the mind and cannot be changed that easily. Here is why that happens.

When I read this article about the Islamic State or ISIS (notice the acronymization) I realized how people get into believing things that simply are not true. You see the NY times published a story yesterday (11/17/2015) and it was quoted wildly all over the place, and speculated on (Fox News surely covered the fear element). The story was that Sony Play stations use encryption and are so readily available, and were used to coordinate the Paris attacks. The devices "encryption" was demonized and so was Snowden for exposing the public to ways to protect themselves from snooping by using encryption. Thus, encryption became a standard.

It's obvious truth, the devices DO use encryption, it makes sense as a story that terrorists could use them, the public buys it, on to the next story.

But next day there's a full retraction, but these don't become headlines, they are less obvious, not really discussed in the various news outlets like the first sensational story was. NY times now says that there is no evidence that they used those devices yet the public has already latched on to that initial story and believes it. It's not going to go to a technical blog and study it further and it's not covered much and the story fades as it's not really attention grabbing to discuss technical details.

As I watched the I virus belief system mutate during the 1980's, I believe this is what happened with the technical details which were proven that a viral cause for complex immune system problems with their alleged virtually exclusive sexual transmission routes to be a sham, but since the public bought the fear, in huge doses, and the politicians in medicine and government didn't dare try to correct the public lest they all be thrown out of office, official stances on the thing continued and thus no need for retractions.

I remember a number of Republicans at the time brought up the issue of mosquitos. They were ostracized. Nevermind that they were correct. Nevermind that many scientists and doctors also squeaked about the fraud, it doesn't matter when fear and deep set beliefs take hold, all anyone could grasp is that it was a STD, not a MTD also because everyone now said so. So here we are decades after the H immunodefiency V thing took hold, and it's still gospel truth to many.

That's just how things work in the real world dealing with H behavior and minds.

* I take the redundant H out which stands for "Human" as it's stupid to refer to a virus as being human when it's neither human nor is it necessary to refer to what humans get as being human viruses so from now on it's called I virus instead of the HI virus. That is gramatically correct, something not seen much in society that is fueled by fear.

A time when reading was safe

I like this article on sound and ads. Look at the photo and read the caption.

2 and 1/2 viruses

On November 17, 2015 Charlie Sheen announced to the world he has the I virus. He obviously believes testing for the I virus is not flawed. So which flying shared needle got him infected one has to wonder. He says he didn't use any hypodermic needles. I wonder did that mosquito go infect someone else? Why didn't he practice safe backyard BBQ? I suppose he could have gotten it from a penis somewhere or a vagina also. I also wonder how many viruses he caught? One, 2, 2 and a half?

Stopping Holocausts

Jeb! Bush, conservative Republican, child of George W. Bush, was asked if he would kill Hitler as a baby, knowing that the baby would grow up and create the Holocause killing millions. He said "Hell yea I would".

Now someone needs to ask him publicly if he would suck adult Hitler's dick in order to stop the Holocaust and the killing of 6 million Jews.

If he would, then we have a presidential candidate we can believe in, a true hero.


I'm torn, it almost looks like his muscles are actually ripped off his skin. muscle video

This is still a thing, really?

My world is so different than the rest, I don't fear unicorns because they don't exist. I don't fear satan for the same reason. I don't fear I because if it were caused by anything other than unicorn viruses the whole would would haveit from flying syringes. So the article stated "Hollywood gripped in fear because womanizing A-lister is HIV-positive" as seen on Google News dated November 15, 2015 @ 9:37 ampt. Why would anyone be afraid of things that exist merely because tests say they do as if tests are always accurate? But people go around challenging my beliefs, saying that these things do exist and that I need to prove that they dont. Do I need to prove that unicorns and satan also doesn't exist for it to be true?



I think HI viruses should be referred to as the "Flying Syringe Virus"

Ebola cured twice!

Well isn't this interesting, the disease that a year ago was fatal was cured again, but as we read about this a peculiar thing stands out. See if you notice it from this Google News clip.

Google News snapshot dated November 12, 2015

So now "meningitis is caused by the Ebola virus". What a crock of shit.

So that would mean the gay guy from West Hollywood who went to Palm Springs White Party who died of Menengitis had Ebola since that's the cause.

Or does this mean that there are multiple causes to diseases?

Bingo. That fits in with the repeated claims I have repeated that there are multiple causes to diseases listed under Horribly Inaccurate Virology Acquired Information Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS).

Or maybe he had HI virus which caused Ebola which caused Menengitis.

Or maybe all these fucked up theories are wrong. 

Now when we look up Menengitis we find all sorts of things cause it even Herpes which the WHO says 2/3rds of the world's entire population already has.

Might it be that 2/3rds of the worlds diseases stem from Herpes?

So if death occurs from Menengitis which is cause by both Herpes and Ebola why are those asinine testing vans parked in front of gay bars not testing for Ebola and Herpes and only HI?

"I'm gay" says the boxer caught in porn film

He says he couldn't hold it in any more and that he was told he should kill himself when the allegations became public so instead of caving into all the crap, he just spoke the truth and accepted himself as he is. Funny thing, so did most everyone else. This speaks of why the whole closet thing needs to go. reference

New HIV drug infects all the body's cells

It's being hailed as an improvement in the treatment of the unicorn virus. It's a single dose and said to "slow progression" of the bugger. Well a shot of vodka does the same thing and so does freezing your balls off so "slowing progression" might not be all that desirable when it also slows down progression of healthy cell division necessary for life. This article was listed under the category "health". I wouldn't categorize it that way. Health is when you support all cells of the body to replicate the way they need to in order to heal, repair, rebuild. The problem with all these antiRETROvirals is they affect all cells in the body, including all healthy cells, acting as poisons to kill cells. Being that these things they are trying to kill are RETRO it's like trying to kill Elvis, he's dead already. reference


The unicorn virus is one that exists in the mind but no where on the planet. HIV is a unicorn virus. If the thing did exist, mosquitos would be enemy #1 in the fight. I'm looking foward to the day where they set up mobile testing vans in mosquito prone areas as well as singling out gay bars. Remember, it's not drug addicts that share needles the most, it's these flying blood sucking/sharing pests. If HIV was a real thing, and not imaginary, with fake testing protocols to get everyone to believe it, we would have plenty of cases caused by mosquitos. For that matter, since the virus is transmitted by dirty slutty mosquito needles, it seems most HIV/positives got it from those nasty critters, based on laws of averages, especially in those areas of the world where dirty shared mosquito syringes are prevalent. Or maybe they got it from junk science. What mosquito do you know of that got tested?


Used in a sentence: "The guy likes guys and asked the rulers of the acronym universe to add an M to LGBTQWERTY."

2/3rds of the world has herpes

This was the announcement October 29, 2015 by WHO. It's too bad they have yet to announce that 2/3rds of the world also has THE/HIV. You see, the fact of the matter is long ago in a galaxy of study/hype/fear the good scientist found that everyone was testing positive for this "new virus" so what they did was changed the dilution rate of the serum so that they could get the results they wanted, not having everyone test positive! It's a concept called "manipulation of data". When the blood is diluted like every other blood/test is diluted (this is called a standard of measure) everyone tests HIV/positive. They had to dilute the tests like 40x to get some kind of smaller pool of HIV/positives otherwise they would all look like fools telling people to worry about something that eveyrone basicallly already has in them and never die of.

And where again is that immune system we keep hearing about, oh yes, 70% is in your gut. 


OMG what is that. I first read that term on a page describing an open source forum program called Discourse.

Choice of Games has three core values: feminism, egalitarianism, and sex-positivity. Those values mean that we are considered “good on representation” in a variety of contexts, and that means that we tend to have a progressive, queer- and female-friendly community. - reference

Get tested for sex-positivity. Hope y'all test positive.


The Stupidest Disease Devinition Ever - HIV/AIDS

It's so redundant, it's like saying "the virus in humans that causes aids", for one we all know it's in humans, duh, and it's similar to saying "the virus in humans that causes influenza" which would be acronymized like this HIV/AIS - Human Influenza Virus causes Acquired Influenza Syndrome" which is just as stupid.

Not one of these so called experts in medicine, law, government, or science ever refers to the flu in this cock-a-mamey way like as is routinely done with immune deficiency.

What's that they say? There's one virus for AIDS and there are many strains for the flu so it's not the same.


Bay Bridge and other structures might fail 

Small hairline cracks have been found in the metal rods used in the San Francisco Bay Bridge and a professor who professes to know more than the government (CALTRANS) says that the bridge could fail over time due to these cracks, moisture getting in, and corrosion. He says, “If they have these cracks, they are going to fail over time,” said Patrick Pizzo, a metallurgical engineering professor emeritus at San Jose State University. “They are all susceptible to failure.” - reference

CALTRANS, the government agency that coordinates and builds such structures including many of California's bridges and rhighways, downplays that possibility.

Who do you think you would trust, the professor who's an expert in that field or a big government agency?

I wouldn't trust either but in first doing a little study I will then conclude that the professor knows his stuff.

So when it comes to understanding threats or non-threats sustained by retro-viruses like "HIV" who do we trust, a professor who has doctorate degrees in microbiology and has studied retro-viruses his whole life, or a government agency and medical association that succumbs to political pressure and/or has financial interest?

Turns out we (most of the public) trusts that government agency. But should they?


If I said on, off, on, off, on, on, off, off, off, off, off, on, off, off, off, off would you say I was a little off?


If I said that string of on's and offs to a computer it would correctly interpret this to me as "AC10" and not blink an eye because it undersands what I'm saying and it would want me to understand that it knows what I am saying perfectly.

If I said to you some peole worry about getting 68,69,76,61,69,64,73 would you know what that means?

Used in a sentence "The gay dude, being brainwashed by media, government, and corporate greed was afraid he'd catch 68,69,76,61,69,64,73 so he stopped having sex as it was done for pleasurably for centuries out of fear." One could even say he was "hexed".

This makes it clear that they need to be concerned or not concerned about catching 68,69,76,61,69,64,73.

Now to say it in binary which is how a computer would understand what we are saying perfectly we would say,

H - off, on, on, off, on, off, off, off
I - off, on, on, off, on, off, off, on
V - off, on, off, on, off, on, on, off

A - off, on, on, off, off, off, off, on
I - off, on, on, off, on, off, off, on
D - off, on, on, off, off, on, off, off
S - off, on, on, on, off, off, on, on

Let's try using this in a sentence,

"People avoid alleged risky sex and they routinely get tested for off, on, on, off, on, off, off, off, off, on, on, off, on, off, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, on, off so that they can avoid getting off, on, on, off, off, off, off, on, off, on, on, off, on, off, off, on, off, on, on, off, off, on, off, off, off, on, on, on, off, off, on, on."

It's merely expressing HIV/AIDS in an alternate lifestyle.

When I said that to my computer it responded with "That doesn't computer."

When I talk to humans though, and I explain that all viruses travel in flying syringes, through the air, and that there is no such thing as "I'm HIV negative and plan to stay that way" because people get more flying off, on, on, off, on, off, off, off, off, on, on, off, on, off, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, on, off infected syringes stuck in them all summer long than they get risky penises stuck in them their entire life well then of course I usually get looks like they don't understand a word I'm saying.

Why doesn't it compute? How much more plain can it be?

Maybe it's because the medical world seems to have varous opinions on this matter, some off, some on in their push for testing, treatment.

Maybe it's time to start getting tested for off's and on's.


The study of entropy as it applies to thermodynamics can be considered in evaluating science of immune systems.*

The change in entropy (ΔS) of a system was originally defined for a thermodynamically reversible process as

\Delta S = \int \frac{dQ_\text{rev}}T,

where T is the absolute temperature of the system, dividing an incremental reversible transfer of heat into that system (dQ). (If heat is transferred out the sign would be reversed giving a decrease in entropy of the system.)*

If thermodynamics are not studied in human systems, what do we have? An incomplete formula for diagnosing cause and correlations. Frankly, I haven't found a shred of evidence that entropy has been applied to the study of immune science labeled HIV/AIDS which by definition should be applied for any sense of accuracy. Think of it like climate change in the body caused by too much CO2, without expelling all the CO2 we create air blankets in the blood which traps heat, and heat changes all processes in the body which is why it's main function is to keep regulate body temperature at a cool 98.6 degrees farenheit.



Time for a new label for old things. This one is sugar and alcohol both of which cause IDD - immune deficiency disease.

How we see ourselves

I wonder if straight guys jerk off in the mirror? If they do that's so gay! They are jerking off to a dude!

Animal huggers

Those new 6-packs you see (not on studs chests) with those hard to get off plastic rings are said to be better for the environment yet they use 4x more plastic! People love them though because they protect wildlife from getting tangled in those other 6-pack holder rings. If people are so worried about wildlife when are they going to get rid of all the cactus plants and bouganvelia on the planet? Those things are vicous and kill wildlife constantly.

So the sustainists justify 4x more plastic saying that they are recyclable. Just how much heat is used to recycle these is not readily published. Fossil fuels have to be used to melt down the recyclable plastic. You ain't gonna get those recycled with windmills generating enough heat to power toasters.

Windmills generating heat.

Bad for the environment.

Con-tributes to global warming.

Space contributes to global cooling.

Sky is falling.

Tomcare and Icare

"Without Romneycare, I don’t think we would have Obamacare."

Romney is quoted in a Boston Globe story saying Stemberg encouraged him to implement a health-care law in Massachusetts while governor.

Romney also credited Mr. Stemberg with persuading him to push for health care reform in Massachusetts when he was governor.

Romney said that shortly after he was elected, Mr. Stemberg asked him why he ran for governor. Romney said he told him that he wanted to help people, and Mr. Stemberg replied that if he really wanted to help, he should give everyone access to health care, which Romney said he hadn’t really considered before.

"Without Tom pushing it, I don’t think we would have had Romneycare," Romney said. "Without Romneycare, I don’t think we would have Obamacare. So, without Tom a lot of people wouldn’t have health insurance."


So it's not Obama who's to blame for health care, it's Tom's fault. Too bad the media pushers don't focus on where it all started with Tomcare.

It's kind of like they keep blaming a cold for the body's crumbling infrastructure when they have HIV, which we "know" is the cause of immune deficiency (whereas alcohol and sugar abuse and drug abuse and prescription poisons is not) and it's ill effects. I know this because government officials and scientists who own patents for testing repeatedly tell us so, and they never lie or make mistakes ever, even though conspiracy theorists have proven their theories correct.

Why do I write all this, because I care. Icare helps people understand things better.


Scientists discover that plague happened in 3000 b.c.

Ahhhh science, it's always discovering new things. They say now that the famous 13th century Eurpoean "plague" wasn't new at all, it's been around for a very long time. So why doesn't it pop up today? Have you been vaccinated against the plague? No. So that's not why. Are you eating lard pies like they did in the 13th century? No. So that's why. Did those in 3000 b.c. succumb to famines and droughts that allowed bacteria to overwhelm the body? Could be. I wonder if it will take anothe 5000 years for scientists to discover that viruses are merely dirt particles, they may cause erosion like sand in between two pieces of glass, but they don't cause a whole structure to collapse. reference

Who needs blankets!

The concept that blankets of carbon dioxide infused air will keep us warm is epidemic. The theory of climate change at it's core is that CO2 causes "green house effect" thus trapping heat. My CO2 blankets never keep me warm. I never slept in a greenhouse in winter overnight without a blanket and a heater either and oddly enough, it's full of O and not CO2.

Global warming alarmists should really learn how to get to work on actually proving their wacked out theories and not just keep that morning alarm going all day and showing to everyone in their neighborhood how long that alarm can ring. For example, they could take that morning cup of coffee, tea, or Joe and give it a good blow, pretending the water in the cup is an ocean for an experiment.

They might notice the air expelled from lungs is mostly carbon dioxide, big bad evil carbon dioxide that's "the cause of ocean's rising"! They could cover that cup with their hand, and see how many hours that hot water will stay hot due to the carbon dioxide layer's greenhouse effect. My experiments results show that every time, the carbon dioxide layer does not keep the liquid warm.


Better get tested for ebola, it's now a STD!

 It's transmitted by penises but not flying syringes so go-ed the claim. So much like the wacky world of HIV/AIDS with the claim that a virus causes syndromes which cause multiple other diseases we now hear the banging gong of a few in science claiming that ebola is found in penises and vaginas. No mention as to why they cannot be picked up by wind, water, or flying syringes that menace a backyard bar-b-que. Trust us they say, we are scientists we have studied it. I'm not looking forward to soon reading gay profiles that say they are taking anti-ebola meds now along with their PREP drugs to fight viruses that are mere particles of debris. Maybe it will be labeled HEV/AIS - The Human Ebola Virus causes Acquired Immun-o-deficiency Syndrome?

Particles discuss particles

Two atoms were walking down the street when one says "Hello there, you know what, I think I lost an electron, do you see it anywhere?"

The other one says "Are you sure? You look alright."

The first atom replies, "I'm positive."

The second atom says, "I don't see any loos particles anywhere, hey let's go to the parade.

Next, they sat at an interview together at the gay festival afterwards at a booth. One was asked "Do you know what is HIV?"

The first atom said "Human Immun-oh-Deficiency Virus".

The interviewer then asked "Are you positive?"

The second atom interjected, "I'm positive."

You can see where this is going.


Protecting one's junk

Who's stuff is what?

Can one trust any culture that steals land and routinely cuts off parts of men's dicks?

One could wonder how Hitler felt about a "remove a part of one's dick" cutting cult? Was he cut or uncut?

No one ever talks about the foreskin holocaust. It happened in America, still does.

I'm left with only one question, discard the others, just tell me this, when are certain peoples going to give up occupation of land and penis parts that is not theirs?

My most sacred body part

Fuck all those who chopped part of it off and fuck those who support such ongoing atrocities.

Not being able to piece/shit/together

Reading about the South Carolina, USA storms that brought severe flash flooding, killing 9 people, I stumbled on an interesting concept:

Their bodies weren't found for hours or sometimes days in the chaos happening across Columbia where an inch of rain fell every 30 minutes for hours and hours. Several smaller earthen dams broke, but engineers still haven't been able to piece together which ones failed first and started the chain reaction. reference

This concept highlights my views on HAV/AIDZ quite well. In the body with it's myriad of ever changing functions throughout each day, one has difficulty in piecing together which processes failed first, and dam it, this is much more complex than understanding the failed first principle of dams.

So when some "expert" tells me that they know what failed first in my body, I have to revert to the damming questionable claims that would state that a virus was there first.

So what if a test was even finding a virus, what event happened first that caused a total collapse and chain reaction? It's like they want me to believe that because they saw SUV's smashed into homes, that the SUV was the cause of the collapse because someone drove their SUV into the base of the dam. Or they want me to believe that because there are trees everywhere that the trees caused the disaster.

After such disasters have already started, or have finished, piecing together complex chain reactions, or with the human body, years of choices regarding foods, fats, chemical additives, alcohol use, smoking, and a myriad of factors, or just one effect that starts a chain reaction, similar to the dam disaster, it's pretty close to impossible for anyone to claim that a disease (if there even is one) was caused or will be caused by a virus just because it's there.


Ebola is in the scare again and it's said that there was a young man who died who was suspected of having EVD, but that every test known to man was used to prove that he didn't have any pathogen known to man. Pathogens are "viruses that cause disease". So there are viruses that don't cause disease? reference

They only mentioin two pathogens though. Why not provide the list of the billions of pathogens that cause disease that they apparently tested for?

The story later states "“The possibility of poisoning or intoxication with a chemical cannot be ruled out at this stage." That seems more likely.

Those could include things like alcohol, poppers, or rotten eggs.

So what if their test came out positive for EVD/HIV since they "tested for every pathogen known to man"? They would then ignore "poisoning or intoxication with a chemical", especially if the test subject is gay and fucks in any way that is contrary to Catholic church and Holy Bible teachings, and claim it was due to the virus, a particle of dead Satanic matter that is bazillions of times smaller than a bullet because everyone knows that lab tests are never wrong, just ask any narcissist.


The acronymization of things in order to scare, deceive, distort, exaggerate, this is what we see with describing immune system problems, something humanity has dealt with since the beginning of time. They were at one time simply called immune system problems (ISP) or the diseases like pneumonia or cancer, but when terror campaigns, gay prejudice, terror, and misinformation got hold, an acronym (HIV/AIDS) was invented to describe the alleged "new" horror with all of it's song and dance. We saw how the same thing happened when Republicans shifted all the distortions, lies, deceit, and hatred about a president onto what is merely an improved health care plan by using a different term, Obamacare. Instead of calling it what it is, the Affordable Care Act, they deceive by invoking all the hatred of the president they despise. This is what happened with immune system science although the way it developed is much more complicated.

Shift this!

I was looking at this ad for a Jeep. The guy refers to it as "his girl".

If it was mine it would immediately have a sex change. I only drive men!


Human-o Immunoglobulonuo-Deficiency Virus / Big Fat Fraud


This appeared as a google news item October 10, 2015 for an article on Huffington Post, it uses the acronym LGBTQ+.

What the fuck is a +? Is that HI virus positive? Is it meaning "plus anyone else" which would mean we have just reached the end of gay acronymization and should just refer to everyone as people.

How nobel of me

So the story goes that there has been disputes with the intentions of Alfred Nobel with the use of his fortune and in the handing out of prizes based on his intentions of rewarding peace making.

"On Dec. 10, the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize will be presented to the Tunisia's National Dialogue Quartet "for its decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy in Tunisia in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution of 2011."" - read full story here

This award is not without it's dissent. It's said that the award does not fit with what Alfred Nobel spelled out in his will. It's said that it's not awarding achievements in peace but rather anticipated ones, awarding those fighting for peace.

"It is a bottom-up prize rather than another top-down one," so says the Nobel committee unlike many previous awards.

Bottoms up! 

So instead of trickle down prizing where you award the leaders at the top who do better than anyone else to create peace, this time it was handed out to those who were doing the work at the bottom fighting in wars, to create peace.

I'm sorry, that seems sdrawkca ssab to me and probably not what Nobel intended. I would award a peace maker who proved themselves a leader in the bunch after they displayed the intended results were achieved.

Similarly, I would award someone honors and praise for first finding the peaceful solution to rampant acronymization abuse once they fully proved themselves before honoring them with accolades for discovering what has already been known for a century about how immune systems work.

There's nothing like flipping things around. It's a concept that has been done in wacky retrovirology. In virology the claims have been forever, and still are, that viruses get in the body, there's an immune response that is stimulated, antibodies attack the virus and sweep it waay, and some antibodies linger around for later attacks.

Then that was flipped in HI virus science, saying that if you find antibodies to a virus you are "infected" when all other viral conditions, such as the flu, it's said that it's good to inject those viruses into you in order to stimulate antibodies so that they linger around for later if you are ever infected (like during flu season) and thus, with those antibodies present, you are able to better fend off the virus.

That was all fipped upside down with HIV, the term used to describe a "virus that causes immune deficiency in humans', they say that if you have antibodies "you are infected" when really, all you have is an HIV shot like a FLU shot.

Prior to committees getting involved, along with Hollywood celebrities and their AIDS fundraising, it was good to see antibodies in the blood lingering around because antibodies are the defenders, the army if you will. It's why people get immunizations, to develop antibodies. If you have antibodies to influenza, you are immune, so naturally the same should apply with HIV, if you have antibodies to the virus, you are immune, or like with the FLU/SHOT, when you get an HIV/SHOT you are immunized!


Hide and seek

I just love that game, so do virusi according to the ezperts. This appeared as a headline on google news October 8, 2015.

And when exactly did they take out someone's eyeball to figure that out? What does it hide behind? How much is that doggie in the window?


Elephants, forget cancer

It's said that elephants never really get cancer and the scientists are puzzled as to why. They claim that it may be "due to a certain gene". I think it's because they don't drink soda. So do elephants get AIDS? Now that's an interesting question. Is AIDS only a human disease? Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome - seems that would apply to any creature that has an immune system. So why aren't elephants getting AIDS?

1) they are not getting tested for IDV
2) they do not drink soda pop

One = 53 or more

Oct. 7, 2015 - You may question my math, but it's accurate. I visited a page and the one page visited at least 53 more pages when including Amazon Associates which was cut off the image snapshot! Take a look at the purple bar to the right. And you always thought you were just visiting one web site!


Assisted suicide

In California it is now legal to assist in someone's death in certain circumstances. It's always been legal to assist in the suicide of certain parts of a man's cock.

Paracites and prizes

As per Reuters article: Three scientists from Japan, China and Ireland whose discoveries led to the development of potent new drugs against parasitic diseases including malaria and elephantiasis won the Nobel Prize for Medicine on Monday.

Irish-born William Campbell and Japan's Satoshi Omura won half of the prize for discovering avermectin, a derivative of which has been used to treat hundreds of millions of people with river blindness and lymphatic filariasis, or elephantiasis.

China's Tu Youyou was awarded the other half of the prize for discovering artemisinin, a drug that has slashed malaria deaths and has become the mainstay of fighting the mosquito-borne disease. She is China's first Nobel laureate in medicine.

Paracites live in dirty sewage water, like some streams that are used for potties.

Vatican gives gay priest the finger

A gay priest came out and was let go from his job. Why would any gay support this institution?


Are you ICD-10 positive?

ICD-10 is a coding system. If you have had any injury or disease or treatment for anything you are positive for some kind of code. Pretty much everyone is code/positive unless they never saw a doctor or health clinic. ICD-10 is the latest system coming from the World Health Organization for any over 14,000 conditions, injuries, diseases, treatments. So the organization that pushes drugs on healthy people who get tested positive for a test that is diluted abnormally so that they don't have everyone testing positive which is what happened when they diluted the blood normally, they are the authorities now on coding. reference

There is an interesting concept behind this push to have worldwide standards in coding these medical conditions, injuries, etc. - standards - odd that they are clammoring for worldwide standards in coding when for decades there has never been any worldwide standards in the erroneously labeled "HIV tests". Canada's testing "for the virus" is different than US testing "for the virus" as is Africa's and Australia's.

Not having a standard of measure is like using a stick or a piece of grass when rebuilding an engine to measure tolerances. It's like having a yardstick for measuring placement of beams in a skyscraper, one that was handed to you by a king who said "this is what a yardstick is, the width of my arms" and then reading the blueprints that were created by a firm in New York City that uses other standards of what the measure of a yardstick is. With no standards of measure in immune science virus hunting, what do we end up with?


10/1/2015 - The Study Scams. This study blows the lid on scams. (opinion)

A somewhat alarming new study says that the benefits of talk therapy with depression patients may have been grossly overstated. And the study authors call it "publication bias" because this process involves publishing again studies that continue to provide attractive results while not publishing those studies that do not provide the results desired.


Gee who else could be doing this? No one, every aspect of science is flawless, never exaggerated, cough cough, and not one large population anywhere can be duped by anything scientific like you know, the most simplest of science blunders "global warming without equal cooling" theories where we are to believe small marbles floating, spinning, and orbiting in somewhat erratic movements around a hot flaming everchanging ball of fire amidst -450 degree temperatures surrounding it are claimed that it's our fault that zilllions and zillions times zillions to the power of 25 zillions of miles of frigid space cant absorb the heat we produce when it does this every bazillisecond every day.

Or the ones that blame a dead particle of matter so infinitessimally small yet has powers beyond those of men who are faster than speeding bullets and can take down a man in a single bound while alcohol abuse, oil slicks, drug use, are only 'factors'.

HIV/AIDS expressed mathematically

10/1/2015 - In math a factor is this:

Factors are numbers you can multiply together to get another number:

Example: 2 and 3 are factors of 6, because 2 x 3 = 6


So really, in death by immune deficiency (DBID) what we have is an equation with factors.

Expressed as a mathematical equation:

virus = .000000000000000001
drugs = 73,234
oil slicks = 4
sugar = 12
alcohol = 69

So the person that "gets the virus", the virus itself is just .000000000000000001 in the equation.

If they eat well and exercize and avoid the other factors, that's all they have, a factor of .000000000000000001

Add drugs, oil slicks, sugar (excess), alcohol (excess) and the equation looks like this:

.000000000000000001 x 73,234 + 4 x 12 to the power of 69 which totals infinity x .000000000000000001




48.000000000000073234 to the power of 69



calculator, check it yourself

On a more important note than discovering that discoveries are not much of a discovery, "equation" (said like this e-kways-jun) shouldn't that be spelled out "equasion". I guess it's a variation of "equate" so the "t" stays put and the "e" changes to "ion".

What do you mean saying to me "OMG do you realize you have stumbled on a mathematicall expression of disease that is groundbreaking and could change the field for the next 1.013083819157180837848e116 years?"

It's just an expression.


Reading an article on what might be the next $1 trillion dollar company (note my redundant use of $/dollar, accurately it would be "1 trillion dollar company" or "$1 trillion company" but who strives for accuracy these days) the name Gilead Sciences came up. They have the latest hottest thing in treating HBV/HCV. HBV is apparently the new acronym for Hepatitis B Virus, and HCV is the new acronym for Hepatitis C Virus. This could be confusing because the V could be though of as http://virus/vaccine. So literally one could be told they have HIV/HIV/AIDS/HBV/HCV (note one of the HIV's is Human Influenza Virus). I wonder just how long a string of diseases could be expressed acronymitacally.

HIV - I think it really stands for Holocaust In Virology

9302015 - It's killed millions, not the virus, the treatments along with old fashioned diseases which had better treats given to them in the past. Here have a treat-ment they say. Halloween is coming up. Be prepared. Scary. The drug pushers are at it again. They want everyone who "gets HIV" to start treatment immediately so they can reach their goal of HIV/ERRADICATION by 2030. It's their hope. They hoped this same thing when they pushed "Hit hard hit early" which was a disaster. It killed friends.

History history history history history.

Hey they better put mosquitoes on that plan too, they carry flying syringes and don't have a clean needle exchange program, in fact, why not just spray the entire earth with antiretroviralcides and kill every dead retro-virus there is along with honeybees, and get rid of all dead-retro-viral caused disease which is spread by bees as well. Why not? Because using poisons to kill dead things is stupid though it is highly profitable to those who own such approaches and sell the public on them much of which is paid for in taxes (health care coverage).

Viruses are dead things, they are not living organisms. I would never spray such poisons in my body for anything. I just wait for the antibodies to do their job which is all that is ever found anyway with these stupid tests, antibodies. It's like testing someone to see if they have a hand and a foot, everyone has them. Another reason why anti-retro-viral poisoning is not a good idea is that they keep trying to kill things that are RETRO. Retro is cool, leave it alone.

Here is a clip from the Google news on this:

I'd be more impressed with the WHO if they pushed for erradicating the term HIV and replacing it with ID (Immune Deficiency) by 2020, the year when the HIV/SCAM becomes clear. The use of acronyms and their associated boos have terrorized the world for decades and this term HIV should be erradicated.

Maybe a push for acronyms that are infected with viruses being put on these poisons/treats would be a better approach.

That would kill the virus that causes Bad Acronym Disease (BAD) which distorts reality and it would rid the world of HIV faster than images from Pluto, that planet/rock/planet/rock arrive to Earth.


And how are they going to get mosquitoes to take their meds?

Without treatment programs to erradicate BAD/ACRONYMS this thing will never end.


AIDS Healthcare Foundation put up the following ad on billboards and bus benches and got immediately slammed by the lawyers of these companies for associating them with STD's.

It looks to me that the ads basically make one think that every person you see on Tinder and Grindr will get STD's. I won't use those apps knowing that there's a war being waged by AIDS propoganda machines, I don't want my face to be associated with bus benches or any smidgen of this entire fucking freaky HIV/AIDS holocaust!

At best this is a poor judgement call. At worst, which is more likely, this shows the ignorance of this organization to seeking out the facts, and rather more interested in promoting it's error filled agendas which are built on a solid foundation of bad concepts.

Frankly it doesn't surprise me one bit because I have seen the HIV/AIDS propoganda push for decades now from this group, and many others. This one is a key player in why the entire world believes this shit that a dead particle of matter has more powers than Superman or Superbug. I have encountered the militant actions of their lead in the "fight against AIDS" firsthand when visiting one of their meetings and attending a support group. It's not my cup of Joe.

According to NBC news: Within two hours of the first billboard going up, Grindr pulled commercials that the foundation pays for on the dating site to promote free STD testing, the foundation said. In less than 24 hours, Tinder sent a cease and desist letter claiming the campaign falsely associates the dating app with the spread of venereal diseases. "These unprovoked and wholly unsubstantiated accusations are made to irreparably damage Tinder's reputation in an attempt to encourage others to take an HIV test offered by your organization," a lawyer for Tinder wrote.


Celebrating 30 years of HIV/INSANITY/AIDS/WARS

OMG the wars on this are endless. I read now that there's this thing called "prep" that is claimed to prevent HIV in men when they take this pill every day, so what do some men do, they take it every day and have sex. Well there are those purists who don't want anyone to go out and have sex "as a way to stop the spread of HIV" (as if viruses weren't spread by flying syringes or the air). So what we have in this new war is doctors refusing to prescribe the pill that prevents HIV. Yes this is real but one has to wonder why is Grindr and other social apps taking money from these guys in the first place? I would have to guess they just don't read nor understand that viruses are dead matter that can as easily travel through dicks as it can in water and flying syringes found in every back yard and that the entire theory of HIV is built on quicksand.



Theory on black holes goes dark

Remember I said I don't believe black holes exist? Well glory hole be, a 11 year study seems to cast a shadow of serious doubt on their existence. The theory in my mind is that it's always been whacked.

After an 11-year-long search for the gravitational waves that Einstein predicted as part of his general theory of relativity has found no evidence of the background waves, scientists are now questioning our understanding or galaxies and black holes. The search was carried out using the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization's (CISIRO) Parkes telescope. - more on this story here

Doesn't prove they don't exist of course, but to create any absolute protocols, based on the idea that they exist would be as ludicrous and possibly disastrous as what they did with immune system science, so similarly, I don't expect the theory of space matter so dense that it sucks in everything that gets near it would ever end any more than the theory of immun-o-deficiency matter that sucks everything into it would ever end.

I lost 30 pounds of logic

September 23, 2015 - I like Dusty Smith, king of logic.


This is a photo presented on the Culty of Dusty website of a before/after (before causes after) in a great video he made boasting how logic and lack of religion "saved his life". His god is logic and athiesm. I have different gods in my life, one is food, which I always praise for saving my life. It's saved my life my whole life!

In the video about his weight loss he rants rather boisterously about people who are fat pigs, and how he "was" a fat pig, and how "The Logic Diet" saved him from an early grave. He says 'the power of logic saved my life'. It's very motivating, sincere, funny, and provocative as are most all of his videos but Dusty hasn't done a new video in 4 months and I am trying to use logic to figure out why.

Dusty is cool. He makes me want to suck his dick. He's hilarious, motivating, and full of spunk, what gay guy doesn't like spunk, but something's going on with his whole logic and religion mockery thingy. Why did he moved back to Mississippi, the place all those religious freaks he couldn't stand being around? That's illogical captain and I am logically looking at the situation.

Frankly, I don't worship the logic gods myself. There are things in life that just cannot be explained logically because emotion is not logic and as humans, emotion plays an essential role in choices we make, how we act and react, and live our lives. I suppose one could say that the way the neurons move around in the brain follows a logical pattern in some way, but I can't say I can condone the lone principle of logic when there are emotions that come into play in everyone's lives since we are truly much more than machines.

For example, when we like someone or fall in love with someone is it due to logic or emotion? Sometimes both but certainly it's not just because of logic.

I heard him say on the Drunken Peasants podcast dated August 24, 2015, that he gained 30 pounds while living in Colorado which was his escape from hell in Mississippi. He's since moved back to Mississippi where he's from. How is gaining so much weight and moving back to a place you couldn't stand and ranted about logical? There was no mention that it was an experiment which would be logical.

Ah, listening to the whole video (what a concept) I learn that he moved back to Mississippi to save money and focus more on his video projects, he said in Colorado there were too many distractions like women! That's logical and points to the reason why we need to get the whole story like what we need to do with the partial story on immune deficiency being blamed on one thing, but still, what's logical about gaining 30 pounds and moving back to a place you hate? That's where we have to look at something more than logic, emotion, certainly some feelings came into play that are not logical, they are feelings, emotion.

Here's Dusty Smith on Drunken Peasants podcast 2015, doesn't look like an extra 30 pounds to me when I use logic! Oh but wait, at first glance I might be wrong, look at the other photo above where he's thin, he does look thinner in the face in that picture. Logic!

If emotion and logic make up life of everyone, then we can say that those who practice religion, as illogical as those religions may appear, appeal to emotion which has a logical process of moving around neurons, and may play a vital role in a person's well being. Correction, they DO PLAY a vital role in a person's well being. They can also do harm, yes Dusty I know that you have made that abundantly clear while entertaining us as you highlight how religions have created wars, but so can shopping and watching moving images on boxes on our desks, hey, maybe Oprah has the answer, after all she lost a lot of weight, and boasted about the loss, and has an answer for everything, oh wait, she gained it back too and Dusty hates Oprah because she's not logical, she talks a lot about God.

I wonder if Dusty would ever get wind of this post. If so, kudos to you dude. Wish I had your spunk.

HIV causes universe

Imagine a virus in space, causing universe. That's what we have here.

Bacteria Legionella

It used to just be called pneumonia, caused by bacteria, but now if you are in a school where air conditioners are run and bacteria builds up in the condensors and is spewed into the air, you have "bacteria legionella" because a group of people called Legionaires once got sick from air conditioning a long time ago. Same bacteria new name. Naming things is so funny. So now if you got pneumonia from air conditioning and you have HIV, it should be called HIV/AIDS/LEIGONAIRES, or, maybe, just pneumonia.

Flying isn't always fun

If I am elected

If you elect me ruler of the entire Universe I will make make the Sombrero Galaxy pay for a wall separating galaxies, to keep illegal galaxies from sending their worst space junk, and no one could travel without proper documentation in order to make the universe a better country. The image below is shows that galaxy is about as far as anyone can imagine from Earth, times that by 100 trillion, zillion, billion, octillion, million imagines, but no fear, as new ruler, I will hire the best people to make sure it all happens.

reference this movie perspective

Do your fucking job already

That marriage certificate clerk in Kentucky (I won't print her name anymore as it's against my religious beliefs to include names of anyone that is violating gay law on this web log) who claims she is washed clean in the blood of Jesus (sounds pretty messy) has gay friends!

Isn't it a sin to have gay friends? Yes! OMG YES it's a sin!

In the Christian Bible, Corinthians (new testament after Jesus) chapter 5 verse11 states:

"But actually, I wrote to you not to associate with any so-called brother if he is an immoral person, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or a swindler-- not even to eat with such a one." - as presented on Bible Hub "Expel the Immoral Brother"

So she's not even obeying God as she claims if she even has dinner with her friends who are gay or anyone who reviles!

It's become quite the frustration for a lot of people when this elected official can't do her job and can't even follow the wacked out contradictory Bible she claims she follows and it kinda makes a case for crucifiction. Can you imagine a government run by the Bible? OMG that is why America was created to get away from that wacked out rule book.

And according to Dusty Smith religions are pretty retarded!

Fucking microbeads

They are very small little particles of plastic added to many things like facial scrubs and they end up (so they say) in the environment.

And those 8 trillion beads that make it into aquatic habitats only represent 1 percent of the total number that are being dumped each day. Another 800 trillion or so end up in the sludgy runoff from sewage plants, which can go on to pollute waterways as well. - Washington Post

I thought they filtered out all that crap.

If microbeads can end up in waterways so can the infinitessimally smaller virus.

There's another nail in the HIV/CAUSE coffin as if it were a virus that caused that problem people would be getting it from all of the flying critters that drink from waterways.

Reminder: viruses are not living things.

Fucking Jews

The most interesting thing about the US Republican 2nd debate last night was Ann Coulter's tweet she transmitted to the world that pissed a lot of people off. I watched the whole debate and it was mostly the same old stuff with the exception of the added circus act in the middle.

So this morning I read a headline that Ann was perterbed that the candidates were pandering to Israel lovers which they always do when they want to be elected, she stated:

"How many fucking Jews do these people think we have in America?"

Many were shocked and condemned what she said, and it does at first sound kinda vile, but it really isn't. She was basically pissed at the Republican party, not Jews. It was just one of those things people blurt out when they are just upset or emphasising that a situation is just fucked up. I don't see the big deal nor do I see it as something that needs anyone's attention.

But of course many found it offensive but they are understanding it the wrong way. I will give her a pass on this one completely even though she has said her ideal America would be all Christian I really don't think this should be taken offensively. I would liken it to since she is anti-same-sex-marriage if she said "How many fucking fags need to be married? I mean it's like the majority will never have kids".

So what if she says fucking and fags, she doesn't like homosexuality because it's in her Bible, and she believes in imaginary people, Jesus, and even if she said fucking gays instead of fags, so what, she's pissed, it's just an expression. If she said that as one of the candidates for president, that would be different but she was just a fucking observer.

Did i just piss off the observer community?

Couple vows to divorce if Australia legalizes gay marriage

They say it will ruin the sacred institution. When did government become sacred? This is another example of how some people have trouble separating things. Marriage is sacred in their church institution and it is neither sacred or not sacred in government. One can be married and maintain the sacred institution within their beliefs and still be recognized by government wihch deems them with various benefits of marriage. It seems to me that to dump the sacred instution of marriage based on what the devil does is giving power over to him.

see how the vote may turn out by visiting Australian Marriage Equality dot org

September 11, forget it already

What a great day to not watch TV because on this day we are reminded by television how many times we were reminded by television of how many times we were repeatedly reminded by television repeatedly about what happened on September 11 repeatedly, and the endless war that Bush/Cheney got us into hunting things that don't exist, much like wars on AIDS, all of which we really rather forget now. So I dedicate this day as beta National Turn Off TV Day. All nations are invited to participate, this is an non-discriminatory all inclusive gender neutral, religion neutral event.


Studying the naming of things is an interesting science that I/ENJOY. Today we look at bubonic plague. A recent headline (see image here) stated that bubonic plague" may have been recently mishandled by a government agency. The article shows a "bubonic plague bacteria". So if we are to express this like we do with immune deficiency we would say HBPD/BP. No longer would it be called bubonic plague, it would be called HBPD/BP for Human Bubonic Plage Bacteria / Bubonic Plague. This shows the absurdity of naming immune deficiency with a similar wacky acronym HIV/AIDS.

The other thing I notice that is wrong with even the more simplified version that is well known "bubonic plague" is that really it should just be called a bacterial infection, or specifically by it's bacterial name, not this broader terms "bubonic" and "plague".

So we learn "the cause" is actually commonly claimed to be bacteria named "yersinia pestis". According to the World Health Organization as found on Bubonic plague is one of three types of bacterial infection caused by Yersinia pestis. I'm not sure but it sure looks like we have 3 types of infections there caused by Yersinia pestis bacteria or YPB since we love to acronymize things.

bubonic - (an ajective that describes a thing) - it's bubo like - a bubo is a swelling of a lymph node says Wikipedia which also goes on to say this "It is found in infections such as bubonic plague, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, chancroid or syphilis."

plague - a disease caused by yersinia pestis says Wikipedia
plague - a pandemic caused by a disease

It goes on to include 3 types of plague,

bubonic plague
pneumonic plague
septicemic plague

Pneumonic plague - a severe type of lung infection

Pneumonic is pneumonia, plague refers to a pandemic caused by a disease. So both a bubonic infection and a pneumonic infection are caused by Yersinia pestis, though interestingly it's also claimed to be caused by other things (much like how many cliam that immune deficiency is caused by not one thing but many)

"Pneumonia is due to infections caused primarily by bacteria or viruses and less commonly by fungi and parasites." - Wikipedia

We should then call these so called "plagues" simply pneumonia or bubonia to be consistent with how things are generally named unless they are affecting a large group of people and we are describing such.

In other words, when a human has a bubon caused by Yersinia pestis bacteria they have bubonia, to call it bubonic plague is incorrect as plague refers to the collection of a number of people who have that same condition as what happened in Europe 500 years ato when there were no sewer systems to carry out sewage that was full of bacteria and half the population gorged themselves on lard pie which created the perfect host for the critter. We also might consider though that pneumonia is caused by the same virus, correction, bacteria.

Now let's analyze this term "Pestis" used in naming that bacteria Yersinia pestis, that sure sounds like pest. Yep it is, another form of the word pest.

So it's the Yersinia form of bacterial that's transmitted by pests such as fleas that causes both pneumonia in humans and bubonia in humans as well as septicemia in humans. We could name these PIH, BIH, AND SIH. No mention of mosquitoes or air though, I wonder why since bacteria can also travel by air and other pests. In the air bacteria may die depending on the humidity / moisture in the air so that is a possibility that it's not transmitted by air, but since the air is always changing and the conditions of air can be right for bacteria to travel, air should be listed as a transmission route also.

So basically Yersinia pestis is bacteria carried by pests or Yersinia disease or YD. Like with the naming of HIV/AIDS which we determined could simply be called ID or Immune Deficiency, YD is a simple disease caused by bacteria, or if it's more localized (affecting a part of the body) it should be called an infection, not plague, unless of course you are trying to scare the public for monetary gain, attracting attention to your news report, or seeking attention based on fear in order to request more funding for study of something that's already been studied.

So what's the difference between pneumonia and bubonic plague? Well bubonic plage in today's misinformation age is now being used to describe when one person has a bubonic condition (swelling of lymph node) which also appears the same in syphilis, but they are using the word plague incorrectly as it's not a plague unless there are many humans being referred to in addressing what is happening in a population. This is clearly not the case as "bubonic plague" is now being coined the term to describe when one person (or an animal) has a Yersinia pestis infection or YPI if we want to again be infected with the acronymizing plague.

Get tested for The Acronymic Plague aka TAP.



Remarkably Simple Conditions / Killer Haboob

There was a bad dust storm in the Middle East this week and I read a short story in National Geographic about the event. One of the things I found interesting was the statement about remarkably simple conditions causing the killer Haboob and what was needed to make such an event. This of course knocked me into comparing health conditions to weather conditions.

"The two ingredients needed are an availability of dust or sand particles at the surface and enough sustained wind to get those particles moving".

It also mentioned that scientists are not even sure what wind speed is needed. They don't know wind speed needed for a Haboob and we are supposed to believe scientists can figure out climate change and protect us from it?

So here again, we have science where on one hand it's saying they don't know what seems would be easy to figure out, and then we have immune science which claims it has figured out the ever changing complex weather patterns of the human body.

Simple patterns including things we do like eating too much sugar and oil/fat can cause similar disturbances.

read about an onslaught of dust particles on land


The dust virus. If a virus is what causes immune system deficiency, then it must be a world traveler. All viruses can be swept up in the air with ease and deposited in other places. Since viruses are dead matter and not living things all claims that they die when they are exposed to air are false. So when we have a situation in Sierra Leone where the claim was that a virus caused a certain disease there when the wind blows it will be picked up like sand and carried to the Middle East and other places.

Take a look at this article deseribing a sand storm that affected the health of people in the Middle East, which caused respiratory SYNDROMES. As stated on Sky News particles of non-living matter caused health problems. Look at the map and see how easily the wind can blow viruses/dust from Libya and Egypt to Iran and Iraq, from Sierra Leone where "ebola" was supposedly causing disease, but oddly we are not seeing all sorts of cases where the wind woulb be blowing these viruses in. Obviously it's not the virus that's THE/CAUSE.


Religious conservative politician view on Kim Davis

Huckabee is one of the popular voices from the extreme conservative fundamentalist POV. He had this to say on September 6, 2015 about jailing that Kentucky clerk who refused to grant gay marriage licenses. I am going to break into his statement and offer my own throughout,

George Stephanopoulos: Doesn't she have the duty to obey a legal order from the court? reference:

Mike Huckabee: Well, you obey if it's right. So, I go back to my question, is slavery the law of the land, should it have been the law of the land because Dred Scott said so? Was that a correct decision? Should the courts have been irrevocably followed on that? Should Lincoln have been put in jail? Because he ignored it. I mean, that's the fundamental question, do we have a check and balance system? Do we have three equal branches? Or do we have one supreme branch not just a Supreme Court? That's the fundamental question.

So he thinks you can choose when something is right or not and whether or not to obey your orders? That's a slippery slope.

Where he gets off insinuating that the various branches are not working is absurd, Kim Davis attorneys filed an appeal, that's the process, the branches of government are still there, no we don't have one supreme branch, it could go to the Supreme Court but it won't because the key issue that Kim is disobeying regarding equal marriage rights has already been through decades of discussion in many branches of government, gone through various lower courts, with tons of precedents on the side of equal treatment.

Huckabee: And George, that's the bigger issue.

I don't know what could be a bigger issue than government not doing it's job, but let's see what this guy wants to claim.

Huckabee: This goes back to the larger issue, whether or not we learned in 9th grade civics is even still operative and why people are so angry across the country not just on this issue but others. It is that the ruling class has thumbed their nose at the the very Constitution. You've got Democrats who ignored the law when it was the law to have traditional marriage, Gavin Newsom in San Francisco as major, performed same-sex weddings even though it was illegal. Did he ever get put in jail? He most certainly did not.

He was not put in jail because he was not thumbing his nose to the Supreme Court and he was not forcing his religious views on someone else by authority. Gavin was also not creating an unequal situation for people, he was creating an equal situation which is something that the constitution guarantees. This example of Huckabees is horrible, it's backwards. It's like he's trying to argue that someone should be able to now legally own a slave.

Huckabee: You had Barack Obama and Eric Holder when he was Attorney General, they ignored the rulings of DOMA, did they get put in law for ignoring the law? They most certainly did not.

This was after 2 decades after the law (Defense of Marriage Act 1996) came into being and many many courts were declaring that for their states the law was unconstitutional, and eventually the whole thing was declared unconstitutional on every level. This example is also pretty deceitful because presidents don't often get put in jail, and the precedents were already being played out in favor of equality in the states, thus it was getting clear that would probably happen on the federal level. It was also an equal treatment issue, not one where an elected official was demanding to impose her religion on others. Slavery and Lincoln was quite different, and interestingly the reason is that the Supreme Court could not rule in favor of Scott because HE WAS NOT A CITIZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kim Davis is a citizen. The matters are no where near the same.

read Lincoln's speech on Dred Scott Decision here

read Wikipedia's great explanation here 

It's simply not the same thing as when a Supreme Court rules after decades of lower court rulings supporting the same, and then a Christian declares that she will not obey the law, that she has supreme right to not apply law EQUALLY and declares she and God are better than the law of the land, which by the way THE FUCKING BIBLE SAYS TO OBEY THE LAWS OF THE LAND. Let's look at what Huckabee's and Kim Davis' Bible should say in Romans 13:1-7 "Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment."

Huckabee: So when do liberals get to choose which laws they support but a county clerk in Kentucky who, acting on her Christian faith, is criminalized, jailed without bail because she acted on her conscience and according to the only law in front of her.

This is either deceit or utter stupidity or ignorance, this is not a liberals choose issue. Clerks are not there to force their religious beliefs on people, THAT is what she did, THAT is not allowed and is totally unconstitutional, and this concept has over 200 years of legal precedent so much so it's a fundamental part of the Constitution. You cannot be an elected representative in the US and say you are better than the Supreme Court, that you won't uphold what the Supreme Court says when you already took an oath to do so when you were sworn in, and you can't discriminate which is what she did so SHE FUCKING BROKE THE LAW ON A VERY HIGH LEVEL AND GOES TO FUCKING JAIL because she continued to refuse her authorities on this, refusing to resign, refusing to allow her deputy clerks to do the gay marriages, that's why she is in jail, that's all they could do was throw her in jail because that's what we do to public officials in high authority when they refuse to obey the highest authorities they are sworn to obey and when they insist on imposing their religion on others. She would not allow gay couples to marry legally because her God told her not to. That is forcing one's religion on another and that is not allowed in a country where clearly, everyone should clearly only speak American so that we don't have these problems.


Wesboro Baptist Church pickets Kim Davis at jail

They are apparently saying that she's a sinner an needs to get a divorce to be clean in the eyes of the Lord after being married 3 times.

Someone please provide me a list of ?-word definitions please, it's getting quite long

as seen on The Atlantic September 6, 2015

Kim Davis attorneys say all she wants is accommodation

Well that's all the State wanted either, was for her to accommodate what is law. When a public official in high authority cannot accommodate the law, which unoccommodates others, they go to a place where they will have accommodations provided for them.

Kentucky gay marriage clerk license refuser thrown in jail

September 5, 2015 - To some it may seem harsh to throw a county clerk in jail for just not doing her job, and for merely standing up for her religious beliefs to not do what her Bible tells her not to do. We could wonder does that mean the rest of us could go to jail for not doing something our bosses tell us to do when we refuse based on our beliefs?

What this woman did as an elected official in a position of great authority is she acted above the Constitution, acted above her bosses, acted above what new law dictated, and purposefully denied liberties granted by our government. People can't go around denying liberties to others and say God or their religion told them so, that's not how it works, well, maybe if you could bring God to court to testify to a judge but since no one can actually see or hear God, that doesn't work and that is why the United States was born, to protect people from those in authority or rule that would deny basic freedoms and rights.

America is "under God" but it's not ruled by God, IT IS RULED BY THE PEOPLE and it is not ruled by anyone who claims to represent God.

The judge gave her an option to avoid jail by allowing the deputy clerks to handle giving licenses to gay couples, but she refused. Since deputies cannot do such assignments without her signature allowing them to do so, she felt that she would still be disobeying God. This is insane fundamentalist brainwashing.

Dan Savage a gay activist who's stood up many times against fundamentalists on gay bullying pointed out on CNN last night that she's being used a martyr [ puppet] by the Liberty Counsel to make money, using the false concept that her freedom of religion is being taken away from her.

It's sad that this woman has been led arund by her cult church and such to this point of jail time but it's a choice she made. Elected officials are held to a higher standard because what they refuse to do affects the Constitution given liberties of the people.

Of course before they are elected, they can be as insane as they want.

For example, we have Trump claiming he will make America great again (as if it isn't already great) by returning 11 million undocumented immigrants they can't find back to Mexico or wherever they came from, or claiming he will make everyone rich like him. I remember being promised that by multi-level marketing creeps with their unlimited earnings potential garbage. Then there's Christie who claims we can simply track immigrants like FedEx packages. Hey he was already elected.

Supreme court justice says Davis does not have right to job

But gay couples do have a right to be married.

more on this story

The thump in the room

The county clerk in Kentucky lost her appeal, she is ordered to give marriage certificates to gay couples, but she continues to refuse this time in a heated exchange.

She is a hypocrite and sinner as we can see in our holier than thou Bible which says,   

Mark 10: 6-9

"But at the beginning of creation God 'made them male and female.' 7 'For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, 8 and the two will become one flesh.' So they are no longer two, but one. 9 Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate."

So all young adults who are single and leave their mom and dad are sinners and cannot be issued marriage licenses because it's against the Bible and God. I wonder how many of these sinners were wed by this clerk in Kentucky.


Thousands of microbes in household dust!

Oh I just love this headline, the article claims that there are "2000 types of bacteria and fungi" in house dust and saying "We have known for a long time that microbes live in our homes. What we are doing is now is old-fashioned science, to see how they vary across space".

Well, since viruses are not living things, pretty much like dust, and are smaller than bacteria, fungi, and dust, they can certainly hitch a ride on household dust along with their buddies bacteria and fungus! Knowing this fact helps us to understand that transmission theories claimed as absolutes as being absolutely rediculous. If a virus can hang on and go for a ride and shoot into a man's ass it can surely find it's way into the lungs. Should we wear lung condoms now? No, because condoms fibrous elastic membrane let's viruses through and don't protect anyone from viruses. Should we dump the viral cause theory? Yes of course!  Scientists have been saying that for decades!

Now what's also interesting is how they present an image of a microbe, it looks like HIV celebrating breast cancer awareness month!

reference story 34056549


We need to uneducate people on HIV/AIDS

Since the 1980's we have been educated about HIV and AIDS. Uneducation is needed in order to bring us back to sanity and effective solutions to handling multi-causal immune deficiencies none of which are caused by unicorn viruses.



Burning Man infested with bugs

I thought this part of the article was interesting, flying dirty needles!

"These guys [insects] also release a terrible smell, and they like to poke their probiscises into people's skin. Which hurts. But they're actually not attacking - a probiscis is more like a long, hollow tongue. These are desert bugs, and they look for water everywhere, including in your skin."

So based on the HIV/LIES theory of transmission, everyone should get tested for immune deficiency after Burning Man as they all are sharing dirty insect needles/tongues. Of course that same need for everyone being tested also applies to anyone exposed to needled insects anywhere in the world.  Kaching.

Of course if you ask anyone brainwashed by the HIVAIDS cult you will get responses like "it's not transmitted that way" and "there is no evidence of transmission via dirty needles that fly" even though that has never been studied effectively nor makes a shred of sense because if a stupid virus can hitch a ride on a dirty needle it can hitch a ride on another dirty needle.

read article


Stop calling it HIV/AIDS

That is the stupidest term and has too much shit attached to it.....but hey , who am I to challenge a-thor-a-tayyy.

Human Immun-owrongo-deficiency Virus slash Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It's the most convoluted attempt at describing a condition ever created. A less insane version is calling it IDV which stands for immune deficiency virus or, since we don't go around saying "he caught the flu virus" nearly as much as we just say "he caught the flu" how about we simply say "he caught the deficiency" instead of "he caught HIV". Problem is people are too brainwashed to get it, (the concept, not the disease) and when we do that, calling it immune deficiency, we start wondering again what causes immune deficiency and that makes heads spin since the answer to that is many things, and that conflicts with the wacked out idea that it's only sexually transmitted (oh and that needle thing). Some of us went through that endless 'spin cycle' in the 1980's and survived.

So since excess sugar consumption causes immune deficiency in rats and humans, and no one is going to be able to deal with just saying "he caught deficiency" or "get tested for deficiency caused by sugar" we would have to do like what was done in the eveolution of the acronym HIV to make each condition more clear, so we will call it by it's various forms, such as Human Sugar Related Immune Deficiency or HSRID when it was caused not by a virus but by sugar. Or when the immune deficiency is alcohol related we would call it ARID which is what many people suffered from in the in the 1980's when this HIV/MESS started. Hey, don't shoot the mesenger!

We could also rename the viral cause as VRID and when it happens mostly to gays as it does overwhelmingly in the United States, we could call it GRID which they discarded "because it's not a gay disease" even though it was, or after years of this CRAP we could call it MESS or even better, instead of HIV/AIDS call it NON/SENSE or BULL/ONY.


It's scientific so it must be true

The news is that what was previously thought were the properties of big city grime are no longer true. They now say that big city grime breathes out nitrogen instead of trapping it like previously thought. Gee these theories change like the wind. As with Pluto/planet/rock things and climate science that claims we will all be under water in 100 years, and immune systems, anyone who really understands science knows that anytime there are multiple variables the science is at best a good guess. At worst it's a hologram or holocaust. reference story 


When did kissing become illegal?

2 guys kiss at a public pool and are asked to leave Of course this kind of shit doesn't happen to a boy and a girl kissing.


No shit

Speaking of religion, I'm not sure if you believe in the Christain "rapture", I have evidence it's already occurred.

I also have evidence that the Blondie "rapture" has already occurred.

"Thank you Jesus"

Junk food

Having studied nutrition in school and for decades on my own I know a thing or a thing about how it affects the human body. One of the mistruths I get tired of hearing used is the term "junk food" said in a sentence in such a way as to infer that there is no nutritional value in these items. They will often refer to McDonalds as junk food and that is so bogus as there is a tremendous amount of nutritional value in fast food including protein for tissue repair when you break that piece of toilet paper, complex carbohydrates for sustainable energy without windmills, vitamins and minerals..

For example, graham crackers would quickly be labeled as junk by many because they are in the cookie aisle, but when we read the label, we see they contain in one serving 2.5 grams of protein. So after pigging out on handful of these you can get like 10 grams of protein and these are much lower in fat than regular cookies and actually lower in fat than a hamburger.

So the way I look at "junk food" is like "junk yards" there is always stuff there that's worth something and some items are worth their weight in something, even though I stay away from the stuff.

Not all Republican candidates hate gays

August 8, 2015 -

Actually few do, one of the better presidential candidates named John Kasich for President made a historic response to a question about how he would feel if his son or daughter were gay.


The "people will want to marry their cat" theory

August 8, 2015 -

Even after the Supreme Court 5-4 win on same sex marriage, conservatives continue to believe in things that just make no sense. They feel that government should not have lit up the White House in rainbows nor sanction gender neutral marriage. They claim next the polygamists will be demanding they be treated equal to gender neutral marriagers, and that people will want to marry their horses and that the government will have to comply.

It's such a stupid argument.

Here's how I see it:

First we had America.
Then there was marriage and sometimes baby carriages.
It was only granted to opposite sex 2's because they tend to procreate which is a lovely idea and it's what was popular for many years without question.

Then there was opposite sexers who keep getting married but never have babies.


So then you have two lesbos or fags saying "that's not fair, they are granted special privileges and government is not giving them equally to me, we too are a couple and we want to marry the exact same way equally, certainly the ability to procreate is not the deciding factor as to whether one can marry and be granted special benefits".

It is a good argument.

So then it became 50 states, equal marriage.

Marriage is between 1 person and 1 other person, that's what the government decided is fair because if you grant it to two humans you have to grant it to two other humans.

If the people want to make marriage for 3 or 10 or 100 people, they can debate, have congress pass a new law granting the privileges to whatever numbers they choose as long as they apply the law equally without regard to gender, then we have a new law that grants privileges equally. If people want to be able to marry cats or horses, let them debate that too and decide.

Marriage in itself is not a right guaranteed under the constitution, nor under the equal protection law, what is guaranteed is equal protection.

It's not an equality issue when you say "well now same sex couples can marry so what's to stop polygamists to marry or people marrying their cats and horses".

That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard and it's repeated over and over by lame streamers everywhere.

5 people not granted marriage is not an equality issue, it's a number issue.

Let me spell it out mathematically maybe this will help them get it.
2 does not equal 3.

2 ≠ 3.

2 humans does equal 2 humans so 2 = 2 and must be treated as equal.

2 humans does not equal 3 humans so 2 ≠ 3 and cannot be treated equal.

2 humans does not equal 1 human + 1 horse and cannot be treated equal.

= is = and ≠ is ≠.

Flush me baby

August 7, 2015 -

Today's new claim in the world of acronymed science states that a cancer drug "flushes out" HIV. Where does it go when it's "flushed" I wonder? It's as if it's news that things can be flushed out of the bloodstream and into the toilet. Here is the snapshot from BBC World News taken August 7, 2015

Kills the virus? Viruses are dead. Reactivating hidden HIV? Why on earth would anyone advocate for activating dead viruses that kill people? Basically when they say they are activating viruses it's like saying that when you exhume a body from the grave where it's hiding, you have activated it.

Then they talk about a new strategy called "kick and kill". I guess that replaces the failed "hit hard and hit early" which was like using atomic bombs to hunt wabits, after one shot the forest doesn't look too good.  That too used a cancer drug.

A strategy known as "kick and kill" is thought to be key to curing HIV - the kick would wake up the dormant HIV allowing the drugs to kill it.

That again is basially like exhuming a non living body, kicking it, and then killing it dead since viruses are non living things, or in this case where they are exhuming mass quantities of HIV (so they claim) they are completely wrecking the entire graveyard.

And this use of the word "reservoir" is interesting, it makes it sound like it's a dam with millions of gallons of backed up clean fresh municipal drinking virus.

And once again, all of this is based on the idea presented long ago that what is being looked at in these pictures is anything more than dirt.

What I want to know is how do we flush out "HIV" from the brain?



August 4, 2015 -

Advocates for the continued expression for immune deficiency diseases to be stated HIV/AIDS have often used a term called "pseudoscience" to express a concept that any science that differs from that which embraces one cause for immune deficiency to be invalid. Unfortunately, much like their stupid choice of acronyms HIV/AIDS, the word pseudonym does not properly express what their intentions are. A pseudonym is merely a different name that expresses the same thing. That surely is not how those who attack people who question or discard typical viral transmission theories and routes believe. Pseudoscience or "pseudonym science" would be better thought of as science with a stage name. As with stage names, an actor is still the same person, but their persona, their expression may be thought of differently with their stage name as compared to their real name as their stage name becomes associated with their performances and how they present themselves publicly. So a pseudoscientist would merely be someone with a pseudonym for their scienctific presentations made publicly.

Basically what I present here could be called pseudoscience, sure, I use different stage names so to speak, but it's not science that is invalid by any means. All science is comprised of at least one thing, a theory. Other parts of science include discussion, debate, comparison, and even experiment. I include a number of these. I even experiment, not in a lab, but I do know a lot about immune indeficiency as I have created it myself. Immune indeficiency is the opposite of immune deficiency. It's a strong immune system. One of the best things I did to create that are avoiding oil slicks.

We hear studies on this or that saying "scientific study finds....." such as this one that says that eating spicy foods can prolong your life. But as with almost all studies, not everything within a study is studied. There are many aspects of how things affect the human body. The studies are all scientific and yet reach different conclusions when studying the same things. Thus science in itself or something scientific can reach different conclusions. So too with the science of immune systems which routinely ignore the digestive system and how it's like 70% of your immune "system".

Mosquito exchange program

August 4, 2015 -

Some cities fund what is called a needle exchange programs. They are not for old ladies to swap knitting needles, though I would support using my taxes for that, and they are not for exchanging sewing needles, they are for providing clean hypodermic syringes for drug addicts "in order to stop the spread of HIV".

John Oliver spoke about this needle exchange program matter as a part of a segment on Washington, DC voting rights. He was rather condescending towards any city that would be so stupid as to not have a needle exchange program.

If people like him with huge TV and internet audiences, as well as those in many a well intentioned civic minded committee or city council or AIDS advocacy group who are all trying to "stop the spread of HIV" are going to be consistent with their efforts at getting rid of dirty needles that "spread HIV" they better get busy handing out clean needles to mosquitos, or simply provide the community with new mosquitos in exchange for their old dirty ones.

Mosquito flu

Rabies, you get it from the bite from an animal they say, why not mosquitos? They bite. Is the rabies virus too heavy for a mosquito to carry it? Seems odd, viruses are stupid non living creatures pieces of dirt that it seems any mosquito could suck into it's dirty needle from any animal and transfer it using it's dirtier needle to a human anywher yet the medical huckster community insists that it's not carried by mosquitos. I think it is. Neither viruses nor mosquitos are that smart. Mosquitos carry dirty needles everywhere.

It's interesting how things are named in the whacked out world of medical science. Unlike rocket science which is easier to study and come to firm conclusions, medical science is all over the map, especially with the lack of standards in using the english language in naming things. With rabies, if we were to name it like what's done with HIV/AIDS, someone who got it would be labeled HRV/ARVS (Human Rabies Virus/Acquired Rabies Virus Syndrome). Pretty stupid huh.

With other viral threats, we can look at the popular bird flu, which can hop to humans they say, but it's still called bird flu, not HBF for Human Bird Flu, or HBV for Human Bird Virus? And when you get it you are not labeled HBV/AHBVS which would be as stupid as labeling someone with immune deficiency as HIV/AIDS.

Where's mosquito flu? There's swine flu (rarely referred to as pig flu) and there's equine flu (rarely called horse flu).

Can you see the nonsense in how they name these things? We have West Nile Virus (well we have the name anyway) and it's supposed to be carried by mosquitos.

Why doesn't it be called the Human West Nile Virus when we catch it? This would be consistent with how immune deficiency viruses (particles of dirt) are named in humans such a this "HIV". There should obviously be birds infected also, so it would be called Bird West Nile Virus and Bird West Nile Virus Syndrome (BWNV/BWNVS).

It's pretty obvious that those are not necessary just like with HIV/AIDS, they are all stupid. Or are they?

In the case of HIV/AIDS we have a different thing going, they are used to convey fear, terror, gay disease, blacks in Africa of course, and 1980's disco which got terribly ill and died from it. No longer was it sufficient to labele someone who was ill as immune deficient especially when media hucksters like Oprah and news anchors had a field day reassociating this new label to sick fags which their viewers devoured voraciously which translated into AD/REVENUES.

I prefer to call immune deficiency, Immune Deficiency, which, because the body has so many functions interrelated, has many causes. Drink too much alcohol and you can create a very bad case of immune deficiency. Pour a quart of cottonseed oil into your stomach, you create immune deficiency. This is easily done by eating bags of potato chips and other greasy foods.

Worrying about retroviral particles in the body (labeled HIV) is like worrying about particles of dust sitting on your desk, maybe if they got into your keyboard they might cause the keys to stick but they are not going to destroy your hard drive, or the microprocessor, or circuit board, no. They might clog the fan and make it stop but that's it. That's basically how retroviruses that allegedly "cause immune deficiency" work, or rather, just sit there like slobs and do pretty much nothing until they are moved.

Witch rainbow?

Endora wore this dress in the Bewitched episode named Samantha's Pet Warlock in season 6

Endora wore some of the most colorful dresses. She wore this rainbow sequins dress in the episodeof Bewitched entitled Samantha's Pet Warlock in season 6. This was a time prior to when the word gay had any association with sexuality. I thought this dress was the best one she ever wore.

I want people to get "HIV"

I want them to get that they have been conned. I want them to get that tests are inaccurate. I want them to get that images seen of "HIV" in the elctron microscope are presneting cellular debris, or what is commonly called DIRT. I want them to get that a retrovirus is way different than a virus. I want them to get that viruses are not living things.When they understand what I want them to get, they can get "HIV" is basically referring to a scam.

Preacher preaches to the choir against condemning homosexuals

Pastor Dewey Smith

The pastor of the church went on a rant, as many do, but surprisingly it was one of chastising anyone who would handle homosexuals any differently than how Jesus handled people which was not one of condemnation. It's one of the rare moments where a church congregation is set straight on gay matters after hearing the Supreme Court say it's ok to marry which spurred much infighting amongst church leaders on what to do next. He also makes comment about 50% of the choir would not be there if we didn't allow gays. My favorite quote in the video, "We pick and choose the scriptures we want to use to beat folks up with."  view video


Q: How does an individual catch "HIV"?

A: A catchers mitt is one method or you catch "HIV" after getting tested. When they throw your results at you, you catch them, and when all your friends and family and governments and TV gurus insist you hold onto the results that were "positive" even though no one can be positive the results are accurate, and you decide to keep those results, well that's when you get "HIV".

Q: Can I get rid of "HIV"?

A: You can get rid of it by discarding the results and the belief that well educated herd mentalities can never be wrong about anything even when you see them heading off a cliff, or, alternatively, you dodge or discard the results when they are tossed at you knowing that they are pretty much worthless pieces of recyclable claims and promissary notes and that the indications of status are worth about as much as a junk pile of cellular debris which is what scientists who use electron microscopes say is there when they cliam they see "HIV".

One way syringes

August 1, 2015 -

Had this discussion with a guy telling him about why I don't buy the immune deficiency caused by a virus theory (or IDC/BAV theory). Told him I can't understand how it is that we can have all these flying dirty needles everywhere and going into people's back yard bar-b-ques and all these needle pricks from what has to be some of them tainted with "HIV" and no one seems to be worried about that. His response was that mosquitoes only suck blood, they do not inject blood. But that makes no sense I said, nedle pricks are a big deal in hospitals, steps are taken to make sure people don't prick themselves accidentally with dirty needles. He was convinced that there wasn't a problem and quoted that there were no cases of mosquitoes sharing their dirty needles and spreading "HIV". Well that's simply because they are not looking for it. I told him to find me tests done on mosquitoes looking for "HIV", there are none. But besides that, when people have sex regularly and mosquitoes share and inject their dirty needles into everyone regularly, how does one do a controlled study on this? Pretty much has not been done, but besides that, if we are to believe that mantra that dirty needles spread "HIV", well then, dirty needles spread "HIV", which means dirty needles on mosquitoes spread "HIV". But if people are not "getting it" from mosquitoes, then they are obviously "getting it" from a doctors note.

Safe zones

Having "protected sex" is like safe zones in war zones, it all sounds good but in reality there are problems that make it just as "dangerous". In the country of my penis I once thought that creating a border wall would protect me from intruders, until I found out it's more like the pourous border wall between California and Mexico, both let certain "enemies" we are trying to keep out pass through unchecked.

Viruses are stupid

West Nile Virus and malaria are popularly known as being "carried by mosquitoes". The virus infects a person via the dirty needle of the mosquito and no other way so they say, but viruses are really pretty stupid creatures. When we think about disease (and alleged viral causes) we have to consider the role of mosquitoes in all of them after all they fly around sucking everyone's blood and keep injecting those dirtey needles into everyone. Seems we have been told countless times that "dirty needles" spread AIDS and other diseases so shouldn't we be more careful with sharing mosquitoes? I doubt all those other "deadly viruses" found in varous bloodstreams say to the mosquito "Oh sorry, I can't hitch a ride inside your flying dirty needle". Of course try bringing this up to the medikal expertz, all they can say to explain this anomaly is something to the effect that the viruses refuse to hitch a ride with the mosquito because their mamavirus said not to share dirty rides with strange mosquitoes.


July 26, 2015 -

Smart watch, it typically would mean that it's a computerized watch or intelligent enough to tell you more than just time. If we said just watch, we would think of just an ordinary time keeper that could be digital or analog.

Words can describe details about things and in this case, according to the proper use of the English language, the word "smart" is an adjective, it helps describe the next word "watch" which is a noun. Adjectives always come before a noun.

When we hear the term HIV though we get into English language convolution. It adds an abundance of adjectives. This is the kind of thing a used car salesman would do to describe the lemon he's trying to sell you. Instead of just saying it's a car that needs some repairs, he would divert attention to it's flaws by adding things like fantastic, fast, beauty, and more. One might even think of HIV as the used car sales virus.

HIV stated as such brings forth a lot of things, emotion, loss of life, fear of sex, many things but what are the words behind it? In oter to make sure we are not sold something that's a lemon when what we really want is something fair priced and efficient we need to understand how this term HIV came about and if there are too many descriptors or fluff that is puffing up something that's really less that what it's being sold to us as.

First we have H - human (adjective used to describe the next adjective)
Next we have I - immunodeficiency (adjective used to describe the next noun)
Then we have V - virus (noun)

The H is pretty redundant as we already know we are talking about humans so it can be discarded. That leaves us with I and V. We could refer to HIV as IV which stands or we could now say "immunodeficiency virus" but who's going to say that, it doesn't sound scary nor does it sound sexually transmitted anymore.

With AIDS we have a redundant term A - Acquired. Whether or not a disease or syndrome or any medical condition is acquired is rather unnedessary to point out, such as we don't say "acquired flu" or "acquired cold" or "acquired rash" we just say flu, cold, or rash. Thus we could delete the A for acquired, leaving us with a better term "immune deficiency syndrome".

But there's an interesting discrepancy, with HIV it's "immun-o-deficiency" and with AIDS it's "immune deficiency". Why not the same???

So since we prefere accuracy and consistency and less redundancy we will make AIDS also use the term "immunodeficiency". That leaves us now with the term IS - immuneodeficiency syndrome. Immunodeficiency sounds pretty stupid compared to immune deficiency but hey, I'm not the one that made these terms up, I'm just analyzing them.

So we can express what was previously called HIVV/AIDS as IV/IS and it is referring to exactly the same thing, or is it? When we say HIV/AIDS we have the media's definition which is loaded with 30 years of terror/horror.

Now let's compare our shortened version IV/IS to the flu. We don't say Human Flu Syndrome or Human Flu Virus we just say "the flu" or "the flu virus". To be consistent with the naming involved with immune deficiency the flu virus should be HFV and we should be calling the flu like this HFV/AFS - human flu virus causing acquired flu syndrome.

So where does the world get/off adding all this redundant stuff to immuneodeficiency?

With the term "smart watch" it's appropriate to add the word "smart" because it helps (note the word HELPS) to understand more about the watch, and that it indicates there is more to the watch than it just being a standard watch. Is there more to immune deficiency that we need to add the word 'human' to it when we already know it affects humans and is being described about humans? No. Yet this is done consistently.

HIV/AIDS developed as a term to describe a series of words that were more complex than just saying "Immunodeficiency with AIDS" but it's clear to see that when we dissect the use of these terms, what was developed was a convoluted set of words that were redundant in descriptive use which caused more confusion and more need, because of the terror campaigns, to shorten, make easier a term.

Take another example regarding redundant use of words and their shortened acronyms, we don't go around saying AWNV to describe "Avian West Nile Virus" we say "West Nile Virus". In fact, in that case the term "west nile virus" also refers to both the virus, the alleged source, and the condition itself, in 3 simple words so an acronym wasn't necessary. Same could be done with HIV/AIDS because many of the terms/words used in that are unnecessary, leaving us with the final breakdown of the meaning behind HIV/AIDS being simply "immune deficiency". When we look at that, which is an accurate description, we have to ask "does a virus cause immune deficiency?". Well, we know that many things cause immune deficiency and the viral cause of immune deficiency has been disputed since the start.

The other part of this whole naming mess is they don't even call what is claimed as a cause properly. It's really a retrovirus, not a virus. It's like everyone selling you HIV are lemon salesmen, you are shopping for a new car and the salesman doesn't call that beat up 1968 Impala that merely has a new paint job (but is still falling apart) a retroChevy, no, he keeps calling it a Chevy and insisting that it's a new car.

This is exactly what they did in naming HIV improperly, giving it a wild understanding in the public mind and medical and legal definitions, which are not accurate. It's really HIR, not HIV. It's human immune deficiency retrovirus, and it's a lemon. The virus salesman may say it's a current model, but it's really an old beat up thing from the past.

retro - a prefix occurring in loanwords from Latin meaning "backward" (retrogress)


Lemon laws do not apply but they should.

San Francisco tries to cancel it's sanctuary city policy

It may or may not go through the city council process successfully, but here's the problem regardless, cancelling it won't stop "illegals" from being in a city any more than laws protect banks from being robbed from robbers unless you build checkpoints in and out of every city and ones that seriously slow down everything for making sure the city is secure. That means setting up airport like checkpoints in and out every road, every train track, and setting up border walls encompassing the entire city and checking the status of every individual as they come in and leave San Francisco 24 hours a day 7 days a week all year, every year in every point where anyone could enter, that would include through forests, traveling on water, tunneling, sneaking around bridges.

Obviously to most it is pure fantasy and hype to perpetuate the idea that because a city is no longer a sanctuary city that it would solve the problem of an "illegal" murdering someone and certainly do nothing for the 69 incidents of murder in San Francisco in 2012 source unless all of those were also committed by "illegals". Removing the sanctuary city policy can harm a lot of good people. There are numerous reasons that sanctuary city policies were put in place, one is to help people who are destitute. In sanctuary cities churches are not held liable for helping people who are "illegal" and come to them for food and shelter. There are women who are battered and bring their legal citizen children who were born in the US to a church for safety. This saves taxpayers millions. The sanctuary churches feed and help them out. Do we want a society where we shun all these good people in the false idea that we are solving a problem of murder?

An "illegal" can be someone who is here legally who overstayed their visa, so unless you also set up a system to check on those people immediately after their visa expires, your sanctuary is still not secure, but that has problems too. If they go to the person's listed residence, and they are not there then what?

Ask the removal bandwagonners how to fix that. They may be homeless who lies and says they have an address or was kicked out of an address a month prior, and they are not there at the address, they are now an "illegal" where no one knows where they are. If they wander onto a pier which is not guarded with a checkpoint and if they shoot someone on a pier becomes another rally cry for removing something else that is found as fault, like pushing for gun control which i am sure you could support because it's the gun shot that killed the woman so let's get rid of sanctuary guns too.

Will there be an end to sanctuary piers? Will cities start building border walls around their community to solve these problems?

Are all the conservative bandwagoneers should be calling for securing our borders around cities to solve the problem. If not they are all full of shit. They all pretend they care about people equally, yet they don't care equally, lest they were found to continue their same rally cries for all the others that are murdered in San Francisco every year while proposing solutions that would remove each and every other alleged cause of murder. 

Homosexual marriage

The word "homosexual" means same sexual. If one is sexual it means they have a sex. It doesn't mean necessarily that they have sex with each other. So two people who are in a homosexual marriage both have sexes which are the same. It doesn't mean they do the rubbing of the sex parts thing also known as ROT/SPT. Do you practice ROT/SPT?

Blame the sanctuary

July 24, 2015 -

I was in the sanctuary church the other day and there was a sinner there who was talking to me about their sin and it made me think about the sin and I sinned by thinking of the sin so I blamed the sanctuary church for my sin because it didn't protect me from sinning and the sanctuary church did not protect me from the sinner which was allowed in the sanctuary church.

And that is how Republicans think.


July 24, 2015 -

Sanctuary cities are the target of Republicans since the killing of a 32 year old WHITE MOTHER on a San Francisco pier made headlines and scared every white Republican and white Fox viewer in the country. It happened in a sanctuary city, so of course, that's to blame, and of course "immediate action has to be taken" to keep their majority white voters happy, I mean, to "keep everyone safe".

So the Republican majority House passed the law that stops federal grant money to be given to sanctuary cities, which makes the headlines, makes the white voters feel some relief.

Obama will veto it though, thank God.

The law all sounds so wonderful to the silly scared folk that blame "illegal aliens" and sanctuaries for such crimes, as after all it was an "illegal alien" who committed the crime while in a sanctuary, but it's such a flawed idea to stop assisting cities with federal grants as a punishment and to blame the sanctuary.

Democrats claim correctly that these sanctuary city policies HELP policing and HELP make people safer.

I hear next they will go after buildings as well as cities.

The buildings referred to most often as churches and sanctuaries temporarily house people who do not obey God's laws and come for a place of refuge. One idea was floated to make sure that when these sinners arrive, they are immediately made to leave God's building. Others said to build walls around the church sanctuaries to make sure none will enter unless first checked at the gate to make sure they were forgiven and that they became saved in the blood of Jesus in the appropriate means, and that God allows them in based on His laws.

So to be consistent with the wacked out ideas on blocking funds to sanctuary cities, these sanctuary churches will stop receiving a federal tax exempt status.

Some people like Ann CULTer preach PUNISHMENT particularly with immigration, no forgiveness there.
Others, like God's son, preach FORGIVENESS, no punishment there.

And what's so striking is how these fundamentalist Republican Christians don't follow Jesus example, not forgiving trespassers as they keep going regularly to SANCTUARY CHURCHES asking for forgiveness for their trespasses, something Donald Trump says he never does!

When I look at Obama's veto on this, I see him being one of the few who are actually following God's laws of forgiveness when it comes to the horrific crime of being a human in a sanctuary.

this article and other articles on are copyrighted, and permission is granted to copy and provide only short excerpts of such along with a reference link to to give credit for the author's work as per fair use guidelines, for licensing please contact p o s t m a s t e r  at  i m g a y . c o m = i believe this is the first worldwide creation and use of the word "heterosanctuality" and an attempt to provide a definition. Variations would include "heterosanctual" and of course "homosanctuality" which would refer to samesanctuals.

Make a date with getting to know dirt

Let's call the dirt what it is, a retro virus.

image in public domain, credit: CDC

No cure possible

The alleged discoverer of Human Immunodeficiency Viruses Francoise Barre-Sinoussi says in a CNN news story, "To develop a cure is almost impossible".

Then why are we spending billions on something futile? Sure makes a lot of people rich. And what are co-morbidities? This term I have never heard before but was in the article, "The campaigns should take into consideration that it's a treatment for life, there is a proportion of treatment, after many years, that develop complications, and there are co-morbidities. The general population is not very well informed about co-morbidities. I saw when I gave a talk to the public, when I start to think about cancer, or aging diseases that appear in patients on long-term ARVs, they say "nobody told us.""

So co-morbidities are diseases that kill people who also have Human Immunodeficiency Viruses / Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. They die from co-morbidities.

According to Wikipedia she studied RETROVIRUSES of which Human Immunodeficiency Viruses belong and she performed some of the fundamental work in the identification of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

Is Earth a dwarf planet?

The guy who's behind the demotion of Pluto from being a "planet" has a pretty bizarre rather teenager like explanation for why he decided that and convinced the committee to VOTE/FOR recategorizing it. On a video named "9th rock from the sun" Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson and Steve Colbert are talking and he says "if we lived on Jupiter and looked at sister planets and looked at other planets and saw how small they were loking at these teeny rocky things.......[we'd look at them like WTF you are just rocks]" which basically is simply a size thing that he's claiming is the basis for reclassifying planets, as he's laughing about it while he and Colbert are eating Klondike bars. How can anyone take this man seriously? Yet politics everywhere as it be, the committe by vote in 2006 declared that that 9th planet spinning around the sun thing is a joke when you ask Jupiter. Demoted! This gives us a clue on how scientific committees work, basically flipping coins to make decisions. This is a similar basis for how decisions are made as to whether retroviruses are rocks or planets worthy of honor and devotion to further study. 

Is HIV a planet?

Pluto is in the news as the spacecraft has passed it by while taking photos and sending them back to Earth. Some of us are growing up in an newly formed 8 planet universe while many of us grew up in a 9 planet universe and are still having trouble not thinking of Pluto as a planet. You see, one day in 2006, by a vote in a committee, Pluto was declared no longer a planet. For decades SCIENCE which so many people think is never flawed, held that it was a planet, but now science says it's a rock. When did science decide things by a vote? Forever. Medical science does this all the time and the similarities of the unseen universe that contains a RETRO/VIRUS being deemed by vote to be like a planet are astronomical, but not logical. HIV does spin around the mind like Pluto spins around the sun, but like Pluto there are properties of retroviruses that make them different, so really, the claim that what they claim is a certain virus, is really a retrovirus, and it should not be referred to as a virus as this is misleading, it is a retrovirus, and the vote should change. HIV should be deemed no longer a virus but rather, what it really is, a retrovirus, about as popwerful to do harm to the body as a retroElvis could harm the music industry. HIV should be renamed HIR. Even better, get rid of the redundant term "Human" which is not used in expressing any other acronyms that express viruses, and name it IR. Get tested for IR. No, wait, that missing "D" has to be added. Let's use it in a sentence now "Get tested for IDR". HIV/IDR. HIV is really IDR. Get your committee to take a vote. read about Pluto

How cool

It took 9 years for the space craft from Earth to get there, traveling through millions of miles of frigid space. The Earth is surrounded by quintillions of miles of frigid space. Have climate scientists studied climate in space along with on Earth? The better damn get to it if they havent, because if the changes in space climate continue, we are going to be facing here on Earth no catastrophe because space is basically a constant refrigerator, cooling any blip of heat we generate about as much as a fish in such would worry about one drop of heat added to it's home, as if it was going to change anything, though I suppose if it watched TV it would be freaking aout about climate change like the rest of us.

Pluto the planet that by a vote became a rock
Photo of Pluto by NASA/APL/SWRI/EPA/USA, the rock in space that takes 9 years to get to traveling millions of miles in frigid space that surrounds earth always cooling it.

Malaria once treated using quaaludes

The "date rape" drug once more popularly referred to as "quaaudes" and is known by it's technical name of Methaqualone was first synthesized in India in 1951 by Indra Kishore Kacker and Syed Hussain Zaheer, for use as an antimalarial drug.[3][4][5]  It is a nervous system depressant and muscle relaxer. I find it interesting that there is a correlation between using it to treate a "viral caused" disease and using it to treat nerves.

Cote v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc

Walmart is being sued over alleged discrimination based on sex due to the retailer having provided health coverage to an opposite gender couple and not for a same gender couple. The gay worker's wife was not given the same benefits provided other employee's spouses. full story at

Boy Scouts end ban on gays

In a stunning final curtain, the drama unfolded....the ban was murdered and as it lay there dead on the stage floor, some in the audience shouted "get up you idiot you can't die" and right before the curtain fell the now authorized gay scout leader picked up the ban and carried it to it's resting place. It was later buried in a private ceremony. The headstone reads RIP/GB. Rest in peace gay bans.

Immune deficiency, it's not rocket science

I wish it were, we'd be better off having scientists who study floating rocks draw conclusions about immune deficiency than we do with the CIRCUS/RINGMASTERS that handle it now. Speaking of drawing things, the space craft flew by Pluto and took a picture. Now we have two pictures, one is an artist's rendering and the other is an actual photo. As with HI virus imaging, the actual photo is very hard to make anything out in detail. The imaginary photo artist rendering is beautiful showing various colors, mountain like plateaus, etc. It's like this with HI virus imaging, it's rendered to look as if it's all so precise, clear, congruent, but as with all imaginary imaging the devil is in the detail.


Human Immune Deficiency Syndrome, that would be a higher quality name/expression. Who came up with this stupid one with the word "acquired"? It's another confusing redundant term, all of these "viral diseases" are acquired. To be consistent the naming committee needs to express the flu syndrome this way AFS. We won't go calling it the flu anymore, we will say TFS for the flu virus, slash, AFS. That would be TFV/AFS. If someone had The Flu Virus Acquired Flu Syndrome we would then have roaming test vans parked in front of every school and many other public places like coffee shops where TFV could be contracted just like what they do with hunting for HIV. 


If we as gays or WHATEVERS decided we woud stop serving Christians because it was against our religion would we be doing the same thing that those who refuse to bake cakes for gay couples do? For example, if I am a gay waiter at a nice restaurant in a nice community and a hateful Christian preacher we have seen on TV, say a retro Jerry Falwell appears, or a retro virus lands on a dinner plate, do I have to serve either of them when it's against my religion to serve them? 

That rainbow White House

Has it occured to any of those screaming that it was "inconsiderate light up the White House in the gay rainbow flag colors" that maybe it was simply a publicity stunt for Skittles. Taste the rainbow fuckers. 

I kinda need to burn the gay flag

As much as the Confederate flag was a symbol of great pride for the south, that thing is coming down and being burned and eliminated from public building flag poles as it "represents slavery" and "hate" and "mass murder" now.

On the 4th of July I decided to, after burning my Confederate flag because it was the right thing to do, also burn the US flag and the British flag, all because each of these flags represent the fact that both America and Britan were a part of exploiting Africans in slavery for centuries.

I like consistency, so it dawned on me today at dawn that the gay flag also represents slavery. The acronyms used to convolutedly express disease conditions and suspected disease conditions in perfectly healthy BLTGQWXRYZ's have enslaved not only the ABCDEFG/ETC community, it has done this to the world when it comes to expressing the simple concept of immune deficiency. I don't support slavery in any form thus the rainbow FLAG/BURNS.


Human Flu Virus. Funny how we don't go around saying "Have you been tested for HFV" when we are concerned we might have the flu yet that's how we would acronymize the term as is done with HIV and yet for any form of consistency we should especially be referring to it as HFV since there are "bird flus" and "pig flus" and "West Nile Flus".

So let's compare the absurdities and how they are similar. If we referred to full blown flu as would be acronymized similar to HIV, we would say HFV/AFVS (Human Flu Virus / Acquired Flu Virus Syndrome). So if you had a fever of 103 and muscle aches and feeling horrible you would have HFV/AFVS.

In all reality more people die of the flu than when they are labelized with HIV/AIDS so the concern of dying from not practicing safe breath should be a more paramount concern if we were to panic about transmission and the possibility of death as people breathe 240,000 more times a day than they have sex in a day. The gay community has ben completely duped with the convoluted and misleading acronym HIV/AIDS which because of media terror campaigns and such has enslaved many a mind into believing things that simply are not real. When we do with HIV/AIDS acronym as we do normally with "the flu" we would simply say "immune deficiency" and it takes away it's terror. Then as we discuss "immune deficiency" and it's causes, we see that they are many causes, not one, and they are complicated, not as simple as is presented with the inconsistent viral causation theory, and most certainly are not caused by merely having sex.

So which of your gay leaders will be the first to adopt this simple yet profound principle to the world of HIV/AIDS and simply state it as immune deficiency instead. And for those who have been struggling to put an end to HIV/AIDS may I suggest starting by taking a t-shirt given you by a gay center or HIV testing van that has "End HIV/AIDS" and immediately burning it. That would end HIV/AIDS right there in your back yard. No, NIMBY, yours.


It would be more accurate to call it the HIR (Human Immuno-deficiency Retrovirus) but really now, who needs accuracy when we are discussing science?

HIV the human imitation virus

A retro virus for which the human immun-o-deficiency virus" subscribes is an imitation virus. Let's look at some imitations.

Margarine is an imitation butter. It never has the same flavor as butter as much as they try and as much as those selling it claim. Butter and margarine are very similar in that they are both almost 100% fat but there are differences even there, butter is saturated fat, margarine is hydrogenated to imitate the fat quality of butter. Margarine cannot compare when it comes to flavor as they are simply not the same thing. Margarine cannot make cooked broccoli taste as delicious as it is when made with butter, because it is an imitation, it can make it greasy, but it will never make it delicious. In other words, an imitation cannot possibly do the same thing as the original.

So with what is acronymized HIV, we have a situation where a fake imitation virus is trying to be sold us as butter and people think it's delicious.

In art, imitation is the "fundamental doctrine of artistic creativity according to the creative process should be based on a close imitation of the preceding artists work". That would mean that the work is not an original, but rather, an imitation.

It looks like what we have here is margarine virus art.

People hate whistles at news conferences

Imagine being at a news conference and someone starts blowing a whistle, it would be rather annoying & the H-human doing it would be asked to leave. That is what happened in the 1980's, when before some of you were born, a few H-humans came in and started blowing whistles (some resorted to throwing shoes) regarding the deficiency in proper explanations about some "mysterious" gay related health issues. The most prominent whistle blower was a scientist who was known as the father of retro-virology. Fathers of something are typically considered of the highest in knowledge. So this guy who is a real H-human was the first to blew his whistle on D/HARS (Drug & Health Abuse Related Syndrome). His name was mud. That's what was thrown at him when he kept repeating the word RETRO over and over again saying "retro viruses are harmless". This is what he said and continues to say about what is acronymized as HIV. They call him crazy for being so repetitive in repeating "HIV is a retrovirus". I repeat, they, the ones who are not fathers of retrovirology, call him crazy for being so repetitive in repeating "HIV is a retrovirus".

When I looked up "retro" I found this one word in the definition that says it all, "imitation".

So we could express it like this: retro/imitation

Let's use each synonym word that means the same thing in sentences:

HIV is a retro-virus
HIV is a imitation-virus

professor of biology blows whistle on HI deficiency imitation virus


"The American Revolution and the War of 1812 were the actual invasions by the British. However, during the American Civil War, the upper-class British were pro-Confederacy."


America, sip this: Over the holiday of July 4 where Americans celebrate having gone to war in order to become independent, Chicago had at least 10 murders. I find it ironic that Americans get all giddy about fireworks, a symbol of bloody battles like the Civil War that occured inside the United States that went from 1860 to 1864 and the one with the British when we said "fuck you" to their government control and families were ripped apart as the souls of many a soldier gave their blood to "declare independence" and then we are in shock that smaller independence battles continue in the streets of our cities as if we never condone such struggles for independence such as the American_Revolutionary_War.

July 4th I declared my independence from slavery

To make my Declaration of Independence from honoring any government that has participated and condoned slavery I burned the Confederate flag on the grill after making hot dogs, then I also burned the American flag and the British flag, as all three had built their empires on slavery. Britan and the US only ended slavery when it was convenient to do so. Confederates needed a little more time to end slavery on their own as it was already being phased out, most did not own slaves, but the North under the war loving Republican administration president Lincoln didn't have the time to wait and saw an opportunity to create a lucrative war machine, so it massacred 625,000 US men in the Civil War in order to "do the right thing and end slavery in the South'. In other forms of remembrance, I declared my independence from HID viral nonsense on July 4, 1984 the same year the Republican administration "health representative" Margaret Heckler babbled to the public with a fake declaration that HID viruses were real. I also declared independence from bandwagons in 1976 which was exactly 200 years after the US Declaration of Independence was signed and I have remained free ever since.

No more monkeying around

The new story is that "the HIV vaccine works on monkeys" provides more evidence that it's totally redundant to call "it" a "human" immun-o-lunio-deficiency virus.  Unfortunately all slaves to acronyms will remain dedicated to their masters dictates, refusing to drop the redundant H even if they read and reread the news 10,000 times. Masters have stated that they are excited to find that "new HIV vaccine proves successful in monkeys" so it's clear that there really is no human version, they are the same. On the other hand, the virus may be different, like say with buildings, and like with atomic bombs, the HIV/NUKE vaccine doesn't differentiate. reference

Like with gun bans

When things are banned you can always count on someone who will dedicate their lives to making sure they are still available.


It's in nature so it's good

Fundamentalist freakazoids sometimes bring up the "not natural" argument when they try to justify bigotry while throwing their Bibles at you as they talk out of both sides of their mouths regarding same sex marriage and homosexuality, so I like to stick this in their brains,

Researchers find flatworms that plunge their penises into their own heads to inject themselves with sperm

Clerks who won't issue marriage licences risk criminal charges

In the bible belt states some clerks have refused to issue any marriage licenses. What is their problem? They need to do their job which is serve the public doing the duties assigned them. If I don't make a hamburger when I work for McDonald's because it is against my religion to kill cows, I lose my job. Any public official that cannot do their job due to "religious reasons" needs to be fired.

Cop get's down with gay pride celebrator

26 million Facebook profiles go rainbow

To celebrate and honor gay marriage in all 50 states Facebook users were able to superimpose an image of the gay rainbow flag over their pictures.

Condom art of Catholic Pope

The Milwaukee Art Museum plans to display in the fall 2015 an art piece from Niki Johnson, it is an image of the Pope that was made of 17,000 condoms. Let's see if we can find a picture of it online.

snapshot from here looks more like needlepoint to me

It's planned display has dismayed and disgusted a number of doners and patrons of the art gallery. "Trustees president Don Layden tells the Journal Sentinel ( ) the portrait is meant to spark a conversation about AIDS and AIDS education. Layden says the intention was not to be mocking or disrespectful."

Ok let's have that conversation, again, for the 17,000th time, HIV is a farce.

HIV is said to cause AIDS and condoms are said to protect people from viruses, yet condoms are a fabric that has holes in them that let viruses go right through. Viruses are smaller than the membrane fabric, so it's pretty much like leaving the screen door open and expecting flies to not come in the house while the milkman says "you're protected" because you drank your milk.

Condoms don't protect anyone from viruses yet the religious chants of the Church of HIV remain, singing ever so beautifully and harmoniously that people should wear condoms to protect them from HIV which has been a mainstay of this church for 35 years now.

Spark conversation? Ok, let's talk about the fact that there is no viral cause either, and how testing finds 80% dirt and how the co-discoverer of HIV says that people just produce antibodies to the virus and are fine, the body just clears it out and let's talk about how impossible it is for all the diseases under the broad term Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome all have different causes already and how one new virus cannot possibly cause those when they already have different causes and let's talk about how broader categorizing of things is about as smart as saying "the world has issues" when you are trying to discuss precisely how to repair an air conditioner that was just infected with bird droppings. That's basically what is being done when we use the acronym AIDS.

And let's talk about the missing D. HIV is missing a D. It should be HIDV or really, it shouldn't even have the word human in it as it's entirely redundant to use the word human in something that already describes what is human, if it were necessary we would call the flu HFV for Human Flu Virus, or really, HIV for Human Influenza Virus.

What else should we be stimulated by this art installation to discuss regarding HIV/AIDS? I have discussed it already so anyone interested can flip through my many pages on the topic.

It's pretty sad, in this day of stellar technology, that we can't get it through the heads of the H's that they have been scammed. The ongoing perpetuation of the immune deficiency being caused by sex, a rather church like doctrine, and the fact that condoms have holes in their fabric membrane that let viruses go right through them, makes art installations of a pope made of condoms seem to me to represent a display that is showing how the world's leaders keep trying to lead the quest of protecting the world from flies by leaving screen doors open or protecting us from danger by telling us to wear a cotton baseball cap during a hurricane. This art piece also speaks volumes to me of how our leaders are in all areas of leadership, from the gay leaders, the gay rags, to the governments, to those in health policy and the very wealthy scientists who continue to push this theory, are basically leading everyone in circles, as they continue to perpetuate lies and distortions regarding immune deficiencies and their causes and continue to spread the lie that condoms protect anyone from viruses.

The art piece also speaks volumes of how bandwagons never run out of clean energy. More on clean energy here.  


Adam Scott and Jason Schwartzman talk about their prosthetic junk they wore on the set of their movie.  

White House turns rainbow

For the evening of Friday June 26, 2015 the US capitol was illuminated in rainbow colors. I bet that turned the stomaches of many a pompous assed self righteous Christian fundamentalist.

View Rainbow House here

There are those who are offended, even ones who support gay marriage, saying that the gay community has shoved down their throats the gay flag and "it was inappropriate" because it offends 30% of the public who does not support gay marriage. Well fuck them. Fuck those people who routinely ignore how they offended same sex families after having denied them constitutionally protected equal rights for marriage for centuries. No, all these self centered egomaniacs can think of is how offended they are to see the same colors that represent the rainbow displayed on a public building as if it's representative of something putrid.

In a way maybe they are right, I guess the color RED in the rainbow would represent gay blood which is still considered putrid if it's a part of a man who has sex with another man, while straight blood that has sex with straight blood is considered pure and holy.

So basically when I see that rainbow on the Whitehouse, I am offended too, because what it represents to me is how government still ignores core issues of equality, still treating sexually active fags like me as lepers. We can see proof of this below in the image of the "testing van" that shows up at gay nightclubs which don't show up at straight clubs of which there are 9x more straights than gays. 

Marriage celebration in Palm Springs

The celebration of the gay marriage victory of all 50 states declared by the Supreme Court made it's way to many gay towns. The one I attended was in America's finest gay city Palm Springs on June 26, 2015. The weather is what I would call perfect for a summer day in Palm Springs, it was overcast and a bit humid, which kept the temperature down to about 100 instead of 115.

The most interesting thing I noticed about the event here in Palm Springs was there was this fenced off area that was meant to be for the protesters. Protesters like those Westboro Baptist types normally come to these events all the time, and this time, the first time ever, there was not a single protester. These two young men were holding up "Love Wins" signs in support of the Supreme Court decision and this celebration.


I especially enjoyed seeing one event goer run around in circles waving the big equality flag and thinking that this was truly a historic day for the United States, and it almost made me cry realizing the gravity of this Supreme Court decision and how it will affect positively millions of people, it's a new time where all adults can marry anyone they want regardless of their race or sexual identity. I couldn't snap a photo of her in action but I did get this one during the speeches. It was a big flag.

I was handed a small one which I put in my pocket. I'm not one to wave flags much but for fun, while there I kinda wanted to approach people in the spirit of the festivities and say "Do you want to marry me?" but I realized that would have been too weird. Gays are a conservative bunch whe it comes to certain things, I mean like have you ever tried to tell them that HIV doesn't exist? Chop chop!

The event was held in the park across from a coffee shop called Koffi which has a nice courtyard where you can sit and talk and enjoy the beautiful mountain views. Why they were closed after this event ended was mind boggling. Look at all this business! I had to go elsewhere.

The "gay men's choir" sang a song. Someday at these celebrations we might see straight men's choirs sing about getting married too.

I left before the event fully ended as I got kinda bored. So I walked into the village and got a meatball sub at some place called NYPD subs or something like that. It was delicious but put me back $10!

Palm Springs is undergoing construction of a new high rise hotel and shopping complex. There used to be a mall here at this location that sat as mostly an eyesore for over a decade.Voters approved a bond measure, increasing their sales tax 1% to fund this. You can see a parking structure they kept. They should have torn that down too.

Here is a couple of shots of the construction crane. One says "safety first". Too bad certain medical communities didn't practice "safety first" when considering the way they built a theory around immune systems.

Practice safe constructive principles!

This was the USA Today newspaper front page June 26, 2015 as seen on Palm Drive in Palm Springs that same day. If this doesn't take the prize for coincidences, the Ted 2 movie premiered everywhere on the same day gay marriage was made legal throughout the US, and in the movie Ted want's to get married, faces discrimination, and faces the courts to do so! Does a Teddy Bear have a right to marry too?

Liberace was gay and "died of AIDS", this is his star on the sidewalk just off Palm Drive. He would be so pleased that gay marriage was made legal in the USA.

And what would a gay neighborhood be without roving "test for imaginary virus" units. I wanted to go up to the guy there and tell him that testing finds dirt but would he listen? They place these at the bars on Arenas road. They make me feel kinda sick to my stomach as there are 9x more straights having unsafe sex in that town a block or two away from here and there are no test units like this sitting in front of the Hyatt or the straight bars.

Until I see EQUALITY regarding these distorted health issues I will continue my fight. Either remove these or set 9x more of them up for the straight bars and hotels. Where are my gay leaders when I need them!

And as a reminder that California is in a serious drought, this is the state of all public fountains. This used to look so nice. There are now so many areas where the grass is all dried out as people conserve water. One of the things that used to make Palm Springs so great was it's lush greenery and public displays of our affection to water.

Anyone marriage

As to be expected the fundamentalist conservative Christians want their cake baking their way. They are afraid they are going to be forced to make cakes with same sex couples on them. They are asking for religious exemptions. I say make them eat it. It's against my gay religion to serve ass holes at the restaurant I work at and I still have to serve them, make them serve me when I get married and want to buy a cake at the only cake shop in town owned by bigoted non Christ like people.

It is now legal for same sex and opposite sex couples to marry in all 50 states

Bans must end in the other 14 states -- Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee and Texas.

This ruling also declares all laws that discriminate against gays in the workplace to be illegal. All states must treat gays just as straights in all venues. What an amazing thing. So now if you get treated like shit by anyone for being gay or saying "This is my husband" sue their ass for violating the constitution. 


Opposite of transsexuality. Please include this now with LGBT and QWERTY references.


More tornadoes "due to climate change"

Because there's mountains of data it must be real or it's another a a billion bogus reports that attempt to prop up the myth of climate change being any different than weather change which occurs daily. The Christian Science Monitor reports that Illinois is getting more tornadoes, because of course man is heating up the planet without space cooling it, and thus more tornadoes. Easy to dupe the public who hasn't seen this map of over 50 years of tornado tracks which clearly show that tornadoes have gone through there regularly, and probably have done so for thousands of years.

Long live the Confederate fag

I'm sure there were plenty of us fags in the Confederate Army most of whom died a bloody death. To call for a ban on the sale of the Confederate flag seems to me like calling for a ban on the rainbow flag which was also used as a symbol of war. 

Banning flags and plastic bags

As you know 9 people were murdered by a white kid in a church, MASS MURDER, literally. They were at mass, they were murdered.

I guess the kid was seen with a Confederate flag because suddenly what happens next is the call to remove the Confederate flag from everywhere, going so far as to demand they be removed from black holes in every galaxy there is.

I don't watch TV anymore so I'm guessing.

So Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Sears, flag companies, the National Park Service and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, removing the flag and anything with the flag on it from their stores, nothing with the flag will be sold in these places so they say. Even Hillary says "It's time for the flag to come down'. That coming from a snob in the North on the winning side of the Civil War which KILLED 625,000 US CITIZENS under Republican president Lincoln.

They say they don't want to offend anyone with items they carry in their stores, nevermind offending those who are offended by censorship.

It's surprising to me they did this because there's a lot of their customers in the South that like the flag, even minorities as it's a symbol of the South, but surely it's a business decision based on the current hysteria and association of this mass murder to the Confederate flag to their store inventory.

I have a hard time understanding why people can't get a grip. When I look at the flag Is ee it as a symbol of a past that was defeated. It's a constant reminder that THEY WHITE CONFEDERATES WERE DEFEATED, how they lost the war, how free people became, slavery was forever abolished, and it was a sweet victory and remains a victory. Whenever I see that flag that's what I see, oh, and the red is the blood shed. Take it down and you take down the reminder of that change. You lose the power behind that reminder that the Republican controlled North rose up and defeated the Democrat controlled South at a war cost of 625,000 lives during a 4 year war on American soil. To put this in perspective, the current foreign wars only account for 5,000 deaths over 12 years.

The Confederate flag was more than just about slavery, and you desecrate all of that heritage by removing it.

People just don't understand how to re-frame things.

If I saw that every day I would be happy to see the reminder of what was, and what now is. Instead these people currently still feel defeated and just want to wipe the past from memory. Might as well start the Confederacy book burnings as well and then burn down all other reminders, like state buildings, historical places where Confederate soldiers lived, etc. with that logic.

And why is it that all we ever hear about is the bad that happened during slavery when these tragedies happen? Why don't news outlets bring up the white plantation owners having kids with slave women and treating them fine? That happened too.

Bastardizing a piece of cloth with a design on it also seems to throw shit in the faces of all the people who were there at the time, both black and white, many men died fighting for what they believed in. Many slaves were treated fairly as well that did not have a life that media loves to constantly portray to enflame these emotions, because they profit from it, so to categorize the Confederate flag as symbolizing only oppression is stupid. It's also a symbol of freedom from from other countries oppression and we must remember, that slavery was a part of just about every culture since the beginning of time.

So what does this have to do with plastic grocery bags that were banned where I live? Because I am being forced to, I have to now buy reusable bags to carry my groceries in. So I am going to buy reusable bags that have the Confederate flag on them as a constant reminder to myself of how free we were in America. 

The C word

Before getting into the C word, we must make note that the president of the United States said 'nigger' on a public talk radio interview, so if the president can say it so can the rest of us. Now for the C word, that is "Confederate". After a mass shooting at a South Carolina church that killed 9 people, there are new calls for the removal of the Confederate flag. What gets less attention is the fact that the Confederate Flag honors all who died in the bloodiest civil war in United States history, both those from the North who sought to abolish slavery, and those in the South who wanted to keep it for economic reasons. The reality is that our country is great in part because of slavery, the work and sacrifice of all slaves should not be simply whiped from memory. The Confederate flag flying for all to see is a reminder of the freedom that al now have to not be slaves, a symbol of the sacrifice many including slaves made in the 1800's to end it. It's not a symbol of oppression but for those who don't understand this concept. The Confederacy was a part of America's foundation and if it had not existed, there are countless ways that America would have been reshaped. We could have been controlled by the Frency, Mexico, or again by Britan. And really, which one of us are not slaves working 12 hour days???


Sounds scary. Even more scary is the claim that's in the news that a Colorado High School athlete died of it as per Fox News a name we can trust.

Let's look up plague.

Wikipedia states it is a disease caused by Yersinia pestis and lists 3 variations, Pneumonic, well that would be pnuemonia like.
nic, well that is said to be a disease caused by the bacteria Yersinia pestis.
emic, is said to be a disease caused by the bateria Yersinia pestis but we are referred to the term "sepsis" to find out more.

Pestis, as in the cause of the plague Yersinia pestis, sounds like "pest", hmm.

Pneumonic pestis. Maybe this is pneumonia from pests?

What is a bubo? What is a septic? A septic system is in a back yard full of shit and bacteria I wonder if there is any correlation.

Bubo is the swelling of the lymph nodes. Septic is putrid.

Are you starting to see the fun they have with naming diseases yet?

So Bubonic plague is a swelling of the lymph nodes "caused by Yersinia pestis".
Pneumonic plague is pneumonia caused by Yersinia pestis.
Septicemic plague is a putrid condition caused by Yersinia pestis.

It's claimed they are usually caused by the bite of a flea, which is something I don't buy as being the main transmission route. Since all types of bacteria live in septic tanks, including Yersinia pestis, let's trace this critter backwards. We find it's in the septic tank, it's in the pipe underground, it's in the house pipes, it's in the toilet bowl, and alas, it's inside who ever shits it out. The bacteria is already inside us. If this is not true, then how would the bacteria make it into a septic tank, by being bit by a flea? I've never heard of a septic tank being bitten by a flea, yet they contain Yersinia pestis.

They also say it's spread from a sneeze or openings in the skin. Bacteria are everywhere, it's how much of them in certain places that becomes a problem such as wehn they end up overwhelming certain parts of the body. Just trying to avoid insect bites may be helping one avoid a few bacteria from transmitting into the body, but the amounts that can enter from broken skin, mucous membranes, and what's there every day, are the bigger problem.

And what is bacteremia and septic arthritis? Septic arthritis is a condition where there is an invasion of a joint by an infectious agent. It's like that septic tank that gets invaded by bacteria when we shit and flush, we would say the septic tank suffers from septicism or that it's septicemic. 

 Dishonoring those who have died of HIV/AIDS

When I say my peace about the wacked out HIV/THRY people sometimes either get very angry with me, or just think I'm nuts. Sometimes people say that I'm "dishonoring those who died of HIV/AIDS" by speaking so boldly. Problem is, I do not make it a policy to make sure I honor stupid acronyms that confuse people into taking poisons like AZT which have killed my friends.

Let's talk about those who really dishonor those who were murdered by AZT, who is responsible for that?

Some day when we all understand the use of words and acronyms, we will all call it what it is, immune deficiency, which has many causes like too many drugs and too much alcohol and other factors such as things that annhiliate where 70% of our immune systems lives (our guts).

I had a gut feeling I should bring this up.

So if I talk about what causes cancer am I dishonoring those who died of it? No one ever scolds me on that, but they do when it comes to AIDS/HIV/DCIOWEMR.

What is IDP?

Just another acronym! Immune Deficiency in People, or maybe it should be spelled out IDIP.

Famiy trees

"Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Virus - Could the weight loss and rear limb weakness in this goat be due to CAEV? What is caprine arthritis encephalitis? Caprine arthritis encephalitis is a viral disease of goats that is caused by the caprine arthritis encephalitis virus (CAEV). CAEV is a lentivirus, and one of several lentiviruses in the family Retroviridae. Other retroviruses are human immunodeficiency virus, which causes AIDS in humans; maedi-visna virus of sheep; bovine leukosis virus of cows; avian leukosis virus of chickens; and simian immunodeficiency virus of monkeys." - Veterinary Services Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health May 2008

Arthritis caused by immune deficiency family viruses or IDFV's? Do these viruses cause these conditions? Maybe they are just there like people who gather to see a burning building or go to a football game. Just because people are at a game doesn't mean they cause anyone to do anything on the field.

So how do they deal with kids that test CAEV positive? Separate them from their mother!

Plague terror

Used to control people throughout the centuries.

O'reiley likes "It's raining men"

Heard here on this interview with John Stewart.

Is what you see what you got?

The vision that has been painted in our minds of a killer virus is quite artistic, but real images and the interpretations of such by the actual people who know how to interpret them is another story all together. In the AIDS documentary "House of Numbers" Hans L. Gelderblom, MD, PhD, is being interviewed. He knows electron microscopes better than just about anyone. He is one of only a handful of scientists in the world who are experts in electron microscopy. In the film he presents the size of retroviruses of which HIV/IDV is classified. Note that retroviruses of which HIV/IDV belong are inside envelopes (envelopes??).

size of HIV/IDV

A bacteria, which can be seen readily in a standard optical lens based microscope, is 144,000 nanometers.

HIV/IDV cannot be seen in the regular microscope and it looks an awful lot like other viruses.

For example, take a look at the image below of what's now called MERS-CoV. Doesn't this look exactly what was is claimed to be HIV?

public domain image by United States Centers for Disease Control claimed to be Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus
public domain image from Centers of Disease Control of "MERS-CoV" which looks exactly like HIV found here

Note: The cell from which these "budded" is at least 120,000 - 600,000 times the size of these virons (typical cell size of cell is 1 - 5 micrometer long as stated here) and all of these ultra magnified electron microscopy images are subject to interpretation as to what they are. There is not uniform agreement as these images are near impossible to define what they are precisely so those looking at them make guesses. This is a fact stated by Dr. Gelderblom. He goes on to say that the way to indicate that it's "HIV" is by size, between 120-150 nanometers and by it's "budding" from the cell, that if it's 250 nanometers it's probably not 'HIV'. He also goes on to say that magnification could be in error, thus the need for many forms of evidence (saying that evidence means you have to make a repeat of your observations.) and Dr. Gelderblom also stated in the interview that 80% of what is seen is dirt, and that it's pretty difficult to distinguish the dirt from the virus.

So those who test HIV positive may very well be 80% positive for dirt in which case maybe all we need is a push for more brooms.

Now let's consider it's size. A micrometer as a unit of measure used with describing the size of bacteria is 1/1,000,000 of a meter.

To put this in perspective, the smallest indicator on a meter is usually a centimeter which is 1/100th of a meter. So take a look at that ruler you have where it shows the metric sizes, and look at the size of that smallest increment. That centimeter is 10,000 times bigger than a bacteria.

A bacteria is about is about one micrometer. The conversion of a single HIV/IDV goes like this, it's 120 nanometers, so in micrometers it's expressed as .12.

In other words, a bacteria is 1200 times the size HIV/IDV (Immune Deficiency Virus) and thus HIV/IDV is 1/12,000,000ths of that centimeter on the ruler or stated as "one twelve millionths".

Talk about being afraid of dust. Can such a speck have that much power to bring down a human? Can a speck that's about 1/12 millionths the size of the head of a pin be so powerful? Maybe if they proliferate and overwhelm the body's processes but is this going on?

To put this size thing into another considered perspective it's like owning a 3 story beachhouse in Malibu and worrying and while you are sitting there you ponder the vastnes of the ocean and how if it rained in the dry parched land behind you of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley for 10 days straight, how that water would affect the levels of the ocean, and thus suddenly you might be under ten feet of water because the ocean rose 12 feet, which it wouldn't, or worrying about how if the entire Antarctic ice shelf melted how it would put your home under 100,000 feet of water, which it wouldn't even raise it an inch.  


Luc Montagnier, one of the co-founders of the HI virus stated that "HIV can be cleared naturally" about 4:15 into the interview he is asked how to differentiate between the viruses. At about 39 minutes in he talks about budding. Most interesting is where he says that Gallo and Montagnier "saw what they wanted to see" due to grants/funding at about 43 minutes in. A commenter posted this: "Must watch the HIV discoverer and Nobel Laureate, Dr. Montagnier stating, beginning at 42:06, that there are OTHER particulate in the same purified region that look like a retrovirus (HIV) AND YOU CANNOT TELL THEM APART! How in the hell can any of the doctors say for 100% certainty that HIV exists?" - youtube user Robert Batson

Yet if you go to any ADIS project or Gay Center, they will tell you that it exists 100%, their tests find it, when in reality testing finds mostly dirt.

This is what homovideoality looks like


HoMorules. Do you have a list of songs you won't be able to listen to when you break up with

Kids discuss Caitlin Jenner

Is there a problem?


Immuno-d-ficiency Brainteasers.


Army General Randy Taylor introduces his husband at Pentagon Gay Pride event.

MERS-CoV, a definition community suffers with IJGMoIS

The IJGMoIS (It Just Gets More Inane Syndrome) is the latest contributor to the ongoing series of bizarre naming syndromes for viruses. Take a look at this new one in the web snashot below for "Middle Ease respiratory syndrome coronavirus". Shouldn't this simply be labeled with the acronym/MERSC? Unfortunately it appears these naming systems are infected. 

middle east respirator syndrome corona virus

This was found doing a search on It's a Wikipedia entry called the "Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus" which is now labeled like this "MERS-CoV". Note the added "o" in direct contrast with missing "D's" as in HIV. This regional indicator scheme is becoming more widely used in this naming industry. These naming systems remind me of sleasy used car salesmen who come up with all these fancy terms to describe what they are trying to get you to buy, a lemon, or if you are lucky, transportation to work.

"MERS-CoV" image is shown below. Look ma it's HIV!

public domain image by United States Centers for Disease Control claimed to be Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus

public domain image from Centers of Disease Control of "MERS-CoV" which looks exactly like HIV found here

So based on this example of lunacy in medical health condition naming I suggest they become consistent. Let's start by using the same process with HIV/TIV (HIV/TIV is referencing the same thing because they are both referring to retroviruses, one is Human Immun-0-deficiency Virus and the other is The Immunodeficiency Virus).

So since 90% of all HIV/TIV cases in the US are affecting G's and not L's or S's, and in Africa 90% are straights, and not gays or lesbos, we must properly classify this condition in NAS (North America South). In the US it will now be called NAS-HImV or USATIV. Another rendition could be USABIGCITYHIDV/AIDS so that like with the regional naming of RS (Respiratory Syndrome) whereas when it's in the Middle East ME is tacked on to the RS, we will start tacking on reegional descriptions to HIV such as HIV-LoA for Human Immun-0-Deficiency Virus Los Angeles and Human Immun-0-Deficiency Virus New York City (or HIV-NYoC) and Human Immun-0-Deficiency Virus Palm Springs (or HIV-PaS), since the facts are that these are the most highly concentrated areas of HIVI. To be consistent with MERS-CoV we would first say NYCAIDS-TImV (notice the hyphen instead of a slash) or maybe we would take out some of the redundancy like "acquired" and "human" so it would read for the Palm Springs syndrome PSIDS-ImV.......or, we could instead use some sanity in the equasion of naming things that are 789,302,554,100,342.8884828 billion times smaller than we are and just say they caught a bug or tested positive for "IHAI" (I Have An Infection) that will go away after a while. Maybe what's next will be that these corona viruses and immune deficiency viruses (particles of matter that are not living) be categorized even further to add things like what theiir interests are, and whether they are hung or not.

Size matters

Long ago when that formerly named HIV (now named the I virus) came out (that to this day has people scared shitless so much so they refuse to have sex with someone they love unless their love gets tested with tests that don't even find anything specific) I like most gay dudes was a little worried. One day I thought a bit about size though, first of my dick, then of that hot guy I met the night before and his HUGE dick, then the size of the I virus. I realized what the fuck am I worried about, my body is like Earth, and the I virus is like Pluto. Worrying about it is like worrying about distant planets throwing off pieces of themselves into space and traveling millions of miles to Earth and hitting me on the head. That's when it dawned on me at dawn....I am basically the universe to a virus. I am billions of times bigger than a virus, I am millions of times bigger than a dust particle, I am thousands of times bigger than an ant, and I am about twice the size of a big dog, and none of them really scare me. Well, the big dog might scare me if he barks, growls, shows his teeth, and lunges, so really, one has to ask themselves, when was the last time you saw a virus growl, bark, and lunge at you besides in your imagination?


In our quest for clarity, accuracy, and less redundancy, HIV is clearly a poor form of expressing the thing it is attempting to describe. It should be referred to as The I Virus. That would be without the redundant use of the word 'human' since we are always referring to humans and we don't go around referring to the flu as HFV. So this more precise term of 'the I virus' would read 'Immunodeficiency Virus'.....the I virus. Used in a sentence, "The doctor used a test that's not exactly standardized around the world nor provides specific results to see if I have the I virus. He said I did have the I virus but my research indicates that these tests are pretty much a joke, so I don't think he or any test really knows whether or not I have TIV."

Human Immune Deficiency

HID/AIDS, what causes it? One thing! That's what the HIV/CULT says and you get it by sex! Their leaders want you to believe that you get a virus and it causes HID and for you to follow them.

"The question of the cause of AIDS was officially settled on April 23, 1984, when the Department of Health and Human Services announced the isolation of the AIDS virus. Called Lymphadenopathy-Associated Virus (LAV) by its French discoverer, and Human T-cell Leukemia Virus III (HTLV-III) by American scientists, it has since 1986 been officially referred to as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)." -

There, it's settled then. It was LAV and it was HTLV-III at the same time! Then it was renamed HIV. It is written in the Bible of Immune Understanding. It is the cause of immune deficiency (ID) even though immune deficiency (ID) has many causes!


Difinitive paradoxicalitus

I'm not the first person to notice definitional paradoxes.....which oddly enough are the cause of HIV/ per Dr. Peter Duesberg we see this:

Definitional Paradoxes

A second set of criticisms of the HIV hypothesis concerns the clinical definition of AIDS. This definition involves a list created by the CDC in 1987 of about 25 conventional diseases; if any one of these is diagnosed, and antibodies against HIV can be found in the same patient, a diagnosis of AIDS is made. The list includes not only Kaposi's sarcoma and P. carinii pneumonia, but also tuberculosis, cytomegalovirus, herpes, diarrhea, candidiasis, lymphoma, dementia, and many other diseases. If any of these very different diseases is found alone, it is likely to be diagnosed under its classical name. If the same conditions is found alongside antibodies against HIV, it is called AIDS. The correlation between AIDS and HIV is thus an artifact of the definition itself.

Another definitional concern relates to how a single virus could lead to such a spectrum of diseases. Harry Rubin, biologist at the University of California at Berkeley and recipient of the Lasker Prize for his work on viruses, is one of several dissenting scientists who argue that these should never have been grouped together, and that no new microbe is needed to explain the occurrence of these old conditions among behavioral AIDS-risk groups in recent years.

The rational for combining these separate diseases into a single syndrome is the assumption that they all have a single underlying cause: immune deficiency purportedly caused by HIV. However, immune system failure cannot account for some of the conditions on the AIDS lists, particularly the cancers and dementia. While many scientists still hope to find ways of fighting cancer using the immune system, experimental work has long shown that cancers do not necessarily increase in the presence of immune deficiencies. After all, the immune system can only fight foreign particles, but cancer cells are actually part of the patient's body. Dementia is likewise not directly prevented by the immune system, because antibodies do not normally reach brain tissue. Microbes that reach the central nervous system are free to grow without interference by the antibody defenses, even in a fully healthy individual. HIV must therefore be credited with doing far more than simply depleting the immune system; it would have to destroy neurons and make cancerous certain other cells, while simultaneously killing or preventing the growth of immune cells. Indeed, any AIDS microbe would face the same difficulties.


As with the many fantasies found in the Bible we hear referenced by many a stupid politician, like the ones quoting homosexuality/perversion/AIDS, we have non-sensical references to disease as if they are specific with stupid descriptives like HIV/AIDS. When the AIDS/MESS started in the early 1980's there was this thing called ARC. It stood for AIDS Related Complex. Now this is a doosey, shouldn't it be AIDSRC for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Related Complex? Yes, but acronymizing things is a funny, when they get too long like with LGBTACDEFHIJKMNOPQRSUVWXYZ one has to make it more "sayable", but with that we have problems with "what do these acronyms really mean". The quest at the time was to "find a cause" then "find a cure". Well, we know where that cure thing went. The "find the cause" thing was interesting, they said in 1984 they found it was a virus that caused all these different diseases listed under this new syndrome called AID yet it's a broad category and the diseases that are under this category all have different causes. How the fuck can anyone claim that all those different diseases with different causes now equal one cause? Ilogical captain. 

Where did all those dots come from? Are they viruses?

It's bad enough that they keep touting the "human" immune deficiency virus (not MIV) with it's reduntant use of the H for "human" along with their strange omission of the D (it should really read HIDV or IDV not HIV) so in concert in their usual symphony of contradictions, in showing the lunacy of their describing this thing, they also add dots on one side of the / and not on the other, like that makes any sense at all.

See example of this in an excerpt from a letter written about Peter Duesberg who most in the scientific community have "discredited" for his beliefs on the HI virus,

"Denial has always been the most devastating social and political dynamic of the AIDS epidemic-and his book feeds it abundantly. In sum, this book is destructive of personal morale, prevention efforts and public understanding both of H.I.V./AIDS and of biomedical science in general."

So here I am DISCREDITING ANYONE who writes it out as "H.I.V/AIDS". Fair enough?

Talk about DEN/IAL, the denial of proper use of the English language in describing THIS/THING accurately is utterly preposterous. It is the same tactic sleasy salesmen use and cult leaders use to dissuade people from LOGIC/REASON to instead get drawn into a vortex.

I say, the way this MESS/HIV has played out over the years, I think that if old McDonald had an HIV farm, it should be loaded with dots. If they were Polish dots that had HIV and were dancing to ethnic music, we could call them polka dots. Really, that's about the only things that makes sense here.

Blood test finds everything ROFL

appeared on Google News June 5, 2015

Yea right. The public will buy this load-o-crap, but those of us who understand testing modalities know that this is impossible.

The Grid Virus

We need to go retro when studying retro viruses (of which the HI virus belongs) to the beginning of THIS/MESS and call THIS/THING the grid virus. GRID was what they called HIV/AIDS at the beginning back in the very early 1980's almost half a century ago, because it mostly affected gays. It still mostly affects gays in the USA so let's get rid of the redundant H and the missing "D" which isn't there anyway, and just use GRID. It's Gay Related Immune Deficiency. What causes it? Many things, not one mutating ever changing morphing virus, it's always had various causes..

Homophobia movie

Thirteen or so minutes movie

I'm Not Gay

New Zeland parliment passing SSML

Test dates go viral

I was watching this wacked out "Davey Wavey" on Youtube. He talks like a fast talking salesman the kind I never trust, except when they are cute and I lose my sense of he's saying how great this app is because it's got a thing where you can keep your status updated to the day you last "got tested" as if that really helps anyone because according to the wacked out theories of transmission. It can incubate, and be cooked like eggs. You could have "gotten it" (without getting rid of it by shitting it out) months before your so called "negative test" or even that week before yet you actually have it. You see the thing is these tests are like a bad relationship that sleeps around all the time and lies to your face even when you are right there in the same room with who you just caught them sleeping with as they are doing it. The tests can't find it one day but they can find it the next. They are totally un-re-LIE-able. I find people who proclaim their "negative as of....." test results in a profile to be annoying and rather egocentric. The test result cult is not something I care to date as once again, according to the science we adore and trust, you can be positive and never know it even after testing. The day your status is absolute let me know. Unfortunately, there is no such thing so until then please stop putting your worthless test result art on the refrigerator as if it really means something.


Starting from the top <a name="top"></a> it's time to go back to the drawing board. GRID is a better name for ID which is affecting mostly gays in the US. Since we determined the H is rediculously redundant and the term "deficiency" mysteriously disappears in HIV, so GRID makes more sense. It has always made more sense. Gay Related Immune Deficiency, that's what it was called at the very start. Why did they abandon that sensical term to replace it with non-sensical ones? It's Immune Deficiency, and it's very clear that it's Gay Related in the US. Care to dispute that?

Do the math

Brilliant mathematician Dr. John Nash "had a series of relationships with men, and while at RAND in the summer of 1954, he was arrested in a men's bathroom for indecent exposure, according to Ms. Nasar's biography." - NY Times

Saint Patricks Day will never be the same

Same sexers can now marry by popular vote in Ireland. Sexual relations is not mandatory. This is a victory for all LGBTQWXYZACDEFHIJKMNOPRSUV's in that country.

Real Time with Bill Maher: Liberals vs. Liberals

Prostitutes forced to have HIV test sue and win

Death map lives

View map here.

It shows the various diseases and events that cause the most "distinctive" death the most in each state. In California it is hyperplasia of prostate and in New Mexico it is legal intervention. According to the article on a distinctive death is one that has a higher rate than the national average, making it "distinctive".

Nowhere on the map is "death caused by cops" yet it is a true cause of death. Then again, that might be included under the broader category of legal intervention. So if a legal interventioner shoots and kills someone, that is a cause of death. Of course not all legal interventioners cause death and one bad cop doesn't spoil the whole bunch either, nor does one bad apple spoil a whole bushel of legal interventioners. I have often seen apples in a bunch that were all fine except for one. The bunch can sit there for a while and that one can rot and the whole bunch can still be good, more so if it's refrigerated and they haven't been bruised or beaten. 

So basically that saying about APPL/SPOIL/BNCH is illogical. 

And this theory of legal interventioner causation is comparable to broader category of HIV causation. You see, it's impossible for every immune deficiency virus (like measles, rubella, etc.) to be a bad legal interventioner, which is pretty much what Peter Duesberg (an HIV whistleblower) said from the start, that "HIV is a harmless passenger virus" wrongly accused. 

Rembember, HIV is not one specific virus it is a broad spectrum of viruses (reference article entitled "Measles, the other HIV").

* Note where the highest group of distinctive death due to HID viruses is, Florida, where there are the most mosquitoes!

No mention of mosquito exchange programs

New York Times article May 17, 2015 reports surge in cases of H. I. V. and needle exchange programs. They don't report if there is a surge in testing that would correlate with a surge in cases. I wonder where they get their needles to exchange in the first place? Of course there's no mention of mosquitoes and how they share dirty needles with your arm.


appeared on google news May 17, 2015

California may join two states in mandatory vaccination

If they fully pass SB277 into law it would require all school children to be injected with medical concoct-i-potions labeled "vaccines" that actually are shown to cause death, vaccinations that contain things like mercury and used placentas, pig guts, and various chemicals and salts. Yes they  cause serious injury.* They never tell you this as if they did, you might not buy the vaccination genre garbage routinely sold to you in between your favorite TV shows. If they don't get those shots, they don't get to go to school. Nothing like when Gerry Brown got taxpayers to fund billions for the schools, then kick kids out, saying "sorry you are a health risk" (right after you voted for the increase and for him as Governor). It's as if measles or other diseases will never appear once this law is passed. So far from the truth!

Not that surprisingly the bass ackward states of Mississippi and Virginia (or is it W. Virginia) have mandatory vaccination programs, no opting out. Odd that California would copy bible belt mentality. 

Maybe Californians, once progressive, is now too deluded with the "important issue of global warming" and "free range chickens" to have a clue how serious this issue is. They want to get rid of the opt out clause that allows families to opt out based on religious or personal belief reasons. They just did this crap in Australia which is apparently run by a similar branch of vaccine extremists there. These control freaks want to control your blood, inject putrid garbage in it** to make it clean enough for school, yet they say it's too putrid to donate. Fuck them. If they can't make gay & straight & clueless blood clean and pure they have no right to force other crap into it. And get this, they use live virus!***

* They write these vaccine related injuries off as little blips in the bigger statistical scheme because they are like 1/10th of 1% yet each of those thousands injured by vaccines represent real human lives that medical science did not protect and heal. Millions have been paid out to families who's innocent children who seriously harmed by these "safe" concoct-i-potions. 

** African Green Monkey (Vero) cells, aluminum, cow products, Cocker Spaniel cells, formaldehyde, human fetal lung tissue cells, insect products, and mouse brains.  ref:

*** The manufacturers create a LIVE VIRUS that they inject in the blood for measles, mumps, and rubella. The manufacturers description of the vaccine found here shows that the virus for measles and mumps is cultured and propagated in chicken embryos and the rubella live virus is cultured and propagated in human lung fibroblasts with a bovine serum. Some contain aborted fetal tissue. Yummy. Just what a blood stream needs. And one of the numerous adverse reactions is MEASLES! 

Taxpayers would continue to pay for this blood putrification scheme (making big pharmaceutical corporations and their investors very rich) while burdening the immune system with fighting off LIVE VIRUS. The less than able to fend off the vaccine pushers will submit to getting vaccinated. 'Hail vaccination' is basically the chant! 

The bill has passed the senate and now has been read in the assembly. It must go through that process and be approved into law, or voted down. If it's approved in the assembly, then be signed by governor for it to become law. It could also be vetoed. If it passed and make it into law, then start the legal challenges in courts. Lawyers win! Taxpayers lose again and again. Veins itch.

I'd like to get a vaccine that protects US from politicians that inject their stupidity and egomania into our culture. When they get vaccinated with that, and get drug tested routinely, then we are getting somewhere.

One might tell their gay & straight & confused political representatives that these vaccine pushers are being real pricks. 

Not think about this logically if possible for a minute, if LIVE VIRUS is being forcefully by law injected into the bloodstream of school children, is it not THEY that are the threat of spreading LIVE VIRUS and not the kids that are not having live virus injected into them?

Anyone who answers no is either an idiot of hopelessly brainwashed. The logic is very clear. Someone who has live measles virus injected into them as a vaccination that stimulates an immune response because it is LIVE VIRUS is the bigger threat, THEY GO TO SCHOOL WITH LIVE VIRUS IN THEM.

Thus really, this whole vaccination thing is a scam perpetuated by sleazy stupid politicians.

reference  further reading: Vaccine Ingredients  Look ma they're injecting all this crap into me

AIDS = x+y*z squared ÷ the factor equivalent of pi to the nnundredth degree

I wish. I wish those who come up with names for disease would express them as with math formulas, then maybe we'd get somewhere. As with most perplexing things in the world, disease is caused by formulas, not just one variable. They blame "the virus" yet that's only one variable, like x. There is more than one variable in all disease. 

Can you imagine how little panic there would have been in 1984 when Margaret Heckler announced as spokesperson for "the government" had said, instead of "We know the cause of AIDS, it's HIV" she would have said "The formula that expresses AIDS is x+y*z squared" going on to explain which each variable meant. What do you mean you weren't born then? You missed the biggest viral terrorist campaign ever. The world was terrorified by lies. There never was proof of one viral cause. One of the "founders" of "the virus" Robert Gallo was convicted of fraud. Political impitus trumped sanity and logic. 

Variables, the less popular kids in equations. They are made fun of. Bullied. Not treated =


HIV testing finds random antibodies. Positive results could simply indicate one had a flu. Really. 

Getting fabulous on Jeopardy

Gay blood, not as shitty as before but still kinda putrid 

May 13, 2015 

FDA announces updated rules regarding tainted/gay/blood. Simply being gay (note I'm not saying gay and lesbian just gay because it's fucking all inclusive) still means you're a suspect and this is only a RECOMMENDATION TO MOVE TOWARDS ending THE/BAN. Hey, I didn't create this mess, your gay ancestors did by buying into the viral/cause/lie/and/hysteria, I'm just the messenger.

"Sexually gay active men will still face hurdles" as per this article at Huffpo

9 straights being active in sex to 1 gay being active in sex, and yet straights have none of these hurdles

IT'S STILL DISCRIMINATION based on horribly flawed theories that are basically garbage science. 

When are your gay forefathers going to rise up and put a stop to all this? Not anytime soon, not until they smash the SCVCD "sex causes virus causes death" theory into oblivion. 

Dead viruses live

article appeared here at Live Science May 13, 2015 @ 6:45 am pacific time

So it's true, zombie viruses are real (as real as any other zombie). Notice how the electron micrograph image looks like fibers instead of what all other viruses look like, HIV. Hmm. It claims that viruses live for days. That's like saying buried people live for days because that's where they live. According to standard virology the virus lives in the cell. So really it's the "host that lives for days" such as the host bacteria or cell, then, when the host dies, the virus does not die because it's not a living thing, it just sits there until the janitor comes in and wipes the surface with some Formula 409 and paper towels, or a breeze blows it off the surface and it goes into your lungs. We are exposed to HID viruses regularly! Get tested daily!

What does a virus look likey?

So when did dead living viruses start looking like dead living fiber? Here's how viruses have always been presented, basically like a Giggle Ball. 

It too looks like a virus. It too is a living thing according to the foundations of virology because it moves. Notice it's for over ages 3 so any good scientist can play with it as they can play with our understandings or lack thereof.


Note how it's stated in the reference that they "invade" bacteria. So really, the problem is bacteria, not the dead virus inside of it that is only "living" because it's as if the bacteria goes on a shopping spree and the viral particle is like a pain in the ass friend that insists on going with you who no matter what you do you can't get rid of. And of course, like a kids toy, discussing this stuff is always good for a giggle or two. 

Where exactly does Hiv make it's home,  inside a cell?

Researching where we can find HIV consistently we see that it's located here. Actually, it's more like where do people maker their homes, inside Hiv! This is the Village of Hiv as seen at 

It was the V that did it

Not the H, not the I, not the A, nor was it A squared divided by c to the power of 3, it was the v. Ok if you say so.

WTC was destroyed by a RO/BOT

Shocking Superbowl commercial (gay kiss)

First gay kiss on "kiss cam" 

At about 26 seconds in two men kissed on the public screen at a baseball game on 5/2/14 and the crowd especially cheered for the gay couple! Proves we're definitely not in Kansas anymore. It was at Los Angeles Dodger Stadium a part of the country that's really pretty cool with being gay.


Reddit post May 10, 2015

Wouldn't it be hilarious if someone developed a vaccine for autism? (self.Showerthoughts)

submitted by Hue_G_Rexion to /r/Showerthoughts


Immune deficiency causes Disease. Ebola Virus Disease causes TV to be shut off.


Ebola Virus Disease. Let's be consistent and use an acronym for this "new threat". We could even go a step further and call it HEVD (Human Ebola Virus Disease) or HEV (Human Ebola Virus) and AEDS (Acquired Ebola-o-virus Disease Syndrome) to really be consistent. I mean it's not like redundancy isn't a part of the medical vocabulary so lets add more redundancy to e-bola as was done with immune deficiency. And so as with HIV/AIDS we should have HEV/AEDS to describe Human Ebola-0-virus Disease which causes Acquired Ebola Disease Syndrome. That would be if medical terminology was consistent, and it is not. 


Liberia is now "e-bola-free" according to the World Health Organization politicians and what they say is never wrong unless you study the facts sometimes. I was e-bola free after about 1 week of hearing the bullshit start last year, it didn't make the news though as it was when I COMPLETELY SHUT OFF TV NEWS FROM ALL SOURCES leaving me ebola/bullshit/news free. 

Measels, the other HIV

In an LA Times article, as quoted here by Google News clips, measles is an immune deficiency disease and is caused by a virus*. As stated "having measels suppresses kids' immune systems......leaving them ill equipped to fight off pneumonia, bronchitis, diarrheal diseases, and other infections." 

So accurately we could refer to measles as HIV because it's also a Human Immun-o-deficiency Virus. 

In other words, measels is HIV, it's a Human Immune-o-deficiency Virus though better stated as a HID virus. To be more precise in our description and more logically, we would take out the redundant H (we already know it applies to humans) and be left with IV, then add in the D to get rid of the weird "immunodeficiency" term which is used inconsistently so as to use the two words separate like they do in AIDS, and what we are left with with both measels virus and HIV is IDV for Immune Deficiency Virus, which there are a lot of other ones as well. Both HIV and measels are IDV's. We could even more accurately just say they are ID's, let's say it together "both measels viruses and human immune-o-deficiency viruses cause Immune Deficiencies. The are ID's.

So is there really a different virus that causes HIV since measles also causes HIV and is HIV, and if so what do we call it, HIV?

Take that to your doctor and have them smoke it.

* why is it always caused by a virus, and never a virus + this + that + the other? The body is a complex system that requires many things to operate at full potential every day. Food choices play a huge part in an immune system functon. An immune system is multi faceted, many moving parts involved. To say it's just caused by a virus is like saying Humpdy Dumpty broke because of a fall. On one hand it's a simplistic and accurate statement, but on the other, the fall did not cause him to break, the act of falling + hitting hard ground + being pushed off or being fucking drunk and high caused him to break. There was more than just the fall that caused him to break. He could have fallen in water and not broken, thus the fall would not have caused him to break. He could have fallen on a pile of hay or pillows or in someone's arms, thus, the fall would not cause him to break. So too with Human Immun-o-deficiency Virus, if it even existed, could not be the cause of the fall of an entire immune system without the other factors.

See how measles was handled in the 1970's by The Brady Bunch family

Mark of the beast HERE/NOW

Government of South Africa marks HIV positive people with tattoos near genitals showing status. Problem there really is no way to be positive anyone is positive. They rely on tests that find HIV, the Human Influenza Virus! So apparently they don't want people who have the flu to have sex either or at least be warned they have the Human Influenza Virus or the Immune Deficiency Virus or the stupid wacked out viral theory virus. Then they should also tattoo HIV on the foreheads of those who sneeze as a sneeze can transmit the Human Influenza Virus which kills people.


A magazine claims they printed the entire issue in IDV tainted positive blood. Yes indeed. Shocking for most of the world, but since VIRUSES ARE NOT LIVING THINGS whether the blood is dry or wet, they are not living things. Only 3,000 copies have been printed/replicated of this edition probably because no one will want them. The legal implications alone! What if a child licks the pages of dead HIV/IDV? Would you want that magazine in your doctors office?

"The magazine is safe to handle, explained Romeyko. The HIV virus dies within 30 minutes of being taken out of a host. The donors' blood was pasteurized, a heat process that assures the virus is neutralized and incapable of transmission, stated the magazine"

Where do they get that fantasy? Viruses are not living things! They base this concept that "it dies" because the host dies. Viruses are NOT LIVING THINGS. If the "dead virus" gets into another cell, poof, it's alive. Thus licking HIV/IDV tainted magazines is like licking dried bodily fluids that have the virus. Virus is there, now in your mouth and alive because it's inside a living organism, you, and as it's there it's sure to find a spot inside a cell, and then again, it's alive because it's in a cell.

So already this theory that it cannot be transmitted by air or paper planes is disproven. 

Pasteurization kills bacteria, a living thing. Pasteurization, named after Louis Pasteur, does not kill any viruses they are dead already, like sand at the beach is dead. Put the sand in a sea shell sold at the sea shore and the virus is still dead, put that virus in a sea shell of a hermit crab, and wala, the virus is "alive" because the shell now moves around, thus the virus moves with it. 

Warm up sand at the beach the sand remains dead as a doornail. Warm up viruses they are still dead. Look it up. 

But the quote from the article I love best is this:

"If you're holding the 'infected' print edition in your hands right now, you'll get into contact with HIV like never before ... It will make you reflect on HIV and you will think differently afterward. Because now the issue is in your hands," wrote Vangardist CEO and publisher Julian Wiehl.

The issue is now in your hands. Might want to drop it now! DROP THE ISSUE OF HIV/IDV.

full story at Tech Times 

You faggottino

Should we be offended when being called this? It's a reed instrument, "a tenoroon - a tenor bassoon; pitched a fifth higher than the ordinary bassoon bassoon - a double-reed instrument; the tenor of the oboe family" Should we be offended when being called a fagot, a stick, a bundle of twigs?? Only if it strikes you to be hit by a stick. Sticks and stones may....but names will never hurt me. Too many people missed that class.

A plague of SICK/INFO

First case of "pneumonic plague in nearly 100 years identified to have come from a dog". Canine zero is said to be a cute pit bull puppy (of course it had to be a pit bull that's demonized who didn't see that coming as they keep passing laws making it illegal for pit balls to have bulls). So the pit bull pup "spread pneumonic plague" they say. The claim was made by the CDC, an organization that brought you the deceit about immune deficiency in gay men being caused by a virus and not from too much partying causing pneumonia and skin cancer*, an agency who told us back at the beginning that condoms are full of holes, "it's like trying to protect your home from flies with the front door wide open - but that's all we have" it was said, and an agency that was found to have lied about other things.

* when new diseases which weren't new at all were blamed on immune deficiency and were "first noticed" in a handful of gay men in San Francisco and there wasn't a label to describe what could be causing it 

Many will be terrified as they read the fairy tale that they could get this new/old disease from their dogs because they believe all the shit they hear in the news coming from government health agencies. They will read the bullshit story and they will ask their vets for tests, they will talk with their neighbors, they will ask their leaders to provide a vaccine. Fear is a powerful force. 

Let's look at the term/words and see if they themselves reveal anything less than new or scary in the title. 

Pneumonic Plague, sounds awful, like that Bubonic Plague we heard "2/3rds of Europeans died from" in the 1500's. 

Once again, let's read it out "PNEUMONIC PLAGUE"......pneumonic......pneumonia-ic......OMG IT'S PNEUMONIA which rhymes with ammonia and Fredonia. 

Then there's "plague" to make it scary!!! They add another adjective for fun. It's not an accurate term to throw on there because a plague is something that affects a huge population. So in winter we could accurately say when after all the Holiday alcohol and garbage food consumption and people get the influenza, that it's the influenza plague, because it's affecting like 2/3rds the population, even though it really only affects about 5%. 

So really what we have here is a claim that a dog spread pneumonia. Calling it a plague is horseshit. 

Of course we know how government works and media works, so why expect anything better, and why worry about what really happened is what happens to people all over the place, they create/not/catch pneumonia by ingesting way too much sugar, palm oil, and other crap, creating the perfect environment/home for when they are exposed daily to bacteria that are all merrily being carried around in the air everywhere who then make a home in the person's lungs they get pneumonia plague. 

reference Google news snapshot here 

Is it gay to suck your own dick?

A blog post found here asks the question, "Is it gay to suck your own dick?". What's really interesting are the 2 answers. 

First was "Yea it's sucking dick!"

2nd reply asked "Is it gay to jerk yourself off?"

Oddly there were no replies after that. 


Coachella Valley Vector Control District declares a mosquito tested positive for WNV. So why don't they treat the mosquitoes, vaccinate them against it? Why is it that places like in Louisiana bayous (which has 100,000,000,000 zillion more mosquitoes than the Palm Springs area) the mosquitoes are not being vaccinated? No vaccine? Let a mosquito vaccinate you with it's syringe instead of a doctor! Yea, and what about those flying dirty needles spreading IDV's everywhere.

Burst-o-heat syndrome (BOHS)

I am always amused at the ongoing weather change fears of man and their entertaining ways to deal with weather change, especially ways of controlling it by trying to stifle the air that trees breathe. They claim that the weather has been studied enough to know that Mama Earth is heating and will melt ice and raise ocean levels by 70,000 or more feet in the next 100 years, boo, but one thing they never take into account nor present to those of us enquiring minds, is the varying temperatures of that massive primary heat source, Daddy Sun which on it's surface is about 10,340 degrees Fahrenheit, and in it's atmosphere, is about 3,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit which varies in temperature wildly and is 99.99999973612987% responsible for climate changes on Earth.

Bursts of heat are quite common there on that planet

It's as if the climate change beings think the climate on the Sun does not change/vary thus never affecting Earth's climate. It's always good for a laugh. Ask them sometime, "If the climate varies in temperature on Earth approximately 10% of a spread of generally 100 degrees over one full rotation around the Sun, what would that same 10% variance in climate be on the Sun and how would that affect the climate on Earth especially considering that all heat generated by "burning fossil fuels" over 1000 years would equal a mere 1/2 of a second burst of heat put out by the Sun which has been scientifically proven to affect Earth's climate?" 

A1: Their heads explode. (preferred)
A2: They are in denial and blame weather denialists.
A3: They ask "What's the Sun got to do with climate on Earth?"


And yest I know the Sun is not a Planet. The vote hasn't changed on that one, like it does with Pluto and far out ideas that climate/cons come up with.

Flat earth societies do exist

Leave it to a flat earth society to put things into perspective. Weather change alarmists especially note, look at the size of Antarctica compared to the worlds oceans. Even if the entire continent melts it's like some ice cubes melting in a bathtub. No big deal especially when water expands when frozen thus the ice under the water when melted will take up less space than it is as a solid, thus all warming warning alarms are false.

FLAT EARTH SOCIETY from art of failure on Vimeo.

[ Flat Earth Society - Art of Failure - 2008-2011 ]
"Can we hear the Earth? Not the sounds occurring upon it but the Earth on a geophysical scale? [...]
The hill-and-dale technique was used in Edison's phonograph, recording sound with a stylus that vertically cut a minute landscape into the grooves of the cylinder. [...]
Flat earth society takes readings from the stylus of topographic radar, cuts them into vinyl and then plays them back with a stylus. Phonographic hills-and-dales grow into the Alps, Andes, Himalayas, Grand Canyon, Great Steppe, Great Rift Valley, Great Outback and the Lesser Antilles. Where Enrico Caruso and Nellie Melba once sang one hears the Baja Peninsula, Antarctic Peninsula, and the bathymetric pauses of the Red Sea and Baffin Bay. [...]
Peaks and valleys, spikes and wells, spires and troughs, aspirations and depressions, all have their gradations in mythical and actual landscapes."
Douglas Kahn -> Read the full text:

FLAT EARTH SOCIETY proposes a transposition of the earth elevation at the scale of a microgroove record. This engraving of elevation’s data on the surface of the disk generates in consequence a subtle image of the earth. When played on a turntable, the chain of elevation data crossed by the needle can be heard.

(produced with Flo Kaufmann and the ArtKillArt label)

Antibiotics in chickens

Companies are phasing out the use of antibiotics in chickens. Anti-biotics are bad. Bandwagoneers are ecstatic. Makes no sense. They'd rather have disease and bacteria ridden chicken breasts instead I guess. Then you hear about vaccinating against bacteria in people, "get vaccinated" they say, it's good to have anti-biotics in your body but not in chicken bodies, and they flock to the doctor to get their shots. What a bunch of illogical bird brains. 

The left hand knows what the right is doing

The Bible tells me so.

It's not sexual orientation that's at issue before the Supreme Court yet that's all everyone keeps discussing

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 (check today's date here) the US Supreme Court will rule on a gay marriage case from Alabama which doesn't want to recognize out of state SS marriages. The arguments have a number of points, but one caught my eye. Justice Roberts stated 2 years ago that,

From Slate dot com:

"That increased level of skepticism is called "heightened scrutiny," and, so far under Supreme Court rulings, sexual orientation discrimination has not been subjected to heightened scrutiny the way, say, sex discrimination is. But it could be, if the court agrees with some of the lower court decisions on same-sex marriage. Roberts focused intense attention on this issue in 2013. He seemed pretty convinced that sexual orientation discrimination doesn't deserve heightened scrutiny because in his view, the gays are doing quite well for themselves politically. He pointed to the changes that have happened in American society with respect to gay rights over the past two decades and speculated that gay people are not a politically powerless group."

I take issue with that. SS Marriage is about same gender people getting married regardless if they are sexually active with each other or not. That means a high school buddy who's straight can marry his high school buddy who's straight, they can be married because they are committed to each other, not because they want, need, desire, or ever have sex together. The purpose of marriage is not to sanctify sexual relations, it is to unionize 2 people. The wildly successful government system of the country of the United (unionized) States didn't marry all 50 states because of sex, it married them all because it wanted to form a more perfect union. I guess you could say that the US itself does practice polygamy as it's in a marriage with 50 others! The sexual behavior is a secondary issue with this "gay marriage" argument now before the Supreme Court, and unfortunately as usual with many of these issues, the core matter is not being repeated, that is genderless marriage emphasizing that it is not about sexual behavior. It is not the core issue. Roberts and all justices need to focus on this fact, if the constitution is interpreted to allow and sanction a man and a woman to get married with all the benefits it provides, since it doesn't require sexual behavior of those couples in order to provide those benefits, it must allow those same privileges to other couples regardless of their sex and regardless of their sexual behavior, and thus all states must be deemed in violation of the constitution if they continue to allow marriage benefits only to those who are of the opposite sex. I find it hard to believe that the justices would not follow this logic, but of course when you have people doing this and not machines, logic is not always obvious to some. 

Any state deciding that only a man and a woman can marry is clearly violating the laws that ban sex discrimination so it seems pretty obvious how this has to be determined. So if the court finds in favor of SDSDM (straight dude straight dude marriage) we celebrate and move on to the next more important issue that keeps getting put aside by most people because it's just too uncomfortable to talk about and deal with, the horrific and barbaric crime of letting people hack off a part of young men's cocks at birth which is entirely unconstitutional yet it continues to happen in hospitals every day. Let me know when people wake up to this horror and care enough to put a stop to it. Until then, all this other whiny crap about gay marriage basically makes me want to puke as it's sickening to see the lack of priorities placed where they should be. On one hand you have mostly well to do homos and some straight couples wanting just that much more when they already have a lot, then you have babies being tortured at birth by the barbaric medical community powers that be that slice off part of their dicks and they scream in pain and few elected politicians or non-elected self proclaimed gay representatives give a shit. 

One eye blinks, the other doesn't

Imagine a camouflage green army tank, with rocket launcher and everything, filling up at a Texas gas station. In that state many people carry guns openly. Now imagine seeing one filling up with gas at your local gas station in California, and imagine if the reactions might be different or not. Would Californian's flip out? Probably not, yet they do whenever they see someone with a gun and yet this thing could do way more damage driving through town amok. Imagine if it were Arab-Americans in their fancy head dress and beards were driving the tank and spotted filling it up at your local gas station. How do you suppose the reaction would be then? I would think that if an "official Army uniform" was seen on the filler-upper/driver there would be little or no reaction but rather hail salutes, people thinking "this must be a military exercise or something" especially if an Army base was anywhere nearby, as America has been so brainwashed to believe what they see in front of them must be real, and not actually unofficial thugs getting ready for a bank heist dressed in Army uniforms.

Oblong Earth societies

At this point in life I just have to LOL at all the wacked out ideas that float around all around us. Try not to catch some of them! One is the idea that certain conspiracy theorists are labeled "flat earthers" by some who think they are smarter than so many others. Many of these people have degrees in science, accounting, etc.. These well educated fools compare and put down those who question things to people who once believed that the earth was flat. Never mind you that the idea that people in the 1600's were not really that stupid to look up in the sky and see a round moon and a round sun and notice the movement of the stars and quickly deduce and pass down to each generation the simple obvious observation that the land they were standing on was also basically round, no, these pompous freaks try to put down people who question things like HIV/AIDS/ACRONYMINOMITY. Next time they tell you some crap about flat earth believers and being like them, point out that their concept of the Earth being round has a fatal error, the earth is oblong, not round. It is 27 miles bigger in diameter near the Equator than at the poles due to the force of it's rotational spin. There is no such thing as a round Earth, it doesn't exist. It's oblong. Learning of this blatant error of correctors is enough to make one's head spin. So remember, next time one of those edercated peoples tell you the Earth is round, don't hesitate to correct them  by saying "Actually no it's not round, according to the Urban Dictionary, it's obloid".


That term "homophobia" is like so 80's man. 

Molten warming

View a photo of a Hawaii volcano up close the magma/lava is forming a bubble 14 feet high. Weather warming alarmists should really study this photo, and consider that we are sitting on a molten core that reaches temperatures over 2000 degrees right below us, no matter where we are on the crust of Mother Earth. Gee, how does the Earth stay so damn cool? Don't ask space, it's not very friendly, in fact some would say frigid, I tried contacting it and it didn't respond.

Encourage niceness in society

One more 9/11 conspiracy discussion and that's The End

So I watch a bunch of 9/11 videos before bed, some were conspiracy, others were just various views of the horror of that day September bla bla, that I had never seen. I found them interesting to watch. It took me back to a time before the internet knew every time we sneeze. One of the videos was when the Today show was airing normally and then it all happened, attack on the World Trade Tower. Then another plane hit, all live on TV. I hadn't seen that since that day 2001. Another video involved rethinking the cause of the event, perplexing as it may be, signed on to by around 2,000 architects, building engineers and similar associations all saying they dispute the standard collapse theory due to weakening of the structure. Those experts say the buildings cannot just fall straight down like they did. 

I guess they all missed Gravity 101.  

To hear such experts, and they are experts in structural engineering, way more than you and I, say the towers could not have fallen without dynamite/thermite or some other massive force like electromagnetic waves that are also speculated were the cause perpetrated by evil government, makes me wonder 'could they be right' even though most times when I get in this mood to study their views, I keep going back to 'pretty clear the structure was broken down internally and failed and the massive weight brought it all crashing down, straight down, yes, by it's own weight.

Still, I find it fascinating that so many EXPERTS would be totally convinced otherwise, I mean like isn't it obvious to everyone that the building structures had gaping holes in them to to the explosion of jet fuel and planes flown into them??

Well, knowing that other EXPERTS have trouble wrapping their minds around simple concepts sometimes, like how experts in immune science can't wrap their heads around other simple causation concepts that are obviously more "the cause" than something that mutates all over the place like snowflakes, when mutations make the structure of the invader's structure weaker, well, I just had to learn more of what they say so I watched a few more of their conspiracy videos too. 

There's even more experts in the conspiracy belt that include a couple thousand pilots who believe in the conspiracy which when you see people who know about planes get into this you have to wonder when they say "it's impossible to fly a commercial jet into these buildings at such low altitude with out the plane breaking up in to pieces before even hitting the building". Could that be true? How could they say such a thing putting their reputations on the line if it wasn't true that it was an inside job?

Well, what's fun is this last video I watched gave me both a laugh and proved it once and for all, that those conspiracy experts are all wrong, buildings do collapse due to structural failure, and all explosion theories are wrong, all government inside job theories are wrong. 

This super short video proves once and for all that steel structured buildings do fall due to simple concepts of structural failure, indisputably.

It's 100% now proven clearly in one minute's time. End of all nauseating conspiracies in 9/11 finally. 

I think it was created by the enemy.

The final end to all 9/11 conspiracy theories found here

1 min 8 seconds  

Get vaccinated for lung cancer?

So the news if you can believe this crap is that Cuba has a vaccine against lung cancer, and how great it will be to have access to the drugs now that relations with Cuba are becoming all cozy. So when it gets here, we can then get vaccinated (maybe it should be mandatory) and then we can all smoke and not get cancer, because after all the mantra goes if you get vaccinated for it you are immune! Yea that makes sense doesn't it. We already get vaccinated for the flu so we can not get it by breathing in the air, so this is quite the same principle. Next we can get vaccinated for/against the bullshit virus. Already these vaccines have bovine puss in them and/or some other shit, so it only makes sense they add bullshit so that we are no longer affected by all the bullshit in the world.



Poland (not Portland) is protesting a game made by Mattel for it having a card in it that refers to "Nazi Poland". The Polish feel it misleads, giving the players the impression that Poland was a part of Nazi occupation, when in fact it was oppressed by the Nazis. I think Mattel should make this right.

The bible says so

I finally figured out the killer reason why those Bible thumper cake bakers, candlestick makers, and photographers are wrong, and how they can't wiggle their way out of it like Illinois tried to do with it's stupid law that would have made discrimination legal. It's not just the gay marriage can't bake you a cake thing, you see, if they had it their way they could say "The Bible says I can't even sit or sup with you if you are a sinner" (have to find the bible quote later). Yes indeed, it says that in the Bible, good Christians are not to sit and sup (eat) with sinners, yet they do it all the time, even with each other! 

I experienced this blatant fuced up idiotic discrimination a long time ago, when I was almost hopelessly lost in one of those fundamentalist churches, and "fell into sin" after telling them I was gay. My how their attitudes changed. One dude gave me the lecture on why it was so wrong. Others did the same. What a cult. I thank God I was gay, it saved me! Eventually I got the fuck away from those people because "no it doesn't get better unless you get the fuck away from ass holes that keep fucking with your head". 

So being that they were the only friends I had, and that "Jesus forgave me and accepts me as I am" I called up a guy I knew from there a week later and asked him if he wanted to go play tennis, that's all, just go play a game of fun tennis. He said "Oh no, I am not allowed to even be with you, you are a sinner, the Bible is very clear on this" and then he quoted the reference to me, preaching to me about it for about a half hour on the phone. 

What a stupid fuckhead. 

But you know what, I was devastated and thought something was wrong with me. I felt so incredibly rejected. It took years to figure out I was fine, he was the fucking idiot.

Thus, regarding these Religious Protection Laws, anyone could claim "based on their religious convictions" to not even be around someone who they deem sinners, not serve them at a restaurant, not be near them, and definitely not "sup" with them, etc., and that simply doesn't work in the real world of US Constitutional protections, and it's simply not in the least way balanced, nor is it Godly.

I'm sometimesexual

Please don't call me gay and if you call me LGBT I will punch you.


Prove to me it exists. Like God. To me HIV is a religion. I hate religion. I hate HIV.

Child star kills himself at 19

Sad. He  had a whole life ahead of him. Did the young man get tested and get devastating results? Was he depressed about not making it big in Hollywood? Something snapped. We don't know  what it was, but what we do know is that he posed for a picture with a motorcycle looking very happy at one time, and he did this horrible thing to himself while visiting family. What a horror. I can only imagine (imagining is not real but we are allowed to imagine things, even atheists can) what a blow this has been on the child star's family. He was on "Everyone Loves Raymond". It's very sad. Please don't do this at home or anywhere. 

For confidential help, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 

And you are hereby ordered to watch this video whether you have a robust zest for life or want to end all the pain by doing something stupid, it's something everyone should see and share. If only he had seen this video and knew and felt that "Dusty loves you" maybe this wouldn't have happened. Or maybe he saw this video and got even more depressed thinking "Even this jerk is famous, I'm such a loser."

Acronyms don't cause disease 

HIV is an acronym, they are harmless letters assembled in a certain order. Order, what a funny word, it's something we don't see much of in the wacked out world of HIV/CULTS which  have a convoluted doctrine that's all over the map. Get rid of the acronym, you start getting rid of it's power. Smash the "H" out of existence for example as it's completely redundant, all you have left is IV. Correct the error of the missing "D" and you have IDV, yes another acronym, but a different one. Let's work with that for the next 30 years. That would stand for Immune Deficiency Virus. We already know a test on a human would be testing for a human virus so the H is 100% redundant. So what causes IDV? Actually it's a virus, not a disease, so we have to ask "does IDV cause any disease and if so what?" Since viruses all mutate, like snowflakes, there are various causes. Take for example the snowflake, like a virus, it's blamed for certain things like avalanches. Is it the snowflake that caused the avalanche? Some will say a resounding YES! But really, it's the collection of billions, no, zillions of billions of octillions of reptillians of snowflakes, all unique, no two the same, all mutants of H20. But it's still not really accurate to say that snowflakes cause avalanches, because they don't happen in Buffalo and that place gets wholloped with billions of zillions of octillions of reptillians of snowflakes! You see in Buffalo, there are no mountains, thus without mountains there are no avalanches. The other thing you have to have is gravity, slippery slopes, and varied changes in temperature that melts one layer underneath while the top layers slip. There's a host of various things that come into play for the snowflake there with all it's variations together to cause a big avalanche, so it's not accurate to say the snowflake caused it. It is accurate to say the snowflake + the temperature changes + the piles of billions of zillions of reptillians of snowflakes in a certain area + on mountains + gravity caused the avalanche.

So let's compare this to what they try to get us to believe (most succeedingly) that a snowflake virus that little bitty thing that's a billion times smaller than a snowflake, inside our bodies, somehow has the ability to cause an avalanche of problems with our health. It may be able to cause such if you have mountains of bacteria viruses and other goo in your system, but if your body is basically running flat, no dramatic peaks and valleys, no added weathering effects, your body is kinda like Buffalo, no avalanches of snowflakes are possible there and in this example, no overwhelm of virus doing harm. 

There is too much focus on a virus, as if it's going to cause an avalanche of symptoms/disease alone. Like with snowflakes and avalanches, for a virus to be able to cause a problem, there has to be a host of other factors. These kinds of things would include subjecting the liver to the bombardment of alcohol regularly, and other factors like drugs and even way too much sugar and an imbalance of the body PH. 

So what happens to people when they have viruses is more like with snowflakes and avalanches, there has to be a certain environment for an avalanche of disease to occur. That's really basic science yet so much of medical science ignores this.

IDV - Immune Deficiency Virus - piles of these can wreak havoc like snowflakes in certain environments. Got piles?

Straight girls are gay guys in girl bodies

Think about it. Yes they are. So that straight guy is basically sleeping with a gay guy.

Earth Day mourns weather change

Every year mama Earth endures a bunch of drama about it being supposedly destroyed by humans. I can just hear the Earth LIAO about that ridiculous notion. Silly humans! They think they are bigger than Earth mama. Tell them when they get the world to stop spinning around the sun then we can talk. 

So this year I noticed on the Google Plus page for seattlepi the drama of presenting what I guess is supposed to be a dead Earth being carried away in a casket, see image below. I guess it's being carried by alien giants who took care of their world better since the Earth is now dead. Pretty hilarious. Look mama the aliens are 16,000 miles tall.


The changing climate, something it's done for 800 billion years

Discussions and blog stories flooded the internet today April 22, 2015 with calling for action on "climate change", never-you-mind-o their never calling for a full day of stopping the internet presses and shutting down computer website servers and for people to stop using their devices which all use billions of tonnes of oil, coal, nuclear, natural and unnatural gas, tiny bits of wind and solar powers to fuel them 24/7 thus creating tonnes more carbon dioxide which trees love, nooooooooooooo they call for more use of all these pollutant gadgets every day "to spread the word" of weather change. What a fucking joke. 

Obama the president of the United States "took to the front lines of the weather change war in Florida" of course how did he get there, not by walking or riding a clean air bike, or just making a few fone calls, he flew in his polluting Air Force One jet. CBS states that more than 9000 gallons of fuel will be burned for the trip.

Mashable said "the amount of carbon dioxide, a global warming pollutant, has risen to the highest level in at least 800,000 years". 

NEVER MIND that man has only started measuring such things, and rather hap hazardly, for the last 100 years, all of which processes USE FOSSIL FUELS in gobs, I guess the aliens assisted the scientists in figuring out 799,900 years worth of temperatures ever so accurate as to make such absurd claims of knowledge of what the Earth can endure and what is actually causing what. 

Nevermind that dinosaurs consumed all plant life back then leaving no food for them to eat so they went extinct, or some other crap like that which influences all of these unbelieveably complex impossible to precicesly calculate measurements of Earth cycles and weather changes which occur every split second, these self proclaimed experts, and roaming gangs of experts, just throw darts at a dartboard and say "that's scientific". They also claimed arctic sea ice is at it's lowest level since satellite records started logging them, which is a lie. They measure certain areas, see a drop, and ignore where it's building up.

I suggest, if they, the scientists who make these wild claims, and those who quote them, are truly interested in not misleading the public with all this climate change bullshit, they start calling it weather change bullshit. 

You see, the point is, they pick terms that inflame, invoke fear, create drama, to get your attention, to thus sell you new taxes, new plans to save the planet which make them rich and what do they do then being rich? Pollute the planet even more. It's just like with the HUMAN IMMUN-O-DIOXIDE-DEFICIENCY VIRUS BOO which really is just an immune deficiency virus and there are billions of immune deficiency viruses on the planet and all of them are mutating just like snowflakes, boo. These similar hucksters like calling it climate change because it scares people who don't know shit about the complexities of weather, doubt that, just ask the weather man who doesn't even get predictions of weather right, how in the fuck does one expect that these weatherologists with all their doom and gloom predictions can possible analyze and predict everything about weather change. They will never call it weather change yet those two terms weather and climate are synonomous, they mean exactly the same thing but truly have way different feelings behind them when stated in public press releases about what mother nature knows how to handle best, the weather.

Let's hear it out, read this out loud, headline reads "Climate change responsible for melting ice".

Or like this, read this to yourself out loud, "Weather change responsible for melting ice."

Or better, "Weather change responsible for melting ice DUH."

Quite the different ring to it huh. Obviously we have been scammed. Who cares that weather melts ice when that same fucking weather creates it all over again every fucking year.

Mother Earth farts more CO2 here in one day, than in all the cars combined worldwide over an entire year. This happened in Chile. Rain forests LOVE IT. 

I love my family

I hear Republicans babble on and on about how they love their country. I wish they would replace the word "country" with "family" since really they love it so much like family. Then let's see if they could continue publicly spewing out their hate for their family that needs help with their health care and their family that needs food because they can't get a job because there are only so many jobs to go around or the packing plant moves out of the country to China while they reap the financial rewards of owning stock in that very company, dividends paying handsomely. 

Yea, they love their country.

I wish instead they would say how they love their family when they write stupid laws like in Kansas nearly makes it illegal to be dependent on government, while these same Republicans write their own dependents/family off their taxes. "We are doing this for our family" they would say!

Oh how they "love their country" they claim, yet the moment their country needs help, they say "fuck you" I don't fucking owe you anything. But really, they are their family, their country is their family, if they are going to keep claiming this bullshit of how they love their country and then do shit for the poor, they are sick. 

Our country is our family. If we treat our country like shit we are treating our family like shit and God does not approve of this one bit. 

The cult of dusty thinking

Really we are all guilty of it, I mean what human has never dealt with a little fog or dust of the brain now and then, but more important, what about those those cults, that suck people in. They are belief systems, sometimes so extreme the followers cut off their penises, which is pretty much like the cult of doctors who routinely cut off parts of the penis, or cults that do mass suicides, well, life is full of cults, religion is a cult, and as gays, we have been exposed to more than we would ever like of their occasional rampant hate. 

Remember the self absorbed Jerry Falwell who is now rotting in the ground and his vile hatred? The young kids don't even know who he is, but some of us went through hell and back watching him spew out hate in the early days of gay pride struggles. We're all glad he's dead and we don't have to listen to his bullshit anymore but back to cults, it was refreshing to discover a new cult, one that totally is hell bent on mocking religion, in fact, "destroying it", in fact ALL OF IT. The Cult of Dusty - this guy's way cool. On Facebook thepeoplesatheist 

Dusty claims he is an atheist and seems to have forged a place in that world as spokesman for the atheist cult. Now before you allow whatever religion you choose or were born with influence how you might perceive of an atheist who has 200k subscribers to his channel, you might just want to consider and answer this question, how many blood shedding wars were started by atheists? And before you blurt out "Hitler", stand corrected, he was nothing, the claims he was atheist are a myth.

So in Dusty's rants which I tend to adore, and are greatly entertained and inspired by, he tends to bash all religion as "fairy tales". 

Well so are movies and TV shows and Star Trek but people watch those and live out those fairy tales just as much they do the ones in the Bible he keeps bashing so what's the fucking difference? Children have fairy tales read to them, is that wrong too Dusty the man? Apparently so based on his "logic" god. Children believe in tooth fairies so that's a topic he should also bash if he was to be consistent with his philosophy that logic rules all. I'd like to see him scream and yell like he does in his videos to some kid who keeps asking about the tooth fairy. We know what would happen, the kid would start crying. Ah, but Dusty says "LOGIC". How fucking logical is it to make a kid cry and be terrified of an adult who can't stop ranting about his convictions. It's just as bad as those preachers on the street. 

Beliefs in things that cannot be proven to exist are human nature. I'd like to know if Dusty was to find himself lost in the wilderness, alone after a small plane crash that killed the pilot and he was left a lone survivor hundreds of miles from anyone, would he call out only to his logic god for help, when it's freezing cold in winter, no one is around for miles, and he knows he's facing a certain death, and getting a bit stressed out about the situation especially since there are no pot shops nearby? 

Would it be illogical to trick the mind for a while into believing that there is an invisible God out there or a crashed plane fairy so that it eases the mind enough from stress so much that in that state of complete relaxation and in this state of make believe, that the mind figures out a way to stay warm for another day and a way to build a fire to call attention to the plight and get rescued? No, "that would be too logical to allow fairy tales of the mind to do any such thing" according to Dusty logic, even though those kinds of things happen life all the time and that is the basis for why religion is worthwhile! But no, Dusty wants to destroy all fairy tales, so he claims or does he? Does he want to destroy those fairy tales of Mother Goose and the Three Bears? 

So as far as religion and unseen fairy tales goes, that's one thing, but then the unseen things like suicide are another. Suicide is a hot topic amongst the GBT community as it happens too often to kids who just can't take being G anymore and being put down for it by "loving Christians" and hateful bullies. Dusty's rant about suicide is both touching, pointed, and militant. He says "If you are thinking of committing suicide, DON'T FUCKING DO IT" and rants and rants going on and on screaming at the viewer about why it's not a good decision, why there's so many reasons to live, saying "there are countless people out there that want to meet you" (even though that's in itself a fairy tale as until it actually happens it's not real any more than God is real or isn't) his video on suicide is one like no other, compelling, and more should be made this way instead of these lame boring goopy soupy ones all so often made that are so incredibly boring they make me want to commit suicide. I give him 10 stars on that.

You see I don't like to throw the cult leaders anywhere out with the black water. Everyone does good and bad stuff, no one is perfect. He has his good points and others that are illogical.

Dusty says "logic" at the end of each of his podcasts, so if logic dictates, then fantasy is natural to human existence as we see in many examples of how the imagination can create reality. Imagine 1000 years ago someone fantasizing, a fairy tale as Dusty puts it, of being able to fly across the sky to travel across the ocean. Easy to view the results now, but Dusty, if alive 1000 years ago would hear a man talk about such a fantasy and start screaming at him "You fucking idiot there is no fucking way anyone can fly it is just not possible, let go of your stupid fantasy, I want to destroy all such fantasies". 

How does Dusty know that in a million years from now humanity will not find a way to prove God's existence? Or maybe in another 100 years? It's no more reality that God doesn't exist, than the idea that God does now is it. Just because we cannot prove it scientifically currently doesn't mean we won't in the future. It's the same with countless other things that scientists fantasize about that they can't yet prove, only theories, fantasies. 

Until that time of absolute logical proof of everything, remember, WE exist, and clearly our sole purpose on this Earth is mainly to entertain each other.

Marco Rubio says sexual preference is not a choice

Oh what does he know, every Christian fundamentalist wacko I have ever talked to "knows very well it's a choice" and each of them can prove it by choosing to be gay if they aren't already. But forget that, the BIGGER ISSUE here is that it doesn't fucking matter if it's a choice or not, being Christian is a choice and yet government PROTECTS THOSE WHO CHOOSE THEIR RELIGION. 

So fuck these people who suck you in to this lame argument getting you to try to prove to them "it's not a choice, I'm born this way" who fucking cares that it's a choice or not, GOVERNMENT PROTECTS MILLIONS OF THINGS THAT WE CHOOSE and these religious fuckheads have their choice of fucked up religions protected.

Now if someone chooses to steal, that is not a protected choice, but sexual preference is not stealing, nor is it anything else like the many things that are prohibited by law like plastic bags (baaaaaad bag, bad) which did not choose to be asexual, the argument is a complete waste of time. 

Don't get sucked in. 

It's time to drop defending/arguing this stupid choice issue. It's my choice to be fucking gay and government is compelled to protect that right as I am pursuing happiness just the same as idiots choose their religion and pursue their happiness. And for that matter, being gay is my religion, and that religion does not have to include their God in order for it to be protected. 

In fact, when we look at this, gay marriage already is legal everywhere, because my religion allows me to be gay, allows me to marry, and the US Constitution demands that my marriage in my religion, all of my choice, are protected equally, so all these laws against it are illusionary. 

Here, take another acronym boy!

We have all heard of ISIS by know and it's variations, now we learn of USIS. 

As per you can see this publication

So on the topic of stupid acronymality, here's another, THNMIDV/AIDSAUALITY

"The Human Not Monkey Immune Deficiency Virus" that causes "Alchoholic Impossible Disfunctional Syndromic Acronym Use As Liberated Information Technology Yes" has never been really found, it's all a bunch of smoke and mirrors as are many other acronym uses.

Fighting for sexual and travel neutrality 

The rage is on about net neutrality as if it's a good thing. Well if we use our heads a little bit, we see that just as with net neutrality, there are many other areas that need focus in maintaining neutrality. Let's focus more on GBT neutrality and we can start by dropping the L because it's giving too much attention on gay women which is not equal.  

In our quest for GBT neutrality we don't want any GBorT being more popular than any other, or having faster cars driving around gay  Palm Springs that go in the fast lane when others are only able to afford a bike or only can walk places and take the bus because that would not be neutrality and heaven forbid we create fast lanes for anything. In establishing worldwide neutrality in everything, we don't want jets that fly in anything but neutral lest others get there faster who have more money for faster planes. 

Hail travel neutrality! 

With pipes that carry the internet and water, there will be no "bigger pipes" that only carry water to certain big businesses, or power plants, because that would not be water neutrality.

This whold "net neutrality" scam is bogus nonsensical sales pitchery in high speed. We could compare it to so many things, but let's compare it to a car being in "neutral", it can't go anywhere. So who wants the internet to be stuck in neutral? Have you ever looked into buying internet service for your home or business? They have different tiers/plans, with different speeds, and different prices. This is how the internet has and always has operated, like everything. There are already different pipes, and if you have a $1000 per month to spend on internet service today, you can already get "preferred speeds" that are faster than the speed of light.  

The proponents of a "net neutral" world seem to ignore this fact in their sleasy sales pitches plugging net neutrality as if it's a concert and everyone is supposed to be charged the same price, but even in those, there are better seats sold for higher prices, hardly neutral. The whole world is full of non neutral things, thank God, who fucking wants to stay stuck in neutral???

Net neutrality, like HIV/AIDS is another term that makes little sense. 

That's some expensive shit!

In the "John Wick" movie (great movie) the puppy poop cost about 5 grand. They "wouldn't let them give the puppy a laxative" so they had to create it out of pixels using computer graphics. 

The Carbon Project

Seems everywhere there's an article about that big bad carbon thingy, polluting the environment. Carbon which is the same thing as charcoal or burned wood, you know that black stuff, is dirty, but so is dirt, dirt is very dirty, more so than carbon because it is dirt, and I don't see a call to clean up the earth of dirt, I guess mainly because it doesn't cause global warming without cooling. Oh but carbon is a known pollutant they say and since they say it it's true. 

Carbon is considered a part of a universal antidote to poison, did you know that? Yep, look it up, the best thing you can do for an adult if they swallow poisons like AIDS drugs or kids who think drain opener is soda pop and drink that and a mom is freaking give them some burned toast (carbon) and some milk and call poison control center if you have access to a phone. Both the carbon in the burned toast and the calcium in the milk help neutralize the poison.

Neutralize. We should look up that definition someday.

So we have these idiot global warming slash never cooling alarmists babbling off about 1000 foot ocean rises based on science that's as accurate as any done by monkeys throwing darts at of all things, dart boards, all claiming carbon is so horrible to be floating around in the air. Has it ever occurred (certainly not) that carbon CLEANS THE FUCKING AIR OF POISONS? Carbon is well proven to purify. It's used in home aquariums to filter OUT THE POISONS that accumulate when those little fishees take a piss and shit in the water. Carbon is used in water filtration everywhere, home and commercially, you likely drink water that WAS PURIFIED BY DIRTY CARBON. Then there's those air purifying oxides, 2 molecules of oxygen to each molecule of carbon. What a great purifier package! The reason God created waterfalls is the oxygenation of the water, the bubbles oxygenate, let's put it this way, they oxide-idate the water, so too the oxygen with the carbon in you guessed it, carbon dioxide, CLEANS THE FUCKING AIR.

DO/DID it ever dawn on humanity or these global warming without cooling fools, that carbon in the air is natures air purifier? Probably neigh. 

Another example, forest fires create tonnes and tons of carbon added to the air. Nature's purification. Simple. Logical. Can any one of these carbon bashers hear this?? I doubt it, lest they have to jump off bandwagons traveling very fast and get hurt.

commentary inspired in part by this article about Hillary Clinton, Keystone XL Pipeline, and "big bad" carbon

HIV comes out of the closet

Says "I'm tired of pretending to be something I'm not, I'm flu. Sorry to have misled you. I couldn't fully come out back then because I wasn't sure how my family (you all) would react."

Yes, since we have learned that HIV is really better called IV because it's ridiculously redundant to refer to it as being "human" as everyone is human that it affects (we don't see "Monkey Immune-o-Deficiency virus" in humans).

So the world has learned that basically all it is is a Immune-o-deficiency Virus-o and thus it's accurate to say immune deficiency is caused also by the flu virus, or "influenza virus" or "human influenza virus" which could also be labeled HIV (Human Influenza Virus), not that there is any one particular virus for either of those conditions as we all know they mutate, changing form faster than snowflakes. 

Still, like snowflakes lead to a pile of stuff we have to move out of the way until it all melts on it's own, we have all these viruses, all causing immune deficiency and we wait for them to be cleared out of our bodies by the snowplows, the show shovels, and the warmth. 

So next time you see your doctor, ask if he knows if you have HIV or HIV, because if it's HIV you might just get rest and drink plenty of fluids, but if it's HIV then you might want to jump into the mad world of HIV experimental medicine/poison to treat ID (Immune Deficiency).....orrrr maybe not. 

Further study indicates that it would be more accurate to insert HIV in/between HIV/AIDS, or better stated, IV/IV/AIDS, meaning Immunedeficiency leads to influenza, as you cannot get influenza without immune deficiency, because if you are not immune deficient, you are able to fight off influenza, so again, it should be labeled Human Immunedeficiency Virus (causes) Human Immune Deficiency (causes) Influenza (causes) Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or HIV/HIV/I/AIDS.

But again, we have to ask why does the medical community not understand the simple concept of word separation and consistency?



So I wake up today and in the news is a product recall for Hummus which they say a batch of it from one manufacturer has listeria. So I look up listeria and it says this:

"It is usually the causative agent of the relatively rare bacterial disease, listeriosis, a serious infection caused by eating food contaminated with the bacteria. The disease affects primarily pregnant women, newborns, adults with weakened immune systems, and the elderly. Listeriosis is a serious disease for humans; the overt form of the disease has a mortality rate of about 20 percent. The two main clinical manifestations are sepsis and meningitis. Meningitis is often complicated by encephalitis, a pathology that is unusual for bacterial infections." reference Wikipedia

I recall hearing about "meningitis outbreaks in the gay community" which has always been blamed on sex, as is everything LGBT/disease. So really meningitis is due to bad hummus. 

Then it goes on to say that the causes of meningitis are many, including viral, fungal, paracitic, and even "non-infectious" causes. 

Many causes? Surprise! Menengitis is a broader label/category just like HIV/Human Influenza Virus is a broader category for many causes of immune deficiency which also has many causes.

So I read further, "Various other specialized tests may be used to distinguish between different types of meningitis. A latex agglutination test may be positive in meningitis caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae, Neisseria meningitidis, Haemophilus influenzae, Escherichia coli and group B streptococci."

So one can get menengitis from having pneumonia or the flu.

This is the same situation with immune deficiency known as HIV, the flu virus can cause a positive result on HIV tests. Other things that can cause an HIV/POSITIVE result as well are various bacteria and other viruses, parasites, fungus, thus, we could then as well express these conditions like the following:






So I do a search on meningitis today 4/9/2015 and get the following.....note the call to vaccinate against BACTERIA! WHAT??? Since when do we vaccinate against bacteria? Also note the "gay sex" cause blame game. 

Other references that may be of interest, in one of the gay rags we see a story about the guy from WEHO who died after getting menengitis during the White Party in Palm Springs. On one hand the article says you can catch it from being around others who have the bacterial infection, such as from a cough, then they go on to reassure people that you cannot get it from the air people breathe. Wow! Right there, total contradiction!

America the dickiful 

Seems that's where we are headed as we read, "Kansas wants to ban welfare recipients from seeing movies, going swimming on government's dime. (". The Kansas shit on the poor bill also bans using welfare funds for a whole host of things. It of course is sponsored and created by committee members in that state who are ALL Republicans, who gained handsomely by having careers that participated in shipping jobs off to China. They all think they are fixing things. 

Reddit users commented:

The name game

Once again we see the naming of things play out, this time it's Dina the lesbian/gay dinosaur who gets his/her name back. More recently was Pluto being demoted from a planet to a thing like rock in space by a committee vote. Name games are so strange, like that stupid lesbian added to GBT thingy. Gay is male and female yet that L keeps showing up. 

Cutting the evolution of caking

A Christian dude verbally attacks a Florida bakery for exercising their freedom to decline to bake a cake that he requests to be made. The request was for a cake that would say something very anti gay. Watch this video first then watch "The De-Evolution of Josh Feuerstein" by a guy who blasts this fundamentalist shit to pieces.


Chick-Fil-A's New Anti-Gay Commercial. 

Warning: Protect your junk!

That's per Edward Snowden who says that the NSA is collecting dick pics. Well of course they are they will need them for identifying you someday. Gone will be the days of fingerprint scans which can be fooled, you will have to show your dick to gain entrance to those private places. 

see the John Oliver interview

Indiana pizza is different than NY pizza

A pizza shop there in the hot gay issue state that wrote a religious protections law has raked in the dough. It received about a million dollars in donations to support their stance in refusing service to people that were ordering pizza used for something they don't believe in. The owners are Christian and say they should not be forced to serve anyone when it goes against their beliefs. We all know the sides, but let's look at this from the middle. 

story here

"If a gay couple came in and wanted us to provide pizzas for their wedding, we would have to say no," she told an ABC affiliate. "We are a Christian establishment."

If you are a store owner, or even a corporation, do you or your corporation have a right to not provide something because it is against your beliefs? Before you answer that, look at CVS which banned the sale of cigarettes. Every one would agree they can sell what they want and what they don't want, correct? Of course in this case they don't pick and choose who they sell to.

I know we are not talking cigarettes, but let's say a business, a religious supply shop sells tobacco which is used for religious ceremonies, it is used as an incense, not to smoke like cigarettes, do they have the right to refuse to sell it to you if you walk in as an athiest, who smokes, who says to them "I will be using this to roll my own cigarettes". The owner, knowing that you are doing something that they don't approve of now has a problem as it's against their beliefs to provide anything to anyone that is against their beliefs. Those beliefs are like those of a corporation that says "no more cigarette sales, period". 

Now let's do this example a bit different. If the athiest walks in, wants tobacco, the store owner doesn't question how or why they are using it, they just provide the product, assuming that it's for what they intend to sell it for, that then doens't interfere with their beliefs as they are not forced to make a judgement call on it's use.

Let's look at a more graphic example, if someone goes to a gun store, legal age to own a gun, and they tell the store owner "I need a gun, I will be using it to perform a murder ritual in a country other than here that allows the killing of dogs as a sacrifice to the gods" does the owner, a 35 year old woman who has a charity to help save abused dogs have the right to refuse that sale? Does she not have a right to refuse the sale as she looks at the sign over her store counter that says "10% of all proceeds go to protect innocent animals from abuse?" What if it were a gay store owner?

What about the gay bar owner that has various gay themed events, weddings receptions in their large space and the like for gay men and gay women, who gets a call from the Westboro  Baptist Church, and they want to have their Bible study at the gay bar, does the owner of the bar have a right to refuse? Not the way this gay backlash against Indiana's law is currently going it doesn't. 

Be careful what you protest for. At the rate this is going the principles of math and science will start demanding longer would the plus and minus work together and let the equals do their job, the principles would demand the plus, minus, division, and equal all be equal............and what kind of universe does that create?


Some day I will retire from writing all this junk, but who will miss me? CEO's of big companies who have as much money as God & Satan combined? Certainly not. Maybe at their retirement parties might be the butt of jokes, but that's about it. heir retirements? I wonder if Apple's CEO now out and gay Tim Cook reads all this junk. 

read about his fake retirement party here 

Taking flight

Headline Google News, one day after April Fools, it's like this is a scary new development, that "anti biotic resistant" bacteria becomes airborne, but everyone knows that viruses, bacteria, and all particles of matter become airborne when the wind blows do they not? Thus the air is a transmission route like a shared needle. This should raise concerns. How about we institute an air share program to solve this problem.

HIV the retrovirus is like a retro Elvis who thinks he can convince you he's the real thing

The HIV song and dance is a drag show. Like with all drag performers, they are retro performances of big name stars, they may sound and act good, but they are all FAKE and cannot possibly do what the real thing did. So what is the real thing?  

Kill the gays bill

A Huntington Beach attorney named Matt McLaughlin came up with a blatantly illegal ballot measure called the "Sodomite Suppression Act" that would call for the killing of men who have sex with men and other unbibled sex perversions. I would say the intention is basically to spread a message of how distraught he is with gay marriage, or just to poke for fun, as I'm sure he's smart enough to know it would never pass Constitutional scrutiny. I wouldn't even blink an eye about this really, the more we feed into it with emotion, and react to it, the less we gain. It will probably move to the signature finding stage as it's illegal to block such free speech. I would guess he knows that it will get his message out to the world for a mere $200 filing fee as all the fag rags and standard media outlets have all written about it and are appalled and upset, and flaming mad and other carbon footprint gainers. He's probably thrilled at the reaction. One might note he too has a right to speak freely and being with all the speech impositions we find online and other places, this may be one of the very few places he can speak freely. In fact when you look at it this way, I would guess that he's offended just as much by the gay community's behavior and free speech as they are to his so we'd have to say as far as free speech goes, we are all even. Keep in mind, does anyone really think that his words would ever be met with equal actions. I don't think so. I would ignore it, as I do with most issues, er, well, do I ignore issues? Yes. I ignore issues. What I don't ignore is grammatical speech errors like found in the HIV drag show. So basically my response to this "kill the gays" bill is this, "oh that's nice, it's always good to see free speech alive and well".

Medical science can be a real drag

HIV/AIDS is ID in drag.

Strip off all of  it's fancy exaggerated dress, and what you have is "immune deficiency", which has many causational factors. 

Successful penis transplant surgery

First, it was transplanted from a human to a human, not in a garden patch. Second, the patient's dick was amputated after a circumcision went bad. So how 'bout we outlaw this barbaric practice in the first place, then you don't have to have a team of 11 doctors working 9 hours to fix your dick after they hack part of it off. Seems that would make some sense now wouldn't it AND anyone caught hacking off a part of anyone's dick should go to prison. 

"There is a greater need in South Africa for this type of procedure than elsewhere in the world, as many young men lose their penises every year due to complications from traditional circumcision," explains Van der Merwe. 




The latest twist in the bizarre world of mutations goes like this: They say "Our most recent clinical study demonstrates that acyclovir blocks HIV replication directly."

So Acyclovir is an anti-herpes med that treats HIV.

So here we have a correlation by those who believe the HIV terror theory, that the H virus (Herpes Virus) and the HI virus (Human Immune-o-deficiency Virus) are stopped by the same med, thus, what we can deduce from this, is obviously, they are the same virus. 

In studying viruses, bacteria, and other adjectives (I believe I reported on this here) that herpes is said to be a precursor to syphilis, it's the bodies immune response, they basically are the same processes, same viruses, just different stages. 

This of course would blow the HI virus terror scandal out of the water, but please, don't expect any apologies soon from any HIV drug pushers for how they killed your friends with anti HI virus/poisons. 


Vaccin' nation

There are those who live by the vaccination oath, vowing to vaccinate their kids for every known virus there is. I often wonder if they understand the similarity of computer viruses, how they are created or replicate, and how they compare to those "found" in man. If they knew the trullions upon zallions of viruses that these computer anti-virus programs "vaccinate" for, they might understand that there's equally as many replicating in the world that "infect humans" and how impossible it is to create vaccines for all octillion zillion viruses. Fortunately most of us understand that the body has it's own anti-virus software imbedded in it's IS, or as it's often called, the immune system. It creates copies of any invading virus, wipes it off our hard headed drive to be healthy, and we are well, most often never even noticing they came through, just like with our computers that are vaccinated with anti-virus software. 

I'm HYDROsexual

Someone seems to be not including me in their LGBT designation and I don't know whyyyyyyy. I deserve to be included in their equal rights. I should not be denied marriage, benefits, jobs becuase I am a hydrosexual. I deserve to be treated equal to lesbians, gays, transgendered, transexuals, bisexuals. I expect to be included, say LGBTT right? Who is the idiot that came up LGBT anyway? 

25 viruses cause IV in humans

It was recently discovered that 107 other viruses cause the 25 viruses that cause HIV. Now what do we do? This chase is getting rather tiring. Add to that the constantly mutating scientific theories, and it's enough to drive anyone to drink from the tap.

Dog does not get tested for AIV

reference 3/5/15

Was the dog asked if he had same/sex with other dogs? 

So now we have "Animal Immune-o-spot-o-deficiency Viruses to find a new drug for stock-o-portfolio?

People think the Earth is sinking

Climate Change Believologists have made note that just because there is massive amounts of snow in the Eastern US it doesn't mean the ship isn't sinking. One or two of them made a "meme" that expresses this interesting belief, which leaves out the differences between ships floating on water with a gash in their hull, and massive rocks spinning in circles around a sun for billions of years in full magnetic placement and rotation that basically stays the same, nor is the COOLING and WARMING effects of SPACE and SUN going to change in another billion years. The earth is like an ant colony farting, and some queen bee comes along and says "Hey you stupid ants, your farts are causing climate change, look we are having a hot summer because of it."

reference 3/5/15

This comparison is rather stupid because anyone on the boat could feel/see that the boat was at a rather unusual angle, whereas global warming idiots can't understand the most basic fact that we are surrounded by billions of light years worth of FRIGID/SPACE which constantly cools the planet. 

Abstinence educators

Apparently abstinence education has "utterly failed in Africa". Who would have ever dreamed that anyone but those in the religious zealot communities would teach abstinence but it's been going on for a third of a century at least since a little critter that goes retro was blamed for the immune holocaust. I don't suppose they would have included teaching mosquitoes about the virtues of obstaining from sharing dirty mosquito needles with humans. Shouldn't they teach them too? Maybe they should teach abstinence from getting tested so they don't get labeled incorrectly education.


. - . -- . - ... --

Verizon used Morse Code today (3/3/15) to make a statement about the FCC's recent ruling on "a free and open internet" that imposes 1934ish regulations on a technological system that's progressed so far beyond 1934. It makes me wonder how I can get that same kind of message of antiquated policy when it comes to those who ban male fag blood from being donated to blood banks, and to those who think THE/DEVIL is lurking inside people.

Adjectivley inconjugated

I study adjective science. 

Unconstitutional smostituional

U.S. District Judge Joseph Bataillon issued a preliminary injunction in the case brought by seven same-sex couples in the state, calling Nebraska's ban an "unabashedly gender-specific infringement of the equal rights of its citizens." - source

The article says the ban on same sex marriage, which I think includes fag marriage, lesbian marriage, gay marriage, homo marriage, and about ten thousand other adjectives marriage are all unconstitutional because they are gender specific. 

So get this, it's taken the federal government 2015 - 1776 years to figure this out? At that rate it will take the "authorities" on disease at the NIH, CDC, WHO, and many others, another 299 years to figure out that the 7 trillion adjectives in medical science that all refer to the same thing, ID syndromes, and that they are being denied equal treatment, and their blood is considered shit.

Time to liquidate 

Lumber Liquidators was called out on "60 Minutes" T/V show, for violating formaldehyde emissions from it's flooring made in China, allegedly lying to the public about it, and thus today's date March 2, 2015 the stock has plummeted 20% at which time the exchange halted trading.

What's interesting to me is the mention in the article of how formaldehyde can cause leukemia which is a cancer that manifests with abnormal white blood cells causing immune disfunction

What are white blood cells anyway? I thought blood was red!

Wikipedia states: Additionally, the diseases are subdivided according to which kind of blood cell is affected. This split divides leukemias into lymphoblastic or lymphocytic leukemias and myeloid or myelogenous leukemias:

So basically there's a problem with the immune system with leukemia, which means that if you are gay you could be labeled "immune deficient because of a viral cause" (HIV positive for short) if the unreliable scam of a test shows that "they have HIV", or in reality, you actually have myeloid leukemia, a problem with the white blood cells, which are the immune system defenders, of which leukemia and this immune cancer is caused by environmental toxins that attack the cells, not viruses that attack the cells. The reliable "virus is not a cause of immune dysfunction in gay males" groups i have followed all seem to point to environmental causes, which matches this leukemia environmental causes theory. It's not sex, and a virus, it's white blood cell cancer caused by toxins.

I think for those labeled HIV who were actually getting very sick actually have leukemia, or "cancer of the white blood cells" which is much easier to obtain from environmental factors than is presented by these "experts" in medicine and medical science and media (especially gay media which clings to the viral cause theory of everything).

Formaldehyde is everywhere, I smell it in many stores to this day in varying degrees. In certain places i notice it in high concentrations like for example when someone puts in a new floor that has high levels of formaldehyde, and they are boxed in their home because they are keeping it warm or cool with the doors and windows closed, the formaldehyde is entering the lungs all the time they are there, overnight, during the day, etc.

Not only that, in the health and nutrition circles, it's been widely stated, that people who drink too much, too much sugar, drugs, all those bad habit things can have formaldehyde caused in the entire immune system, developed by those ingested toxins during the processing of the food. Then there's formaldehyde that's in vaccines, directly injected into the BLOOD!

I don't expect anyone to even consider that what's claimed by the meidcal community to be a cause transmitted by having sex and sharing dirty needles (and oddly never is attributed to flying dirty needles) that if the patient has been labeled HIV already, for that label to ever be liquidated, as they all get stuck in their viral mania.


Need to adjust that LGBTQXYZ thingy again, add an M.

CFS obviously caused by HIV/ID

Online gay profiles now suck

When there first was this thing called gay there was no internet, and there was no "new disease affecting the gay community" as if diseases don't affect everyone regardless of sexual status. We didn't go around labeling ourselves too much. We didn't have this stupid "status" thing. Now I go online and create a profile and it asks all these questions. They want to know HIV status, yet it's no one's business. The laws regarding medical privacy protect people from being required to provide such status to anyone. Of course there are choices now like "no answer" which now-a-days makes it seem like someone has "something to hide". I suggest these gay sites be more fag by respecting one's privacy and leaving it merely up to individuals to discuss their health situations and such with people they meet on their own, rather than they be labeled in a profile.  

Why do lesbians get top/double billing?

In the theme of equality the whole thing should be circular, not L first, and Q's and F's last. 

The world of immune deficiency in BLTGQ's is flat

They think that if you venture out, away from certain ideas, you will fall off. 



The street sign showing a pedestrian crossing must have been in a gay/fag neighborhood. I use both terms fag/gay as to be politically correct and not offend anyone and be all inclusive. Come to think of it, since people like me prefer to be called fag, this should please the LGBTQF community.


google news feb 27 2015

So basically it's difficult diarrhea. What causes diarrhea? If you are allegedly HIV positive and have AID syndrome, it's allegedly caused by the alleged HI virus. If you are allegedly HI virus negative, then it's got multiple causes. Bad food is one, which leads to bad bacteria growth in the digestive system. But that makes no sense, why does it only have one cause when a virus is allegedly there, and multiple causes when there isn't one. Does the virus scare all the other bad things away? 

One size fits ALL/MOST

I was looking for a summer hat, and noticed this description for the size. It means for most all people. It doesn't mean ALL causes MOST.

Please do not wear these gun t-shirts if you are not white

see here

Smart syringes

This is too much. Where are the smart mosquitoes?

google news feb 23 2015

Only 9?

Only 943,825,196,394,255,245 more strains to go, or greater. This begs this question, can you get the same virus twice? Can you get the same flu twice? Can you get the same HPV or HIV twice? How can drugs target HIV when it doesn't know which mutation is there? Why is it that they say you can get all these other viruses, which attack the immune system, and you get over it, but they say you can't get over each new strain of HIV? And they say I need to get over it. Get ready to get trillions of vaccinations to cover all strains. 

Denying climate?

The headline reads: "Leading Climate-Denier Harvard Scientist Caught Accepting Bribes from Fossil-Fuel Corporations as well as the Koch Brothers"

Who denies climate? I can't find a single person anywhere that denies climate, yet that's what the headline claims, that there are climate deniers. It's another example of how lazy these people get in the use of language, people who want you to believe strange unproven theories, people who are selling us stuff, some of whom leading the sect are out to gain financially. They did this same thing to the gay community, selling old diseases with new labels, and new unproven horrible drug protocols, selling us the idea that we must go to war to fight the enemy, the virus. Some of these same people who push these viral wars also seem to have an issue with war, which is another contradiction, how can one be against war and then declare war?

Counting snowflakes

Yet another virus has been found they say "transmitted by ticks" (no mention of flying syringes). Boo! Mutating viruses keep getting discovered. Their quest is like trying to keep track of each individual snowflake while ignoring things like dirty endoscopes and such which are quite the liability. 

google news February 21, 2015

Sharing dirty proby thingys

As the virus turns, today we see the blame for the "superbug" placed on dirty endoscopes. Why are doctors sharing dirty endoscopes? Don't they know that dirty endoscopes spread disease like dirty needles and dirty flying syringes?


"Endoscopy means looking inside and typically refers to looking inside the body for medical reasons using an endoscope, an instrument used to examine the interior of a hollow organ or cavity of the body. Unlike most other medical imaging devices, endoscopes are inserted directly into the organ." -

Funny world we live in, we have some people going around shoving this mantra down our throats of not sharing dirty needles and not sharing dirty condoms, never once mentioning hover crafts that fly into backyards to suck our blood and share, and yet we find the medical community re-use things that are inserted into our bodies that cannot be cleaned properly. 

I clean my dick better than they do with these endoscopes! 

I must thank reporters who dig up this stuff for routinely sharing dirty secrets.

google news February 21, 2015

Promises, promises

If I had a dollar (US) for every time I heard a promise a new HIV vaccine wazza cumin, I'd be a 1/2 millionaire. So here we go again, no vaccine here yet, after 30+ years of promises, and the new promise is based on "a genetic breakthrough" and "gene therapy". 

google news February 19, 2015

I give my genes therapy every day, with exercise, nutrition, and a massage and they love it. 

Notice in the news headline snapshot the ongoing improper double down on the use of virus "HIV virus" or "human immune-o-matic-deficiency virus virus". Someone please inform these smart people keep doing some dumb things. One conversation might go like this:

"I notice that you keep saying virus twice, maybe you should say HI virus or HID virus. That would be more accurate than using virus twice, and we all know what sticklers you guys are for accuracy."

There's one little problem with this whole vaccine quest, injecting HIV into your blood, when they also say to avoid it like the plague. After all that's why gay blood is treated like shit, refused, dumped out, never used. Imagine getting HI virus injections. How fun is that! 

Or, you could just let penisis do it for you to develop immunity. As far as the quest for money trying to find a vaccine, that's no problem for those who sell nice cars to these guys, medical communitians are some of their best customers. 


In the 1980's when AIDS labels were first manufactured, there were few involved in the process. Today it a bustling business with testing and drugs, but funding for it's research keeps dwindling, and had peaked some years back. 

So on today's date February 19, 2015, it was interesting to see one of the pioneers who created this new label "AIDS" pop up online in an "ask me anything" forum, and we get to see what he's headed into next. 

"I'm Jim Curran, Dean of Emory's Rollins School of Public Health. In 1981, I led CDC's investigation of a pneumonia outbreak among homosexual men in LA, the cause of which we termed "AIDS." With me is Carlos del Rio, Global Health Dept. Chair and instructor of an online Ebola course." - see the discussion here on Reddit

So actually some gay men got pneumonia outbreak. It was pneumonia. 

Let's compare headlines: 

"Gay men were tested for a pneumonia outbreak"

"Gay men were tested for the horrific condition called AIDS"

It was pneumonia, but they came up with a new label, claiming sex had something to do with pneumonia, they packaged and sold with hysterics to the world. 

HE SAID IT. They named pneumonia AIDS - "the cause of which we termed AIDS". But, wait, AIDS is not a cause, it's a syndrome. Confused again? That's nothing new in the wacky world of medical definition syndromes or MDS for short.

But let's look at the doctor's statement, that statement doesn't even make sense, as the cause of AIDS is HIV, everyone knows that, oh wait, I have that wrong, he said the cause of pneumonia is AIDS which is caused by HIV, so for those of us who are good at math word problems, we see that means pneumonia is caused by HIV. 

But that's a contradiction in scientific claims. To say pneumonia has various causes, then claim it's caused by an immune deficiency virus found in humans (which is redundant because we are already discussing humans) is contradicting statements of causation.*

* "cause we termed AIDS" - AIDS is caused by HIV - pneumonia caused by AIDS - so if pneumonia is caused by AIDS and AIDS is caused by HIV, then pneumonia is caused by HIV

So P-new-monia is not caused by having sex and catching a virus by having sexual bodily fluid contact, no one ever states that pneumonia is caught by having sex, but this is what they claimed, the gay community bought it, the world bought it, politics demanded it, and this is where the whole thing started. 

Oh if  you were there you might remember the terror campaigns on TV and other medias. 

Research money is drying up fast for AIDS, so is it any wonder that now the more exciting prospects of viral gold might be found in studying e-bola. 

To reiterate, what one of the scientists who started the theory that "pneumonia in gays = AIDS".....HE labeled pneumonia AIDS, not me, not many others. Prior to the manufactured label of AIDS it was and always was pneumonia, caused from smokey bars, too much alcohol, street drugs, immune suppressing activities, etc. which was pretty rampant back then in the gay world and other diseases with various causes not one.

Then there was a comment about "immunosuppressive therapy" - why would anyone want to immune suppress an immune suppressed system?

And there was an ongoing discussion in the thread on gay blood bans which is worse than the ban on gay marriage and triple worse than the bans on gays in the military. Only straight blood is acceptable? Who the fuck came up with that? So what we have here in are governments instituting a policy that says straight blood is superior to gay blood. Where is the test that tells me them if blood is straight of gay? What horseshit. Yet to thid day bans remain. 

Where is Rosa Parks when you need her. 

Super duper

google news February 19, 2015

Exposed to CRE? Now what the fuck is that? More like CMI, contaminated medical instruments, and they claim they found a link to "superbugs" whatever the fuck that is, nothing like broader and less and less specific terms to describe health problems. Might as well just say they are very sick instead of sick or very extra sick. 

And links are found in a "chain link fence" too but it doesn't mean the links are linked to anything other than the other links. The claim of linking a "superbug" to death is like linking broken links to escaped prisoners of the wacky superbug theory. Which bug is it? Mosquito with it's flying syringes? Superladybug? Oh no, ladybugs never carry anything but their purses. Or is it one of the infinite billions of trillions of zillions to the power of octillions of mutating parasites/viruses that the world will not be able do discover for 100,000,000 trillion billion years from now?

Monkey see monkey dodo

So I'm reading this article, the researchers claim they have discovered:

"A research team has shown that a lab-made molecule that mimics an antibody from our immune system may have more protective power than anything the body produces, keeping four monkeys free of HIV infection despite injection of large doses of the virus." ( - on Reddit by Libertatea

So here's a comment by alainphoto:

"A single injection has protected monkey for 34 weeks from the monkey version of HIV. They have been injected with four time the dose that was enough to infect the control group. Impressive protection level!"

Seriously? Why does one refer to this as "the monkey version of HIV?" It's not HIV then it's MIV. See this is the mixed up convoluted brainwashed culture of HIV discussion, they whole viral world revolves around this term H-I-V. They can't discuss what is really being studied here, MIV. 

Dick, tree 

Mmm, silicone, yummy

New silicone infused with silicone oil = super-slippery, and proven to keep bacteria from growing on medical tubing

So are these used for IV's? Do I want silicone going through my veins?

Roundup is killing off the Monarch butterfly's food supply

HIV is probably immune, but much like the poison AZT in AIDS drugs killed off the food supply of red blood cells in humans in the 1980's, today we have a similar killing off problem with butterflys. The toxic weed killer is responsible for killing off milkweed. Both products were approved for use by the FDA. Gotta just love that government of ours and theirs.

3x the gay

click image for fun/song/vid

and then there's this version and this one 

Spurious correlations

This website shows a number of random correlations that have been discovered. This is pretty much how the HID enthusiasts have correlated a virus with dicks and needles (while ignoring flying needles in mosquitoes).

There's even books about it

How to Lie With Statistics
By Darrell Huff

How many strains of B/AD research can you fit in one world

This news appeared on Google News on Valentines Day 2015

The ree-searchers claim that this strain is so deadly (scared yet?) that it can kill an infected person within 3 years if not treated (there's that drug pushing again). 


I have heard all this bullshit for 35 years now, they are completely contradicting themselves constantly like fundamentalist preachers trying to sell us on how the Devil/God was also going to kill us for being gay/fag unless we go to church, repent, and pay 10% of our income for their lavish lifestyles. 

It's been said for decades that HIV mutates. So why is this news? If does mutate, which is standard theory for all viruses (and mutations always get weaker not stronger) then there's endless strains, infinite, as many virus variations as there are numbers in Pi. 

So they say get treated, but that's also a crock, those treatments are for other strains previously discovered right, because each strain mutates. They constantly mutate. They are not targeting the new strains they haven't yet discovered. HIV drugs target viruses the way atomic bombs target a rabbit in a forest. It's also similar to dropping a bomb in the national forest to stop the problem with various strains of ants that keep infecting picnics. What a great way of governing bodies handling problems, which leaves the forest in the body, and bunny rabbits which are like blood cells, not doing so well. 

Those NOT in the medical bombardment community will approach various strains of ants and bogus viruses differently.

The virus hunters every year have open "flu virus" season, which mutates also, and they have to try to figure out which one is going to prevail before flu season hits. That's another farce. Since all viruses mutate, there is no way in hell anyone can predict which one or ones will be there each second, day, week, month, or year later. The experts have said that themselves.

The body has mechanisms to handle this problem already, it's called an immune system. 70% of it is in your gut. Dump toxins like alcohol down there, drugs, and massive quantities of sugar, and you throw the whole thing off. 

The Nipple Bill

Just when you thought it was safe to trust politicians....lawmaker wants to expand indecent exposure to include dude nips 


Why I don't date

"Every time you date someone, statistically they become the person most likely to kill you."


Alabama goes nuts

"This week some Alabamians have been absolutely thrilled that marriage equality has come to their state. Others have been just reeling, losing their very minds over the fact (FACT) that their God will now be raining hellfire and frogs down on their state for failing to preserve marriage as between one wingnut and one lady wingnut."

e-bola lives one week after death

Was there a funeral for it? As the e-bola virus turns, this week we see the claim that it's alive for one week after death. I wonder how they figure this stuff out. Since viruses are not living things how does it die, what causes it's death, and what other factors cause non-living viruses to "live" different lengths of time when they are already dead? I pointed out before that viruses are parasites, not living things yet they keep calling them living things. Actually I was not the first to point this out, it's in textbooks everywhere. 

"Ebola Virus Still Infectious for a Week After Death" the headline states. I guess we could say that a dead virus remains infectious after death. Of course there is no explanation as to why it would not be infectious after that week, unless it died, but since they are not living things, someone please explain this twilight zone phenomena.



appeared on Google News February 14, 2015

Openly, by sexual

The first governor to ever in the history of the US come out as bisexual.


The US Government at one time lobotomized soldiers for being fag. And you trust them today in approving AIDS and other drugs that lobotomize healthy cells? 

Alabama gay marriage

The Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy. S. Moore is defying a federal Supreme Court order for Alabama to allow S. S. Marriage. This is the same dude that defied orders to take down the public display of the religious Ten Commandments in a court building. He threatened all probate judges that would defy his order to defy the Supreme Court order, would be impeached. People are thrown in jail thousands of times each day for defying orders for petty things. Why on earth isn't this man thrown in jail?

I'm not gay

I'm a fag. You can call me a homobro. Please make a gay notation of this. 

Just a suggestion

Change BLTG to BHT (Bisexual, Homosexual, Trangenderortranssexual) to remove redundancy.

I enjoyed this movie does tha make me gay or fag

Triple Standard

Pope says it's ok to smack kids

Seems to my understanding of this news, that the dignitary basically says violence is fine as long as there is dignity. No mention of the foreskin holocaust and the 600 million cut penisis that have had their lives changed for ever, and no mention as to whether cutting part of a child's dick off is paramount to smacking with dignity or not.

Virus hunting

Reminds me of witch hunting and the Salem HIV trials.

Health 102

Some vaccine pushers just can't seem to understand that the anti-vacciners and anti-HIV/NONSENSERS have just as much right to speak freely as Charlie Hebdo.

According to a commenter stated, "This teacher helps students question EVERYTHING. I think this is a very important skill. Just because the government or large corporations such a pharmaceutical companies tell you one thing, doesn't mean it is true. This professor helps students realize that it is OK to question things and form your own opinions.

Hillary Clinton's brain is flat

She mocked the "anti-vaccine" crowd saying "The earth is round" as if the anti-vacciners think the Earth is flat, while ignoring the absolute fact that vaccines have caused death which is according to the creators of the vaccines themself going back into the 1950's. We have had vaccine direct cause deaths even with Polio (Poliomylelitis). No vaccine is completely safe so no government should require vaccination. Government should require the pomp ass stupid politicians be quarantined and not allowed to infect the minds of the public with their rhetoric without being immunized from political crap like this. reference

"The [polio] virus enters through the mouth, multiplies in the intestines, and targets the nervous system." - 

So what's so special about HIV that it doesn't enter the mouth by air this same way and only through dicks or flying needles? The HIV/SEX theory makes no sense. 


Polio is a shortened term that describes "paralysis caused by a virus". We know paralysis is a nerve/muscle condition and has many causes, one of which is exposure to toxic chemicals and pesticides. Ever see that video of the kids playing in a cloud of DDT spray in the 1950's when polio was prevalent? Isn't it odd that polio went away the same time DDT went away?

DDT Insecticide Spraying Against Infantile Paralysis - that's the title of a video on Youtube - let's read that again, DDT INSECTICIDE SPRAYING AGAINS INFANTILE PARALYSIS - OMG what the hell are they spraying DDT for? It was DDT that caused infantile paralysis, aka polio, not a virus! These fog trucks went around neighborhoods and sprayed big clouds of this neurotoxin. 

you got to see this, it's incredibly eye opening

as stated by the Weston A. Price foundation website:

Pesticides and Polio: A Critique of Scientific Literature Posted on February 8, 2003 by Jim West 

The following statement appeared in the Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology, 1991, edited by Wayland J. Hayes and Edward R. Laws: "It has been alleged that DDT causes or contributes to a wide variety of diseases of humans and animals not previously recognized as associated with any chemical. Such diseases included. . . poliomyelitis, . . . such irresponsible claims could produce great harm and, if taken seriously, even interfere with scientific search for true causes. . ."1

Hayes and Laws were informing their readers about the heretic, Dr. Morton S. Biskind. In 1953, when Biskind's writings were published, the United States had just endured its greatest polio epidemic. The entire public was steeped in dramatic images - a predatory poliovirus, nearly a million dead and paralyzed children, iron lungs, struggling doctors and dedicated nurses. The late president Franklin D. Roosevelt had been memorialized as a polio victim who was infected with the deadly poliovirus near the beautiful and remote island of Campobello. The media was saturated with positive images of scientific progress and the marvels of DDT to kill disease-carrying mosquitos. Jonas Salk was in the wings, preparing to be moved center stage.

Through this intellectually paralyzing atmosphere, Dr. Biskind had the composure to argue what he thought was the most obvious explanation for the polio epidemic: Central nervous system diseases (CNS) such as polio are actually the physiological and symptomatic manifestations of the ongoing government and industry - sponsored inundation of the world’s populace with central nervous system poisons.

Paralysis - loss of muscle function - this can be caused by toxins or a fall such as that of Christopher Reeve


It's not rocket science.

Did you get a polio vaccine, you may have received a lot more than your bargained for

Show me one politician that can understand any of this and I will show you my dick.

Bacon wrapped self righteousness

Huckabee, a 2016 presidential hopeful compares forcing businesses like a cake shop to serve up gays wedding cakes with two men holding hands on it, to government forcing Jewish deli owners to serve up bacon wrapped shrimp.

This is another of many stupid of many republican statements that make no logical sense.

If a cake maker sells cakes for weddings, and the state they do business in sanctions same sex weddings, then they can't discriminate legally and offer cakes for man/woman couples and then say "no we cannot serve you as a man/man couple".

If a Jewish owned food store refuses to sell bacon wrapped shrimp, they have the right to refuse because they refuse this to everybody.


You were once a zygote

"After an egg is fertilized, the resulting one-celled organism becomes known as a zygote which eventually becomes an embryo after rapid cell division." 

Funny thing, it looks just like a virus. What if.......what they call viruses are zygotes? It would not be the first time in history that the same thing had different words expressing it.

Homologous Immune Deficiency Equivalent

HIDE - the new name for the examination of the study/mess they call HIV/AIDS and establishing a purpose of understanding that human immune deficiency (HID) is the same as immune deficiency in humans (IDH). Start date February 1, 2015. Certainly as we probe the contradictions of the definition of deceit called HIV/AIDS we will see, and have seen, many hiding from scrutiny. 

Redundant sea

The term "LED lights" is redundant, the D stands for diode which is a light, so saying LE diod lights, that's saying lights 2x.

HIV virus, a term used quite often, is double redundant as it both unnecessarily adds the term "human" to something that is already human, and it says virus twice. Maybe they are saying that IDV's are specific to humans and monkeys, not the same but different? Well that's not possible as that would contradict the theory that they came from monkeys. Monkey see monkey do. 


Compact fluorescent light bulbs get a bad rap because they contain mercury which pollutes an environment.

Vaccines don't get the same bad rap even though they also contain mercury which pollutes an environment.


The claim is they will be ready for the next e-bola outbreak by stockpiling on the vaccine and hitting it hard. I don't believe this is a good approach. Neither do many doctors. They did this with people back in the 1990's who merely tested positive with an HIV test that provides inaccurate results. The program was labeled "hit hard hit early". It was heavily pushed/advertised by all the gay rags. At some point they stopped it because hitting people hard was a no brainer, it took some brains to see that they were getting extremely sick from the prescribed drugs that hit them hard. These chemical formulations are very problematic, kinda like using pesticides. DDT/AZT anyone?  


Seminal fluid enhances the immune system

"Here, we show that a soluble form of CD38 (sCD38) released from seminal vesicles to the seminal plasma plays a crucial role in inducing tolerogenic dendritic cells and CD4+ forkhead box P3+ (Foxp3+) regulatory T cells (Tregs), thereby enhancing maternal immune tolerance and protecting the semiallogeneic fetus from resorption." -

In other words, you and I are alive today because semen inserted into the body caused a beneficial immune response

This flys in the face of the bizarre H immune deficiency syndrome theories that bastardize semen, saying to avoid all contact with bodily fluids. It also contradicts claims made that semen exposure causes "oxidative stress". Oxidation in the body is a natural process that occurs every day.

Oxidative stress is something that happens to steel when salt water corrodes it and some claim something like this happens to the body when we are exposed to semen. ROFL. Semen is mostly comprised of water, sugar, and vitamins and minerals. I guess the HIV pushers think water in semen could cause the iron in the body to rust. 

"The aim of this website is to promote the idea that the oxidative stress (unchecked free radical activity) plays a central role in human, animal and plant pathology. The last 30 years or so have seen the accumulation of a large body of evidence pointing to the relationship between the oxidative stress, human diseases and aging." - 

So basically, if immune deficiency is caused by oxidative stress, and immune deficiency is happening in human, thus the cause of immune deficiency in humans (HID) is UFRA (Unchecked Free Radical Activity) and not a virus, thus there does not even exist a human immune deficiency virus because the cause is already established as due to unchecked free radical activity, unless this virus causes unchecked free radical activity, which of course, anyone with a vested interest in seeing the perpetuation of such theories will claim. 

Thus, if the theory that free radicals are the problem (I know of no research that states that viruses cause problems with free radicals) then the theory HIV causes AIDS must be fully discarded.

"The free radical theory of aging (FRTA) states that organisms age because cells accumulate free radical damage over time.[1] A free radical is any atom or molecule that has a single unpaired electron in an outer shell.[2] While a few free radicals such as melanin are not chemically reactive, most biologically-relevant free radicals are highly reactive.[3] For most biological structures, free radical damage is closely associated with oxidative damage. Antioxidants are reducing agents, and limit oxidative damage to biological structures by passivating them from free radicals.[4]" - 

Thus what we have is a problem with aging of cells and/or the destruction of cells. One of the indicators that was used to "determine" that there was a viral cause, was the rapid decline in the health of those who had "AIDS" in the early days (1980's) but they were given AZT which directly caused this oxidization/destruction/aging of cells. 

But let's read further what the biological oxidation website states, "Biological oxidation and its pathological arm, the oxidative stress, should be regarded in the broader context of life's "rusting" process. This process, while natural and inevitable can be slowed down to a certain extent. As we fight the destructive action of oxygen on all sorts of man-made products so we must aggresively counteract excess free radical activity which can harm the body in so many ways." 

So it is the rusting process.

But they also claim oxygen harms cells. Funny, all the study I have seen regarding health, nutrition, and exercize, encourages us to get more oxygen. So there seems to be a problem with this whole "free radical" theory.

This source claims (as do many) that free radicals (oxygen) are found in things we do, "Oxidation can be accelerated by stress, cigarette smoking, alcohol, sunlight, pollution and other factors." - 

But this seems to contradict, smoking introduces a lot of CHEMICALS, not more free radicals (oxygen). Sunlight doesn't add oxygen (free radicals) either. Pollution doesn't add oxygen, it adds CHEMICALS.

So WHO MAKES UP ALL THIS STUFF?? It appears that chemicals are the problem, not oxygen and not viruses that don't exist.

Let's get back to basics here, we need to find out what causes immune deficiency. Let's look at it like we do with vitamin deficiency. When we have chemicals bombarding our cells, it's not the free radicals (oxygen) that are the problem, it's the chemical process of destruction of the cells. We do know though that chemicals that destroy cells include alcohol and snlight can destroy skin cells, but it's not due to oxygen, it's due to the ultra-violet rays that destroy the cell. 

So back to what the Perth Group claims about oxidative stress (free radicals/oxygen) being the cause of HIV/AIDS....they say "the mechanisms responsible for AIDS could be reversed by the administration of reducing agents, especially those containing sulphydryl groups (SH groups)." -

So I looked up these SH groups, and got this from Wikipedia, "n organic chemistry, a thiol is an organosulfur compound that contains a carbon-bonded sulfhydryl (-C-SH or R-SH) group (where R represents an alkane, alkene, or other carbon-containing group of atoms). Thiols are the sulfur analogue of alcohols (that is, sulfur takes the place of oxygen ..."

CARBON fixes the problem.

So we should be feeding burnt toast to AIDS patients who have been poisoned by AZT and other chemicals.

Burnt toast - carbon - claims that cellular redox is the problem with immune deficiency, but redox is not necessarily bad..... "Many important biological processes involve redox reactions. Biological energy is frequently stored and released by means of redox reactions." so says

So what makes and the Perth Group so sure that it's this broad term "cellular redox" that causes immune deficiency. Every time I look at causes of immune deficiency I see either vitamin, mineral, food deficiencies, or chemical excess damaging cells. 

Fag hag

Translated to Spanish: bruja vieja del marica and it's another word that some communities need to stop using. Hag. What a horrible slur. 

Workplace scenery

Fag pride

New flag, new agenda. No rainbows. No demands. Fag pride invokes our right to call ourselves what ever we want. Fag pride does not promote outing anyone as gay or lesbian or any other label unless that person agrees in writing that they want that label. 

How irritating

They want me to put a skin irritant (latex) on my dick to make them happy and feel "safe" from monsters we can't see on our dicks, or under our beds. The only way they are happy is if I wear latex condomes. How about we compromise, I will paint my dick with latex paint, whatever color is politically correct. That will protect it from viruses, bacteria, weather, and offensive colors like gay rainbows.

My stick of wood is gay

Please call it gay, do not call it a fagot, it finds that offensive. It's a gay not a fagot. 

I am a stick in the mud

Please call me a faggot.

Google Translate's mouth given an all out scrubbing with LGBT soap

Ah yes, as the bandwagon turns and the world says it supports free speech that mocks Holy Figures, aka "we have the right to say and draw anything we want about Mohammed but don't you dare say anything about my mom" we find in this corner, Google Translate machine has been called out for speaking too freely, as it used to provide terms like faggot in translation of gay, and bulldyke in translation of lesbian amongst other terms like happy and homosexual and queer. They called out a fucking computer. The group called All Out (which by it's name might imply that they would demand that all of us "come out" against our will) noticed the "blunder" and complained to Google who promptly erased the "offensive" terms. They called it a "bug" in it's translator, but I find the "bug" in groups like All Out who claim to speak for me yet they could care less how I feel. 

I find the word gay offensive. 

Do not call me gay. Call me faggot. Call me a fucking fagot or call me a homo, DO NOT CALL ME GAY I FIND THAT EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE. I should write Google and complain they even allow the word gay to be translated into anything but "happy".

references on YouTube

here's what you get now in the clean sanitized holy gay roller Google Translate version:

gay Definitions of gay adjective (of a person, especially a man) homosexual. "that friend of yours, is he gay?" synonyms: homosexual, lesbian, queer lighthearted and carefree. "Nan had a gay disposition and a very pretty face" foolish, stupid, or unimpressive. "making students wait for the light is kind of a gay rule" noun a homosexual, especially a man. "Some even try to hide their homosexuality by badmouthing gays and lesbians generally." See also gay boy, being gay, gay bar

So let's go see how Google translates fagot:


and when we say we want 7 more examples, this is what came up:

fagot Synonyms of fagot noun

queen, fairy, nance, poof, fag, queer, pansy, pouf

Examples She threw an extra fagot in the fire and when she examined him, Raine noticed for the first time how young he really was. She threw an extra fagot in the fire and when she examined him, Raine noticed for the first time how young he really was. automatically translated by Google Trade union boss Ernie Bevin lit the faggots to his political funeral pyre in October 1935 at Labour's Brighton conference, in a ferocious speech which had Virginia Woolf in tears. Trade union boss Ernie Bevin lit the faggots to his political funeral pyre in October 1935 at Labour's Brighton conference, in a ferocious speech which had Virginia Woolf in tears. automatically translated by Google Are you are aware that faggot means bundle of sticks? Are you are aware that faggot means bundle of sticks? automatically translated by Google Between the Neanderthal's bundle of burning faggots and the blinding blue glare of the modern headlight, man has brightened the darkness in a number of ingenious ways. Between the Neanderthal's bundle of burning faggots and the blinding blue glare of the modern headlight, man has brightened the darkness in a number of ingenious ways. automatically translated by Google Harder rocks were broken down by 'fire-setting', a process in which the rock face was heated by burning faggots against it, and then quenched with water, causing the rock to fracture. Harder rocks were broken down by 'fire-setting', a process in which the rock face was heated by burning faggots against it, and then quenched with water, causing the rock to fracture. automatically translated by Google The faggots of blistered steel are made by binding in a bundle, around a bar of double that length, four pieces of eighteen inches long, which are secured in their positions by a small band of wrought iron, which is subsequently removed. The faggots of blistered steel are made by binding in a bundle, around a bar of double that length, four pieces of eighteen inches long, which are secured in their positions by a small band of wrought iron, which is subsequently removed. automatically translated by Google These faggots are placed in the forge hearth until they have attained a strong welding heat. These faggots are placed in the forge hearth until they have attained a strong welding heat. automatically translated by Google When the plotters breached the cellars at Westminster, Fawkes set the explosives under a pile of faggots . When the plotters breached the cellars at Westminster, Fawkes set the explosives under a pile of faggots . automatically translated by Google Fewer examples

So I went to the website, and saw their petition. Here's how I would sign it:

On the AllOut You Tube channel they say this:

MOVING Video for Global LGBT Equality: Going All Out 116,279 views 4 years ago A video produced by All Out in collaboration with our friends on 5 continents - from Buenos Aires to Beirut, Kathmandu to Capetown to Tokyo and beyond. All Out is bringing together people of every identity - lesbian, gay, straight, transgender and all that's between and beyond - to build a world in which everyone can live freely and be embraced for who they are.

Ok, I'm FAG, not gay, I'm fag. Please include me. Please make that LGBTF. I relate with being called fag. I do not relate with being called gay and I am gender non-tell-you. So that's F for fag and GNTY for gender-non-tell-you. Thank you AllOut for including me as a fag.

Bottom line, I don't support language cleansing any more than I support ethnic cleansing. Leave my fucking language alone. 

It used to be that gay merely meant happy, like in the sentence "I'm always gay to make my bed in the morning".

After all it's such a fag to make up my bed in the morning. It's boring and tiring. 

18th century the term fag refered to old woman, faggot gatherers, making meager living selling and gathering firewood. 

Fags were younger boys serving older boys. Faggot is a meatball. Fag is a cig. Farratto - bundle of wood.

Maricon in Spanish.

And the next bandwagon is...

Pigs. Save the pigs from inhumane conditions. Watch pork prices skyrocket as we see Spot run. 


Double entandras go viral

We keep hearing about outbreaks of measles now originating from Disneyland California, which originated from foreigners of course. People are afraid. School principals are not allowing kids in who are not vaccinated. 

Now think just a little about this, are not the only ones that are in danger the ones that are not vaccinated? Let's say there's 1% of the kids in the entire school who is not vaccinated, and 99% that are, by simple math, according to the wacky theories of vaccination, 99% have no need to worry one bit. Yet when we look at this further, the 99% just got injected with measels virus, thus, it's the 1% that are vulnerable to catching it.

If the vaccination was so effective, who would be worried about their vaccinated kids catching it from the unvaccinated? Makes absolutely no sense. 

Got ID?

What causes immune deficiency? Many things. 

What causes it when it's in humans? Well that's a rather stupid thing to ask, we already answered that.

That's so 80's

Terms like gay, lesbian, and all the others that make up the AQTBGL community are so out of date. Come'on guys, let's come up with something better than these stupid acronyms.

Just because

If an alleged criminal is in a bank, that doesn't mean he's going to rob the bank. 

It's the same way with alleged viruses, just because they are there doesn't mean they are going to do anything.

Science doesn't stand there and watch every move these alleged virus criminals make, nor do they have 24/7 monitoring equipment. 

Exercize footprints

CARBON/WARMING enthusiasts are always telling us their doomsday scenarios if we don't reduce our 'carbon footprint' which is a rather catchy little phrase to imply that each of us is responsible for some amount of carbon being put into the atmosphere. They never mention the CARBON dioxide that people exhale after they inhale oxygen. So simply breathing gives each of us a carbon footprint. Those who do not exercise have a smaller carbon footprint, those who exercise a little each day, have a bigger carbon footprint. Those who go to the gym a few times a week have an even bigger carbon footprint, and those who exercise every day and are constantly complaining and talking our ears off with their global warming garbage, have a bigger carbon footprint than anyone. 

Pushing pricks

Vaccine pushers are declaring to stay out of Disneyland California unless those who go there are vaccinated for measles (as if viruses are only contained within theme park walls). By their logic, they should be declaring all people in the entire State of California, and country of the USA be vaccinated, and for that matter, the world "in order to contain the outbreak". Actually, that's pretty much always been on their ajenda$, vaccinate everyone. 

Some prefer a more natural approach to medicine and immunity, get fucked by some dude who's got measles (basically they are injected with it like with needle with the virus) and it stimulates an immune response, and they become immune. So why doesn't that work with certain other viruses? Want to be immunized for HIV? Get fucked by someone who has it, or go to a gay bar-b-q outdoors where there's lots of mosquitoes (flying syringes) sucking out some HIV blood and sharing it with others. There. Injected. Immune. 

Acronymphomania - the never ending quest for more acronyms

I read this stupid article that claims that lactic acid is NOT the cause of muscle soreness. Acronym alert - OMG! 

So all the medical professionals, physical therapists, nutritionists, trainers, gym buffs in the world are wrong, and have been for a hundred or more years about lactic acid? 

Let's look at the statement in question found here:

What Soreness Is

That next-day soreness isn't from lactic acid or any toxins produced during exercise. Think about it: if it were, the soreness would start at the gym and resolve over time. Instead, it's called delayed-onset muscle soreness (or DOMS) because it begins several hours afterward, and peaks (on average) around two days after exercise.

So the article goes on to say the cause is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, so basically "soreness causes delayed soreness" is what it's saying, but it's interesting how this new information is presented. In the sentence written about this, it contradicts itself. I have seen this trick used time and time again to attempt to change/form people's opinions, or skew fact with a slick smoke and mirrors approach often used to mislead.

Let's break this into parts so we can understand what is happening here, the statement presents a condition/cause, starting with the condition "soreness" and it's perceived cause "lactic acid". It goes on to try to inform us that soreness is not from lactic acid, it's from soreness, which is obviously a ridiculous statement to say the least, but the reader can easily be tricked into considering it or believing it because they usually don't catch this problem in sentence structure. 

Again, let's look at the statements and compare, 

"That next day soreness isn't from lactic acid"

"Instead.....[it's caused by] delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

So soreness is not caused by acid, it's caused by soreness? In other words, condition causes condition or condition/condition not condition/cause.

DOMS is not a cause, it's a condition, so in their using a different word structure they try to deceive, reeducate, or what some refer to as brainwashing, or others might say it's simply lack of understanding.

Let's show this like they do with HIV/AIDS debacle, which is presented as a cause/condition instead of condition/cause

Here we have condition/cause of SORENESS/LACTIC ACID.

But later in the sentence it changes the condition/cause to a double entendra basically saying the soreness is now caused by the soreness now named delayed onset muscle soreness (nothing like adding a bunch of adjectives.

So what the author is presenting now is soreness/soreness. It's double talk.

Regarding acronyms, Wikipedia states: "There are broad currents of consensus but no universal standardization of various names for such abbreviations."

No standard. Just like with bogus HIV testing which has no worldwide standard of measure.

So what's really bizarre about the article, is it goes on to say that "we don't really know what causes muscle soreness". OMG, yes we do, lactic acid buildup in muscle tissue. Here's what was stated further in the article:

What Causes It

Almost any kind of hard exercise can result in soreness, especially if the exercises are new to you. We don't know why, but somebody who's in great shape can still be sore after an unusual workout (say, trying a new sport) and somebody who is used to their routine may avoid soreness even if their workouts are killer.

So it blames the movement for the cause, which is true but it's like saying the reason we have global warming is because of the sun. It diverts attention from well proven causes of the soreness, lactic acid and other toxins that buildup and the breakdown of tissue, not simply movement. In fact, the author apparently doesn't even have a clue as to how a lack of b-vitamins can stop the process of removing these toxins, thus causing pain and DOMS. 

In conclusion, it's widely known that there are many causes involved in this new term describing old conditions, same as how immune deficiencies have multiple causes, not one.

further study: 

Well that's just great

I just knew there was a dark lining to that gay marriage cloud but it was hard to put my finger on it when this was all evolving because it was in someone's ass. 

Seems employers are now forcing gay couples to marry if they want to keep their partner health benefits in those states where gay marriage is legal. 

So this also fucks up the straight couples who were covered under domestic partner agreements. 

I liked it the way it was. Instead of being equal, we had it much better. None of this divorce bullshit, you just dumped the guy. If you wanted employer domestic partner benefits, you just told them you had a partner. 

Now those of us who want to be discreet who had partners and benefits are forced to be exposed as fucking gay. A marriage license is public record. Telling your employer you are domestic partners is not. Older people in certain states like Arizona can face loss of pensions or other financial complications if they are forced to marry. There are also those of us who are simply not interested in marrying our same sex because of discrimination. Some of us have to move to states for work where discrimination remains a huge problem. 

Thanks again for nothing all my non-elected self-centered gay bandwagon leaders. 


Human Influenza Virus. It causes immune deficiency. 


Yup, it's a real term. Official, brought to you by your gay leaders, I meqan LTQABG leaders. 

No straights, they are not equal, unless they are allied. 

I can hardly wait for the next letter to be added. How about "C" for "confused" and replace the "G" with "H" for HOMO, then we can get rid of the "L" also, leaving it like this "THAQ" or "QCHAT". Used in a sentence, "THACQ community leaders expressed outrage that anyone would dare question the sanctity of LBGTQ".

LGBTQA - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning, and Allied

QCHAT - Transgenderal, Homosexual, Allied, Confused, Questioning

Get Immune

The blogger stated, "One reason for a mother's impulse to kiss her newborn baby: the mother ingests the bacteria/viruses on baby's skin, then her immune cells create antibodies that go into her breast milk, thus protecting the baby from imminent infection." - by crista_galli_ reference 

Thus, it appears that if we want to create immunity from HI viruses, we can use this same fundamental principle. Have the mama cow lick some positive LGBTQ's. The cow will ingest the bacteria/viruses, her immune cells create antibodies that go into it's milk, and then anyone who drinks cows milk will be protected from HIV. 

Gender neutralists 

WEHO now requires by law GNR's for all busniesses. It makes is safer for trans-gender and gender non conforming people. GNCP's have the same rights as CP's. SOPR's are not allowed to be labeled gender pacific.

more here

Pro gay rights cake baker refuses to write "God hates fags" on cake

I don't think they have a right to refuse. Or do they?

Can fag haters have their cake and eat it too? 

How does one determine that God doesn't hate sticks anyway?

Mountains of data

I watched a video of a guy criticizing "AIDS and HI virus denialism" (which is a very rude term given to those who say the theory of it being caused by a virus makes no sense) and he stated very confidently and condescendingly that "there's mountains of data supporting HIV causes AIDS. But mountains of data does not equal proof, nor does it mean the data is solid, and mountains of data can be built on sand. There are mountains of data supporting the existence of UFO/ALIENS but that doesn't mean they exist either. 

As the air blows

The fly found himherLGBTQself blown into to the gay wedding by a gust of air.

He noticed his friend, and said to his mosquito buddy "How do you tell who's positive and who's negative?" 

He said, "I don't".

The fly said, "Aren't you worried about catching the HI virus? After all you kind do that needle exchange thingy like everyday, everywhere, and with everyone you meet."

"Absolutely not" said the mosquito, I don't have sex with any of them and there hasn't been one case of a mosquito transmitting it ever recorded. 

The fly said, "Well maybe they should mandate wearing cameras. Then it would be recorded."

That's so so gay

fabulous sea anemone latches onto duck head 

Russia bans T drivers

Transexuals are said to be "banned" from driving in Russia, it's all over the news, but it's more of a guideline than anything. Maybe they are afraid that it's more of a safety matter of imsexualization in crimes.


What's interesting in the comparison is that the ocean air contains salt, unlike evaporated air, and those miniscule salt molecules that get thrown into the air as the surf is churned get into everything when you live by the ocean, causing damage. The damage is consistent from one end of the coast to the other, things that are metal rust. So when a "infected" gay dude who lives at the coast, right on the sand, jacks off, churning those scary HI particles can get into the air, and travel across the street and  to the rest of the country! Thus we could say "Ocean causes air" the same way "HI viruses causes acquired ID syndromes". 


Alcohol poisoning - almost 2x as many of these deaths in NY and California according to CDC.


The kind of logic behind claiming a virus causes a set of 28 diseases listed under a syndrome, and blaming an immune deficiency for all of them is as absurd as claiming every time you blink at least one person on earth dies, thus, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that you're (unintentionally?) killing off people with your blinking.


source - tree

Florida clerks cancel all weddings to avoid granting licenses to same sex marriers

So the 83 year old alzheimer's patient cannot marry his long time friend who has health insurance. Both are sexually attracted to women but if they marry they can get benefits and live to 100.

They used to grant licenses AND perform weddings, no more. To avoid performing these against their religious beliefs for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, and questioning adults, and since they could not legally discriminate against certain groups, they just cancelled all of them.

Kid Rock calls rap-rock gay!

Should just call it fag. 

"Turns on the genre that made him filthy rich."  

Now bad luck causes cancer!

You might not have been even born at the time but in the 1960's and 70's there wasn't a day that went buy without us hearing another new cause of cancer, doorknobs caused cancer, smoking caused cancer, everything. Today, the researchers claim that it's bad luck instead of "risk factors" that causes cancer. 

Reference Google News snapshot January 1, 2015 @ 6:40pmpt

Just say gay

Reading an article about a transgendered teen who committed suicide it again occurred to me that using the terms "gay" and "queer" is already inclusive of transgendered, so WTF do they keep using BLTGQ-WRXYZ and other variations? Just say gay! Yes I have an agenda. After all, if it's good enough for most news agencies to use "gay" as the universal term, instead of ABCD-LGBT-QRSTUVWXYZ, it's good enough for everyone. They don't say BLTG marriage, they don't say lesbian marriage, they don't say questioning marriage, they don't say bisexual marriage, THEY SAY GAY FUCKING MARRIAGE.

Reference Google News snapshot January 1, 2015 @ 6:40pmpt - Florida gay marriage

You can thank Ellen for skyrocketing egg prices

So in the above Google News snapshot, notice that article on egg prices rising, it's due to California law (Proposition 2) mandating room to roam housing for chickens. 

You can thank Ellen for that, reference a show of hers from I think around 2010 where she had people from both sides debate the issue, and her bias towards housing the chickens was clearly presented as dominating the need to consider housing the poor chickens. Poor chickens?? My gawd, they are housed and fed and kept warm, they don't have to do shit. 

She eloquently persuaded her TV followers into voting for the law. Oh the poor chickens! What about fucking poor me, and the rest of the fucking poor, fuck the chickens. 

She's not the only one who helped get this stupid ballot measure signed into law, as other's have been working for years on the cage free thing, but she's one big influencer on that ballot measure which made it mandatory to free the chickens. When ballot measure in California came around to give chickens Taj Mahal living, she was there pushing for cage free living accommodations. 

I would think that someone who is always saying "Be kind to one another" would be a bit more concerned about creating housing for human all human beings, those who HAVE NONE, before getting into a thing about upgrading it for chickens who are going to be eaten anyway, and run a higher risk of being wolf food when they run around cage free. I guess my motto would be more like "Always be kinder to humans than chickens".

Do you think Ellen is worried about the prices of eggs? Hardly, she's one of the many SUPER RICH elitists who go around saying how we all need to think more of chickens happiness than our own.

I've already noticed a jump in prices here in the last month of a whopping 50%. Eggs were $1.78 for extra large dozen, now I can't find them for less than $2.58. This is unbearable. 

I may have to stop buying eggs. It's costing me an extra $6 per month. Add that to the fucking paper bags I now have to buy at the supermarket, that's another $5 because of these stupid environ-mentalists who vote to ban plastic shopping bags, whopping tax increases, etc. it's like there's no end. Every time I fucking turn around, it's another $10 here $50 there, and then there's nothing left. 

I should be more positive, ok, now that the law has freed up the chickens, maybe a good use for those cages would be to confine overenthusiastic hen huggers.

But wait, just take a look at the picture here of hens with their new roomy cages.......not bad! If I were a hen I'd be pretty happy and send good karma to those who stole my eggs from me. 

Oh, but what about all that shit (see picture) shouldn't they have flush toilets? And what about the law that protects chicken embryos? What right do we have really of stealing from chickens? I hope that law is in the works.

And speaking of steel, guess who else wins besides these birds, the steel industry! No bird brains to be found anywhere there.

Another thing I noticed in reading up on this new law in the above link, there was this statement "Free-range houses allow chickens to move around freely, but critics say the birds are more frequently injured than those in cages."

Critics. Interesting word. Better word to use would be realist. Realists see that there is a problem with the law for cage free housing. Chickens fight more, goring each other's eyes out with their beaks. Blood everywhere. So why the use of the word "critic" as if they are only a criticizer? They are merely providing the facts. They should not be called critics, but rather be called FACTISTS.

The other thing that bugs me about these people with all this money and followings is they typically have stock brokers buy and sell stocks, and make more bundles of money doing so. Imagine a broker knowing that companies will be formed that will build these new "free to roam" chicken coops and they go put their clients money in to these investments, and poof, there's a bundle more. They don't have to worry about $4.00/dozen eggs ever like the rest of us.

Toxins defined

"Here is a scientific definition for a toxin: It's a poisonous substance produced by living cells, especially one that, when introduced into a new body, spurs the creation of antibodies. That's a toxin. That's what it is, where it's made, and what it does."

This was found in an article about so called "pseudo science theories". Science also says that chemicals are also toxins so don't go drinking Drano again now that you kicked the habit after adopting that healthy fear of toxins, but you might look at the skull and crossbones on that AIDS drug label and consider the effects of those toxins. 

Viruses are not living cells so they don't produce toxins. They are more like particles of dirt. 

Doh! Play-doh included phallic device in it's doh making kit

It looks like a veiny cock. The family said "it completely ruined our Christmas". ROFL, I think anyone who's Christmas is ruined by inanimate objects needs therapy. 

It was also suggested this new device be called Dildoh™.

see the horrors of Christmas phallicism here 

Gays are fucking assholes

Think about that.

Now e-bola "comes from insect eating bats"

That's the latest claim. The study "suggests". I think it comes from medical dictionaries. 

So it goes like this, the bat eats the tainted insect, the bat transfers it to the child or adult playing near the bats, poof they gotsa eboola. No mention of the wind doing the same thing.

UPDATE: April 24, 2015, about a year has gone by since the start of the fucking ebola media scam nightmare, I stopped watching TV after that started. What a wonderful year!


A study was done using lab rats to see if their health was affected negatively from genetically modified foods. An interesting comment was made by someone reading the article, they wrote "For a laugh, we kept pet rats for a while. One of the things I learned is that all female and most male rats get cancer within about 18 months to 2 years at most. The only one spared that fate died young of an infection." - Reddit user named "Splorz "

Makes me wonder if all these studies are based on using rats that all die of cancer anyway. 


Here's the Urban Dictionary definition of Honey Dick :

When a cock starts dripping sweet-and-sour sauce out of the mushroom tip. An STD that is caused by having sex with a woman who has had a dirty cock bust a nut inside her sugar walls.

So let's say man #1 has sex with the woman, let's call her #3, and mandick #2 has sex with woman #3, we have 2 dicks having sex in the same place, which is basically man to man sex as their sperm are touching each other, or at least the one that cums inside after the first is "exposed". It's the very premise that causes government to declare blood bans. So based on the logic of the FDA politicians who vote these things into existence, all sex with anyone should cause blood donations to be banned because any woman who has sex with more than one man in a year is exposed to man to man sex. That leaves out another 79% of the public from donating blood. Who the fuck is left? 


Next time they say they are straight

remind them of this 

Gay version of the xmas stocking

knit this 

"FDA lifting gay blood ban"

Well that's turned out to be the biggest crock, for decades gay blood has been banned from being donated in the USA but now the FDA has finally come to some sense in "lifting the ban" as the headlines claimed. It was a big news story on December 23, 2014. 

You can roll back down those sleeves though, the ban is not gone, not by any stretch as if you are a man who had sex with another man in the last year, forget it, your blood remains shit. So what we are being given here is more song and dance bullshit, it's like going from one song and dance, to saying "hey let's now do this one, the limbo, they are lifting the bar just a tad. Just see if you can get through to donate. It basically leaves about 1% of the gay population able to donate blood.

Never mind the guys that are married and fuck other guys DISCREETLY and lie and tell the donation agency "Hey I'm married I don't do guys" yet they do, their blood is holy and worlthy of acceptance. Never mind all the guys that lie and say they didn't have sex in the last year. 

So basically our gay blood is still shit according to these people who keep perpetuating lies to the public claiming they have a test that finds what they claim is there. 

The whole virus theory is shit. If there was such a test, then there would be no reason to have such bans in place, and all the straight liars donating blood would have "infected" the supply already 9x over, as there's 9x more "straights" than gays.  

This is prejudice against gays pure and simple. It goes right in line with these appointed ignorant government agencies and medical professionals to continue allowing these medical monsters to continue to hack off part of children's sexual parts. 

What I don't understand is where are the protests against this prejudice like there was for gay marriage. I mean like really, gay marriage is still not equal when gay blood is still shit. 

Unprotected weather

Has this threatening cloud formation been tested for the HI virus? It's a carrier. It's exposing many to viruses. 

Talk about confusing

The Learning Channel to feature gay Mormon men who are gay who marry women who are not gay but they call the special "My Husband Is Not Gay". 


Fort Gay doesn't exist

"In 2010 Microsoft banned a user from Xbox Live for putting Fort Gay (A real location in West Virginia) as his address. Microsoft refused to believe that Fort Gay actually existed, and eventually took an appeal from the towns Mayor David Thompson for the issue to be corrected." - llamanatee on

And why exactly is wrong with using the word name gay?


Nasty flu season

The report claims this year the flu in "the bay area" will be nasty. How do they know this? Well we all know flu viruses are spread in the air. Achoo. There it goes! Stop that flu virus! Spray for both flu virus and West Nile virus! Omg it went clear across the bay! 

The flu affects the immune system. Now why shouldn't the nasty I virus (aka HI virus, or HIV) be able to do the same thing? Come to think of it, since the flu virus attacks the immune system of humans, shouldn't it also be called the human immune system deficiency virus, or HISDV, or HIV for short? 

All viruses travel by air but some "get it" more than others. There must be another reason why people's immune systems falter. Ever notice flu season gets nasty right after pig out on Christmas cookies and alcohol season? Get it. 

Ibuprofen extends life

The tests were done on yeast, worms, and flies.....all of which are found in or around drug stores.



"Amgen Inc. (AMGN)'s leukemia drug Blincyto will cost $178,000 for a standard course of treatment, continuing a trend of high prices for immunotherapy, the newest wave of cancer treatments." - source

Leukemia/immunodeficiency/cancer??? So Leukemia is an immunodeficiency or "I", AND it's cancer, and it costs just under $200,000 to treat. Hmm. 

Ebola/bleeding virus

"I think that bleedings come also from the use of heavy doses of antibiotics to treat ebola cases. Antibiotics are in fact like anticoagulant drugs. They desegregate cells they encounter. Thus, they cause bleeding." - alain @ forum

True or False

FALSE: The state of Michigan has passed a bill that specifically provides emergency medical personnel with a blanket exemption from treating gay patients.

TRUE: The Michigan House of Representatives has passed a religious freedom bill that might potentially allow emergency medical personnel to exercise religious objections to treating gay patients.

Read more at 

The good ol' daze

In the 1950's anti-homosexual films were produced by police departments and school systems, calling homosexuality a sickness. Today, homomarriage is all the rage, homos are online spreading their homoganda freely. 

Reference to lesbian on Bewitched

On Season 5 Episode 28 entitled "Samantha's Good News" we hear Miss Beacham (Maurice's "secretary") was asked by a visitor if she was a thespian. She was shocked and said "I beg your pardon". The word was clearly a spin on lesbian. This was one of the rare instances I could find of any reference to lesbiansexuality or gaysexuality in Bewitched. The series was on TV between 1964 - 1972. And, with a twitch of a nose, look what we have happening this year, a pilot for a follow up series lands on NBC centering on a new character, Samantha's granddaughter and her mom, Tabitha in her 20's. Bewitch may be coming back!!! reference 

Verify schmerify

"There's a simple test that scientists could use to make sure the cells they're studying in the lab are what they think they are. But most of the time, academic scientists don't bother." - source

That was the start of an interesting article on It highlights the foundational flaw in I virus research, (aka HI virus, aka HIV, aka ID), they don't even verify what they are looking at as being what they think they are looking at. They don't even look at these things under not the microscope because they are infitessimally small, nor do they even see them directly, they use an ELECTRON imaging device which is much more prone to error in interpretation when looking at particulate matter that includes alleged viruses. It's pretty much like looking at Pluto with a series of magnifying glasses and trying to pick out the specks of dust individually, naming each one, then trying to explain to the world exactly what each speck does.

Pirates and postulates

Pirate Bay, a file sharing site that has been shut down recently due to a raid amidst allegations of copyright infringement. Officials raided their offices in Sweden and confiscated their servers. This occurred soon after Sony Pictures was hacked and some unreleased films appeared on the Pirate Bay network (reference). One could conclude that it's "obvious" that these movie files "infected" the servers because of the timing and that they weren't there before, but that would be pure speculation. It's very similar to how the I virus (also called the HI virus) became to blame for "infecting" human servers, and it too would be incorrect.

Malaria deaths hit low point

Mal nutrition. Mal airia.

Half what they were a decade or so ago. Yet e-bola and the I disease grows and I has continued to spread via male cocks. Hmm. Could it be the NLS disease is taking over (NLS - New Label Syndrome)? According to Wikipedia mal air ia is a parasite caused disease. Mal air. Hmm. "Mal" in Spanish means "not good". "Air" in English means air. Not good air. The "not good air" disease or NGADS for short, Not Good Air Disease Syndrome, caused by a parasite that affects the immune system, that is transmitted "by mosquitoes" (like with HIV it has to be injected) thus we could also do what others do, call it the this causes that disease like they do with HIV divided by AIDS. Thus we have the PI/NGADS which is the same thing as Malaria or "bad air".

The disease is widespread in tropical and subtropical regions that are present in a broad band around the equator. This includes much of Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The World Health Organization estimates that in 2012, there were 207 million cases of malaria. That year, the disease is estimated to have killed between 473,000 and 789,000 people, many of whom were children in Africa.

And I expect that the eradication efforts of this deadly disease are in perfect proportion to what is being spent on e-bola. Now that's a pretty dumb thing to expect isn't it? Of course they never report how incomes since then have taken 1/2 the population out of severe poverty into having enough food and clean water and the effects of that regarding disease, no.


A virus is a parasite is a protozoa. Look it up. So it would be entirely accurate to say someone getting tested for HIV it getting tested for HIP. Whatever you do, don't tell them that the tests are non-specific and there is not even a world wide standard of measure, they won't believe you. In the meantime, let's play with those interchangeable words a bit. Are you afraid of catching the Human Immun-o-gobula-deficiency Protozoa because you had sex with a condom that has holes naturally abundant in their permeable membrane that allows viruses to go right through those holes?

from Wikipedia: Since Dmitri Ivanovsky's 1892 article describing a non-bacterial pathogen infecting tobacco plants, and the discovery of the tobacco mosaic virus by Martinus Beijerinck in 1898,[2] about 5,000 viruses have been described in detail,[3] although there are millions of different types.[4]

(I just can't wait to see people standing in line for those 1,000,000+ protozoa control vaccine shots.)

"The Homosexuals": Mike Wallace's CONTROVERSIAL 1967 CBS Report!! (FULL VIDEO)

From the dark ages! 

Oxford study suggests HIV mutating into weaker behavior

This was a top Google News search on December 2, 2014, "HIV" because of this "ground breaking news". I'm sure the whole HIV cult is giddy. "Hurray the virus is going away!" they mut be exclaiming from the rooftops of the HIV cult temples. Problem is, it's the THEO/RY that is mutating into weaker strains, not any virus, and it did this pretty damn quick, like within a few days of each ludicrous claim made back in the disco days of the early 1980's when this definition mess started. This virus scam was proven long ago to be a sham. SCAM/SHAM. There is no such thing as Santa Clause nor a virus that leaps from primates to humans in super human form. Immunodeficiency (I) is caused by a variety of choices and things that are slamming the body. Alcohol, sugar, rancid oils, stress, all sorts of things that are proven causes of Immunodeficiency, cause Immunodeficiency. I mean like HELLOOOOO. I covered earlier the breakdown of the stupid term AIDS and HIV, and how it can be equally expressed as I - Immunodeficiency. So the known causes of I are not caused by a virus, any more than I can cause a power failure.

UPDATE: April 24, 2015 - when viruses mutate they always get weaker, that's already proven, so why is this news?

Sexual behavior helps us bond - this is news? 

Merely a bacteriophage

Sounds like HIV. 

Looks like it too.


Why does no one use this term, they say it all the time. Using this would get rid of the redundant HIV/AIDS which is rediculously redundant because redundantly everyone knows what causes AIDS. So from now on we call this virus AIDSV.

Coming out has never been so twangy

Now it's country music star Ty Herndon. Says he's gay. Prove it to me bud. 


1 out of 3 are gay


Or, he died because of the transfusion & drugs

They always blame the virus, never the treatment. 

We shop at T J Maxx of course 

Those rabidists

The headline reads "Help! We Just Found Out Our Midwives Are Rabid Anti-Vaccinationists" as shown on this Google News clip. Of course this is supposed to make those who believe that injecting bizarre putrid concoctions via non-flying syringes is wrong, make them look like THEY are the agressive mean dogs, but as we all know, when you confront those who insist and force these injections into humans, we get a rabid response. It's much more literally correct to point out the world is full of rabid vaccinationists, and that anti-vaccinationists are merely using their defense mechanisms against the aggressor, much like what immune systems do against intrusions, and how security systems protect us from intrusions. So really, it's those who are aggressive vaccinationists that are acting a lot more like HIV than those who are merely trying to protect themselves and loved ones by putting up barriers from such intrusions!


It's a gene

"What looks like HIV is actually a gene in our immune system" and are the cause of testing positive for HIV.

This is according to Biologist Christl J. Meyer - she states this at about 1:00 minute into the video. So why hasn't the rest of the world caught on to this fact that the HI virus is merely a harmless gene? 

South Carolina gay marriage is on

Ban approved by voters recently struck down. Woo hoo!

Now HIV cures leukemia!

"Previous Next Doctors cure father, 30, of leukemia by injecting him with HIV in experimental trial".

They claim they deactivated HIV and then injected it into the patient. OMG are they crazy?

"The patients who received the treatment had billions of T-cells extracted from their body, which were taken to a lab and implanted with deactivated HIV. The 'serial killer' cells are then put back into the body to fight and kill cancer, and remain dormant until the cancer reappears. While the idea of receiving a dose of HIV may seem scary to some, Dr June says there's nothing to fear about the stripped-down virus used in the treatment."


Hemorrhoids of the brain

Have you EVER in your life been told by a doctor that hemorrhoids in your butt hole are caused by a virus? No. So why are they saying that hemorrhoids in the brains of some people in West Africa are caused by a new terry-fying virus? "Ebola" is a new name for old disease, hemorrhagic fever. Hemorrhagic fever has a variety of causes. It's claimed to be caused by a virus in most recent news, not hemorrhoids, yet when we look at the word "hemmoragic fever" which is the symptom of E-bola, and the word "hemorrhoids" we see a striking similarity, because they ARE basically the same. Hemorrhoids are a hemorrhaging of the blood vessels in the butt hole. Ebola is a hemorrhaging of the blood vessels in the brain. Same condition, different location. How could a virus only target and reach it's goal of hitting only one part of the body when it travels throughout the entire bloodstream? It can't, viruses are not smart phones they are dumb particles of matter. Blood vessels are blood vessels, made up of the same materials. If an "ebola" virus was the cause, it would also be the cause of hemorrhaging in any other area where there are blood vessels as in hemorrhoids.

Extra, extra, there is a fake E-bola crisis. Hemorrhagic fever is the problem. Again, look at that word, it's hemorrhoids! 

People stricken with "ebola" hemorrhoids don't need decontamination, they need a tube of Prep H for the brain. They need something that reduces hemorrhoids that can travel through the blood and enter the brain's blood vessels. They cannot spread hemorrhoids nor hemorrhoid fever. 

The viral cause theory is once again ludicrous.

And as we turn to the WebMD's of the world, we see a simple statement like this that puts things into perspective:

reference:… › Digestive Disorders Related Topics

Mar 16, 2012 · Most hemorrhoids can be treated with simple changes to diet and bowel habits. Most do not require surgery or other treatment unless the hemorrhoids …

So it would be safe to say that this is a digestive disorder. I am certain that the diet of those affected with "ebola" in West Africa has to be looked at as a primary cause of hemorrhage and fever. Let's just call these two things what they are, two nouns, two conditions, not try to use an adjective to describe some kind of fever as if it's something new, there's two things going on. 

So all things in the diet that can cause and develop hemorrhage in the butt hole and brain should be looked at. Milk is one of them because milk causes bleeding (hemorrhaging) in the stomach in many people. Most people it's minor, and the body recovers, but if someone is ill, has the flu, fever, etc. their system is weak and hemorrhaging starting in the stomach affects all parts of the body and blood vessels as whatever it is that causes hemorrhage in the stomach from milk continues on through the blood. In these poor countries they often rely on milk as a primary source of food. Tis is very bad for a human to drink cows milk as a base and any medical professional that is looking at a virus as a cause is not looking at the real causes of hemorrhoids in the brain. 

So it's HEMORRHAGE and fever that is the real problem, not a virus that cannot even be found with the world's most powerful electron imaging equipment so we are merely taking the world of a few scientists who all have a financial stake in getting the world to believe that there's yet another vaccine to add to that ever growing list of vaccines people can't seem to live without.

And the latest in virus discovery takes the cake:

New 'Stupidity Virus' Discovered, Scientists Say 

Ah, that explains why many people can't understand what I'm trying to teach here!

Single men banned from parks

File this under blatant discrimination, shredding the constitution, and blatant guilty before innocent witchhuntism, and it's 2014! So today we learn that theme parks do not allow single men or women to enter their parks for fear of pedophilia. This has happened at Legoland and other theme parks. It's not easy to find the restriction in their brochures, sorta like reading terms of service. 

What's next, banning single men and women from our public parks? Same principle. I can't wait to see someone sue these theme parks on this.

story here


The Human Immmmmunodeficiency Parasite.

Parasites are viruses, no wait I got that backwards, viruses are parasites. It's the same goof that if I said cars are Chevys, not all cars are Chevys, not all parasites are viruses. Parasites is a broader category, as there are other things listed under what parasites are, a broader description, like cars is a broader category of specific vehicles like a Mazda or Chevy, and those are even broader categories of more specific models. So a virus is like one of many different cars made but they are all basically the same, doing the same thing, driving someone around to destinations. 

HIP, as it's called, the Human Immunodeficiency Parasite is no different than HIV. These are just different labels for the same thing. It's like if the cause of I was a car, I could say "a car is a Chevy" and that would be wrong, but if i said "a Chevy is a car" that would be correct. So I can't say a parasite is a virus, but I can say a virus is a parasite.

So a Chevy is a car, but is a car a Chevy? Not always. So too a virus is a parasite but a parasite is not always a virus. 

So in the wacky world of descriptions, viruses is also a broader category with specific names (as with cars) to signify their differences. So since a virus is a parasite, it's time we retire the well worn out term HIV, replacing it with HIP. This simple change would take away all the stigma and start a fresh chapter in the understanding of what parasites like HIP do and don't do. 

Imagine a world that's HIV free. It's easy. We start using this new term HIP, and start the discussion as to understanding what parasites are, and what they can and cannot do, starting with that they in themselves are not living things. They depend on something else to live, just like a car wash depends on cars to live. Thus when one says that a parasite cannot be airborne, we see that's a lie because all non living particles of matter can be airborne. And thus, when we look at the fact that HI parasites can be transmitted airly and sexually, the whole theory of causation falls flat because it would be affecting both straight and gay equally which "IT" IS NOT. Fungus is also a parasite, a very common problem of infection in humans causing immunodeficiency. So HIP has likely more to do with a locatable infection with fungus, not virus that cannot be seen in a microscope. 


I was looking at some guys profiles online and one of them had "HIV negative" since like a few months ago. So what does that do for me, he could have HIV now since yesterday!

So I started pondering this whole stupid HIV label again and some of my previous writing about IV and I (Immunodeficiency Virus and Immunodeficiency).

I started deconstructing. 

He referred to it as HIV which is the popular way of describing Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Human. Yea, it's the human virus, causes immunodeficiency, the monkey virus causes immunodeficiency also, so everyone says, as in the 80's daze when this new acquired definition syndrome started, they kept saying it originated from Reces monkeys. So then it became, as it went from primate to man, HIV instead of MIV or PIV.

Well well, then, if it started there, it's not HIV it's MIV or as I have said before, just IV, or I. So really, it's the same virus, just in different creatures. Thus, the H is totally unnecessary, it's just immunodeficiency. The viruses are the same. Or are they? Well they say they mutate, constantly changing, thus none of them are the same, so one monkey virus is different than the next monkey virus, as is each human virus. Just like snowflakes. So they are viruses, just like snowflakes, they are basically the same, do the same thing, but snowflakes that land on humans are HS (Human Snowflakes) and snowflakes that land on monkeys are MS (Monkey Snowflakes). 

So, really we can drop the redundant H or M, and it's accurate to say I have I, well, not really, because I don't get tested with flawed non-standardized testing modalities, so I can't say that I have I, or can I? If I have I (immunodeficiency), that can be determined with out getting an HIV test.

So really, there is no point what-so-ever in getting an HIV test, unless you merely want to have a label put on you with the word human attached to it which is rather redundant as we discovered in this session. You might also want all the drama, confusion,  contradictions, and 1980's era hysteria that's associated with that label, but I don't know why.

I mean like the whole thing makes absolutely no sense, and it's been that way from the beginning. To say that IV originated in monkeys and is now in humans, as if it's something different, which is exactly what they claim! And monkeys and humans are basically the same, almost identical in blood and structure. We are supposed to believe that the virus in man is different in monkeys? Sell me some snake oil, I'll get more use out of that.

So those who say I originated in monkeys and I is now in humans as if it's something different, well, they say both things, that it came from monkeys, and it's now a human virus, not from monkeys. That is a blatant contradiction. You cannot have Immunodeficiency in primates which are basically identical, and then have different Immunodeficiency and then cover up this contradiction by saying the virus mutated, while at the same time saying that is what it does all the time!

That contradiction is plainer than ever now! Contradictions in science theory are exactly what disproves such theories.


Here's a thawt

Maybe people don't put cats in boxes on the side of the road, they just put out an empty box and all the stray cats in the area just sit in it.  submitted by user npag from

Vegans can eat meat

Cows eat vegetables, that means cows are made of vegetables and therefore are vegetables.


Tree blew it's top off in a storm and fell to the ground, now it looks like a naked gay dude out for a stroll.  

Endora may have been gay

According to Wikipedia, in an interview, Paul Lynde, Moorehead's occasional co-star on Bewitched, said: "Well, the whole world knows Agnes was a lesbian--I mean classy as hell, but one of the all-time Hollywood dykes".[10]

The Gay Adventure (1932) [Whitehall Theatre, London]

One of "Aunt Clara's" many real life adventures as Marion Lorne. 

Facial hair 

Russia removes monument to Steve Jobs after Tim Cook comes out as gay

Will they remove all Apple computers too because they are gay? 

1 out of 1000 = proof

Vaccine pushers and believers will often use an interesting statistical "fact" that there may be one case of a vaccine causing Autism or some other disease or horrific reaction, while there are 1000 others that don't have any reaction, thus their claim is that one case does not prove that it causes the disease/reaction. They use this to put down those who keep insisting that vaccines, which contain a bizarre chemical biologic conconctoion that includes things like bovine serum and mercury. We can see this demonstrated by a video posted online here:

But the argument does not hold up to scruitiny, as this Reddit user named BlueBlurDown posted:

"I'm not arguing against vaccines, but technically speaking, all it takes is one example to disprove a theory. So in this case, if that one result was valid, those 1000's wouldn't matter as the theory that vaccines don't cause autism was proved false. Of course in this case that one result, which wasn't portrayed in the GIF, wasn't valid."

So that one case of Autisim did prove that vaccines cause Autism. The flu vaccine also causes the flu. 

Why inject these things into your blood?

This issue is coming back to light after a child just became paraplegic due to a flu vaccine. 

For a vaccine to be proven to not cause Autism or any other condition, it must have figures like 0 out of 1000 got Autism.

It's HID virus not HIV

The HIV is "Human Immun-o-deficiency Virus". The AIDS is "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome".

Really, there should be a "D" in both but there isn't, why? Why is it hiding?

And actually, it's not necessary to say "human", do we do that for flu? Do we say you got the Human Acquired Flu Virus which causes Flu? That should be the HAFV/FLU then right? 

So let's get rid of these redundant unnecessary terms, and call it what it is, remove the "human" aspect out of HIV, and that leaves us with IV. So you got IV? Or do you have IDV? Technically it should have the "D", so it should be IDV. 

Or, if we go with the term "immunodeficiency" it would be this way without the "D", such as "You have IV/AIS".

But the "A" in AIS since we removed the "D" is also redundant, it's not necessary to say it's "acquired" when we already know that it's caused by a virus, thus it's acquired, so this would be better written out as "IV/IS".

THAT my dears is the correct term. You've got IV/IS.

Please, my dear fucked up gay community leaders, let's start calling things what they are, gay blood is shit, HIV is IDV (or really IV) and AIDS is just another word for ID or Immune Deficiency. 

Try using it in a sentence now, "My friend told me he got tested for IDV because he was afraid it would someday cause ID."

Let's spell it all out now in a sentence, "My friend told me he got tested for Immune Deficiency Virus because he was afraid it would someday cause Immune Deficiency".

Now that we have stated it for what it really is, notice it's not quite so scary anymore?

Are you afraid of catching Immune Deficiency or the Immune Deficiency Virus? 

Did you know alcohol abuse causes Immune Deficiency or ID? 

So it's correct to say alcohol causes ID/IS or "alcohol causes Immune Deficiency to cause Immune Deficiency Syndrome". 

But wait, why even call it a syndrome, it's a disease, we don't say "flu syndrome". So let's drop yet one more redundant term. We will drop the "deficiency" as it's in the word "immunodeficiency" and drop "syndrome" because we already know that it's a disease/syndrome.

Let's use it in a sentence now, "His friend died in 1984 of I/I".

Let's now go back to 1984, that Orwellian year, where our trusty trustworthy government official Margaret Heckler stated "The probable cause of AIDS is HIV" and have her restate this more appropriately "The probable cause of ID is IDV" and when soon thereafter they gave massive mega doses of a proven harmful toxic old shelved cancer drug AZT to people who were sick, not the brightest thing to do. 

Wait, what did she say? Probable? Not absolute?? Whooooooooooaaaaa nelly.

But we know we can trust government, after all they know English better than anyone, right?

Riiiiiinnnng, Riiiiiiinnnng.........Hello? (it's a friend) he's pissed at me, and I mean raving mad that I won't call it HIV/AIDS anymore, and instead, using the simpler, yet accurate term, IV/I. 

I don't get it, why is he so upset? He keeps yelling that I'm being disrespectful, but I'm just trying to be accurate and end this thing and the best way I know how is through language. 

So we have determined through language that HIV/AIDS is the same as I/I which basically states that immunodeficiency causes immunodeficiency. 

But the trusty government official said it was caused by a virus, so we really should add that "V" back in, so in the case of HIV/AIDS, really what we have here is IV/I.

Let's start naming it that and see what happens. Trusty government and gay officials will then tell us "Get tested for IV so that you don't acquire I" and we will believe them because they never make mistakes, never lie, always call it like it is, and always know what's best for us.

I'm immune now

I have heard people come out of gay so many times now I'm immune to being affected by it. That is the principle of immunity, regular exposure makes one immune so they say. So why does the wacked out medi-guess community do just the opposite, while doing the same? They say get exposed to cow puss and mercury and "live" virus in vaccines to become immune, but when it comes to the HI disease they say don't get exposed to the virus or you will die, and they can't immunize you after 30 years and trillions of dollars spent on lavish research lifestyles. Total contradiction. They say there's a test for blood, then they say you're blood is shit because you are gay. That means the test is shit, not my blood. 

The world's most valuable company's CEO is [YAWN] gay

Apple's Tim Cook made the announcement today, one day before Halloween 2014. Talk about scary. I guess if he can come out, now everyone can. It's not totally news though, he was outed accidentally in on a sports show earlier this year. 

Thing that would wake me up is when all these happy peppy people like Ellen and Cook get off their "coming out is popular bandwagons" and do something beyond extraordinary. I mean it's like what they do is very nice, but how about calling out public officials who have continued to discriminate against their their very life streams, calling their blood unworthy of donation. When are they going to start calling out an end to gay blood discrimination and unperpetuating the myth of Immune Deficiency being caused by the gay virus. Maybe if they understood "the threat" as IV/I, things would be different. 

Reason #3,892,394,929,039,412 fun-da-mentalist Christians are wrong in opposing gay marriage

They often use sodomy and the bible's reference against it as a reason, yet not all gays practice sodomy, while there are quite a few straight couples that do. So to be consistent they need to demand no marriage for anyone who practices sodomy, and how does one prove that? So you cannot demand no marriage based on stupid principles unequally applied.

As per "tinylunatic" on Reddit

In most of the examples given in that article the bible mentions sodomy. Not all gay people practice sodomy (e.g. Stephen Fry belongs to this category) and many heterosexual couples do (but few people ever condemn them for it).

and techtechie97 on Reddit writes:

You must realize that when Jesus came along, in his sermons he overwrote laws that God had given to the Isrealites in the old testament. 

Mission control

If you it was possible to find out in utero if your child would be born homosexual would you abort it? 

No one talk about B-cells, just T

In the wacky world of Aid syndrome discussions, there is never any mention of what B-cells do. Not once has anyone ever mentioned B-cells that I have heard. Memory B-cells create anti-virus antibodies. Poof. They're gone. B-cells are rad. Everyone has them. The make viruses go poof. 

Oh wait, they do talk about them a little, I did a Bing search and found they did discover them, far back as 14 years ago. They said then that the B-cells carry the HI virus throughout the blood to help maintain the infection. Funny, that's not what my research just discovered. Why is it that their research always conflicts with standard theories? HI virus science does this all the time, turning tried and true concepts upside down. I based my discovery on long time standardized theories on what B-cells do. 

The Arizona University site says this though "B cells to produce antibodies that bind that specific antigen and immobilize it, preventing it from causing infection. Antibodies are specific for only one antigen. B cells must interact with Helper T cells, other specialized white blood cells, to initiate antibody production. An important concept is that once activated, memory cells (B-cells) are produced that insure that a more rapid and stronger immune response can be made upon re-exposure to the same pathogen."

That sounds like more of that standard non-whackadized well proven theory that I can believe. The only problem with that though is it makes one not so afraid of HI viruses when we know that B-cells get rid of it, thus removing the concept of having to wage war.

74% of Denmarkians want the practice of cutting off part of babies cocks illegal

Yet in the USA the practice of cutting away a part of the male cock without the permission of the one being cutted continues with the blessings of the holyier than American Medical Association, CDC, California Governor, and the like. Seems like circumcision is way unconstitutional to me yet it remains considered by some a sacred right.  

Global map of male cutting away of a part of their most private parts

Kansas, Montana, South Carolina refuse to marry samers

Although the appellate courts have ruled the state bans on same sex marriage is unconstitutional, these states refuse to marry these people unless they receive a court order telling them they must do so, thus the Supreme Court will have to give that order, so the delay continues, but eventually, all of these states will have to marry samers.

Really, it only makes sense, because marriage is not even about sex, or religious beliefs, in the eyse of the United States Constitution it's about commitment. 

Another claim another dollar

I have watched, heard, and evaluated claims made by many who believe there is a virus that causes 28 conditions under a broader category, which is like saying there is a virus that causes 28 diseases, that all have different causes, which doesn't make any sense yet this is what is said with HIV causes AIDS. So I'm reading a new claim, that again, claims, that a vaccine is on the horizon. I don't buy it. 

As found on Wikipedia on super resolution microscopy:

On 8 October 2014, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Eric Betzig, William Moerner and Stefan Hell for "the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy," which brings "optical microscopy into the nanodimension".[3][4] That same day, researchers reported that, using this technology for visualization, details of how HIV shape-shifts to enter T-cells had been elucidated, opening a clear development path to a vaccine capable of blocking HIV infection.[5]


Based on how medical "science" has named HIV/AIDS, the ebola disease should be labeled EV/FLU. You see they say HIV causes AIDS, but AIDS is really a syndrome that has 28 different diseases listed in that category, which cannot possibly all be caused by HIV, so yes, HIV causes AIDS the syndrome, the bigger category, in a sense when we look at the structure of language use, but it doesn't cause any one or all of those actual diseases listed under AIDS. So since ebola is a virus also, and the flu too has many causes, like AIDS, it is only right that we start naming this thing properly, and say "the Ebola Virus causes Flu" thus EV/FLU and not Ebola, lest we do the same with HIV and just call it Human Immunodeficiency.

But don't take it from me, take if from your trusty elected officials and media representatives who always have your best interest at heart as they research every news story on these viral topics with utmost precision and understand language to a t. Whatever they tell you, and what ever the CDC tells you regardless how many times it changes, nor makes sense, believe them, because government and media never lies nor perpetuates any mistakes. 

E-bola "not spread by rats, mosquitoes, or water" is the claim

As found here in an ABC news article calming fears of ebola:

Ebola is not a water-borne disease, according to researchers at the Water Research Foundation. Therefore, it cannot spread through the water supply. “Once in water, the host cell will take in water in an attempt to equalize the osmotic pressure, causing the cell to swell and burst, thus killing the virus,” the foundation noted in a statement.

The problem with that statement is that viruses are not living things. They are more like particles of dirt. They don't eat, breathe, or swim or poop. So this claim of theirs is basically poop. A virus that's inside a cell that bursts is basically free of it's host cell. It's like going to so someone's house and when you are there you are inside the host house, when you leave you are outside the host house, still the same person. A virus is a virus. How is it that so much of the world can be so duped by these statements they make that are utter nonsense?

Bodily fluids flushed by an infected person would not contaminate the water supply, the statement went on to say, because the virus is so fragile. Once separated from its host it is neutralized within minutes.

This is more believable if viruses were alive, and still could be true if not, except for the fact of this term they use called "neutralized" which applies to the chemical properties of things. For example, how does one neutralize water? I don't think you can, water is water, it's hydrogen combined with 2 atoms of oxygen. If you add some other substance you don't neutalize the water, you dilute it. Thus, viruses are like water, they may be diluted by something, but they still remain as they are, viruses, just like the one atom of Hydrogen combined with the 2 atoms of oxygen always remain as water. 

Maybe the virus breaks apart when it hits water? But that does not make sense because bodily fluids and blood are mostly water, and the claim is that these two things allow the virus to travel in and on them, and the host is mostly water as well. What exact properties of the cell are so special that when it's detached from it that it becomes neutralized? There is no explanation that makes any sense based on principles of physics that can explain it, so we have yet another unsubstantiated claim that really does not make sense. 

The article goes on to say:

Can Ebola Be Spread by Mosquitoes?

Neither mosquitoes nor rats can spread Ebola, Besser said. "Not all viruses are adapted to survival and transmission through every vector," he noted.

Only mammals such as humans, bats, monkeys and apes have shown the ability to spread and become infected with the Ebola virus, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Other studies have shown that dogs and pigs can be infected with the virus but they don't show symptoms and there are no known cases of these animals passing the virus along to humans.

Problem with this theory is that there is never any exact explanation as to why this would be true. Why would a non-intelligent non-living form not be able to travel on any form of life, or non-life form out there? Mosquitoes are like flying hypodermic needles, shared needles if you will as they travel from one person to the other, injecting their hypodermic needle into everyone they meet. Is the medical community of "experts" telling us that it's not possible for a virus to be on that needle? That would make no sense if they do, as it's just another dirty needle and it's been well documented that the medical experts claim that dirty needles transmit things like the HI virus, Hepatitis C virus, and many others. Unfortunately I cannof find one shred of documentation that would explain exactly why the properties of physics would not come into play, where a non-living form would not be able to attach to another non-living form and thus travel to other places and "infect" just like it does with living things. 

It again points to the entire virus causation theory as being seriously flawed. 

Then the article says on one hand "it's not airborne" then it says "the majority of scientists say that while it's possible, it's highly unlikely". Well which is it? Either it can be airborne or it can't. Obviously most scientists say it can. This is another case of the experts do not agree, yet we will often hear repeated claims that make it sound definitive when it is not. And why if it's not likely is it not likely? If it can be airborne, all it takes is a sneeze, or for that matter, the simple act of breathing regularly for any virus that's in the body to be expelled into the air. So yet again, the theory seems to not hold water. 

Then there's a statement about it being able to live on doorknobs and other objects for a while. So if that's true, even though viruses are not living things, then they can surely be blown off those objects and become airborne. 

So are we to fear these airborne flying things? No. The point is, that obviously all viruses are like particles of dust, and can travel and infect anyone anywhere, but people are not becoming infected, because obviously, the virus is NOT THE CAUSE of the disease.


Now they claim Nigeria is deadly virus free

How do they determine this? Did they give blood tests to all who live there? According to Wikipedia there is 174 million people there. There are people who are in isolated areas along the Niger river who don't ever go to clinics, or interact what so ever with modern medical methods. So the answer is no, they have not tested everyone, and to boot, there is no blood test to determine that specifically anyway. 

Both zero and ebola do not exist

So, if one way to explain infinity is that you can always add another 0 at the end of a number (1 to 10 to 100 to 1000, etc.) this also works the other way--1 to .1 to .01 to .001 and on and on. So, if you are measuring the declining distance between 2 objects, how does it ever become ZERO?

Moldy pumpkin 

New US Ebola "czar" will fix things

So says the headline as seen. Yaaaaa, rrrrright, let me know when the "czar" (I thought this was a democracy, not an aristocracy) informs the public that viruses are all airborne, and that if the virus was "the cause" people would be infected anywhere there is air flow. 

CDC insists Ebola is not airborne

Yes, folks, that's what they say, "Ebola is not airborne". You can relax now, all you TV watchers. 

Others are still terrified, as they know this simply is not true, all viruses are airborne. 

And yet others realize that none of this is terrifying nor news really.

I mean really, at this point you have to ask who the hell are these people telling the public this crap that a virus cannot be airborne. 

So the caption during the Fox News story this morning during the panel discussion was "CDC insists Ebola not airborne.

I frankly laughed, then thought "is the public that stupid"? Are these people in the CDC that stupid? Can people really believe this garbage?

ALL viruses are airborne, this is an absolute fact based on the principles of physics.
There is not one particle of matter on earth that cannot become airborne.

So how is it that a multibillion dollar system of governing the public cannot explain this simple fact?

Viruses are lighter than a feather, they are lighter than dust, they are about a billion times liter than dust. They do not attach themselves to bodily fluids with no way of detaching. That simply would defy all laws of physics.

The CDC claims, based on what a handful of scientists tell them, that the "Ebola virus" is in bodily fluids. Thus, all one has to do is sneeze and it becomes airborne, or for a body fluid to dry out, leaving dry virus behind and swoosh, the lightest breeze makes it airborne. This would also apply to HI viruses, especially ones that become airborne when someone "with the virus" jerks off.

Decades of listening to this crap

It's becoming like an entire lifetime of listening to these highly paid OUT OF OUR TAX DOLLARS "experts" speak out of one side of their mouths, where they claim Ebola has been around since 1976, and then out of the other side they want us to believe that not one particle of Ebola virus has become airborne in 38 years, which equates to approximately 13,870 spins of the Earth in 24 hour periods where winds are constantly shifting due to climate change which will put the entire earth under 7000 feet of water within what is it 20 years now according to sci-fientists. 

Thus, for those of us who can grasp this information (and many cannot) we understand that it puts a spin on the VPS - the Virus Panic Syndrome, because some of us understand that the body processes out these things every day, and that worrying about catching floating viruses or floating dust particles, is not the most productive endeavor, nor is necessary except of course for those who get paid handsomely for finding "solutions" such as new experimental drugs to "treat" such things, well those of us who can grasp this concept that all viruses are 100 trillion times lighter than a feather and all viruses become airborne, leads us to understand this simple concept, that if that is true, and the virus was so deadly as claimed, and people are not getting it, there is nothing to fear but cable TV itself. 

Guy gets a hard on at worst possible moment

I think this was staged. 
I think this was staged. 
I think this was staged. 

Santa Clause catches HIV/DIES of AIDS

One elaborate lie lies with another. 

Fo Near

Why are we afraid of making super bugs with antibiotics, but not afraid of making a super flu with flu vaccines?

Imaginary particles

Tachyons (hypothetical particles that travel faster than light) would experience time in reverse. They would have imaginary mass - as in square root of -1. Adding kinetic energy would slow them down; an infinite amount of energy would be needed to slow them to the speed of light.

Declarations of Dependence

The gay community has fought the US government for a very very very long time to be treated equal, achieving that equality in recent years with the end of Don' Ask Don't Tell stupid military policy, which now allows sexual freedom in the military, you can be who you want without worrying about being thrown the hell out. And most recently the slamming down of many States bans on same sex marriage which has provided couples who wish to marry (regardless if they love each other or not or have sex with each other or not) the ability to receive equal benefits that legal marriage endows. So it boggles the mind, after we consider how much government has been wrong about so many things in the past, that the gay community does little or nothing to stop governments oppression and prejudice and unequal treatment with their blood. They still in 2014 cannot donate their blood. This all started with the US government in 1984 disco dayz making a public announcement that "the probable cause of AIDS is HIV" and from that point on, the gay community bought this lie, and has endured their blood being treated worse than slaves, QUARANTINED, unable to become a part of life saving measures equally.

This really is no surprise that the "World Health Organization" which I believe doesn't do a very good job at what it's name implies, would "botch" things up with e.bola. 

What would be a surprise is if they admitted they finally figured out that hunting mutating viruses that don't need people or planes to travel is a futile attempt at "controlling disease" and that bacteria hunting is much more productive at achieving desired results of protecting people's health. It would be so refreshing to hear reports from them about actual root causes of disease in areas where people eating bad meat because they have no refrigeration and are dirt poor so they don't even have enough food and then while weak and sick they are forced to breathe in bleach fumes from decontamination efforts.

A to Z bola

I'm trying to be gay every day but it's so hard these dayzzzz, what with the certain letter bola scarez plastered everywhere. This time it's well the nonsense has hit San Diego, a college no less, run by people with PHD's and Hi-IQz, the scare shut down half the campus, yet no one is shutting down anything from the flu which kills 10,000 times more people than AtoZbola. It all seems to make a case for lower education.

E-bola carrier seen from space

Flying syringes

They're not just carried by mosquitoes anymore.

This is an image of a moth sucking human blood.

If companies can marry...

Since companies are people according to the Supreme Court, and car companies and many other companies have gotten married over the years, reaping tax benefits from such mergers, why didn't we use this argument for gay marriage a long time ago?

The breach is the cause

It's said there was a "breach in protocol" that "caused a 2nd patient to get ebola" (and all this time we thought it was bodily fluids that were the cause). 

Google News on October 12, 2014 

Hmm. I think it's not the breach that caused the disease to manifest, it's the breach that caused the diagnosis to manifest. Diagnosis manifestations have a wide variety of causes, many unrelated to actual disease. 

It's also interesting to note and ask our selves, why do they keep repeating "the deadly virus" when it's not always deadly? "ebola" is not killing everyone it "infects", no virus does. So if we are going to go with this breach in proper language structure protocol there needs to be a correction starting with the medical community must be clear about the facts regarding the flu. Often they say "you just have the flu which is caused by the flu virus, get some rest and drink plenty of fluids" and it's no big deal, but these people telling us about flu shots, flu season, and "you have the flu" should be saying "you have the DEADLY FLU VIRUS" because the flu is at least 300 times more deadly than "ebola" (worldwide cases of flu deaths exceed 100,000 per year). 

Similarly, it should not be called a "virus outbreak" but rather "a virus diagnosis outbreak".

The above techniques in understanding language is what helps me in my daily life in spotting and understanding scams, hype, and lies. 

Airports will be screening for "ebola" flu but not other flu

JFK airport in New York City will do health screenings on people coming in from certain parts of Africa, but why are they not screening for the deadly flu? There's no word yet on screenings of the weather patterns that routinely travel from that destination carrying viruses throughout the globe. These weather patterns have been doing this since at least February 2014 when these now alleged "4000 deaths due to ebola" were first counted and oddly enough, only 2 "have it" in the USA after 8 months of it being airborne. 

Experts will not usually acknowledge this fact publicly which makes me wonder, do these "experts" in "ebola" actually believe that it can only be transmitted by touching someone (bodily fluids)? If so that's pretty stupid, a lie, or something. All bodily fluids become airborne every day, clap your hands, bodily fluids become airborne, take a shit, bodily fluids become airborne (you can smell them), sneeze or talk, bodily fluids become airborne, and they just hop on the nearest jet stream to get anywhere they like all over the world in a mere days. Maybe the reason that "ebola" which can be traced back by the CDC to as far back as 1976 (according to Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institutes of Health as he stated on Meet the Press on October 12, 2014) didn't make it to America until October 2014 is that it's just the winds don't blow in West Africa until recent problems with climate change. Yea, that explains it. Or, maybe it's just the winds of  misunderstanding syndromes. 


Google News on October 12, 2014

E-bola is looking more like HI virology every day

The similarities of the HI virus testing scam and this latest fear campaign are stunning.

Get married in 30 US states!

"But keep that gay blood to yourself"

Gay blood is still unequal. Straight blood is unparalleled. Where's that straight blood test again? 

Marry in Estonia

First ex Soviet country to allow same sex marriage and some people are planning to become an e-resident there soon.


In the episode where Brian goes to Hollywood to find himself, one scene where Lois is in a laboratory she says "I've never seen a virus replicate so quickly" while looking in a microscope. Of course there's lots of things in Family Guy that are not real in real life, and this is one of them, no one can see viruses in optical microscopes, only cartoon characters can. It takes an electron microscope to "image" them, and it's not anything like what you imagine, they use electrons to illuminate the specimine, it's a very complex calculative process that is subject to interpretive analysis and error due to things like magnetic wavelength interferences. Viruses are infinitesimally small. You don't just look into an electron microscope and see things swimming around magnified like with regular microscopes and the images are subject to viewing of dirt and debris particles that can be mistaken for viruses. 

Eboola virus hunting has just gone holocaust

Nurse in Spain is suspected of having the "deadly disease" so they go kill her dog now as a means of protecting, eradicating, and going completely illogical on us. By that means of "protection" they must euthanize all the people that have come in contact with her and any lovers. 


Raven Symone talks to Oprah about not wanting to be labeled gay or African - American. Of course there's that "name" label thing still goin' on. 

Starting in 1552 B.C.

Diabetes is not new, it goes way back in recorded medical history. Most human conditions are the same old stuff seen for thousands of years, they just change label clothes with current fashion trends, and new lucrative methods of diagnosis. In olden times they tasted urine to see if someone was diabetic or not. This was done up to around the 11th century. 

Republicans, you know those Obamacare haters who all want it abolished because of "the expense" and so many other reasons, should be pushing for urine taste tests if they are sincere about cutting health care costs as this is proven medicine that works. Patients could test themselves this way and no more needle pricks! 

I propose

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing has proposed a theory claiming black homosexuality was imposed on black males by white people to reduce the black population. 

Ahh that's better

Government is prepared to put an end to e-BOO-la before it starts even though it started already. 

Now we know our government will make sure we are safe. I mean after all, if they can make sure that people don't jump fences and get into the White House, surely they can stop floating particles of matter that are a billion times smaller than a bacteria from being picked up and carried by the wind so that these things don't jump fences, go through screen doors, hop on the jet stream and travel the world in a day, enter through cracks around windows, and ever pose any threat to humanity because THEY know how to contain it at every point it can possibly have landed, especially since they always travel by planes, trains, and automobiles. Many call this the greatest government and greatest health care system in the world. 

VIRUS/SYNDROME started in Africa of course

Google News clip of story claiming it's been discovered that the VIRUS/SYNDROME started in dirty Africa. Name me one disease that started in the USA. The are all from foreign countries, ones that are usually thought of as 3rd world. Strange. Coincidence. Who comes up with these discoveries? And they want us to believe it started in the 1920's now. After 30 years of contradictions and lies, I'm sorry, I don't buy this one either, unless maybe you tell me patient 1920's zero caught it while doing the Charleston while expressing their naturl sexual urges as we know that these things don't just appear out of nowhere, they mutate, and come from having sex, or flying syringes.......unless they are trying to tell us that on the first day of 1920 God created VIRUS/SYNDROME.. Ah those virus hunters, trying to figure out every single one of billions of infinitely mutating particles that are always blowing in the breeze. Reminds me of that silly wabbit and hunter cartoon syndrome.

Quarantine #1 - government of the terrified people exercises it's power to try to control imaginary threats

The family of 1st patient in US to contract alleged e-bola told to stay home for 2 weeks. If they don't obey I think they risk criminal charges and are forced into quarantine with armed guards. Although the contactees are all just suspects, none proven to even have "the virus" the government of the Uncle Sam has given itself authority to force quarantine on any suspect any time they deem a public health threat. The mindset is protecting the public from suspects using the mentality of "an abundance of caution" and the public allows this, even demands it. But this is government out of control in this virus scare matter. This is the same behavior we saw governments exercise with prison camps for Japanese, blacks, and Jews held captive by Nazis, though those extended to many more people, all were alleged threats later deemed not a threat at all, and they were illegal. This same thing could be declared on millions, for example, they could extend it to all contacts, that their contacts and their contacts, before you know it the whole quarantine pyramid looks like multi-level marketing schemes. What's even more baffling is why didn't they do this with the HI virus and those who "carry it"? That threat was worse! Anyone doubt that? Quadrillions kiled by the HIv. We have been told incessantly the HI virus was a deadly threat and they could have stopped it long ago based on the logic they are using here with e-booa. There is a whole community of suspects with HIv "infection" and they have for 30 years now quarantined gay blood which is disgusting, illegal, and unconstitutional. Were you even born when the medias scared people worse than they are not with these virus boo theories? Why does the public stand for this? Fear. It's the same thing Hitler used to control people it's just that this HIv regime is lasting much longer. The people become afraid and then even demand this form of protection and governing because they become afraid for their lives and that of their loved ones so in that frenzy of fear they will allow government to do anything to save them which includes demanding toxic drugs with the promise to kill or control the thing they fear, or be forced to take such medications, shots, etc. This is what's happening in the USA today with things we cannot see, albeit currently on a small scale, the war on eboola cannot even test for in the blood, are wildly speculative, are spread by air and flying syringes, yet fear and panic has moved this medical dictatorship regime along. Fear is one powerful enemy.  

E BOO la scam

Turn off the TV box of terror and turn on YouTube to study the scam. 

October 2, 2014, another of many sad days in history. 

Wikipedia states

"According to an announcement by the Centers for Disease Control, on September 30, 2014, the man left Liberia on September 19 and arrived in Dallas on September 20. On September 24, and he developed symptoms, and sought medical care on September 26. He was admitted to hospital on September 28. On September 30, the CDC confirmed that he was infected with Ebola virus."

There is no blood test for this virus, so they just assume that because he came from Liberia, and has a fever, that it's eboola. It's not solid science and this is basically what they do with the HI virus diagnosis, ask questions, "are you having dirty filthy gay sex?" and if you have, that's a factor (put down a +), then the blood tests they use are looking at random markers, non-specific antibodies, (put down two more ++) they put it all together and take a guess. But if you go to another country though, they do it all different, countries don't agree on how the HIv can be "found", yet these archaic methods continue because of fear. 

The tumor is pleasant

Benign = pleasant. There's more than one word to describe the same thing and sometimes those words sure sound different when used with medical problems. So if I say the tumor is pleasant I am telling you the same thing as if I said the tumor is benign. 

The HI virus is pleasant. See fear run.  

Pluto is a planet again

It was a planet since the begging of time (time started in 1930) then in 2006 it was deemed by experts to not be a planet. That changed again. What doesn't change is the inconsistencies in the sciences primarily when it comes to amplification modalities trying to study an object that is 4.3 billion miles from the Sun. Too bad others can't see past Uranus to understand that viruses are not the planets they once thought since understanding them and effectively "seeing" them is about a billion times harder than figuring out whether a round orb circling the sun is a planet or not and that doesn't stop those who have their stakes in selling us stuff to save us from things we can't see. 

Take a look at our Earth, see if you can spot the e-raola virus. 

You couldn't find it? Well that's basically what it's like trying to find viruses under electron microscopes.

Think different or be square

And how much energy was used to process and recycle all this steel?
Who still denies gravity dip science

Taste the rainbow crosswalks

Rainbow crosswalks are appearing in every gay city there is, here are some of them. 

San Francisco   West Hollywood   Vancouver   Sydney

I think they are a bad idea, if you are going to paint inside the crosswalk, do what a lot of cities do, paint white lines, white is SAFE. It's harder to see a rainbow of colors at night. That's why rainbows don't appear at night, have you ever seen one at night? God did not make rainbows appear at night and they won't in sidewalks, that's if you are not on drugs. Tell your city leaders to practice SAFE CROSSWALK DESIGN. 

When I see trash cans, I see jugglers giving up on their dreams

So why is it when you look at them you see a magician levitating balls? 

California bans plastic bags

I used those things like condoms, to protect my groceries from spilling and shooting all over the place, now how are us po folk going to practice safe shopping and prevent shopually transmitted diseases? Reusable bags are unsanitary. They waste water, because they have to be washed. Paper bags are going to be used more now, thus deforesting will flourish again which is how these plastic bags were sold to the public in the first place, to stop deforestation. What a whacked out state, so now they approve of it. Dry cleaning for the rich is exempt of course. They still get to have their clothes wrapped in single use bags that wildlife can continue to choke on. Excuse me, but why are they not being made to bring reusable sacks to cover their dry cleaning? Unsanitary. Exactly. The American Progressive Bag Alliance, hopes to have voters overturn the law through a referendum. Poor people who conveniently, and safely, used to carry their groceries by walking home with these sturdy plastic bags in the rain, are hoping the governor will be sending chauffers to help them manage the now difficult task of shopping and bringing groceries home knowing that politicians truly care for the people and understand their plight. To be consistent California should enact a law that forces people to reuse latex condoms and gloves in order to "protect the environment". Cum to think of it, what happens to that HI virus when seagulls eat used condoms?

Ben Afflek's penis looks better in 3-D

He said it not me.

First e-bola patient didn't give travel history

The hospital didn't ask for it, the patient didn't give it. It's all the rage. Why do they need travel history to diagnose? This is the same problem with HI virus nonsense, they ask "did you ever have sex with a man" and "if so what kind of sex, tell me all the details and don't leave anything out". If you say yes, they look at you differently "oh that's a risk factor.....let's see 1 risk factor plus another risk factor plus inconsistent result on non-specific test modalities, well that equal you got the bugger". They don't have exact measuring tools, they have to try to piece things together like Sherlock Holmes. Who want's to be diagnosed by a detective? Fuck that.

'Retroviruses are not known for killing cells' *

HIV is a retrovirus. Do the math.

* stated decades ago by Peter Deusberg, honorable father of retrovirology 

Ebo-la packed it's bags, arrives in the US

The first case of Ebo La Diagnosis Disease or ELDD has been reported in Texas. These reports do sell papers. 

Man saves millions with his donated blood

Meanwhile back at the bar, gay blood is shit. Banned. Possibly tainted with the HI virus. Not worth the risk. Unequal.

Fast food worker alleges he was forced to wear "gaytard" nametag 


It hopped on a jet stream and traveled the world.

Are we there yet?

Has blood equally manifested yet? Not yet. An interesting quote from an article:

Lifting a ban on blood donations from gay men would increase the amount of available blood by hundreds of thousands of pints (liters) each year and save more than a million lives a year, a California study showed.

The U.S. Federal Drug Administration has banned gay men from donating blood since 1983, when it was discovered that HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, was being transmitted through transfusions.

It's baffling to me how gays have had such a passion for marriage equality, yet not for the very thing that gives them life, and gives others life. They demand equality with marriage, housing, employment, but where's the protests, where's the demands for blood to be treated equal, where are all the gay rag news articles. We had billions of nauseating disgusting articles throughout my lifetime about HIV and about 2 regarding unequal blood. It's finally starting to break through a little, but what the fuck happened all those years? Oh yea, they were drunk on HIV. And there lies the beginning of the error, that "HIV da virus dat causes dat AID syndrome" was being transmitted through transfusions and not mosquitoes, if it even existed in the first place, which it didn't, because if it did, everyone would be getting it while camping.

The Gay+ community is leaving Facebook for Elo

The Daily Dot has called this the "great gay Facebook exodus."

The Which Hunt continues

There's a new fear headline today about Africa and viruses, it's meant to scare you, after all, fear motivates. They say the bolea virus is expected to infect (the minds of) 1/2 million to 1.4 million people in Sierra Leone. 

So declares the gods centered in the bible belt's disease control center hub. 

These lies are disgusting and proof our government is not doing it's job explaining what virus hunting is really all about, big $$$.

Thee treatments the American witch doctors come up with is just like what medicine men used to do, aka witch doctors.

A medicine man or medicine woman is a traditional healer and spiritual leader among American Indians, or Native Americans in the United States and First Nations in Canada. (source

view image

All of these diseases have been with us since the beginning of time caused by bacterias, parasites, fungus and bad meat and putrid water where these living organism critters breed. People drink this horrid water, and bad meat, which wreaks havoc with the human body and in more severe cases, cause fever with hemorrhage (internal bleeding). Of course there's nothing quite like coming up with new names, and ignoring those old causes, which is why I have named Ebola as Bolea. Same thing, different arrangement.

 Or is it the same. My newly named disease includes the complications from definition syndromes. 

But oh no, we need a new cause, thus everyone is sold the neutron particle theory. Viruses, a billion times smaller than a tiny bacteria, viruses which are not living things yet they keep saying they are living and need to be killed. That contradiction alone should raise big huge red scam flags but the public is so brainwashed by fear they can't even see that obvious contradiction. 

And once again, never mind the fact that all particles of matter, be they dust, or bacteria, or viruses, are transmitted primarily by air, and mosquitoes. 

Think about it, have you ever met a mosquito that asked you first, "have you been tested". Mosquitoes surely don't want to be drinking HIV tainted blood, they should always make sure you are tested. After all they are positive they are negative and want to stay that way.

I'm just wondering how big this campaign is going to get. I guess they have a whole new audience from which they didn't have in the 1980's can be fearmongered, all the kids born then who are in their 20's and 30's now, who don't know better, they grew up with the HI virus "being real" along with all the older ones in our generation that were terrified of AID syndromes being caused by a particle of matter.

And again, why is no one asking mosquitoes "have you been tested for HIV"? They are with "West Nile". Shouldn't they bet testing mosquitoes for HIV also?  Yes. I guess they figure that male mosquitoes don't have sex with men so they can't get it. 

Transmit understanding

Diagnosis is not a sexually transmitted disease. 

Great movie

On TV right now (9/14/14) on Los Angeles' CW network the movie "LA Mission" (2009) has a gay theme. This a must watch but it's better to rent the film as they bleep out the words fuck and faggot. Doing so takes away from the intensity and emotion of the brilliant performance and exceptionally played out story. One of the interesting lines in the movie is about e-bola, where the guy says "Just be sure to flush it out of your system with plenty of water." Hmm. 

Read movie description here

official movie website 

Note: this is a great movie to watch without knowing anything about it. 

Practice safe air 

Now the fear is that e-bola will go airborne. Actually that should be the fear of every virus as no virus is immune to anti-airborneity. You see, that is the problem with the HI virus causes AID syndrome theory. Air and mosquitoes transmit everything in the air, including so much dust, why am I always having to dust! Since all viruses are particles like dust this new fear of airborneity is misplaced, there should always be a fear of any virus becoming airborne, or, one could realize that there are more important factors involved in immune dysfunction.

This was on Google News September 12, 2014

Bible belt leads consumption of gay porn!

"Pornhub reports that the majority of states with a high percentage of gay viewers is in the South. According to the numbers, Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia lead the South in gay porn consumption, and the state with the highest percentage of gay porn viewers in the nation is Mississippi at 5.6%."

take a look at the map which also shows where gay marriage is legal

Burning up about C02

Burning Man lights fire in the middle of the desert to celebrate something every year. 


Interesting pun/post found on, from user cgbeige:

"Burning Man is going carbon-neutral by 2017 – it's going to be called Browning Man and they will simply let him tan instead of burn a shitload of carbon dioxide."


The headline asks how did it get out of control so fast. 

This reminds me of the same question back in the 1980's about the HI virus and the AID syndrome. One of the answers I came up with is that the labeling got out of control. These are all just new labels, for mostly old fashioned diseases. Slap a new one on, and remove another. Has anyone checked to see how many West Africa deaths have dropped due to other diseases? I bet they are in exact proportion. But you think media is going to make that a priority to find this one out? I doubt it. The data must be out there though somewhere. 

But the fun doesn't stop there, and I'm not monkeying around, now they came up with the same explanation as they did with the HI virus, it all started with monkeys! 

Note, it's not not affecting this part of affluent southern Africa which has enough money for toilets, chlorinated water, and ample nutrition, and the vaccination freaks can't say it's because of vaccination because THERE ISN'T ONE.

picture of the affluent South Africa region 

It's time to own the word faggot

Watching the Bethany Show this week late August 2014 there was a nice gay male guest on who in talking about some story he didn't want to say the word "faggot" so he said "it rhymes with maggot". It really seemed unnecessary to do that. 

I think we need to just say it and stop pussy-footing around the word faggot. Just like with the word "queer", when gays grabbed it and fucked the hell out of the word, it stopped being nasty. 

Shake shake shake 

At the rodeo the bull's point of view 

Most every straight guy is gay

First, they play with man dick, their own, and if they could they'd surely suck it. Next, this comedy skit also reinforces this data.

HI'm innocent 

A guy is being charged with allegedly willfully spreading the Human Immu-no-deficiency Virus. Yet how does anyone determine such an obscure thing? According to HIV test manufacturers, FDA-approved HIV tests do not detect HIV and cannot be used to diagnose HIV yet there are cases that keep popping up where people are being arrested for allegedly spreading something that is claimed to be had yet it cannot be tested for according to these manufacturers of the tests that allegedly test for it. We been had.


Congressional staff or members of congress appear to be editing certain web page entries on Wikipedia. Are they doing this on taxpayers dime??

Warrant issued for arrest of sick dude in Santa Barbara

As if things couldn't get worse in our so called free country, a county health agency issued a warrant for a guy who has what they call a drug resistant form of tuberculosis. Gee doesn't that make you want to get tested for EVERYTHING. They claim he is a threat to the public walking around breathing and carrying a "deadly virus". Funny, that's not what it says is the case with tuberculosis all the time, yet they apparently are going the extra mile. How many miles can they go with these quarantines?. There's a slew of diseases that they can FORCE treatment on you when you are walking around free, and if you refuse, which is your constitutional right, they will merely issue warrants out for your arrest and take you in, which is their right based on laws passed by you the people "representing you" in various forms of government. Just take a look at this scary list of things they can arrest sick people for now. When exactly did we convert our health care laws to those of Russia or Nazi Germany? Another disturbing thing about this is that if the individual is said to not be responding to drugs, so if that's true, what is the point of taking him in? To protect the public they say, but how long are they going to keep him a prisoner? American government has a history of doing things like this to people, the Japanese internment camps, etc. Young people weren't born yet when these health agencies talked about quarantining AIDS patients and those who were exposed to HIV. These kinds of precedents are dangerous to a free society. 

State Quarantine and Isolation Statutes

CDC whistleblower and their refual to turn over documents to Congress

Warrant issued for contagious person carrying a virus

Boy toy logic 

Got fungus?

"Cryptococcus, which encompasses a number of species including C. gattii, causes life-threatening infections of the lungs and brain and is responsible for one third of all AIDS-related deaths."

WHY HAVEN'T WE BEEN TOLD THIS BEFORE?????????????????????????

I am 1 billion times more concerned about catching and growing FUN/GUS from trees than I am HI viruses. 


"MPAA accused of homophobia over R-rated sex-free gay romance". 

WN virus found somewhere again

You can only find things when you are looking for them unless they hit you in the face I suppose. It's interesting to see that West Nile Virus has been found again in mosquitos. Of course there is never any headlines anywhere of them finding the HI virus in mosquitos, yet by all accounts, they must be there on occasion, unless no one with HIV ever gets bit by a mosquito sucking their possibly HIV tainted worthless gay blood.

I'm not gay

I'm dodecahedronsexual. Please include the "D" in the LGBTQWERTY designation please so I feel included and equal.

You are probably having a better day and more gay 

Hi virus prejudice

According to Webster's New World Dictionary prejudice is defined as "a judgment or opinion held in disregard of the facts that contradict it". In Hi virus science we have a slew of facts that contradict popular theory yet people disregard them. These people are prejudiced. It may be that they simply cannot believe that they have been misled for 30 years on the subject by so many authorities but that doesn't excuse their prejudice. 

Pseudonym Science

AID syndrome and HI virus rethinkers get bashed at times by people who insist the standard theory is accurate. They use a term called "pseudoscience" a relatively new term used to describe the science used by rethinkers/challengers of standard AIDS/HIV theories as being something illigitimate. Problem is, they even got the use of that term wrong. "Pseudo" is short for pseudonym which means "naming something different for something that is the same". Actors use pseudonyms when the have a birth name and instead use a stage name, that's a pseudonym. It's not their "real" name yet it is their name, and either describes the same person. So the real definition of pseudoscience would be "a different name for the same science". But that makes no sense when describing two different theories that are named the same. You see the theory is different, and they are trying to say with this use of the word "pseudoscience" that the alternate science is different and illigitimate. That's simply not how the word pseudonym is used.

The bullies who bash AIDS and HI virus rethinkers/questioners/doubters are using it incorrectly. What they are making it mean is a science that's not the same as the original science, yet technically, that is correct, the science is not the same, it's more accurate, but their definition of the word is twisted to try to convey that the science is not just a different name, it's of low quality or no quality. Pseudonyms are not referring to quality, they are merely different names for the same thing. This in all acuality, literally, HIV/AIDS pseudoscience is demonstrated when people like me call it HI viruses and AID syndromes, or call it another pseudonym like Miss Diagnosis, or WOT (wacked out theories). So they don't even get the use of the word pseudo correct when trying to trash people who have a different theory on what causes AID syndromes. And yet they stand so tall there in the internet playground proud of themselves for just slamming the HI virus rethinker while all the other kids around them think "what a jerk" and "he's not even using the word correctly" and "she's just another bully". 

Gay teens organs rejected because he is gay

Talk about prejudice, a Food and Drug Administration’s guidance for donor eligibility says men who have had sex with men in the past five years “should” be ruled as “ineligible” for donating certain tissues, labeling their behavior a “risk factor.” Thus, when the teenager who committed suicide who said he wanted his organs donated, this was not allowed. -

This 30 year old rule is based on the lie of 1984 where the government stated they found the cause of AIDS and it's HIV and the exclusive faulty principle of sexual transmission of the HI virus which has never been isolated in a lab nor proven to exist except in the minds of those who perpetuate the lie. 

WHEN IS THE GAY COMMUNITY GOING TO DEMAND THIS PREJUDICE STOP? I guess that would take for the "leaders" to admit that they were lied to about the HI virus and will that ever happen? If there is a test that finds "HIV" then all one would have to do is test the donor's blood, but you see, this is the problem, there is no test that finds it, it's all a big farce. 

"Oh, when has there ever been a mistake made by governing bodies?" he/said she/said.

Critics have long called the policy discriminatory, but the FDA says it’s necessary: “FDA’s deferral policy is based on the documented increased risk of certain transfusion transmissible infections, such as HIV, associated with male-to-male sex and is not based on any judgment concerning the donor’s sexual orientation.” -

That is true, the FDA is not basing it on the sexual orientation, it's the results they get from the tests that discriminate based on sexual orientation. The entire protocol is based on a prejudice. So who started the protocol if it wasn't the FDA? 


Your government is just finally after 50 years of no more back of the bus for blacks, starting to let you get married but your blood and organs are still considered shit. 

I'm not gay today. Where are my non-elected gay leaders on this? Parties? Out parading around telling people to get tested with shit tests?

California condom bill dries up

It was the third attempt at mandating sex performers in California wear condoms during a SHOOT. The attempt at creating a law forcing performers to wear condoms has been referred to as a "harassment campaign".

This made me gay today

Robin Williams was often very gay

He did films that were gay. He became not so gay when he learned he had the Michael J. Fox disease. I think this is why he hanged himself. It was a shocker and it's not funny. If I was a comedian I would want people to LOL and applaud as I made my exit.

Suffering from apophenia

New study shows that most scientific studies and studiers suffer from this disease. 

Pandora's Box of viruses

Now we have the "new discovery" of pandoraviruses! They are GIANTS! They are as big as 1/100th the size of a bacteria. Soooo big and scary. So said the latest internet article online. So we went to the good old fashioned encyclopedia and lo and behold, they are not new at all, nor are they living things yet almost every article about viruses tells us they are alive. All but these biggest can't even be seen under a microscope. 

The genomes of Mimiviruses and Pandoraviruses, which are some of the largest known viruses, range from 1 to 2.5 Mb (1 Mb = 1,000,000 base pairs of DNA). Most viruses vary in diameter from 20 nanometres (nm; 0.0000008 inch) to 250–400 nm; the largest, however, measure about 500 nm in diameter and are about 700–1,000 nm in length. Only the largest and most complex viruses can be seen under the light microscope at the highest resolution. Any determination of the size of a virus also must take into account its shape, since different classes of viruses have distinctive shapes. - Britannica

Blood bans and patient zeros

Until the day my blood is considered equal to straight blood, I will continue to expose the lies and contradictions in these whacked out AIDS theories that have a continued stronghold on the world's misunderstandings of disease. Today I read an interesting comment, which is a typical belief about so called "patient zeros". The problem with this (especially with AIDS which is not even one disease, it's a syndrome that can include one or more of a variety of diseases, all with different causes) is that they never look for mosquito zero. This post was found on on August 11, 2014,

[–]AdrianBlake -1 points

The first "Patient Zero" was a guy in San Fransisco (I think)

Basically, when AIDS was becoming a giant clusterfuck, scientists got a load of gay men with AIDS and said "Name EVERYONE you slept with ever" and then they tried to find them and asked them too, and they made a fuck sheet, with links between anyone who fucked anyone (not just people they asked). And so obviously, there are a bunch of people with a few lines, but then they notice that one name has LOADS of names going to it. So they go to him, and he knows he has AIDS, but he says he intentionally has unprotective sex with uninfected people. And in the morning he would say, or leave a note saying "I've got cancer, now you do too". This is basically the TRUE story behind the "Welcome to AIDS" written on mirrors from urban legend.

There's a really cool RADIOLAB podcast that has all about this guy, and also Typhoid Mary, and also about how they traced AIDS back to a small group of chimps near a particular village.

And yet to this day no one is calling for "safe walking around in public" where one can be injected with a hypodermic like needle found on mosquitoes. 

Conversion therapy

"Gay conversion therapy" as it has been called has been "outlawed" in California but in other states, it's not. It's a process where gay kids are taken to psychologist or a religious therapy counselor to get them straight. Gay rights groups say it's unfair to a child to try to force them to be something they are not, but who are they to say that all kids that are "gay" are certain of their being gay or not? That period is one where teens are evolving into their sexual identities, they experiment, they observe what goes on in the world and see where they fit. That "fit" could occur at any time, early or late, and it's near impossible when that would happen for certain. No one can say that if a teen says he's gay, that he might after some time decide to get married and have kids. It's happened many times. Gay rights advocates are still working on these other states to make more restrictions of freedom for parents. What if the situation is reversed? I wonder, do gay kids not have a right to straight conversion therapy if they feel they are hetero but parents keep insisting the teen is gay? I would think so. Who is the one determining one's sexuality here? The teen may have had a gay experience but is dead set against being sucked into that lifestyle, and rather, dreams of having children of his own. The teen may also be enjoying the gay lifestyle while at the same time dreaming of having his own kids, not adopting, but creating new life. He or she may want therapy for "conversion" (conversion is really not the right word for this). I am not for banning gay conversion therapy outright and believe it's unconstitutional to do so. Government needs to stay out of such things with the exception of when there is an actual danger to a child. There may be cases individually decided where forcing a young adult could be damaging, but to say all children are in danger with this kind of therapy is not valid. The young adult should be consulted primarily as to what their wishes are. If they want the therapy, they should have it. To make it illegal is to deny these people fundamental rights. 

Florida church cancels gay man's funeral

Acquired Amyloidosis Syndrome - AAS

According to

"In medicine, amyloidosis is a non-specific term that refers to a number of different diseases collectively called amyloidoses. Amyloidoses can be inherited or acquired."

That's so HIV/AIDS. The term AIDS refers to a number of different diseases and is a non specific term. That's why they put the HIV in front of it, to describe HIV as being associated with these different diseases. Thus, when someone has the label AIDS put on them, it could mean one or more of many different diseases under the syndrome. 

Does it make any sense at all that the HI virus could cause any one of these 28 different diseases under the AID syndrome, when all of these 28 different diseases have different causes? I mean like even tinnitus (ringing in the ears) has multiple causes, and so do the 28 different diseases under the AID syndrome, making the causes of the AID syndrome reach into the hundreds. To say that a syndrome that has 28 diseases where each of those have multiple causes, suddenly has one cause, is mathematically a contradiction. 

To oxidize or reduce

There are those in the world of treatment science who have stated repeatedly that there is a common thread in the gay population who is testing positive for the HI virus. They say it's needles and sex. Others say it's not analogous sex, or needles, it's oxidation. 

Oxidation? What is that? AKA redox.

Ever hear of anti-oxidants? They are in vegetables. They occur naturally. Nutritionists, doctors, and almost everyone says that vegetables are good for you, and the reason why is because they have anti-oxidation properties.

So what if the problem that is called HI virus infection has little to do with a virus, and more to do with oxidation? What causes oxidation? Do HI virus drugs treat oxidation?

"Undeniably toxic AZT could be changed from its current oxidizing formula to a reducing substance if researchers would be open to such a modification."


The HIV Puzzle - note HIV is referred to as a germ by Rodney Richards - "“HIV” is claimed to be a retrovirus, which means that within hours of exposure its genome is incorporated into host DNA where it stays for as long as the host shall live.  Any HIV expert will testify this is what stands in the way of the Holy Grail of curing AIDS. - but if that is true, what does the RNA then look like and can it function as it did?" 

visit the HIV symposium for more

why would an electron microscopist say HIV is not real?

and how did they determine there was a virus at all? 

"So, out of the 30 proteins, how did they select the ones to be defined as being from HIV? The answer is shocking, and goes to the root of what is probably the biggest scandal in medical history. They selected those that were most reactive with antibodies in blood samples from Aids patients and those at risk of Aids."

"This means that “HIV” antigens are defined as such not on the basis of being shown to belong to HIV, but on the basis that they react with antibodies in Aids patients. Aids patients are then diagnosed as being infected with HIV on the basis that they have antibodies which react with those same antigens. The reasoning is circular."

and what about diet sodas? according to diet soda has a "pH of 2.5: Sodas are 50,000 times more acidic than neutral. It would require 30 glasses of clean water to balance out just ONE can of soda. Why is this important? All diseases (including cancer) thrive in an acidic environment."

and what about redox signaling? 

1. Within each human cell are a variety of components that help the cell function. One portion of the cell is the mitochondria, or “power house” of the cell. 

2.The mitochondria creates two sets of reactive molecules.

3.These natural reactive molecules fuel and support virtually all functions of the immune system. They are the immune system communicators and the anti-oxidant activators that attack viruses and bacteria and fight free radicals.

New standard for gluten

This week a standard "kicks in" regulating how manufacturers can claim "gluten free" a product is. This is the same week that news reports state that the scientist who claimed gluten sensitivity was real decades ago, has now thoroughly debunked scientifically his own claims. There's still no news of a worldwide standard for determining if someone has the HI virus. Unfortunately this has not yet occurred with HI virus testing. No standard exists currently as of August 5, 2014 after 30 years of SONG/DANCE. For something as serious as a HI virus diagnosis you would think that they would have done this by now, create a standard of measure applicable to every country. This is why people can test positive in the US and test negative in Canada.

You homo

A homophone is a word that sounds like another word but has a different meaning. Knight and night are homophones. Male and mail are hompophones. What other homos can you come up with?

Uganda's no homo law null/void

Court struck down the anti-homosexuality law in that country based on a technicality. They can now redo it the right way. 

What planet are they on? 

One teaspoon of water contains about three times as many atoms as the Atlantic ocean contains teaspoons of water. This comparison is symbolic of the vast differences between the size of a bacteria which is associated with some sexual diseases (which in trying to find if it's infected someone it's generally easy to see) and trying to find a virus which is associated with HI which is a billion times smaller than that bacteria. There really is no exact way of finding HI viruses yet the claims persist to get tested with tests that are not precise by any stretch of the imagination. Trying to find a HI virus is a lot like trying to find a needle in a haystack that's floating somewhere in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch during a hurricane.

Live viral and bacterial vaccines

I was reading information from the Immune Deficiency Foundation which led me to recommendations that suggests vaccines for immune deficiency. I just don't understand why anybody would inject the very thing they are trying to avoid in their body. It's like getting raped by a live sex toy, in order to prevent catching a rape. 

Gay and gay

The last surviving member of the crew of the Enola Gay, Theodore VanKirk has recently left us at the age of 93. He said "I'd drop atomic bomb on Hiroshima again if needed." The crew, at the direction of the US government, dropped a nuclear bomb on two cities, killing 80,000 and 140,000. Think about that number, that's 220,000 people. We should all be gay to be alive.

Ok Cupid lies to it's members

Told people who weren’t compatible that they were a romantic match

Virginia is for gay lovers

This opens the door for 14,000 gay couples that want to get married in that state.

Virginia down, how many more to go again?

Court struck down the Virginia ban on gay marriage, or what I like to call MI, Marriage Irrespectiveogender. The walls are caving in! Christian fundamentalists freak! Is it rapture time?

If you are gay go to the back of the bloody bus

If you are gay and want to donate your worthless blood, it doesn't matter how equal you think you are to straights, you cannot ride in the front of the bloody bus, you are sent to the back, no, wait, you cannot get on the bloody bus at all. They will not accept you. Your blood is shit. No donations accepted. Your blood is BANNED! Since the disco daze your blood has been banned. They can't take that chance they say. What chance? 

You see if there actually was a scary/thingy that they could test for, they would simply do that, and screen the blood supply, which is one reason they push testing, but they don't do that simple thing, because there is no test that actually finds the culprit. So if there is no test that finds it, then the whole HI virus thing is a scam because they lie and say they do find it.

Try telling that to the gay community tho.  


Studying the host

Human Immunodeficiency Viruses are claimed to exist, at every turn, it's deemed real. 

As "70% of the gut works as an immune system" according to a pro-biotic commercial, I found it interesting to consider viral science as it occurs in the gut and the bacterias and microbes that are there which are said to be very hard to study. According to Dr. Martha Clokie, "Most gut bacteria won’t grow easily in a lab, the viruses that infect them are similarly hard to rear......normally you have to make heaps of it which isn't possible if you can't grow the host". reference reference

The HI virus research is an odd thing, there is no heaps of the HI virus because they can't grow the host, thus they really don't know anything about it, yet they claim they know so much about it. Snake oil salesmen do this same thing. They basically just make up stuff as they go. If the HI virus is an immune system problem and 70% of our immune system lies in our gut, could immune syndromes be primarily a stomach bacteria phage balance problem?

And speaking of tracking gut bacteria, yes, there's an app for that!

Christian claims for hating gays is utter bullshit

"First I’m going to write a smashing rebuttal of the Christian case against homosexuality based on the Bible… Then, I’m going to pull away the “Emperor’s New Clothes” kimono to reveal the creepy boner Republicans have for gay-bashing." 


Dirty needles

Mosquitoes have dirty needles they share! Why are some people more prone to others to be injected with these needles? 

Blood drives

In the Palm Springs area and surrounding cities there's another blood drive but if you are gay, stay home, you are discriminated against by the federal government which wrote the rule that says no man who has had sex with another man since 1977 can donate blood. That's 37 years! This rule is so 1980's AIDS hysteria but amazingly it is still in place to this day. It's based on the lie that there is a virus that is only transmitted by blood and not mosquitoes which could infect the "blood supply". To demonstrate they insanity of the whole HI virus mad mad world, on one hand they claim they have accurate testing in place, yet out of the other side of their mouths they say that it's risky to allow men who have sex with men to give blood. There is no test in the world that tests for men having sex with men, it's merely left to a man's word. That doesn't protect the blood supply. I can hardly wait until this whole thing collapses, the fraud is exposed, but when will this happen? The gay community continues to not understand that the HI virus is a fraud, that's not even a virus, it's a 80's retro virus, deemed harmless by the father of retrovirology. 


Come out come out where ever you are.

More HI virus insanity

This time they claim yet another drug will help! How many drugs can be added to the cockatoo of drugs they already have? So here they claim that this new drug can make the HI virus come out of hiding. Hiding? Why on Gods HI virus earth would anyone want a killer to come out of hiding! Yes, that's where the term undetectable comes in. You see, there are times they cannot detect the virus, not because it's not there they claim, but because it's playing a game of HIde and seek. I guess this all fits with the idea that we are at war with these critters. Problem with this current war, that as they use chemical warfare on the few hiding things, there's not much forest left and a whole lot of bunnies and other forest animals are annihilated. End the war.

Virus found in air!

Viruses are always in the air. This is not news really. 

Sorting out those cut parts of babies penises

Where do the spare parts go when infants are circumcised without their permission? One senator asked some pointed questions about this barbaric practice, one of which was a concern that the foreskin could be used for witchcraft. When is government going to protect babies from this abuse? 


The HI virus diagnosis rates in the US are down but they are also up. They are down for the general poopulation but they are up for young gay males. Every time I open a gay rag I see full page ads for getting tested and anti-viral drugs, targeted to the gay community. There are more of these ads targeting gays than straights. Not only that we have embedded in the culture of HI virus research the belief that gays are more susceptible to viral slurs by viruses that don't discriminate, so often when they tell their doctors they are gay, the doctor pushes a HI virus test. With more gay males taking the test than straight males and the general population proportionally or (disproportionally as in this case) the more we have disproportionate results coming from a test that does not entertain a world wide testing protocol standard, nor actually finds what it claims it's looking for, a HI virus SPECIFICALLY. It only finds random antibody protein pieces.

Got EEE?

Add to your list of virus tests, the one for EEE. Of course there's billions of others, this just one of those that are named. Viral science is something like naming people, classifying everyone with a certain last name like "Smith" to be of the same family. Viruses maybe of a certain family, but like with all families, the members that share that name do not act the same. The types of people out there are not the problem, it's the actions of a few, like when someone robs a bank. Similarly, medical science needs to find the ones that rob your cells of nutrients, or get pissed off at a cell and kills it. Just because viruses are of one family doesn't mean all family members are bad. Don't get robbed of your ability to think viral issues out. 

EEE positive mosquitoes detected

Did they check those mosquitoes for HI viruses?? They should.

Stonewall Gardens Palm Springs gay senior assisted living opening in August 

Not so new plague

Google news headline said "3 more cases of pneumonic plague identified in Colorado". It's pneumonia. 

Studies Raise Questions About Safety Of Personal Lubricants 

Some experiments find cell damage and increased risk of sexually transmitted infections.

"Right now, the Food & Drug Administration doesn’t typically require testing of personal lubricants in humans. The agency classifies them as medical devices, so the sex aids have to be tested on animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. Rectal use of lubricants is viewed by the agency as an “off-label” application—use at your own risk."

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??? You mean to tell me these things are not tested on people? WTF.

My concern is that these lubricants trap and hold bacteria, fungus, viruses on the surface of the skin and then absorbed into the skin below not allowing them to escape. Could this be the bigger problem with STI's, that the microbe gets caught in the oily or silicone substance, and the body's normal processes cannot easily remove it?

100 AIDS researchers may have been killed in plane crash

This appeared July 18, 2014 at 6:10am pacific time.

Confirmed dead is Joep Lang. 

He was a Dutch clinical researcher specialised in HIV therapy. He served as the president of the International AIDS Society from 2002 to 2004. He was also the Founding Chairman of PharmAccess Foundation until his death on the flight. During the mid-1990s, Lange began advocating for the use of combination therapy in the management of HIV/AIDS. He argued that it is an "illusion to think that monotherapy with any antiretroviral agent will have a major and lasting impact on this disease" because the development of drug resistance significantly lowers the efficacy of treatment.[4] In 1996, Lange defended the work of controversial HIV/AIDS researcher David Ho, who treated infected patients by having them swallow 20 pills a day as part of a multidrug "cocktail" regimen. 

The forum has this post to offer: 

When will appealing gay marriage bans start to lose their appeal?

I guess at a certain point when it's more than obvious that they are never going to win these appeals it will no longer be appealing to appeal. The latest ban to be overturned is making gay couples in Key West happy, including two bartenders who vow to now get married. Of course, it's planned for appeal.

Well which is it?

These headlines appeared on the very same day, July 17, 2014.

1) The AIDS epidemic may have ended by 2030 "in every region, in every country", says a new UN report, adding that new HI virus infections and AIDS-related diseases are now decreasing worldwide.

2) HI virus diagnosis hits a 20 year high in Australia

The gay mans pill

The WHO suggests gay men try to avoid getting pregnant with the HI virus by taking a morning before and after pill. 

WHO says and Simon says

It went something like this, "All men who are created equally (but cannot donate blood because they are not equals) who have sex with men should take antiretroviral medicine as an additional method of preventing HI virus infection, warning that HI virus infection rates amongst gay men are exploding around the world". reference: xoxo

There was no mention by the WHO about gay mosquitoes taking the medication.

Ban kissing amongst same sex in public!

The mayor of the Italian municipality of Borgosesia is seeking to ban public kissing between members of the same sex.

No face pic?

Asher’s Baking Company faces court for refusing order for gay marriage cake

Reading about these is just icing on the cake

SSC's kids do better than SC's kids

Same sex couples kids, according to a study, turned out a little better than straight couples kids.

more at Washington Post

1950's gay couple

Photo by Suprise_Euphoria on Reddit shows a gay couple from the 1950's and he explains it as this, "My great uncle with his partner in the 1950s. He was a homosexual and was discriminated against for most of his life. He tragically passed away during the weekend, so I'm sharing the hell out of this photo as a big fuck you to republicans and everyone who opposes gay marriage."

read comments here:

Joan Rivers is a joke

CNN host tries to make jokes while interviewing Joan Rivers, Rivers walks off set. This is totally misunderstood.


Joan tells fur protester at her book signing that her furs have had it good, they have gone to the opera.


The first gay president

Hollywood Reporter 

This is gay


Kentucky’s ban on same-sex marriages “void and unenforceable”

Marriage is recognized in 19 states and DC

Is it too heavy?

The one mosquito was carrying the Chikungunya virus, looked over at his mosquito friend, and said, "Hey, why aren't you carrying one too?" So then the friend said "I'm carrying the HI virus, it's lighter, I had to lighten my load, my knees are getting weak in my old age." The one mosquito was perplexed, he remembered science class learning that viruses were all pretty light so he figured that was another excuse. The human who's sweet crude blood was gettin' drilled overheard their conversation and thought "What a silly old mosquito, everyone knows that mosquitoes do not carry HI viruses."

Why not, are they too heavy?

Mosquitoes share dirty needles with humans many more times than drug addicts!

Think about it.

Are you sameosexual or opposexual?

"Homosexual" and "heterosexual" is so last century. I'm same gender sexual, not opposite gender sexual which could also be expressed as SGS and OGS.

Fun illusion

Amaze your friends. 

2 in the bush 

Hate is not gay

I hate hate. That's not hate squared that's just hating hating. 

For those people that hate BP (British Petroleum) for how they handled the Gulf oil spill and buy ARCO gas instead. Do they realize that was owned by BP from 2000 to 2013? Don't you hate finding out those kinds of things after the fact. See the thing is for me, when I hate, I forget to study. I hate it when I don't study. 

You think this is a joke? 

Apple CEO gay?

The show host on CNBC stated "I think Tim Cook is open about the fact he's gay at the head of Apple, isn't he," Hobbs asked. Then there was silence.

Frankly, who cares. With gay marriage all over the place it's really a non issue if anyone is gay. 

UTAH gay marriage

ON again. Clerks issuing licenses regardless of gender. Still only allow marriage to two people. Someday that will change. 

great song, fun music movie, and very very gay! 

thousands march on capital to defend traditional marriage

No one is proposing anywhere that traditional marriage be banned, yet there's all these people showing up in DC to defend it. No one is changing opposite sex marriage in any way, no one is proposing ripping away benefits from opposite sex couples, no one is doing anything to harm traditional marriage, yet they continue to defend it.

more than 69 rejected vanity plates 

Wait for it 

Emoshun eside

Texas Governor Rick Perry compared homosexuality to alcoholism which of course has the LGBTC abuzz. He said it's something that can be fought against despite genetic disposition. He has a point. If alcoholism is something you can be born with, and being LGBTQETC is something you are born with, both can "be fought". So in that way he's correct. Problem with that comparison though is that alcoholism is an addiction, a problem, a sickness that is purely evil. Fighting alcoholism is a good thing. Being GLTBQETC is merely another form of sexual expression and not evil, so his comparison fails. Fighting GLBQTETC is not necessarily a good thing, and usually is not. It was also stated about Rick Perry "stepping right in it". Correct, stepping into TBGLETC issues is like stepping in a pile of crap if that is what was being inferred, not something that can't be cleaned off readily enough, but speaking of stepping into things that are like stepping into poo, so is stepping off to a war. Stepping in both are sometimes necessary. Or are they? Let's ask a giraffe they have a better view. Oh wait, what the fuck......those two male giraffes are necking and you know what that leads up to......

"After a duel, it is common for two male giraffes to caress and court each other, leading up to mounting and climax. Such interactions between males have been found to be more frequent than heterosexual coupling.[62]

Apparently they are not alcoholics. 

This is gay 

US imposes sanctions on Uganda for anti-gay laws

I'm not a fan of punishing innocent people for the flaws of a few. 

let's travel together by mosquito

Scientists discovered yet another virus. It's the Chikungunya virus. It's said that it's carried by mosquitoes. Nothing is ever stated by any of these people that viruses are also carried by tornadoes, hurricanes, and mild summer ocean breezes that travel the vast expanse of land and sea. This one of millions of reports of mosquitoes carrying viruses. 



If HIV were real, we would have heard about people getting bit by mosquitoes carrying the virus. Correctomundo? But oh, so many keep saying HIV is real, the HIV/CULT has stated incessantly that it's a blood borne virus, transmitted by sex and needles, never a word about how it's also carried by tornadoes. 

Hey, take a look at that needle on that mosquito! 

in Alabama m4m sex was illegal until now

read the juicy court papers 

this will make you gay

gay marriage

Wisconsin has recently tested GMP - Gay Marriage Positive  

Wisconsin - OFF again 

Cops bring cakes to those getting married  wash out that dirty mouth


Horrors In Virology

Practice safe mosquito  HIV charges dismissed  HON/MOV 


See if you can absorb this one

During the alcohol prohibition period sometime between 1920 to 1933 someone in the US Government ordered poison to be added to industrial alcohol to discourage consumption. People continued to drink it, so the government mandated more potent poison and it killed as many as 10,000 people. So why does the FDA continue to approve drugs that are poison and give them to people who test positive for Horrors In Virology?

Wikipedia article on prohibition


One world one cause

HIV causes AIDS. That's been said 700 billion octillion million trillion zillion times so it must be true right? There's mountains of data supporting this assertion. It's stated by the most respected health agencies in the US. Unfortunately, the science still doesn't pan out. The reality is there's more than one cause of AIDS and a virus isn't one of them. If a virus was the cause, mosquitoes that suck HIV tainted blood would be infecting everyone.


The politics of medical science

It's interesting to note how a trip to Mars can cause cancer, we can go to the moon and not get cancer, but after 30 years, we can't vaccinate against something that's claimed to be a viral cause, even though if you catch it you are immediately become vaccinated. The vaccination theory is the most convoluted bass ackwards theory known to science. So when you are infected, and the body is stimulated to provide immunity, based on the same principle used to sell needles and serum for vaccination to provide immunity, where no one is ever 100% immune regardless, so no one that gets it needs to be vaccinated as then the immune system is now stimulated to fight it off if you ever do catch it, so if it was actually found, there would be no problem making a vaccine because it would be right there. Out of this world huh?


Gay surfers are hot


*%#@ - AIDS/BCDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome / Broad Category Disease Syndrome)