Baby men unknowingly assisting burn victims with their foreskin that was brutally hacked off without care of how much pain it causes them. Bicycle messenger tells about the runs. Says no body knows about this. Found here:

Soon as congress makes this a priority let everyone know. They have avoided this for decades but why? Democrats wave the "democracy" flag and do nothing, well Newsom who Republicans trash all the time did something when he was Mayor of San Francisco decades ago, but then Jerry Brown governor at that time quickly squashed that, probably because of religions that believe they are improving on god's creation and like the cash flow. Do baby men and boys have a fundamental right to live a life with all their body parts INTACT and experience sex in color in stead of black and white silent film? Sure they do, that right was violated and again con gress regresses and does nothing to protect baby men and boys. Any time these cons in gress tell you something is agregious of the many things that they hype people up over that don't exist as with repetition claims of dangerous unicorns being real and a threat and thus declaring war on what does not exist such as WMD's in one of those wars and the 100 year war on viruses which do not exist maybe point this glaring flaw of funding this war and profiting from it. Have them watch Eric Clopper's play at Harvard in 2019 and learn something.