The California Department of Public Health has no proof that any virus exists

 view their response to a FOIA request here

theres' 200+ more that Christine Massey has complied from around the world found here

even Dr. Wuhan himself said while wearing a surgical mask that only stops surgeries from spreading that they never isolated any virus to prove it might exist


the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) use fear to sell their alleged solutions to what no one can prove exists as a cause of what really is old fashioned health conditions rebranded to create fear that then causes the public to demand solutions - we watched this play out in the 1980's fear campaign claiming there was a new virus that caused various disease conditions already known but they gave it a new label and demand was instilled for solutions - it became more of a pacifier but the solutions were dangerous cancer drugs AZT that was pulled from market in the 1970's due to it's poisonous effects - fear should not be part of any medical presentation

Florida did more right things than California and the new surgeon general there Dr. Joseph Ladapo wrote a book on transending fear as part of what proper medical system messages should and need to be

he spoke on Del Bigtree's show presented on 9/1/2022 Episode 283 on the newest scare "monkey pox" where there's no safety studies on the vaccine that's being presented by hellth departments as necessary, emergency, and that it's irrational to push these shots