Diddly sQUAT

Squat down and look at what is being sprayed everywhere now, more chemical poisons to keep you safe FROM DANGEROUS UNICORNS. They EPA and other agencie$ even state in their own documents that these chemicals have a REASONABLE horrible effect on people. Reasonable? How about NO ill effect why not that? sQUAT eats away at bedding and lungs while out of the other side of the CON federated agencie$ EPA said natural citric acid kills Kovid and not lungs or ceramic tiles yet HELL thdepartment goons go around telling business they need to use corrosive sQUAT because there's more money to be harvested by these agencies of harvesting your cash so they have healthy retirement and salaries that way your CON gress can then send billions to the World Bank to keep you safe from ever seeing it again.

virus killer 6 packets $1.25 at the Dollar Tree proof that dollars do grow on Trees

Citric acid was first isolated in 1784 by the chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele, who crystallized it from lemon juice.[13][14]

In stark contrast in virology when they say they "isolate" a virus it means "just say you found it no one's paying attention".

sQUAT in the work place can cause asthma and skin problems. Being exposed to dangerous unicorns in the workplace only causes those in the Med i Sin Cult (MiSC) to freak out over these non existent threats so they are brainwashed into believing making the work place a chemical dump site is better for the work environment and when people have respiratory problems it's always blamed only on what does not exist not the sQUAT.

"Quats are included in cleaning supplies to help kill germs and bacteria. Quats contain positively-charged particles that bind to the negatively-charged cells in bacteria. Once the quat attaches itself to the bacteria’s cells, it can break down the cell’s wall and destroys it."

Obviously this same thing also occurs in the lungs which has walls and cells. sQUAT attaches itself to the cells and break down the cells wall and destroys it. If one has robust health the body can repair itself enough if not sprayed too much on everything but since CITRIC ACID kills all of these virus unicorns why use chemicals that destroys cells. If one does not have robust health these chemicals can cause great harm. If one is in robust health such as in sports and is over exerting and taxing the cells that can be a problem. Is that why there's so many young men and women in sports that have had heart attacks. Might not even be due to the chemical penetrant mandated to play tennis, might be the cell wrecking crew hired by sQUAT.

We might notice that HELL th department$$$ all tell the public to not smoke because of CHEMICALS that harm as they mandate all indoor and outdoor air be sprayed with CHEMICALS that harm.

Dr. Tom Cowan webinar May 1st 2024 he's been showing us proper safety and effects for the last 4 years why viruses do not exist and better ways to maintain health and wellness in the home, workplace, and body. He has written and studied this matter extensively for decades. Here's his latest presentation.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman on diagnostic and screening tests in the doctorate community that can be misleading and misdiagnosis. Psychiatry and thyroid function, miscarriage. Kaufman has been providing some of the best analysis of the Kovid runaway fraud for the last 4 years since the start of the fake pandemic.


Watch Dr. Sam Bailey presentation on the "miracle drug" ivermectin that starting in 2020 hindsight the "freedom community" touted as the key and hear how the entire "catching a virus" narrative is nonsense. If you think "photos of a virus" are proof "they are real" you are essentially believing in the Jesus Bunny that hops around and brings colored Devil'd eggs to all because you saw a picture of him after her sex change.

There are no "side" effects of chemical waste injections there are "effects". This disingenuous term "side effects" is what should be banned not entrance to work and shopping "to save millions and millions of lives" with no absolute proof of any of their Horseshit In Virology (HIV) claims of such. They are all drug dealers.

Another man was there Professor Angus Dalgleish when the a.faucidae strain of virology was born in 1984 HIV/AIDS/HUSTLE/DAZE when A.Fauci promised an AIDS vaccine in 18 months. 666 hundred billion dollars later there's still no AIDS vaccine. It's impossible as AIDS is not A disease it is a syndrome of unknown cause and a broader category of about 66.666 other diseases it could be any of these and they give you a faulty AIDS diagnosis based on faulty fraudulent tests to fake find HIV. The only thing that ever arrived was tankers of cash to the a.fauci strain of hustle and all his drug dealing friends. People like this professor who professes like everyone in this business to be the expert warned the public who preferred to get their medical advice from television's hysterical reports and heart string yankers so they ignored the message that repeatedly said that Fauci is a liar and there will be no AIDS vaccine ever. Dalgleish is now demanding end to the Kovid shots of genetic engineering nanotech but there's a problem with making such a demand, there is no proof any such "genetic engineering" occurs, it's only alleged. He also got sucked into the imaginary spike protein lie. A patent does not prove genetic manipulation occurs. It's all the standard hustle of the med iSIN industries.

HIV is a big fat fraud for 40 years. Claim that an RNA "virus" which is what the science claims HIV is as per Wikipedia entry here and many medical documents can be around even 3 years later is junk based on their very own science that claims "viruses mutate". The PhD tells us "They can't possibly be around that long" if they even had been a real object which of course we fully understand now are not real objects. This is the problem with virology it contradicts itself constantly, then statements are made as if they are absolute science to market products when their science is truly all over the map. Start with viewing Johnathan J. Couey, PhD. short explanation in 2023. Of course since he spoke out on this the puppet master$ that include clever pharma cysts threw him under the bus like they did with Duesberg in the 1980's when he called out HIV as being nothing more than a "harmless retrovirus". In those daze the hysteria was so intense most people couldn't even hear that warning nor make sense of it as the propoganda was incredibly intense and deep. This is why when "2 weeks to slow the spread" was declared those of us who witnessed that debauchery knew what was up, a new plan to force inject the public with new drugs as the fake "only way to get your life back".

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Plan to put Bitcoin in mouse DNA with a genetically engineered virus. No joke. How small are those tweezers? More Horseshit In Virology and marketing. Eat the bait. Poop it out just like what happens with unicorn viruses every day! Jean editing. More poop. Yum.

Who the hell are these people asking if you have been boosted? Time to make fun of the idiots that are pro vaccine. Australian beach cares more about humanity than the shits in medi SIN.

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