Ferocious Treatment Protocols (FTP)

AIDS treatment & prevention drugs are like missiles and land mines in war. I watched many friends die in this war. I NEVER supported this "war on aids" as it's always the innocents that dies while the kings win and take all the spoils.

In the 1990's Christine Maggiorie was drafted into this war. In her book "What if everything you thought you knew about aids was rong" on page 29 she presented the facts on the killer drug AZT added to "cocktails" used in the HIT HARD HIT EARLY bombing of healthy blood territories in order to fake kill the enemy that turns out didn't exist. Notice the skull and crossbones death warning. Fauci never showed this in any of his pre$entation$. One guess as to why.

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This killer drug was designed in the 1970's as a chemotherapy poison. It always remained as a poison. Add sugary sweetness to poison it's still poison. Why was poison fed my friends by the US government approved treatement for complex diseases and wars on viruses never proven to even exist in the real world remains a mystery until you at warp speed realize it's the same drug dealing scam over and over again with promises of different results which is the very definition of insanity.

Mike Whitter 2020 June interview with David Crowe of the Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society. David passed away in his 60's one month later after seeking medical treatment being in hospital and radiated 3 x with cat scan which is 100x the radiation of normal xrays. In his last interviews he looked as though he was becoming a bit more frail and losing weight so something was up (compare to 2018). He was a good man.

For decades he worked at evaluating and sharing the facts about AIDS and the problems with believing a virus did it. Diseases are rather complex, assigning blame to a speck of dust is not good science. In his last few podcasts in July explained the processes of what they did which appeared to be very aggressive.

SARS "virus" was never purified/isolated to prove existence in that hype 2003. Ribovarin like AZT a well known to be a Ferocious Treatment Protocol (FTP). Abuse of toxic sexual pleasure inducing INHALANTS were a strong indicator of AIDS. RNA claimed to be seen in electron micrograph, that is impossible. Intubation is HARSH caused 4x more deaths than without.

Money incentive. Causing PTSD. Torture. Much of time is not necessary. Tube feeding curdled food spoiled!


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