seems this might be a blood stream environmental disaster

Del Bigtree points out pointedly that polyethelyne glycol is in vaccines after intro with Mr. Science Guy The Bill Nye though he might be overly dramatic about it actually being anti-freeze none-the-less it's pretty close

also watch Dr. Ryan Cole mention anti-freeze like chemicals used in these shots

rather than point out anti-freeze like chemicals directly injected into humans and animals is a problem he breezes right past this obvious issue and moves on to explain his theory as to why many people don't get sick from these pHARMa stabs is "when the vials thaw they turn to injections of muck"

"muck" is not exactly a scientific term but it does describe virology to a T

he sits next to another doctor who since 2000 has been scaring the public with claims everyone is going to die from the shots yet here he actually laughs about all this

neither of these men explain what FDA presented in their very first injection approval hearing that was 8 long hours - that this mRNA warped speed shot is an experiment that ends January 31, 2023 using humans as the guinea pigs THAT USES PLACEBOS for all we know 99.98% of them could be placebos and such data is clouded in secrecy

so rather than sounding an alarm about ANTI-FREEZE like injections, Dr. Ryan Cole focuses his audiences attention on shots of "muck" and you and those who just got "muck" had "dodged a bullet" implying they are safe

This is not exactly the kind of technical explanation I would look for in seeking out the facts and health matters

FDA made it clear in 2020 the shots could be varied amounts of mRNA and could be merely saline placebo or Meningitis vaccine placebo as it is an EXPERIMENT on humanity which ends only on January 31, 2023 or later

what they did not say was in 2019 Fauci and Rick Bright of HHS made it clear the embarked on a SCHEME to create panic in order to force the public into new untested flu shots rebranded as "covid"

watch them talk about this here

who wants mucky anti-freeze like chemicals injected into themselves or their children??

if you look at the "poly" part of "polyethelene glycol" that is in all vaccines this is similar to polyester derived from oil

in other words you are having 1970's disco daze liquid polyester pants injected in you so you don't freeze up in winter!

Q: how much money are the polymer injection pushers making?

A: check your wallet

i M G A Y . C O M