the Junkyard of Virology (JOV)

THE/SCIENCE never isolates the virus from the sewage it just claims it's there and that it's the cause

it's like they claim the car that's in the junk yard is a Chevy yet the yard is in China and Chevy's were mostly in the US and that it caused the accident in Antarctica thus causing climate change

this is how bad the junk yard science goes, it's like looking in a sock drawer and claiming that at one time there was feet in there

Tom Cowan is consistently repeating these truths for the world to understand how we have been hoodwinked

Tom Cowan May 3, 2023 webinar discusses isolation in a way of simple understanding and on the fraud of DNA


gets into the exceptions in retroviruses as an escape from the flaws in the theories of HIDU (Human Immune-eieio-deficiency Dangerous Unicorns)

"So are the genes (small strings of protein making recipes) really coming from our own cells or are they coming from the bacteria?"

touches on the whole fraud of genetic "engineering" e-coli is a pair of scissors!

Includes a "brilliant description of how disease comes about".

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