A pseudonym tries and fails to teach us about virology..... I will break this article into pieces and correct the errors that continue in the minds of many as the industry of Hustlers In Virology (HIV) have based all their assertions on lies. Highlighted text is my analysis or comments based on decades of research on the ongoing Hustles In Virlogy (HIV) infecting the mind

January 23, 2023

Time Shows That The 'Paranoid' People Were Correct About COVID

somewhat true but there is so much about this Hustle In Virology (HIV) that needs to be better understood primarily thaht viruses have never been proven to be real in the physical form

By Huck Davenport a pseudonym

We are now three years after the COVID-19 apocalypse began, and the CDC and WHO still refuse to acknowledge that the virus was created in and escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). But they, along with all our institutions, have lied so often and so egregiously that 72% of the public doesn’t believe them. If nothing else, that is a very positive sign.

The evidence for the lab leak is as overwhelming as the evidence for a zoonotic origin is non-existent. For anyone trained in the art of biology to deny the lab origin betrays either deceit or, worse, willful ignorance.

Yes it escaped from a lab......COMPUTER. There is no absolute proof of any actual physical "virus" there is only "in silico" data as that is what they present as evidence only computer printouts, there is only computer modelihng, computer graphics, all based on terribly sketchy ideas and concepts and lies many many lies.

Here I examine just three facts that together, if not singularly, prove dispositively that SARS-CoV-2 was a man-made lab creation. Not least of which is that they told us exactly what they were going to do.

Viruses are obligate intracellular parasites composed of genetic material-codons that specify the specific amino acids (there are 20) used to construct proteins-that hijack the machinery of the cell to produce more viruses.

Hijacking of cells is a fantastical imaginary construct never proven, no one on Earth has ever seen what goes on inside these cells in real time it's impossible so they are making guesses and many assertions where they disingenuously present that they know things for sure when they DO NOT. This is theory with no absolute proof only repetitive conditioning of the mind as a cult would do to it's subjects. Nowhere on Earth has any "virus" been proven to be real.

This is no easy task and, to do so, viruses are extremely specialized and highly specific to their host. Viruses can and do randomly mutate; that is, they undergo random changes to their genetic code that can give them fitness in another host, albeit infrequently. Once they get a foothold in a new host, they continue to evolve by natural selection, making themselves better adapted to reproduce in their new host.

This is theory with no absolute proof only repetitive conditioning of the mind as a cult would do to it's subjects. Nowhere on Earth has any "virus" been proven to be real.

One key factor for a virus to be successful in a new host is to have a highly tuned receptor binding domain (RBD). The RBD allows the virus to recognize the host cell, bind to it, and get inside. In SARS, the RBD is 201 codons long. Jesse Bloom of Caltech analyzed the RBD codon sequence to determine what sequence would maximize binding to human cells. Of the 4000 possible combinations, SARS-CoV-2 showed up on day one over 99% optimized-only 21 codons short of perfection. As a verification of the validity of Bloom’s work, one of those 21 codons was later found in the more contagious Omicron variant to have mutated to Bloom’s prediction.

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome known by it's acronym SARS is a SYNDROME. It's funny how no one understands that syndroms are UNKNOWN PATHOLOGY yet the pathologists run around boasting they know the pathology so everything said here is based on lies and it's all theory with no evidence.

Image: COVID by freepik. This is a computer graphic of a dangerous unicorn.

To put this in context, when SARS-CoV-1 crossed over to humans, its RBD was only 15% optimized, and there is a long chain of documented mutations in its RBD that eventually gave it the ability to be transmitted from human to human. How could SARS-CoV-2 have been so pre-perfected?

All claims of "viruses" crossing over to humans is medical marketing bullshit as they have never ever isolated any virus to prove existence. If viruses existed all of them would hop on jets of air and travel everywhere and "cross over" every living creature and every ocean and land mass, there is nothing stopping this hopping.

Ralph Baric of UNC, a co-author of several papers with the WIV on bat coronavirus, experimented with transgenic mice - mice genetically altered to have humanized lung tissue - as early as 2005 to demonstrate they could be infected with human coronaviruses. In his statement before Congress, Dr. Steven Quay testified that "the WIV has acknowledged that for several years they’ve worked with humanized mice developed in Dr. Ralph Baric’s laboratory." 

Genetics is another sketchy filed filled with assertions with no absolute proof and Baric is another Hustler In Virology (HIV). One of the big problems with their claims is the fundamental fact that their science "that demonstrates" their claims is doing things like injecting "raw cellular sewage" into their test subjects and watching the sewage destroy tissues, which is what would happen if you drank raw sewage. They call this proof of causation. It's absurd LIES.

Humanized mice are the perfect vehicle for researchers to develop viruses optimized for human infectivity. Quay continued, “a commonly used gain-of-function method to optimize the COVID virus would have been by serial passage in a laboratory on a humanized, genetically modified mouse that can develop a human-like pneumonia. You infect the mice, wait a week or so, and then recover the virus from the sickest mice. Then you repeat. In a matter of weeks this directed evolution will produce a virus that can kill every humanized mouse.”

What the hell is a "humanized mouse"? Gain of function is another marketing scam as they never proved any virus exists in the first place. It's like your neighbor keeps telling you she figured out how to make his 4 cylinder car into a 8 cylinder powerhouse when you keep asking her to produce evidence a 4 or 8 cylinder car exists in their garage he makes up excuses, fast talks you to death, gets into descriptions that make no sense, as all liars do, this is what virology does all the time. Human-like pneumonia? It's pneumonia. Mice are mamals. Humans are mammals. Same kind of system at the core, heart, blood, skeleton, lungs, it's pneumonia. They use tricks like this to fool you.

Once bound, there is still a highly complicated molecular ballet the virus must perform to gain entry. One vital step is the cleavage of the spike protein, which activates viral fusion with the cell membrane. Many viruses, including the deadliest, like Ebola, have furin cleavage sites (FCS) in their spike proteins to facilitate cleavage. However, in the clade of viruses containing SARS-CoV-2, Sarbecoviruses, none had an FCS…until now.

The "spike protein" is another marketing imaginary construct. Viruses are better described as like snowflakes that you imagine in 1st grade and cut out on paper, they are not real and they are real on paper and real snowflakes and paper ones and imaginary ones are all different yet the same. In virology they are all imaginary.

Since the effectiveness of the FCS was demonstrated in a 2004 paper, inserting it into viruses to increase infectivity has long been a staple of gain-of-function researchers. As early as 2006, FCS modifications were being made: "We show that furin cleavage at the modified R667 position generates discrete S1 and S2 subunits and potentiates membrane fusion activity." Baric teamed up with the WIV and submitted a proposal to DARPA for funding to continue FCS work: "We will analyze all SARS-CoV gene sequences for … potential furin cleavage sites."

Funding! It's about getting pipelines built to your money and the more they get the more they hustle you in new ways. Inserting? With what tweezers that are 1 billionth the size of a human hair? This is all bullshit.

If the multitude of papers and proposals telling us they are inserting FCS isn’t enough, there is also a molecular fingerprint to their handiwork. There are several ways to create an FCS, but they all include adding the amino acid arginine (Arg) at the site. Six different codons will specify an Arg, but in Sarbecoviruses, Nature prefers some and disfavors others. The codon used in SARS-CoV-2, CGG, is the least common of the six, representing just 1.5% of the total Arg codons. But wait: They inserted two of them, back to back. This is not surprising because CGG is the codon widely used in labs for Arg for over a decade.

The "molecular fingerprinting" is like "carbon footprints" neither exist, they are expressions of exaggeration. The best way to describe "molecular fingerprinting" is "computer modeling" like CGI it's all imaginary.

When virologist and Nobel Prize winner David Baltimore first saw that the FCS was inserted in SARS-CoV-2, he said it "was the smoking gun for the [lab] origin of the virus." To his credit, even with the vicious condemnation by his institutional betters, his later retraction was hardly a retraction:

[I] should have softened the phrase 'smoking gun' because I don't believe that it proves the origin of the furin cleavage site but it does sound that way. I believe that the question of whether the sequence was put in naturally or by molecular manipulation is very hard to determine but I wouldn't rule out either origin.

Kary Mullis won a nobel prize, he was original inventor of PCR technology that is improperly interpreted to create fake "cases" that was disingenuously used to create a panic of a "novel fiction virus" that was never proven to be real. This is done repeatedly by this Hustle In Virology industry for building pipelines to your cash. Kary stated Fauci "knows nothing about nothing" and that "he thinks he can look under an electron microscope and see a virus" and "he's and other bureaucrats are in positions they should not be in as they have an agenda and that agenda is not good". I'm not a fan of these "smoking guns" they prove nothing, a gun is used in a crime, it's smoking, that proves only that a gun is smoking.

It is almost comical to read the fact check pages declaring the FCS insertion "factually inaccurate" with half-truths: "The CGG CGG genetic sequence and furin cleavage sites also exist in naturally-occurring viruses."

True, the CGG codon pair does exist, rarely, in other coronaviruses, but not the Sarbecovirus clade, not the Pangolin viruses often alluded to as the source, nor any of the closely related bat viruses. And in the coronaviruses with a CGG codon pair, it’s not located in the FCS. And the same is true of FCS itself. Yes, some coronaviruses have FCS, but again, not any in the Sarbecovirus clade. There are literally 1000 years of evolution between coronaviruses that have FCS and the Sarbecovirus clade.

Codon pairs are again computer models of imaginary constructs so small no one can prove they exist. Notice the more you read to learn about virology the more they use terms you have no clue what they mean, this is part of the trick, to use language that confuses you, then you latch on to the statements that you can understand. Where's that half-truth measuring device again? It's another of many broad generalizations that plague the Hustle In Virology industry (HIVi)

As powerful as the RBD optimization and FCS insertion are for the lab origin, both pale compared to the molecular fingerprint left by lab codon optimization. I already mentioned that different codons can code for the same amino acid and that Nature prefers some codons over others. Well, it turns out, so do labs. As long strands of RNA are fed into the cellular machinery to be translated into proteins, the RNA's secondary structure, depending on the specific codons, can form internal loops impeding translation. Naturally, labs favor codons that avoid this problem as long as they code for the same amino acid.

None of this is absolute. It's all imaginary construct. Did they mean to say condoms? "Labs favor condoms"?

Consequently, as standard practice, researchers optimize their choice of codons when synthesizing genetic material. The closest genetic match for SARS-CoV-2 is a virus, RaTg13, that killed 6 miners exposed to bat guano in a cave in China’s Yunnan Province in 2012 with symptoms nearly identical to Covid. Analysis of the coding regions for the spike protein in both viruses yielded 200 mutations, all of them synonymous. That is, the codon was changed but still coded for the same amino acid.

Synthesizing genetic material is again CGI computer modeling constructs, nothing in the physical form is ever done. They can claim it is done but because laws in many countries do not force proof they get away with saying what ever they want. RaTg13 claimed to be cause of death for 6 miners is a joke, the canary said it was the QUATS. "Symptoms identical to Covid"? Covid is a slang word to describe a syndrome of which the pathology is not known, the science says syndromes are pathology unknown then these hustlers claim it's known. Obvious contradiction and hustle.

Every time there is a mutation to a codon, there is only a 15% chance it will be synonymous. The likelihood that 200 synonymous mutations occurred by chance is so low it wouldn’t be expected to happen in the expected lifetime of the universe. Clearly, the WIV used codon optimization in creating SARS-CoV-2.

There is much more proof, especially the modifications to SARS-CoV-2’s ORF8, endowing it with the diabolical ability to be transmitted asymptomatically, but looking further, at this point, is superfluous.

Again their "proof" is not absolute it is RELATIVE. There is a big difference as we learned about the emergency use "vaccines" that are now ABSOLUTELY defined differently than before now being defined as "stimulants" instead of providing immunity. No longer does the CDC present any vaccine as providing immunity. When the SARS vaccine arrived in 2021 they claimed safe and effective and threw around numbers like 95%, that was only "relative risk reduction" which means it could be relatively speaking 100,000 other factors in life and body process that could be what reduces risk. The ABSOLUTE risk reduction was .8% meaning zero, MEANING NO RISK REDUCTION. The marketeers on TV and such don't present the Devil in the details like this so having been terrorized by the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) the public is in a trance and panic and ends up doing what the marketeers want, to rape you with needles like a voo doo doll with added poisons such as anti-freeze adjuvants. It's sick. I should start taking bets on when they will come up with a name for a virus like this wacky SARS-CoV2 ORF8 to see when it gets as long as "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" which is relative to how atrocious the lies have become in this rotting branch of biology that is called virology.

Six million dead worldwide, the entire world economy ravaged, trust in our institution destroyed, and all because cavalier gain-of-function researchers in Wuhan, financed and assisted by the U.S. government, created and accidentally (at least, we hope) unleashed its chimeric Frankenstein pathogen into the world-all in the name of science. Many of the world’s worst have done less damage in the name of genocide and conquest.

Where does this 6 million number come from? That number has been thrown around since the early 1900's. These Hustlers In Virology rebranded the flu normal and recounted old people dying of old age and pneumonia and other diseases that during this SARS fearmongering starting in 2020 merely rebranded many disease conditions as some new novel fiction threat. There is no proof any Frankenstein pathogen exist other than on a Wuhan lab computer spitting out code reflecting what is in the imagination, dangerous unicorns. Money money money was the cause of the rebranding as was noticed in 2019 these hustlers were scheming how to get 95% of the public to do what they never would do without a massive shift, to take alleged genetic manipulation injections of who knows what the hell is in those things (could even be placebo saline of meningitis injections) as we see displayed here as Fauci and Rick Bright exposed their ugly selves to the world planning to start milk'n us like never before.

Huck Davenport is a pseudonym.

Huck did not write the commentary that is highlighted the pseudonym i M G A Y . C O M did. Keep in clear mind pseudonyms can be anybody, such as an identity that is trying to muddy the waters. A technique of deceit is often used where they state the now obvious that the conspiracy theories were correct, while the pseudonym then goes on to perpetuate the lies of virology to keep that hustle going on into infinity so that the pipelines to your cash to treat what does not exist, viruses, continues.