Refuting the virus causation theory is not being a conspiracy theorist

The theory is that a virus causes disease. No virologist has presented proof they present assertions based on some very bizarre leaps of so called scientific study.

Andrew Kaufman, Stefan Lanka appear at the Corona Committee that was headed in part with Reiner Fuellmich in the early daze of the Kovid runaway fraud perpetrated on the entire world's population.


Milk was added to patient sample long ago to "find the measles virus"

That's just a touch of how bad the science is. When you realize how deeply we have been misled by virology it leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

As the discussion moves ahead Bogard gets rather mad as he's embedded into the idea that viruses have been definitively existend but some rather basic observations prove otherwise.

"It's only a simulation" Kaufman states about the testing modalities to "find virus". The term is also "in silico" as in Silcon Valley computers as in playing a game of pong, it is not a real ball but the world of virology is claiming there is a real ball because they claim what they see moving back and forth looks like a ball, but in virology they don't even know what any virus is actually supposed to look like as none has ever been difinitively isolated from all the other cellular debris floating around nor done the required proper study to prove causation, all they do is make claims.

It's a trick of computer simulation.

This is Dr. Wodard, he wears scientific glasses like Einstein and Steve Jobs so we know they know everything (subliminal message anyway). It's like how the Surgeon General in the 1980's impressed the public mind as he looked like jolly ol Santa. Wodard gets mad in this presentation about "finishing sentences" as if that's the main topic as he holds on tight to the belief of dangerous uincorns and contradicts himself and the theories of disease causation blamed on dangerous unicorns.

Later Wodard insists "you have to prove to me that viruses do not exist" which is backwards reasoning. It's like saying "aliens are real and they have come to Earth and walk amongst us in cities and schools" and claiming that "you have to prove that they don't" which is ABSURD and is not valid science and this is exactly what is wrong with all of virology. The burden of proof lies on those who make the claims and in virology they are pretty wild claims as they are basically claiming that aliens have landed on Earth, change forms (mutate), new variant aliens spread and are powerful more than Godzilla which also is just imaginary.

Viviane jumps in and gets all into protocol more waste of time.

Wodard and others agree on problem with WHO and others redefining what diseases are where they now include "cases" as what can fit into declaring pandemics when there's few who are sick.

Wodard's explanation makes no sense when he says viruses transfer information to the cells and the cells make viruses which is saying that the cells make information, but they say it makes more viruses, so where does the information packet finally cause a disease? He's lost in the viral paradigm. I think he's trying a bit but he's stuck and Kaufman couldn't pull him out.

Oh then there was a discussion about interruptions that went on and on and on as Wodard kept going off on tangents rather than explaining exactly where the proof of any virus existing lies.

Wodard claims that people don't die when they are touched by a rabid dog, but even that does not make sense! He believes the rabies vaccines prevent a dog from having rabies "virus" which also has never been proven to exist, but how can a dog have rabies if it has been vaccinated against it? So again his statement is lost in virus wonderland.

Here's Stefan Lanka. He looks like someone surfing at the sea. He should dress more like those who profess to be more knowledgable. Stefan has much better arguments and has proven in German court no virus exists.

"Medi Sin is completely bonkers!"


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