Say "Hi" to KOVID

 this was no accident the show appeared in 2019 

Project Runway in 2019 featured KOVID KAPOOR's design has model wear FACE/MASK Oxygen Deprivation Device (ODD) was this a coincidence or part of the plan for upcoming covid hell? Subliminal prep? BINGO!

In the show we hear "Hi Kovid" in a fun tone setting us up for 2020 hindsight.

They all loved "Kovid's look" the name "Kovid" was repeated many many times surrounded by fun fun fun.

Asked if model could breathe in there.

And of course Kovid was IN.






You are not a car you should not wear air filters.

New and improved study study study shows wearing masks in surgery is super spreading germs it's concluded it is better not to wear them anywhere even in surgery as they collect germs and dangerous unicorns (viruses) and with each exhale they are spread all over the fucking place anyway.

Seems a car is smarter than humans, it has an air filter that air flow only goes ONE WAY so that it actually filters the air and holds it.  An air filter on a person spreads whatever is collected BECAUSE their mouth is also acting as a tailpipe. Like duh. So when you breathe in like a car sucks in air you collect particles on your mask, and when you breathe out you expell particles in your lungs that some collect on the mask, some go right through it to the air, and then the ones collected on the outside from when you inhaled are spread back around. Any health agency that tells you to wear a mask is scamming you with claims of protecting others, you just keep spreading what is collected there so this begs the question how can these highly paid agencies using your money be so stupid? They should all be fired immediately.

Masks are like a car air filter in that they COLLECT the dirt but unlike car air filters as a car only keeps sucking air in then exhausts it out from another port so if people just sucked in air and blew it out their ass like what stupid politicians should do to "keep us safe" from all their gasous farts, an air filter "mask" would be good, but people are not cars and they EXHAUST back through that air filter thus re-dispersing what's collected and this actually is worse as the particles can collect for a while then suddenly all be forced out so don't listen to any of these hustlers that keep blowing out their asses this crap of wearing air filters on your face when you are not a car.

This study calls out the lies of Dr. Frankly Faucistein who kept ex claiming from his dark laboratories and deeply hidden institutes that when you wear a mask you are protecting others. He and all his friends are hustlers. Their goal was always to scare you, confuse you, and sell you expensive stuff you don't need, screw with your head, laugh at you when you're not looking, and take whatever they could from you.

When it's proven viruses do not exist as has been done by Lanka there is no basis for any vaccine as Blood Stream Pollution Devices (BSPD) have a long history of harm and no good.

They even changed the legal definition of "vaccine" to now mean stimulant. No longer do they "provide immunity".

So go smoke a cigarette or have a beer or eat a pizza for better protection from dangerous unicorns called "viruses" and remember

They're all in thi$ together

Watch Dr. Frankenfauci of National Institues of HELLth
and Rick Bright of United States HELLth and Human Services
talk about creating panic
to get unsuspecting public to submit
to untested shots of kovid schmooze

i M G A Y . C O M