Tony Brown's Journal

HI virus hunting was proven to be a big mistake way back in the ancient 80's yet the lies continued to infect the world and we are getting scammed again by the virus hunter$ with THEIR-19 version in 2020 where we can see clearly now the scam of virus hunting is insane as we lived through shutdowns of society in order to attempt to contain what cannot be contained any more than the entire atmosphere itself

Tony Brown presented way back in the 1980's a perspective on virus hunting that we just don't see in modern medias that all have remained stuck in quicksand while those profiting from the mire all travel over it in their jets using all our energy

Tony Brown interviewed Peter Duesberg who was the first well accredited scientist on Earth that presented the reality of retro virus science, that they were harmless passenger viruses

Today we continue to hear that viruses are only evil entities. The claims are disingenuous. It's like claiming all cars are evil when one harms someone and we should remove them or wage war on cars. Similarly should we rid the world of all kitchen utencils because someone was hurt with a knife? Of course not but that is what virus hunting does.

As Peter Duesberg pointed out in the interview in ancient days of the start of the horror when they use chemical formulas (drugs) that poison cells along with the "evil virus" it's like using a nuclear bomb to hunt bunny rabbits, the forest ain't going to look real pretty afterwards meaning the chemical weapons kill way too many innocent beings - blood cells and cellular structures all around.

view a clip here   another clip here   he was a pioneer in exposing the truth

watch "Hunting The Virus Hunter" part 1 and part 2



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