gay lgbt homo hiv tests are erroneous

HIV testing is a trap 

 visit LIam Scheff's website for some pertinent reasons why testing is a waste of time and money
In the Palm Springs area the gay zones have roaming testing vans now that go to various locations like in front of gay bars to promote their health authority sanctioned cult.

They call themselves Get Tested Coachella Valley. This is how I see what they do - it's a trap.

They remind me of that wacky Baptist Church that is always protesting gay events with their claims that we are all going to hell if we don't accept their form of redemption.

It's like the testing cult is telling us that testing is the Savior and to worship the gay sex Gods you must follow the HIV/BIBLE.

It's the exact same schtick and it's equally hypocritical and contradictory to common sense logic.

HIV/CULTS have infected the world with their absurd claims. Testing is against my religion!

When you test "positive" you are told you must take chemotherapy. It's a trap.

When you test negative now they tell you to take chemotherapy (PREP). It's a trap. They are both the EXACT SAME DRUG.

It's like using bug spray on your cells. They are powerful chemicals. It gets sprayed everywhere in side your body.

AIDS drugs is what was killing people making them "drop like flies" not HIV cell poop. Doctors started to realize what was obvious and slowly the authorities of the church of HIV such as NIH, without any fan fare, lowered the doses. At least it was not so obvious what was killing them.


Testing needs to stop.  Get testless!