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This is the acronym for what so called testing for HI viruses actually is, they are Random Antibody Tests, they never actually find any virus there is on the planet if they even exist, the tests only find antibodies in everyone, in fact the tests initially found everyone to be positive "for HIV" for this reason thus they diluted the serum more than any other protocol so they could force a reasonable amount of "positives".

HIV test results are likely false + and/or flu +

We have known this for decades why don't politicians, leaders, decision makers? They keep spreading lies. Positive results merely indicate non-specific general antibodies, which are in everyone all the time, and can merely indicate that at one time you had the flu. They are reactive for 6 different conditions. There's a list of over 68 different false positives.

There is no way to determine if anyone has this fake non-toxic "virus". Tests are not specific enough to pinpoint one particular virus or any one particular disease condition that exists or is said will exist in the future, contrary to most marketing claims & they all go around telling everyone to get tested with these when they are not even finding virus as only electron microscopes have that ability.

View the image to the right to see some reasons why HIV testing should not be used as a diagnostic.

Labels are becoming the problem as they keep redefining old things while providing new and improved crap as seen on TV lemon sales pitches. These products I watched kill my friends. HIV is a lie. They claim it causes 28 different diseases that had many different causes, which in itself does not make any sense. They claim it's spread by human cocks and dirty needles, don't mosquitoes have dirty needles? Yes but they claim it cannot transmit the virus. Horseshit. If it were real back yard barbecues would be a deadly virus zone.

Get tested for AD instead



Dump HIV 

When you have too much crap in your house you take it to the dump. Your body does this with viruses. Imagine playing ball and catching it and never letting go. We just don't do this. We let go. In virology they keep giving us this impression that we catch viruses and keep them. This simply is not how the body works.

HIV tests as they are called are 100% unreliable - we have been LIED to about viruses and what is claimed to be a killer particle of matter claimed to have super powers - they are merely cell debris - the smartest man in the world Hans Gelderblom who knows more than anyone about interpreting electron microscope 'photographs' points out how those who wanted to see a killer virus saw WHAT THEY WANTED TO SEE as it was lucrative to find a 'cause' when the world was whipped up into a frenzied hysteria by medias and politicians. He mentions this later in the extended interview on the documentary "House of Numbers" viewable here.

Now in 2020 it's happening again but on an even bigger scale as they claim that the seasonal flu that they have rebranded is a threat to the entirety of humanity 666 million times greater that the gay holocaust.

He who merely wanted to see what is there in the electron microscope imagery of these particles of non-living matter that are sub microscopic smaller than bacteria by 10,000% and he having no financial interest saw CELL/SHIT basically incapable of harm which gets produced by the cells. Ask yourself what happens to cell shit when you are sitting on that toilet.

We don't have to wage war to deal with cell shit.

To call for AZT a horrible poison that is in both typical AIDS drugs and now prevention pills is like telling your house keeper to use bug spray to deal with dust and dirt that 'infected' your home.

Taking a pill every day that contains AZT which is a chemotherapy drug that is toxic to prevent cellular debris (HIV) is absurd. Chemotherapy is very destructive to good cells and is typically short term. It's added into a "cocktail" and is now being sold in the new marketing term called PrEP which is the exact same pill given to treat AIDS/OMG.

January 1, 2017

For more than 35 years the gay community has been pounded in the head, stomach, and wallet with false claimes of lurking "deadly" viruses while ignoring the elephant in the pill bottle and it needs to stop. Just because governments and a very few scientists around the world say something, starting a chain reaction in beliefs and declarations, doesn't mean it is accurate. The theory that a virus that is "sexually transmitted" almost exclusively and is the cause of complex immune system problems isn't universal and has been well proven to be false and non-sensical. The idea that you only catch certain viruses from sex is totally absurd (all viruses travel by air) yet this is the world we have lived in for 30 positive nauseating death inducing drug pushing years where we all have watched friends die due to medical poisoning. The whole HIV theory falls on it's face when we ask one simple question, if the virus can be transmitted by shared needles, then it certainly can be transmitted by shared needles, the latter being more specifically, flying ones. If there was a viral cause for gays and the world to be afraid of, backyard BBQ's would be a place to wrap the entire yard in prophylactics in order to protect guests from contracting HIV from an HIV infected neighbor's yard full of mosquitoes or a community's HIV infected population. Mosquitoes are flying used dirty shared needles. How can government continue to promote this lie that a virus is the cause of rare diseases when this theory has been smashed to pieces as far back as when it first started when Margaret Heclker Secretary of US Health and Human Services made the erroneous contentious announcement that "The probable cause of AIDS is a virus..." which then terrified the world and thus became "real". Can government ever make mistakes? Can drama queens perpetuate drama? The reality is there is no viral cause there is complex cause of all disease conditions. HIV is a fraud and what they call HIV has never been shown to be anything more than cellular debris, in other words, shit, or "harmless passenger viruses" that are as dangerous as dust traveling accross country hitching a ride on a train.The above image came from Liam Scheff website on why HIV testing should stop and summarizes the matter well. Mr. Scheff has since sadly passed away after some dental work created a severe infection. He was was a great guy who had insight and courage to speak about the errors in the HIV/MESS. Those who insist on pointing fingers at viruses will claim he died of this one disease as if no one dies of disease and as if HIV is one disease which it is not. They will continue to offer their bile and vomit all over good people who tell people that they have been lied to about viruses.

Cancel testing

The following image was captured from Liam Scheff website before he passed away. He was a good pioneer and orator regarding this mess called HIV/AIDS and brought out his style with fresh understanding of the realities. He pointed out in videos he made why we should stop testing. I believe that when we hear the President of the United States tell us that HIV will be ending by 2030 he is getting that from Fauci. I believe at it's core is a plan to phase out the big HIV mess where instead of taking responsibility for the holocaust, they will again just continue to blame a virus, not their Faucist drug regimes. It appears they are shifting into a more lucrative plan with this new FLU-19 thing that would mandate testing for the entire world and mandate new injections of their magic snake oil. Snakes have immune systems too, they slither away from this crap.

Testing for viruses is like testing for ghosts

Have you ever watched one of those entertaining "reality" shows on ghosts? They bring in all their equipment and in dramatic fashion hunt for ghosts. They are invisible things. So too are viruses. It's disingenuous and outright fradulent to make dramatic claims about people's health being caused by ghosts.

In honor and memory of Liam

What is a virus?

In short, according to medical definitions, it's a parasite that requires a "host to live". It's like a mosquito which is also a parasite that requires host blood to live or a human that require it's host the Earth to live. It's not like an alien monster we see in movies that gets bigger and stronger and more destructive that "mutates" into even stronger terrifying monsters. Mutations get weaker.

Actually viruses are not living things at all. They lie to us making it appear as though they are. They are as alive as your pen.

You make your pen "alive" just like your body makes viruses "alive". Viruses are really just CELL/SHIT.

In the EARLY/DAZE of HIV they portrayed it as a monster. Really it's just a definition. People don't die from definitions. They do die from AIDS/DRUGS though. I watched my friends die of those. My friends never died of definitions, only the application of those definitions that made them grab AIDS drugs that killed them. Some also took other drugs that killed them, party drugs, wayyyy too much alcohol, etc.

TV/MEDIAS got hold of the government lie and made it a monster. IT SOLD AD SPACE BIG TIME. Everyone was horrified and glued to TV every night. Most of you HAVE/NO/CLUE how this horror show appeared on TV in the 1980's.

It started when legally they could assume no legal responsibility for merely telling the public what the government said or the medicalists said. They ran with it starting in 1984 when Margaret Heckler stated "the government found the cause" saying it was a virus they call HIV which was absurd to blame a wide variety of health problems on one cause but this became gospel truth. 

Anyone who believes government found the cause does not understand government and those who are most influential in government decision making which is so much of the time based on money & special interests. Disease is more complex than war and territorial disputes that government never solves and it's solution is often to go to war which leaves innocent lives dead or ruined.

This is exactly what happened in the 'War on AIDS' which killed many of my friends long ago because at that time they revived the poison AZT in massive doses - it is a known carcinogen and was pulled from market back in the 1970's because of toxicity - it was like dropping nuclear bombs on every cell of the body - it was in very high doses in AIDS/DRUGS when the scramble effect took hold and demands were made for a cure, a treatment, anything.

It remains in AIDS drugs in lower doses today but now in those lower amounts at least it doesn't slam people so hard as before, the bad effects are more gradual. Some how they got away and continue to get away with this holocaust.

The new marketing ploy for prevention PrEP is the exact same thing in AIDS drugs today. You couldn't pay me any amount of money to take that shit. I don't get tested because HIV tests are merely finding random antibodies to everything, they are not specific. They are a lie.

Does a virus get lodged in my cell as if it's been sent to jail?

No, they generally are swept out like how a trash man collects garbage and takes it to a more suitable location. If you are not sick why on earth would you take "preventative medicine"? You have white blood cells that handle all preventative measures. Feed them good healthy foods and they are like an army. Keep in mind 70 percent of your "immune system" is "in your gut" meaning your digestive system is the primary source of developing your immunity.

Why are people saying we all need to get untested? 

Because testing is not specific and only finds antibodies which is like finding a houskeeper in your house using a gay rag or houseboy to dust.

Why is gay blood treated differently than straight blood?

In many countries gay blood donation continues to be banned. This rule came to be in the 1980's because in the US the "virus" was affecting overwhelmingly more gay dudes but this is askew, because more gays get tested thus more gays show up as "having it" thus the faulty theory that in order to protect the blood supply they must ban all blood that comes from active LGBT and QWERTYsexuals. They don't ban any blood that has come in contact with dirty shared mosquito syringes which if a virus is transmitted by dirty needles can be transmitted by dirty flying needles. All blood donation bans should either apply to all people who have ever come in contact with a mosquito, or ban the bans completely as they truly make no scientific sense. AIDS was first called GRID which was Gay Related Immune Deficiency. Politics took hold claiming that was biased against gays so they changed it but the bias on blood continues and they won't let go of the bias as in the USA they still see that HIV affects more gays than any other group but this is because of the lies that gays "are a risk  group" as if people at BB/BBQ are not from dirty mosquito needles that were just at the house on the other side of the fence that an AIDS human lives at.

It needs a better name like LISP (Lexicological Immunounderstanditive Synapsis Problem)

Or it could be called Human Influenzae Virus / Acquired Information Deficiency Syndrome

Are you saying I have been lied to all these years?

Yes, testing is a complete waste of time and resources yet it continues due to demand. If people understood the lie better eventually it would end. The only way to truly END/AIDS is by ending the definitions that are erroneous.

What does HIV truly stand for?

By all indications it's Hysteria Informaticaliticouciousa Virusmania or Horribly Incorrect Virology.

Why are they not testing my canned goods and sliced whole wheat bread?

If viruses all travel by air, and there is no way in hell that all food manufacturing facilities could ever stop viruses from floating around in their factories, ending up in all the foods ever processed. Face masks never stop viruses, they help control bacteria and fungus, but not viruses except some if they even exist that might be attached to bacteria and fungus. Even then there's so many spaces around the edges of these masks that air goes right past they still go everywhere. There is no stopping them from getting into all foods you find at the markets. If viruses were the problem that they claim we'd all be getting them. Fact is we all get them no matter what we do and it develops immunity. Of course the things that develop immunity the best are not injected into your skin, they are injected into your mouth by eating and can be delicious or you can breathe the critters in which you do every day and let your immune system handle it. I personally think there are more problems in immunity being caused by rape oil and palm oil creating massive oil spills in the body that are as bad for your inner environment where 70% of your immune system is found, in your "gut" much like what happens to the outer environment when a Gulf Oil Spill occurs.

Restore sanity to the planet.



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Alive and Well archives - a special thank you goes toward the life and work of Chritine Maggiore who was the strongest woman I have ever met as during the height of the Holocaust In Virology she stood there against the torrents and blasts unfaltering and has helped many people understand the facts about problems with labels of disease and claims of causation when there are many factors. Sadly Christine died some years back after a bout of pneumonia type of infection during a horrible sudden cold snap in Southern California where she lived. She had been experimenting with a fasting/cleansing program at the time which left her too weak. It was a very bad time to try such a thing. Hiv pushers were quick to blame the fantasy "virus" of which she never had a solid diagnosis as testing was all over the map, positive, negative, indeterminate, yet that did not stop criticism of her with claims she died of aids. People see what they want to see often times. They project. Jesus spoke of this log in eye syndrome (LIES). Christine was in her 50's. She had lived many years after first encountering hiv testing modalities that are loaded with errors. She was a vocal, kind, loving messenger of questioning the standard hiv and aids narratives. This brave soul saved humans that were searching for the truth and those who luckily stumbled upon it and her messages and will be always remembered in my heart and those of many others.

The Infectious Myth by David Crowe

Rethinking AIDS

May 15, 2020

They shut down the world over a new improved as seen on TV virus scare thing. It's 2019 flu with new name and marketing team with faucist dictatorship at the helm, and efforts to wage war on it is more like what we would see in a Loony Toons Road Runner cartoon their space ship is all over the place destroying everything in it's path. Economies everywhere decimated. Cities are going to go bankrupt everywhere as their sources of income like with Palm Springs tourism ruined.

Their goal is again testing and vaccination of every human being on the planet now for the yearly flu which is constantly changing so much they actually stay that they take guesses on each year's strain.

I think the masters are tired of playing the "try to get people to get flu shots" game, it will be mandatory if you let them have their way with you.

In the dark new "smart" ages of March 2020 hey actually declared about 1/2 of all "non essential" businesses to close so they could fight this thing. Then they declared state of emergency and told everyone to stay home. Distance yourselves from others they said. No public meetings anymore. Churches forbidden to worship with others. Easter services 2020 were vacant buildings. The new normal they call it. Then it was mask time, forced everyone to wear face masks. It became Fauci's world turning every human activity into a hospital. It's sick.

Then came the strong chemical smells from hospital grade disinfectant. There wan't an invasion by the White Supremicists or Russia, it was a particle of non living matter no one can even see. Schools were closed for 2 weeks, never reopened. TV news was the new school, it's the best way for them to brainwash the public fast and furious. Where has this happened before?

The fear soared of course. People did not want workers from another town to come to theirs as they "may transmit the virus". This kind of fear started in HIV in the 1980's but they quickly quashed it by saying "You only get it if you have sex with the dirty disgusting homosexuals" and that led to the homocaust. Since everyone knows that the air transmits everything particulate, especially viruses that are 1 million times smaller than dust and go right through latex condoms as Margaret Heckler told us as Secretary of Health and Human Services for the US government, the claim it was only sent via male cock heads and spurts of tainted semen made people feel more secure and more Puritan.

With this new one though, they are playing it up bigger than ever for their gain and look at all the outlets they have now with all the online news and blogs and etcetera.

The nerosis for this fake plague was everywhere infecting ever part of governing bodies. One governor in the midst of the panic stated, "We are flying a plane while we are building it". I see they are dropping parts on everyone. We watched in Palm Springs the city tell gay bars to close (all bars) on March 15th. That was the most ominous time I have ever experienced in our "free country" as I saw what was coming, I knew it was not going to be for just the 2 weeks they claimed, it might last through the entire summer to election 2020.

It's now May and California still has no reopening plan for health clubs that public health closed "for our health". Small ones went bankrupt in an instant. Palm Springs used to be a gay health and fitness fun mecca. It's ruined. These agencies have gone insane and need to be institutionalized, oh wait, they are institutions, figure that out. The heads know exactly what they are doing, it's for financial gain. Fauci got 4x what Trump and one lone ranger Congressman in Arizona (who voted no) were willing to hand over to him, $8 billion. He can perpetuate his plan of world domination. Bill Gates is helping with his foundation that funds the WHO. Bill has stated his plan to vaccinate every single human being on the planet. It's insane. Reminds me of Howard Hughes.

So now they keep ramping out more surveillance for the THIS/FLU and test-19 for this new strain which in reality since '19 it's mutated weaker into 666 billion other strains according to the fundamentals of viral science. You won't hear that in the liberal fake news medias though. Look who their advertisers are, big pharmaceuticals.

Get tested thay sayyyy. Drive thru testing. Don't touch anyone. Want to eat at a restaurant? Can't do that you could catch it inside sitting at tables that are not 666 millifeet away from others so they only have drive thru. The tests again only find antibodies, no specific virus. Try telling that to the "authorities" who see what they want to see, that is, becoming the first trillionaire.







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