Immunity to disease is pretty much an illusion presented by a constantly lying drug pushing HELLth care system that is corrupt and keeps stealing your money and like a drug addicted fool never gets enough. The human body creates a response to attempt to heal itself, it cannot immunize nor can any product injected into anyone create immunity. The body is in a constant state of processing food for nutrients and rebuilding, to process out junk and debris, to manage heating and cooling but it is always subject to harm it can never be immune to disease. Most disease conditions are the same. They create new labels for old diseases then sell you new magic potions as if that one thing will solve a multi faceted problem. Here is probably the finest explanation that is the only one that makes sense in this new flu upside down pyramid world. It is simple and is presented by Dr. Andrew Kaufman.

I happened to live through the 1980's pandemic of FEAR and hysterical reactions induced by politicians, overactivists, Fauci and other drug company shills, and the surrounding false claim of a new disese and a new virus. They labeled that one HIV. I refer to it as the HI virus. If it even existed all it did was go along it's merry and say HI. The hysterians screamed it was a killer. There was never any proof of this thing actually existing but like with religions there is no absolute proof of God, Jesus, or Satan. The same tactics of inducing fear like with all cults were used at that time to of course mainly push drug$. It always leads to that. I watched those drugs kill my friends. The ones that shunned the drugs live to this day.

If you feel a bit lost in space in this matter and want to understand this fantastic healing perspective start here with this presentation by Dr. Andrew Kaufman. watch the presentation here or click on the image above. This was done in the spring of 2000 at the start of the covid fraud and Kaufman is probably one of the 5 best people in the world to listen to on this subject along with Sam Bailey, Tom Cowan, and Stefan Lanka who proved in court that viruses do not exist.

In 2020 hindsight we now see how we were had as we also learned that in 2019 right as the fraud was starting with the lies about "a novel virus" coming out of China the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) were discussing how to create a panic so they could introduce/force new flu shot technology. What they call "viruses" are merely cell debris or "exosomes" not killer monsters. The ONLY thing that can absolutely be claimed about "viruses" is that they are INTERPRETATIONS and like with trying to interpret what a head hunter in the jungle is telling you when you don't have a clue what they are saying trying to follow along with what they are saying can lead to disaster.

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