IN SILICO IN SCIENCE (ISIS) all they ever prove is that viruses exist on a computer

Reporting a "new coronavirus" that is ASSOCIATED WITH a disease is like reporting seeing a red hat in a stadium baseball game and that means it is associated with Trump lover. A red hat does not mean that the person wearing it is associated with Trump but this is exactly what virology does ALL THE TIME. It does not have the ability to get close enough to the red hat wearer. It does not have the ability to ask the red hat wearer questions. Virologists will say they studied and discoverd this or thatt until you are blue in your face as you can't breathe that well wearing that Oxygen Deprivation Device (ODD) for your HELLth and they will not properly scrutinize the associations like would be done in good forensics at the scene of a crime as it is impossible, viruses if they existed which they don't by their standards of measure are too small and only found in peitrie dish septic mud piles that actually cannot be isolated nor found as it would require ISOLATING them from all the other physical mess there and they cannot do this they can only pretend, that is where computers come in, they just calculate, "in silico" like looking at a pong ball in a video game, it's not real, but even that video game science is more real than virology.

Virology pretends to find the killer "virus" but merely finds red hats in a crowded stadium of red hats, then makes up all sorts of stories. It's like it blames everyone in the stadium wearing a red hat as being a Trump supporter. In real life this is rather obviously stupid and junk science but in virology they are masters at deceiving the public with language that keeps your head spinning and so you just have to take their word which contradicts itself all the time after all have you or anyone you know actually touched a virus held it in your hand and shown the virus to another person? Virology claims it has with it's sophisticated miscroscopy but analysis shows that all they show is a pile of junk and cells and debris and they point to something and say "theres a red had and that's the bad one". It's even worse than than that when you dig into what their claims are doing to you. If the detective of a crime scene looked at and understood what is being claimed by virology they would throw out the case, if the public understood the claims being made and how absurd they are they'd laugh and say "this is crazy". Tom Cowan points this out rather well in this video with Lee Merritt using a termite inspector looking for termites in the home and his method. If the judge hear a case with the kind of flimsy evidence and broad ASSOCIATIONS made in virology that mean nothing and prove nothing the case would be thrown out of court if the judge undersood the nonsense that is being presented by virology. People are now starting to understand. Click on any of the reference images here that were pulled from a most excellent report by Dr. Andrew Kaufman that used forensics to show how the claims of a new virus existing or causing any disease is refuted.

The science they claim is indisputible in virology is now being done on computers in modeling "in silico" as it's said by doctors like Peter McCullough who is married to the virus cause ideology. In silico is like the game of PONG from the 1970's where you see a real paddle and a real pong ball but they are computer generated nothing that appears on the screen. Yes you can play PONG but it's a simulation, it is not a real table, ball, paddle. There is no air or breeze that chan shif the ball mid stream. There is no "spin" on the ball as would be in real life. There is no effects of heat in the game of PONG as there can be in a real game where the ball and paddles were sitting in a basement in dead of winter changing the dynamic of play compared to summer and again it's NOT REAL it is a simulation.

This is what is being done in virology with CLAIMS of finding a virus, they simulate it on the computer, THEY NEVER EVER ISOLATE A REAL PARTICLE OF MATTER THEY CALL VIRUSES TO PROVE THEY ACTUALLY EXIST.

It's all basically a game to suck you into the schemes of fear, panic, new laws, new draconian methods of "controlling the spread" that even contradict their own claims. It's all Horseshit In Virology (HIV) also known as Hustle In Virology.

These are variants of mathematical IN SILICO nonsense used to sell you stuff you don't need. If I was given the same budget I could present all this crap too. No virus is ever proven to exist in physical form, this is the only place they live, on computer screens so when they say it escaped from the lab and all the ASSOCIATED drama that goes with those reports, think of this, the only thing escaping from labs is data, computer print outs, in silico mathematical calculations made to appear like it means something. A forensic analysis concludes these are dots and dashes, the dots all the same size in diameter, the dashes varied lengths. The virologist calls these virus variants. It's PONG. Virology is a game of PONG and you are the one being played. Click on any one of the variant viruses below (they are the ball) to learn how you are being played, then cut off all funding for the rotting branch of biology called virology.


Special thanks to Doctors Andrew Kaufman, Tom Cowan, Sam Bailey, Stefan Lanka (and others) for their insightful perspectives

and note that in the twenty teens Stefan Lanka proved IN COURT not in silico that viruses do not exist in real life!

in other words it has never been proven that any virus causes any disease in real life, it has only been asserted using COMPUTER MODELS

Virology is a hustle. 100% hustle. It's bigger than Enron, it's a bigger hustle than all ponzi schemes combined.

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