Their science is now just "in silico" as in silicon valley of computer printouts, that's all that ever escapes from labs!

all they ever prove is that viruses exist on a computer

Testing you for "viruses" by shoving sticks up your nose for what is only a simulation is absurd, none of the tests find any specific anything. It's all a scam. It's like believing the ping pong ball on the TV screen is real click on the image of the real yet fake PONG/BALL to view the presentation.

In the film (click on the pong ball above) a now famous hustler & "freedom fighter" Dr. McCullough spoke in the official government sanctioned committee hearing about a virus being "in silico" which means it's only a computer simulation.

read about "in silico" here

So even he is aware of this fakery yet he remains lost in this wonderland of endless research on viruses never proven to exist building it with mountains of funding using your money like most.

"In silico" is a computer construct, it's like a video game none of it is real, no one gets hurt, there are no alien cell space invaders of anything of substance, it's all just a game to entertain and keep you busy except it's also got your debit card and keeps charging it for this game called virology. 

Click on the pong ball to learn more and realize you are the winner when you realize it's all a Hustle In Virology.

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