Following the path that virologists built is risky

ZERO to .8% protection is all you are getting from all those covid shots

When ever they say something is a syndrome it means it is unknown pathology by definition so when they then claim you need to do something to fix this unknown pathology like with Acquired Immune Deficiency SYNDROME notice the contradiction staring you in the feet

The CDC is basically a vaccine company.
Around 2020 they changed the definition of vaccine to mean stimulant. That pretty much was done to deceive the public for the 2020 fraud as seen schemed at the Milk'n you institute and to cover their ass with your used face mask so they are not liable anymore for lying their asses off in your face as they get you to rewear that dirty mask they shit on when for decades they were telling you that vaccines provided immunity. They never did any such thing! Thus the science now is that vaccines are stimulants and shows us how "the science" is what ever covers their ass. Immunity is a rather loose construct, your body has a response system is a better way to describe it, immunity is impossible.

So now that all we have is stimulation from injections of pHARMa crap scraped off those shitty face masks, we can now officially point out how coffee is a stimulant as is a cigarette and an apple and a banana and yogurt and all food as it stimulates your entire body's health system. Even a hamburger is a stimulant and so is exercise. Soon the Hustlers In Virology (CDC) will claim they have an injection for exercise probably another derivitave of chemical wast pools pouring out of the world's factories in Wuhan and they will claim the virus causes lack of exercise, it's escaped from the lab (actually from the computer screen as it's just CGI) and you need to stay home and wait for the exercise stimulant injection to be available at super duper as seen on sugar pushing horseshit on TV sales pitches that always feed portfolio monsters for their health and your HELLth.

So now they claim they are vaccinating wildlife while you pay for all this Hustle In Virology (HIV) they drop flavored treats with stimulant to stimulate against rabies which is a virus like all others does not exist. Enjoy your hustle! Funny how there was never a flavored vaccine STIMULANT for covid to sprinkle on your daily dose of teeth rotting morning doughnuts, instead they had to torture you and that is for a reason as virology is a cult. Stimulants do not provide immunity. Immunity is no longer provided by any "vaccine". So what the fuck are we stimulating for when the body does that itself when it moves, eats, sleeps, breathes, and runs the fuck away from television news for it's health. They are all in this together. The ship is sinking. You are thrown aside as they get in the lifeboat$. What to do next is up to you. Maybe the ship will tilt and crush the lifeboats and all the hustlers will drown while that gives you chance to crawl to the library and borrow the book from Dr. Tom Cowan who has a better handle on how to navigate than any of these Hustlers In Virology who threw the captain overboard because he refused to be their lab rat and get that covid shot.

So the Pfizer and the Moderna are fighting each other,
both are owned by big pOrtfolio and who owns big pOrtfolio, US government, Blackrock, investors that focus on the health of their portfolios using HELLth care systems to screw you

How do you diagnose mental retardation? It's easy, watch this thing that identifies as "katie hopkins" whatever that is tell us how you stop a war, by making more war, where no matter how many times your body is bombed by either AIDS drugs in that war which annihilates more cells than it saves, or in the You Crane war, they retardedly actually think what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Here's some more examples of this kind of retarded logic, the more you don't want pests in your home like those on TV or other rats or insects like termites that devour your home the way to get rid of them is to invite more of them in. Here's another retard that identifies as "tom hanks" trying to hanky panky us claiming to wear a mask does the opposite of the previous logic, where it's claimed need to stop the enemy by stopping the enemy not by declaring more wars on the enemy, while the border wall in this face mask example is like the one at Mexico / US full of holes like these idiot celebrities heads. We pray for their salvation. May Satan deliver them logic.

Some dude featured in clips from his podcast was shown on David Knight 1/23/23 saying repeatedly that the not vaccinated won, they won, they won. This is not a competition. His statements trivialize the whole matter, those of us who saw the fraud from the start were not in any competition we were merely standing in the town square trying to speak the truth. You are not in a competition when you see someone heading for a cliff and you shout and do what you can to stop them. The dude was a strong critic of the not vaccinated roaming lab rats. This "you won" thing is another part of the problem, why is everything a competition? If he had a different approach from the start maybe he'd have seen it sooner. On the show he discusses the "him" and the boys bathroom and adding (it's a girl). Maybe time to use an "x". The trans "himx" went to the boy's room. They were not born a "him" so they do not deserve an absolute equal pronoun only a relatively equal pronoun just as what happenes in virology and vaccines, they provide relative protection of 95% of whatever they want to claim but the absolute protection is zero.

Virology is such a disaster it's like they would claim that a boating accident caused covid-19 the formerly known as the flu or pneumonia disease syndrome of unknown pathology, where for example Harry Carey had this unfortunate incident of having a boating accident which led to pneumonia as his body was SUDDENLY hit hard with cold water in the plunge. Virology could care less about real causes of disease and the myriad of factors involved such as exposure to cold temperatures. They would insist before he be placed in the ambulance he be tested for covid-19 virus never proven to exist but test for it anyway and if tested positive with an unreliable magnifying glass (that is all PCR does) he would be banned from society which is how HELLth care now operates, note the psychological operation going on everywhere where the surgeons were masked in public seeking clients. Harry Carey made many silent films 55 to be exact in one year alone! He smoked cigars till his dying day of 69. Smoking cigars thus proven to be healthy. Cold water causes more health problems than cigars. Smoke a cigar each day you live to 69. Remain in cold water in a lake with no one saving you because they are afraid of touching you as they stupidly fear you might have dangerous unicorns mount them and you'd be lucky if you lasted an hour. Need any more proof which is causing more deaths? Others who suffer from Gulp Oil Syndrome Hellth (GOSH) and diabetes problems die in their 40s. Smoke has a funny way of killing fungus. Sugar and oil slicks have a funny way of feeding it. Some of this fantastic foundational to the movie industry's wild world success have it that Harry Carey's films are presumed lost, but that presumption does not prove they do not exist but that is exactly how virology works, presumptions, they claim without proof that something exists whereas movie historians will make an assumption something does not exist. This difference is rather important to take note as in virology they assume a danger exists, the person if often feeling just fine, but they insist on going to war with the imagined threat and like dropping bombs in a forest to hunt for Bugs Bunny, Dr. Elmer Fudd fuddles around too much and the forest doesn't look real pretty after that. If a movie historian assumes the movie is lost it just means the person learning this, or Hollywood, or whom ever is interested just goes on about their business maybe picking up another PROVEN TO EXIST film to watch. Virology is infected with ASSumptions, most of which cause us harm to either our bodies or our bank accounts. The field of viro-LIE-gee assumes 99.9999999% of the time as they have not even seen are real virus real time anywhere. It would compare to the movie historian claiming and insisting a lost silent film exists when never having seen it and to watch it you should go to a theater that no longer exists as the movie historian claims it exists and tells you to sit there and wait for the movie to "incubate" as at some point it will appear. In conclusion, we really should let these virologists and all their greedy lying cohorts in crime make asses out of themselves, not you and me, when they try to shovel their assumptions about dangerous unicorn films down in our arms.

Gun control?
Dear Mother of God may I suggest injection control and bloody HELLth department control! The medical systems are 3rd leading cause of death! Now they have rebranded heart attacks as we don't know what happened and side effects which are actually DIRECT effects are soaring past Uranus which is where our heads are at if we believe anything these drug & poison chemical pushers say anymore. Here is the page of Breitbart on 1/24/23 at 5:45ampt. Hellth departments push annual shots of pHARMa cyst slime for your "health".

Christine Massey compiled over 200 Freedom of Information Request responses from major institutions using GOBS OF YOUR MONEY to study dangerous unicorns they call "viruses" of which their story telling compells people to be stabbed by big pHARMa with injections of worthless nonsense that offers ZERO absolute protection. These include the CDC and California Department of Health and many others all saying they cannot provide any absoulte evidence that viruses exist. Imagine that.

MEANwhile you been drinkin' that "natural" orange juice that has chemicals used in carpets. They never stop SIMPLY poisoning us with Simply Orange.

Next emergency will be "sudden death" actually caused by a variety of conditions including some of the experimental injections of pHARMa cyst slime called "covid shots" some of which are placebos some of which are higher doses of chemical crap, some of which are meningitis vaccine, and most importantly some of which caused by the GASSING and fumigation of businesses using massive quantities of pesticides pumped in the air all day long, but of course blame will be the imaginary non existent virus that is 666 trillion times smaller than a Trojan Horse as the lying cons in HELLth care keep only going after the employed while the canary is in the room being ignored as it's dead from the disinfectant chemical fumes of the new QUATS being sprayed which is a poison gas being ignored. This was warned about on day one of gassing the public everywhere but no one in authorships that are rapidly sinking now listened, they were too busy flying planes while building them. Ed Dowd has been studying this fraud since the start, was a portfolio manager for Blackrock investments, and has great analysis of this but as everyone is doing they just throw the dead canary that died from the fumes out with the bathwater and keep focusing on the dangerous unicorns or the injections.

1918 "Spanish Flu" pandemic was mostly due to the medical system, vaccines, massive doses of aspirin "for their health" just like 100 years later the liars in pHARMa caused the problem for money you should follow the money not their advice.

Starting in 2020 they tried to kill us by cutting off our oxygen supply. WHO are they? The Hustlers In Virology. 2020 hindsight on Oxygen Deprivation Devices (ODD) presented in Covidland Part 2 retards in governing and hustlers in HELLth care were on a rampage of insane mania. Do not let it ever ever happen again. Fauci is a con man. HELLth departments have an agenda the are drug pushers. They all work for big pHARMa. They spin your heads round and round on purpose. They are bullies. Shut off the fukcing TV they are all liars.

Climate nut "arrest" plastered on TV garbage news was fake arrest

Next time they say "safe and effective" look at the birth defects that were caused by this "safe and effective" sleep aid.

1918 flu was caused by injections not a virus.

"I am not a car, please do not install an air filter on me"

This is so fake Space XYG-LGBT lands rocket. Physics simply does not allow this but CGI does and like swallowing the junk yard science of virology the people gobble this fake space up.

The Gaslighting Pipeline To Your Money Forum (TGPTYMF) is meeting in Swiss banking wonderland to scheme more about grabbing yours. Dr. Sam Bailey explains their most lucrative scam, vaccines which no longer provide immunity yet you think they do. Why is that? Could it be CDC changed the definition? Yes.

Sick societies think baby dick cutting is funny as seen in ritual skit performed on SNL in the 1970's where a diamond cutter rides in the back of the luxury car with the ultra smooth ride to show how they cut diamonds from what is rough.

WHO would be in charge of orchestrating a WAR on viruses? FOIA request responses expose it

Jon Rappoport becomes president, the vastly corrupt FDA, CDC, and NIH are hereby DISBANDED

Jarcinda of New Zealand steps down and only one person steps up, the tsar of education that was lockdown king. Who doesn't notice something odd about that. Their HELLth dictates are banning smoking now for certain age year born and prior for all born after that to completely rid the country of smoking. So instead of dying of smoke they will die of stress. To keep people HELLthy they will triple the amount of QUATS sprayed in schools, lockers, everywhere and on everything and in the food supply even though QUATS have never been studied for safety, the canaries are all dying, and only manufacturers studied with results saying people lost weight, sure that's what happens when you poison gas people. They will add oxygen deprivation Device (ODD) machines next to condom machines everywhere, and Soylent Green vending, and bring back lockdowns and masks to control the spread of dangerous unicorns that only exist in the mind so they can once again shovel your cash into their portfolios.

Some observations were scientifically made about the teaching portfolio profession that might interest you

Fear porn pusher Peter McCuolough claims without proof people who get "the fizer shot" have their genetics permanently altered. Cites some papers from ex perts (think ex cons, they are no longer perts but they are still perts like ex cons are still cons) that claim your jeans are altered. They cannot measure these genes, they cannot touch them, they are only computer models, like the other fake garbage they sell you. Dr. Tom Cowan is a better source for information that can help you formate better more balanced perspectives on all this dangerous unicorn hysteria. When we talk about ex cons and drug companies that were convicted of criminal behavior and fined billions of dollars we should then refer to these pHARMa cysts as ex cons, such as saying "ex con pFizer" lied again and said their product was safe and effective.

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