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small town imposes LGBT/FRKY accommodations on churches

watch real time what people around the world are saying that's so gay


IMGAY is a search term that comes up first and foremost in discussion

 RPFT thinkeys that climate changey is causing people to leavey their country to go toey the USA illegally

ROFL. Seriously, this thing is wacked. AOC please send me a carbon blanket. I can then stay cozy in my chair while I watch you make a complete ass out of yourself and your party on TV. You are funny.

Rigorous ethics standards just set for all areas of US government

Where are we? This is the twilight zone. Trump just imposed ethics. Democrats heads are not on their shoulders anymore. Draining the swamp is leaving all the creature with no where to hide. They will start eating each other alive. Don't worry, carbon blankets will save them.

Eric Swalwell proposes 7 ways he will end gun violence if he is president

I think first on the list is making sure every gun ever produced first goes to school. Next is make sure every gun is checked to see if it's on medication. Every other proposal he makes violates the 2nd amendment. Why is it that Democrats cannot understand the 2nd amendment which clearly states that gun ownership is a RIGHT that shall not be abridged.

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons declares mandate of choosing forced measles vaccine or face fines is abuse of power

Government does not have the authority to mandate risky procedures that are not necessary for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

SJS is happy that social network finally blocks speech that questions authorities in a meeting entitled "Stifling Free Speech: Technological Censorship and the Pubblic Discourse"

This was in a hearing where Republicans are concerned about free speech on social networks, whereas they claim that conservative posts and advertisements are routinely removed, or censored, even ones that quote Mother Theresa saying that abortion is horrible.

Then a question was poised by the Hawaii senator if posts that were "conspiracy theories" about a school shooting by claimants online saying it was a drill presented as real to the public would be regularly removed. The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee senator was happy to hear in response that a mass shooting and following posts on Twitter & Facebook are removed if they say anything other than the official narrative.

Adolpho Hitler was also happy to hear that such narratives that questioned his authority would be removed from the medias of his time, much of which was done at gunpoint and other methods of intimidation.

Social networks are not public utilities, the Democrats seem to know this, the Republicans seem to not understand this.

Marcia Blackburn hoped that these social media companies would respect speech they do not agree with. I would hope that she and all senators would also respect the speech and beliefs or questions of citizens and individuals who keep seeing contradictions between government narratives and claims that are flawed.

During this hearing there was so much blatant contradictions on free speech, the IMGAY bullshit detector was in high reading territory.

Project Veritas was used as an example of a video of what was claimed to be against conservative viewpoints. It was pointed out that their tactics are deceitful.

The Face Of Religious Bigotry is Pete Buttigieg

Watch and listen to how this gay dude in power talks. He's projecting. He's trashing Pence. He claimed Pence is the FORB.

Pence has been fair and not disrespectful of gays. Buttigieg is the one that's a bigot. He has a bug up his ass over anyone in power that is Christian.

Pence has stated f I saw a restaurant owner refuse to serve a gay couple, I wouldn't eat there anymore." He has no issue with gays.

Maxine Waters is a fucking rude person on a power trip

Treated Treasury Secretary nasty.  Watch for yourself how she handles things in a new way as she stated

Noah Karvelis only carries a provisional teaching license

He's another liberal Trump hating con who's spearhedED the hash tag redfored bowel movement that dumped smelly teacher's strikes everywhere. Arizona says he's deficient on proper teaching credentials on the Arizona and US constitution.


CBS presents this image showing the Southern Confederate states as being RED which is the color used to signify Republicans in every election map.

Notice the subtle Confederate flag in the background.

Subliminally this confederate flag along with the RED impresses on the mind that the Republicans were slave states when that is not the case. Democrats were the slave owners that held on to the point of Civil War, one that murdered 625,000 US citizens!

Democrats were the Confederacy!

They don't like to admit this, instead, they deflect and blame Jefferson or Columbus and statues, and focus on "what's important" like abolishing the day named after a great explorer who because of his voyages saved millions of lives from tyranny and instead put indigenous people up on pedestals.

The indigenous didn't make America what it is. Europeans, Africans, and many other nationalities did. Indigenous would have never been able to resist tyrants like Hitler or Stalin.

Hitler or another dictator would have ruled America and wiped out natives completely had the good white Europeans come here first establishing it's own government and powers to defeat such rulers.

Columbus and founding fathers all deserve respect as well as those in the Confederacy who were DEMOCRATS.

It's no wonder they want all the symbols and statues reminding us of that destroyed, it's their legacy.

Fiesty & Fantastic

Candice Owens put sleazy members of Congress in their place as one of them, Mr. Lieu, played a clip out of context trying his best to make her look like she supports Hitler's form of nationalism.

Mr. Nadler the Democrat chairman stopped her, told her to not disparage a member of the committee, yet she did not at all. All he heard was her defensive tone. It shows how these Democrat committeeers are so stupid they don't listen to anything but what they want to hear so they can attack any one that is of a different party. When ever Hitler's name enters a discussion unchecked emotions with out reason often  take over the minds of Democrats.

Candice is Republican, and is a fantastic role model for all Americans, in fact all cultures everywhere. She will be the first woman President of the United States.


Hitlerites And Orthodox Jews In Williamsburg - the tyranny has begun, the Mayor Bill daaa Blasio orders all Jews in a certain area to be shot. If they don't get shot they will be fined. The order states that these Jews must personally OK being shot or be subject to fines of $1000. Talk about extortion. They blame a public health emergency for this call to shoot up Jews with magic virus potions. It's evil.



Trump uses Mindful Persistence. Democridiots use Mindless Resistance. I have never for a second been supportive of the gay communitie's MR.

Hillary voted NO on gay marriage. Trump never was in that position of power to vote NO on gay marriage. Hillary is scum.

Trump Derangement Syndrome which symptoms appear as resistance marches, actions, is a horrible disease. Get help. It's on par with HIV/AIDS - Horribly Incorrect Virology causing Acquired Infectious Definition Syndrome.

End the WAR/AIDS

1984 the war began. They called for it. The war on AIDS has been going on for decades. Dropping bombs on cell villages. Too many cell casualties. Who keeps telling us that bombs are the answer? Bomb pushers?

When you drop AIDS/DRUGS on cells the drug does not just pick and choose which one it kills, it kills everything in it's path. They call it targeting the infected cell. It's like targeting Hiroshima.

Now they use AIDS/DRUGS as a hyper proactive method to attempt to prevent going to war on FULL BLOWN AIDS which is a adolescent term often used in the early days of the AIDS/WAR. The drugs for the claim of preventing getting attacked is cutely called Prep. They are the same drugs given for FBA.

Being prepared for war by going to war using the same drug bombs. It's like attacking a village in remote forest where pigmies live, were your band leader tells you that's where the bad viruses hang out so to handle "the problem" you are told to buy Prep bombs and drop them on the entire body of people there.

The body has antibodies for this purpose. Antibodies are not toxic like Prep and Truvada. Antibodies not only target, they individually select and remove invaders.

Whoever says that the antibodies cannot handle the problem is full of LIE/SHIT. There are many causes and factors involved in disease. Viruses are not THE/CAUSE.

End the war on HIV/AIDS.

Planet Transfitness

The customer who is biologically male uses the locker room for women. Another customer complained, a female, who uses the locker room where the male is allowed to use as it claims transgender as woman even though it has a dong hanging there, and this woman who complained membership was cancelled. Her case will go to court as she claims the club misled her in the contract stating that locker facilities are separate for men and women. So she may win, the club pays, they rewrite their contracts, and because local and state laws are now granting the 1% the right to demand co-changing facilities 99% have to feel offended and the 1% could care less about how they are offended? Not only that as the normal customer who was always a female called police, and the transvestite that has a dick claimed sexual harassment. Planet Fitness calls itself a “judgment-free zone” so one member in Plaistow, New Hampshire stripped naked and did exercises and of course that's also going to trial.

VA lunatic governor: OK to kill newborn babies if that's what mom wants, but if mom was cruel to an animal she go to jail

Seems the staff at the animal shelter all need to go to jail then as they murder animals regularly.

Not once did her grandfather tell her to hold a gripe against the white man

Candice Owens says Democrats keep blacks as perpetual victims. BLEXIT*. Says Democrats are manipulating statistics to gain voters. She's been labeled a race traitor by blacks in the Democrat party. Water thrown on her by them. She will not pretend to be a victim which makes a lot of Democrats uncomfortable. Democrats keep race warfare going. She accepts Trump as her president and seeks true fixes of real problems such as finding ways to get more of the young inner city kids to get good grades. Bravo. Now there is a role model. Most medias will not cover her story. *BLack EXIT of the Democrat party.

The not vaccinated are yet again blamed for virus spread

It's a windy day here. Never is the wind blamed for spreading viruses. I guess they are too heavy.

Reality show is that air spreads everything not fastened down including carbon blankets. It also spreadz the lies the VACCINE/PUSHERS tell.

VPs never blame those who are vaccinated yet even when vaccinated some will still get the condition anyway and spread the virus.

Thus, any claim that ignores this is disingenuous.

Again and again those who have financial gain will ignore the facts, they are in sales.

This same problem came up with FAKE/HIV. Hysteria pushed government into action. Claims made by hucksters over ruled logic and sense.

Many decades later still no vaccine for HIV. How is that even remotely possible if they found the virus as they claim?

Truth is they never did isolate it but it is amazing what government can do when the public is in a panic. The panic was mostly created by medias and celebrities that tell us things like RUSSIAN/COLLUSION for years then we find out it was all a lie.

With HIV claims though, since it's invisible, it's like proving Satan does not exist, so like all religions, the belief system of HIV persists even though it doesn't.

Liberal Deblasio orders Hitler like forced vaccinations against measely disease that clears up on it's own at a rapid pace

Notice how liberals are all for freedom, bash Trump as a Nazi, then applaud when their leaders truly act like Nazis, putting kids into concentration camps for profit as they lie and say it's a health emergency. They are getting desperate as it's becoming more widely known the scam is vaccinations and reactive prohyper declarations by those who are wearing no clothes.

Meanwhile Rockland County’s emergency measles declaration was defeated when a state Supreme Court judge knocked down a ban on unvaccinated minors from entering public spaces.

Orthodox Jews were those mostly affected. Problem with medical declarations like these from political hacks is they don't even bother to consider the religious practices and dietary changes they follow that could in itself be the cause.

 Gay privilege

So nice. LGBT is a religion.

 If an illegal immigrant crossed the border wearing a MAGA hat would a liberal make a sound?

Limbaugh says they'd shoot them. I don't think so, they cannot vote, why would they care? It's the cheap labor and feel goodyness they are after.

Massachusetts bans gay conversion therapy for minors

Free to hack off body parts like foreskin or their entire cock though to make them a FAKE/FEM. In response to this joyous news, a Clintonite says "only 34 states to go".

Now chop sticks are racist

A company put an advertisement showing these Vietnamese implements being used and got Twittlashed.

Never mind that all orient cultures have used these implements exclusively for thousands of years, the lashing was so severe, the company begged forgiveness of it's ruling Master opinionators.

Dare any company now show a fork, a white man's implement, in any future advertising, lest they also be considered insensitive and receive a Twittlashing.

If you want to understand liberals you have to look at things their way

uʍop ǝpısdn

Actingizers suddenly ashamed when caught

Funny how they get all full of sorryness when they get caught in cheating and embarrassment. I think it's an act, they are acting pros after all, to get us to feel sorry for them. This time it's Felicity Huffman feels remorse for her college admissions scam. Sorry hon, no sympathy for you one bit. You are an elitist. You are a thief. Like sex offenders you need a label, how about we use this one, education offender. Felicity Huffman is an education offender.

Alex OC is the world's biggest emitter of CO2 gasses

Takes all the oxygen out of the room, expels carbon dioxide, thus causing global warming. When she shuts the fuck up the planet will cool.

Why the Red Paint Face Thing won

Overconfident Joe Crowley, her opponent, had so much dirt but the fool didn't use it on her.


He said he felt that "going dirty" in the campaign would make him look weak. OMG hasn't he watched and read about who's ever won elections? Always play dirty! Elections are all out war. The guy was LAZY and boring but at least he wasn't heating the planet to the doom of us all like the world's biggest emitter of global warming gasses, CO2bag Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. 

White dude plays racismball

Throwing around accusations is the game being played part of the time by Jazz Kyle Korver of some Utah basket ball fame. He claims all white people are responsible for the sins of their race. What a dumb fuck.

Putin is supporting a free internet after the EU took drastic measures to make it draconian

Liberal heads explode. Gawd awful messy.

US military listed for the first time ever by a foreign country as a terrorist group

This came immediately after Iran military was declared a terrorist group by the US. Reminds me of kids in school calling each other names.

Beto wants Iowa famers to capture carbon with butterfly nets

Liberal wack-a-mania climate change kookery is like watching butterflies with nets in hand swiping at the air trying to capture air. Anyone who believes carbon dioxide forms blankets of warmth is an idiot. Send me yours if you have any extra, capture them if you can, and let's give them to the homeless next winter.

Carbon mixed with oxygen never gets captured in the atmosphere, there is this principle of convection. Do you even know what convection is? It's air movement up down sideways from heating cooling.

From the ground up to the heavens we have atmosphere, it's always moving. Who sold you shit shit that air gets stuck there, certain types of air no less over others. Sleasy sales pitchers.

The atmosphere is air, moisture, filled with floating politicians and other hucksters trying to capture YOUR/MONEY with their schemes.

Plants suck up carbon dioxide then produce oxygen, it's proof liberals want to harm us, take away our oxygen by eliminating necessary life giving carbon dioxide. It's either that or they are stupid.

Nasa Moon rocket doomed

Sorry fans of fantasy, saw this coming, there won't be the money, it will be Trump's fault somehow, bla bla bla. Today it's not as easy to fool everyone as it was back when. In the photo below, notice the studio lights in the bubble helmets "on the moon" in the 1960s. Curved glass would reflect the sun as very small dots, not moving image making lighting.

Your taxes: Paying for illegal alien's Uber rides

As you send that check to the IRS this month, keep in mind some of that money you pay is helping illegal aliens get free rides. Border Patrol is so busy giving rides they can't even do their job anymore. Because we care!

Pete Buttigieg did not want to be gay

Wanted to be a politician so now he gives it to everyone up the ass. Butty-Gig, this cannot be real, has to be a setup. He's running for liberal president of USA. The guy is gay and talks about growing up and how he'd have taken a pill to be straight if it was available and how now his marriage to a man brings him closer to God. Since God is the closest thing to pure love, it's rather easy to understand why he would feel that way. Fundamentalist Breitbartsters though have a problem with that concept. One of the comments of many nasty ones was wondering what the Muslim in congress would say if asked how she felt about a gay guy being president of the USA since Muslims strict interpretation of Sharia Law means punishing them with death. Breitbartsters never mention that the strict interpretation of the old testament of the bible also has murder as punishment, not just for sex of sameness, for all sorts of things. Buttigieg flashed back to critics with a great line 'Your quarrel is with my creator'.

HIV, it's true because those profiting from it keep saying it's true

From gay rags to gay centers to pill pushers to government leaders and on and on, we all know it's true, the virus that cannot be found with normal blood testing protocols, the virus that's actually cell debris incapable of causing horrors, is real as every one that makes money from it tells us so.

God made Stadameve

Did not make Adam & Eve. Did not make Adam & Steve. God made Stadameve. It's the inclusion style of blending evolution and religion. Inclusionary tactics are everywhere now but they make as much sense as claiming that evolution is not what it's been said to be, it's become a blend into religion.

This takes us to how we got here. The inclusion of various groups now has forced women into men's sports. It's a religious fantasy like Noah building a big ship and putting 2 of every kind of Earth's species on it when that story was a parable.

Transgender inclusionim is like this, a fantasy, a storybook tale.

Evolution has created 2 very separate distinct human beings, one that can actually build a human being and one that can only give that process blueprints and a push but not do any of the actual building.

Actifems really need to get a grip on this inclusionary crap.

To force inclusion of what was born male into female sports is not balanced, it's rape.

T inclusionism is out of control into that wacky area now. Some in positions of decision making power are declaring inclusion as law in every area of life when that makes no sense as it merges what is very different, men and women.

Again, one builds human life, the other only gets the process started, nothing inclusionary can change that in any human or animal ever. Maybe if Martians come and zap us or something with the inclusionary gene but for now it's these wackos that are acting like some kind of space freakazoid civilization. It's like they are trying to make us into protozoas for the betterment of universekind.

At the same time we see sensitivity training, like in sensitive Austrailia which created "Gender In Air Operations" telling those dropping bombs on villages to be mindful of women, meaning they deserve to be treated differently.

Public shaming, the Jehovah's Witnesses have won

I remember thinking that their practices of shaming their church members for their sins in front of the entire congregation to be odd and creepy. I was so glad my family was not a JW. Now everyone on social medias has been converted. Meanwhile you thought Sharia law or borders was the problem.

To put into perspective the lunacy, today we watch them all point point fingers at huggy people as invading space and those hitting on someone as harassment when those same ideologies pushed huggyness, love, self confidence, and peace symbols for decades.

MySpace invaders

These people invaded my space for years with their forcing themselves on me with kisses, hugs, raping my private space. Now after 40 years one day I finally break, join the club, go and give a hug, and what do I get back, freak out, telling me IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII am the one that's doing something wrong, then it's plastered all over social media as someone had a camera, and it's this big fucking deal, because after all it gives these people the attention they crave, they feel like movie stars, famous dewpiestyes or something, but touch them now, make sure you get that in writing first.

Now being huggy is creepy

SNL did a spoof on Joe Biden's huggyness, the actor said he's behind the times. We were not as huggy in the 50's, by the 80's we were more huggy, liberals always told us that we need to hug more. Biden got it. Now it's wrong to be huggy because 7 women out of 700 million have a problem with being hugged? Stupid.

Abortionist feminist Jill Filipivic tells us that it's
exceptionally cruel to have death penalties


Billionaire capitalist lectures us that capitalism has to change, yea right

He made his money over 50 years investing in the stock markets. Stock often markets will take money from those who have little money to invest, and keep it for those who know how to play it. It's like poof goes the $10,000 the middle class guy tried to invest in Enron, or, watching it disappear into the accounts of those who knew when to sell, making that as another tidy profit to create billions. All it takes is a phone call to make that $10k or even just a button push these days.

So we are supposed to listen to this guy tell us how our capitalist society is bad when he's a billionaire because of other's losses, and gleefully for 50 years exploited it, and those who lost from it? First give away all your money. I don't buy it. I also don't buy it when these philantropists say they will give this if others also give the same amount.

Ray Dalio is the guy who has many thousands of million$ has presented yet another of many blabbering socialist approaches that call for so called change or end to capitalism that have been puked up repeatedly by many. It's on his linked in page pulse/why-how-capitalism-needs-reformed-parts-1-2-ray-dalio/ if you care to read it, it's a waste of time though.

I read it and I find it to be more liberal garbage. It's like written by a 5th grader or the RPFT. It doesn't present anything in any depth or experience. Filled with references. Has all these charts then claims we need schooling. That's where the money's going. Does he have family who are teachers? Nice way to get big tax breaks while helping family. This is what the rich do with their foundations, like Bill Gates, everything seems to be for more computer related things in his foundation, or vaccines which also rely on micro processing methods.

Thing that led me to this is headline telling us he's giving $100 million to the state of Connecticut. Gee what favors might he get out of that? Catch for the state is that they have to add another $100 million and other philanthropists have to come up with another $100 million.

So in all reality this may never happen. Meanwhile he get does media attention on his socialist agenda. He presents the terms micro finance and double bottom line investing. Those sound like more double speak to me.

Where's the P

Polysexuals not included. LGBTQ. Exclusive club that rants about includeivity.

Ancient Egypt

The reality TV show glorifies the mummies and pyramids. People in awe spend tens of thousand$ on expeditions. It's unknown where the calls are for reparations. Maybe lost in the tombs somewhere. Slaves made those pyramids. All descendents of the slaves should be reparated.

Outrageous Definition Syndrome

ODS has infected the mind, transgender advocates now claim more than 7,000 genders including agender, bigender, cgender fluid, gender notconforming, genderqueer, intersexualgender, twospiritgender, 5spiritgender, 7.24spiritgendertanspolysexual plus ciscogender and criscogender. How in the world did the world survive before definition mania syndrome?

RPFT changes her dialect per audience she is speaking to

Stated there's nothing wrong with having been a bartender. No of course not, but there is something wrong with being a fool who repeatedly claims they know things when they do not even understand the branches of government. All it takes is votes to get into office, not intelligence. Sleasy salesmen like here sell crap to people all the time in the world.  

Kamala was too busy running for prez to be in her home state to vote on wildfire funding

Well isn't that special. She's missed many Senate hearings on important issues. This woman is a loser.

Bozo says America is doomed if we don't regulate capitalism

Funny how Hollyweirdos are always saying hands off my movies, my expression, then they meddle in other's affairs. Even these delusionists in entertainment profit immensely by capitalism and art pieces they create.

What is she hiding?

When people are so attackative like this they are hiding something. So now that Trump has been exonerfied he's an expert criminal she says. After 2 point 5 years of attack calling him a collusionist with Russia which is not even criminal, after years of lame ass medias grabbing the public by it's private parts, leading them to the spin cycle of collusion, that's her way of hiding her massive mistake of attacks on Trump, or she's hiding something more, like something she's done that's criminal. Seems the only time she was happy with any president is when it was Negroid.

The Red Paint Face Thing wants all genders drafted to go to war

I think there's 5 genders now? Hey liberal feminists, you got what you demanded. She won't be going to war of course, she will stay at home raising her cell phone. I can't imagine anything else wanting to be around that thing by choice.

So when these drafted womeny can't make the cut because they are too weak, most will be relieved, then go back to civilian life and demand to be equal again, have equal pay even though their movie star competitor has 19 years more experience and is in more demand. Babble on RPFT. The draft for all genders will show that only the men can handle it. Women are weaker. It's biologically true. All societies have the men handle war. Talk to God about it.

Why stop with sex, draft is also ageist. Make the draft start the moment babies have their private parts hacked by doctors, this only happens to males not females, they are protected, boys are not.

Age should not matter any more than sex or how big one's mouth blabbers idiotic grunge poop.

Gillette razors now make me think of obesely obese tran sexuals

They presented another lame ass ad so now when I shave with their razors instead of picturing a handsome stud.  They have forever seared my consciousness offensively. Make that image go away. I see it every time I'm shopping in the razor isle now and whenever I think of shaving.

I will choose Dollar Shave Club or 99cent store razors as they don't grab my attention by their private parts.

Colonialism is offensive now to George Washington University students

The mascot is being renamed as they don't like colonialism. Please give these fuckhead self absorbed millenidiots a ticket to any other country they want to, revoke their citizenships. Colonial America made a foundation for everything they have. Prosperity that is unparalleled for so many people, food, resources, luxury, opportunity.

Michelle Williams whines that she was paid less than Mark Walberg

Who the fuck is Michelle Williams? Did she do a fantastic dance video in the 1980's? She was 6 years old when he was already a multi millionaire famous actor. She is 19 years younger than he is. What the fuck is wrong with her?

Red Paint Face jumps on reparations bandwagon

This woman is so fucking full of shit.

So let me see if I get this straight, not gay, I'm Negroid, from Africa, was not brought here on boats as a slave, we have to go back 9 generations for that, and after slavery ended, there was this thing called reparations where land was given to blacks, so they had farms, made money, had kids, went to free schools, and as time went on, passed it all down, and I get more?

Rather generous. I don't really need it.

So what about my white trailer trash neighbors who came from Germany, escaped Hitler, lost many relatives, children, parents, and don't have a dime to their name? That was only one generation ago. There are many other Caucazoids that went through hell and still live there, and Red Paint Face wants to give them nothing because of their race? Seems unfair to me.

Is Michael Jackson's family going to each get payouts? Beyonce?

Beyonce is a racist

In a board meeting with Reebok, asked if those there were who she'd be working with, looked around, said it was not diverse enough, not the skin color she wants. Walked out. Racist.


Make America Hate Again - I forgot how bad it is still in places, how nasty fundamentalist Christians treat us, how these people don't act Christ like who taught to love. Take for example Linda Harvey who hates the leather community invading her space. CLAW, Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend, has been publicized now in the conservative press like World Net Daily and a petition is out with calls for mayor to end it, telling followers to call the health department, on and on. Calls it depravity, yes it is duh, it's fun. I forgot how nasty these people can get. Sorry.

This is where liberals shine. Human rights.

Why is there no boycott of hospitals?

The thing laughs with Sandra Bullock over baby penis parts in face cream, it's all so funny to liberals, men's dicks cut off and processed into beauty cream.

Hahaha. It's not funny.

Why is this thing not standing up for dick heads which get the shaft as the skin is cut off leaving new born babies reeling and screaming in pain?

Here's how Dodocrats teach their goons to act instead of teaching them how to end homnotness

The older white male at 74 years of age that probably served in wars was at Starbucks and merely wanted to drink his fucking coffee, but no, the woman, who later identified herself as Rebecca Mankey, admitted in a lengthy Facebook post that she yelled at Victor and called for anyone who spotted the 74-year-old wearing the MAGA hat to please confront him. She called him a Nazi. Was screaming at him in the coffee house. She was fired.

We can directly attribute this to Maxine Waters, nuthead, representing a district in California who publicly goes on rants telling people who support Trump who she HATES to "get in their face". She HATES Trump. When are these people who are against HATE going to stop hating. She's now telling everyone that Trump conspires with the Kremlin after her call to impeach went dry with no collusion found after screaming collusion for 2 1/2 years. Imagine the good she could have done during that time had she used that energy to stop homnotness.

Congress priority: Renaming US Post Offices

This is stupid. Van Nuys Post Office becomes Marilyn Monroe Post Office? So I tell someone to go to the Marilyn Monroe Post Office and they think it's in Hollywood. This is all Congress gets done, piddly stupid worthless shit that makes our lives miserable. This was seen on the website:

Stop calling them Transgendered and Transsexuals

They are mostly Crossdressers. Or, add another T. LGBTTQQ. The QQ is Questioneers and Queers. ABDCJEFKQRTPLOXZLMNGSUVWYH.

They can fix computers but not people

Homenotness in San Francisco. Most are citizens of the USA. No one can fix the problem yet the residents there are all multi millionaires.

And these liberal cities that all face homenotness want to abolish the Electoral College so that they always get to pick who is President of the entire country based on popular vote. GMAFB. Fix your fucking problems first you filthy rich 30 year old dodocrats. Take 7 less AirBnB trips this year and buy this man a home.

Now the dodos preach hugging is WRONG/WRIGHT/OK/NOTOK

Schitzo liberals like hugging, but if it's an old white guy, a few of them freak out, claim invasion (funny they hate that term when it's used at the border) of space. Such is the case as they jumped on Joe Biden. People are getting wise to the drama. Even Fox News' Tucker offered an apology after realizing what he was doing as he too jumped on that wagon.

"The last thing this country needs is more aggrieved people who think they have been assaulted because a senior citizen hugged them wrong. And so we apologize for adding to that nonsense and anti-human hysteria."

Whether it be a senior, a teen, a millennial or a translogical, all this invade my space crap is stupid and selfish.

Ann Coulter lunatic schitzo disingenuous book seller self promoter

Went on a rant about legalizing marijuana. Says it causes schitzophrenia. She's the schitzo.

Sexual meddling

It's not Russia as we see after two years of constant lies, it the Democrats who love to meddle. Every little thing that they can they meddle in. This takes us to how they meddle in your he she ness with HR 5.

"Democrats' legislation would force all women to submit whenever men claimed the legal right to take women's places in sports and showers, in shelters, scholarships, and business set-asides; in culture, commerce, and language, such as in the use of male or female pronouns."

Tis all about that wacky transgender matter. I'm sorry, but if you claim you are something you are not, you are not equal to me or my wife or my hamster. If you claim you can change your gender multiple times throughout your life or week, we are not equal and you have a problem, or are on a power trip where you force others to submit to your whims which are not normal.

So while Democrat dodos want to lower voting age to 16 because most kids that age would vote Democrat, and they would not push for this if it were most kids that age voting Republican, thus showing their self centered disingenuity which is not equality, and Democrats want to abolish the Electoral Collage, going with a purely vote count direct to winner system which they claim is fair because it gives majority rule, which would mean that every election they would win presidency as inner cities that have little acreage have more people than country, THEY/THEN out of their ass saying that they want less than 1% of the population to be able to decide that they want to force themselves into women's locker rooms to shower even when they have a cock hanging down 10 inches.

Democrats are disgusting. They are the meddle party. They forced government to allow poisons to be marketed to my friends as a TREAT/MEANT. The AIDS poisons killed my friends.

As they lie about climate science telling everyone that there is consensus and that we must trust science they then shun science that states repeatedly the fact that men and women are different as they PUT/FORTH their HR 124 transgendered new years resolution.

And while Democrats wast our time as they divert attention on trivial matters claiming that we need to accept how others dress themselves outwardly with clothes and private parts, and demand Trump's tax returns as if it's a matter of national security, they refuse to provide records showing all the details of the stocks they bought on insider trading, a practice that has gone on in congress for decades.


Gay Female Gay Bi Trans Qwerty. Why don't we just call them gaysexuals? Better yet, Gay. Gee imagine that, one word for all of it.

The adding of sub categories has gotten so out of millennial hand. It was always just gay. Then it became Lesbian Gay, why I don't know as gay is inclusive, Lesbian is exclusive. Then they came up with an acronym like we need more stupid acronyms then they added more letters to that acronym and added more after that. There's no consistency either as sometimes it's got an X or a I or other letters for whatever category that is. If being gay is about inclusion then why keep excluding yourselves?

CO2 in your soda pop

Let me know when the climate kooks like Red Paint Face in congress give up their bubbly water and sodas which expel carbon dioxide as they chant the need to do what they tell you to do to save the universe like in the cartoons they grew up with.

These fools do not even understand the basics of science, like that process of glycolisis which occurs everywhere, expelling carbon dioxide more than cow farts:

"The elucidation of fructose 1,6-bisphosphate was accomplished by measuring CO2 levels when yeast juice was incubated with glucose. CO2 production increased rapidly then slowed down. Harden and Young noted that this process would restart if an inorganic phosphate (Pi) was added to the mixture. Harden and Young deduced that this process produced organic phosphate esters, and further experiments allowed them to extract fructose diphosphate (F-1,6-DP)."

If you still believe carbon dioxide is forming a blanket in the sky, please send me one so I can donate it to a homeless carbon blanketless person.

Gay squirrel

The internet is facinated, it always is with things it doesn't see much of, this time it's a colored squirrel.

Thing is, this image is not natural, look at the bright greens, that's not real. The 2nd image is more like how it looks in real life.

Red Paint Face hit with yet another charge of improper campaign finance

"Exclusively to Fox News in advance of its filing Wednesday, accused Ocasio-Cortez and her campaign manager, Saikat Chakrabarti, of overseeing a 'shadowy web' of political action committees (PACs) that allowed them to raise more cash than they could have legally. It also alleged that a limited liability company (LLC) was created to avoid federal expenditure requirements by offering Ocasio-Cortez and other Democratic candidates political consulting services at a price so low that the company apparently shut down before the election was even over. The complaint named Ocasio-Cortez, Chakrabarti (now her chief of staff), the Justice Democrats PAC, the Brand New Congress PAC and Brand New Congress LLC as the overlapping entities that aimed to 'subsidize cheap assistance for Ocasio-Cortez and other candidates at rates far below market value.'"

Basically she won illegally. Big surprise. She's a con, a stupid full of herself lying fast talking idiot. This is a thing that tells you that the world will END soon if we don't ban fossil fuels while she uses fossils on her face that costs $22 a stick, it wears nylon and polyester which is made from fossils, why is the thing not wearing 100% renewable cotton made by hand?

Dropping labels

Ariana Grande refuses to label her sexuality. It's no body's business. Stick your nose up your own sexuality.

Illinois is forcing corporate boards to have one female and one black as Chicago just got itself a black gay mayor

What about Chinese? What about Indian?

This law is doomed.

All you need is one white man who identifies as a woman and one who identifies as an African American. They don't even need to change anything about themselves, as long as they play the stupid identity games that the libridiots have set up.

So they can still have all white men on boards by outward appearances, but inside one of the men they are a woman, and inside another one of the men they are black. To not allow this would be bigoted though the law is bigoted already.

Forcing others to do with their bodies what you want

Who could be for that? Vaccine pushers want to force you to force your children to be forced to have magic potions shot inside through needles.

Others want to force women to force that child they want aborted out the womb into the world. Some women say it's wrong to tell anyone what they have to do with their bodies.

Others say they were born vaccinated with antibodies.

Gillebrand claims she wants "one person one vote"

The way this presidential candidate for 2020 proposes to do that is GROTEC.

In Getting Rid Of The Electoral College then who ever wins the popular vote is the winner. Democrats are still upset, they did not win presidency so they use this lie.

Gillebrand is a US senator.

She represents many thousands of people who do not end up voting on many issues. She needs to if she believes in one person one vote, to resign her seat as that is what every senator does, they vote for many people just like Electoral College does.

Thing is these ploys are con games. She has no intention of making one person one vote as for every issue that came to a vote where she votes for her district as she chooses as then she'd have to allow all persons to vote on each issue instead.

Democrats are such liars. It's just a tactic, a sleasy deceitful tactic. Each of these senators that call for this, and other presidential candidates that call for it, will not also call for the end of that same "electoral college" type system they impose when they as one person vote for many others.

Hannity and some conservatives compare Biden touching and kissing to Kavanaugh rape allegations as if it's similar

Hannity has a loud voice on this raging on about liberals not holding Biden "to the Kavanaugh standard". It's another con game. Biden has not been accused of rape. They are completely different matters. Biden's touchy feely smelly actions are often welcomed.

On illegal immigration liberals are opportunists not humanitarians

They want illegals to fill up their homes they own, they charge higher rents that way. They paint themselves as saviors. Reminds me of annoying ads for donations for hospitals that pay their doctors super high wages.

Blue slip blues and con games by Feinstein

Since 1989 judicial appointees not had blue slips. Democrats are whining about it now making it appear as though it's Trump's fault, everything is Trump's fault. Trump's appointing some conservatives to overly liberal San Francisco 9th circuit. Hooray! 78% of their rulings have been overturned by SCOTUS. Time for balance.

Weapon bans do not stop homicides

The liberal retard maniacs will insist bans work anyway as they try to massacre 2nd amendment guaranteeing right to own guns, celebrate bans, then are no where to be found when bans are overturned like in California that now freely is forced to allow sales of magazines once again.

"Laws regulating the sale of assault weapons are unlikely to have a large impact on homicide rates, because these weapons are used in only a very small proportion of homicides. The vast majority of firearm homicides in the United States are committed with handguns."

The study, The Impact of State Firearm Laws on Homicide and Suicide Deaths in the USA, 1991–2016: a Panel Study, isolated four states to study ten different types of gun control to see if certain gun controls were successful in reducing homicide and/or suicide rates. Via their research, they discovered that "high-capacity" magazine and "assault weapons" bans do not lower homicide rates.

Gender wackamania XX said it was a YY and 2 said it was 7

Magazine comes out with video to brainwash teens into believing that they are genderless, “Gender is about your identity, your expression, and it’s often based on ideas about sex. Who you are is who you say you are.”

Ok, I am a rock. Do not treat me like dirt because I am a rock. Rocks are not fluid and thus they are not gender fluid. As a rock I am a man. Treat me like a man, not who I say I am.

Gender identity wackism is the stupidest thing.

Red Paint Face has no problem paying her employees with your money

The preacher new thing in congress talks down to everyone on her high unicorn about living wages. After balking at a $7 croissant at the airport, claims she gives all her employees a minimum $15/hr. to be fair.

"Leadership starts with our choices. That's why I decided that no one on my staff will make less than $52k/year," she wrote. "It's likely one of the highest entry-level salaries on the Hill. We pinch pennies elsewhere, but it's worth every dime to pay a living wage."

She's paying them with your tax dollars. She's cut her senior staffers wages to be fair. She's paying almost double what most staffers get paid using your money.

Every member of Congress receives a Members' Representational Allowance, or MRA, which includes roughly $1 million per year for personnel. It's up to members of Congress to decide how to split up that money among their staffers.

It will be interesting to hear what she has to do without in order to accomplish this. Maybe start going to food banks for free croissants.

No concern for Male Genital Mutilation

Slavery? I thought President Lincoln handled that by with the Civil War he declared on US citizens killing 625,000 men and as a sign of disrespect of the horrors of war and death modern day slaves of social media keep tearing down statues of remembrance of that dark time where peaceful negotiations would have occured had .

The porch is round, Earth is flat

As you can see in this image the FISH/EYE lens makes the straight posts gay.

This is why the photos of Earth from our satellites make it look round. Look at the ones furthest away from the camera, round like Earth but they are really straight not gay. This image clearly shows that homes and porches and neighborhoods are round, as similarly seen in images of the "round" Earth. Satellites are not that far away from Earth. Yes imgay believe in satellites but not manned space stations, those are fake.

Also notice how this shows a black area on the outside of the round center lens. This is why Earth looks round, it's a camera trick. Now be sure to send NASA more money for more cameras so they can pretend they take photos of round balls in space, and have them take some of these gay posts to build a porch on the Moon, a place we still have yet to land. I read that they are using your taxes to build model homes on Mars already, I mean on Earth, but ones you can see and visit that they claim will be on Mars someday. Meanwhile the homeless are left alone on Earth with no homes provided by NASA and we call ourselves great. 

Sex and GI are not the same thing

The distortionists want us to believe that a boy who claims he is a girl is the same thing as sex. It is not the same at all. Gender Identity is a mental thing. If a human is born with a dick it does not make eggs any more than a cock makes eggs. Hens make eggs no matter how much they may feel like a cock.

Here is a good explanation as to why

"If our government is powerful enough to command innocent school children to disrobe in the presence of opposite-sex classmates, then there will be little it will not be powerful enough to do. The restroom policy and locker room agreements thus threaten our very liberty to live our lives in accordance with the most basic expectations of common decency, dignity, and privacy in our bodies." - ADF

Assembly Sean Ryan hates religious chicken

Pulled plans for Chik-Fil-A to be installed in Buffalo International Airport. This is illegal.

The company responded: "Recent coverage about Chick-fil-A continues to drive an inaccurate narrative about our brand. We do not have a political or social agenda or discriminate against any group. More than 145,000 people from different backgrounds and beliefs represent the Chick-fil-A brand," a spokesperson told WKBW. "We embrace all people, regardless of religion, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity."

Why can't gay politicians and activists understand this? Show me where they discriminate against gays, they don't hire them when they are married to their same sex partner? No that can't be it because they don't do that. What gays got wrong like with HIV/LIES is they misunderstand that donating to a religious group that does many things which happened to be a religion that saw gay marriage as wrong is not the same thing as being a company that takes a position against gay marriage. CFA does not take any such position. Why are these people so stupid they can't understand that? They keep claiming that CFA has attitudes against gays and QWERTY's when it's the other way around.

So if you are planning a trip to Buffalo, consider my suggestion, fly to Toronto instead. You will love that city! Then drive to Buffalo and visit Niagara Falls from the Canadian side which is more beautiful than on the American side.

What makes us safe in America

Let's ask a DODOCRAT/BETO. His sales pitch said this "We are safe not despite the fact that we are a city of immigrants and asylum seekers. We are safe because we are a city of immigrants and asylum seekers."

So he is saying that without immigrants and AS we are not safe.

This guy is a proven dodo, liar, con man politician. Not good for the country.

Now equality means keeping someone gay for ever

Human Rights Campaign is happy that they got Google to remove an application that helped gays that wanted to be straight convert. You see HRC does not want anyone who is gay to not be gay because that would squash the "born that way" mantra which has been used excessively for decades now to influence equal rights protections for all sexual behavior. The sign of a cult is obvious when they don't act logically. They claim human rights, what more basic human right is there than to offer something up to someone that wants it. I'm gay, if I want to be straight and have kids who the fuck are they to go collect 142,000 signatures and persuade a company to remove something I want. They claim it's dangerous! Really now, it's dangerous to want to be straight? It's dangerous to have an application that helps someone explore a different sexual expression? If that is true then it's also dangerous for a straight to want to be gay. See, that makes no sense either but that's what their actions are presenting. It's another cult. It's not about equality. Equal treatment would mean allowing all to treat sexuality among consenting adults as they chose. Nope, they want to be in control of you. Sign of cult.

Celebrating Stonewall

The Green New Flying Cars That Run On Carrots Deal

Liberal retards, no, sleazy hucksters that include the lying scum bubble bobble head fossil fuel based red lip pained loons are still pushing their climate change garbage pile even after not a single one of them voted on their own new deal. To not vote on the very thing you proposed shows exactly how they are liars.

Harass The Homeless app buttons

Police department for Palm Springs has a button to report homeless as if it's a crime. They are one of those cities that HATE homeless, adding to their plight by not allowing humans without homes to sit on a sidewalk. Bring your lawn chairs and proof you have a home when you visit any of their lovely sidewalks there. While they don't require illegal aliens to prove they are residents as Palm Springs is a sanctuary city they will require you not sit down.

Women are abusing men big time

Because of the screwu2 movement, kissing, smelling hair, creepy behavior, as Joe Biden is now accused of is prompting women to hire high priced attorneys because they see they can hit the jackpot.

Notice how women are calling "old men" creepy and making money at it

This is ageism and sexism. The actions are exactly the same as those young handsome men they are attracted to where they do not call it creepy, rather spread their wings and fly. So it's not the action that is the problem, it's the unwantedness. There's a lot of unwantedness in the world. Get over it. I find it offensive that people write stories calling "old white man" Biden creepy. It's racist, ageist, sexist.

George Coukey calls for a boycott of a filthy rich dude's hotel chain that includes the Beverly Hills Hotel

Another dodohead liberal maniac is babbleing something about equality and gays. Basically these celebrities do this shit for attention or they are stupid. It does nothing. The owner is a billionaire. So what are we going to boycott Saudi oil because we do not approve of their national religion which is anti-gay? How is it that we get to impose western culture on ancient culture? Fuck him. I will boycott his films. That will teach him a lesson. Can't stand him anyway. Pompous ass. Thing is people boycott his films all the time. Boycotts do not work except in very rare cases. Oh now John Elton hopped on that bandwagon. He's the dude that sings songs and is knighted or dayed or something, and bandwagoneered my friends to their deaths as he pushed HIV/POISON.

California magazine ban ruled unconstitutional

The California governing representative Nazi's who are hell bent against the little people owning guns to protect themselves in a world where police can never respond within seconds had their hysterical response high capacity magazine ban in place, set to take effect, then the judge said it didn't even pass the sniff test. What part of "shall not abridge" do liberal gun grabbers not understand? Why do people keep acting like Nazis while they say they hate Nazis?

Certainsexuals flags displayed in halls of Congress and outside official government offices

This time it's the "transexual flag" is honorably displayed outside Democrat dodo's offices. So now we have compulsive self mutilation represented next to Prisoners of War, correction, they removed the POW flags replacing with these T flags. So we could say the transexuals are prisoners of war in their mixed up gender minds.

White House was turned rainbow after gay marriage passed another offensive slap. It's sick.

I dont' want sexual behavior of any kind plastered next to flags where men died in wars to keep everyone safe form Hitlers of the world that would have taken over the US and massacred every single entire Indian tribe and worse.

It's disgusting to see hackoffbodypartsexuals flags next to flags that truly mean something. They are offensive, and of course not one of thesesexuals care who it offends while they flip out that a chicken fast food outlet comes to an airport.

When did wackedsexuals get these special accommodations to display sexual things in our faces? I find it disgusting. Where is the straight flag? I want a straight flag outside my Republican's office. Do that and guess what happens, all the othersexuals flip the fuck out which proves they have a mental problem. I want my senator and house representative to display the Christian flag which represents another person who died for our lives, a man who wasn't shoving sexual behavior patterns down our throats. Most people don't really care if men want to cut off their dicks and "become a woman" they as human beings are most often accepted and they want all people  to be able to live their lives in peace, but to place flags that represent the distortions of bodies based on mental conditions is wrong and offensive to basic sensabilities.

Eric Holder should be sent to Ethiopia

Says America was never great. He is either stupid, ignorant, or full of shit. If he spends a year in Ethiopia living as a peasant as they do then comes back, let's see how he feels about America supposedly never having been great. What is wrong with people? Spoiled brats and whiners are now everywhere. I praise God that he is no longer what ever the fuck he was.

Throwing money at special olympics is special

Because of HATE the demododos forced the matter. Here we had Betsy DeVoss logically going through the books, finds that special olympics gets millions in grant money that they don't need from taxpayers as they get tons of it on their own fundraising efforts. People support it constantly but no, liberals had to make it an issue, so instead of money going to homeless veterans, homeless citizens, etc. who desperately need it, or just simply looking for more ways to cut the trillions in debt, Demododobirds had to have any reason they could find to blast Betsy DeVoss to puff themselves up. They are the party of FAKE/FLUFF.


I started with one, now I have 12 identities and must be protected by law in expressing them as I feel if I am going to be forced by law to respect the various identities of those who are born one way and later feel like they are a different gender. I was born with an identity then realized that was not who I was and adopted the identity of how I felt then later I felt I should not have to give up the identity born with and 5 other identities formed, then more later and I realized one day that I am varidentity. All varidentitials need protection. It's a matter of free expression. Please add an I to your LBTGQ.

LGBTQRSUV community is religiousist

Those who preach tolerance are least tolerant. It is illegal 2 discriminate based on religion yet the LBTG community keeps doing that very thing. San Antonio's gay mayor banned Chik-Fil-A from arriving on schedule to their airport. The city is violating their religious freedoms. It's unconstitutional to ban it for the reasons they claim because Chik-Fil-A has never stuck their nose up any fag butt, they have never demanded the practice be illegal, they have never run gays out of town, they have never refused service to anyone based on their sexuality, all they ever did was speak their mind when there was a debate, that gay marriage was not Godly. The ownerd did, with their own money not the company money. They lost their case so get the fuck over it already. You won. It's become a thing now of hate. That is not balanced. They hire gays all the time. They even stopped donating to organanizations that were against gay marriage. The fucking war is over and you want the enemy to be banished. It's supid. This is why I NEVER DONATATE MY MILLIONS TO ANY GAY RIGHTS GROUPS.

Black Press Only

They judged by race who could enter. It was a meeting regarding how to get the Negroid Stacy somethingorother in Georgia elected as King of the Country. Someone please mention to them this is illegal, it's not even separate but equal, it's entirely racist, which is what blacks fought against and now is in vogue for some odd reason.

Janet Napoleon is another liberal idiot

Says climate is a threat, immigrants R not, while deeming US citizens a threat. When this scum was in power she put this guy Ken O'Keefe on no fly list because he was very vocally criticizing her and Obama and was deemed a threat. Woman is clueless on priorities. Out of control imbalance of power in those days. Thank God she is outta there. Take back her pension.

Democrats won't vote for their Green Deal

Not a single one of them voted FOR the deal to SAVE/WRECK the planet. They go on TV and social media and Chicken Little everyone on how we need it and "we need it now" and won't vote for it and lie more and call it a stunt by the Republican party. Once again they are caught in their sleazy acts, it proves they are liars. I am totally sick of the Democrat party. Go Trump.

watch for yourself

Another liberal idiot calls for making a normal person's life hell

Cute as can be hunter from Mississippi is being targeted by Keith Oberman, loser, for having killed a turkey. Now the kid gets all sorts of nasty hate sent to him by liberal retards.

Keith wants his cult to make the cute hunter's life a living hell because he killed a turkey.

This dopehead liberal is very sick and should be banned from Earth or at least sued into oblivion.

H.R. 5 and S. 788

Once again gays and Nancy Poo are hell bent on deceiving the public for their personal group gain. Not happy with the cake baker fiasco outcome where gays cannot militantly force an artist to express himself in the way that the gay couple demands, they are now going for the jugglar. They want to take a deep cut into the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Hitler would be proud. He would enjoy watching it bleed.

As they deceitfully once again call it about equality, it's not that at all, it's about suppression and neutering one's ability to express themselves as they choose without interference. It imposes demands of inclusion for those of religious faiths for many services.

"This bill amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by striking the word 'sex,' and inserting 'sex, sexual orientation, gender identity' as protected classes throughout the federal code. This amendment applies to employment, housing, rental, public accommodation and more."

So the Muslim or Catholic church that forbids gay marriage would be forced to include it.

The QWERTY community loves this! They don't care about imposing their values on others. They are self centered hedonists.

Buttttt, be careful, double edge swords should not be used to decorate cakes.

This really will be struck down though as it conflicts with religious rights. You cannot go into religious places and demand they accept your lifestyle. Doesn't work that way. The gay cake baker also cannot be forced to decorate a cake that says 'fuck gays' regardless how true it is that gays like to be fucked.

Russia Collusion did affect US elections

Actually Russia would have rather had pansy ass Hillary as President, like duh.

The claim that Russia preferred Trump, a strong leader that knows how to put other world leaders in their place, and thus shoved the election their way, is absurd, but idiots that love Rachel Maddow have been swimming with these jellyfish for 2 years now. Their minds now are jelly as there was no collusion.


The claim of it and endless media coverage of obvious lies by slick hucksters like Rachel Maddow who's entire paycheck is hinged on grabbing you by your private attention parts got Democrats to tip the scale in the House with representatives in places like Orange County which were always Republican. They are all mostly cons floating in the sky with their jellyfish on their air blankets keeping everyone warm in the winter.

I can't stand that what ever it is, pick your pronoun, he, she, thing, whatever.


Vaccination Nazi States of America

NY county declares measles emergency. Bans anyone under 18 not vaccinated from being in public.

Hitler would be proud.

Children's Health Defense states: "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC's) childhood vaccine schedule currently requires almost six dozen doses of sixteen vaccines by age 18 - and counting. In their fixation to scapegoat and corral unvaccinated individuals, the CDC, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Fauci's own NIAID are displaying a dangerous indifference to vaccination's unintended consequences."

6 x 12 = 72

Cannot go to church, food store, drive on public roads or walk sidewalks without proof of vaccination.

Nazis rule.

Fauci is a perpetrator of the Holocaust In Virology.

Trump help us.


NASA cancels first female space walk due to space suit shortage. WHO/HERE thinks any of this is real?


What do non-experts know?

As a non-expert like many other non-experts in the state of California, we knew that there was no way a high speed train would ever be built from San Diego to Los Angeles to San Francisco. Experts all said it could be done so were the claims. They all had their hands in the pot of money. Finally it hit the wall. Governor Gavin Newsom said that the HSR Project would take too long to build and that there "simply isn't a path to get from Sacramento to San Diego."

I an no expert in infrastructure but it was obvious in having lived in California all my life that acquiring all the land necessary would be impossible, not improbable, impossible. I told everyone it would never be built. Many of those people were climate fools, alarmists on environment, and liberal politicians, all jazzed about the train to nowhere they promised would come. They all watch too many movies and too much TV.

As a non-expert in medical science I also figured out long ago when the entire HIV/AIDS mess started that there would never be a vaccine and that that basically everything being thrown at the public was a lie. There is no such thing as a killer virus that cannot attach itself to mosquitoes or the air and be transmitted only by dickheads.

I watched my friends die in a panic as they consumed the medical industry's poisons deemed the only thing they had to fight it, problem is that "it" was a Hodge podge of Horrifically Incorrect Virology.

So today it's a pleasure to read that some in California are coming to their senses, and repurposing those funds that are left into water management or is this another scam? Water managemen sounds great but that could mean replacing things that don't need to be replaced.


Eat at Joe's Chik-Fil-A

I'm gay and I am not filled with hate for Chik-Fil-A. I am Christian. I have been taught to forgive sins. I don't see that company as being harsh to gays. They just supported what they thought was right. I did not support gay marriage at first even now I am thrilled. Gay marriage won in Supreme Court. How can anyone be so intolerant of fantastic chicken? Chik-Fil-A hires gay employees all the time. Why are these Chik-Fil-A haters still at war? It makes as much sense as battling cellular debris by using drugs which is like washing your car by throwing pills at it, use a gay rag instead.




100% false

The child is supposed to be vaccinated so the authorities say and now the police states are making it law "to protect everyone". The claim is that 100% of the population has to be vaccinated to stop the spread. This is absurd.

Let's look at this matter using very simple logic.

One parent is hell bent on obeying the law and vaccinating all 3.5 kids. One other parent does not vaccinate it's 2.36 kids.

The vaccinated are protected so they have no reason to force others to join their party or demand their politicians force vaccination on others.

Why on Earth would the parent that has vaccinated her kids be afraid of kids that are not vaccinated?

Why would government be concerned about outbreaks that are so rare not even .001% of the population is affected when 98% of the public is vaccinated already?

Makes no sense. If your kid is vaccinated there's no problem. They are immune, other kids cannot possibly spread it to yours.

It's got to be about money.  What else could it be? They can't be stupid. No politician is stupid. No parent is stupid. No doctor recommending it is stupid.

Maybe it's a power trip? No politician does that. Maybe it's power + money. No that never happens.


Smells like money

Get tested for money.


Christopher Columbus gives back his discovery channel

Maine thinks Columbus was a criminal. If they are right, that means all the things we were taught as absolute fact in school as kids deserves another look. We were taught certain things about viruses as having criminal intent and certain ones can't be thrown in the air. Hmm. They are looked at in electron microscopes. Hmm. Why is it then that the world's smartest interpreter of what's "seen" under these things says all HIV turned out to be is cellular debris? Seems Maine should also be calling those who deem HIV as something more sinister than cellular debris as the criminals and rename World AIDS Day as Indigenous Antibody Day. I watched my friends die as they one by one drank the poison presented them by the medical and political cult of the time because of a misinterpretation of the facts. Those who did not drink the poison are alive nearing 100. They relied on Indigenous Antibodies.


Syndromes are not curable nor are viruses

Only diseases are curable, thus, the correct claim that AIDS cannot be cured because it's a broad category of any one or more different diseases. You also cannot cure HIV as it is a particle of cellular debris and never leaves your body because your body never welcomed it, only your mind did. Testing merely finds random antibodies.


Andrew Yang is a Democrat presidential candidate. He is against circumcision. Bravo for him but let's call it what it is - Male Genital Mutilation or "hacking off part of babies dicks" rather than this cutsey term circumcision that makes us think of astronauts circling the planet or explorers sailing around the circumference of the globe. While the American Academy of Pediatrics says that Male Genital Mutilation reduces what amounts to infecting the mind with viruses that do not exist, rather are cellular debris that like looking at other illusions do no real harm, we as intact human body activists are calling for reparations for all foreskinless cock owners that by no choice of their own they were made into slaves of the medical profession used for profit an industry that routinely enjoys legal protections to hack off part of babies dicks whereas such hacking is forbidden with severe penalties when it's unequally applied to those with vaginas. Cutting off the babies foreskin has interfered with guaranteed free expression rights for every male in the United States for over 200 years. Time to FORBID this practice and pay restitution to all foreskinless cock owners and their descendants.