; - i M G A Y . c o m   P O X resource page more or less fun-stuff Soooooo you say you want "The Special"? Verrrry cool! I know you will love it! THE DICK SHOW ep. 385 "Dick on Adam22's birthday party" get your dick out of your ear and hear this dick's laughter is CONTAGIOUS and his screams are like the soothing sound of ocean waves CRASHING on rocks without silicone tire shine poison pox making poison slathered all over that dick. This was a great episode especially all the talk and banter about sea men

"Gay with the spirit of adventure we, we left Lone Pine and crosses Panamint Valley into the deserted town of Skidoo" which once had 23 gold mines. Excerpt from article about Death Valley it says can reach 150 degrees "Thru Death Valley with von Stroheim" from Motion Picture Magazine January 1925 up for bid on eBay.

ARE/YOU interested in protecting children and especially protecting your future self if reincarnation is real then side with Eric Clopper in this life to restore equality to baby men so they don't have their dick lips chopped the fuck off any more in the Sick & Med I Cult States of America (S&MICSA) as 119 baby men die, dead, gone forever, from the Medi Cult ritual cutting sexual abuse of boys each year mentions Joe Rogan who calls out the disgusting circumcision performed for profit and the US congress does nothing to stop it. How many baby men die in coutries where they don't cut the fuck off part of the baby man's dick? ZERO. Watch Rogan's face as you can see how horrified he is about it as it appears he's also feeling how he was abused and how it ripped away full sexual expression from his life BY DISGUSTING SICK MONSTERS IN THE MEDI CULT and it's 1,100,000 million dick amputation procedures each year in the Circumcised States of America. Imagine a puppy that had part of his dick cut off at birth and the other puppy in the litter left intact, what the fuck do you think that does to the cut puppy, IT'S FUCKING ABUSE AND TORTURE.

We live in a world FREE OF VIRUSES how can that be I saw them on TV?
image to the left is snapshot of the world through the "in silico" lens of computer imagery in other words it's more NASA fakery showing models of IMAGINED space like they do with "viruses" even Google's AI is smart enough to notice the pictures from the moon are fake we were never there it's all fake bullshit and virology is pseudo science

The world as imagined here in this pFoto is also what is called ERRth on the planet or plane we live on. As per Wikipedia's official definition of the word "world"which never ERRs, the world is the universe. So just when all your life you thought the "world" was a round ball and that viruses were a round like the CORONA of the Sun virus we now have to ask "How can one of the dots seen here be THE/SAME as thing as this entire image and beyond it as this image is only a tiny sliver of what is the entire WORLD?" To start figuring this out, notice the modern Med I Sin Cult (MISC) is run by animal and child abusers and big fat liar$ everywhere. Prove to me they are not. Prove to me they don't routinely and purposely torture and kill animals and bill you for it. Prove to me they don't cut off the natural protection of a baby man's private part forever changing it's full sexual function after hacking off the foreskin in the bloody ritual that seems to have has deep roots in religious sacrifice. For the baby man's entire life the head of the cock then rubs on diapers, pajamas, pants thus constantly irritating and desensitizing the normally very sensitive tip. That hoodie FORESKIN that as an adult is as large as the man's palm was put there for many reasons and should never be removed. The physical change is like cutting off a babies lips which I first heard presented by Eric Clopper who performed at Harvard University on stage his one man play "Sex & Circumcision An American Love Story" where we are shown what a Male Intact Sex Organ (MISO) looks like and what an Amputated Foreskin Of A Male Phallus (AFOAM) looks like where about 67% of rthe skin on the shaft is removed for no valid reason that any sane person would approve of. Certainly no doctor would ever do such cutting off of the male phallus lips, even the psychopaths in MISC would not do this as it becomes very obvious how hideous it is to remove body parts we are born with such as being born with INTACT lips, arms, phallus and all of it's skin. It would be like they would justify it by saying to the parents "Oh it won't change kissing much" when it would change their entire lives drastically. If God exists he made foreskin for that reason, protection but God screwed up a bit if he exists as he didn't provide enough to protect innocent children from these child abusers who did it to MILLIONS and keep doing it under the guise of "protection" and "prevention" and for cosmetic reasons which makes little sense as the natural phallus is most beautiful as it is, left WHOLE and intact. How dare they cut off 66.6% of the baby man's dick and say that having 33.4% of it is better. They call this ongoing state sanctioned sexual abuse of the child "circumcision" when it is actually amputation torture and destroy's the adult's sexual experience for his entire life. They strap the child down to a table then cut. How dare anyone do this to anyone, it's sadistic ritual abuse. What kind of thinking is that to cut the fuck off part of what a man thinks with most, his dick. It's lobotomy. Barbarians didn't even do this to anyone. The Church of Satan doesn't call for such horrors. What kind of WORLD are they living in? Eric also spoke RECENTLY with Luke Storey presented here. Interesting how he mentions he's Jewish and reflects on difficulties of his culture (being through a holocaust) and comments how people in society can "trigger" a reaction for people who are Jewish, so consider this my friends, here we have people who have suffered holocaust who are constantly creating holocaust to foreskins thus adding more trauma? OMG this has got to stop. If anyone should see this it's anyone who's been through such traumas yet it's religious dogma roots are strong and powerful and the difficulty it is for any man to realize what was done to him as a baby that too is traumatic and extremely difficult to accept and deal with when realizing just how horrific this holocaust is and still being done on baby men every day! Where are all the TV personalities crying out for this to end? Where are their $uppo$ed nobel and caring endeavor$ on thi$. What we hear instead is Oprah and Sandra Bullock plasters foreskin facecream, a very expensive product, on themselves to "look pretty" and Ellen and her audience laughing about it. "The first sexual experience by many men is marred by sexual violence" mentions Eric in the discussion with Luke. It's done by doc tors in Med I Sin Cutting (MISC) which is bloody torture to the baby man. His Jewish family no longer allows this to be done to their precious sons since he spoke publicly on this in 2018 at Harvard. Listen to when he presents the wacked ideas of the inventor of the "Graham cracker" and the inventor of "Kellog's corn flakes" who supported circumcision to associate pain with masturbation as a method of control. "American physicians adopted circumcision to damage our sexuality". Circumcision is DESIGNED to damage man. Humanity has known of the claim of the reason for circumcision is to "check a man's pride" since the year 30.

Think your bed with covers and without covers, in winter, then tell me that amputating your bed covers doesn't make any difference. Then try making up for the loss of that cover by using a "carbon blanket" which does not exist any more than that lost foreskin.

Eric covers the junk science claim of circumcision prevents HI virus "infection", note the "study" relies on "relative risk reduction" which if you look at the junk science used in "safe and effective" corona vaccine you see it's not ABSOLUTE risk reduction where instead of that 95% it goes down to ZERO.

They NEVER proved the existence of "HIV" so that alone makes the science JUNK!!!

Prophylactic amputation of a body part is usless for the individual but winfall for many industries that sell lube ONE OF WHICH is silicone tire shine and then they blame "a virus" for pox when dudes slather this impossible to remove chemical that can break through weaker skin tissue and thus poison delicate membranes. Like duh helloooo.

German pediatric association and Europe and Australia say there is no reason to amputate a functional body part. Germany is where Dr. Stefan Lanka proved in the German Supreme Court unequivocally in the final court case after the appeal of his first case that VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST. Not maybe they don't exist, not maybe we are not seeing them fully but they are there, no, he proved VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST, not the measles virus, not rabies, not the fake ass lie of HI viruses, no virus that is described as "dangerous" and "causes illness" NONE, ZERO, NADA, the whole industry is based on lies. 

IT'S A MEDI CULT PRACTICE to cut off body parts that make a male less sexually functional as born.

It SERIOUSLY VERY SERIOUSLY Violates fundamental human rights and United States Unending Circumcised Korruption (USUCK) congress does nothing to stop it because they are mostly all deluded by their religious doctrines that state to be redeemed you must practice this horrible cutting ritual, it's right there in their sick bibles. Not even The Satanic Church preaches this crap nor did the Barbarians do this.

It' ruins sexual function for life. Young men and adults never know ever what it's like to have full sexual experience. They can get an idea if they talk at length with a man who has an intact not chopped off dick, and then cry all night about what was done to them.


Sexually violent idealogues keep peddling their lies.

The medical liability is in the billions of trillions of dollars.

They make billions of dollars HARVESTING GENITAL foreskins mostly done only in the United Circumcised MISC States of America.

Other countries would never do such holocausts on foreskin and the denialists are everywhere.

It's winter, it's cold outside, I wore a hoodie. The Med I Sin Cult (MISC) doctor did not like it, claimed I didn't need to wear it for protection, cut if off, I caught a cold, he then blamed a virus, tole me it's a new improved novel (fake) virus, said I needed the new CoViD-666 shot for protection.


Doctor Tom Cowan thoroughly explains why we already live in a world FREE FROM VIRUSES. To fake prove "viruses exist" the MISC suck the blood out of the unborn calf's beating heart and use that in making their bizarre MISC brews with monkey parts all ground up into a slimy mess they call "cell cultures" as a way to "find" viruses which they never actually do. They wave their magic wands, fast talk, and say they "discovered a virus". It's all lies. This is a sick industry and should be cut off from all funding like cutting off a rotting branch of a tree. Their wacky endeavor$ know$ no bound$ as the late$t endeavor i$ to fake provide protection viru$e$ that do not exist it's said the CDC is recommending adding more poisons in your home and business, adding Nonoxynil-9 and or other QUAT poisons to liquid hand & dish soap and adding this poison to lemon dusting spray for furniture polish as their fake a$$ fanta$y viru$e$ "are everywhere". The chemicals come from burnt tires and other chemical waste products mostly from China now! Prove me wrong! So the big question is why would we support these disgusting freaks who torture and kill animals and humans and spread chemical waste products all over our indoor living and working spaces "for our health"? How does one get out of a cult?

Doctor Tom Cowan thoroughly explains why we already live in a world FREE FROM VIRUSES.

“There is no convincing scientific evidence that mass inoculations can be credited with eliminating any childhood disease.” — Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD “I believe modern medicine’s treatments for diseases 
are seldom effective, and they’re often more dangerous than the disease they’re designed to treat. “I believe that more than ninety percent of Modern Medicine could disappear from the face of the earth (doctors, hospitals, drugs, and equipment) and the effect on our health would be immediate and beneficial.” — Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD

feelings are gay
Wake up and smell the Hustle In Virology (HIV) LEARN/MORE
Kovid literally appeared on the RUNWAY one year prior to the 2020 + inclusive hindsight adventure in panic DID YOU CATCH THAT?

Demetre Daskalakis what exactly is he leaning on?

CDC's Director of the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention thinks viruses are real.

Shilly boy, doesn't understand viruses never been proven to exist.

Is this dude cut or uncut? I can't help but wonder as we cut through all the Horseshit In Virology (HIV) where this clown babbles on about wacky Medi Cult prevention tactics.

The most precision engineered scientific anal ysis systems in Germany have proven unequivocally in their better de-signed legal systems and court that viruses do not exist. In stark contrast to ther premiere legal systems and governing the other fat and overweight sickly cheezy puff breath DISMISMAL governing bodies like in the USA say "I can't hear youuuu" as admitting such would not be good for the bottome line for profits. They push those results aside, and go hang with pHARMa, where the parties are, and it's sooooo dis mis mal inclusive. Dr. D leather stud guy leans on all the wacky ideas on how pHARMa side effect shows with it's clown acts performed by Frank Faucistein and friends likes to fight dangerous unicorns which will lead to having "shots of the day" if they could get away with it, which eventually will morph into patches and pills of the day (already they sold the gays on PrEP where in order to have sex you make pHARMa your master) and endless portfolio growth like fungus monkey brain pox, all coming from your HELLth institutions and tennis matches where Mode RNA says here's your "shot of the day" that makes you a winner like that tennis star that for 3 years said "fuck no I ain't your roaming lab rat" while others rush to get their shots of pHARMa fluids, and now is being used to promote shots of the day, and universities of government that prints money whenever it needs it who keep repeating the lie that "viruses are real we have seen them". Just because Mr. D is a stud doesn't mean that his prevention tactics he leans on are healthy! How can they prevent what does not exist? Virology is a fraud at it's core. No one has ever proven any such itsy bitsy teeny weenie intact or circumcised monster exists, they are claiming that when cells break down into pieces "we have seen the virus" which is absurd. It's a sham to sell drugs. PrEP is a waste of money. You can't prevent what does not exist. And it contains the killer drug AZT which as noticed in page from Christine Magiorie book where the warning label for AZT has skull and crossbones to signify DEATH. I watched many friends die of this poison especially during the MISC disaster of the 1990's they marketed as "Hit Hard Hit Early" which omg was like prescribing that to get rid of pimples (which in contrast are real) the doctor treats the problem by hitting them all with a hammer repeatedly. Others watched their portfolios grow and get healthy. In the lower doses it now doesn't massacre humans like it did in the 1980's to 1990's treatment holocaust horror show but it's still poison. That is the basis, poison the "virus" which does not exist. In the old daze the amount used was like hunting rabbits in the forest by carpet bombing it. With psychopaths at the controls at the CDC they promoted this method of war. It's always a war with all these hustlers. There is no need to go to war with dangerous unicorns. Even if viruses were real the strategy of war is a terrible one. The body poops out what it needs to process out every day including what's left of "viruses" if they existed as it handles these processes without poisons, breaking things down into what it needs and does not need. Blaming what does not exist for health problems and being perfectly healthy and taking poisons daily to prevent dangerous unicorns is silly as we live in a world that is virus free! 

shill - adj. - person who publicly helps or gives credibility to a person or organization to assist in a fraud

220 (and counting!) prestegious institutions of health governing and science admit they have no record of any virus FOIA responses to the requests confirm, SO WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? These places keep pushing "viruses are real and dangerous and the only way to stop them is get a vaccine" or a PrEPpy pill, every fucking day for your entire life which then "blesses you my son" to go out and have sex, after confesstion to the Medi Cult Doctor, then another and another and another until you have had a lifetime supply of 666 vaccines then reset the counter and shoot for another 666. These organizations are all hustler$. It's all Horseshit In Virology (HIV). They are lying to the public out of the one side of their mouth that the public sees, and on the other when it comes to a legally binding response, they present the truth but they NEVER PROMOTE THAT TRUTH. They are all owned by pHARMa. The Med I Sin Cult is a religion. It is a dangerous CULT hunting dangerous unicorns.

Viruses are dangerous unicorns!

When the junk scientists of virology look in their few and far between microscopes to fake see viruses and present to their world their findings, it's kinda like when a real person is shopping on ebay, sees military dog tags for people, and thinks these ones they see are for real people. In the listing it clearly explains that these dog tags are not even for dogs, they are for kids toys. In the distortion filled world of virology the scientist will look at their electron microscope imagery but there are no labels presenting that what they call a virus is merely cellular shit, cells taking a crap, which the honorable and honest scientist Hans Gelderblom already pointed out, looks more like cellular debris to him, not a killer, which the typical junk virologist says to the real people still trying to make those GI Joe dog tags to fit on themselves "see this is a virus budding out of the cell". No it's the cell taking a crap on virology which is shit science. It is literally shit science, they are looking at cell poop and claiming it's replicating and this shit can spread and replicate and murder people when it flies in the air or or on dicks saying this cell shit gets caught on a mosquitoe knitting needle or hot rods then the way they deal with all this shit is spray China's chemical waste in your bathrooms and public places and on your condoms with killer poison Nonoxynil-9 to kill cellular debris which is not a living thing.

Cowan, Bailey, Kaufman, Zeck, Massey discuss how the science in virology does not follow scientific method. The junk science of virology makes conclusions not based on science or logic. It's sales pitch! It's a fraud. The methodology for over 100 years to make the claims "virus exists" and "we have discovered a new strain" is not valid. Sequence all they want they never determine where those sequences are absolutely coming from.

Early on in the kovid daze Kaufman & Lanka spoke with the "corona committee" explaining why there is no proof any virus exists and certainly no one has ever proven that any dangerous UNICORN is a real thing as in "to show they are real". Lanka learned early on that HIV did not exist and started questioning all the others.

How the hustle works for you! click on the money mask to see how or here here after 40 fucking years and 10 trillion dollars Fauci failed at creating an 'AIDS' vaccine so the hustlers shifted into high gear to change cold and flu to a new hustle new name to scare you with big time "covid-19" where we see a new model on the runway and it fell off and we caught it intstead of catching the flu. Then look at the hustlers planning the entire performance of shutting you down and how to force new flu shot technology on you for their fun and profit by creating a panic. Watch for yourself when in 2019 pre-covid-fraud Fauci and Rick Bright as head of HHS discuss this and hear a Michael Specter from The New Yorker say "Why don't we blow the system up?"

There appears to be an existential threat to all these Medi Sin Hustles In Virology (HIV) as we have known viruses DO NOT EXIST since at least the start of the absurd LABEL/HIV in the 1980's why do HELL/TH departments keep throwing out the memos THAT VIRUSES HAVE NEVER BEEN PROVEN TO EXIST? They are all in the scam together including the buzzing bee "Peter McCullough called out here by Dr. Sam Bailey. He is a testimony in governing committees of all sorts pest and Cardiologist that pushes spike protein nonsense and hustles his own lucrative herbal remedies to solve the problem of that imaginary spike unicorn. He's also been called out on his hustle by others like Christine Massey where he walked away from questions that asked him to provide proper documentation with absolute proof that "viruses exist" as alleged using proper scientific method. They all do this shun routine when questioned, Fauci always did this.

Virology does not follow the scientific method it follows the marketing hustle method. The HIV (Hustlers In Virology) sayyyyyyyy their imaginary dangerous unicorn particles act like Godzilla who was denied starring role in another movie in the ongoing drama whyile they claim these particles of imagination are 10,000 times smaller than a particle of smoke and "have the gargantuan power to cause the body to be destroyed". OMG what an obvious hustle. No one in the universe has absolutely proven their existence except the hustlers that graduated with doctorates in virology's junk yard medicine. Some of us fags might lean on the CDC and it's Hustlers In Virology and lies about dangerous unicorns "being the cause" while ignoring drug abuse and alcohol and worn out parts, but not this fag, I'm calling out all these lies. I have watched my friends die of these drug pushers poison pills. They get tested with fraudulent tests that cannot find any virus then get swept into this drug pushing gay hell. Now it's expanded to everywhere they're spraying rat poisons in all bathrooms on the planet to fake keep you safe from what does not exist in the never ending war on dangerous uincorns. Bathrooms now have this horrible smell like China's recycled CHEMICAL/WASTE and they put Nonoxynil-9 in the hand soaps, another poison. I hear they are also spraying the bathrooms in coal mines, do they ever test for safety by putting canaries in there? There have been many who have called out the lies over the years and smell the putrid hustle. I don't see anyone from CDC calling out the lies. Are they stupid? How do you prevent what does not exist?

Holocaust In Virology Acquired Information Deficiency Syndrome HIV/AIDS

FAKE/JESUS is real

Before reading any further see if you can find what's wrong with this picture showing the size of a smoke particle compared to a "virus"

Possible explanations (like realizing all vaccines are absolutely ZERO % effective) include:

1) the image is wrong, smoke particles are smaller than viruses, but that realization would of course include admitting that the CDC makes mistakes, errors, and purposeful distortions 100% of the time, and no one politician will ever admit that as their retirement packages are all built on the Medi Sin fat pig pHARMa complex
2) there is no picture in front of you
3) they are finally puting it in your face to see if you still don't get it
4) they know you will remain their slave for life
5) this is a test only a test everything the last 3 years was a test to find out who their dedicated customer bases are as the CDC is a vaccine company as mentioned by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. the best presidential candid date since World War II ran for office

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f6/J._Edgar_Hoover_cph.3b10753.jpg/305px-J._Edgar_Hoover_cph.3b10753.jpgNow see if you notice what's wrong with this next picture. Nothing. The man depicted here did became a US President though. Notice anything about his race? This is J. Edgar Hoover as a younger man of 37 years old. Yes he was of African descent! Now try this with fake pictures of what they claim are viruses that are merely dirt. Virologists claim they are monsters. Virologists are liars. A picture as seen here is worth 100,000 words. A picture of a virus is worth septic sludge, not even worth the dirt that it is. Aaaaaand he was gay like Obama.

Trans rights give you the right to trans form your self rights you aready had. Sometimes we just need a little push into understanding who we are and how we becoming as trans form ations occur. Get ready for winter the hell TH departments warn of new variant snowflakes. Will cause many deaths. Caused by climate change these new variant snowflakes are not like before were they were still snowflakes, these are killer snowflakes now. Old plows won't work have to get new plows designed by Shill Gates Of Hellth Kare.

Man dresses like clothing gets mad when you call him a man, says he's a woman because clothes make the man. 

Guaranteed there will be MORE DUMMIES dying in hospitals as seen on fake news TV. Fake, really fake, dummies. They are not real people they are fake.

Escaped 100 year old tortoise reunited with it's owners at the White Lie House. Oh we thoght this was about the Frozen Man, it's about a tortoise.

You have no right to call me a DICK until you listen to The Dick Show #376.666 now sold as a booster rounded up to 377

David Crowe founder of the Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society in April 2020 he published a cure for what I now call the Corona Shaped Panic (CSP) that like a corona of the sun went in circles, that could have saved us all from a lot of headache & pHARMa cyst injectible puss, as the world bought the lie that hunting dangerous unicorns was a good use of resources and energy. He wrote, "What I learned from studying SARS, the previous big coronavirus scare, after the 2003 epidemic, was that nobody had proved a coronavirus existed, let alone was pathogenic" & Christine Massey writes official declaration notarized that no viruses have been proven to exist view this one page easy read here

AIDS is caused by the ribbon virus variant and the HIV is caused by the spike protein bumble ball variant notice one disease is ID nd the other is I why do they scrunch the two words together for HIV and not for AIDS? To be consistent which virology never is, see viroLIEgy.com. It should be either AIS and HIV or AIDS and HIDS but the masters of the virus hustle do this on purpose to confuse, as confusion is a well known marketing and manipulation tool used to embed new information and comands into the mind.

Some smart ones call viruses what they are better described as, solvents. Tom Barnett explains you can't catch a solvent. These are made in the body for cleansing. These are not as presented by the Hustle In Virology (HIV) industry.

Virology is kinda like a pod cast that was made into pie, you know what that saying is "easier than pie" means? Pie is when the type setter drops the entire tray of type on the floor at the printers office and all the letters are disarranged now on the floor. What the type setter would have to do then is one by one reset the type before printing which would take a very long time if they were going to actually then print something worth reading. In Virology all they do is shovel it all back up, throw it into the tray, then call their buddies in media horseshit who are all in this together with them and they have their fake intelligence write up something and tell the world they found a new variant. Nothing in virology makes any sense, it just makes dollars when you understand what they are actually saying. Dr. Tom Cowan goes over this Horseshit In Virology (HIV) that has deceived the world for thousands of years.

"Remember that one time when the government told people to take an experimental drug?"

Mask Face Retardation Syndrome (MFRS) is back? This is like welcoming back bell bottom jeans, and claiming you are Elvis, it may be cool but it's not real. These surgical masks have no purpose other than to make you look stupid and keep you from drooling over a patient in surgery. Dr. Franken Faucisteins' right hand elephant in the room, that left it to smoke outside which killed the fungus in his lungs thus helping him to breathe better as the sugar was feeding it so well and instead of eliminating sugar they blame a dangerous unicorn variant yet again, tells us that masks work but have one side effect, brain damage. Gaga brain shorts out, dedicates 2011 song "Born This Way" to transformative alleged "rights" to not remain born the way one was born.

THE/SCARIENT returns to your TV lie boxes. Throw the think in those red bio hazard bins you were mandated to throw away all those bio hazard collection MASK FACE devices that collected BIO HAZARDS and kept them on your idiot face where you could breathe them all in and spread them around. Like duh. Where are those red bins if there was such a threat. There was NEVER A THREAT as virology is a total fraud.

 Retard syndrome returns! Hold your selfie stick and stroke it baby. Make America Scared Again (MASA)

The vaccine hustle was like a robber pulling a gun on you demanding your wallet just like how government demands your wallet. The scums in HELL th Kare are now saying they never forced their pig pHARMa experiments on anyone they had a choice the vaccine or your life.

Eddie is Absolutely Fabulously a basket case!  

DEWtard in video says "there's no fuels" to try stupidly to support the retarded idea that Lahania fires were created by Direct Energy Weapons (DEW). Stupid ass, the grass all around is burnt, it lit the mostly PLASTIC cars on fire. This is the same mind bending hustle the virology world uses on the public, "look there's a part of the body infected with viruses" they say with no proof then the make stuff up to fake prove it like is done in sleasy sales pitches. Their junk science is the same as the stupid claim these cars proove fake ass DEW. It's like how these cars are burned, ignoring the obvious overall condition of everything else, the burnt grass. These cars burned from the grass underneath and all around on one side of it upwind being on fire, burned wheel wells made of plastic, burned bumpers made of plastic, made it's way inside, windows may have been open to make it easy for fire to get in but the glass also breaks from the heat as the entire paint job is plastic that burns, tires burn, 90% of the car is flammable plastic AND the winds were fierce blowing fire storms sideways to cover the car. So while in the long wacky video by "Dollar Vigilante" who scams the public with crypto currency garbage worthless "currency" starts the video off with obvious scams about MASK FACE he gets into all these retarded DEW claims to keep heads spinning. Crypto buyer beware. He trashes world banks all the time and uses those very systems to live the high life in Mexico acting as though he's bucked the system. Fuck you. Can't even remember the saying "Spill the beans". Then he does get a lot of other stuff right like the "lab leak" distraction, there was never "covid" nor any "variant". 100% of the people they say "died of kovaids" did not die from what does not exist. Complete fraud psychological OPERATION which expalins the SURGICAL MASKS. Peggy Hall is also a DEWtard babbling repeatedly in that realm of ignoring the obvious hurricane force winds that blow smoke and fire sideways. Getting it yet?

India goes to the moon ROFL to test who is stupid enough to believe all this moon landing horseshit. Then they quote website of government in 2023 that says DEW esists as if it's real too.

Transform your life by becoming a Notzi. Study NOT theory. NOT theory "transforms medicine into saving millions of lives". NOT. Virology is now tying us in NOTS. They do it all using computer models, it's called "in silico" to fool you. You don't pay attention close to the fact that no virus is ever proven real in physical form any more though they really were never proven in the beginning middle and now we are at the end of the rope and seeing that the ends do not connect.

OMG Teslas are bad for the environment and sorry gang members they don't run on sunshine and breezes.

Totally retarded hustles are everywhere in virology and Lahania fire reports that uses everyone elses materials. There are no "viral causes" nor are there "directed energy weapons" they call DEW. It was a friggin firestorm. It spread embers. These videos claiming DEW and VIRUS weapons are all Horseshit In Videos (HIV). Embers in hurricane force dry winds spread EVERY WHERE lighting new fires by the tens of thousands EVERY WHERE.

Next time they tell you to wear MASK FACE remember this is how you look

This guy actually looks better as you can see his smile and if any employer or hellth goon tells you it's required you wear MASK FACE tell them to first demand it of this guy and see how well that works out for them then decide, this guy is not that stupid to put up the the HELL industries manipulative lies. In fact if they keep insisting, get yourself one of these MASK FACES, wear it out everywhere, then tell them to put their MASK FACE on you themselves if they insist you look like a surgeon that's lost his or her or 10,000,666 identities and identify as having arthritis disabled and suffering from intelligence syndrome as they are the monsters not you and we are not playing their fucking game anymore as viruses do not exist like hard to kill scams in the HELLth and pHARMa cyst world around us.

Read ONE January 1953 vintage gay stuff


Kovid fell off the runway and some people caught Kovid

Climate nuts are so stupid after being thrown the hell out of the wan when they blocked roads they would go in there during a real climate emergency at Black Rock in the Nevada Desert where Burning Man was extinguished by California hurricane rainstorm that flooded the playa making everything mud, making roads impassible, the real emergencists shut down anyone from traveling within the event and outside the event that these climate lunatics would go and block the roads now and say they will not let them out anytime in the next year until they admit and sign to agreements in writing that their climate emergencies are real as their proof is Burning Man which is not as old as climate never before got rained out like that and they knew this would happen and is why they blocked the roads in in order to stop climate from chaning so that the event would remain dry and thus the event goers would be able to go to it because they fixed climate while they waited in line for 10,000 years which is climate's schedule to fix climate once every 10,000 years and soon the entire world realized climate change is a scam.

What do I think about that? Well, I'd like yours in my face

watch how Fauci, Rick Bright, even The New Yorker staff writer, CEO of Bayer, and many others set you the fuck up with their Kovid scandal to change how the world perceives vaccines

Then there's those who ride the hustle machine of Dr. Peter McCullough, a man that routinely over the last 3 years of the NOVEL/FICTION virus hustle cons our stupid governing "representatives" that often never read what they vote on into believing there's a new spiked virus out there that's even a worse threat than ever! McCullough is a man who testifies routinely around the world in these stupid committees (does not provide PROOF) of all sorts of virus hustle claiming there's spiked viruses now that won't ever let go of the velcro loops in your body unless of course you buy his handandy miracle cure for spike proteins, a new herbal supplement that costs $666 per bottle or some wild exhorbitant number. This man is so full of shit. The reason he's a bigger threat than Trump ever was or ever will be as President of the Circumcised United States Of America (CUSOA)is that McCullough routinely testifies as "an expert" at governing bodies hearings such as at Arizona Senate hearing on Kovid falling off the runway drama of these pHARMa hustlers where many rushed in to "catch Kovid" as it was the latest bandwagon to jump on to and McCullough keeps going around as a cardiologist acting like he knows it all, blaming vaccine saline solution and the test dose product for causing heart troubles while never once saying what stress does in an instant to cause heart problems, he hustles the "cause" to be the shots, uses a mantra "in a paper by" then quoting the scientific group or scientist that like all of them NEVER SHOW THE PROOF of any virus existing, then hustles the cure to be his product. It's healthier to shove his hustle down the toilet.
There are others as well that stand out, the David Martin machine keeps repeating that there are viruses, big ol' fear porn producer, never once points out the saline placebo shots in this grand experiment on humanity, I don't trust that man either nor this one Sheri Tenpenny who rides the fear porn train to riches and appearances at "Freedom" rallies, but she does point out the oddity of
injecting poisons into precious little babies why do HELLth departments not get that?

HIV or as I like to refer to it as The HI Virus has never been really discussed as having variants. Gee how does that work? Kovid had variant NOVEL/FICTION viruses why not THIV? Virology is such a big fucking con game. Best to realize this.

It's now become the paranormal to find any doctor that is aHIV. Weird world when doctors all believe in dangerous unicorns and they claim you can avoid them by joining their cult and the first thing they ask is "Would you like some Kool-AIDS and some other poisons to go along with it?"

September is Once In A Blue Moon Month (OIABMM) all month long. The full was moon for the second time in August kicking us into a full month of things now that only happen once in a blue moon. The entire month of September will be filled with OIABMM events. To start with we reflect back at what happened in 1969's blue moon episode with how measles in appeared in The Brady Bunch family that year before they learned as adults that the measles virus does not exist and it was something they all ate, likely a bad batch of milk the producers said "ship it anyway see if anyone notices" and suddenly the whole town started the Milk-AIDS.

A PUBLIC SERVICE OF i M G A Y . C O M and keep in mind nothing here is Medi CULL advice that's the department of Medi Sin response ability