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We live in a world free of viruses watch & learn why.
PrEP is a fraud there is no virus to fake prevent.
EPA says citric acid kills viruses. So why use chemical warfare?

Foreskin Holocaust DeniaL (FHD)

Hooligans In Virology (HIV)
Covid Hustle In Time (CHIT)

Diddly sQuat (DsQ)

Ferocious Treatment Protocols (FTP)
Dr. Jane Ruby on CVS

Get tested here!

Pub Lick Hellth (PLH) is a fraud. Where's the virus? Pub Lick Hellth Departments (PLHD) can't find it.
Jeff Berwick saves more lives! Make the frogs turn gay! Faggot like you mean it.

Here he mentions how it was the little guy that pulled back the curtain.

Cross dressing the street & sexualizing expression used to be easy what went wrong?
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In the war on AIDS that began around 1980 the expert in electron microscope imagery was asked about the technology used to view what cannot be seen in any standard microscope. The pert who remains a top pert replied he felt that those who look at the "pictures of hiv" likely see what they want to see and continued on to mention he saw cellular debris, basically dirt, and not any horrible threat yet those who push drama for profit in medi SIN and in hypergoverning obsessions and television broadcasting ad revenues highlighted the claim it was "seen as a virus" which we know know for certain do not exist in this world.

If you like dick do you notice anything in this image?

All the homos I know did they see saw a big dick and balls. Click on the image of what is seen as "Animal Man" on what you think you see to see it bigger! Ask your straight stud friend if he sees what you see.

If your dick was circumamputated for Sandra Bullock's and Oprah's face cream you are transexual, your sex was trans formed. Many fundamentalist Christians are trannies & many of the men in congress are transsexual as they are all into their sick Bible blessed circumcision cults.

That may be why they are so fucked up. Men think with their dicks. Circumcisiamputation removal of their most sacred body part next to and connected to their brain has lasting effects. That is why it was banned in the Unequal States of America for females in the 1990's though these daze in the 2024z the parent could just say the new born girl is a boy and get her done.


Del Bigtree of The High Wire was classic calling out what the ingredients are of the rape shots way before the the public finally realized that vaccines are all chemical waste sent to us from communist countries to dispose of in our bodies

To see the video touch the Science's Clowning Extra Nosey Excitement (SCENE) there portrayed on Billy's nose. Do you know what's in that vaccine? Hint: keeps your car from freezing in winter! Also in there is fillings from the dentist's office. Watch him explain. Features Bill Nye The Clown Guy asserting without providing any absolute proof what so ever that "the science is settled" which is almost totally non existent in the real world of modern a medi sin as the numbers of factors involved are extrordinarily impossible to properly quantify to make such absurd statements that "the science is settled". Maybe what Bill Stye The Science Eye means is that the science has settled into a pit of septic assertions. Science can be "settled" with certainy accompanying a clean absoulte scientific proof with less varied matters like a mathematical equasion like 2+2=4 the science can settle on 4 being the absolute answer in every case of 2 + 2 or in physics where the strength of an I-beam for a skyscraper has to be measured at a certain scientific value of strength, but this is typically impossible in all of the health sciences and attempts to manage or prevent disease using one lever (vaccine) and in particular such claims in virology which in reality is basically studying dangerous unicorns are absurd to claim any of it's science fiction is settled. Most of the science in virology is merely junk assertions to sell products that provide ZERO effectiveness and Watch the clown explain his junk science then notice the difference of the abolute measure science presented by Del Bigtree who doesn't need to wear pFony white lab coats and show ties to trick you as Gary also helps explain what's really in those vaccines.

Clown Guy The Stye Eye also comments on how we can stop climate sameness.

CoViD 19 was downgraded to merely another flu on March 19, 2020. It was that same week that all the big oozing pHARMa cysts puppets in it's HELL th administrations in the United States of Multi-Level Marketing con games declared a shut down of all necessary for life businesses to "slow the spread" apparently of the truth. Pan is the ancient god of debauchery. Got PAN demicauchery?

Funny how the community that fought for freedom of sexual expression and have it, when they hear other free expression exercise grunts that they don't like they work hard to marginalize and suppress it. They are the same ones that ran hypocrite centers fighting for hypocrites rights.

Sex and Circumcision - An American Love Story - by Eric Clopper

 Intact phallus advocates
fight to permanently restore human rights to bodily integrity from birth as they protest against the American Academy of Pediatrics conference at the do nothing to stop it Washington DC corporate head quarters. The woman doctors walking past at the conference "are the worst" they laugh at the protesters who are trying to save baby men from being tortured at birth by sick doctors that by the US government are given licence to steal this body part which is then delivered by courier boy who may also have been raped by doctors as a child to provide skin grafts for burn experiencers
(not called victims anymore) with added billing for hospitals. People walk by and laugh at the men who have been abused by doctors. They think it's all funny. TV shitland jokes it off like it's a paper cut.

Men think with their dicks. Circumcision is the removal of a huge errogenous section of their mind. It's lobotomy and la la la la everyone in congress just follows the Yellow Brick Road to Oz and when Toto barks and pulls the curtain they all pull it back and say "Nothing to see here". This is because on the bloody surface and deep down this amputation and total mind fuck is so horrific it's too emotionally upsetting and painful to those who have had this horror done to them to even think about.

Without the foreskin it's like living your entire sex life in black and white in silence instead of in color. 


Vaccines are not absolutely safe
nor are they effective at providing immunity. There is no such thing as immunity for anybody unless you sell pHarm junk science, the PREP act acts as legal protection. The body has a response system not an immune system. Cleaning crews are included in the lease payment they come in and freshen up the space daily. Some bodies hoard and tell the cleaning crews to fuck off.

Ask your doctor "How many blood cells are circumcised by this penetration of chemical spill repurposed into vaccines thus making the body cells that were born intact suddenly not intact and will it change the shape of things to cum?"
It will repeat the mantra "safe and effective" notice that glaze in the monster's eyes installed by this sick cult.

Why get this one?

Although the famous dancer Robin Windsor's death on February 20, 2024 at age 44 was claimed by vaccine blameists to be due to the Spike Glitter Treatment Protocol (SGTP) his dance partner stated this was "an absolute tragedy he felt there was no way out" indicating something else may have been part of his exit out of this lovely world of ours of which he and so many others around us play such a wonderful role in the performance. The sad part is that he helped support HIV nonsense with charities that all push pHarma drugs that as happened in the daze of aids would routinely HARMa us.

Here he shows off his glittery disco ball like
Oxygen Deprivation Device (ODD)
that was sold the public for "health"
during the show business of Kovid that
made it's first appearance on
Project Runway
one full year before
the insane "2 weeks to slow the spread"
shut down mania.

World HELLth Organization (WHO) who Bill Maher promoted for decades as the premiere source for HELLth information is being rejected by country after country. Awwwww, the poor Frequently Undermining Conniving Kaleidoscope Sciences (FUCKS) doesn't seem to care.

We live in a world FREE OF VIRUSES.

Dr. Tom Cowan explains

We don't live in a world free of drama though.

Septic stream medias SEVERELY downplay risks of vaccines if we could be so bold to even claim that as all they ever do is promote them. There is a 6x greater risk of heart trouble from the dangerous Circular Reasoning Vaccine (CRV). Del Bigtree show 2/22/2024 episode 360. A 6x more risk is NOT/SMALL. A .0000001 times greater risk is small. It's all these puke stream medias that pushed this fraud on humanity, THEY are the ones always on the life rafts while you go down with the ship they say "we are all in this voyage together". Now considering it was an EXPERIMENT with placebos, if it was the final product which there still is none, this would skyrocket to probably 99x greater risk. Risk? Why is there risk? Less risk having sex with 1000 partners per year than injecting Wuhan chemical waste products into your arms. 6x greater risk in your child who had ZERO RISK OF DYING FROM ANYTHING. Did we resolve to not fall for a single Hustle In Virology (HIV) ever again going forward yet? mRNA vaccines causing POLIO!!!!!

It was an intertaining display where Kovid was seen first appearing on Project Runway wearing a face mask one year ahead of PAN making his entrance on the world's stage of dementia.

Trust "the science" they say but the science is psychotic. The Fauci says he is "the science" so he admits to being psychotic. Many of us have known this since the 1980's when he first appeared on the scene hunting dangerous unicorns during that era's Hustle In Virology (HIV) when cancer funding was drying up like deserts so they created a new scam, viruses cause everything.

Never forget how the billionaires and governments plotted against the public with the fake PAN demic. Even RFK Jr. chimes in on the psycholical operation on your brain. It was never about your health it was about inducing fear and making money and studying how you would react for "the science". Why doesn't "the science" spend more time stopping TROJAN HORSES?

Damon Imani gives the ladies of The View one more chance to give examples of their assertions watch! He was also a special guest at the gerbhwrth conference* and at the inverse ratio PrEP/SADS song and dance inference pointing out the Hustlers (H) of the World (W) keep discussiong nothing more than how to best fill their portfolios and fucking us with their junk science and chemical waste from China repurposed into vak scenes which is where we moved all our polluting factories to so we could be the choir that sings to the same choir how we fake save the planet. * conference is short for conniving interference

Learn about Projecting Run-a-way Hustles In Virology (PR/HIV)

Inclusivist in gayborhood starts screaming to get out of the neighborhood that only welcomes Alphabetist Acronymist Derangeists (AAD)

Diversity is racist. Diversity has no value.

Miss and Diss outformation is becoming an even bigger problem than dissinformation and missedinformation along with pukeinformation routinely spewed out by media inlets. Outforming is quickly inpacing information. To fix the problem the protectors of formation are looking at removing fact checks and replacing them with conformations. Nothing like having cons form you. Now you are properly outformed and conformed. When you listen to Hustlers In Virology (HIV) you can be conformed.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion is just another name for 1980's racial integration forced bussing where they hauled white kids into the black communities 20 miles away and black kids to the white communities. It was a racist program that eventually ended as everyone hated it.

Signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

File:OCD handwash.jpg
They include constantly washing hands to free yourself of dangerous unicorns which only exist in the mind and they are just imaginary. These are also known as viruses. If you or someone you know suffer from these symptoms that also include running to the doctor for every new vaccine they present on television consider for a moment who the fuck is influencing you into being so retarded, is this an emotional need to belong to a group? Seek treatment from a professional? They are the ones that are causing these mind fucks. Stay the hell away.

Cults often operate this way, preying on the need to feel loves and to belong. Modern a Medi Sin is a cult and it uses television to brainwash people. It presents rituals that must be adhered to as a way to feel like one belongs. It conditions people to believe things are there that are not. Here is a good example of conditioning done on a horse.

Disinfection is a misnomer. There is no infection thus there can be no disinfection. Viruses simply do not exist.

If you kare about an ounce of privacy left maybe it's time to shun the base ball games and stadiums for concerts and everything that installs farming machinery for your your biometric data this new insane dystopia bass ackwardsism that supposedly keeps making us safer and safer while we see more "mass shootings" portrayed as exercises while trillions of viruses now go unchecked and are now hiding under rocks where most of the virologists hang discussing their next fear campaigns for money. Just 100 years ago stadiums had this problem of Vikings invading and using the space for building more ships, stopping games, making everyone there into slaves so it's always good to know the government is protecting us all from Vikings and not Trojan Horses. The only way out is just dumping chemicals all over the entire planet, blowing up the sun, drilling a big hole to drain out all of the oceans (flat earth based science) and starting over like a game of pong which is all virology is now "in silico" and just keeps sucking all your money like a black hole.

Tesla's ugly ass cyber truck man's rich toy must be made of ones and zeros. The headlight is LED ugly ass too bright imagine seeing an incredibly bluish light bright LINE in the road coming from a disance. NOT SAFE. They are all showing rust spots as well. I heard they were promised they would also take you on a trip to the plasma moon which is a reflection of ERRth where if you ask clowns they will tell you "the science is settled" in other words a colonist.

;-) i M G A Y . c o m  corona - circumcision - circular reasoning: why is modeRN A medi $in so full of $hit? Let's ask that dollar bill.

PrEP can prevent Hustles In Virology (HIV)?

Main ingredient is low dose rat poison kinda like how we are offered low dose aspirin which only kills a headache and thins blood which can increase blood loss without you knowing it. So does "the science" in PrEVenshun go like this, since humans are not rats, rat poison in low doses only kills dangerous unicorns called viruses? They don't exist so how does a drug kill what does not exist? The science of virology is on par with the science of getting drunk and drugged out every day and chronic lying to get more money for booze. It should go to AA meetings.

Explain to me once again why baby men can be sexually abused in a hospital or doctor's office and baby women cannot, I have still not heard any thing that makes any sense on this horror that continues to cut the fuck off 1/2 the protective, errogenous, necessary, God given skin on the man's dick which can make it's way into women's face cream to make them look "pretty". It leaves the man with a sex life that is black and white silent film as compared to a 70 mm color movie shown in a theater. How can anyone with 1/2 a brain do such a nasty abusive thing to a child.

Men were born wearing protection, ribs, nerves, all connected to the brain, that is why they say men think with their dicks, they cut it off then sell you fake stuff, profit off the sale of 1/2 your dick skin, even Barbarians did not do this to their children so please do not call it Barbaric it is no such thing even Satan does not call for this nor does those who follow Him, He says repirations are in order for this sick religious ritual in this sick Unintact States of America that keeps projecting it's sins onto other$

we live in a world free of viruses discover this @ i N T E R N E T M A T T E R . com

Virology is science FICTION. Look for it's story telling in the library's NOVEL section.

Virology employs many PSYCHICS that make predictions that are insane. Calling a psychic hotline is more accurate. The fiction department of every one of these well funded laboratories and computer printout of imaginary virus constructs called "variants" that "escape" from their computer science labs glances at (using warp speed) old diseases that 99.666% of the time heal on their own, with basic causes such as Gulp Oil Slicks, and cures like chicken soup, to particles of cellular dust that have no ability do do anything but make their way out of the way. They give things like the flu a new name, scare the public with a fake new unproven cause, and sell drugs, each and every time, scamming you out of so much cash it would make your head corona if you realized how much. The science is so out of this world fantastical and unicornical, it's like claiming a toilet keeps getting infected when it smells like virology and the only way to prevent the smell and treat it is by smashing it with a hammer every day just as it does with recommending toxic PrEP junk science drugs that smash the hell out of healthy cells. Flushing the toilet and flushing the body works better rather than GOING TO WAR. We do not need to go to war to heal, or prevent damage, who came up with that war mongering concept with "fighting disease" anyway? pHARMa cysts? Kaching. Bingo. Ding ding ding. Kennedy speaks about these forever wars which create forever homes for multi national corporations instead of the people.

Man is angry he followed the rules, accepted pHarma rape, politicial rape, coersion, lies, speaks out to political scum, expects a different result. He's suffered from vaccine poison injection damage as have so many who pHarma uses for it's fun and games. So then it was time to study the flat virus theory. Once we started doing that we became flat ERRthers who were forced into rejecting ball ERRth as it made no sense either and there was Toto and Dorothy, what were they doing here? Flat ERRth? Thing is if we start believing in that, it would end cash flows to NASA and all the ancillaries involved and we could build and fix homes instead of all this science fiction garbage wastes of time.

Joe Rogan thinks he's onto pHarma's schemes, he now promotes the "lab leak" theory saying everyone knows this is what happened now. He's an idiot. So that's the new bandwagon....there's ALWAYS a bandwagon. Here's the lab leak, I got it right here, it's a machine, it's a computer, they create viruses on computers, there is no object escaping any lab, it's a shit show. It's called "in silico" science. It's like playing pong and believing that ball can escape your home. It's their game. Virology is a game they play. YOU are never the winner unless you have stock in the game. Read the description carefully. No actual particle needed.

Here's where they "discover viruses" in a computer. There is no real object. It's just one's and zeros.

The Hustlers In Virology (HIV) will say "we found viruses long ago, now we only have to use the computers, all the hard work was done already." That's Horseshit In Virology (HIV). No one has ever isolated any virus ever to absolutely prove existence. They make things up. Even the institutions and hellth departments admit they have no proof.
220 of them worldwide so far responded with official admission.
So you say you were tested and they said you have HIV? What you have is Hustles In Virology.

Tom Cowan goes through claims of HIV existing based on assertions made in the 3 top scientific papers worldwide accredited as "proving existence" as accepted by worldwide institutions who have since 220 of them admitted they have no records of any proper isolation of ANY VIRUS. Many have already concluded, yes it exists, Hustles In Virology. No virus needed just illusions and con games and illusions like with religions and cults. Virology is not a science.

Some of the analysis and considerations in this flat ERRth discussion are great to apply to the analysis of virology which basically studies the invisible.

Every year people suffer from Chronic Flu Syndrome (CFS) but they rather call Kovid to assist as there's so much more drama attached to that name and then of course to get the latest hellth information they turn on the television which is owned by those who only practice healing just notice all that healing sugar they feed your kids it's called Sweeten Everything Therapy (SET). I think Dr. McCullough has a new concoction to treat that sweet spike protein unicorn that's floating around in the air as well. Look more dollar bills. Get an interview.

Viruses are also known as Unidentified Floating Objects (UFO) aka UNICORNS
. If you think they are "identified" as seen on TV you will also be easily sold the London Bridge when you are visiting London even though the bridge actually resides in Arizona and California as this statement confuses "the science" that hellth care uses to fool you. The bridge traverses the Colorado River and isn't as easily duped by Hustlers In Medi Sin (HIMS) but the science is still stuck in the mud on this claim that it resides in two states. The science simply cannot figure out how an object can reside in two different places at the same time as governing hustles tell you to trust the science it will figure itself out like any other inanimate object does. If you believe dangerous unicorns are real (viruses) you will also likely lay claim that you have seen Jesus and Devil not being in any details and that when you vote you are not choosing the least undesirable puppet you are choosing the lesser of two piles of slime which is like going to get a refreshing glass of water at the sewage treatment plant ponds of waste in the middle of summer when all you can think of in the heat is water and since the science confirmed it's water you gulp it down.

Public Hell th departments and the CDC recommend to protect yourself in the next emergency declared by WHO the hell are these people for you to build a fort out of novel cardboard.
They say this will protect yourself and others. They also said injecting Wuhan chemical waste is healthy, no, it's HELL thee. It's only healthy for their portfolios.

Kovid first appeared on Project Runaway March 2019

Setting the world's a stage to cum WEARING A FACE MASK it was part of setting you up for their little game a year later to fall off as you became so mesmerized at the performance just so the virus hunters could catch you with their
pHarma slime buckets and your friends would all say they were the ones that caught Kovid and saved him so as we all wake up to this stupor of believing anything said by the junk science of virology let's all say
"HI" to Kovid and give him a big round of applause then say "HEY" to camo G. I. Joe and notice the butt crack! Ignore what's in his hand it's obscene.

Then lets play medi sin$'s game of Money POX start here
and to keep having their fun then let's play THEIR/GAME of virus PONG based on their many McManson homes of cards made in computer science LABS where these "viruses" only escape from mathematical modeling and you thought they were real and escaped from a putrid dish for for some real fun cum take my juice and savor the flavor of this video showing how pleasurable it can be to be pFucked by pHarma. It was one year prior to lock downs and then in 2020 it was so silly for people to try to stop dust from floating in the air (they called this dust viruses) and people went along with it just like in the children's game of Simon Says now that we learned the lesson will the public be so easily duped again in believing the cult of dangerous unicorns? Yes of course it will. Make a date with The Desert Homo

ANTIQUE PRINT VINTAGE 1889 ASTRONOMY STAR ORIGINAL WOOD BLOCK NIAGARA FALLS SKY - Picture 1 of 1Who should be the next president? How about not voting for a puppet over and over again and expecting a different result.

SEEING STARS  When astro nots "went to the moon" and came back at a press conference in 1969 the 3 stooges were asked how the stars looked from the moon. The first response was that he didn't remember seeing stars, the second astro not said he saw a lot after a hesitation and obviously quickly coming up with "the right answer" as a kid would do in class, the third rode the fence. Obviously they never went or they landed in a big city in space where you can't see stars. If they were on the moon which is better described as a plasma reflection of ERRth and the greater flat universe every one of those 3 actors would have described the stars as they are in the west like in Arizona's pitch black skies blankets and carpets of STARS that hit you in the face, NO WAY they would not remember. If the government lied about going to fake space then what the fuck else are they lying about. Quite a bit. The world's not a stage as Shakesphere stated, it's an orchestrated pit. Ok now enough of the fun and games, who the fuck chopped off part of my dick? Why would a hospital allow sexual abuse of a baby man with this horror OMG this is insane. Why is this not considered a crime in the Unintacted States of America (USA)? It's a crime to do that to women. They forbid it done to anyone in Europe, Australia, every sane country that has it's human rights priorities straight and gay. Hellooooooo inequity freaks........get to it and set up repirations. Like Jesus who's never coming back as they ripped him off too at birth 2024 years ago, then crucified him for speaking out about it, and yea they left that out of the bible for a reason, this part of the healing errogenous connection to our brains is never coming back and this sick ritual needs to end and the perpetrators of that crime punished but of course that will never happen as CONgress and it's friends are all in this sick game together so as we evolve out of all these wars history keeps notes and passes them around and if God exists the gates of heaven will have the locks changed.

Here's a large set of circular reasoning at it's most CORONA.

This corona is plasma. It goes in a circle. It's like that kindergarten game the kids all play "corona around the rosy a pocket full of posies". Virology plays similar games.

Here is another corona. It is a dog's butt hole. It is also circular. We arf amiliar with many but holes there's always a "but" this or "but" that as to why they can't do things properly.

All creatures have coronas that go in circles. Viruses also have coronas it is where they take a shit or open their mouths to puke all over us like many doctorates do.

Virology likes to shove things into coronas where they don't belong for it's pleasure and spin you in coronas then take a dump on us with their coronas in our face.

Some also do a corona to our dicks, slicing off over 1/2 of it so we experience sex 4x less as pleasurable than those who don't get the corona treatment with their knives.

Some corona enthusiasts start barking at me, yet I'm only the mailman. I cum here every day except holidays to spread corona cheer.

There's other coronas that you have probably seen found in a human body that are extracted from the human body, mixed with chemicals, spun in circles in a laboratory, allowed to rot which they call "culturing the sample" then sliced and diced all for only 10,000 payments of $19.95 billed to your credit card. They claim it's a chicken's novel fairy tale version that derived from the lox who had pox. It also spins heads in coronas as they tell you to poison yourself to make it go away.

They are also testing for coronas in raw sewage downstream from the corona hole you live in. They claim this helps provide new identities to neighborhoods that have a lot of coronas showing up in poopstreams. Funny thing, the science now says this version of corona holes does the opposite of what the science said about it each time the wind blows before. That is why they now call it fiction (novels). Many coronas are fairy tales like those that say test for coronas in the blood as they get a sample of snot, you could just sneezed into a cum rag and given them that.

At one time the common cold was called common corona. Sales dropped off so they invented new coronas all just marketing games of course. There are no corona novels. They are fiction.

Here's their new explanation. "Infection begins when the v-word spike protein attaches to its complementary host cell receptor. After attachment, a protease of the host cell cleaves and activates the receptor-attached spike protein."***** I'm not sure who first told this fiction story but it's mesmerizing. Amino acids that have spikes like a bumble ball! It used to be decades ago the science was well authored in college textbooks saying even in nutrition studies textbooks that those "receptors" were what the cell puts out to grab viruses outside the cell and NEUTRALIZE THEM. It's like how a frog sits on a lilly pad in a pond and waits, watches, tongue hanging out a little, then suddenly the tongue grabs the fly and neutralizes it while also eating it as proteins that may also have spikes. Getting it yet how bad these Hustlers In Virology (HIV) are messing with you? They shift their stories to match and mirror whatever they need to do to manipulate you as all cults do. Like how Doctor-ate Peter McCullough tells your representatives how they should represent the corona holes that have products to sell you to fake keep you safe and steal your cash, "We know it's omicron as hellth departments take a representative sample in silico" meaning they have their computers make it up like AI makes up stuff as if they went up Uranus and suddenly learned all these new things about the people there. It's all make believe. Virology is a hustle that's why it's called HIV, Hustle In Virology. Tom Cowan points out there is not one official paper published in scientific literature finding this "thing" anywhere. Once they make one unicorn they make variant unicorns, it's all make believe.

***** what the hell is "
activates the receptor-attached spike protein"? How? What does the activated PROTEIN do? Protein is NECESSARY FOR BUILDING AND REBUILDING CELLS. Does it rebuild the cell then? This claim is marketing bullshit hustle. These hustlers babble on and on with all these marketing terms to confuse people then embed new ideas, commands, oldest marketing trick in the book. Just saying! DNA makes RNA makes protein? That's the junk science claim of virology. Eat a steak it's full of protein, the cow eats grass, water, whatever else it eats, that turns into protein in muscle. DNA and RNA are also not absolutes in science.


Beware more crap claims by hustlers that "rare cancers never seen before" and "spike" nonsense will cause "billions of deaths" it's all horseshit. They did this same crap in the 1980's and every decade we have been alive.

They were called antibodies. Now they have inversed the whole idea, and they say they are spike proteins that attack like Killer Potatoes. It's one of the many corona ring around the rosy but hole things pHarma does to you and it's science institutions, provide a marketing construct based on imaginations and story telling that goes all over the place contradicting itself repeatedly and because the language used is like listining to an alien in the movie "Mars Attacks" people think those alien virologysperts are friendly but they get attacked with killer drugs. That's all virology ever does is lie and tell stories and sell poisons for treats. It killed many of my friends in the Holocaust In Virology Daze (HIVD).

It's junk science, it's pseudo science, this is now well documented as no agency can prove their assertions, it's been proven viruses do not exist in the real world, proven in court, and even CDC and California Department of PublicHealth admit they have no records of any virus existing NONE, no  records no virus, it's Horseshit In Virology (HIV) that goes corona on us round and round in an endless loop to mesmerize us all willing to sit there and stare at the Sun's corona waiting to get our life back from old hippies in Med I Sin Cults (MISC). McCullough is one of the biggest mouths that your public decision makers are listening to his advice and junk science. He's been called out for not proving his claims. His Wellness Foundation calls him out and about coronas frequently though saying how sales are up upp and uppp as his pitches are working. People keep catching his claims that go in coronas that say spike coronas are abrasive said in a pleasant tone that does not scratch the surface of what is really happening.

In the 1970's there was a TV ad for fabric softener that the jingle went something like this, "CORONA around the collar, CORONA around the collar" and a child like associate would be pointing at the office worker's dirty collar a few times in a child's voice and chorus to instill that collar shame on you if you wore clothes. This idea of shaming has morphed many times, more recently in the chant "You caught corona, you caught corona" in a muffled tone because the retards in the cult chanted this while wearing binary air filters that went both ways. The air flow went in and out and in and out like fucking which is what all these Hustlers In Virusland (HIV) do to you.

Crenim at English Wikipedia gets the credit for this image and dog corona hole is credit there also by T. Bjornstad (TBjornstad) so that you know I'm not being Gay nor an Asshole 'bout proper acknowledgement of photo GRAPHIC works as I'm desperately planning to delude myself like virologists do in applying for the head of a prestigious school to replace their being Gay. Image of sun's corona hole courtesy of the public domain and billions spent by NASA's fake corona hole space projects that use computer graphic corona's to make us thing their images are film photographs where the real image would be seared into film using actual light and not that of computer manipulated light processes and data sets that just present artists renderings.

The science of when they "see" corona holes is like seeing this squiggle of two lines on the right as sesen in the microscope. Do you know what it can be absolutely proven to be? If you did not have any other references you would have to guess, make things up, this is what corona hole studyists do, make things up. They could call this proof of a virus, you would tend to believe them, or maybe not as you have seen the pictures many times of what they previously claimed are corona holes, you would not be so convinced, but maybe they would convince you this is a variant in pairs, double helix, RNA strands, how would you know they are not? To make it easy for you it's simple, you go to eBay and see what this is. Click on these double helix RNA corona strands to find out what it really is. Here's a clue, sounds like lunch. My point here is to educate you on understanding how corona hole studies are like studying unicorn variants, it's all fantasy. We can prove what this is hear as we have ABSOLUTE real things and references to coordinate, but in the entire world of corona hole hunting it's claims are all based on imaginary things never proven to exist in the real world. What's more facinating than learning that virology is a world if illusions is pondering how in the world they can create sound from RNA.

San Francisco needs to open all it's bath houses back up and get things rolling again. Retail is not interested anymore. Restore the foreskin of the city. When the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) convinced the health departments to shut them down the city was never what it was before it was circumcised of the pleasure of cruising bath houses. They say it can't be restored. More reason to BAN THE PROCEDURE OF CUTTING THINGS OFF.

Consider this story relayed by Intact America Board Member Marilyn Milos, “A Coming Out Story.”

Bathhouses in San Francisco were in full swing, and gay men had an opportunity to see lots of penises and the scars of circumcision on most penises. The men were shocked by the damage they saw. They told me about the extensive scarring, skin bridges, curvatures, and missing hunks and slices. Many recognized their scars and shared their reactions to the realization of what a doctor or mohel had done to them. This openness is something most straight men have never experienced; instead of witnessing the harm, they often tout the benefits of circumcision and choose to pass the scars on to their sons. As gay men began to educate themselves and others, that began to change. I asked Paul Tardiff, a gay man who had been circumcised as an adult if he’d be willing to talk about the differences he felt for a mini-documentary we were making to air during Dr. Dean Edell’s medical segment on the televised evening news. Paul agreed, and on the show, he said the difference between being intact and then circumcised is like first seeing in color and then only seeing in black and white.

The difference between having and experiencing the sexual pleaures INTACT compared to out of tact or CUT THE FUCK OFF PART OF THE MAN'S DICK is like experiencing a movie in living robust color with orchestra music and sound as compared to experiencing sex in black and _____ and no sound just title cards.

Imagine watching and experiencing Star Wars or playing Game Of Thrones as a silent film or compare playing ping pong in real life to playing PONG. That's what these psychopathic dick cutters do to men, make them go silent. Who ever says anything about what was done to them? The few that do often get told "it was only a snip get over it" and are treated as if they are not victims of child abuse. They were introduced into the world with bloody violence that scarred both their most private posession next to their mind which is interconnected and thus was severed. How this horror continues with people so deluded they think it's just so sweet and lovely is unbelievable. It needs to stop, simply not all allowed, made a crime. Even cave men didn't do this crap. Barbarians did not either stop calling it "barbaric". Why is it that only religions do this or those influenced by religions and they think this is GODLY? They are insane. What if women see the horror of how they strap the child down then see the baby scream bloody murder thinking it's being murdered right after birth realize what they gave permission to do feel guilt? It could be debilitating to have to live with that realizing afterwards what was done to their child and then realizing that their sexual experience is forever changed.


nothing from the bandwagon though about circumcision it's the flag being circumcised that bothers them


preproadvertisement: "If you were the victim of a sick peverted doctorate pushing dick slicing child sex abusor that cut off part of your dick leaving you for the rest of your entire life from minutes after birth to death unable to experience the errogenous pleasures of 60% of that sacred body part who's nerves were severed from your brain you an> may absolutely definitely unequivocally have a case."

it would look like this advertisement except much much bigger hung in your face as this is a holocaust of 666.666,666 million foreskins

they said it was safe and effective too, probably would have been better to fight the fire with fire

You can unfriend someone but you can't be uncircumcised, you can be body part not stolen, you can be intact as you were born you cannot be uncut as it's cut the fuck off forever leaving you with a sexual experience in black & white, fuzzy, not color and vibrant as it was meant to be, who's stepping up to stop this blatant SEXUAL ABUSE?

Life is like a domain name, you just keep renewing it just before it expires but with part of your man HOOD it's not renewable, once they STEAL it from you it's never yours again
Merry Christ Mass & Happy New Year?
For who?

Every year I ask Santa for a fully restored dick as I was born with naturally, he never brings it, he's a fraud, as is all these dick cutting religions of the world and Med I Sin Systems (MISS) that do it.

Some of us get slapped in the face hard
with painful reminders of the bloody ritual of circumcision as every January 1st Christiandom celebrates the slicing off of a palm size amount of foreskin off Jesus baby man dick this horror show of sick religious ritual is called "The Feast of the Circumcision of Christ". It's no wonder he never came back.

Too bad, he missed Eric Clopper's performance at Harvard University on stage one man play "Sex & Circumcision An American Love Story" that resurrected the thinking of man's pressing question, what kind of sick society would allow and promote such a holocaust?

666,666,666 protective and erogenous zones massacred mostly occurring in the Unintacted States of America (USA) some of which ends up in "beauty" creams making those who wear it appear rather ugly. Don't get me wrong, foreskin is gorgeous, I love to slather living attached foreskin all over my face and every other part of my body except I can't on what does not exist, my missing foreskin, and to sacrifice the innocent lives of male member Erogenous Zones (EZ) that as a religious cult ritual became a replacement for religious child sacrifice?
It all needs to cum to an end so in the future wear a cock cage, condoms don't protect you from Sizzor Guy nor from dangerous unicorns, chastity cages will also protect that gorgeous natural god given intact dick from all the thieves in the world. Mothers of the universe especially on Mars where men are from, please do your part, put a protective cage on your unborn child's dick so when it comes out of there the HELL benters on "protecting that child's life" that force you by law to make you bear him while you can't bear to be subject to these religious freaks will not have a chance to hack it's foreskin off for their sick ritual pleasure and delusions of religious redemption right after it's so lovingly born by you, Mother God, bearer of all human life, and never buy Oprah's foreskin face cream that contains baby body parts like MY/GOD wearing fox furs and steaks dripping of blood at stupid award shows is more humane than what these losers are doing to babies.

View archive of Wikipedia entry on the sick peverted discusting ritual "The Feast of the Circumcision of Christ". Thing is, even Christ was treated better by these dick hackers than baby men are now, the Son Of God (SOG) only had 6.666% of his dick foreskin cut the fuck off compared to what is done today 2024 years later by the sick perverts in Med I Sin Cults (MISC).

details @ 
Circumcision Information and Reference Page

It's said he's tried to come back to help us a number of times, crucified each and every return at least once each 100.666 years, by Christians! Satanists couldn't care less, they let him be. Christians are always wandering around with rose colored logs in their eyes.

The Medi Sin Community that is seen everywhere with their wallets and portfolios out begging for money tells me to trust their science, to be raped by pHarma cyst chemical injections, have sticks shoved up my nose that are a fraud, wear protection of latex on my dick to be protected from what does not exist, take poison pills also for fake protection, daily, and if they could they'd make me take their poisons 24/7, patches coming folks so you can get your life back again and again expecting a different result, while they stole my Holy God Given Motherly Provided Protection At Birth (HGGM/PPAB). I can name 666 reasons just off the tip of my dick which is what all men think with why I stopped trusting them my first week of life. Since they can't force patches and injections 24/7 they now gass us at places of work, where we take a piss, and where we go shop for a better world and the amount of chemicals they make us all pay for is 666 trillion times more than what they rape the public when they forced it to be roaming lab rats in the cOvId-19.666 fraud. Kaching! These horrible chemicals are sprayed night and day now every public place. You actually think that wasn't THE/PLAN? OMG even dentists are rapists, how many of you had wisdom teeth amputated? Ripping out body parts. That's why the democrats keep their cult mantra of "democracy" going. They make $$$ from Modern a Medisin's Extractions (MaME).

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence please cum save us! Jesus hid the fuck away from all these kooks remaining inconspicuous in some other world where they don't torture saviors. Update: since posting this fact about Christiandom guess who's crucifying me endlessly now. You get one guess. Yes! The Christians. They are practicing their crucifixion skills on ME after also doing it to Jesus each time he keeps coming back saying to father God, "Ok Dad, I'll try to get them to stop robbing men of their most sacred body part just one more time but that's the end." That's not all, the Christianists are now blaming me for spreading pox which I never got, which is once again proof they are fundamentally hypocrites as during the time THEY were included as being spreaders they called out the Horseshit In Virology (HIV) but now that their masters tell them "the virus" is only affecting gays, once again, like with HIV they throw the homos in the toilet.

I wear a cross now to symbolize Jesus & Satan & God & all who have fought in wars and are now protecting us from the most powerful of all spirit world protecting me from Christians (and any others) that worship the sick amputation of baby men's body parts they were BORN WITH for a reason.

Each year during Elon Musk's Xmas some weird dude wearing blood red suits that brings kids candy brings us presents that include a cassette tape telling us what the drug dealers won't that viruses do not exist and for those good and bad boys and girls that still exist, he gives them a very special gift, a note from EPA that says citric acid (lemons and orange juice) kills viruses. Even though these fake imaginary viruses are not even living things in their junk science, Santa is better on track to protecting your health with this note as it indicated no repurposed factory waste chemicals needed from Wuhan, China sent to you in a syringe, as per CDC road maps that uses hacked software to guide you to emptying your bank accounts due to the ransom ware provided you by pHarma cysts and governing road map drunken guideline pals NOW WE CAN just drink lemon water and clean our spaces with lemon and vinegar for prevention and to kill dangerous unicorns. Few are happy with that gift though, they throw it back in a tantrum at Santa as the tantrumists claim there's a Clause in the contract. Seems obvious now that EPA would make a better doctorate pre & proscribing citric acid to it's patiently waitingists rather than pHarma cysts WHO often say "Cum Take My Juice" 


Laughter is contagious whereas viruses are not and screams of sliced off foreskin hoodie are like the soo-thing sound of ocean waves crashing hard on rocks to some smoothed out with Silicone Tire Dressing (STD) pox making poison slathered all over that dick as it finds it's way deep inside your dick head

Play the same ol new game of virus pong that keeps playing you!
Sooooo you say you want "The Special"? Kewl,
I know you will love it!

I bet unever seen that super hero


Hooligans In Virology (HIV) learn more

The good Spikey McDoctor that claims to have the miracle cure for imaginary Spike Ball Disease (iSBD) can't even cure or prevent the common cold as seen here having been infected with corona virus! ROFL

McCullough runs a vitamin based HIV company making wild claims his product will fix the imaginary "spike protein" cause of disease he claims are from the shots without any evidence. We have evidence that he is hustling us as if he was so sure viruses and spikes exist he would prove his assertions, he has not. He can easily do so by presenting his response to Dr. Tom Cowans challenge as seen here.

Commonly Oil-filled Lagoons of Dupeworthy Slime (COLDS) affects many during the holidays
pretty much caused by the crap you ingest at special gatherings gee ya think, no "virus" needed your body's first priority is to maintain temperature give it crappy fuel guess what happens, you are a Gulp Oil Spill Horror (GOSH)and seek the help doctorates of Med I Sin Theology (MIST) that babbles on and on about spiked amino acids, nothing about fuels, combustion, waste, slimy slicky goo that tries to get the hell out of your body as neither you wants it there nor does that crap want to be there, who then in his stage dress puts on the show says the spike did it not the shit we eat and so he has a remedy he sells that pads his portfolios that as we see here doesn't work

Clown Award (CA) for 2023 goes to the good doctorate McSpikey peter mccullough, see him testify to other clowns.

click on the video game of pong to see the show of his Test I Money (TIM) and how this whole industry operates on you

McCullough who is often referred to as Dr. McSpikey, does many political wonderland & rave circuit parties testifying to many government committees so he's highly influential in a warped guideline speed way to those in governing flying planes while building them so that they can rush to save you from dangerous unicorns, while also saving energy by filling their tax exempt foundations with your cash, says "people are more fearful of common colds" but why? Because they are brainwashed by pHARMa cysts that keep spreading this 200,000.666 year old lie that our bodies produce Godzillas that are 665+1 trillion billion zillion octillion sextillion times smaller than the real fake Godzilla you saw in the movie theater when those existed, claiming they know how these small things function, how they think and how to "kill them" without killing everything else around it when they "invade cells". The story telling is as bad as the Christian Bible that Jesus had no part in writing either. Dr. McSpikey keeps pushing this illusion of spike proteins out of one side of his mouth while the other side also says he's got that miracle cure and prevention for the Common Unicorn Spike Ball Disease (CUSBD) and he cannot even prevent Corona Living Unicorn Common Kold Syndrome (CLUCKS). What a clown. Every time we see him we might hand him a box of Kleenex with a red nosed glued on and some camouflage band aids. More follies of the McDoctorate here. Note in this common cold related presentation the McDoctorate mentions "viruscidal nasal sprays" which rhymes with "suicidal nasal sprays" and "homocidal nasal sprays" and "suicide up your nose sprays" which contain poisons that are attracted to the same poisons thus double the poison, likely Nonoxynil-9 or some other terrible poison to "kill the virus" which does not exist. These poisons are appearing now in paper towels, hand soaps, disinfectant sprays and cleaners, and they are now added to what used to be simple salt solution nasal sprays. Why would they do thi$? Since this rotting branch of biology keeps falling on people's heads we need to cut off it's "blood" supply of our hard earned AND easily earned do nothing more than watch $$$ pour into our portfolio $$$ to be safe from these Hustles In Poison (HIP). Even Chicken Little wasn't so stupid as to remain seated there, moving out of this branch's way, keeping to himself in an area of absolute safety (not relative safety) realizing the mob was acting like chickens with their heads cut off with axes in hand looking for "the virus" so they could kill it. Other hustlers can be found here selling you a "universal flu vaccine" that mutated into a different form called Panic Acquired Disease Delusion Engaged Dystopia (PADDED) which padded all their portfolios with your $$$ as they are practicing theology.

VIRUCIDE - said like virus side and raw sewage side

I don't know why but every time I go into a pHarm a cystery now I get dirty looks.

When they talk about CDC guidelines are they talking about the Carbon Dioxide Cult (CDC)?

Some of us dropped the ball. The game being played was called "virus hunting". Too many injuries to continue.

CDC recommended AIDS and HIV "prevention" drugs to "kill viruses" which their science says are not living things. We never see the warning label, they never show you them on TV commercials for PrEP and such, but we found one here in Christine Maggiore's book "What If Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong?" published 1996 on page 29 shows AZT with the skull and crossbones. The chemical is used in biological chemical warfare where you are the warfield using pHARMa cyst products they call "viruscides" which rhymes with "pesticides" and "homocides" and blood cell "suicides". It was reported though not confirmed that CDC says "It couldn't kill a mouse, oh wait it did, still it's not rat poison because to call it that we would have had to have tested it out on rats, we only used it on humans and they are not mice so the science says it's safe and if your friends died horrible deaths from this poi- er I mean treat meant it was the virus that did it."

pay attention kiddies, planned obsolescence also applies to drug companies named pFizer the new improved variant is Mode RNA aka Moderna

if you think they aren't 666 steps ahead of you you are falling behind and will be repeatedly fucked by these firms all owned by the same people basically

Martin Skireli pointed this out like how Jesus did and he too was crucified

same ol same ol

disinfectants are a lie - prove to me the bathroom is infected - infected with what does not exist - that's Horseshit In Virology (HIV)


During the 2019+Kovid+PAN+mischief+Goddemic (also pronounced GOD DAMMIC in an angry voice depending on mood and or context) the doctoratist pHarma cysts would pull out the package insert warning of sidewise+direct effects of the 'corona' shots and it would be blank. Yes blank. Right there in front of you at the counter, blank. Either there's no effects from the poison pills made into injectible liquid or they didn't want you to know how bad they were or they didn't know because you were the roaming lab rat, the horriuble effects were not known as the 8 rats died, they couldn't catch any more and deemed it unethical to experiment on rats any more while the entire population of the world that was stupid enough to trust the science bought and paid for by pHarm a cysts. These HIV should mandate these shots be injected under the nails, then they can promote 10 shots instead of the two they are currently scamming about or would that make it too obvious it's not worth doing at all since preventing dangerous unicorns is not in the public interest, or maybe it is, but are there other ways to safely and effectively stop dangerous unicorns that of course only exist in the mind as on ERRth we live in a virus free flatiety, without safely and effectly destroying cash flows to drug stocks and portfolios?

Joe Whitaker MAN UPP Productions CEO died February 6 2023

Hosted dance parties for the gay crowd. He was an amazing man, told his story of coming out to his family very openly to the world embracing his sexuality and his taste in cigars. His family begged him not to go to California. He said to them he had to go explore the free gay world. After coming to San Diego he created and hosted and other sites opening up a new world for many dudes of all sexual adventures. Then he started up dance circuit in many cities. His story is an inspiration to all. Spoke of his admiration of his dad who smoked cigars. The "cause of his death" was not publicly disclosed. I think Joe helped so many people by being himself, sharing his sexuality so publicly, something so many of us would never do. He set an incredible example for everyone. Thanks for doing that my friend. I wish I had chance to talk with you in more depth, and helped you in return for what you have done for me.

My concern is that he may have succumbed to the corona unicorn song & dance, a performance presented by Mode RNA Med I Sin (MRNAMIS) that had a good 3 year run then just presented reruns. I seemed to had my own kind of run during that time, into a wall trying to express concerns to everyone being led down that Yellow Injection Road (YIR) as I said YIR going down the wrong path, those guidelines are all over the place and right next to dangerous drug pushing cliffs. When even trying to share some things I learned about the "lockdowns" that government believed would help stop viruses from hopping on the air and on dust and traveling great distances without any need for people I was always cut off. Problem is that whole marketing Horseshit In Virology (HIV) "why don't we blow the system up" scumbag medicull system experiemtal flu shots were never promoted as having killed all the lab rats, so gee maybe they are NOT SAFE AND NOT EFFECTIVE. I would guess he too was part of the experiment on humanity. It may have caused him harm. So many died with the other experimental NASTY poison called "aids drugs" of AZT. This is what pHarm a products OFTEN do providing DIRECT EFFECTS they brush off with the deceitful term "side effects" causing harm. Unfortunately it appears he was one of those that cut people off who didn't agree as soon as I tried to tell someone about the fraud, I guess the person complained, the dude called me insane, was pissed, defended government lies, as right after my account was deleted. I wasn't being rude even, just sharing some data but this is often the response of people brainwashed by these Med I Sin Cults (MISC). I realized it was futile to try and how, no access. This was the theme presented as the public got hogwashed into believing that healthy people were "carriers" of what were not ever even proven as "deadly diseases" which was the biggest pile of Horseshit In Virology (HIV) ever presented by that lying industry of virology. Tech companies started doing this same thing, cutting off any discussion, promoting only what the Corrupt Delusion Centers (CDC) wanted for their portfolios (presented as prevention not portfolios). Anyone not joining in on the cult activity of following CDC guidelines that wander all over the road, leading people straight off cliffs and into ditches, as these tech companies, social media shit, and experi MENTAL vaccine push were corralled like cattle as all those behind it, who are now being exposed for their lies, are all in this Med I Sin Shit Show (MISSS) together. With great honor and admiration of Joe Whitaker rest in peace my friend, then rise up again, and maybe if you so choose to harass these bastards from the spirt world for what they did to us until it is THEY that are corralled and the public set free from their Med I Sin Tyrrany (MIST) which of course, like PAN who this industry likes to play with you using the term PAN demic, is mythology and if you can, come back and party with us and help be a role model another time. We miss you dearly.

Wikipedia has a page that regurgitates "official" definitions that are as always all over the map as virology is junk science at best. These "viruscides" and their many many many applications in at least 666 trillion billions of millions of octillions of cubic feet of air space and and 666 times that of surface area make kaching pretty happy. Frankly my dear, I think this is the real reason behind the PLANNED Fake-A-Demic (FAD) Kovid fraud. The money they make selling poisons everywhere probably beat out any trickle of what they make selling vaccines that no one wants any more. And they finally figured out how to get rid of all the China's chemical waste, just spread it all over the planet in small amounts. The page also says "virucides are not meant for use inside the body" which is obvious when you swallow a big mouthful of cock wrapped in condom infused virucide Nonoxynil-9 poison. Might want to avoid those for your health. Virucides are chemical warfare on dangerous unicorns, why do this? Also says not intended for use on the SURFACE OF THE BODY. That would mean don't use condoms infused with Nonoxynil-9 viruscide that by design poisons the unicorn and poisons the blood, why are they even manufactured, who's the idiot that came up with that? Oh, the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) did that to add to their portfolios, to sell more poison chemical$ pouring out of China's repurposed chemical waste factories, now with fluoride to "protect" the teeth of the dangerous unicorns in your blood, and more condoms and keep that fear hysteria train going. Antivirals are virucides as in PESTICIDES. Whoops. Ingesing those AIDS drugs are ingesting viruscide PESTICIDES. Who came up with that kaching? HIV/MEDS were like $1200 per month! That sure solves homelessness for those pHarma cysts! Oh and there's this tid bit listed there as well, of potential serious side-effects with using "QACI" (Quaternary Ammonium Cat Ions pronounced 'quacky') and over-use can have a negative impact on your customers' septic systems such as in mandated enhanced cleaning where they wash linens at hotels in this chemical crap and spray everything and mop and the water is sent into the septic systems and environments everywhere then no one can figure out why the plants are dying so they blame another fake non-existend "virus" and round and round we go, then more pesticides causing cell suicide are used and then you turn on the news and there's a bastardizing report on how pHarm a cystical spinlical drugs are being dumped into toilets and ending up in sewage treatment plants and septic systems and ground water and they exaggerate that ignoring all these chemicals found in new variants of detergents and these QUACKY chemicals that attach themselves to everything as that is what positive ions do.[50]

Our bodies are environmental with septic systems think about this every time you take a piss or poo (cleaning out that septic tank) so negative impacts on your environmental system from Quaternary Amonium Cat Ions (QACI) pronounced "quacky" chemical eat away at everything chemicals derived from China's chemical waste dumps UATs which are being sprayed on your gym equipment, inside restaurants and bathrooms, everywhere, food processing, omg the crackers now taste like detergent I can't even taste excess salt anymore, so you are bathing in and breathing in viruscides (short for virus insecticides which rhymes with blood cell suicides) which are not meant for use inside the body and guess what kiddies that's where all these go, right into your lungs, eating away like it does to your septic system inside your body when you take PrEP and AIDS drugs and HI virus prevention drugs all this crap is POISON.

List of disinfectant poisons offered up by the EPA mentions "citric acid" as killing that

CoViD-666 evil dangerous unicorn. Other killers mentioned are dangerous quaternary ammonium cat ion poisons and some of the companies names who are making LITERALLY A KILLING OFF THE SALES OF THIS POISON and hyper pro overactive psychotic obsessive compulsive cleaning nonsense based on the fear of dangerous unicorns.

Mason Chemical Company and Nanycyn (nano sin?) and Florida Biotech and Zoono Holdings all stand out on page one of 68 pages! Personally I'll go with the citric acid method. Lemon water every meal seems more reasonable. Saved millions of sailors lives from scurvy too. How cum pHARMa cysts don't know this?

By the way how's that Obamacare working out for you? Haven't seen you in 4 years. What? Locked away in your homes? Shut down business? 6 new injections of pHARMa poisons??? You are planning to have 666 in your lifetime! OMG what is wrong with you. Oxygen Deprivation Devices (ODD) for your health? Air filters shoved down your throat? What the fuck kind of kare is that? Social Shit Med I Sin!

To be uncircumcised you first have to be raped where the perpetrator cuts off part of your dick usually at birth where the Fund-A-Mentalist Christians stand there and cheer, then that horror is "undone" which is impossible. To be unstraight you first have to be straight. Ok that can happen. So please stop saying "uncut" and "uncircumcised" there is no such thing. It's intact or it's 1/2 amputated. If you have a dick that was born as it was designed and not mamed where half of it was stolen from you for life by sickos who are all mentally ill child abusers then it's INTACT. If you have one that is "cut" that's fair, you can call it that, but it's more accurate to say "raped" and "sacrificed" to the bloody Med I Sin Cult (MISC) and the sick religious cults used in ritual for their redemption or sick perversions or what not.


What's this? TWO definitions of "vaccine"?  Which one should I use?
Oh, one is prior to the CoViD-666 hustle and the other is during the hustle.
This new definition stands today. See if you notice what changed.

So the Centers for Delusion Control and Prevention of the erosion of their massive cash flows and drug portfolios that they all participate in building and spending which used to be known as CONFLICT OF INTEREST changed the definition of "vaccine" did you know? It no longer provides "immunity" ever, only a RESPONSE. If you are hit by someone there is a response NOT immunity you can be hit again and again. That's what you get now when your body is hit by pHARMa cyst warped chemical injections, a hit, not immunity. A cup of coffee hits you in the morning, it does not make you immune to being tired, it stimulates a response maybe that's better. So does a cup of yogurt or a banana. An apple a day keeps doctorate psychopaths away. In fact so does food in all groups. Each day your body works it's response system, the "immune system" is a marketing construct there is no such thing in humans you cannot be immune to anything only responsive. If a virus (dangerous unicorn) hits you, the body responds, it does not immunize you, nothing does.

The public was NEVER provided immunity by any vaccine.

The cold and flu is created not caught. Vaccines do not work. Everything viro LIE gee is a hustle.

Testing for dangerous unicorns is a joke.

In the video music presentation "War Pigs" it starts off showing the stars that blanket the sky that we see here from ERRth that some astroNOTS say they don't remember seeing when "they were in space on the plasma" in 1969's other big fat fraud as is going to war with dangerous unicorns they call "viruses".

King$ and Queen$ and Joker$ are all giving themselves legal immunty now as they sing the tune$ of getting 666+ shots of pHARMa sludge in a lifetime while they use their new form of Zyclon B+ spray to keep you safe from dangerous unicorns in your buildings made of Quaternary Amonium Cat Ions that stick to everything and circumcise your blood cells and your ceramic tiles. Fret not though, all you have to do is imagine everything will be just fine no matter how much the Horseshit In Virology (HIV) cuts through logic, circumcision of blood cells is as safe as doing that to your cock on the farm that afterwards cock a doodle doosy's every AM screaming what the fuck kind of Med I Cull System (MICS) is that that you are a follower of, sounds pretty sick to me cock a doodle doo noo harm?

Another clown that gets a big fat paycheck of your money from there is that leather stud HIV/AIDS "prevention" director that works with this guide line company that obviously gets it's lessons in guidelines from 2 year olds that scribble in coloring books who also make stuff up in their minds and drunken sailors that got jobs as painters of guidelines on highways near cliffs who by the end of the day have consumed 666 calories of alcohol and the guidelines on the road are all over the map. It's like these clowns are blind to the fact that viruses were never proven absolutely to exist any more than Santa Clause and they are leading the blind without guide line dogs. No longer do I try to "wake people up" who are blind being led by the blind in this bizarro world of imaginary viruses expecting them to see, I am Jesus Xmist, I heal their visionary systems, they can now see through the lies of modern a Med I Sin Cult Hustles In Virology (MISC/HIV). Praise be to Satan who would never be so stupid nor evil to hack off body parts or circumcise blood cells with pHARMa cystery. Note: I looked up circumcision in the Satanic Bible, it does not exist. It's all over the other sicko bibles. I hear Dr. McSpikey has a new product to deal with the Santa Spike Protein Knives embedded right in the product.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a shining light in a swamp infested world of religious sickery and contradictions that keep heads spinning and then those spinners tell us they see the world as it is. The absurdity of the responses that the Fundamentalist Religionists give in offense to these great guys that dress up as "women" in "drag" is so comical, so it really should be looked at as "the world's a stage" though I always add to that "and it's also an orchestrated pit".

To understand anything you first have to derstand it. If you don't derstand you cannot understand. Same with uncut dick, you cant't be uncut without being first cut. Stop saying UNCUT there is no such thing. You can be INTACT or hacked 60% the fuck off but you cannot be uncut without first being horribly abused as a child. You were as a man born INTACT the sickos in Med I Sin Cults (MISC) formed your body ito the image they wanted, they believe they are God, they did not like looking at that robust phallus as God made you as it made themselves feel lesser than God. That part apmutated phallus in your hand as you piss every day was not born that way. You were robbed, tortured, your foreskin beaten, you were sexually abused in the most horrific way. So those in MISC improved on God's creation? No they ruined it. Forever sexual pleasure has 60% of it ripped away. Your most sacred body part next to your brain which you mostly think with was modified TRANS formed dick and it's nerves that were hacked away never send those signals to the brain and the whole body ever again after that. It's HARD to face what was done to us but it's a step in partial healing and finding new strength. We were abused as an infant. Who's stopping this holocaust? Can we see hands? Well the crickets raised theirs. It's a start. Pretty sad when a society dismismalprioritizes not protecting baby men from sexual cutting predators which includes as we discovered the world of Christiandom that every January 1 of each year for thousands of ongoing years celebrates the Feast of the Circumcision of Christ as seen on the Gregorian calendar every New Years Day. Seems they are perpetuating this holocaust.

So Christiandom says out of one side of it's mouth that we are created in the image of God and to accept ourselves as god made us, "horrible sinners" who "need Salvation"? Scuze me! So what do they do to that image? Transsexualize it. ROFL/INF/THEY promote circumcision to TRANS SEXUALIZE the image of God. What freaks. They go around mocking transexuals while they are transsexuals themselves or are ones that promote the TRANS formation and change of the image of God that they are born with or others are born with, into some bizarro new form that is TRANS sexualized without half it's dick skin and function. I dumped that sick religious cult of Christiandom decades ago though I just realized it the last time I took a piss and noticed what was horrifically done to me and my buddy Jesus. We are now working together to stop this sin. Problem is if we end the sin who would need this distorted religion to lean on for forgiveness of what we never did to ourselves.

Dude what are you leaning on? Viruses do not exist.

meet sexy tattooed gay leather dude Dimetre

He works for big pHARMa that is the CDC prevention department of HI viruses never proven to exist with goals to prevent the bucket of diseases, 666 in total now, granted a label as if it's one disease "AIDS". Now they promoted ingesting small amounts of rat poison for your hellth, AZT/RATS poison, killed the test animals, it's a chemo drug, now gays are told to do chemo every day of their lives, chemo is well known as toxic, THEY DON'T CARE they just care about shutting people up and making money.

In the 1980's AIDS/DAZE everyone bought the lies, activism started and got fueld by more lies by pHarm a, and the activists and the world demanded government fix it. Along came the savior, big pHarm a, the "a" stands for a Med I Sin Cult (aMISC). Virucidal which rhymes with homocidal Medi Sins are all based on this principle of poisoning the cells in order to kill dangerous unicorns. The Med I Sin Cult (MISC) is not Absolutely Fabulous! All they ever do is hunt dangerous unicorns. Talk about song and TAP dance. The show is a flop, utter disaster. Fauci the head of the snake brought to the public a failed chemo drug. Kaching. They bought it. They believed the lies.

Any one notice they never in 40 years required you take AIDS/DRUGS to have a job like they did with the novel fiction cold & flu virus? Can't catch it without sex? Really now, the HIV tells us that it's in body fluids, that would be a sneeze. Wakey. HIV said long ago it has sex with dust, it's everywhere. Oh it's only in cum? Test my cum then not my blood. I asked for a cum test once, they said they don't have it. Gee why? Blood tests don't find what does not exist. Blood tests only find biological stew, they never isolate out any particle called "virus" they whole industry is a scam.

In the debate between Ron DeSantis and former mayor of San Francisco and now governor of California who locked his subjects down for 3 years and threw the key down the toilet like a spoiled child when told he couldn't keep doing that to people any longer than 2 weeks minus 2 weeks = ZERO weeks, DeSantis held up a stupid smart ass app that shows documented reports of poop in the city. It covered the whole map of the city with feces. These reports came in daily or weekly and were soon cleaned up so this map is shit like most poopy smart stupid apps that distort reality. Never is the city covered in feces but television news is every night. And now we have the internet which makes this poopy situation worse. The point though that is valid is that the governor is not the model for the country. The governing model of telling people who trusted authorities in HELLth kare and mis mal dis governing to shut down their business for 2 weeks to slow the spread of what is only ever DANGEROUS UNICORNS as seen in dreams Dorothy had in the Wizard Of Oz movie and they did it, then were told a month and they did it, then for 666 years then they finally kinda figured it out and that the state is not a model for the country as the poop model highlights that this state cannot even handle Toilet Access Problems (TAP) providing them for everyone. Just today I saw a porta-potty sitting in a parking lot, I thought "Oh finally that is great, for the elderly who are always having to take a piss and they are shut out of stores because they claim the homeless keep messing up their bathrooms so their solution is to just close them to the public, there, in the parking lot, they can at least use that." As I got closer to it as I was driving out of the lot I saw it was chained closed. No access. Where the fuck in a society that has cars and buildings everywhere and money and prosperity are they supposed to handle business around business? This state always just closes bathrooms down, like when dudes cruise for sex, the governing would rather shut the bathrooms down to everyone rather than have that. The bathroom might end up being used by homeless all the time and smell like piss and unbathed homeless people as they wash themselves up there. It's inconvenient for some that visit, like families, so they complain, and the governing bodies just "fix that problem" by closing them. The HELLth departments if they are open fumigate them with pesticide chemicals to kill dangerous unicorns "to be safe" now they upped that spraying to 666x what they used before to make sure they keep people safe from what does not exist. Then when people go see their doctor (where they also spray and clean with these poison QUATs) about respiratory problems they blame the dangerous unicorn that originated from a computer lab in China rather than listen to the canary that came from the coal mines that the retardocrats shut down "to be safe" and the canary is gasping, on it death bed, Twittering "It's the chemicals stupid. It was NEVER this bad in the coal mines ever". So DeSantis was good to point out the innefective governing in California by showing a map of all the poop that leaders leave behind all over the place, in public, when they make their stupid ineffective decisions to close toilets thust creating a massive Toilet Access Problem (TAP). Where's Waldo? Looking for a toilet still?

What do you mean you can't find Waldo? There's an electron microscope image there right in front of you he's there standing to the HI virus unicorn. Just like with finding viruses it should be easy to just make up whatever you need to, tell your friends "yes I can see him he's right there"



I will now get a prescription for lemon water instead of poison AIDS drugs.

The EPA says "citric acid" can be used to kill viruses.

List of disinfectant poisons shows a non-toxic one to use so why ruin the environments we live in being our homes, businesses, and our bodies with chemicals that act as poisons?

Wikipedia says citric acid is part of many "acidic" fruits. I think I will have orange juice every day instead of poison PrEP pills every day to prevent viruses. I guess that would include preventing monkey business pox and CoViD-666 pox.

CDC and Simon Faucistein says to kill viruses use poison AZT which is rat poison, killed all the rats in the 1970's when it was an experimental chemo drug as pointed out in Christine Magiore's book WHAT IF EVERYTHING YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW ABOUT AIDS WAS WRONG (see page excerpt below) a dangerous drug never approved for human use until Doctorate Franken Fauci came to town with his elixers and traveling side effect direct effect special effect shows and the hyperprooveractivists were terrorized by corporate pHARMa seas of lies making them think they were in danger back in the 1980's where at that time they demanded deranged experimental drug wolves be let out of their cages (AZT).

CDC is a chemical company, recommends Quaternary Amonium Cat Ions (QUCI) pronounced "quacky" poisons be poured and sprayed on everything all day and all night, even pouring it on those Oxygen Deprivation Devices (ODD) to breathe in instead of chloroform. 

Doctorate "Spikey" McCullough says to kill spike balls made of protein that kids play with you need to take his herbal remedies. Then we see him online after Thanksgiving overindulgence selling his NOVEL as in FICTION and STORY TELLING prevention and cure elixers while he tells us "I am just coming off a cold" sniffling, tired eyes, LOL, common cold (corona virus) his prevention elixers aren't working but for 3 fucking years he's been trashing vaccines. As a cardiologist he's been testifying to governing committees, Arizona senate, all around the world trashing vaccines, but uses this as part of his herbal cures platform to cleans the body of the never proven to exist "spike protein" which has been flailed around in other fear porn hustles. Spike balls nor viruses never proven to exist but that does not stop drama and never ending sales pitch in it's track$ on the world's a stage.

For reference to dispell any conspiracy theories you might have that I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about, as I claim that EPA has presented this citric acid take lemon juice instead as fact, here is the EPA list of killer disinfectant poisons include citric acid that "kills viruses".**

Notice it's stated "citric acid was first isolated". They do not isolate viruses. They pretend to, doing it ONLY IN THEIR MIND with their junk science analysis and claims. They deceive the public by creating a broader definition of "isolation" in virology to include what goes on in their imaginations. They NEVER isolate any virus in physical form as we are LED TO BY DECEIT to believe. Christine Massey an excellent expert biostatition has pointe this out with 220 responses to FOIA requests for such evidence of physical isolation as we all understand it, all responses came back "we do not have the information you requested" which is "we don't have proof any virus actually exists in any physical form in the universe".

**That is their claim, so they say which is odd because no science has ever fully proven the existence of ANY VIRUS but they are all sailing and partying in their yachts having too much fun to care and come down from their highs and illusions to pay attention to the reality of the non existence of any virus as that would immediately end the party. This citric acid is not the killer that we find with the repurposed China chemical waste is that kills everything it touches by poisoning it to death as what happens with AIDS drugs, massacreing blood cells by the millions, no it rather would do it selectively, as it's not a dangerous chemical, it's in oranges and lemons, it's not a concentrated poison, it would if ingested be a part of cleaning and build cells so they are workhorses, cleaning out what it does not need. If all these government agencies in telling us about virus killing methods were worth a dime, they would realize and tell the public that all claims about any need to "kill viruses" are based on junk science of virology but as Doctorate Franken Fauci stated himself THEY ARE the junk science.

Virology's junk science is so bad it's like they claim they can make a safe and effective microwave oven without a door and they tell you "just download the app to protect you, it will warn you if you try to put your hand in there if it's microwaving"

A quick and effective and safe comparison of science in it's different forms of JUNK SCIENCE and ABSOLUTE MEASURE SCIENCE and ABSOLUTE PROOF SCIENCE consider the scientist who says they have created a microwave oven that is safe and effective at both cooking food fast and efficiently AND it also is so much more convenient as his new product developed at warp speed and sold to the public as an emergency in order to save energy and time has no door on it. It would be rather simple to absoultely prove that his invention is shit and is extremely dangerous and cannot be allowed to be marketed under any scenario even in a "public emergency". That science would be easy to prove and show off to the public, to governing bodies, regulatory agencies that often do help protect the public from harm. In virology we are being presented nothing more than fantasies as there is no science that can absolutely prove anything based on what has never been shown to physically exist in the form of what they claim is DEADLY. The microwave oven without the door can be absolutely proven to be deadly, no IMAGINARY "virus" can meet that same criteria of absolute proof of their claims, ever, anywhere on ERRth. So without proof of any ABSOLUTE MEASURE of any virus they claim exists how can they create and improve on controlling, preventing, and killing these imaginary creatures? They cannot. It's all smoke & mirrors and dog & pony shows with thrown in traveling Med I Sin Side Shows (MISSS) the boat. image of microwave oven withoutt door by Easysayg

Public HELL thfund$ (your money) that spreads the lie that viruses are real should all be cut off they are a rotting branch of biology and those branches have been falling on people killing them for at least 40 years now while the mad scientist who is that science has been guidelining gays off the cliff, and even 100+ years when in the "Spanish Flu" of 1918 they fed victims of pHARMa cysts mega doses of aspirin that made holes in their stomachs and brains and they blamed "a virus". I watched my friends die of DoctoRATe Frankenfauci do his toxic chemical drug pushing during this poisoning of the people Holocaust In Virology (HIV) starting in the 1980's what a torture chamber that was. Many survived by avoiding that war. What's this? A page out of a book showing AZT is a killer warning label? Skull and crossbones means poison.

page showing AZT is toxic warning label from Christine Maggiore book "What if everything you thought you knew about AIDS was wrong?" and label in recent VIRICIDES used to "kill viruses" offered in COMBIVIR does not show that skull and crossbones as it's a new recipie but that same AZT drug is there. When the public was warned about this in the 1980's and 1990's they changed the labeling so that scary image would not be there so they could increase sales as their priorities always LIE in their PREVENTION of viruses spreading even though their junk science has NEVER proven ANY virus exists

Blood supply apples - Peggy Hall talks about the inconsistencies of blood donations and "testing", we already know the whole thing is a disaster as for one, gay blood has been discriminated since the 1980's while out of the other sides of their mouths they claim they have tests that "find virus". It's all Horseshit In Virology (HIV). Literally the Med I Sin Systems Editing Disasterous Information Theatricks (MISSEDIT) is after your blood. Giving your blood away is pretty stupid especially if you are gay and don't tell them that then later realize you should have told them and then they freak the fuck out and throw your worthless dangerous gay blood in the trash, no actually send it to a poison control center for proper dangerous blood removal which ODDly when the coronahole-666 horror show unfolded no one was told to ONLY dispose of their killer virus Oxygen Deprivation Device (ODD) floaty particle collection 2 way diapers on their faces in those red biological hazard bins, none were ever seen anywhere so it's more proof of their continued Horseshit In Virology (HIV) approaches. The vaccinated inclusiveists that may have had salt water placebos or Meningitis of all things in a vaccine as people were all roaming lab rats in their sick experiment, say that if you had a shot of pHARMa cyst goo you can donate, but others who haven't cannot so those vaccine passports are still functioning. When things don't make sense as is always the case in virology it deserves to be dumped in land fills.

Left side note offers right side note: politics often dictates public health policy instead of absolute proven science.

Hey all you shithead disinclusiveist inclusivists, during that coronahole-666 fraud you participated in where they told you it was only safe to enter if you had one of those bizarro injections of who knows what, did you not hear on that shit news station you get your medical advice from that FDA stated during hearing just before they approved humans to be experimented on by pHARMa cyst 'kovid' shots that they could be 1) salt water placebo 2) mRNA slime 3) Meningitis vaccine goop. You got punked. Explain to us how salt water injections protect anyone. Explain to us how Meningitis vaccine as a placebo did not harm anyone when they are proven harmful.

"Remember that time when the government told us to take a vaccine......."


The case against Bonnie Henry a dictator in public HELL located in Obamacare, Canada.

Christine Anderson with Rebel News on the power grabs and rape perpetrated by the World Hell Organization which presents itself as ruler of the universe but its an unelected body run by billionaires cannot be allowed to govern anyone's individual health. All they really care about is money using the fraud of viruses as one of their biggest crowbars.

PCR "testing" for never proven to exist viruses uses mathematical calculations that are in the trillions to guess what's there. It's not exact science, it's pseudo science. It's junk science. HIV test results and CoViD test results are as accurate as what any other sleasy used car salesman or repurposed chemical waste from China product tells you.

Del Bigtree covers WHO bogus claims they need more power to fake control fake pan demics.

The HIV are now pushing 6 shots of pHarma cyst goo in you if you match the TV ads showing gay dudes having happy lives. They also push getting tested before each one. Kaching away! This is the foundation of publichealth, money. Here's a test for your doctor, ask they why has not California Deparment of PublicHealth (notice the squished words which presents new legal definition) presented when asked for proof of any virus existing anywhere in this world and not just up Uranus and the rock, planet, rock, planet "trust the science done by a vote" that is DEMOCRATICALLY making decisions for you based on rocks in heads, they respond with "we do not have the evidence you request". 

LGBTQWERTY2A3BC4+SHUTTHEDOORs are rapidly joining the OXYGENARIAN cult and telling businesses and employers AND relative nuts that if they ever demand they cut off or cut down their oxygen supplies in any form including man dated breath diapers in order to participate fully in society or enter "their buildings" their equal rights and religious rights are being violated so best not to interfere with those and so it's time we add yet another letter to never ending ever expansive kooky acronyms.

The junk science of virology is so distorted it's like they interpret this partial view of the movie

Flashing Oars from 1927 as when someone breaks their back and goes to a hospital it was caused by 78 RPM vintage records that spun off the spinning ERRth at 1000 MPH and when anyone corrects them they get into their mode of Psychopathic Liar Syndrome (PLS) click on the image to watch the movie for full context

There are no "side" effects from drugs there are only direct effects. The drug poisons directly affect by poisoning the cell, how else would they "kill viruses" by using sea water? Well yea of course that too, they used purified sea water in the common cold vaccines (corona virus unicorns) as placebos while they shut your friends out you may have just got a shot of sea water as the whole thing was AN EXPERIMENT using you as roaming lab rats. So next time you get a chance, maybe tell your corporate representatives that represent drug companies in CON gress to please stop funding experiments against viruses using sea water and poison. Oh and they also may have given you and others a Meningitis vaccine shot as part of those placebos, which in the 1918 flu killed off many soldiers used in that drug pushers experiment. Also might tell your leaders to stop funding all this junk science of theirs.

I saw a photo today of a "grown man" playing with a toy train set on Elon Musk's Xmas December 25th. He actually looked like a young adult in late teens but none the less depending one's perspective he could maybe be claimed to be an adult. In stark contrast, virologists appear to act like children playing with their science experiment sets and toys and act like nasty brats at that torturing animals experimenting on them, they are psychos. The man playing with a train set may have learned to be an engineer of a train or some related profession when he played with his toys he developed into a great model citizen. This simply is never the case in the bizarro world of virology.

Virology studies image of BMW flying in the air doing acrobatics. It determines it's part of a circus act and that cars can fly on their own. 5th grader studies it with his 2 year old sister, they determine it was going too fast, and that it does not have any ability to fly on it's own like airplanes.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but here goes,

Next bandwagon please.

When virologists look at this image they see viruses budding from the cell. when a child looks at something they equally use their imagination to try to explain to adults what they think they see. When Hustlers In Virology (HIV) see this they say it's spike proteins and Kovid-666 that is evil and will kill you which it never does. They are warped. They have agendas that conflict with what your agenda would be if you understood how everything they say in virology is novel science fiction.

When Warped Speed Hustlers In Virology (WS/HIV) like Trump and Peter McSpikey see this they see dangerous spike proteins and have spike protein repair solvent or warped injection needles filled with pHARMa cyst concoctions no one in their right mind would inject into themselves unless they are on drugs such as TV/NEWS.

This was presented in 1927 in a film showing cells budding from cells which is like humans budding from humans also known as birth and also known as normal every day life. In the FILM which is moving pictures, not an isolate picture as seen here in this movie snapshot of that 1927 medical science film it shows these new baby cells budding out and then swimming around all happy. The HIV call it a threat so they can sell you their "fix". In the 2020 hindsight wars they sold a lot of it.

If Fauci and 99.666% of doctors and virologists looked at the film which I am sure 99.666% of them have not, they would say that based on 34,523,234,222,666 papers stacked all the way to the moon which we hear the Doctorat McSpikey babble "in a paper by..." ones they have not ever fully read, that this proves there are monsters in you that are swimming around and will kill you so you better take that shot with claims your body doesn't know what to do with itself.

Many of you instead you go home and have a shot of whiskey, notice immediatly it's laxing effect after they scared you, and live another 99.666 years dying of natural causes some day while ending life not in a hospital bed, rather in a nice place you choose, surrounded by people who care and do not bill anyone afterwards for their authentic caring nature.

If government lies to our face about "going to outer space" when they are obviously in movie studios where do their lies end? Notice the studio lighting and square ass monitors overhead in the reflection of "outer space". How much more obvious does it need to be? This is not a picture of anything in outer space it is in a studio.

Hustlers In Med I Sin Corruption (HI/MISC)

watch out for those film cutters

the digger you deeper in the quackery

A PUBLIC SERVICE OF i M G A Y. .c o m and keep in mind nothing here is Medi CULL advice that's the departments of HELL thcare & Medi Sins response-ability