i M G A Y . c o m

Horseshit In Virology the White Lie House (WLH) finally "ends" the fake-A-demic mandate for blood cell rape with sticky gooy adjuvants after 3 long septic years in governing HELL th kare based on Frank Faucistein's 40 years of mad junk science. It ended May 2023 XCEPT that Centers for Delusion Control just cannot let it go still guideline wearing masks, shoving up everyone's ass, and being raped with pHARMa cum shots, I think they are holics should seek a THErapist. The reporter keeps referring to "the virus" which has never been proven to ever exist except in the imagination. The other reporter keeps repeating being "vaccinated" but the legal definition of vaccine changed to stimulant so if anyone says "get vaccinated" change that in your mind to "get a cup of coffee" or go exercise. In contrast we have good science by Dr. Lee Merritt comparing the approach junk science of virology uses and how most of us keep seeing something amiss in virology to a good episode of "Murder She Wrote" as you follow down the path of the story and clues you just cannot accept the stories being told by those being questioned about the murder of good science.

Ewww, what's this new goop on our produce? Where did it pHARMa cum from? Tiz another repurposed chemical fluid identity of some new prophylactic being ejaculated on our food and it reminds us of "THE SPECIAL".

DEFINITELY watch this movie on Redbox this is fantastic bizarre twist of a psychological thriller make sure no one spoils it!

Fake women categories they no longer exist in the real world anymore when transformers take charge and compete unfairly.

Fluffers should do what they are good at, soon as they open their mouths in public as in many of these "journalists" that now reach into the 666 millions as it's so easy to "connect" now on place book and chirper they make us choke. Trump's a big fluffer. Many of these big mouths are. Sales pitches by drug dealers got the gays into the endless dangerous unicorn wars and then we blame homelessness on everyone but ourselves. They demanded drugs in the 1980's and 90's. They trust their dangerous unicorn science.

VHC (Vaccine Hesitancy Counterists) pull a lot of tricks out of their magic marketing bullshit hats, one is the claim that the disinformists (better known as a good friends telling you the truth about a scumbag that keeps lying and stealing from you) are making money on selling you their wares. So here we have those selling their junk science wares telling us that those who sell their balanced science wares are bad. That's what slease drug dealers in the medical con game profession do.

Utah goes after porn to "protect minors" forcing age verification, while it does nothing to stop the ritual religious sexual abuse of circumfrence cutting of the baby man's most private part one that he often thinks with thus suggesting that it's a partial lobotomy which might explain why most of those politicians who can't think straight and are straight fundamentalist Judeoists that have suppressed the horror of what happened to them at birth and they may be simply projecting their trauma onto porn companies instead of getting help. An article makes this case, "In principle, restricting access to pornography for underaged individuals is right. Pornography can be violent, deviant, disturbing, and nightmare-inducing. It could cause psychological disturbance among young children, and any post-traumatic stress induced could be permanent, or take ages to resolve." Note the statement that pictures can be violent, that would be that the image shows violence though that would be more on the rare side most porn just shows sexual pleasure, without such humanity would not exist. Some might suggest we age verify all men at birth to make sure they are not sexually abused by the dick chopping industry anymore until they are of legal age to make such gender change decisions.

The law of cawz and affect Germ Warfare and Dr. Andrew Kaufman discuss "There are many types of knowledge that have made it through the ages".

People are intrigued with JFK/JR now running for president. The guy has a speech impediment and doens't do anything to make hearing him better on his home office podcasts. I sent suggestion nothing changes. If he can't fix that what else will he overlook? Said anyone against the climage change scam should be put behind bars. That's democrats for you.

Anheiser was butch but now made it easy to choose between a Bud Light or DRINKING PISS no this Bud's not for me but my bud's piss is welcome any time instead of any corporate retard trans piss on you crap fluid gender beer lunacy

Another win in court the virus theory is pseudo science

Stop and go traffic energy yea that makes sense and to fake fix that problem inherent in puke green energy systems the electric transmission highway they will add energy pool lanes so it just makes it all worse except for the energy they transfer, yours to theirs, in all their portfolios.

Climate con$ have bugs on your plates (not theirs they eat steak and caviar) telling you it's to "save the planet" and "keep oil in the ground" as the menu boast them being fried in oil. Let me know the moment they ban cooking oil to save the planet if they were at all genuine and not all full of shit they would be telling us to stop using cooking oil instead they just keep using more of it and cook in it and make blood cell rape devices with it.

Push for "net zero" emissions is hot air emissions not based on reality why do these people constantly lie? For example they ALWAYS show "emissions" like this in doom and gloom coloring fake CGI trickery instead of how they are in real life, like clouds, blue skies, clean steam coming from these stacks. They are all cons and delusionists.

photoshopped distortion of the truth this is not reality it's scare tactic$ for cash flow of your energy to their portfolio$

Water vapor escapes into the atmosphere from a power plant that uses clean energy to produce electricity. This is how it looks in real life adjusted to look normal notice it's just like a cloudy day this represents reality as what's in these clouds in these three stacks is what's in clouds in the sky 99.999999% of it just water vapor and steam. Here's how retarded it all gets, they want to put carbon back in the ground, then they deny putting carbon back in the ground. Everything Greed New Deal is psychotic energy and a $$$ energy transfer scheme.

Pathogens do not exist! Pathogen: a specific causative agent.

Transitional gender fraud exposed at a simple poker tournament ROFL

Corporate drug dealing news called out for their LIES they read to sell their crap

I was telling one of these Virus Cult Worshiping Freaks (VCWF) that in 40 years 40 of my friends and acquaintences died from Dr. Frank Faucistein's "the special" drug pushing agenda and that my friend's grandma died in the Kovid-19 runway experiment in 2021 after being injected 6.66 times with experimental repurposed Wuhan's chemical factory waste in a syringe (before he died) and the response I got from all the dangerous unicorn cult worshiping members was to point out his grandma could not have died because she died 40 years prior. Emphaisis was placed on accusation that he lied lied lied and the lie spotters wouldn't let it go. Then she (had an identity crisis suddenly and demanded I call him she) focused on that exaggeration rather than the 666 billion presented the world in virology that blames dangerous unicorns that have as most all unicorns do not exist. The they refuses to let go of the idea that 99.999% of the public can be so duped by con men in governing that all of them bought the lie and that everything they were told about dangerous unicorns was untrue and used to scam people out of their cash while giving them pacifiers and that virology is all over the map of contradictions and lack of evicence, they will fight you with their last breath to lash out at you and create the illusion with all their friends and doctors they stupidly trust, that you are the fool as their egos just cannot handle that there is no HI caused by a particle of nothing that all disease is caused by recipies and often those recipies call for poison pills to be added to the flour. The theys cannot handle the most basic of logic that virology contradicts, if a virus was "the cause" of anything then everyone would be affected the same way everywhere on the planet as the wind and air carries every tiny unicorn everywhere easier than dust.

Shut up and sit down, if the water on the oceans was going to rise banks wouldn't invest in ANY real estate in Florida, any questions or are you going to remain stuck in your putrid smelly raw sewage climate cult that is purely based on your fucking ego$?

They're all in this together virology does not work based on the scientific method it works on the financial method. They make money gushing from killer drugs. The HELL th care system could kare less about you. Fauci killed many of my friends with his septic poison AZT a killer chemo drug repurpo$ed from the 1970's and now grandma dies alone behind glass gagged with Remdesivir. How can anyone be so stupid to believe government HELL th goons that demands you be FUCKING RAPED with chemical injections is on your side. Too much shit television that's how.

Actually drag in the military is nothing new just more publicized.

OMG the conservative retard gushing over Tucker Carlson leaving Fox News and the liberal retard gushing as well claiming he is a hateist and Wicked Witch of the West, they don't get it, they are all in it together. They all pushed the retard Kovid runway agenda. All they care about is their massive salaries. Stupid is as stupid watches. Already the guy gets a $100 million 5 year contract offer. Meanwhile the retard squad members gush about Fox News now being clean and fresh free from Tucker. What fucking idiots.

California streets are all racist. Spanish names dominate. Will governing goons that fight with shadows and dangerous uincorns balance this inequitable treatment out? Peggy Hall has some critique

mRNA is another fraud prove it's real they are MESSING WITH YOU it's marketing bullshit EVERYTHING VIRUS IS BULLSHIT JUNK SCIENCE. Tom Cowan called out this lie in detail everything genetics is distorted.

HI is also junk science why do they keep repeating the LIE of having an "immune" system there is no such thing as "immunity" we have response systems.

Hell thofficial states the state has no interest in mandating rape of blood and body by shit pHARMa products. Christine Anderson exposes the goal was never about "public health" it was about raping us.

US Surgeon General Of Endless Wars On Dangerous Unicorns (USSGOEWODU) declares yet another war this latest one to keep busy sucking all your money is on lonliness after they created the problem with their fake demic. That's all these fuckers do, they work for the drug dealers. This latest bafoon (in the 1980's he looked like Santa Clause) claims lonliness is as bad as cigarettes. Odd thing, those who smoke had better lung conditions than those who don't during this war on the latest snowflake variant of dangerous unicorns that while being different they are all the same. We learned early on not to listen to anything drug dealers tell us as they all have their own best portolio interest in mind.

People are pronouns stop using them.

Purebloods now held in great esteem "I will gladly stand by you and fight".

To protect young pronouns Utah has created a law to ban access to pornouns without proof of age. Pornhub responds by blocking access from Utah. If such a law worked they could simply create a law requiring proof of old age before dying and that would save young lives. Not sure if they are planning proof of age law there in order to castrate others, they certainly don't require any baby consent or provide proof of being of proper adult consent age before hacking off part of their dicks, probably because their sick religions that embrace private male body part hacking forbid forbidding it in order to obtain salvation.

The truth of pox nonsense disease

The hyperprooveractivist gets in a tizzy about the religious dick cutting cult of Judeos lying to their kids telling them there's a Santa Clause in the countract then of course lies to kids telling them they can be cats and the writer that claims Christmas is under attack makes sure we know about this hypocricy. ROFL

Emissions cult doesn't want supply chains it wants people in chains after Berkely was banned from banning natural gas, New York State of lawyers and thugs in governing formerly called mafias claim they will ban gas stoves. This has become so glaringly obvious that all these games are about lawyers and politicians and all interlocking directorates billing the public. They did this with Kovid and they do it with everything.

Gay QUERTY drama at Wikipedia! Jimmy Wales who notoriously has been repeatedly called out for censoring the truth about viruses merely being dangerous unicorns especially in regards to HIVAIDS which was called out as a fraud long ago who instead always demanded only the Horseshit In Virology remain intact so finally his admin ability has been circumcised!

Historical view of the barbaric medical industry cabinet card shows a university medical commitee about to saw off a live dog's head in the 1880's Fauci tortured dogs routinely and government laughed it off all the way to the banks and portfolio streams of endless cash flows redirecting your money to themselves, this is who they are monsters of evil. Maybe this cabinet card was just staged to scare people at the time or maybe it was part of obtaining grant funding and still staged let's give them the benefit of the doubt but with the entire industry we know for the last 100 years they routinely sacrifice pets and torture animals so they can sell you their Horseshit In Virology (HIV) and rape your blood cells to wage endless wars on dangerous unicorns.

Gassing the public in quarantine camps and hospitals and in food stores the elephant in the room left as no one paid any attention to him.

Gays Against Groomers

The gay community once worked diligently for inclusion in society and the radicals have hijacked it into completely restructuring society and language to fit ONLY their bizarre selfish and sick cutting transformation ritual sacrifice to their gods. There are millions upon millions of gays that want nothing to do with this alphabet demandist religion. So as I explore I see they too are alphabetists with a whole list of acronymized associates. I think I will start my own group calling out the stupidity of acronyms. Acronyms should be banned and banndwagons should be banned it's all a waste of time. Has anyone put straight and gay together here? If a gay boy is transgendered into a girl then guess what you idiots it becomes straight. It's preference doesn't change does it while it does. I thought it was illegal to condition anyone regarding their sexual preference, yes indeed, these transformists are breaking their own rules!

The eLOTA community movie fops at the box office LOL eLOTA is the 666 billionth acronym ever made which is the shortened version of "eleven Letters Of The Alphabet" which is what the insanists have created now with LGBTQYXA2S+ branding using eleven letters of the aplhabet with numbering and symbols now also added to what was a simple expression that used to be just called "gay" so since most of us are sane normal people could you kindly leave us the fuck out of your Manufactured Delusions (MD). You are all now in a cult of Disinclusion Illusionism Extremism (DIE) while claiming you are inclusive and we want no part of it especially when it's now being forced onto kids in your sick cutting rituals.

TOOL for exploring transwarped identies

Liberal governor Michigan approves toxic fume plant then obsessive compulsates on carbon dioxide "cleanup" (a non-toxic air not gas) these people are evil all they care about is their portfolios not Kalamazoo residents. Workers leave work end of day to the suburbs and the factories pump it up higher.

Someone started a carbon blanket charity finally some action on helping climate and helping the carbon blanketless in winter

Vaccines are rape

Therapist - THE RAPIST - omg

Backdoor approaches are rape The medical rape industry is sick.

In 2020 the mantra of the cult became "No one is forcing you to be raped by big pHARMa, but if you refuse you're fired" VACCINES ARE RAPE OF BLOOD CELLS AND ARMS AND THOSE TESTS UP YOUR FUCKING NOSE ARE RAPE AND IT'S ALL  RAPE AS IT'S ALL BASED ON LIES AS VIRUSES ARE A MADE UP FAIRY TALE

The Contagion Myth

"VIRUSES" are simply dangerous unicorns watch a book report on Dr. Cowan's best seller book

reviewed by Dr. Alex Lee here

The late David Crowe spoke about science in his first podcast episode he did alone on 2/25/2014 and how it now serves the corporate interest instead of serving the truth in study and analysis "many ideas in science are infected with fuzzy concepts" he says. Critique of weird--19 "science" also in Czech, French, German, Spanish, Korean here's how virologists logic works, they claim a virus causes a disease thus the disease is caused by a virus. They never provide any absolute measures in proving such at all. The logic is like saying a car caused an the accident thus the accident was caused by the car when there is only a belief in the car as there is no cars anywhere to be seen. No one on Earth has ever PROVEN a virus exist they all assert they exist it's like that's all the proof they need that they "exist" and thus we see an obvious HUSTLE that is how bad their junk garbage Hustle In Virology (HIV) works. More of David's archived works here and if you have bought the Hustle In Virology be sure to listen in on the the one entitled "How positive are you?" with Celia Farber discussing the corruption in medical "science". Stefan Lanka told us HIV was never proven to be real way back in 1994 why did not the TV news tell us thi$$$$. TV is all owned by pHARMa and portfolios and they are all in this scam together as the #1 goal is the money and it's money you pay and is wasted. watch Lanka's report here search a huge collection of archived items on the dangerous unicorn theory here including the book VIRUS MANIA by Sam Bailey and friends

He's not anti-junk vaxxer any more than he's anti-junk food and we compiled a list of celebrities, doctors, scientists, bureaucrat$$$ and all the babble mouths and none of them highlighted nutrition, it was all just pushing drugs. They are drug dealers.

Physicians claim converting to electric is a joke. Government tends not to listen to physics preferring to hear from the voices in their heads.


Tom Cowan webinar 4/26/23 on the dangerous unicorn wars that are never ending and should send with the simple knowledge that viruses do not exist they are a fantasy dreamed up by an industry that has #1 their portfolio health in mind. Includes update interview with Marvin Haberland who's compiling solid evidence to take these Hustlers In Virology (HIV) to court and take destroy this empire of abuse of the public. THE/SCIENCE does not even have control experiments it's garbage junk peddling.


FDA/SAYS vaccines don't have to work at all as promised all they have to do is make investors money

"The world is suffering from a massive delusion based on the belief that a test for RNA2 is a test for a deadly new virus, a virus that has emerged from wild bats or other animals in China, supported by the western assumption that Chinese people will eat anything that moves. If the virus exists, then it should be possible to purify viral particles. From these particles RNA can be extracted and should match the RNA used in this test. Until this is done it is possible that the RNA comes from another source, which could be the cells of the patient, bacteria, fungi etc. There might be an association with elevated levels of this RNA and illness, but that is not proof that the RNA is from a virus. Without purification and characterization of virus particles, it cannot be accepted
that an RNA test is proof that a virus is present." written by David Crowe of the Alberta Reappraising AIDS society in Canada at the start of the 2020 horror show called "lockdowns" to hunt dangerous unicorns

Herd immunity does not exist as IMMUNITY DOES NOT EXIST any more than the Earth becomes immune to variant snowflakes every year. EVERYTHING SAID ABOUT VIFRUSES IS A LIE THEY DO NOT EXIST.

Buy baby drop box stock! With all the Hypocrit-Judeo-Christian self righteous banning abortion there will be babies galore born that are not wanted and these self righteous pricks who claim they care but are ALWAYS THE FIRST to deny help and always the first to deny welfare these will be popping up everywhere, your drug store, food stores, online stores. And never fear the homeless people scooper is here.

To make the fake-a-demic look real those in the land of Oz behind the curtain created a new fake disease and fake need to "stop the spread" of dangerous unicorns. this was so obvious on day 2 as we know how they OPERATE ON YOU. In contrast why is there not a ban on real dangers like this?

The "binary" wasn't allowed to wear suit cuz they have a dress code, in a Christian school. So the someone writes about this and in the article bashes all the usual crap, icluding child sacrifice, errr excuse us dear you have a log in your eye how the hell are you going to get the speck out of that "binary" when you and your sick Judeo-Christian cult transitions a baby man born in GODS IMAGE into a hacked piece of medical torture meat? Transgendering includes this bloody horror child sacrifice ritual that transforms the baby man cock into something grossly changed from GODS image into that that pleases the hacking cult psychotic mind.

Newsom being deleted as we see even Biden's website doing some good scrubbing now Kevin Kiley helped bring attention to AB5 and California's torture of gig workers and it not being a role model for the rest of the universe. Looking back after this distortion of equitable rule the last 3 years I think Grewsom used the San Francisco gay and straight community that wanted an end to the Judeo-Christian religious torture of baby men's dicks at birth ending the cutting ritual of circumcision by "banning it" knowing damn well the Governor before him Jerry Brown another ancient politician with huge financial and personal ties to all the circumcisionists would veto it. You see it's simple, if he had been genuine, now that he's governor, he'd be pushing the legislatue and politicians to stop this bloody horror show where celebrities like Sandra Bullock and Oprah laugh about how baby foreskins made their way into their face cream which makes them appear ugly but no, Gruesome is in the same party boat with all the other medical money hustlers.

THE/SCIENCE says like Simon says that the runaway lights were able to scientifically be designed to be frangible or non-frangible. Each design is THE/SCIENCE. So they chose the non-frangible design to last and be strong. Sounds good right? Not when a plane skids off the runway and plows into the non-frangibles thus killing pilot and 10 passengers. The frangible science would have saved lives but it would have deteriorated frequently needing repairs, replacement. So whenever the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) an imaginary science tell you to trust the science study this first and understand that their treatment for alleged prevention of dangerous unicorns has absolute risk reduction of ZERO and relative risk reduction of what ever they want to make up in their imaginations.

Twerp uses sound to scare you making you think it's the sounds the twerp babbles on and on about banning to save you from sounds. Thank you TELEVISION for this panic as they just keep pushing fear about everything constantly as eyeball glue is big busine$$.

Pronoun demand all you like it's all hot smelly cough up able toxic air. There are no real transgenders, the body is made one gender or the other except in EXTREEEEEEEEEEMELY rare cases and there are cases of birth defects which are called deformgendered. So all this transthisorthat is horseshit fantasy land. Spare us the demands to use language as you see fit when you can't even use language as it stands accurately, they are all transvestities. A vestiture aka vestite is according to the UNABRIDGED dictionairy and not those lost in their imaginations is suggestive clothing. It is costume. A transvestite is a costumite. Please stop bastardizing the word "transgender" it describes only a fantasy. There is no such thing as trans gender. There is a medical hacking cult that loves sacrificing body part$ to their gods though. That is well proven throughout thousands of years of sick religious history does anyone think that suddenly changed? ROFL if you do. Wha do you mean that's not funny, what makes it not funny?

Today I looked up a word actually 5 words in the dictionary WHO DOES THAT unabridged and after I was finished and was starting to close the cover it said "did you find what you are looking for" just like the annoying checkers at corporate robot Processing Of Transaction (POT) centers and just like now how all the libraries on the internet annoy the crap out of you an sniff it and eat it as these "smart" ass pages think you need to be asked how your day was and how many times you took, no gave a piss. It was annoying. So then I traveled the web and at the end of every page it said the same thing "was this page helpful" and only gives two choices, "yes" and "no" something politicians do not have in their vocabulary of responses to simple questions. I used to go to libraries and be left alone now they too have fucked with everything, each book when I close it says "was this book helpful".


Biden's retard SECRETARY of energy wants military to run on batteries might as well just sign over the country to China, Russia and whatever dictatorship wants to hash it all out and win everything if your leeders are going to be that fucking retarded.

Phil Keaggy 1980

A HOSTILE PIT like place is called a hosPITal except for certain things. I called the FDA/TODAY Bivalent combo/shots is again a non-licensed product and Comirnaty never existed

Is TRUE/DOUGH Canada's 1st psycho pathica perpetual LIE prime cut minister?
Claims he never forced anyone to get a vaccine

Sam Bailey critiques Reiner Feuellmich's claims any virus exists


Hello, all this stupid arm flailing about transidentifying belongs in the toilet it's all shit. It's like identifying as big pHARMa when you are a drug runner going across borders, identify all you like you are still not a big pHARMa rep spreading legal poisons to people because your business is the only one on the planet that is almost 100% immune to liability for harm because of the stupid Demandist Community (DC) in the 1980's falling into traps and the 1986 PrEP act they said would save the world yea like how car pool lanes would end traffic and now the hustle is 14.666 minute cities, SO pHARMa SAW OPPORTUNE MOMENT to bring back AZT which is such a bad chemo poison it was pulled from market in the 70's until the Horseshit In Virology Identity (HIVI) of fraud told people it was all they had to kill off gays treat gays for profit and hey kiddos it's in that PrEP pill now in lower doses so as not to be noticed and identified as well as causing any problems which it does. Identity is in the imagination. Reality is on the plate next to the brussel sprouts. Children identify as firemen, pilots, space creatures, that's not what they are so when they identify as the opposite sex PROTECT THEM FROM THE PREDATORS OF KNIVE WEILDING DRUG PUSHING THUG$

Megan Kelly is done with bending to the demandists lunacy.

Crash test dummies in governing such as the Tranny secretary of trannysportation or something pronounish whatever fuckish insist on equity for gender equivalents then insist on pointing out the biological differences of men and women when it comes to other test dummies. They are consistenly HYPOCRITES. So it's final then there are biological differences. The crash test dumy with boobs cannot just identify as a man in the man in the experiment of massive quantities of dummies everywhere that get their information from social butterflies and nut butter. The boobs in governing cannot just assign gender or a pronoun or an adverb or an entire bastardized dictionary that doesn't even resemble English anymore to whatever gender identifies as a killer tomato. If we want to get somewhere in politics we replace the real dummies in CON gress and councils and committees and such with crash test dummies that can throw darts at a board that has a list of what possible decisions need to be made, and let the dart decide, better off.

Diaper faced marketing puppets celebrate "free" vaccines and "free" vacations that the unvacationed and the unvaccinated PAY FOR. Doubt this? Show me how all the drug companies bill themselves, they don't, the public is billed, endlessly for this crap, so that is inequitable for those who are not in this injection cult pay for their religious practices and it is a violation of law to force those religious practices on anyone in order to have a job as was done during the Kovid dangerous unicorn wars starting in 2020 hindsight. It's as if government were to fund those mega-churches filled with Judeo-Dick-Cutting-Celebratorists for their church sermons that treat others like garbage if they are gay or what ever capital letters represent their own choice of hot to worship their Phallus God of creation.

Trans identity in the gendersphere is like the Mack truck that just ran over grandma identifying as a Hot Wheels toy and and saying "it wasn't me" then goes on to enter the children's school's go cart races claiming it's now one of those and then this liar that claims equality is the law that drives up in the Mack truck that identifies as something it is not (this is also known as deceit, lies, hustle) demands it be treated the same as all other vehicles and toys.

Degendering does not identify me. I am not that part of any DTLG+ COMMUNITY. Please call me a homo fag cock worshiping studly man and don't make that into a slimy acronym.

TV last I heard identifies as eyeball glue. It's a sticky mess. Never gets hard.

Guy concerned that the Kovidemic runway series demia was cover for installing facial recognition cameras in stores tells us about this using camera that presents his face to the entire internet where people can recognize his face.

Boring job

r/terriblefacebookmemes - yes i’m offended

Let's see if this tard has a job at Dollar Tree anymore after falsely accusing someone of theft, taking his stuff out of his hands, never saying "sorry" and then calling him a fucktard and to never come back to the store again.

What ever fucking ID you carry there are are only two genders everything else is Halloween. If you were pushed out of the mother it's not being pushed out of the man and you are not assigned by medical delusionists it's either boy or girl. It's now time to start unraveling the stupidy. It's time to unalphabetize. LGBTQ freakism of not accepting yourself. It's not even equality to not accepting as you are. Your alternate identiy is not being treated the same!

Electric cars and trucks are crap and causing dangerous fires. 3 of them caught fire in a F150 Lightning line up of cars in a dealer lot. They couldn't put it out. Fuck your fake green agenda.

Dude in HRC admits biological differences that can gain advantage as he dances around his sombrero and fiesta word salad then gets asked if Mike Tyson identifies as a gal should he be able to compete with a normal female that's not all fucked up in the head demanding equal treatment which in that case is like a politician demanding that the gym teacher also teach rocket science as all it takes is "identifying" as having a PHD in such. The sombrero guy doesn't ever answer straight forward questions. The HRC should realize they/them/thes need to ask gayforward questions or alphabet questions or QWERTY+ questions, not straight questions, if you want to get through the border walls of some heads.

THE/THEYS interest is raping language to suit their needs not "the greater good" as they were the first to exclude you from participation in life unless you joined their pHARMa University ijection cult. What they now do to language is like using the repurposed chemical waste pushers in pHARMa industries and the rapists of language presented by the loony alphabetists that were not satisfied with queer or gay they had to come up with 666 trillio other acronymbets to express in extreme detail what like with certain branches of technical work only those who have been in it can understand what they are saying. When these self absorbed self righteous pronounists speak you can't even understand what they are saying then they get mad at you for not jumping into their stupid cults to learn their bastardization of language. The most basic while agregious exammple of this is not even knowing if they are referring to a single person or more than one with the misuse of "they" and "them". This is not only stupid and selfish, it's dangerous as in communications there are many times we absolutely need to know if someone is referring to one person or more as in a group of looters. The translanguist will tell the cop "they" broke in and he thinks it's a group, when the idiot that bastardizes pronouns is speaking of a binarytransalphabetist single human being. So the cop looks for a group, sees a bunch of people standing by the broken store window and blames them while THEY (large number of people) are just seeing what happened 10 minutes prior. Fuck your pronoun ABUSE. It is rape of equality and rape of inate differences that HOMO genize everything into a sticky paste.

If THEYS/ACRONYMISTS were truly inclusive they'd add F and U to their latest alphabet. F for Fag and U for Uncircumcised. I'm not G or Lezbo or Bye sexual I'm Fag.

Kovid-19 first appeared on Project Runway details

N E W S New Exciting Water Sports


FOIs reveal that health/science institutions have no record of any "virus" having been found in a host and isolated/purified because VIROLOGY IS NOT A SCIENCE

Viruses are a big fat fraud they NEVER EVER ISOLATE THEM to prove any existence these HUSTLERS IN VIROLOGY (HIV) just make everything up!  They are studying dangerous unicorns.

Remember when Hustlers In Virology (HIV) said their "get your life back" magic hocus poke us injectible was 100% effective? Turns our stomach out that they only told you about Relative Risk Reduction leaving out Absolute Risk Reduction. There are two measures of their "in silico" virtual science used, there's absolute and relative. Relative is all over the map. It's like Fauci telling you he has a road map "we won't get lost" and it's one he wrote on the back of his forked tongue and you have to stick your head in there to see it. Absolute effectiveness is ZERO. They all know this they are hustlers. Turn off your fucking TV. See how they provide ZERO protection as the absolute science tells them but they push the relative science that is used for marketing their Horseshit In Virology (HIV).

Para Medic drivers expose the constant stream of LIES coming from the HELLth industry called "modern medicine" and so called "kare".

FGM was illegal now it's legal in Colorado so cut off foreskins are breathing better and sleeping better at night on Sandra Bullocks ugly foreskin covered face knowing equal treatment of body parts deemed not essential are is now the norm and that there is now no discrimination that female genitals or male genitals can be used for celebrity face creams.

Biologicsexuals realize there are absolutely ZERO genders there is only biology, just like there is ZERO protection from what also does not exist, dangerous unicorns also known as "viruses", in the junk fantasyland science of virology. Will the inclusivists that always disinclude include the biologicsexuals now to be equitable and inclusive? Hell no. Cult does not allow.

Forced diversity and fake inclusion tactics are as tarded as forced bussing of the 1970's and 80's.

Episode 315 Del Bigtree points out how the USA is not a consensusocracy it's a republic that makes sure the minority is not harmed by mob rule called Democracy. He had interviewed Neil Degrassi and had this as a response as Neil highlighted "consensus in science" which is mob rule as it's where all the money goes just to one group that if they ever go against the consensus they are cutt off. Degrassi in the interview makes stuff up as he goes you can see it in how he looks around when he talks. We have heard the preachers of the HI virus cult use "consensus" as their mantra for 40b years now. They hustled us out of trillion$$$.

am I bugging you?

BIG'ol Hustler In Virology (HIV) Robert Redfield claims they should have had more money for a "proper response" to the FAKE/PAN god of mischief play with us demic. Wanted $25 billion. Bullshit claims. They all got more, then told us to wash our hands, then made food stores clean every frigging square inch of everything, then spray dangerous smelly putrid QUATS, all these Hustlers portfolios soared, then he plays the hustle that he is the good guy, fake claims he tried to tell Fauci not to lie, claims against mandates, calls them mistakes, claims there should have been honest open debate, says Fauci handled it wrong, but he's all in on this fake virus escape from lab nonsense, there is no virus, it's a coputer printout. This dude and his buddy have a long history of always squelching debate. HIV debate was constantly shut down by these liars. There is no virus, keeps claiming there's a virus. They all know it's all a hustle. The guy is a professional Hustler In Virology (HIV). He and Fauci are best fraud buddies. When these hustlers couldn't get the public to play along anymore with cancer research funding in the late 1970's as everything caused cancer and it bacame a joke, they swooped in when the gays were dying of excessive drug abuse, called it a virus, and kaxoom suddenly there were billions and billions flowing their way again. It's all a big black hole. Whenever you look at the homeless problem take a look at who keeps getting all that money and getting more homes, these HIV. Aaaaand here's the Hustler In Virology (HIV) clucking the bird flu nonsense again and again each time laying eggs as none of their doomy predictions EVER come true. They always have to scare people but since now we figured out viruses do not exist and this was proven in court by Stefan Lanka their Hustles In Virology (HIV) should be eaten for dinner. THEY ARE DRUG DEALERS.

Where's that AIDS vaccine again you big'ol lying HIV scum? Why did they not bring the world an HI vaccine after they sucked in trillions over the last 40 years, why, because they are HIV. They are all hustlers. You would think the gay community would be on their high horse demanding a mandated HI vaccine. Total of 666 shots to be HELL thy. I bet the HIV will try it with their new handy dandy RNA computer printout vaccine garbage. That's all that escaped the lab hon, computer modeling. To believe their models of "viruses" are real is like believing the video game is real life.

Jean Rogers,William Gargan, and Dick  Purcell in "Reported Missing" 1937 photograph reveals the stupidity of believing that it was we the people that were holding each other up in the 2020 PAN the god of mischief demic when the real robbers were the ones barely ever wearing bandit masks, showing us it was our politicians and corporate executives managing to fill their portfolios with your cash that were and still are the robbers.

Why is my coffee creamer basically motor oil with sugar in it?

In Silico In Science (ISIS) is attacking us as all they ever prove is that viruses exist only on a computer and Lee Merritt speaks with virologist who confirms the "virus" only exists on the computer listen in both forward and backwards as the backwards speech reflects what virus hunting is actually all about, as the Hustlers In Virology keep entertaining themselves for profit as they make monkeys out of humans. Hustlers In Virology (HIV) torture animals on a regular basis and you think they care about you? HA HA HAAAAAA HA HAAAA HA HA HAAAAAAAAA.


Prior to "Kovid-19" lockdowns Fauci of US NIH and Rick Bright of the US HHS conspired to scam you into being genetically manipulated* for one purpose, to sell you new unproven common cold & flu shots and shoot drug portfolio value$ to the moon at warped speed - they are HIV - Hustlers In Virology!

learn the details of this fraud here

Watch them discuss this on October 29, 2019

In 2019 Fauci and friends including Michael Specter Staff Writer for The New Yorker and Rick Bright of United States Health and Human Services were talking about how to get the public to accept a new genetic modifying organism (GMO) technology to replace flu shots.

They were frustrated with the resistance of people to get what is basically vaccines made ofinjections of anti-freeze and polyester pants"for their health" using failed nucleaic ACID technology so they said they needed to "blow the system up" and that in order to carry out the plan they'd have to create a panic. That is how the fraud of renaming the common cold into a NOVEL threat started in 2019.

Watch them discuss this on October 29, 2019

* allegedly GMO as there is only patents and assertions NOT PROOF of any genetic change

They consider best how to con the public into accepting untested rapid speed no long term study flu shot technology, virology is a hustle, always blaming what does not exist to sell your stuff you don't need.

And now in 2023 they are introducing the patch as Rick Bright discussed in the 2019 video and combinations proving once again it's a PLAN demic to sell you crap injections that no longer can even be remotely claimed as providing "immunity" as the very definition of "vaccine" now reads by the CDC as meaning to provide stimulation of an immune sysgtem that does not exist as we only have response systems and healthy living systems.

For your health tell congress you want Fauci's ass fired and everyone that's involved brought to justice and watch them ignore you for another 40 years as they are all in this together. And now even the Pfizer CEO is backtracking take a look at him now say he was misled! They are all cons.

The Hustlers In Virology present endless strains of lies and theatricks to keep you entertained and scared. No virus exists it's all fairy tales, story telling, when the public understands what they are being told makes no sense by any stretch of logic, they realize virology is junk science being used to sell you garbage products you don't need.
What's actually in that covid shot?

Del Bigtree battles Bill Nye "The Junk Science Guy" on "THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED"  watch here

Marvin Haberland & Dr. Sam Bailey discuss how he's taking covid to court!

Imagine that, an engineer explains how virology never uses control groups to prove existence of any virus!

Thus the entire field of virology is a SHAM.

It does not follow the scientific method.

Engineers deal with reality. Virology deals with imagination. It will be interesting to follow this court case. It's another part of tearing down this entire virology hustle that has fooled the public for decades. Follow his case at https://t.me/Corona_Fakten if you have Telegram

The endless public health "emergencies" are an abuse of the system and the public and they all know it as they are all in this together for their portfolios. It is like they are in the theater of life and the movie playing is "The Towering Inferno" and they scream "FIRE" in this crowded theater to purposely create a panic. We have proof of this being their plan as in 2019 just prior to the fake pandemic where they rebranded seasonal cold and flu into a space invaders from Uranus, Fraudci and friends did this very thing explaining they should "blow the system up" and "create an air of excitement (panic)" in order to get the public to accept what they normally would otherwise NOT accept, that is, a new flu shot made with warp speed computer models with no studies no proof of validity and using alleged genetic engineering as it's methodology! It's sick and must be rejected. Watch these hustlers in virology discuss this here.

COVID is a medical marketing fraud that was used to introduce new vaccine technology without long term safety study, produced at a rapid pace, based on computer modeling they call "in silico" with no proof of any of their claims of any disease actually being made better with this nonsense.

They are all in this drug pushing sham together Milkin' you!

All of their claims about viruses which have never been proven to exist are as bad as a seller of movie morabelia telling you that a video tape of Charlie Chaplins films was made in the 1920's and is a rare original VHS tape made in that day. It's like telling you that a MODEL of an old 9.5 mm movie projector that played Pathex reels is as real as an original one made in the 1930's.

As proven in German Supreme Court in 2018 by Dr. Stefan Lanka viruses do not exist
read the document here

 It happened less than a decade ago in detailed argument in German Supreme Court. Was the memo misplaced, why has the world not heard this shouted from the rooftops of every broadcast tower owned by drug companies? As proven in court viruses do not exist, at best "viruses" are cellular poop. There is no alien invasion of cells. There is no need to declare nuclear war on cells with drugs. LEARN MORE

We all know this latest emergency is fake

Once again the hustlers are yelling fire pox in a crowded theatre screaming emergency to scare you and suck in your tax money thought it appears to be fizzling out that is with 99% of the public, gays keep getting sucked into big pharma big government same company of lies.

Only monkeys have monkey pox

If you allow big pHARMa inject you with "monkey pox" vaccine you better realize it is another clinical trial and you are their roaming lab monkey they are testing their poisons on while all making big money and are not liable for harm, they are not telling you this nor do they warn you about spreading monkey lube all over your face and ass and dick made of silicone that can cause skin eruptions like when you party too much and eat too much crap.

Sick dude explains they want TOTAL BIOMETRIC SURVEILLANCE which is based on the flawed belief that any virus has ever been proven real. The sales pitch is with such alleged surveillance of every cell of your body they can keep you healthy and protect everyone. This is the biggest pile of snake oil sales crap in history. It's impossible. Their claims defy physics.

When they say "the science is settled" think of it as one of those protein drinks that spike you with energy from protein and sugar that when you mix the powder in it settles and if you don't stir it up you just drink water or milk.

Fauci and friends were saying they wanted to "blow the system up" in 2019 just before they did it in March 2020 as they were discussing a UNIVERSAL FLU VACCINE which is what the covid fraud was and is all about as people were sick of flu vaccines they needed to as they said "create excitement" as in panic to get people to take drive that new model off Trump's showroom floor read about this here and watch the video

Russia kicks out the World HELLth Organization DRUG/CARTEL from their country, others need to do the same

In the United States though the reaction will be the opposite as to do the same thing that an "adversary" does would be doing the same thing over and over again and expecing a different result would repeat the insanity of the junk science of virology. So much of the country is so terribly hooked on this junkyard.

Joe Rogan floored when he finds out how much of your TV viewing is paid for by big pharma ads

HELLth emergency repeal by vote? And it took 3 fucking HOLE years? What the HELLth does any politician know about our health? This whole viral hustle is based on a vote by bureaucrats who all have portfolios filled with drug stocks seems like a conflict of dismismalinterest to me. What do any of these hustlers know about our hellth? I like David Knight's take on this presented on 4/12/23 but of course many will throw this baby out with the bathwater.

Protocols recommending Early Protocols (PrEP) is like eating condoms and none of it does anything to stop dangerous unicorns while it adds dangerous chemicals to your blood stream that keeps getting polluted. Do you not kn know PrEP has AZT in it? AZT had a poison warning label on it as it was puled from market in 1970's as it was a cancer chemo drug that killed people. Fauci slime brought it back. AZT killed my friends a couple of decades ago and now some of you are sprinkling it on your cereal and popping these pills as if it's vitamins. Yummy.

SARS-CoV-2 does not exist "a genome sequence is not proof of any alleged virus"


Dr. Jordan Grant has an excellent presentation watch it here 

More on Dr. Jordan Grant here an excellent easy to understand yet detailed and thorough presentation about the problems with the religion of SARS-CoV-2 and the Hustle In Virology (HIV) watch it here 

The Church of COVID Indoctrination (COCI) does not like this COMPETING/DOCTRINE which offers the offensive word "Bible" in it's teachings so it totally freaks out some and then they can't hear a word said but you might be able to hear it click on the photo for the presentation.

Why would anyone accept being big pHARMas roaming voodoo doll as they also are injecting their bitchcraft into cow meat so now we are eating their poisons

Doctor realized so much of what he was taught in medical school is a lie to sell drugs and not actually get people well. He did not follow the dictates of the medical cons and got more of his patients well when he worked in the hospital. He of course was removed from his position as that approach loses money for this corrupt system. He spoke with Del Bigtree here is a section of that interview


Jon Rappoport called out the lies of renaming 60 old diseases into a broader category "AIDS" & blaming a particle that was never proven to actually physically exist, a "HI" virus. He speaks with Germ Warfare on 9/29/22

There is a pink guy in green robes walking around on Jupiter who runs an universal government and military that is causing climate change, sending viruses to Earth, prove me wrong. This is how virology talks. It's how friends and family talk when you say there is no virus. They claim it's pink, no robe, but is a land mine with spikes but small, so small no one can see it. They can't even find it in the air, is there a test for the air? It has no smell either yet mold smells and you can't see that. They make claims there's an alien - a virus - from Jupiter that came to Earth targeting China first as it hates Communism, to create havoc in your body. They offer no proof only ideas. There is no proof anywhere their imaginary aliens exist. The burden of proof is on them. They sales pitch us. Play ball. I stand there and no ball ever gets thrown. They stand there and pretend to throw me the virus. It's a game. I hate this game. Pong is more real. I decide to go play with people who have balls and know how to use them, ones I can touch and see and hold in my hand. PLAY/BALL

Episode 287 of TheHighWire.com presents map showing the last countries to remove travel restrictions (requirement to be medically stabbed with venoms). October 1, 2022 Canada removes them which changes this map from red to green, look which two are left - CHINA AND THE USA the top two communist countries of the world.

California's gaslighting district

They are banning both natural gas and oil so how is this going to work?

A Male That's Still A Male Pretending To Be Female (AMTSAMPTBF) goes to change in the woman's locker room, now the school bans all the actual biological women from changing in there, telling them to use a bathroom stall so now the only person using the huge locker room is the AMTSAMPTBF. School could care less about the women being uncomfortable, it's about living in a dream world.

UK alphabet police show off their skills

Doctors are trained mostly by sales reps on the drugs they dispense so maybe it's time we dispense of a lot of their recommendations

Viruses are not land minds in the body so why are they shown that way! The Hustlers In Virology (HIV/JUNK/SCIENCE) make them look like mines that in a battle field would explode. They do this on purpose to present a subliminal con game to the brain. Viruses have NEVER BEEN PROVEN TO EXIST. It's all a very big hustle.

Purple M&M preaches the lame gospel of alleged "inclusivity" as it shuns it's other colored friends if they have not been stabbed with big pharma poisons. It also shuns those who are vegetarian and shun sugary lies sold the public that including M&M in your diet is healthy.

Transgenders no longer to be included. They are wacko. Maybe not all T's are like this but sorry this acronym crap has to stop, it disincludes too many letters. So the T goes. It's changes to LGBQ+ but the L is getting too much attention why is it first and the G includes both dudes who like dudes and gals that like gals so that goes. It's now GBQ+. The B is for bisexual, all of this is about sexuality so this again makes the case against transgender as that's about GENDER not sexuality. Sorry that still has to go. So the B might have a point. Let's look at the Q, why is that there, queer and gay used to be the same thing so either that goes or the G goes. The + hmmm that's covering everything else, so what makes sense is either G+ or B+. B+ is like getting a very good grade. Hmm. G+ makes sense as it's just gay plus but it looks stupid, both look stupid. I know, GAY+! Gay has from the very start always included it all.

Toronto used imaginary superheroes to push real risky EXPERIMENTAL injections onto children. The propoganda ads were presenting that those who don't get them are unclean criminals. Superheros are imaginary as are viruses. It was a disgusting display of bureauctratic ongoing manipulative incompetence and abuse of the public. No virus has ever been proven to exist. Rebel News reports

Dr. Robert Willner purposely in front of the press corps pricked himself with HI virus tainted blood to prove it doesn't do anything. His book is on eBay for $550 as it's very hard to find. You can also read it here at the archive. He called out Fauci as a scoundrel and welcomed him to take him to court so he could expose his lies. See his press corps interview here

Equity schmequity

Let me know the day they give equal health care. The poor get different unequal care than the rich.


It's a religion like Christianity all made up systems of control and designed for profit.

Alberta new non-shit premiere apologizes to all who did not get injected and were DISCRIMINATED AGAINST listen to her apologize and now tell all your narcisisstic liberal ass holes in politics to apologize and more like give the businesses that went bankrupt because of politicians shit cult following of the virus hunters all the money they made off their stocks and have them all give up their pensions to these people who suffered MAKE IT RIGHT an apololgy is not enough. Canada proves it's got something more than any other country by being first to do this in official capacity and "Dr. Anthony Fauci and other White House officials must testify under oath in a lawsuit alleging the Brandon administration colluded with Facebook and Twitter to suppress free speech regarding coronavirus which is merely the common cold accoding to "the science" before there was Dr. Smirkface's meddling again as he does with everything non-existent virus related TO PUSH DRUGS and make portfolios fat

Men and women are EQUAL. That's the claim they keep making but they keep contradicting themselves. In browsing nude male images on Etsy this is written

"At the time of the Sochi Olympics, Alexander Kargaltsev responded to a controversial photo of Russian-American gallerist Dasha Zhukova. On her photo, she is sitting on a chair composed of a semi-nude black woman with her legs up in the air. In order to reverse the “Visual injustice and offense” of Zhukova's image, Kargaltsev created the image with a naked Afro-American man, who is sitting on a naked white man on his back with his legs aloft."

If men and women and different races are equal then there is no need to do what he did.

Activision goes fucking woke retard with it's latest version of it's military gaming software which has choices of calling cards. There's 22 goopy pride and gay retarded delusional variations on queer, sexual, blagender, and woke nonsense flags, not one American flag. So guess what that does, the dudes at home that want no part of that shit shoot it all up in their game play. It's then their version of fun because it's shoved in their face. I can't wait for the idiots to call for their next ban rather than accepting people as they are playing games at home with friends. 

Example 1 of the fun way to play, note this is so obvioulsy what causes wars, they should ban "Battleship" also as well as toy guns and toy knives as seen in little kids tea sets and the "Easy Bake Oven".

Anything that is a SYNDROME is an unknown pathology

"Anything that's a syndrome is an unknown pathology" that's what was said at the start of this long presentation about SARS where the last S is Syndrome. AID Syndrome is UNKNOWN PATHOLOGY so where do all these Hustlers In Virology get off claiming they know the pathology?

Trans rights are unicorn rights. If you were born with an agenda you have rights.

The Brandon Go Administration (TBGA) appears to be a waste of energy if there ever was in Washington yet in Cali states he's going to shut down coal production in the entire country and butterflies on treadmills and childrens wind spinners made into skyscrapers that all use OIL in hydraulics for them to even try to produce the DISABLED TRICKLE ENERGY they offer. Boasts $50 billion CHIPS and Science Act - money that is all derived from OIL and COAL. Learn the facts about camouflage puke green disabled energy systems that feed pensions your money at HORSEPOWER.net

Environmentalists keep ignoring injection pollution.

Are you an alkalarian?  The trademark registration was cancelled because registrant did not file an acceptable declaration under Section 8.

Are you suffereing from AIDS or is it Multiple Cause Disease Syndrome (MCDS) with unknown pathology as "syndrome" is that very thing, you thought they knew what they were doing? ROFL they all are just throwing things to see what sticks but in their toxin injection and pill business it's more like throwing junkyard cars from a highway overpass to help someone out who's Tesla died from lack of power or is sitting there burning for 5 days.

"Many causes of immune deficiency syndrome"

People take better care of their swimming pools than they do the pools of water that their cells swim within their body

Often the blood streams and filters get clogged and the acidity is too high. Sometimes they are polluted by injection. It's an environment that needs to be maintained properly like a swimming pool or bad things happen. The virologist is a poor choice to seek advice as they never prove anything absolutely as they can't even get to the first step of proving what they claim is the cause even exists. That is why they are called Hustlers In Virology (HIV).

Fat is a protection mechanism in part to protect the body from too much acid?

David Icke says hello from shore of his prison cell by the sea shore. He was one of the people who went to a "Freedom Rally" and the government found him guilty of promoting of all things freedom. Who's the Facist here? Where's Waldo in all this? This is him explaining why he's been banned in the Netherlands. He points out from the see that Facisim is being done right before your eyes to you and everyone, take off the Democratic glasses and you start to see it but then you also see David talking some weird stuff about lizards. Ah that's why.

Icke was supposed to be speaking in Amsterdam 11/6/2022 not against gays or anything like that he was there to speak about freedom from tyrrany so the tyrants of course banned him from being there and in other parts of Europe for 2 years while they keep scheming behind the scenes to screw you.

Peru names Gates and friends for PLANNING the fakedemic and causing harm.

Testimonies about gender confusion at Florida hearing prior to the decision to ban the lucrative genital sex hacking procedure on minors.

Mark Cuban the zultibillionaire says "he's Jewish and had to deal with anti-Semitism" aw poor baby. I can't stand the guy. He boasted on that TV show how he HUSTLED to get where he is. He like many now use word sludge to manipulate people. It's like saying "I'm Christian and I have had to deal with anti-Caucazoiddism" it makes no sense. The term anti-Caucazoidim is made into a holocaust on whites throughout thousands of years of history is because they are white and not because of religious belief systems clashing. Jewish beliefs are grounded in ongoing ritual abuse of baby men's body parts. They deserve criticism for that behavior. Has nothing to do with their race if they happen to be Semite which like every religion is not exclusive to any one race. Let me know the moment the Jewish doctors and other stop harming children for the rest of their lives by doing circumcision which is the cutsy term for hacking off part of their dick. Jewish is a religion. Semite is a race. Don't let them con you with their maniuplative ways that are so sick they think that it's fine to cut off baby men's body parts and profit from it as well! It horrifies the baby man at birth fresh into the world presented with a dark religious cult ritual of pain and torture. That is utter bullshit and we will call it out for the torture it is and no one in US congress cares as they are all in it together.

John Kerry CLAIMS he wants to eliminate capitalist system that amassed his 650 million dollar fortune this is a joke right as he flies gas guzzling private jets everywhere that were built on capitalism

So he's putting all his chips in on building more pipelines to your money such as wind farms that feed Canadian pensions using YOUR ENERGY from subsidies and higher bills as these hustlers keep pushing their fake Climate Change Mafiaoso Puke Green Agenda (CCMPGA). In this preaching sermon makes claims of technology THAT DOES NOT EXIST as technology cannot superscede PHYSICS. It's all sales pitch bullshit.

watch and puke

He's a disingenuous & delusional pHARMa sludge pusher as well as they are all in this bullshit together and they are the first to force themselves onto the lifeboats when this entire fake clean energy puke green agenda hits the iceberg. He babbles on about "emissions". If he and all the other climate goons would simply stop their emissions constantly coming out of their babbling lying mouths we'd have cut carbon emissions enought to SAVE THE PLANET by the end of the week. Then if they stopped traveling and using all their energy hogs in their super rich lavish lifestyles there'd be enough carbon savings in our account to pay off all carbon emissions for the next ten thousand years. It's all a scam but THEY DON'T CARE BECAUSE THAT'S HOW THEY GET RICH OFF YOUR ENERGY.

Transvestites in bathrooms and changing areas do not belong there they should be in the rest room or bathing and changing area of their natural born sex.

The baby identified as an adult and the children running the show treated it as such. They did this too with the teenager that identified as the leader of the universe so it had full privledges as it also identified as clean and sober while it shot up with experiments made by big pHARMa so by law the they had to be treated equal to the hustle.

After demanding fake "equality" the situation is now becoming really insane, the young girl was told to go to the smaller more private changing area alone to get away from this gender conversion sickness since she was offended by the transvestite in the womens locker room (A GUY WITH A DICK WHO WAS WEARING WOMAN'S SWIMSUIT) watching the girls change and this is equality? No it is not nor is it democracy. 99.999999% of the public wants separation of changing and bathroom facilities based on biology. Biology must take precedence over costume. Pretending to "be female" when you have a dick is not equality and it is not equally treating others. Pretending to be female by hacking off body parts does not cut it either. 999999999% of the time the body is born male or female. Get used to it.

Raise your hand if you are sick of sick people running normal things into the ground with their delusional woke totally SELF CENTERED BEHAVIOR.

It's not changing gender it's genderlessing. Thus if someone chooses to mangle their gender parts they are not equal to those who ACCEPT THEMSELVES as they are.

Now that the mask hijab diaper dancers are out of a covid lie pushing job they got a new gig, dancin' to "Stayin' Alive" in the public triangle making retarded claims about ending oil wearing clothes made of oil and broadcasting to the world on mechanisms all made of oil.

It's all POLITICS it's not science. Listen to this guy who's gone through all the multi-level TV and political LIES. He should have added the 40 years of lies about all viruses.

Want Cheap & Reliable Power? Then stop voting for renewable energy's camouflaged system of disabled intermittent "never show up on time" nor get the job done renewables and the dangerous cult obsessed lunatics that run around like idiots scamming you with end of the world predictions when all that is happening is apples falling from the tree on their heads

The way virology redefines common understanding of words to fit how they want to manipulate others. Their pitch is on par with a company trying to get you to believe that their version of "chicken soup" actually has pieces of chicken when they decided to change the definition of "chicken" to actually be "insects". In virology they never "isolate" a virus in any laboratory to prove it would exist but they will isolate you from others using fear, and you understand exactly what isolation means. In virology the term isolate merely means taking a sample of gunk mix it with other gunk and then tell you any part of that gunk is isolating a virus which is a big fat hustle. So with their version of chicken soup the Hustlers In Virology go and tell you to eat chicken soup without knowing it's just bugs and the FDA and CDC and all your governing officials just go along with whatever these Hustlers In Virology tell them as if they crawled out from under rocks and have no clue what a chicken is or what meat and real concentrated protein is. This is how virology works in it's hustle, people have no clue what viruses really are, they have never been proven to exist and all they do is tell extravagant stories in order to sell you things you don't need and make them sometimes filthy and always rich. Meanwhile the story telling of what these things "are" that not one person on Earth has ever actually seen becomes adopted as "real" by all these "representatives" of the people and of governing without actually undertanding that the word "isolation" being redefined by Hustlers In Virology does not mean that at all by human understanding of the word and thus they deceive many people into believing that these "experts" have it figured out even though none of them has ever cured the common cold (coronaviruses) and not one vaccine has ever worked to stop the flu like they falsely claim one did (made of monkey parts) "cured" polio which was actually caused by exposure to pesticides and other chemicals.

"In an all-electric world......there will be nothing to power without oil" everything electric Depends On Oil Stupd Yuppies (DOOSY)

90% of the entire world's solar panels are made in China concentration camps

$180,000,000 Moderna mRNA pacifier manufacturing facility in Quebec could buy the homeless 360 homes at $500k each, it could house all the dogs and cats that are homeless and stop them from other inections PICK A SIDE

Selfi absorbedi brats glue their hands to a wall (glue requires oil to manufacture the plastic bottles and make the glue and be so readily available worldwide) and throw soup on Van Gough (protected in plexiglass made of plastic made of oil) to save the planet (they claim) and they are the screwball pink hair type loons (pink hair dye is in plastic bottles made of oil and packaging manufactured cheap because of oil and has coatings of colorful print made of oil). These are the world's looniest of idiots that also say to inject yourself with pHARMa poisons to save grandma (medical industry is the biggest abuser and user of oil) and to wear breath control devices made of oil (nylon and polyester) and it's their "stop using oil" lunacy and insane wind and solar garbage push (all made from oil and depend on oil for lubrication) that has grandma not able to heat their home this winter and may freeze to death. They came into the art exhibit wearing clothes made of oil and carried in backpacks made of oil. Paid performers.

Green energy is like a perpetual motion machine that amazes your friends but you know that you have it set up to get power from the grid to keep it moving.

Wind and solar is somewhat efficient when it is for the home direct use, to add it to the grid it causes chaos and causes more energy use. That is why they push the grid thing and massive Wind Hustle Industry Power (WHIP) and not individual home use as this way they feed your energy into stocks and pensions. Home based solar and wind that powered the home directly would cause LESS ENERGY TO BE USED overall in the grid and thus the stocks would plummet and pensions would suffer. The whole thing is a scam and this has been presented repeatedly by those who are not hustlers.

Since the start of the CV-19 fraud if viruses existed there would have been about 600 trillion new strains that flew under the experts radar. Experts in virology are hustlers as none of them have seen any virus. They just make everything up. It's the biggest con game ever on humanity. So you are a proud vaccinated puffed upper flaunting it and feeling so high on your donkey, explain how in the world your body didn't get sick from the 400 zillion strains you were hit with over the last 3 years of this bullshit in science. If you think only one deadly strain appeared please read a good book, preferably a different NOVEL.


If viruses are just story and horror flicks where do we go from here. Here that's where

These viruses are dangerous unicorns appearing in the new film "The Branch Covidians". It's only a movie but there's always a cult of fans that seek autographs of these movie stars. Thing is, with the Hustle In Virology (HIV) there is nothing that can sign anything as movies do not provide autographs, the stars playing in the ACT are the ones and since the stars in Covid Theatre are CGI well the best you can get is a computer printout which is all the novel is providing you, a gain of fiction.

"The largest cult in the world is the Branch Covidians. I’ve not seen anything like it.

They have a cult leader in the form of the state (or any authority figure).

They have their holy text in the form of “the science“. Ironically, most haven’t bothered to read any of the literature.

They believe in an invisible force in the form of an imaginary pathogen.

They tithe in the form of paying for PCR testing and buying pharmaceutical products.

They take communion in the form in injecting themselves with toxic chemicals (and dying)." - written by Jerm

The hustlers in virology that are pushing the nutrition side of things never much mention how most people already have plenty of Vitamin D in their diets. They push pills and sunshine. Not everyone can get sunshine in winter. Bears hibernate so they get no sunshine so they should never make it through cold and flu season if any of this rediculous push to get sunshine for Vitamin D was valid. Vitamin D is ample in buttery spread as well as we see here in government nutrition site as well as it being in many oil based foods and it's added to milk products such as yoghurt and fluid milk. Got milked?

What if a dangerous unicorn is highly virulent? The word virulent means of a virus. Since viruses are dangerous unicorns they are highly dangerous unicorns. Run!

To be tested for the fraud called covid-19 hospitals gleefully explain how they rape your kids

What do you call wearing Oxygen Deprivation Devices (ODD) when you need oxygen the most? There are a lot of ways to describe this ODD behavior.

Terrain by Andrew Kaufman learn about the real causes of disease and the smoke and mirror shows of virology where the meaning of "isolation" of a virus ends up screwing with people's heads as virology distorts the meaning of "isolate" giving it a completely different meaning than what anyone would understand it to be, to manipulate you. It's like they mix up a whole bunch of cellular debris, chemicals, sludge into a mix they call a "culture" and some red food dye and protein powder then claim there's a virus there and strawberries and spike protein when all they see is red culture smoothie. The science is manipulative of the public. Virology is a hustle. CDC and FDA work for big pHARMa and syndromes such as SARS renamed "covid" and AIDS is an unknown pathology. They claim they know the pathology yet they don't know the pathology! It's all lies. You think they care about your health? ROFL Stanley Plotkin talks about raping the mentally ill with prick sticks.

Vaccines don't cause autism

CDC claims that first thing on their page about vaccine safety. Right, autism is caused by a recipie, all disease is caused by a recipie. There is never an IT is the cause unless you drank Drano thinking it was a beer, then IT then is the cause of your stomach ache. If vaccines caused autism then everyone that got a vaccine would have it. Ok now let that go. Lets move on and find wellness.

Virology latches onto this flawed science of IT is caused by a virus, they never prove their existence as they are billion$ of times smaller than pet dander. They make claims they can see them, they lie. The public is misled. They do this so they can sell stuff you don't need after they terrify you about viruses. Recipies are the cause of all disease. Science should study recipies. Actually science has already. The bureaucracy has not got the memo. They keep shredding them.

The recipie of understanding recipies that cause disease might be found in the bottle of Tylenol

I don't understand why people still think the World Trade Center in New York fell because a virus was thrown at it

The building collapsed because it like most steel structures build in the 1970's and beyond are built like a tower of cards and toothpicks. Even some conspiracy bound mechanical engineers are baffled and get into bizarre claims it's impossible for the top to fall down and break apart each floor below claiming it was built so strong. What a joke. The planes were not flimsy aluminum that would disintegrate on impact they were filled with jet fuel that is like cement, solid mass, the physics are simply proven that MASS is poweful and hitting hard, so hard it breaks through these steel toothpicks. Judy Wood explains with Jerm her wacky ideas and she's an "engineer". OMG what a retard. Most of the building was steel toothpicks, cement that became DUST obviously seen in all images captured of it falling real time those cement floors were scattered all over New York City and AIR. Over 66.6% of the building was AIR and Judy Wood babbles on about "where did the building go?" I just explained. I'm no ex pert I'm just a pert. She claims to be an ex pert. I'll leave it to you who you should start listening to first when ever ex perts give you their presentations of how things are such as when the ex perts claimed a dangerous spike unicorn excaped from the lab computer and was a threat to the mind and the only way to get your mind back was to get vaccinated. ROFL. At 16 minutes in she claims the dust from the event was 100x smaller than a blood cell and moves into the scare you with that zone mentioning it "crosses the blood brain barrier" which is a kooky concept that makes no sense, the brain is pumped with blood directely to every part of the brain, there is no barrier, why do people believe this crap about a blood brain barrier, this came up again in the covid fraud re-evaluation crowd. 18 minutes in they look at a bus that was "toasted" and she questions why there is "unburned paper" on the sidewalk. What an idiot or a con I have to go with con after seeing this image as this whole time to this point she kept questioning where did all the debris go and shows a CGI pile of what looks like dust and nothing and yet here a photo of #7 and that didn't appear in her CGI shows steel girders in a pile and a pile of girders from #1 buried in dust obviously contradicting her story telling.

Judy Wood tries to con us into believing WTC vaporized

I am guessing she's a democrat and jumped into the dangerous spike unicorn theory and demanded everyone use masks to stop dangerous unicorns and get their lives back with injections of pesticides.

David Knight on 1/30/23 told story of Ben Franklin catching a cold in winter and doctors treating him by draining his blood and other protocols. They blame the cold for his death rather than blame the recipie.


It used to be just "gay" or "queer" and sometimes "lesbo" now it's a muck of the entire alphabet symbol community. These sick-ohs full-of-themselves-ohs that are in your face protesting, rude, screaming, throwing things, boycotting, etc+ing, now forcefully treat others unequally, get special treatment, they demand forcefully protection to hack off your kids body parts if the child "identifies" a the Lucky Charms Irish Setter On Way To See The Easter Bunny (LCISOWTSTEB) or some LMNOP identity, to have 100 meter distancing so they don't catch the straight gene or something. Sorry this identity does not agree with your inequal treatment of others while you insanely demand equal treatment by others as that unequl does not equal equal. Look at what they did to the alphabet this week to describe their community of variants. So, all their talk about equality is bullshit as they treat others like crap says the WWWXYZ+CGI identity. What the fuck is 2 now? And SL? Why is L and G and B and T and Q and I getting special mention, that's not equality to lump all the others into the + symbol. They demand we go every week ENDLESS ACRONYM CHANGE classes to understand their latest additions? Fuck you. Just say gay. They make everything complex, convoluted, and way too bizarre and extremely cult like and unfriendly. The more they talk the more they sound like they are from Uranus or some other galaxy. They claim words are harmful and we should be fined $25k for using words that "harm". Your fucking acronyms harm. Every time I hear them I'm offended, hurt, distraught irrepairably unless of course you have the medical connunity repair ration me with $1 billion for hacking off my foreskin then maybe I'd stop protesting in your face. Where is the F in your acronymania? I identify as a foreskined uncircumcised, meaining I was circumcised and now I'm uncircumcised as an identity. Folks are livid as they are going after kids. In their queer hacking cult if the kid identifies as a dolphin they expect the parents to throw the kid in the ocean so it's in it's natural environment. Mental Disorders, where is the MD? They want freedom to call you what they want to call you but then demand you use the proper pronoun which as we see here can next week change identity to be a new acronym. It's all horseshit. Here's another example, the middle school said it will fly the T flag all year round. There is no S flag flying all year round. It's inequal. They claim inclusivity, they exclude. Fuck off.

Woman explains woman's life now in Australia as the transformer industry is being hyper pro aggre$$ive. It's a new business model as the medical cutting cult is losing business after seeing how they really are in the Kovid war on dangerous unicorns. Equality is not transforming what is not equal to it being equal in the delusional mind. She points out a man in his forties over 6 feet tall and burly claims to be a female and competes in sports against a 23 year old girl who is petite is part of this "equal treatment" horseshit.

Circovirus - 15 nanometers. No way of stopping it, goes through walls like cell phone signals. Breath diapers a total joke. Watch out for the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) spreading that terror someday of another dangerous unicorn. The other alleged viruses such as the HI about 150 nanometers. Pox about 300. Hans Gelderblom in extended interview "House of Numbers" 2012 stated that interpretations made to "prove HI virus existed" by electron microscopes are better interpreted as dirt. At 44 minutes in it's concluded Gallo and others saw what they wanted to see.

Mark Conlan extended interview talks about gay history, drug use, AIDS and HIV  

Speaks about how CDC wants things to be an infectious disease just like an arson specialist is disappointed if fires keep being found to be caused by a loose wire. Of course in that scenario it's easy for the science of fire causes to prove it's assertions whereas in virology it's impossible all claims remain as assertions only. Mark gets into the drug abuse epidemic of the 1970's and the psychology, same sex marriage, how the gay community adopted the belief system of virus existence as victimhood gave the community cohesion. At one time the movement was about government to "leave us alone" and evolved into "give us money" and success riding on this disease. If you want to know the fundamental truths about how this whole thing started and the psychology of step by step it evolved he is a go to guy that speaks and thinks logically instead of emotionally and also not with any financial hustle agenda as so many who keep pushing the virus hunting do.

More from "House of Numbers" they critique the "tests" and the criterias being all over the map, literally, test positive one foot south of the Canadian border, test negative one foot north of the American-Canadian border. Watch smirking lying con man Robert Redfield of the CDC a decade ago interviewed and his response starting at 2 minutes in.

Equality Florida sends out bogus warning that Florida is not safe to visit and live in. As was with all these groups the scare tactics are used for funding. I dentity is so sick of these groups that are all the first to not include you. Owen Shroyer who's more honest than the Dodocrats reports.

What community runs on Drugs Deception and Testing (DDT)? Has this not become obvious yet? It's the scientific community that deceives you with their junk science of Dangerous Unicorn Hunting (DUH).

Anheiser Bush issues statement saying they never wanted to be in anything that would divide people. Breitbart states "former gay dude now a woman" so think about this, if a gay dude becomes a woman, then he's not gay anymore as he's a woman and still attracted to men, so he's now straight unless he's just pretending to be a woman. And think about this a bit more and get the lawyers the memo, if gender change therapies are legal and a dude who "becomes a woman" after therapy (THE RAPY) then the legal argument is that therapy regarding sexual preference change must also be equally legal which was changed to illegal about 23 years ago. This dude mentioned regarding beer promotion as a "woman" might still be gay but as a woman he's now straight but has gay feelings, what's he supposed to do with those? He goes to conversion therapy to become the gay he is again. They can't have their cake and eat it too. End of this lunacy. Hand it to that company, they know marketing better than God knows Adam & Steve & Eve.

Therapist (THE rapist) The-rapist. Wakey. Right there in front of you.

Proof no one is interested in knowing reality they are interested in being entertained, just see if you can get through 1 hour of this former government scientist with 2 degrees explain T-lyphocites and the mental retardation of MDs everywhere. If you can you are a real scientist yourself. In science there's a lot of sorting to do. Most scientists go on tour they think they are rock stars.

Elon Musk the Cheif of Officers of Exeuctives of Company of Tesla (EMCOECT) big batteried explosions waiting to happen and FakeX, has ignited a conversation after voicing his support in sending doctors and parents to prison for life if they approve or conduct sex-change surgeries and other life-altering procedures on minors who believe they are transgender. So when will he add to that the 666,666,666 million foreskins that suffered in that sex change holocaust, not a peep, no one cares. Musk is a great force on the planet.

Tell-Lie-Vision at one time the public pushed to ban TV hypnosis, NOW all they want is more of it.

Hypnosis In Virology (HIV) the off knob fell off so it just keeps doing it's thing until the hypnotist rings the bell. They started this with a dog named Pavlov.

LED lights should have never been invented

Why are the HELLthocrats stopping at filling the portfolios of the World Hellth Organizations (WHO) scumbags to allegedly manage our hellth from afar and fakedemics from afar, we need one that is making health decisions for us we need a Universal Fpuckingu Organization (UFO) that governs our hellth from even further away "as an improvement" in case of another PAN the god of mischief demics that decrees a new fake virus computer printout computer lab leak of ones and zeros that are of intergalactic concern and mandated distanced 666,666,666 billion miles away to be relatively safe from effective slimy marketing campaigns from all the Hustlers In Virology (HIV).

The Qwerty+ mob has always been hell bent on demanding tolerance while they never tolerate the intolerant. So this is another cult and in this cult to be tolerated you have to be tolerant just like they are whereas they only tolerate those who they like which is what the intolerant do as well so they already are equal thus since we just proved that the two groups are already equal the struggle for equality is a joke.

In totalitarian states throughout history prisoners would have to speak in code. Look at the internet's social medias today, notice anything?

End The Foreskin Holocaust

God creat'd man in his image, should His image dick then be left intact as He made Himlikeself at birth?

Seems Satanic to be hacking off body parts of God's creation and in particular a part that is like our lips so sensitive and pleasurable and when hacked off is like cutting off one's lips and thus removing a huge chunk of sexual sensual pleasure for what seems like an eternity and since men think with their dicks that undoubtedly is like performing a partial lobotomy and the history books on this horror show explain that very thing that is why it's done.

Trans forming baby man dicks to what amounts to cutting off ultra sensitive lips with circumference incision removal devices is medical malpractice and horrific child abuse and needs to end and liability suits started

Florida now allows jury to consider death penalty for child sexual abusers and a man there has already filed charges against his abusers and seeking $1 billion let's see what Judeo-Christian politician there takes this matter seriously or are they going to continue on indulging in their Satanic child cutting rituals acting as if it's Godly.

On 5/1/23 David Knight told us not to look for a savior LOL he is a Judeo-Christian culter that is totally supports his religious dick cutting bloody sacrifice ritual torture of baby men and routinely tells us to follow his savior Jesus Christ who Jews circumcrucified learn about this horror

On his show 5/2/23 he rants about government allowing women to chop up their babies when (the correct term is FETUS and he's a big'ol anti-abortionist freak) and says nothing about allowing medical scum to chop up baby dick lips of the BORN BABY as it's part of his sick Judeo-Christian religion to hack of the foreskin of baby men. Circumcision is partial lobotomy on baby men. They crucify penises.

Said the child, "Daddy why was my foreskin tortured and crucified at birth? What did it do wrong? Did it not accept Jesus as it's savior? Did Satan do this to me?"

Performing trans surgery on children, as well as prescribing a child with puberty blockers, is now a felony offence in the state of Oklahoma now there's a state that's thinking with it's dick.

California legislation runs on your fossil fuel energy and always will so as courts that run on fossil fuels ban the Berkeley ban on natural gas other energy hogs in legislation keep pushing bans on what cannot possibly make it through the courts successfully but all the BILLING will make it through right into your wallets as it's next GREED certified illusion is kicking big rigs to the curb to be replaced with more horses asses.

Gender confusion is no different than planet confusion. If the human believes it was born on Uranus it should be treated different, not equal to those beings that were all born OBVIOUSLY ON EARTH. The ACTION of cutting away body parts and pretending that a male is female is not equal to the being who accepts itself as it is. If a big hunkin semi trailer with 18 wheels claims it's a children's toy the liberal retards and the stupid people that go along with these delusions will say and demand and make unconstitutional laws to protect the equal treatment of the truck to Hot Wheels. This is the delusion syndrome these creeps in governing suffer in all this fake transforming gender mania that is mostly being exploited as more eyeball glue. Affirming mental confusion as if it's something other than what it clearly is is yet another of many ways the HELL th care system is only concerned about the $$$ it can make from it and it's all your money that's being shoveled into these systems.

Another big delusion is the certified greed energy of wind farms they are pacifiers and movie sets being net losses of energy.

PBS programming of the mind is a big pile of putrid smelly shit made into a pretty pie and fed to those who like that kind of thing. They as many a liberal pile of putridity were 1st to respond to the cash flow handed out by drug dealers.

Klymate change is a sticky subject

Elon Musk opposes gender torture and mutilation hacking on minors who wouldn't? That would be those who profit from it the medical INDUSTRY that pays doctors trillions of dollars and all it's whores in pHARMa and media advertising. Elon has a brain, considers the term cisgender to be a slur. We don't slur unless it's necessary. We added anything other than normal gender to our list now of slurs. Swedish study observing gender hacking cult mania showed that cosmetic trans anything does not reduce propensity to suicide which is one of the key marketing claims used to push this lucrative cult procedure. Musk says his position on the controversial brutal barbaric torture of minors' god given body parts is that we should wait until an individual is mature enough to make their own decisions if they then still want to be that stupid before other adults who's focus is deluded and for profit make permanent, serious physical changes to them. And without saying it, that would include the foreskin holocaust which all these people keep ignoring this elephant stampede in the China shoppe that is so packed with elephants being ignored they are all sitting there going nowhere trying to figure out how to make people pay attention when all they ever do is what the TV tells them. Why is it that none of these horn blowers call out circumcision done at birth where no anesthetic is used and the lips of the baby man's cock is severed off completely in a bloody religious ceremony that satifies the psychotic cults with knife in hand and grubby hands in your wallets. That would include the sick Judeo-Christian cult that worships it's Bible that preaches this bloody circumcision torture ritual and to this day none of these barbarians are calling for the termination not of dick lips but of these sick rituals of genital disaffirmation.

 March 1924

So did everyone just sit and stay quiet? Did they heed warnings to not yell "FIRE" in a crowded theater? That is what they did when politicians and ex perts burned the old vaccine technology theater down in 2020 to replace it with a more lucrative one BY/FORCE.

David Knight mentioned "gay rodeo" on 4/28/23. Washingstate school destruct bans music classes for being "racist" what retards. Redefine "boy" in school as person who produces sperm and "girl" as a person who produces eggs which is sick as it gets and of course the retard alphabetists will create more lettering to acronymize that as saying "a person who produces eggs" could mean they work on a chicken farm. New fuckronyms APWPE and APWPS. Sorry retards in schooling you are so off it's not funny.


25% of teens "identify" as alphabetii and 87% of all children under 5 identify as firemen, dogs, roosters, butterflies and your point is that we must all accommodate them all as if they are equal and real?

America laments losingloser Tucker Carlson who like all these creeps distorts everything to create eyeball glue and mourns the transformation of a straight beer into being another usless acronym while they do nothing to solve real problems. Donanld Duck responds he's surprised. They are all in thi$ together.

It's not required to have straight A's in English to graduate from medical school as it's not required to regurgitate anything but it's junk science effectively enough to drive pHARMa sales through the roof.

City Council is paid to listen not to interrupt.

the measles virus does not exist

Stefan Lanka wins in HIGH COURT proving his case that the measles virus does not exist why do HELL th departments keep throwing out this memo? This case also proves NO VIRUS EXISTS.

The Measles Trial and AIDS with Mike Walch, filmmaker of The Viral Delusion

Infamous KETO flu? ROFL. Keto diets are super high in fat, it's like pouring oil in your gas tank and expecting the same result.

John Fettermen is 100,000x better safer and more effective than that TV Oz thing that's in bed with pHARMa. That is why he got my computer's 100,000 votes.

New disease alert: sBOI
Just like the CO/VID con game is just another label for old diseases so to ease the fear of yet another new novel fiction variant particle of imaginary terror, sBOI is simply a severe Bout Of Influenza or if you need to sell drugs and garbage tests you say it's a new killer disease worse than any other in history which is another monster flick.

It's time to tie AIDS up to the dock

The science said "what is that?"

It's not difficult to reach a scientific consensus when you squelch dissenting voices. This is what the snake did to the mouse when the mouse was screaming to warn his friends of Fauci coming to feed them poison AZT but then got eaten by consensus. When consensus is right there on the shelf they just reach consensus. When it tries to be included is when there's a problem as inclusion is not what the science cares about.

Start smoking if you want to be healthy Kovid-Free this is why smokers aren't ending up in the hospital

In 2023 tantrumists were very upset they lost their blue checkmark this is what people lived for that blue check mark and then they complained about 666 billion other thingz that they all caused blaming everyone else for it

And once again the alphabetists seek to carve out special treatment for themselves instead of their fake equity and inclusion, it's all bullshit forever bullshit. Illegal visitors or do we call them invaders that "identify" as alphabet not detained? QWERTY+ is already equal did not get the memo?

Vaccines are assault weapons.

911 never happened the twin towers remain you just can't see them. This is the kind of claim that virology makes. In the presentation we see that the "ball" that hit the 2nd tower was a large version of SARS-Cov-2 so now we know where the 2 came from. This is how virology makes stuff up. watch you can see for yourself the towers are still standing as it's in a presentation based on THE/SCIENCE the HIV are always using on you to sell their wares.

Robert F. Kennedy is another clown same as Trump same as all of them he said some years back those who don't believe in wacka-mole climate mania should go to jail. This guy still believes - NOTE THE TERM BELIEVES - that viruses exist yet he runs the the Children's Health Defense an organization that often acts like it's against vaccines. No one in history has ever proven viruses to be real, they make plenty of sales pitches and regurgitate junk science claims, no proof, this is well known in the scientific community.

He trashes oil companies and is filthy rich because of oil companies and portfolios and foundations all based on oil. None of the wealth in the world can exist without oil. None of the "corrupt mergers of state and corporate power" if abolished would allow him to have the wealth he has. They are all lying to you if they say we can live in the fantasy they keep pushing running on part sunshine days and magical breezes where unicorns all in unisin blow hot air to make the propellers spin all the time and they still need oil for lubrication like hello there's 500 gallons of hydraulic oils in each turbine mechanism that's why they burn black. I'm not a fan of disingenuousness. Kennedy is very much supported by that industry dependent on oil. Think he will ever let that money go and live Amish to save the planet? LOL hardly. He's no different than Trump. Kennedy had 3 years of opportunity during the Kovid runway wars of endless drug pushing theatricks to absorb what Tom Cowan, Bailey, Lanka have proven, no virus exists they are dangerous unicorns and he keeps serving up the lies only going after some vaccines when the entire premise of vaccination is to "immunize" for what does not exist and immunity is a false construct. Why didn't they cure the common cold? The entire medical system is infected with these lie$ and you get one gue$$ why it continues like a freight train unstoppable until it flys off the tracks at warped rail speed like those garbage Kovid shots.

2K stock gains in pHARMa products in 2 days does exist! pHARMa suiticals contain Kodak chemicals and printed on Kodak paper! As Bill Shill would say "we inject those chemicals right into kids arms so maybe we can get photos of each cell and what that dangerous unicorn is doing"

Wikipedia entry: On July 28, 2020, the Trump administration announced that it planned to give Kodak a $765 million loan for manufacturing ingredients used in pharmaceuticals, to rebuild the national stockpile depleted by the COVID-19 pandemic and reduce dependency on foreign factories. The funding would come through U.S. International Development Finance Corporation, a government agency with international mandate. Within two days, the company's stock price had gained as much as 2,189% from its price at the close of July 27 on the NYSE.

What is a female crash test dummy? Stupid. First the retard administration would have to define female which they cannot do. This also would take oil that these lying Sierra Club reps say they want to keep in the ground so the inclusionist disinclusion administration wants to build them with windmills and solar panels and the retards in climate con change think this is great as unlike the men who think with their dicks they think with their hot air.

When your employer or some other liberal loon tells you to start using certain pronouns ask them where they draw the line, what is the exact ones that can be used and in what situation, have them provide "used in a sentence" examples, and present these questions like "Can any person, including heterosexual/binary people, create personal pronouns? Apparently so. If only non-heterosexuals can do so, isn’t it discriminatory?" I would add reference "o" to the list asking "At what point does it ever end can this go on into infinity?"

NOBODY ever comments on the gold foil lame

14.666 minute cities ignores we are meant to not live in cities at all so it's another of endless development scam$ that benefits worldwide portfolios that are all pipelines to your cash, government couldn't even keep stores open in cities that already have everything nearby you think they can fix what is not broken? HA HA HA HA AAHHAAAA HA HA HA

Which US dollar bill face is facing the other way?

Retro virus they called HIC (Human Immune-Deficiency Causer) and predicting the demise of a human body from that "ticking time bomb" as they called it as they would exclaim FIRE when no one was even in the outroor theater saying it could take an entire lifetime to carry out it's evil plot is like retro predicting WWII in Y2K. It's like predictig that Elvis Presley would die and that he would be famous before he died. It's also known as Horseshit In Virology (HIV) and it only infects the mind as they are dangerous unicorns.

100.666 day vaccines coming soon probably in vending machines next to condoms. Where did humanity get this idea that you get an injection 100 days after PAN gets into mischief again and this neutralizes the threat? Marketing departments going back 100.666 years ago. Hustle In Virology (HIV)

They are doig it again, making those with good credit to subsidize those with out in the housing market, which will lead to many buyers of homes defaulting after 5 years and another 2008 crash.

HIV Peter McCullough now jumps on the "vaccine in food" bandwagon of fear porn, never interested in proving any of his assertions even the "freedom fighters" are all in this sham together.

Being from the government of Uranus claims men can be pregnant and can't explain basic definitions of what a woman or man is so they just refuse and claim galaxyism.

In Hogan Heroes TV comedy the characters set in Nazi war era talked in "code" we are again doing this today in the ongoing war on dangerous unicorns calling a certain thing that is certainly garbage "tea" as if you say the real word bots come after you on social medias and kill your ones and zeros or send them to the gulag.

Jimmy Dore calls out John Stewart and all the news organization LIE/MODELS of business they lie about everything for sticky eyeballs says Stewart is now ruining his legacy of actually having been funny at one time now his shit is garbage

Monkey pox fraud there is no virus it was another hustle the gays fell into pHARMa hustle over and over and over again so now New York Times claims the gays saved the world from the latest FAKE/PLAGUE of dangerous unicorns. Viruses are not real. They make the gays feel like super heroes saving the world from the monkey plague. No mention of QUATS the Nonoxynil-9 and Crisco drugs chemical fueled sex and drugs and alcohol etc and more drugs and shit slathered all over the skin. Don't they get it yet? We are not monkeys, they are monkeying with you, gays acting like monkeys, get it yet. More details further down the page. Hustles In Virology (HIV) keep spreading dangerous unicorns.

Heist! $20 million in gold arrives Toronto airport cargo unloaded, first check Sam Brinton's newest designer luggage!

Hello, I now identify as a Trump and MAGA hater. Is that still legal?

In the LOL/ZONE The Big Rotten Apple's big problems keep getting worse, but what's fun is the Mayor is now blaming the non-Trump White Lie House. Mayor says his illegal immigration give the key to everyone policy is destroying his city. Funny how these Democrat loons never blamed each other for their policies that destroyed businesses in the dangerous unicorn crisis. You know by Y2K everyone said the internet would fix things. All it gave us was free naked pictures, and it killed film that made those exceptional photos you could hold in your hand.

Dangerous Unicorn Hustle (DUH) we figured out what the causes were affecting the gays long ago it was drug abuse not a DU. Celia Farber wrote about it, PCR inventor called it all out, Luc Montagnier millions of others figured it out. TV didn't. It never does.

FDA wants more censorship as if the censor ship didn't already hit the iceberg

pHARMa cysts now recommend 6.66th pFizer extermination of dangerous unicorn Horrorifically Hustleous Shots (HHS) ever notice how they say "the science is settled" and then they say their science changed? They babble on about childhood immunization hesitancy is skyrocketing since Kovid-19 hit the stage but there is no immunity and no immune system. If there was you'd never get cold of flu again. Think about that. They are all Hustlers In Virology (HIV).

How to get committee members to pay attention in boring zoomer meetings

Show us the RNA, and show us the "virus" they can't, it's all hustle, same with GMO, RNA/DNA is another fraud like rebranding the cold and flu and tests that don't find any virus on any planet including up Uranus. Tom Cowan covered that DNA/RNA hustle in one of his weekly talks. Is it obvious yet? Fauci is scum and has been for 50 years, queer in the 1980's the stupid demandists installed him for our HELLth. Viruses are dangerous unicorns this should be rediculously clear now.

Watch how they run a council meeting in Con-u-nist Canada as the public was disrespected rather severely for 3 years over Kovid-19.666 that government gets ROYALTIES from each successful injection of their pHARMa semen they inject in it's people, these are the public tardres that serve themselve$. Notice how many times she repeats herself like a nasty nun at a Judeo Catholic school that repurposes rulers like China repurposes it's chemical waste to go into our food supply. Watch more of the Canadian politician that locked their people in concentration camps for their Kovid Klown Konditioning exercise as the fake men all prance around wearing red high heel shoes to "support womens rights". None of course ever do anything to support baby men's rights as the foreskin holocaust continues to be totally ignored yet the elephants in the room keep farting and it all stinks to high Heaven as Hell laughs it's ass off at all the self absorbed retards in governing. Their prancing around in women's high heels is sexist and offensive but since sex does not exist anymore it's just retarded and childish. Fake news medias there called the coucil meeting overflow a "unruly protest". LOL fuck your 14.666 minute meetings.

Dangerous unicorn hunters take on all shapes and sizes. Some keep their hunts for them in labs going on never taking a break. They ignore the elephants in the rooms and on the patios that point their trunks at the computers, saying "Dude, that's where the virus originated not a pietre dish"

14.666 GREED certified "cities" are going to be hell for the people and pay dirt for the developers, it's always about developers, always. Buffalo did this with their downtown, all pedestrian, over 40 years ago, the bustling stores on Main Street all closed, it was too much a pain in the ass to do anything downtown after that. The hustle bustle never returned. There was never enough money to rip the GREED certified hell project apart and go back to NORMAL. Million$ wasted. This is what developers do repeatedly as they are all in this together. They build housing projects and politicians get paid off and it's cheaper to restore old neighborhoods. It's all GREED.

Rage Against The Vaccine who needs this shit, not my body, not my mom, not my dog, WHO needs it and all their GREED certified friends. Fuck your injection cult....."ya took the booster they told ya"

Germ and virus "cause" theory is dead

Government carried out secret tests with chemicals on St. Louis residents in the 1960s, oh look they did it again and again and Koivid Kapoor seems to have been the only one prepped for it the Kovid-19 god of PAN schemic

FakeX finally launches a real rocket and of course it explodes as it's a family company.

Expert not lying professpert like Fraudci and friends schools us on fact that more whites were slaves than blacks

Where's that carbonated illusion problem again? Hanging with dangerous unicorns where else!

pHARMa cysts like Blue Cross pay bonuses to push their injection juice we call this getting fucked

Tom Cowan explains why cancer does not metasticize and they don't find "cancer cells" they find genetic material like finding cars in a junkyard.

Ayok crys her eyes out as she learns Berkeley ban on gas stoves is slammed down in court. Realizes she has to find something else to use for endless ATTENTION schemes. Restaurant association took the GREED certified cult to task.

HIV variant Ryan Cole owns a testing lab in Idaho so it's no surprise he's out there telling people he's convinced the virus came from a lab, doesn't tell you it actually came from the LAB COMPUTER that's it folks, there is no virus, it's a printout. Also doesn't tell you anything about saline placebo shots, many were made to show proof of getting pHARMa fucked to gain entry to "keep everyone safe" but the public is not told many of those were placebos of salt water or meningitis vaccine, if anyone doesn't tell you this they are Hustlers In Virology or don't care to find the Devil right there in the details as big pHARMa pays them to go with the program. The variant of Hustles In Virology also doesn't tell you how rich he is selling useless PCR tests doesn't tell you his smirks tell you a lot. Notice how many times he smirks and when and what he's talking about in this interview right when he's talking about Fauci and emails and gain of fiction they call gain of function and lab leak (from a computer) he's smirking a lot as if he knows the game they are all playing on you. They set the public up to get into another tizzy about gain of function of dangerous unicorns and are having fun watching all the mud slinging and how they get the public to make new demands congress do more and it never end$. Smirkily smiley as he says we should never have quarantined the well only the sick. So grama gets to be thrown into a room again and no one can see her cuz she's got the flu they call a monsterous killer when it's Horseshit In Viorology as virology is not a science it's a declaration and con-trol mechanism and gramaa dies alone no one there to touch her. He's sick. Then more garbage testing then new garbage prophylactic$ and kaching kaching you don't think he does all these media appearances for his health do you? They are all in this scam together. They ACT as if they really really care about you. They care about their portfolios.

Astro NOT fake ass toilets

Doctors are almost hopelessly naive to the fraud of virology

Fake ass gay SECRETARY is driven close to work in luxury GAS GUZZLER pulls bicycle out dons his gay helmet apparel and rides the bicycle last 100 feet to the White LIE House to present his show pretending to do what it takes to "save the planet" and this loser keeps calling roads "racist". Kant stand the liars that lie lie an lie to themselves and others here's another notice his smirk ass face as he makes things up.

During an interview with ABC News on Monday, brought to you by pHARMa outgoing ASFOAIEASA at the DOSMM stated that during the fuckyouover lockdown Horseshit In Virology totalitarianism department that took place during the Kovid-19 fraud PAN their god of MISCHIEF fun time many people many people enjoyed the time off and getting fucked with pHARMa chemical potions that use repurposed China chemical waste. In that theme we always wish mental retards wellness and hope those like and especially those who identify as a Kathy Griffin find it soon

The Foreskin Holocaust

TRANS forming baby boy dicks is medical malpractice and needs to end and liability suits started

Knives killed 666,666,666 foreskins in the ongoing holocaust of phallus lips and congress continues to ignore the horror while most fundamentalist Judeo-Christians are all for the cutting and can't get past what the bible says as they associate cutting off baby man's foreskin with redemption. For example there's Matt Walsh who refuses to look at the MATTer with hacking off the lips of a baby boy's dick is also TRANS formation as is done with those who don't like their gender they had from birth. visit the FORESKIN HOLOCAUST page for details

Holocaust In Virology (HIV)

Venom killed 11 million gays and monkey pox is only found in monkeys. HIV is aka Hustle In Virology.

P O X  resource page
"pox rhymes with cockz"

get more dick in your ear The Dick Show

Pox is a skin condition
Rebranding the pimple is more Junk Science Hustle In Virology (JS/HIV) which never has proven ANY virus exists anywhere on earth they only exist in the mind and on computer lab screens that's what escapes from the lab just data no real virus so then getting vaccinated for pox is also stupid to do and an obvious pHARMa hustle to grow portfolios outside the lab.

The nefarious forms of pox mania
Centuries ago they called syphilis "great pox"

ever notice the dictionary is loaded with words that have multiple meanings describing the same thing?

Great Pox (GP)
Skin eruptions of various forms that are in various size that is the same thing as syphillis
Xtra Small Pox (XSP)
Skin eruptions of various forms that are very small in size
Small Pox (SP)
Skin eruptions of various forms that are small in size
Medium Pox (MP)
Skin eruptions of various forms that are medium in size
Large Pox (LP)
Skin eruptions of various forms that are large in size
Xtra Large Pox (XLP)
Skin eruptions of various forms that are extra large in size
Monkey Business Pox
Only affects those suseptible to marketing bullshit, a label used to make monkeys of the idiots that fall for the never ending pharmaceutical marketing schemes targeting just the monkeysexuals in order to sell expensive injections that get billed at $238 each that offer absoultey no protection like those Kovid-19 protection devices we saw on Project Runway one whole year prior to the Kovid-19 mess that hit us over the head in 2020 that closed of all places fitness centers while opening up millions of used China chemical waste injection centers.

Well I'll be a monkey's gay uncle, it appers that if a monkey had syphilis it would be called "monkey pox". If a mosquite oh had syphillis it would be called mosquito pox. Pay attention now. And if a human gets it, well then it's monkey pox. Obviously they are monkeying with you. They like making monkeys out of everyone. The Hustlers In Virology (HIV) MAKE MONKEYS OUT OF YOU. There are no viruses. There are LIES. Get tested for LIES.

More clues found here in a presentation that discussed history of unnecessary quarantines that make a mountain out of an anthill.

You are not a monkey so if you have a skin condition it ain't monkey pox as you are not a fucking monkey.

Got acne? That's called oil slick pox. All that grease you eat backs up in your body tries to get out usually through your shit hole but that doesn't have to happen if you don't pour motor oil in your cooking and have enough fiber. Oil slicks can muck up everything then the body tries to force it all out the skin. Chemicals such as anti-spermicides applied on the skin called QUATs which they gassed the public with during the 3 year fake-a-demic connive game to push more chemical$ also create problems causing burns where then the oil slicks being pushed out putrify with bacteria. You don't catch dangerous unicorns they call "viruses" as they don't exist, you catch oil slicks, chemicals, and massive brainwashing propoganda campaigns all designed to build pipelines to your money.

got milked? Got ripped off? Most of you have!!! The incredibly sensitive lips of your dick sliced off by foreskin hunters. It's like chopping off a babies lips. This holocaust must end.


666,666,666 foreskins murdered and still to this day Foreskin Holocaust Deniers (FHD) keep stuffing down their trauma by diverting attention onto something they can handle like "oh look at those Wuhan baloons now floating over America hon...." and 666 million other diversions every day, routinely diverting attention away from the gassing of all public places THAT/ARE using pesticides that are killing lung tissue slowly so as to not be noticed so then the medical cults just blame a virus which never has been proven to exist whilst toxic chemical sprays called disinfectants now made from chemical waste from China they tell us this is good for your health to breathe these fumes in. The Judeo-Christians are caught up in the dick cutting ritual of baby men as part of their salvation from nothing they did nothing wrong and to realize that they were horrifically tortured at birth is just too much to handle for most so dudes like that anti-transist Matt Walsh skims right by the foreskin holocaust when confronted with that torture horror of killing foreskin on a baby man's most private part. Visit circumcision is a fraud website for more

Many people are coming out such as David Knight and Matt Walsh and condemning the life altering surgeries that change someones sex superficially (transgender) while saying not a word about the life altering sex change surgeries horrifically done against the baby man's will at birth hacking off the protective foreskin which is like hacking off lips it's so sensitive and pleasurable so these guys are part of the problem of endless hypocricy where they go on and on about protecting people while they do zilch to call for the protection and repirations of THE MOST VULNERABLE OF ALL, BABY MEN.

Corona viruses - the common cold. A vaccine is the only way to get your live back for the common cold? Then 3x or 4x or more? Then to think of it as regular flu shots? After looking at the video of the medical reference from the AMA that shows their definition of corona virus as the common cold, look up 'scammed' and 'milked' and 'cult' in your reference books at home.

Who cares anymore what lying WHO says as they have tantrums that the common cold is still an emergency of worldwide, they want perpetual ability to shut you down and vaccinate you against your will for the common cold. They have conned governments everywhere calling the common cold a new deadly disease!

pF.U. Eyezer's indian chief wants to cull 50% of the worlds population and it's head of re-search got caught on a date claiming the drug company is mutating their spike unicorns to make the need for ongoing new vaccines. Some of those that could be culled are called useless eaters, one might conclude those would be all the CEO's of drug companies, all the interlocking directorate$ that keep shoveling your cash into their portfolios while you keep eneding up with less, the heads of useless organizations of lies, many politicians who graduated with pHd's in lies, and not the general public. To accomplish their task he recruited Fraudci the Rwich Doctor who said he and his team was working on a snowflake variant that would cause killer snowstorms that would make the public demand each home be vaccinated for snow. Shill gates explained no one would be safe from these snowflake variants until every home was vaccinated as he went on telling the world by TV spell casting that this was a novel (fiction) strain that caused death and destruction unlike any other snowflake they had ever seen before. As usual the public got on that new bandwagon as they all watch too much TV for their re-search and it soon got stuck and they all blamed those who warned them ahead of time to not go out bandwagoneering in the snow for what they did to themselves. Note the term "vaccinated" now means whatever you want it to mean, in this case it means being ready for snow storm variants where every new storm is a new more deadly strain based on the kind of HUSTLE provided the public by the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) and then those who plow over your freedoms demand you give them your billions to constantly build new snow removal systems 4 to 6 times a year like this fakedemic "covid" shots where they then introduced more of their monkey business vaccines where humans are actually not monkeys but they are treated as such. Only monkeys get "monkey pox" don't act like one of thier monkeys.

Fred Kremer stated in the comments, "[they were] granted immunity ....... HHS Secretary Alex Azar who invoked PREP 1988 42 U.S. Code § 300aa-22 in February in response to the pandemic, declaring COVID-19 to be a public health emergency warranting liability protections for covered countermeasures."

To be clear, dangerous spike unicorns are only a danger in the imagination. Covid is medical marketing fraud. The drug companies own congress and most governing bodies except Africa as they already went through the AIDS drug pushing HOLOCAUST. People are slowly waking up to the entire fraud and junk science of virology as viruses have never been proven to exist any more than transwomen would be found Venus and men on the Moon.

check your got milk'd status here

Gay Pharma Bro (GPB) caught on a "date" Veritas undercover video at a New York city restaurant, he's saying they mutate viruses which is illegal NOT TO SAY but to do (guy later claims he was lying on a date like all guys do, to try to cover his ass ) but they don't say that to the public. Watch it with commentary if you like the drama! It gets wild at about 26 minutes in. Starts 13 minutes in

Never before in history did MAN kind have to ask "What Is A Woman?" which proves this is the supidest time in history which when asked replied it already had made a note of it on the way back machine. The smarter we get the stupider we fall. Put that in your app and smoke it. Note it's not "culture telling us" it's television and other media warpist bullshitters.

In watching Matt Walsh's "What Is A Woman?" we finally learn how gender identity is like virus identity, all it takes is a statement, it's about feelings not reality so my viruses are telling me that they identify as shea butter and massage stones. Now it all makes sense and like with new rules where governing bodies that fly planes while building them tell us we have to refer to and believe fully that what ever a person says they are is real, like when they say they are not a liar we have to believe them by law, as that is how they identify, and that a wind farm identifies as providing power when it's actualy sucking it and we have to add more money made by fossil fuels to support these movie sets as we are required to act based on how they identify, the same goes with viruses that identify as healing mechanisms and if you do not refer to them in that way you are being transvirus phobic and any chemical that would force itself on any virus that identifies as being helpful, healing, and loving would be raping that virus if the identity of being raped isn't mutual.

What is pepper? My salt keeps insisting it's pepper and I keep telling it it's salt and cannot be pepper just by changing it's identity. Then the other peppers were on social media all day and night and they too were saying they were salt but some claimed they were sugar.

"What Is A Virus?" - obviously it can identify as anything it wants and be fully accepted as such in our brave new transpathogen world.

Dumbasses at 20 square miles of "in silico" dreamworld techtopia were suddenly fired! ROFL gawd now comes the self absorbed whining. Let's hope they all become homeless so they can be on the ground floor of understanding and thus actually solving a problem for once instead of creating them with their censortopian delusions of how the world should be in their little itty bitty filthy rich box.

Get tested for pHARMa lies!

Vaccines do not provide you immunity, you provide vaccine makers immunity! STOP THAT

Bryan Ardis presents data from Dr. Group saying it was an amazing....SHOW.....of study on urine therapy. Is he another actor? Ardis always has a smirk on his face the other doctor along Group was Dr. Buttar, really now, group butter urine, what the fuck.

January 27, 2023 universal Holocaust In Virology (HIV) day helps us reflect back at the horrors of Dr. MANGELYA/FRAUDSEA the exploitationist and his disasterous chemo drug pushing killing scheme. I watched my friend die of his regime. They were put in drug camps forced into them after testing "positive" with bullshit tests. Made to take poison drugs. It's estimated 666,666 died from the manipulation of the mind that made people believe they were roaming death spreaders.

Shill Gates is doing fire drills you know him he's the one of the gang that kepe yelling fire in a crowded world of theatricks and locked you down for everyone's HELLth so they could shove that new vax technology into you for their own gain of functioning wealth. You have to be a retard after the bullshit started 3 years ago to believe any of this vomit coming out of Shill Gate$$$$$ mouth and friend$$$$$$ and HELLth departments who are all in this together. They are plandemicing the next fake one says this time can INHALE the vaccine. DUCK ALL OF THESE SHILLS THEY ARE ALL HUSTLERS IN JUNK SCIENCE VIROLOGY. An0maly has a report

Robert Malone claims Big Pharma Bro is 4th level and says Pfizer can do what they want with world governments. Says they are predatory.

And Matt Walsh commented on what someone else commented on that maybe was a comment of someone elses comment of someones comment of someone elses comment of another commenters comment,

Notice how they are making monkeys out of you, or maybe not you but many many many people on these bandwagons, "put the virus in monkeys" could mean homos and........ but of course viruses do not exist, that IS THE SCIENCE and thus all the monkeys horses and all the monkey's good men couldn't put Humpty Monkey back to gether again while everyone jumps up and down like monkeys getting on line every frigging day to keep up with all the monkeying around and the cash cows all keep being milked.

I like this guy

I don't like this guy

I like this gal who speaks about Governor Gavin Screwsom of California being shot down by federal court his law that made doctors be barred from speaking their opinions about the covid shill shots for their patients and mentions how consensus is not proven absolute fact it is opinion. Consensus is the argument brought forth repeatedly by hustlers to sell their wares in particular made by those in the Hustle In Virology or carbon footprints that do not exist.

Cant stand shill gates, richer than richy rich, CONstantly pushing vaccine garbage, smirk that won't leave when you politely keep asking it to leave the party, admits now vaccines don't stop transmission problems, tells you the new improved transmission additive needs to be tried next epidemic when it was a pandemic now it's epidemic and not even real now he's putting that word EPIDEMIC in people's minds as he's a hustler and planning with his schoolyard friends the next scheme to screw everyone into taking new inhalable vaccines. They are all in this scheme together. So he says "vaccinology" he should say what it really is, "stimulantology" (start at 17:45 for a great ROFL with An0maly and borders) as that is all vaccines are any more is stimulants, they do not provide immunity as legal departments at CDC realized they could no longer call these shots of pHARMa slime chemical wasted from China as providing immunity as these injections never provided immunity ever it's all been a pack of lies. Stop listening to anything that thing says he's HIV. He preache$ epidemic$ preparedne$$ but viruses are not real they are imaginary they have never been proven to exist thus the utter foundations of all his lies is just plain money grubbing control freak garbage. Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? What about 666 thousand pounds of prevention as we saw with the covid lie what is that worth? Not a many pounds of cure it as we saw was worth billions for a few of these shills and utter disaster for the entire world. These shills are pushing this garbage "prevention" crap all based on the total lie of viruses. The public is NOT roaming dangerous unicorn death spreaders. There is no need for these costly drills where they keep drilling into heads their now EPIDEMIC bullshit of lies.

History of harm from vaccines in a family, the records are lost, the HELLth department demands revaccination 7 shots for the child, THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH they push and push to follow their procedures, it's about procedure$, they don't care that measles virus PROVEN TO NOT EXIST IN GERMAN COURT by Dr. Stefan Lanka they insist the child get another injection, 666 if need be, it's a horror show it's a Holocaust In Virology.

Virology is STIMULANTOLOGY they do not provide immunity they only stimulate like coffee. Why would you inject a stimulant that does not provide immunity thinking it is providing immunity? Look up CDC's new definition of vaccine, it's not providing immunity, it's providing stimulation, in other words they add poisons to your blood and it stimulates your body to try it's best to get that crap the fuck out of you. Slimey sales things including presidents tell you it's a fantastic product.

Pfizer guy caught "undercover" news saying they figured they could just mutate the virus themselves. Snow plow manufacturers and shovel manufacturers came up with this idea long ago, mutating  the unlimited variant snowflakes worked, it sold more of these variant snowflake containment devices. Snowflakes are just like viruses, they are all variants, no two are alike.

Did you feel coerced? Did you feel you were pushed into being fucked by big government, your doctor, and pHARMA run TV commercials and society and friends to shun the pure bloods and to let corporatocracy inject it's slimy experimental goo into you? Well you may have a case. As all the "conspiracy theorists" where once again proven correct Australia is now warning the doctors are not shielded from liability. ROFL we have been warning you of the Hustle In Virology for 70 years now. Is 2020 hindsight the ticket you need to get into understanding the medical theater yet? Probably not, you will continue to offer up your arms and throats as sacrifice to your pHARMa godz. If you were under pressure it was not legally binding "informed consent" and the doctors are SCREWED. Maybe now you will step back and realize it's not natural to act like drug addix having to get a fix as CDC changed the definition of fix to be "booster" and changed "vaccine" to no longer mean "immunity" rather now mean "stimulant" which is what a schoolyard bully does to her victims.

as presented on Del Bigtree's Jackson Report on 1/25/23

Cases of snowflake variants are increasing this winter.

Robbing people is not always safe and effective.

The key to ending liberal scum election theft.

End the 1986 PREP/ACT offering NO LIABILITY of pHARMa that was created by Democrat scum that worships the drug money and has no problem with deceiving the public in the 1980's Hustle In Virology (HIV) that blamed dangerous unicorns for complex disease, categorized healthy people as diseased based on shit PCR testing (HIV tests) that don't find anything but a junkyard of cellular debris. Jackson also reported HR 9366 introduced by Louie Ghomert.

Liberal scum has a history of trashing Ghomert in liberal crap medias yet he's one of the few in Congress with integrity. Also in the report slew of new drugs coming from these scum drug pushers. Watch the drug addicts flock to their pHARMa seas. They are all in this sea sailing in circles around their portfolios together. They don't realize there's a bigger world out there.

Food Compass is a horror show

Frosted Mini wheats gets a 87% score while beef loaded with protein that is easily assimilated by the body to rebuild cells safely and effectively gets a 26 using another shit "in silico" algorythm. This is the garbage your taxes are being used for by government. They already destroyed the food pyramid which was a great tool. It's busy work and manipulation.


Some money finds itself "Gone With The Wind"

check out how they "find viruses" it's a joke!

Do you have a problem with noticing things others don't? You need this

15 minute hellscapes

mRNA injections do not stay at the injection site, did someone claim they did? That would be insane lies and not even the least bit sensical but since this whole thing is a sham we shouldn't be surprised but still that is as stupid as believing that if you drop a blue food coloring in a glass of clear water it would stay in one spot and not disperse.

Chicken shit egg theory before the horse

Virus replication is basically THIS

India introduces COBRAVAX for that fraud-19 thing its for those who don't like to get stung but love getting bit.

Payless shoes presented as designer the woke retards were amazed and bought them up paying 590 dollars for 35 dollar items, same thing they do with designer vaccines that are junk science yard made in a China chemical waste dump. Got milk'd?

If oceans rose as they claim 1 centimeter in 100 years, first, that's 1 millimeter in 10 years, do you even know how little that is? That is 0.03937008 of an inch or about 1/25th of an inch. Like this is going to make a problem at the beach or weather? No. When ice freezes it expands, there's a huge mass of ice under an iceberg that you see, if it melted it would leave a hole and would then lower the ocean level by 1/25th of an inch, then the frozen water on the ground would melt and fill in that hole 1/25th of an inch. That is net zero or zero change.

Newsom's world discriminalizes loitering hooray it's a side step in the right direction to not step rather loiter a human right. Fucking for money (hookers) remains illegal while fucking for money (vaccines) remains legal. Justification for fucking for money (vaccines) remaining legal is that it's for the greater good even though it's only for the portfoio good and does nothing for anyone's good as vaccines are junk science garbage chemical mine fields. The portfolio owner feels that fucking for money (vaccines) and fucking for money (hookers) is all good. Got milk'd?

Jerm Writes - "It is unfortunate that most of the music industry succumbed to the pharmaceutical indoctrination of the fake propagandemic. (Listen to my conversation with Denis Rancourt to realise why there was no pandemic.) It's bizarre when you consider all the bands and singers that traditionally stuck it to the man and ended up becoming American Idiots who Raged For The Machine." He also spoke with a great rock band Five Times August that did not get indoctrindamicated like those who trust their doctors drug pushing governments and televisions. Brad Skistimas and Jerm speakademic! Brad is trying to get help for all those who were brainwashed into the covid cult.

No one died for not getting the vax, no one was saved, it's hard strokeable data. Covid was purely to sell new vaccine that does not need 10 years of thorough testing so pHARMa makes trillions instead of billions and you fell for it.

DWI - Driving While Injected

Malone says pHARMa plans to mutate the Dangerous Unicorn Disease (DUD). Never before in history has a unicorn had so much power except everytime they employ the unicorn to jab people with it's imaginary horn of greed. Malone is lock step with the entire fake virus construct so he's not helping anyone. Acts out calling the drug pushers as corrupt but he's part of that whole system and rich like all of them from the last 100 years of abuse. Aids scam Kovid scam polio scam Spanish flu scam, it's all scam based on unicorns. Note the new term for "gain of function" is "directed evolution" with an evil laugh presented by pFizer director of research and development and about farming the CASH/COWS. From one monkey business to another monkey business it's clear they are all monkeying with you. Vaccines are a scam. They are even repurposing the old ones!

Tammy Cohen appears to be a transsomething at Orlando city council meeting speeks

Kevin Kiley spoke with Biden, sanity meets the insane, and also reports this.

As for Newsom, accountability is on the way. Congress is investigating the record-setting $30 billion in EDD fraud he allowed. And yesterday, his attempt to punish doctors for COVID "misinformation" was challenged in court. The judge called the law "nonsense."
I am also co-sponsoring two new bills to end the COVID insanity: HJR 7 to terminate the national COVID emergency and HR 185 to end the vaccine mandate for international travel. Yes, we are on a mission – and won’t rest until it’s accomplished.

Simon Dunn Australia gay rugby player "dies suddenly" which is a side direct effect of the vax, vax, vax, and vax, vax. Most gays got the 3 jabs of covid crap, and 2 of the monkey business lies. Never in history have so many sports players "died suddenly". Why people trust pHARMa cysts is a mystery. Polizoid presents Shiff hits the fan.

Next up the novel fiction strain of gone-o-re-ya theyre's an vaccine stimulant for that of course, 2 doses, inject it right up your ass into your brain. That's a cummin, you monkeys go for it. Gotta get up to that magic 666 total number of vaccines then you are entered in the lottery. Antibiotic resistant they say. Same old monkey business. POX is sox

WEF is a buncha psychos


Viro-LIE-gy (virology)

California loonstein again wants to ban assault butter while getting more bread for themselves. When are they going to ban assault needles, oh that's where the butter thing comes with the bread.

THE/END of hell-19 and 666 foot distancing is at hand but it's up to us in understanding how covid-19 hell was planned decades in advance using junk science of virology. We already have a social credit score held by the big tech firms it's just not been revealed to the world, they are waiting until they con the public like they did with covid-19 then as egg prices soar to $66.60 per dozen and we start growing our back yard eggs from chickens these Hustlers In Virology (HIV) will massacre your chickens after their bullshit "tests" that are merely magnifying chicken soup say "positive" for magnification and you will again and again and again become more the COMMUNIST SLAVE they want you to grow into for your HELLth and their massive massive evergrowing wealth while to fix the problem they then take your car from you and then you can't get to work and they won't let you work as you also tested positive for magnification of false need of pHARMa cyst industry marketing sludge soup.

Gun grabbers are groping you again they are again and again and again groping after your guns a new way to make it a public HELLth approach to make it "safe and effective" groping, so if you bought the lie of shutting down your business for 2 weeks to introduce new scams to slow the spread of what does not exist and that the only way out was to get you to inject with alleged genetic engineering shots and gassing the public with chemical fumes like you are pests that no one in their right mind would allow was bad just wait 'till public HELLth agencies get hold of your means of safe and effective protection from home invaders that actually do exist.

What's all that crap swimming around in that covid shot? I'll pass thanks. Seems pHARMa cysts are not selling us a good quality product.

BREAKING apart news! Reporters caught Pfizer CEO at Davos and plummels him with questions about the vaccines not working and stealing all our money. THIS is what reporting used to be decades ago! Now all the stations are owned by pFuizer. Try reporting like this you will be fired as they are your bosses but who put them there? The public with it's delusional outcry back in the 1980's giving drug companies endless disliability and demand government fix your health as it bought into the lie that viruses are real. Watch Jimmy Dore's comments as he watches it here & the raw not circumcised version here.

i LOVE this guys take from Sweden

Al Gore proves he's from a far out a galaxy as this scum bag con bag of theatricks goes off his rocker claiming BOILING OCEANS amongst his other con bag friends down the street from all their Swiss Banks. Someone get the man help he is a threat to himself and others. Again he spouts the lie that carbon just keeps building up, it does not, it's like he's a crazy drug addicted crazy person on the street on a sunny week starts screaming that the rain just keeps building up and one day it's just going to rain for years and never stop.

Democrat scum leader of New Zealand sent her slaves to HELLth care HELL then the people erupted and threw her out. She was an extremist. Forged some of the world's worst lockdowns as if her slaves were prisoners then demanding on high they self-inject some bizarre brew as if they were on Jim Jones plantation where in his cult he made them drink the poison kool-aid to heal their souls but of course they died because well it was poison. The people were having drinks when they heard the news it was not seeking election again. WATCH how they react and watch how the natives react

They were homeless now they have a new apartment.

Woketard actor full of himself ass-hole democrat anti-gunner charged with killing someone on the set of a movie with a gun, not a border wall, not with words or thoughts, a gun. That is the object that 99.99999999999 % of the public knows how to handle, never harms anyone with, and is for protection or hunting for food. He and Benedict Donald Trump should share a cell someday. Trump takes credit for self-injecting 100 million people with pHARMa goo for their HELLth. Their egos are so huge and putrifying of everything they touch the steel bars would disintegrate so it will never happen. Not even Kryptonite can stop the constant stream of goo flowing in their minds eye, ear, nose, and throat.

WEF - World Economic Fraudsters

Australia may encourage a 5th covid HELL shot as winter approaches, well on their way to goal of 666 total covid HELL shots provided by HELLth care systems that just lie and lie and lie and lie about viruses.

NFL analyst says the Ukraine dude that refused to emblazon gay pride flag on his chest says he should go back to his country and fight Russia. So the logic of this is warped saying he should fight for freedom there so he can be free there for NFL analysts to demand in a democracy that they do as they are told like in Russia. This is why I and many others find the rainbow flag nauseating, they are all hypocrites. They were the FIRST to disinclude everyone that would not be part of their injection cult as it was about themseves first, not others. They claim it's for others and then they shun the others they claim it's for. It's horseshit. Fuck your self absorbed high horse you call pride. Live amongst the rest of us peasants and act like a human being instead of an emperor with no clothes.

Fucking with your head, an old hobby, that's what this whatever is doing. Sometimes good for laughs other times good for building pipelines to your cash as is the antics of the Hustle In Virology (HIV).

All right you ass holes in the QWERTY + rainbow bowel movement you have gone way too far forcing sports players to wear your flag and if they don't they get hell. Your constant hypocricy is pukeville, you would most certainly not let them wear a straight pride flag, notice there is no S for STRAIGHT in your fucking disgusting flag that "symbolizes everyone in the rainbow".

Incestuous relationship between WEF and slime stream medias called out as Rebel News reporter asks polite questions to CNBC senior editor at Davos who was caught saying he wanted to punch him out which shows the complete contradiction in what they do as it's not reporting it's propoganda and manipulation of the public. Avi of Rebel News also asked tough simple questions of Aztra Zeneca. He did get answer to question if it was good idea to give ineffective injections of polymers to the public.

DeGrassi is a retard surely he got paid well to push the vax, he's an astrophysisist and he's the authority of the science. He won't debate the good minds who aren't hustling cuz he's full o'shit.

The latest dying gasps of the covid-19 fraud are exposing themselves with 2020 hindsight illuminated by those of us who now can laugh our asses off at the stupidity of virus hunting. This dude makes looking back on the fraud fun and makes us realize once and for all our instincts were right from the start.

What good is 2020 hindsight when you don't look back

Taxpayers in Fort Lauderdale demanded 1/4 of a million dollars to be spent on creating a S&M dungeon be funded by the city

31 institutions in the USA cannot provide evidence any virus exists

211 health/science institutions globally all failed to cite even 1 record of "SARS-COV-2" purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever

Parasite stress hypothesis

Physics asks a question: "Have you figured out the climate problem yet? Specifically I am referring to the beyond retarded save the planet scheme of adding wind farms that are only powered by your green $$$ which never stay on as a way to produce power that you insist should always be there whenever you need it. There is no way that I can figure out how to power a grid full time with intermittent energy when they rely on the weather to be powered and the wind stops and clouds get in the way no power is provided or made and you have not fixed the weather yet to make wind blow at one speed constantly withoug stopping and if you could you would actually destroy life on Earth. None of what you are doing is making any sense in these alleged save the world energy schemes of yours that are 100% based on the physics of unicorns flying around the world you claim are ready to transport us to anywhere we wish to be. Your claim that batteries will fix the weather problem makes me laugh, as it's well known in physics that their role is to provide Frequency Control Ancillary Services to account for rapid surges in demand (increased load) and drops in power output from wind and solar (loss of inertia) - delivering short bursts of power to maintain voltage and frequency and thereby keep the grid from collapsing which service they perform for a very short time as the grid then shifts to fossil fuels to remain powered 100% of the time fully. The grids simply cannot function on these spinning propeller sticks without robust fossil fuels that by the way I will also tell you are not made from fossils."

Karen Kingston and James Tracy talk about how pHARMa does not have immunity and why does the BAR mean "British Accredited Registrar"? If the investors knew what was really going on the whole house of cards would crumble.

The hustle of virology is junk science as bad as searching for unicorns in a junk yard.

No one, including Sabine Hazan and the CDC researchers, has ever extracted genetic material from a purified sample of the alleged "virus" so that they could sequence "it" and characterize "it" to find out if the alleged RNA genome of 30,000 base pairs with a spiky protein shell actually exists.  And no one, including Sabine Hazan and the CDC researchers, has performed fully controlled experiments to see if the alleged "it" actually spreads disease via natural modes of exposure.  Because virology is not a science - Christine Massey

Response to Peter Smith, “Canadian Anti-Hate Network”, re “virus” isolation

Posted December 3, 2021, by Christine Massey

Instead, virologists have always worked with soups of material that they assume contains "the virus". And [such] wild assumptions have no place in science or logic. Virololgy is not a science.

We call this BS for what it is Biological Sewage.

What the hell is going on?

Demanding proof that any such "bird flu" even exists as defined by those pushing this ongoing HUSTLE IN VIROLOGY

Tom Cowan writes that virology first disingenuously or should we say fraudulently poisons the cells used in their experiments to claim a virus exists but they only prove the mess they make is only able to infect the monkey kidney cells they are using after adding gentamicin and amphotericin.

How virology operates is like being told by your boss "go find a unicorn" and insists there's one there in the land fill. There is no virus. They make claims constantly that have no basis in absolute provable science. When you understand how they trick you it's clear it's all a hustle.

I'm so glad we have a fair and decent person as speaker of the HOUSE instead of that drunk drug addict self absorbed lying manipulative insider trading horror show goonatic that like Faucipox would never go away because governing bodies would slide their crazy goo all over our sex organs. Here is McCarthy's first press conference. Fantastic.

We thought we had ANTIBODIES to fight disease and that HIV tests could find them. Well as the world churns out more revelations than ever on the lies of virology, that too was an error in interpretation antibodies do not exist either

If viruses cause disease then where the hell are they?

Christine Massey compiled over 200 responses to FOIA requests that asked simply for health agencies who assert viruses exist to prove their assertions.

view .xls file here

All of the responses stated they had no proof.

Although this may be shocking to hear, there are many who have been calling this ongoing problem out since the 1980's in the panic of that time of GRID, Gay Related Immune Deficiency. The science has NEVER proven the existence of "viruses".

Gay Related Pox cannot be caused by a virus and no injection of polymers will protect anyone from dangerous unicorns. Why are people getting the flu after flu shots and warped shots if they work? It's medical marketing horseshit.

An interesting perspective on those who routinely perform hacking off the skin of baby men's dicks.

Starting in 2019 a novel scam emerged it was a plan to use you as test subject for new warped flu shot technology they couldn't sell to the public any other way adding demand to violate you constantly for alleged diagnosis of fake viruses in order to keep your job or attend an event along with slave masks is what a SERIAL/ABUSER would tell you while they've got you held as their prisoner. This abuse is defined as Rape Injected Medicine Universally (RIMU) look at the ingredients

Dr. Stefan Lanka explains testing for viruses has no validity as no virus has ever been proven to exist watch here

Lanka proved in German Court viruses do not exist Germany's legal system like the quality of it's engineering of cars are more stringent, thus not only relying on assertions as the science often is quoted, they demand proof, thus, in the USA the science gets away with saying whatever they want watch the interview dated 4/10/2014

In the 1980's when they alleged to have "discovered" HI viruses it was many years before they could present an image. The image they presented was not "the virus" at all but it did calm down some who were starting to figure out there was something wrong with this picture of a new killer virus when there were so many contradictions with the science and there were no pictures. Turns out those pictures they came up with are showing not much more than artifacts, cells that have been damaged in culture, and debris.

Every picture of alleged HI viruses and every other that the Hustlers In Virology use to offer "proof" of the existence of "viruses" is presenting an interpretation of what is seen from an incredibly thin slice from a sample coming from a dish of cellular sewage a pietrie dish of which the mess of shit in there and the chemicals and serums "the science" adds to it causing everything to change, like pouring acid on a tomato, mixing it with raw sewage, blending it, pouring it into a bowl, taking a sample, looking at it under the microscope, and claiming it's proof that there is a virus that caused the tomato to deteriorate. What is seen in the electron microscopy images are used to claim "there are viruses budding out of the cells that had shoved themselves in there, made babies that were lunatics as they became teens, and wreaked havoc as they left cell home" and caused the many homes to be demolished when it's obvious there was a hurricane.

This matter of interpretation is HUGE

The problem is like that in the movie "Mars Attacks" where public officials end up believing their interpreters have it right, and they all get annhilated by ray guns as the interpretation of what the Martians were saying to them was wrong. The aliens were there to destroy Earth and in the movie they did a good job.

Virology is also like they would be presenting how Martians look without ever having met a Martian this is exaclty what they do and it's junk science as they cannot see these critters they call viruses any more than anyone has ever seen a Martian ever notice how they always make Martians look scary? They do this with their equally FAKE presentations of what they call viruses so when you look at them they look like those mines at sea that when they are touched they blow up. This is another game they play to scare you. Look at those fake images they present, they look like mines. They do this on purpose. No one has ever met a Martian or a virus nor have any photos been captured of them.

Anyone that claims any particular virus exists
or any strain exist is acting like an interpreter not that the virus exists and is being interpreted like those aliens in the movie, but rather they are interpreting what they see as being an alien when in reality most of the good science merely states that it's cellular debris and it's impossible to make such wild claims that it's a virus that came to Earth to destroy it's inhabitants. The science that we hear presented to us by the health departments who are all run by big pharma and our governments all run by the same mostly is telling us that there is definitely life on The Sun and to protect yourself from that alien invasion of the ray guns coming from The Sun you need to be vaccinated against them with sunscreen which of course would not do anything to protect you from aliens pointing their ray guns from the sun as those do not exist but the interpretation tells you it does as they want to sell you vaccinations against Sun Aliens and their attempts to kill us all and then when the vaccines don't work they keep playing War of the Worlds on TV on an endless loop (also known as TV news) and you go get booster shots anyway.

No virus has ever caused any disease
what's not there can't kill you

We have known this for decades why does the general public not?

Tom CowanDr. Tom Cowan examines the proper process of scientifically evaluating and making the determination of any virus possibly existing and what the world would be like if we knew viruses do not exist part 2 of his webinar also view his webinar dated September 7, 2022 click on Tom's library above to watch the video find many of Dr. Tom Cowan's videos here 

Tom Cowan and Jermwarfare discussion on the contagion myth & why viruses do not even exist

Virology is GAMING YOU viruses do not cause disease they are merely broken down particles of cells, basically poop coming out of your intracellular organisms as interpreted by the expert of experts in electron microscopy Hans Gelderblom. Virology is distorted reality! HUNTING for viruses is like playing a video game with splaches of science fiction at it's core as is witnessed in other video games. It's a science like religion based on beliefs and it's assertions are like those of those millionaire evangelical preachers who get you to believe in the devil and virtual HELL if you don't go along with their forms of redemption as they preach it. Similar to how it occurs in the game of PONG where the paddle and ball are virtual all alleged "viruses" and all variants rely on ones and zeros and lies and the imagination to exist, you are being played. Instead of being the ball, get on the ball and realize virology is fiction. The novel virus they claim is there has never been proven to exist in the real real world. Virology is junk science and HIV is a Holocaust In Virology.

IN SILICO IN SCIENCE all they ever prove is that viruses exist on a computer it's like believing the ping pong ball on the TV screen is real click on the image of the real yet fake PONG/BALL to view the presentation

Testing for what is only a simulation is absurd, none of the tests find any specific anything. In the film Dr. McCullough spoke in the committee hearing "in silico" read about "in silico" here so even he is aware of this yet he remains lost in this wonderland of endless research with mountains of funding using your money like most. "In silico" is a computer construct, it's like a video game none of it is real, no one gets hurt, there are no alien cell space invaders of anything of substance, it's all just a game to entertain and keep you busy except it's also got your debit card. 

The novel fiction of CoV-e-HIV

Saying viruses and HIV and covid do not exist is like saying God and Satan don't exist, everyone knows they are real and people will fight to the death over their belief in relative existence regardless how little absolute evidence there is and justify the killing in endless wars as being for the greater good of course when we asked God and Satan for comment there was nothing but silence and this was used to bolster the believe that they exist

The Virus Is A Concept That Only Exists On A Piece of Paper "after adding toxin the kidney cells in the bovine serum broke down into a million pieces and that is what they called viruses", the paper started being replaced though in the 1980's when computers became popular, and thus it used to be when a virus escaped from a lab it was on a piece of paper, now it's just code, really, that's all that escapes from any lab is computer code, story telling and HUSTLE. Of course you will never understand this if you simply cannot believe that your medical system and governing fools would lie to you so you grab on to the CGI and fuck it.

ALL THE TESTS are based on computer models, it's junk science! Kevin P. Corbett explains in two minutes. He was there in the 1980's hugging and helping AIDS and HIV people when they were shunned he knows everything about these virus scams LISTEN IN

Tom Cowan explains in 30 minutes the whole process of "proving" they exist is "under the influence" the science is SO BAD it's like someone explaining the theory of relativity and how to build a rocket when drunk IT MAKES NO SENSE virology makes no sense. They are in a box that makes no sense.

Virus mania podcast with Mike Donio

another virologist blows the horn on this fraud none of the health agencies have proof of virus existence! Polio was caused by poisons (lead/arsenic/DDT) and this virus cause fraud has been going on since 1952 they never isolate the virus but they sure as HELLth care isolated YOU with this scam as the whole industry is in panic mode as vaccines are also a fraud as is treatment to "kill" these dangerous unicorns.

Dr. Samantha Bailey, coauthor of 'Virus Mania,' joins Mike Adams to discuss pandemics, virology and mass psychosis

The scums of the centers of disease alleged "control" and abusive "prvention" changed their definition of "vaccines", they no longer provide immunity they only "stimulate the body's immune response" thus they can now give you motor oil to stimulate an immune response or detergents or anti-freeze to "stimulate the body's immune response" which used to be called throwing up all this Horseshit In Virology (HIV)

These actually NEVER provided immunity they only stimulate a response like eating spoiled meat stimulates a response. We see this when there is a stimulation of a response in riots or a country goes to war it's stimulating a response from the other country. It's like when a child has a temper tantrum knowing how to manipulate mommy into giving it whatever it wants also known as stimulating a response.

In reality, immunity is a false claim of a medical marketing construct no one is ever immune we have response systems not immune systems the body constantly responds it does not immunize so even their claim that whatever the hell chemicals are in this blood stream environment poisoning they do not stimulate an "immune" response as no one can become immune to any invasive substance be they viruses they have never proven exist or immunity to the violent assault of big pHARMa rape. Vaccines are rape using violent chemicals.

their new definition means that yoghurt is also a vaccine as it stimulates a response to the RESPONSE SYSTEM


The World HELLth Organization who are the Masters Of Corona Theatricks (MOCT) and who worship as all religions do their gods want to be able to yell fire in a crowded country FOR EACH NEW VARIANT SCHMARIANT but the problem with this is not an issue of sovereignty, the new rules would not deny soverignty, it would just deny a country from denying WHO from making an emergency declaration when ever it suit's their drug lords, the real problem is the force of polical sway that their declarations would  have to once again as we saw happen for 2 weeks plus 2 years to get your stupid polticians to go along with it and thus there will be endless declarations of emergencies based on bullshit tests, junk virological science, etc. giving rise to more rip offs of your freedoms and your money read more on this here

STOP the cutting

Transgender child speaks out calling what schools and medical profiteering system is doing as ABUSE

Look no further to find routine medical profiteering ABUSE than at the end of your dick if you are a circumcised male adult where you were held down and a huge section of your sexual pleasure skin was cut the fuck off by these MONSTERS. You deserve $1 billion in reparations for the destruction of your sexual pleasure function covering your entire lifetime. This is a religious procedure that serves NO OTHER PURPOSE THAN TO PROVIDE PLEASURE TO THOSE WHO PERFORM THIS TORTURE OF THE BABY MAN.

What's Playing! visit site

I wanted to go see a movie on Netflix and went to the LGBTQ+YUK section and there was this docuhorror flick about serial killer and victim eater Jeffrey Dahmer. What bothered me was not that the movie was INCLUDED in that GLBTQ+category that since he was gay and had gay sex and torture with his victims he ate and stored in his freezer what was bothersome was all the nauseating activists that are always ranting about inclusion demanding and whining and screaming that this label LGBTQ+ should not be included in the category that includes this horror documentary truthful presentation and educational movie THAT CLEARLY was appropriately labeled. There is an ongoing disease of woke retardness that has no cure. These people used to be called "attention getters" and "spoiled brats".

Inclusivists disincluded so many during the dangerous unicorn war. In the Virgin Atlantic promo we see some of them strutting their costumes. They insist on you using their pronouns. Sorry hon I don't use people. People are pronouns.

Democrats are abusing Floridians horror of weather patterns that occur yearly. Hurricane destroys Fort Meyers all these psychopaths can do is get on TV and promote their climate hustle called out by Candice.

The Rodan variant strain arrives

Terrorizes the community! Everybody runs! The old movie that used REAL props to create a special effect was better than most movies today and is the best way to learn about viruses that don't exist, they are scripts put into motion.  watch it in motion here

Virology is like a movie, the sets are sometimes real, the monsters they present as killers are not, and these daze in virology most of it is all CGI (in silico) created on a computer and escaping from that lab as nothing more than movies to be played on the mind as they look at you as being the screen. Viruses exist as much as this creature named the Rodan variant. Watch for yourself how this Rodan (sister of the other variant families) terrorises your city of blood cells and when the movie is over remember that is all it is. The MOVIE escaped from the lab, not anything real.

NASA takes you to their head space

Image from a "space walk" shows what is not even the correct curvature of the Earth. It's all fakery. Just like "covid" and "hiv" it always leads to sucking your money, presenting illusions, manipulating. Look at this bullshit it's not even round.

Man walks calmly to his SUV in fierce hurricane while reporter exaggerates to give the impression that the winds are so strong he will be blown away. This is what media does all the time. That's how they got people to belive in yet another dangerous unicorn. Medias have spread lies about invisible things never proven to exist since the beginning of time.

25% of electric car charging stations DO NOT WORK says recent study. As government goons in climate nonsense keep throwing out the memos it's no surprise NY State of mind control declares (like they declared that novel threat thing so they could scare you into new genetic engineering flu shots) that they will not sell emissionfull cars after 2035. The planet only had until 2030 some of the deusionists said so this makes no sense. This is more climate farts in your face it will never happen. They always bring up this greenhouse thing, "greenhouse gasses" as if they are poison.

CO2 is what plants breathe in for their health and life, in that green house they breath out oxygen, so these Hustlers In Climate Conniving Unbearable Politics (HICCUP) are turning our lives upside down, over OXYGEN EMISSIONS, that's what greenhouse gasses are, oxygen emissions, thus they then start collecting our money that falls out of our pockets like being on a roller coaster that goes upside down, and laugh their fuckin' asses off all the way to their portfolios as they build 49 square mile and 82 square mile cotton pickin' wind plantations to enslave you.


they are all medical assault devices that are EXPERIMENTAL so you have rights to deny such assault on your body. Peggy Hall explains amongst many other things to keep you safe from medical tyrrany

No one would claim this but you and I would.

What really happened with that teacher with the double dddddddddddddddd triple xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx prosthetic tits? Trolling!

People will invest 10,000 hours learning about viruses on television and will not spend even one hour learning about them from places like here that point out the facts that no virus has ever been proven to exist by any of these Hustlers In Virology (HIV).

Do not require me to use "proper pronouns" it is against my religion Thus if you are my employer of any kind to force me into this absurd religion of yours that is a BELIEF SYSTEM would be violating my rights. The HRC who I would NEVER give money to can take that as they as so many money grubbing groups spread lies about biology and mental health and who's bullying who. They are indoctrinating with claims that business and educational institute start off each day respecting the person's "identity" as if we are supposed to be forced to acknowledge every other CHARACTER that we see at Halloween as being really that CHARACTER and be forced to call them by their CHARACTER. For example there are now animal CHARACTERS so if they identify as a cat, we are told to greet them with a meow. Fuck you. I am not a cat I am not going to ACT LIKE A CAT to appease your delusion that you think of yourself as a cat and thus as a cat deludedly think everyone around you is a cat. Fuckin idiots and bullies. Identities are CHARACTERS. The world's a stage but you don't have to play in it as the CHARACTER that others claim you must be, again if I am not a cat I do not greet you as if I'm a cat, and if your CHARACTER is a man when you were born a woman I do not have to pretend anything, get the fuck over yourself, you are the one that's not being balanced, I did not hack off body parts but gee my birth doctor did, hacking off part of my cock for their profit and their identity of their religious sacrifice ritual and no one does anything about it, congress could care less about this horror that still goes on, no repirations for those who were TORTURED AT BIRTH in fact slime ball celebrities like Sandra Bullock and Ellen laughed their asses off to a world wide audience about it as they discussed Sandra's face cream filled with hacked off Korean baby foreskin (OHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYY GAWDDDDD) of which comic relief and attention hounding makes them more money as their audience also all think it's funny to hack off baby body parts in the hospital as the baby screams for help and in horror at what's being done to it and no one does anything to protect him, her, it, kitty, doggie, moon, or what ever identity it chooses later in life. Please don't ask my pronoun unless you have an unabridged dictionary in your hands so that we can discuss definitions and pronouns and every aspect of language first. Since you probably don't even know what unabridged means, then how about you ask what you can do to stop the real horrors in the world. Pronouns ain't one of them. And what the hell is "non-binary" that is the stupidest of terms.

David Knight points out "Ukraine shut down water to Crimea in 2014 when they voted to rejoin Russia". Imagine that, shutting off water! Ukraine could care less about Crimeans. Keep watching that TV boob box if you want to keep supporting all these lies about everything.

The same people that wanted to take your arm for their will which was making you into Fauci's roaming lab rat are in Canada planning to confiscate guns for your safetly like how for your safety they force injected you with 2 experimental doses of warp speed injection goo that could mangle your cells up over time pretty bad as no one knows what will happen and they don't care as they laugh their asses all the way to their debit cards. Albertans are not going to let these thugs do this to them so they are mounting legal challenges and declaring their own rules, those of following the laws already there, their constitution, common sense, etc. not leaving them vulnerable to those with bows and arrows and rocks and fists and illegal guns and tyrants that come in and do whatever the fuck they want to them.

The term "unvaccinated" makes no sense. It's like saying someone is unshirted. We don't talk that way. To be unvaccinated you first have to be vaccinated then have the vaccine removed, it's impossible. It's just one of thousands of distortions of medical science used to deceive using language.

San Diego City Council heard presentation showing the failure of the entire covid sham proving vaccines harm what more proof do you fools need after seeing this, your cult leader telling you now it's time to unvaccinate yourself?

The Church of Alphabetism (TCOA) believes in Let's Get Biden To Quit (LGBTQ)

Remdesivir is a failed Ebola drug - another of many of Fauci's psycho drugs he resurrects from his novel mad science labs. Another is and was AZT a failed cancer chemotherapy drug that killed in the 1970's. Fauci resurrected it during the AIDS hysteria of the 1980's, fed it to my friends, they died horrible deaths. It's now in PrEP in smaller doses but it's still poison.

Del Bigtree was on Ron Paul's Liberty report first week of October 2022 listen in

Why does anyone need "health care"? If you are of health you don't need care. If you are diseased you need disease care. It should be called disease care.

8 dead mice are telling us not to trust the slime bucketeers that say now get that 5th covid shot as of October 2022, that's like OMG now it's 5 fuckin' shots of experimental Jim Jones Juice to get your life back. These drug pushers are scum. Trust the science that says to defund the CDC, NIH and end the NO/LIABILITY clause that gives drug pushers a free ride.

Drama queen finally exits the home after 2 plus years of staying inside due to overwhelming fear of germs even though the famous dude was injectionated 666x "for protection".

The Injection Cult Knot (TICK)

I was watching TV for the first time in 2+ years. It was Fox News one of the many networks that get filthy rich from drug ads, they all spread the covid lies big time and made big money which is their piority.

So the TV showed me a 1 minute segment of 2 black dudes hugging and kissing and many words and music highlighting how safe and protected they would be if they got their shots every 2 months for NPTE/HIV*. The commercial was for the latest form of edible condoms for prevention called PrEP, this way it saves the slave from having to swallow both sperm and pills each day for protection, just 6 times a year for the rest of your intimacy life you get injected with medical semen. Sounds like a sick plan. As an alternative lifestyle, maybe Alexander The Great (ATG) can help cut out that TICK so you can live free again. Alexander is seen in this ancient history painting cutting out a knot using a knife. The medical hustle community is treating people different, unequal THAN dogs, they don't get shot at every 2 months though they do endure the sick horror of having their body parts chopped off. What a sad state. Viruses have NEVER been proven to exist yet the drug pushers keep declaring war and use nuclear bioweapons as if the forest remains the same. The other horror is how many puppy lives never had the chance to be born and enjoy life for even a short time and how many foreskins keep being plastered on the ugly faces of celebrities.

*Never Proven To Exist (NPTE) Human Immuneieiodeficiency Virus (HIV)

Gender fluid or gender stuck?
In the next meeting I will say "Hello my name is pronoun and I am gender stuck please do not confuse me with someone who is gender fluid as that would make a mess all over the floor".

cum take my big pHARMa juice

Now that some sanity has returned to public health, we can have a sensible discussion about COVID.  Is it a unique virus or just another flu virus?

ROFL, it's a dangerous unicorn, there is no virus, they don't exist. Insanity continues. Until the world gets it, that viruses have never been proven to exist the insanity will continue.

Centers for Delusion and Capitulation adds the fake virus threat response injection protocol to childhood schedule right on schedule as the experiment on humans instead of lab rats ends January 31, 2022 thus in February there will then be a licensed covid-19 vaccine with full immunity legally to all the drug pushers that didn't have to cross the border of Mexico to push their drugs.


These injections of medical bizarro crap is a fraud technology that sails past all proper protocols of testing and proving complete safety.


They will now be spitting out on their computers in milliseconds instead of taking decades fake hot messes of DNA/RNA chain garbage to "print" new vaccines. It's smoke mirrors.

And OMG they deleted "chronic liver disease" to give themselves immunity. Chronic liver disease is caused by constant poisoning such as that of AZT killer chemo drug given to all my friends that died of medical drug pushing fear inducing poisoning for profit.

Vaccines are all about profit and legal immunity they do not provide immunity to your body as in reality there is no immune system there is only a response system.

Hustle In Virology (HIV)

Human rights attorney Leigh Dundas calls out the Orange County board's lies again declaring another FAKE/EMERGENCY over a resurrected acronym from the 1960's and insists we will NEVER LOCK DOWN AGAIN over a death rate of .00000000032341 of one millionth of the population

James Roguski calls out the latest acronym threat to HELLth as the world runs out of space for acronyms

Enjoy the slurfest

Sick woman dances around masked oxygen deprived children with glee


The hustle of mail in ballots continues in California to skew the will of the public. Elections are done, it's November 12 now, and again elections are being stolen or stupidity reigns but be aware the COVID/HUSTLE is just starting, Newsom will bring back vaccine mandates in February at least push it and masking and declare repeated endless fake emergencies for pipelines to your cash to not dry up. Just you watch. Already federal government for the 12th time declared the endless emergency after Biden the lie machine declared covid is over. Constant hustle! CDC committee approved CoV-19 flu disease alleged genetic modifier vaccine made of chemical waste and thus he and the medical drug cartel vaccine pushers will bring it all back for kids to go to school so this battle is not over yet. When the trial injection experiment on humanity ends January 31, 2023 then get ready, in February Newsom will push it hard. Democrat states will declare their own plan and we know Newsom will go full tyrant again, that is why he announced he's ending his fake emergency in February but already we are seeing new variants (previously known as spins) that will be used to keep endless emergency funds flowing into their portfolios. Kevin Kiley is calling out Act 2 of the "covid" scam so prepare yourself and get everyone to vote Newsom out accept you are never going to outwit these hustlers by merely casting a vote and so now get ready for more ongoing court battles so that lawyers keep billing the public what is it now $10K per hour then supporting all their candidates using your taxes in this endless loop instead of using that good money to fix what's broken in this Calicommunist state. Keep in mind "democracy" is mob rule. A republic is is a balance of representation.


Variant viruses are like snowflakes and "the science" is going around telling everyone before it snows that there's a new variant snowflake, declaring a snow emergency when it hasn't snowed yet, and when it does snow they claim the problems the snow is creating is from the new variant even though no two snoflakes are alike and thus they need to prevent snow by salting the atmosphere so it all melts before it hits the ground.

Peter McCullough is a nutjob preaching the spiked protein garbage it's just as bad as the Fraudci parasite. Peter preaches it's found in the sweat and can leap tall buildings now and cause misdismalcarriages. All these hustlers are lost in virus wonderland.

Hey how'z that Obama care working up there in Canada these daze? You say a transplantual is not being treated equally or equitably! Shame on those who don't treat transplantuals the same as everyone else!

FRAUD: Once again we are seeing a MOVIE called "The Election"

New electron microscope photograph unlike any ever done in history shakes the industry to it's core with excitement and wonder then vomit

the ONLY people on planet Earth who ever have immunity are THE/DEAD

no vaccine provides immunity

immune systems do not exist

there are only response systems

Obamasickcare in Canada pushes man to kill himself because he did not want to be homeless

MEAN while how many people keep getting richer and acquire more homes?

big pHARMa jizz

masks don't stop any dangerous unicorn from getting past it and into your lungs

you have a better chance at becoming a famous movie star that makes films in movie studios located up Uranus and it's transsister planet Plutonia than any virus ever infecting you

Jimmy Dore covers Ukraine

Professor of "ethics" with a scowl embedded in his face proclaims it's ethical to deny known to be routinely successful life saving treatment when a patient refuses to accept zero benefit medicult injections of pHARMa covid petroleum derived sludge

Safe and effective MY/ASS you are in a clinical trial experiment they made you into monkeys and wanted you to say Uncle that's why they offered you Monkey Pox like helloooooo pox is another form of puss disease aka pimples aka shingles aka skin eruptions and if you are human you don't get monkey pox unless you believe their lies and let this hustle industry slap that stupid monkey business label on you

Obamacare Canada "If they don't take the vax diagnose them as mentally ill and put them on meds"

When they say "trust the science" first check with the science of The Scientific City of Murania near The Thin Air City of Maskylvania and then conclude this double feature with "Avenues of The City of Science Fiction"

Vaudeville actor Justin Trudeau no mask doctor no mask then they put their masks on two shots of fake needle theatre who believes this crap? The Canadian government gets royalties on each of thes shots, now it's two in one session!!!!! Next year it will be 3 shots and already the price went up 1000x because they care about their wellth not your hellth.

So why is he getting two shots there's already a dual in one? Because it's vaccine theatre, the shots are fake and by making it both arms now the public is stunned and then they will introduce another new variant snowflake virus so then they will say you need a third and that will be just too much as people only have two arms and then these marketing geniuses will say they have a new warp speed injection ready that combines 3 into one. It's all Hustle.

WHO would listen to anything said by the CDC
(Centers of Delusion Control)

Cameras are racist

There is only one cause of climate change and it ain't carbon dioxide that comes from sales pitchers babbling on and on about the end of the world as they steal all your energy with their climate pitch change

Let's Get Biden To Quit (LGBTQ) + fire Dr. Smirkface for your health

Sea Men and Sea Ciety

Fauci is a Dangerous Unicorn Identity (DUI) expert and the industry keeps swerving so what should we do about it let it just keep driving?

Non-fiction book filled with gain of fiction Kids book flat out lies about an event! Makes us think what else were we lied to about in grade school like what about that fake moon landing where the astronauts couldn't see stars how is it possible to not see stars on the moon if they were there? And how was it possible the radio signal was instant but satellites there's a delay even to this day.

The psychic on Morton Downey Junior Show said in 1989 predicted that morning they'd be on the show

TV is a marketing gadget not a place to learn by TV

Never forget who the scums are that hail'd their fake plastic inclusion policies they shoved down throats and up your ass who always are the first to throw you into the volcano of lies as a sacrifice to their popularity gods when they jump on their latest self serving bandwagons and cults and then puke out their garbage about it being for the greater good just like was done in ancient religions of the past and present like that medical cult that keeps hacking off part of the baby mans' dick.








voodoo doll made by some ancient person who you can contact at home to hear their views about pricks imgae by Midnightblueowl at English Wikipedia

pHARMa practices HELLth care on you that generates them tremendous wealth

you need to practice WELLth care on yourself that produces tremendous health


best friends

Tom Cowan @ DrTomCowan.com

Andrew Kaufman @ AndrewKaufmanMD.com

Sam Bailey @ DrSamBailey.com

Del Bigtree @ TheHighWire.com

Stefan Lanka @ i N T E R N E T M A T T E R . C O M

Kevin P. Corbett @ KevinPCorbett.com



pandemonium (n) the abode of all the demons; the capital of Hell or the palace of Satan
pandemia (n) an epidemic affecting a large majority of people in a large district or country or several countries generally
pandemic (adj.) of or pertaining to all of the people; vulgar; general; universal. Med., affecting the majority of people in a country or countries; everywhere epidemic. (2) Of or pertaining to common or sesual love; sensual; carnal.
pan (n) god of mischief


Let's prove this with sentences instead of their junk science by replacing their words with their meanings to make it perfectly clear what they are doing to you.

The god of mischief is creating an everywhere epidemic of sensual love and carnal desire.

The god of mischief is a demon that lives in the capital city of Hell.

Pandemonium is a gas that is sprayed like ammonium in stores also known as QUATS that causes mischief and hell with your blood cells in such a way as you might not immediately notice what Satanic drugs and chemicals is doing to you and causes some to drop dead suddenly while the mischief of the medical system simply blames a non existent "virus" or other god of medical drug pushing & portfolio god mischief.

please visit our sponsor of laughter as THE BEST MEDICINE and note this message is brought to you by Acorn Stairlifts and makes fun of the Stupid Clown Administration Theatricks (SCAT)

The SCAT wants to by 2030 install 750x the wind and solar there is currently in the ONLY oceans we will ever have, to God's Wrath now known as "climate" which man has ABSOLUTE ZERO control of, who will pay for this, you, and where will the money go, to endless wars, portfolios, to build 2nd, 3rd, and 12th homes, and nothing for homeless

The WHO is an acronym for World Hellth Organization and they routinely disinformationate many lies and distortions about whole health. They are not to be confused with a Whole Health Outlook (WHO) that instead of looking at the human condition with blinders on and black darkest tint sunglasses so they can't even see the forest through all the imaginary dangerous unicorns around them the WHO looks at the whole person, the whole of what goes on in their entire circulatory and food processing systems, the mental dynamics that can heal or cause disease, and a myriad of factors thus when we compare the WHO to the WHO we often have to conclude the WHO is better serving the public than the WHO because of it's Whole Health Outlook as compared to an organized dismismal information Portfolio Health Industry Serving Triage (PHIST) campaign that sucks your cash to feed the demons of pHARMa cyst HELL while fucking you over.

Peggy Hall explains the WHO Public Health Emergency Of International Concern (PHEOIC) pronounced fuck in a fantastic presentation February 2023 there is no such thing as "public health" there is individual health

Throwing the baby and the whole neighborhood's babies out with the bath water helps us how?

"So for one infected cell we are killing thousands of uninfected cells" said Duesberg speaking on the problem with using toxic medications to "kill" viruses. 

He calmly presented this in the 1980's but overall the public could only hear the clammor from the TV lie box that regurgitated all the fear campaigns fed by those Hustlers In Virology that had their bottom line. Using drugs (toxins) in the war on viruses to "kill the enemy" is like going into the forest to hunt for rabbits using an atomic bomb. You might find you got a lot of dead silly wabbits "but the forest isn't going to look very pretty".


Tony Brown's Journal  

Jon Rappoport website

viroliegy dude VIROLIEGY.com offers a thorough analysis as to why study and treatment is a Hustle In Virology (HIV). Mike Stone appeared on recent podcast debunking the monkey business of the latest buzz poxy thing which featured the finest guests including Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman, Christine Massey, Amandha Vollmer, Sam & Mark Bailey, Saeed Qureshi, Kevin P. Corbett, Eric Coppolino, hosted by Alec Zeck. This is a fantastic meeting of the minds.

Immune systems do not exist!

It is a misleading construct to claim "immunity" to anything as the body is always subject to disimmunity and disformation depending on many factors of which one is NOT a particle of matter that no one on Earth has ever proven to exist

The claim of virus is a trick to declare emergency, thus have cash cows give govermnent plenty of it's drug pushing puss, so they can justify giving you what is the real poison, vaccines filled with anti-freeze and polymers

Kevin P. Corbett was there in the Holocaust In Virology in the 1980's and ever since has been warning people of testing being a virtual reality experience not based on reality watch 2 minutes

Kevin recently spoke with Gareth Icke click on the photo

There is no covid 19 virus

many scientists have come out explaining why viruses have never been proven to exist

Fauci got $5 million richer during the fake pandemic but that's not what the Swiss bank accounts are reporting.

Fox news reports but they don't report they also got richer and liberal news got richer and all these portfolioists got richer as THEY ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Made royalty payments. He's a drug pusher. He's been a scumbag since the fake AIDS game as he came in and deceived the world about causation which was not a virus they NEVER EVER PROVED EXISTED.

Dr. Fauci Dr. JEKYL/HIDE

AMAZON GO it's a jungle out there, literally a jungle

What causes an ecosystem?

This is hard to answer is it not. Try. Tell someone an explaination of what causes an ecosystem. That is what it's like when you tell someone that a virus does not exist and they immediately then snap at you and say "Well what causes it then?" As we are in the wars of AIDS or COVID now this becomes the reaction.

For one, most everyone is healthy and nothing is going on other than medical p harm a (pronounced pharma) lies and marketing tests that are worthless and pushing fear so you will tune into SHIT/TV every night and be sold more garbage. To understand what causes it when there is disease there is never one thing. Like the forest where we ask "What causes the forest" there are many factors of cause but then even saying that various things cause it is wrong, it's better to say what develops it. In disease and health matters we'd better serve ourselves by stating things this way. What is COVID anyway? No one has much of an explanation. It's rebranded flu, cold, symptoms, and no symptoms. It's nonsensical. You would never go around talking like this about a forest saying the tree causes the forest as it's there. Even in such poor communication as to what causes the forest at least you do know that a tree exists, in virology there is no such evidence. Those who claim a virus is there are lying, or repeating lies, as it's pretty well understood by the best in that field that there is no proof. The legal systems in many places have an extremely low bar when it comes to this proof and then assertions that are made. They can basically claim whatever they want without proof and not be liable for anything. It's really like blaming the unicorn for poking you and because people don't understand that unicorns too were never proven to exist those who poked you with injections of they won't even tell you what it's ingredients are, claim it's the unicorn or virus that did it and they go home and count their cash.

Reiner Fuellmich speaks with Jerm Warfare podcast about his involvement and cocreation of the Cornon Committee that was assembled to investigate what was going on from all angles.

At the end of the millenium day here is what we know no one knows anything. Tests all of them that are based on viruses that don't exist and tests that are based on polymeraise chain reaction are all garbage as are claims of spike proteins which are illusions used to sell fear and fake escape from the lab garbage collecting syndrome that has plagued virology since the start.

Feel free to correct me if you are one of these professional experts in hustle if I missed something here. I will respond as soon as I receive a grant to study such email responses like those that Christine Massey received from 211 and counting insititutions that all say they have no proof of the existence of any virus. We should start with reimbursing humanity for the close to $666 trillion in total wealth paid to the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) that keep studying dangerous unicorns throughout the last 6,000 years!

George Carlin said the Titanic had 23 flavors and endless bagel choices before someone heard an explosion which caused the iceburg to melt thus explaining why the evidence of the iceberg being the cause was never found.

Here's another Doctor that's at least making a bit of an escape from virus wonderland as he explains the manufacturing process in a new drug that's warp speeded is garbage, takes 8 years to do this properly. Even Fauci stated that in 2019 as a panel was scheming hot to replace flu shots with new technology that would avoid all that while providing lots of KA-CHING! The problem though with everyone that explains any thing corona is they all leave out the FDA stating in 2020 prior to introduction of vaccines as the "solution" to this fakedemic that PLACEBOS ARE USED. Ryan Cole babbles on about and on without presenting this simple reason why a lot of people have tolerated it. It's a secret how many got placebos. Maybe 99%? The drug companies surely did not get placebos of your green dollar cash coming from insurance, government, etc. they never get placebos of cash while you constantly get screwed out of it. Ryan Cole list of many of his presentations found here

Dr. Peter McCullough is a loud voice against the experimental injections but he fails big on NEVER telling people that they are also placebos. He like most all of them never sit and listen to the full 8 hours of testimony from FDA nor dig deeper as this information is out there and not all that hard to find. I have been reporting this for 3 years now.

Viruses do not exist. Bad medicine and policy does.

Do not pollute my blood STREAM. Environment. That's my environment. No you cannot inject anything into me with sick claims it protects others. It's like a company dumping their toxic waste in your back yard stream and claiming it will help protect the community as it will kill mosquitioes thus it's "for the greater good" while it kills the fish and everything around it.

Where is that flu test?

Gender wacko affirmational choppery is SICK

Pompous ass anti-faggers at LotusEaters.com are sitting behind their computer waging war on those who went to war in World War One with condescending comments about "profound insecurity" and other self absorbed nonsense. Stupid fucks like this do not deserve any of the spoils of war that they sit and babble on every day. They sit there and act like they know what it's like. Disgusting. Men fought and died in wars so you can have your plastic oil derived internet box.

Liberal retardi-CON purposely does not answer the simple question "Do you support biological males competing in sports with biological women?" hear her squirm, this is how liars act.

The masks were about spreading FEAR. As the fear took hold then they spread the lies about solutions. It's always about drugs. They are all drug pushers and shills.

Who is responsible for the defamation of my foreskin? The violence against part of my body was done by someone.

"CoV(id)" released from the lab is another con game. There is no proof any virus exists anywhere on Earth.

McCullough is lost in idiotland with spike protein CGI floating around his head.

Beware Dr. Peter Hotez, dean for the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine may take the job of Fauci and be more of the Hustle In Virology Same Old Same Old (HIV/SOSO)

Arrogance in assault HELLth care medicine called out by Rand Paul. Government is not concerned with natural "immunity". They want submission that's all they want they want control of your body so they can fuck you with water pHARMa seed it wants.

Where did he get the money for this car and the expensive vanity license plate? Maybe Blood Stained Men know!

The medical scum of the world established a cutting cult. It is assault. There is something sick about these procedures of cutting off body parts. Instead of teaching new born baby men to accept themselves as they are with a full intact phallus with it's loose skin that covers the tip and adds sensual pleasure and ease with sexual use, beyond their control the foreskin is hacked off and sold to the highest bidder.

If we are in the image of God we accept ourselves as we were designed. The phallus was designed perfectly. Stop this religious for profit hacking cult. Any one who preaches equal treatment and doesn't demand this ritual abuse stop is not paying attention.

Most places in the world do not do this horrific bloody torture of their boys and men live lives free of ever having a large section of skin on their most private part HACKED THE FUCK OFF but it's rampant in the United States in a medical system that is controlled by those who practice the Jewish RELIGION RITUAL of dick cutting for salvation. Look it up it's their history. This is sick.

For those transitioning from having a foreskin to not having one you need to know you are beautiful as you are, find it, that self acceptance, it's there, if you doubt it.

For those who have been sexually abused by the medical hacking religious cult it's time for repirations and stopping this religious ritual based very very very serious abuse of baby men.

Transtransitionized tell his/her story

He went to a QWERTY+ center "for help" then says a few years later that he's sorry he did. These places also push the medical agenda on the delusion of the human immune deficiency.

A statement in a video featuring Robert O. Young (who says he offered $5 million to isolate and prove HI virus decades ago and no one was able to) is seen speaking with Ramola D as they started to discuss SARS I was surprised to hear Young say

"Anything that's a syndrome is an unknown pathology"

Since the 1980's all I ever heard from Fraudci and friends was they knew the cause of the AID Syndrome. 40 years later we learn they lied. They don't know shit.

Never forget who the scum are.

A: these scum
B: these scum

Always remember there were those who refused to be over and over again and again INJECTED with vials of chemical pollution of their bloodstreams and thus the idiots in governing and employing who rely on scumbags like Fauci their health fired them as they all believed their TV lie box, but then they were rehired a year or more later as the courts used logic, reason, evidence, and non-TVish evaluation processes so they forced all the employers to rehire them with back pay so the smart ones that saw through the fraud and stayed strong got the longest paid vacations in HISTORY! We see this fraud now with 2020 hindsight. Why would anyone subject themselves to environmental disasters created by injecting chemical waste in to their body?

The money sucking National Institutes of Hell th states right there that ivermectin used for billions of people effectively, Jimmy Dore points out that on Steven Colbert loser liberal garbage TV show that also helped lead everyone off cliffs where Fraudci stated the direct opposite on it's being safe, he said it could be dangerous.

Fauci is a lying smirking murderous psychopath who fed my friends chemotherapy drugs that killed them. AZT was a toxic brew that was pulled from market in the 1960's it was so horrific. Dr. Snake brought it back. It's now even part of the useless drug called  PrEP though in lower doses, promoted as a prophylactic to prevent what not one of these Hustlers In Virology (HIV) have ever ever proven is real, a virus. It's the eat your condoms medication, every single day so they can bill insurance. AZT was/is like $1000 per month! It's chemical waste. Some of you were not there in the 1980's Holocaust In Virology (HIV) so you might not understand the fear campaigns were about 10,000x worse than "Cov-666" when in 2020 our hindsight was not there yet.

AOC - Always Obfuscating Communism

United Slaveholders of America extends fake emergency for the 12th time "Welcome to Pfizerstan". In the article the comment area bots are using rather slick and sleazy word games again as the topic of masking up comes up by the bots. Diapers on a baby's bottom or on a stupid adult's face don't stop any "virus" as for one they don't exist, and for the other they go where ever cell signals go that's how small they are if they existed as "viruses" have never been proven to exist it's merely fraudulent manipulative assertions being made and governing let's them say anything they like "for the greater good" of what is really about the greater good of all their portfolio$. Let's look at the manipulative lies they use in these automated comment posts. They are claiming masks don't protect you they protect others. Like hellooooooo they just said masks don't protect you as the bot is wearing a mask to "protect others". It's a game of GUILT TRIPPIN all cults do this. The medical pHARMa cult is the worst.

Wear your hijab diaper face covering people it protects others!

The elitists running this game are laughing their asses off at you as they pile up their assets that they steal from you in their endless fake emergency games and and now you even run to get injected with chemical waste as the "solution" to what does not exist. Their goal is for everyone to have their blood cells chemically castrated during their life a total of 666 times so that you protect others from dangerous unicorn stories they keep telling you.

2 weeks to flatten your normal lives and freedom to inject you with stupidity

Oh no I'm not stupid I wear a mask to protect others and soon I will make my car have a 6 foot bumper all around it to protect others and I add chemical waste to my gas tank so that it runs better injecting it directly into that tank like I inject China's chemical waste directly into my arm to protect others.

Montana voters reject spending money on taking care of babies that were born into the world I guess because of the A-word issue as the Fundies are all HELL/BENT on saving festuses that don't even belong to the world yet, and then when these votes fail, when they have other opportunities to fund feeding the homeless who are in the world they vote that down.

TV anchor makes it very clear that she does not want to converse with man who had the pFuku jabs as she's concerned they have deep pockets and would be law Sued and law Johned

I like John Fetterman glad he won over sleazeball Oz. Guess who might be the one deciding vote

Who will be getting those big fat climate repirations checks again? The three climateers of course! The climate hustle continues as they fly their sailboats in the sky using unicorn juice.

Green energy is like watching a plant grow, too slow. Robust nuclear and other easily dispatchable energy is reliable always ready and is like your refrigerator full of food, your pantry filled with goods, and your stove ready to cook as it's fueld by instantly dispatchable natural effecient clean gas that burns. Natural gas is like Mother Nature's burps being burned rather than allowed to escape into the atmosphere. So you want the world to run on green energy. Sit and watch the tree grow, it would be a full tree faster than any non dispatchable wind farm. While you are waiting for the wind to blow plant some seeds and watch those grow. The entire green energy power plant solution is more like spilled chemical waste that mucks things up in grids that contain instantly dispatchable power. Green energy relies on the wind and sun and when there's no wind and clouds the reliable efficient ENERGY SAVING natural Earth fuels are always there. Green energy is like politicians, it constantly lies to you puff itself up and take your money where like in California during the Pan (god of mischief) Demic they had a $$$ energy surplus due to fed printing money like criminals do in 1940's gangster films and now is facing a whopper of a deficit starting in 2023.

Corona Investigative Committee - session 124


Andrew Tate reinstated to Twitter after woke ban from previous owners of the platform who were inclusivists that dismismalincluded him for being too real you know the type that claims they need everyone to include everyone then were the very first in line to demand that the disvaccinated should be disincluded

FDA circus animals now try to say they never told people not to use one of the world's safest drugs that needed a boost in sales. Who ever heard of ivermectin before FDA said not to be a horse of course? learn

Sales of ivermectin and carrots soared! See how marketing works! Tell them what not to do and they do it.

Fear pornography is more popular than ever as they push the same crap they did in AID syndrome that pushed for endlust funding streams. The "freedom movement" mostly made of Christian Fundamentalists are constantly focused on getting your attention using absurd claims that billions will die of the shots. This does not help inform people of the reality that viruses do not exist thus no injections of anything needed to deal with what is dangerous unicorns. David Martin comes off as being so sincere but all he ever does is present shots as biological weapons and NEVER ONCE have I heard him say that they are in trial until February 2023 and many are PLACEBOS. To leave this fact of placebos being used is fraud or stupid as stupid does. The guy babbles on and on. I don't trust him.

If you believe that velcro micro danger nanoballs are real watch this about detox symptoms and the illusion of germ contagion theory

30,000 covid fines thrown in the toilet too in Australia as the entire virus theory is shit

"It must strike the reflective observer as rather singular that all the recent smallpox outbreaks have made their appearance among populations where the laws enforcing vaccination have been rigorously and systematically carried out. 96% of births in London are protected by vaccination. May I venture to ask whether medical men who have defended and fostered a system of medical procedure which eighty years' experience has demonstrated a disastrous and humiliating failure ought not to feel honourably bound on public grounds to retrace their steps and confess that vaccination, like other once popular prescriptions of inoculation, bleeding and mecurization, is a serious and mischievous blunder." - Mercury, Leicester, England July 3rd, 1884

Greenhouse gasses do not exist. There is greenhouse air. CO2 is air. Greenhouses only emit air. They use this term "greenhouse gasses" and "greenhouse emissions" to make you think there's poisons in the air being "emitted". When you call in the pest control they use gasses when they tent your house. They don't use CO2 as it's not a gas.

To help you understand the absurdity of their claims of CO2 being a "gas" consider this novel approach to comparison and remember this is a novel do not freak out from reading a novel virus story or a novel story about the "H" word.

"It's not a gas like in the fake holocaust fake gas chambers where in the camps the leaders concentrated their energy on prisoners making VW engines. Gas chambers do not help with productivity it's story telling like virology to direct cash cows to green pasture energy."

Actually the part about making VW engines in the camps is real. The novel helps us understand story telling. 

Christine Maggiore spoke long ago about her journey in realizing the Hustle In Virlogy of AIDS so many of us who went through that period of virus panic saw exactly where they were going with the COVID/FRAUD mentions how CDC presents estimates not absolutes and it all points to testing with garbage tests for profit and treatments that are unproven and outrageously profit driven in the HELLth care industry



i M G A Y . C O M

learn more or less @ i N T E R N E T M A T T E R . C O M