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"Monkey Business" is a great film of The Marx Brothers from 1931 press play around

In the film we see them hiding in barrels pretending to be kippered herring LOL watch the trailer for this funny film. Based on today's computer generated "in silico" junk science of dangerous unicorn hunting virology and it's experts would look at this photo and conclude that people are kippered herring.

No human ever gets monkey pox

W E  A R E  N O T  M O N K E Y S 

Monkey POX is a busine$$ model and drug dealing marketing construct. Monkeys have monkey pox, humans have human pox and pox is not caused by what does not exist (viruses) which cannot be caught. If viruses existed there would be absolute proof, there is NONE. There isn't even relative proof, it's nonsensical. It makes no sense. They tell stories thus the term NOVEL virus. Fiction.

What does exist is the body's response to toxins. If there was a "virus" as cause, then why can't officials show us proof of all these ongoing wild claims of ultra miniscule particles that they admit they can't actually find using proper scientific methods if they are the cause of anyting other than causing fear and panic and absurd interventions and faulty pre-ventions?

Where's the virus????

Look at the list here! Not one of these 222+ instiututions have proof!!!!!

view presentation by whistle blower who discovered virology is a total fraud

Christine Massey from Canada presentation on the cOvId-19 total fraud and the total fraud of the entire industry of Med I Sin Cults (MISC) that feature viruses THAT DO NOT EXIST as their cult platform. Christine has now compiled,

222 FOIA responses all saying from these various agencies that THEY DO NOT HAVE PROOF ANY VIRUS EXISTS

The math is non-existent. Virolology needs to have x and it never has it. They claim x+y=disease THERE IS NO X. X is "the virus" which does not exist. They make everything up out of their imaginations and clever hustles.

"x = virus" it does not exist. Virology is not a science, it is not logical. It is a cult and a fraud. Actually when we use the electron microscope to look closer at their claims to "trust their science" we see they only claim x = disease such as in HIV causes AIDS no y. Know why. There is no x. They never prove x exists. There is no y. Without x it's not science it's Horseshit In Virology (HIV). Without y it's not even a formula.

To be purrrfectly clear you did not catch the Titanic variant of Hustles In Virology (HIV) those are yet to be built as surely this industry that makes trillions is not going away any time soon. You may have caught corona manius though as seen on TV and not reality, even though viruses do not exist as it's scientifically proven that the drama never ends. That is all that is contagious.

222 health/science institutions worldwide all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification/isolation, by anyone, anywhere, ever

So to the unsuspecting who trust their medical profession that continually PROFESSES their bewitchcrarft we are being deceived. They are all PRACTICING medicine and never perfecting it as these liars once again declared another fake public health emergency but bigger and better (for their portfolios) than ever and of course their fake and greedy "solution" is to inject you with the very thing you don't want in you (viruses) to allegedly stimulate an immune response to make you immune to what was NEVER PROVEN TO EXIST or now as the hustlers all gleefully stated they would allegedly manipulate your genetics to fix you right up like Frankenstein's monster

Humans suffer from Monkey Busine$$ Pox (MBP). In MBP they claim a critter billions times smaller than the point of a pin can kill you, without ever proving the thing exists. Should be easy to find but all these hustlers do is make up stories. Only if the human allows the lies of monkey busine$$ in to their brains, to manipulate them into being a Pharma Cyst Acceptance Injection Device Sirvivor (PC/AIDS) and join their cult where these Hustlers In Virology (HIV) keep throwing monkey shit in our faces, can we become monkeys that catch "pox".

To learn more about this scam of virology start by referencing the great works of expert biostatistician and whistle blower Christine Massey from Peel, Canada who compiled FOIA request responses by official institutions proving these HELLth agencies have no proof any virus exists.

Hear that again, hellth agencies and institutions around the world have no proof any virus exists they admit it when their PONG balls are to the wall and not playing ball with the public on fake news TV or playing footsie with their pocket full of doctors who are all in on the drug pushing hustle.

It's all just guesses and the field of virology is not even using the scientific method.

They are monkeying with you.

 more monkey busine$$

California Department of PublicHealth (HELLth)
cannot prove monkey pox virus exists

June 6, 2022: California Department of PublicHealth (a drug marketing company) confessed to Kristen Welch that they have no record of anyone on Earth finding any alleged "monkeypox virus" in the bodily fluid/tissue/excrement of a diseased host (animal or human) and purifying "it" so that "it" could be sequenced, characterized and studied with controlled experiments (aka "valid and proper science")

see copy of California Health Department response below and notice how they present it as "publichealth" not "public health" two very different legal meanings. My spelling is more accurate "publicHELLth" and notice they purposely squish out any space that would infer that they have space to present what was preveiously legally defined and understood as "public health", instead they are presenting new concepts in public hell in pandemic preparedness using this new term they created pronounced "pub-lickhlth"

Their response was "We have yielded no records....."


Fw: California Public Records Request :: P015917-052522 From MoonApothecary <moonapothecary@protonmail.com> To christinem@fluoridefreepeel.ca <christinem@fluoridefreepeel.ca> Date 2022-06-10 03:23 PM California has no monkeypox... go figure. lol Kristen
------- Original Message -------

On Monday, June 6th, 2022 at 5:29 PM, CDPH Public Records Portal <cdph@govqa.us> wrote:
RE: Public Records Reference # P015917-052522 Dear Kristen Welch: On May 25, 2022, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) received your request for records under the Public Records Act (PRA) wherein you requested the following:
May 25, 2022

RE: Public Records Request
To: The California Department of Public Health PO Box 997377 MS 0500 Sacramento, CA 95899-7377 Phone: 916-558-1784 Submitted via the CDPH Public Records Portal
To The California Department of Public Health,

This is a formal request for access to general records, made under the Freedom of Information Act.

Description of Requested Records:

All studies and/or reports in the possession, custody or control of the California Department of Public Health describing the purification of the alleged "MonkeyPox Virus" (aka "Poxviridae Orthopoxvirus", directly from a sample taken from a diseased human, where the patient sample was not first combined with any other source of genetic material (i.e. monkey kidney cells aka Vero cells; fetal bovine serum).
Clarification of Request:
Please note that I am not requesting studies/reports where researchers failed to purify the suspected "virus" and instead: cultured something, and/or performed an amplification test (i.e. PCR), and/or fabricated a genome from sequences (allegedly) detected in an impure substance, and/or produced electron microscopy images of unpurified things.
I am already aware that according to virus theory a "virus" requires host cells in order to replicate, and am not requesting records that describe replication of a 'virus' without host cells. Nor am I requesting records that describe a strict fulfillment of Koch's Postulates or River's Criteria, or records where researchers conflate extraction of genetic material from a patient sample or cell culture with "virus isolation", or records that describe a suspected "virus" floating in a vacuum, or private patient information.
I simply request records that describe purification (separation of the alleged virus from everything else in the patient sample, as per standard laboratory practices for the purification of other very small things).
Please note that my request includes any study/report matching the above description, authored by anyone, anywhere. If any records match the above description of requested records and are currently available in the public domain, please provide enough information about each record so that I may identify and access each one with certainty (i.e. title, author(s), date, journal, where the public may access it). Please provide URLs where possible.

View the response!


they have no records of any virus!


222 agencies and institutions world wide
 cannot provide proof any virus exists

responses to Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests yeilded no proof

Isolation of a "virus" is vital to proving they exist and when you know what the object is you know what to look for. Virology never does this. It's like someone telling you to go into the kitchen to get a sPfifeork. What the fuck is that? The person tells you "it's a combination of a fork, spoon, knife. Ok you have never seen one but you have seen those 3 ISOLATED items so you might be able to find the sPfifeork thinking it must look something like a combination of the spoon, fork, and knife. Virology never does this ISOLATION ever. They are story tellers and hustler$. Virology is a completely rotten branch of biology and needs to be circumcised, cut the fuck off like this hustle industry did to my dick, difference is, my dick was made wearing protection, they cut it the fuck off so they could make money off the sale of it, add it to their religious sacrificial rituals, and cause me a lifetime of harm. They are robbers and charlatans. The entire industry of virology is junk science. Modern a Med I Sin Is Sick (MaMISIS)

Dr. Andrew Kaufman on "monkeypox"

also watch virology debunked by Cowan & Lanka

In the 1980's they had a montra for funding "End Aids" which meant give them money. People would walk by beggars on the street and not give them a penny. When the beggar held up the same signs that the Hustlers In Virology use they were lavished with cash and became unhomeless. The Med I Sin Cult (MISC) industry is run by beggars worse than any street person as these HIV deceive and take more than you would give them normally if you actually knew how much of your money you are giving them from your taxes, your groceries, your gas, your purchases of every kind, your services, everything, while people think health care is free. Around 1987 I ended AIDS. All I had to do was throw their marketing definition "AIDS" in the toilet and flush. Old diseases rebranded to sell patented tests that don't do shit and repurposed poisons that kill and mame at great cost. AIDS drugs cost everyone all pitching in around $12,000 per year per person, big fucking ripoff. I watched my friends die of that cult poison. The HIV did that same fundamental claim that x = disease (virus causes disease) with the Big Fat Fraud Of cOvId-19.666 also early in 2020, planning it all on day -666 before they declared closing of businesses to start virus hunting season of dangerous unicorns. The biggest joke of a governing response ever as even if viruses did exist, shutting down things does nothing but cause harm to people and if viruses existed they'd go where ever air goes, like duh, their illusions of viruses are not living things, illusions are not real, viruses are not real, they are a medical drug marketing and endless treatment poisoning scam for profit. So then they fumigated all public places as if we were the pests and continue to do so as they try to kill what does not exist.

40 years and 666 trillion dollars for AIDS research and never did get that AIDS vaccine then suddenly they made one for the common cold always stated was caused by, are you sitting down, the corona virus, an invisible threat never proven to exist ever in world history, ever, using proper scientific method as discussed by whistle blowers and reputable science. There was NEVER a vaccine for the common cold. Think about this, corona "virus" is what they wrote in the textbooks decades ago as the "cause of the common cold" then suddenly they have a vaccine to cure the common cold for a "novel virus" which is fiction made up story telling, and people fell for it. Sales were down for flu shots year after year as they don't work. Needed a new hook.

And their claim of immunity is bogus, we have response systems not immune systems, we are never immune to anything. If viruses were real we are exposed to them in the air everywhere all day every day all night every night and NOTHING can stop them and since they are everywhere and we NEVER see people dropping dead everywhere except in the movies and fiction novel story telling and we have response systems designed to manage these alleged threats, even their own science lays it all out how the body handles it, neutralizing, sweeping out things it does not need into the toilet every day if of course we support how our body is designed to operate.

Like an out of control drug addicted neighbor that when visiting is constantly scaring the kids for fun, HELLth and science mental institutions keep doing that to the public as it's part of their business MODEL. Then they stick pacifiers in mouths and arms and would fuck us with them if they could, oh they already do with their junk tests now shoving sticks deep into orafices, NO VIRUS has ever been isolated by proper science method, it's all Horseshit In Virology (HIV).

Pox is skin eruptions, toxins pushed out, pretty basic science well studied, we really don't have to waste time chasing dangerous unicorns. Sometimes it's those Cheetos being eliminated through the skin when things get clogged up. Sometimes it's toxins like NONOXYNIL-9 pushed in that are corrosive. Those are Quaterny Amonium Cat Ions (often referred to as QUATs but we have a better more accurate acronym QACI pronounced "quacky") and these poisons are TOXIC. The corona fraud starting in 2020 gave opportunity for these poison "disinfectant" hustlers to increase sales 666 thousand %. Kaaaaaching! Portfolios are singing and dancing while we say "what's that horrible smell now"? It smells like old burned tires mixed with chemical waste streams with added chemical based "perfumes". 

These chemicals like Nonoxynil-9 are also better known as Sexually Transmited Degradables (STDs). These chemical formulations degrate the skin and especially when the skin alredy has an eruption and is comprimised. Then there's the slathering of Silcone Tire Dressings (STDs) all over our skin to make it so skin can no lonber breathe but body parts slide, gee what might that do? Our skin is an eliminative organ so if we block the pores like blocking a toilet with poop and toilet paper in a mess, guess what happens with the bathroom floor when we keep flushing. We can call that poopy overflowing mess toilet pox. They call it monkey pox when it happens to humans they monkey with. The body is always flushing out things. Go to the HELLth departments they give you this wacked out explanation that a virus causes it, when viruses are a fairy tale, never proven real, they admit it themselves now that their balls are to the walls.

video introductions

and also


They are monkeying with you.


Wyoming prevention efforts are different, to better protect it's population
the state banned the CDC and all it's corrupt monkey busine$$

they realized wearing condoms to protect themselves from mis-mal-dis-governing didn't work
any more than wearing face diapers to protect from dangerous spike unicorns


EPA says citric acid kills viruses while the CDC recommends using rotting chemical waste repurposed into "uninfectants" for our hellth they are spraying and infusing this Nonoxynil-9 and QACI poisons everywhere now

note that last sentence



that's like separating a fork from a junk drawer


the science never ever isolates any virus to prove it real

they are thus liars when they claim a virus or variant of exists


virology is a fraud

hear the technical analysis of this fraud in Part 2 of the good bye bon voyage journey of virology which is a dying junk science branch of biology that keeps falling on everyone's heads as the public keeps propping up the Hustle In Virology (HIV) with trillions of their cash that could instead PROVIDE HOMES FOR EVERY PERSON ON THE FUCKING PLANET

view biostatistician Christine Massey's notarized document from June 2023 stating virology is pseudoscience

before the PAN demic it was March 2019 and then
Kovid fell off the Runway and people said they caught Kovid


Widely introduced to the public in 2019 March new Oxygen Deprivation Devices (ODD) were presented as highly fashionable which only one year later became all the rage. Frankly, the rage should have been directed at the Medi Cult and politicians that fly planes while building them as a response to dangerous unicorns that even if they existed would not be trapped by air filters that have a 2 way directional air flow like how stupid is that!

To clear the air notice that a car and truck has an air filter that air flow only goes ONE WAY so that it actually filters the air and holds particulates in place. An air filter on a person as recommended by Conniving Deceitfull Corporations (CDC) spreads whatever is collected because a human's air intake is also acting as a tailpipe. Like duh. Time to change out what you filter. Let's clear the air on PublicHellth, energy, and other invisible threats together safely & effectively without marketing hustles.

 Here's their science's main man see if you can guess his name.

"Disturbed in his secluded afternoon naps, Pan's angry shout inspired
panic (panikon deima) in lonely places" [45] [46]

"PAN is famous for his sexual prowess and is often depicted with a phallus."

2020 hindsight reveals the public in a PAN ick & a PAN demic called "panikon deima"

to doggie treat the PAN ick they sold the public pHarma rape and it was gobbled up

to make the fake new threat real they created PAN demonium

PAN is the Greek god of mischief and debauchery

A senator PAN in California was mischievous, trying to pFuck everyone with pHarma cum shots

SUM like their CUM shots

PAN never unworships GOD & SATAN any more than man dick gets uncurcumcised after it was amputated by sickos


PAN depicted as copulating with a goat
as seen in marble sculpture located in Naples National Archeological Museum

Object history
English: From the rectangular peristyle Villa of the Papyri in Herculaneum, 1752
Français : Provenance : péristyle rectangulaire de la Villa des Papyrus à Herculanum, 1752
References Carol C. Mattusch, The Villa dei Papiri at Herculaneum. Life and Afterlife of a Sculpture Collection, 2005, p.155-6
Source/Photographer Marie-Lan Nguyen (2011)

PAN is a mythical creature like Jesus and imagined viruses
copulation efforts of HELLth agencies that all work for pHarm a is real


Who was it that said Silicon Tire Dressing (STD) was a "safe and effective" lubricant for any part of your body?

They are all in thi$ drug pushing $hit $how together!


When ever any politician or other drug pushing goon says "safe and effective" I now run not walk the hell away from them at least 666 meters away from their PAN demanias, and when they try to rape me with that pShit and nose shove sticks I scream "you hacked off 60% of my dick you are not ever raping me again" after having just spent ten minutes having my lungs raped by their QACI chemical quaternary ammonium cat ion crap (pronounced quacky) they are spraying in their doctors offices that are corrosive chemical waste from China factories repurposed for "our hellth" used to kill dangerous unicorns.


we live in a world free of viruses


TAKE MY CUM SHOTS  music video about pHarma's magic rape device injection juice  


amputated phallus pretends to be happy after having 60% of it's protective skin removed
thus exposing it's head so that everyone can see it's face ALL THE TIME EVERYWHERE IT GOES
he was forced to cum out of his shell where at the parade there were those religious freaks
who are hell bent dead set against fetus amputations while at the same time
they are proud to say they are all in when it comes to freshly born fetus dick cutting rituals
just after it enters this sick world of theirs so for it that they set aside New Years Day each year
to celebrate feasting on Jesus foreskin which is why in church and their bibles
they talk about eating the blood and body of Jesus

it's called the "Feast of the Circumcision of Christ"

some people are into that

Image date:  
Source:   originally posted to Flickr as this is a giant cock
Author:   eric molina


I hate to be the bearer of bad news but here goes, we live in a world free of viruses


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