Holocaust Infected Virology B+HEALTHY  PUUTAP
IMGAY.com rules over all acronyms and channeling of the greatest human beings in history 


vaccinate your mind with pixels from the past to be protected from pixels of the future

think about that

then have your local mosquito association publish a paper on how viruses all fly on Mosquito Needle Airlines regardless of how hucksters in medicinal sales pitches will claim they are all grounded and see the virus hit the fan as well as all viruses travel by air the next time the wind whips across the globe carrying viruses that are actually nothing more than fancy names for CELL/SHIT

you are here

gay surfers are there

watch real time what people around the world are saying that's so gay

what's this

what's this

"Ski Lodge" is a really funny Frasier episode with an old fashioned gay theme before being gay was like doing dishes

the very best one though is called HAM/RADIO and is one of the very best things ever pre-sented on TV which stands for TeleVirus infecting minds

Brazil orders gay Jesus movie removed from the internet as they believe that being gay is a sin and Jesus cannot forgive his own sin

if he was straight he can forgive his own sin or if he sinned any other way he can forgive his own sin if he is gay he cannot forgive himself for that sin

see how this all started with not being able to accept yourself as gay and forgive yourself of your "sin"?

the truth is there is no forgiveness needed as it's not  a sin to be Jesusexual

now repeat after me

I am not gay

I am Jesusexual

So there's this guy says he's LGBTQ/

oz Undetectable Uses Treatment As Prevention


how can it not be detected yet be detected?

it's like saying that you are positive you are human but no one can detect you are human so you are taking human growth hormones as a way to make sure you are not prevented from being a human so that you can be detected as being human even though you are not being detected as being human

treatment as prevention is also stupid, it's like saying you will take aspirin every day so you never get a headache or you will use suppositories so that you never have to use a suppository

it's like saying you will have your head up someone else's ass to prevent you from constantly having your head up your own ass regarding all this medical bullshit about health and disease which has been dumped on the gay community for 40 years now putting gay blood in concentration camps

they claim they have tests that find HIV and they lie as they are not accurate and if they were they would be able to screen all blood

i watched my friends die because of what these HIV/LIARS pushed on them while never once taking any blame for their gross incompetence as they and their associates and share holders all raked in millions and now they quietly lowered the strength of the meds so that they wouldn't drop dead of the poison gas so to remove what became obvious holocaust and they now push this as both treatment and prevention


Quarantine over the flu. Holding people against their will. Take a cruise vacation now you are their captive. Nazi medicine. Lies to control and manipulate you. HIV big holocaust in virology. Virus is cell dirt. The best brightest scientist who knows electron microscopes inside and out tells the world it's just cell dirt. Democrats will not listen they know everything, like counting votes with apps on a cell phone, yea, look how smart they are.


Da college is telling students to not use the words lame or gay or insane even in a sentence. If you carry these words with you in  their word free zones they will use bad words against you. Liberal idiots suck and are lame and insane. They can't even get their apps to work for tallying votes and you expect them to handle climate, comon they are a fucking joke.


Butgig says Electoral College has run it's course. He would not be saying this if the Electoral College got him The Presidency. He knows he doesn't have a chance at being President. He's such a fraud, a typical lying stupid millenial salespoliticianist. He was not around during the Los Angeles riots where people were on their rooftops protecting their livelyhoods in the hoods. He has no clue how things work. He did nothing for the black community as mayor. He's a pompous elitist. Electoral college guarantees the will of the voter is presented to Washington. If the voting day was that day of the Los Angeles Rodney King Riots and there was also The Big One where all communications were cut off as well as roads, and bridges falling into pieces, and airports shut down from huge cracks in runways, and all cell phones inoperable, and all voting places not working because we of course made everything dependent on electricity and the stupid smart ass grid is down, Electoral College representatives would get the vote there to represent the will of the people, telling Washington that Los Angeles and San Francisco hopelessly voted for idiots again. Allowing popular vote to choose would mean the biggest cities would run the entire country and the middle farm states would lose all power, which is exactly what liberal cons want, and the entire country would be a disgusting mess of white colonization puke fake clean energy and other city bullshit messes like homeless everwhere while they all get rich and collect homes and use their technology maps to avoid driving through the homeless encampments to their 17th house and vacation rental. We will always protect the Electoral College which provides a balance instead of mob rule which liberals adore. Their fake bullshit against Electoral College and fake energy schemes are about them controlling you and making you their slaves. That is why they want all Confederate flags and statues banned as it's the liberals that were the Confederacy ol' chaps. The do not want you to study history on that or on how Electoral College protects you from dictatorships of the liberal mobs.


Hperprooveractivists in UK force "Introducing Teddy" on very young school kids. It teaches transgender is ok, being homo is ok, etc. Father pulls out son due to religious beliefs. He does not want his child taught that. Now he has to go to court. Could be fined. Could be jailed. What a waste of energy again.

This is the problem with this sociailst HOMO/QWERTY crap that calls itself about equality when it's about control and forcing their views on others. Parents have authority over their kids not homos.

The man's religion can not be taught in the public school so nor should the beliefs of those who are sexual.

Sexual education belongs in the school only for those who are of sexual age. Again it's about Roe vs. Wade's foudational principle of not invading one's space.


Romney represented himself, not the people who voted him in as he voted to impeach Trump. He's another fake lying con.

His Bain Capital money hoarding outfit emassed billions a few decades ago by displacing & bankrupting American workers. We all watched this horror happen all around us. Profited $20,000 for every American worker thrown overboard.

Romney perfected the art of 'leveraged buyout' of companies thus killing American workers in droves. He stabbed them over and over again everywhere in every corner of America.

Trump and friends are waging war on this swamp creature after he shot Trump with his guilty vote.

Stabbed American workers long before stabbing Trump in the back.


Diversity is a strength means Anglos are a weakness. The fake diversity crowd calls for equality and erasing competition while it competes to be above it all.


Ripping the speech was another political stunt. It's illegal, destroying congressional records is illegal.

That's all democrats do is shred and steal. It was so disrespectful to every person named in the speech.

Dear God make California fall into the ocean already.

watch this shit
watch more shit

Democrats couldn't even stand up when prez talked about planting trees what fucking dodoshits.


He's doing well in Iowa. I'd like to see him run against Trump.

Unfortunately Democrat voters are not that smart. They will pick Biden or Sanders.

Iowa seems to like this dude but his placing a certain race directly behind theyself at Iowa speech when they have been repeatedly called out for not supporting or even visiting the certain race community when they really needed you when you were mayor is so friggin racist and OMG so obviously staged and rude.

Please place them in front of you next time if you are going to intend to display courtesy as they are the very people you are claiming you would represent should always be in front of you as we the people are truly the ones in charge supposedly in government.


Insures fair elections because it's decentralized. Hanging chads and paper are efficient, more accurate and secure. Democrats after Gore lost in Florida claimed tech voting would be better. All this digital crap is ruining everything except the tech stock moguls who have all become trilliazilliaupmtillionaires while it's wasting more energy than ever.


The latest Experiment on human Vaccine for fake HIV is Ineffective, but PREP works? HIV/LIES keep selling. Ads on Pluto TV are selling a new form of PREP now, very sexy slick ads, slippery slope, why is any company allowed to sell drug that contains what killed my friends in the gay holocaust?

Viruses are cell debris. Your body makes them you don't catch them and die. It's a big fucking con game for profit at it's foundation.

You were not there when it started you don't understand. You might have been 2 years old or not even conceived for another 15.

Why on Earth would you want to allow anyone to inject HIV into you so that you don't get HIV? You would never do that.

That's what the lies about vaccines do, give you the very thing you don't want so that you don't get it later as your body builds immunity to it. Have sex instead.

HIV tests are a lie. They only find random antibodies, everyone has antibodies, HIV is Hoax In Virology.


The puppet masters don't give a flying fuck about you.


I looked up the temperatures in the China city that US fake medias all claim is ground o of THE/VIRUS outbreak, it's in the 30's farenheit. It's winter and after Christmas holidays where people had been drinking and excessing and oil slicking down their throats and they have the flu like every fucking year.

It's mostly affecting elderly like every year.

MEDIA/CONS in the USA are being bashed by China for exaggeration. Then I was looking at the tele and the commercial was for another form of PREP/SHIT. The HOLOCAUST/IN/VIRUOSITY is almost 40 years of age. It was proven long ago in the 1980's that HIV was a con job to sell drugs but they are still selling drugs for this FAKE/THREAT.


It's deeeeeelicious. 'Corse now the QWERTY community had a fit because they are Christians and boycotted Swiss Air and I think Swiss Miss. Fuuck the stupidsexual puritanity rules & don't fly Swiss Air which succumbed to the LTBQZRF celfcentered thugs that hate Christians as these puritians preach their fake equality bullshit.

Lizzy Bizzy leads the LGBTWHATEVER community around by the nose ring promising to hire a T who is less qualified for Education Secretary over a non-T who is more qualified. This thing is so full of toxic hot glue.

Butt-I-Gag would rather watch cartoons than deal with difficult processes, that makes for a good focus group participant, not a president of the United States, sorry hon, I'm voting TRUMP or for the butt one's squad LEADER. Bernie the multi-millionaire is a crook. Liar. Hired all his family and friends using public funds. Funnels-R-Them. Typical Democrat. Big time projection schemes. Then claims Trump's the one. No hon we need to impeach you and get you out of our pockets. Then there's that Lizzy Poke-&-Haunt us thing that now links climate change to China virus FREAK/OUT reality TV nonsense. She says anything to get your attention. She's a big fat fraud. Like all of them they threaten you with death unless you vote for them. They did this too with AIDS/DRUGS they killed my friends that way. All the ego maniacs in the room insisted my friends would die if they didn't take AZT which was already proven in the 1970's to be a POISON. I tried to tell them it was poison and they would not listen. Blamed dead cell debris that cannot even be found. HIV testing is like Lizzy, fraud. Pokey Hauntus actually is onto something tho, the wind carries all viruses everywhere, convection carries things all through the air up, down, sideways everywhere. Even carbon dioxide gets moved around never forming a blanket while cooling when it get up in the mountains a mere mile or two up in the sky, even though they lie to you and tell you repeatedly it covers the planet like plastic wrap and we will all suffocate from inescapable heat. Are people really that stupid? Climate change gloomyism is such a farce. Climate IS responsible for spreading viruses though. She is right, climate change is causing viruses to travel though the air like they have done for centuries, milleniums, eons. Thing no one gets though is they are like dead dust. They are CELL/SHIT. Your body makes them. You create them. They are not the problem. You are. Mosquitoes pick them up on their dirty syringes and inject them. Ban backyard BBQ/S. That neighbor with HIV mosquito can bring it right to your arm! Or gee maybe the virus is not the problem it's the VIRAL/LIES. Your medical hucksters name these pieces of dust your body cells shed giving them ID cards treating them as if they are not illegal aliens, allowing them to drive you to the treatment center$. The entire catch me if you can virus theory is medical hocus pocus to get you to submit to medical regimes and forced injections of the very thing you don't want so they all laugh all the way to the penthouse using your energy.

When you understand that viruses are everywhere in the air you then realize how THEY/LIE to sell you stuff and take your energy in tax grants for themselves to live like rock stars

no you cannot go in here anymore
Betsy Ross made a flag with 13 stars in it

"This is the very foundation of Roe vs. Wade hon"

pardon the interruption, Boy George says at his concert "Leave Your Pronouns At The Door" says to only refer to him as Napoleon

now back to our show, never mind the invasion of children's private space with syringes by medical facists and the invasion of baby men private parts that are routinely hacked off at birth we must use all our energy to make sure women are treated equal to men which in reality would then mean that they too should have their private parts invaded like is done with men where they routinely cut part of it off and add it to Sandra Bullocks face cream and instead of handling these horrors as a priority we twit all day about what offends us ignoring how offended men are when they realize their dick skin was hacked off to be sold by the medical fascists

what's this
Juda Maccabaeus.png
and then ellen laughed

I find that offensive and of course none of these people care what offends me and many others as cutting devices routinely carve a design that the foreskinic cleansers prefer irregardless of what the baby man prefers or how God made them and they do nothing to stop the foreskin holocaust they just laugh about it

 this bloody hacking ritual which is not needed to protect the life or save the life of the baby man as they invade his not her space is sexual abuse as the Anti-Intactics continue this holocaust on baby penises

if it's not sexual abuse what is it hugs and kisses full of bloody penis skin by movie stars wearing penis foreskin makeup

baby boys getting part of their dick hacked off all bloody is a horror the babies scream and scream and scream in pain

not even The Church of Satan does this evil barbaric practice and it's done for profit by pro-Anti-intactivist influenced elections while society is 'made better' with all sorts of bullshit wastes of energy and time while this horror is still ignored

what the hell kind of society is this

and when the baby partially cut-off-penis boy grows up to be a man ort the he gets shit about manspreading like omg get a life he did not get a choice about having a dick between his legs so he has to spread to be comfortable and his most sacred private part was partially hacked off and added to women's face cream and laughed about on sexist cultish Ellen let's have a little fun making fun of hacked penis parts today as the provestite sitting next to him watches Ellen and Sandra laugh about it on millions of devices worldwide

it's all so funny to them as they put themselves on pedestals and pretend to be so wonderful and make sure our priorities are more geared to making sure hens don't have their space invaded giving them even more space to roam so they are happy even though they are going to have their entire heads chopped off all bloody made into our food anyway while ignoring and denying dick heads of baby people the freedom from being hacked by doctors influenced by hacked election parts

I find those who think it's funny disgusting if you don't understand why you are not paying attention the the drunk retarded elephant in the room that escaped from Ellen's head jumped into Joy Behard's head then luckily escaped from there and NY

if a man with a TV talk show laughed about women's private parts in their after shave cream how do you suppose the response would be

the outrage would be heard in space but people on Earth only listen to outrage that makes them feel better and puffs them up


until those who are do nothingers about the baby dick foreskin holocaust stop laughing and seriously apologize and halt this horror and set up funding with 8teenzillions of dolars for reparations instead of endless babble calling for erasing student loan debt and other self absorbed priorities they are all bobbleheads to me and my sacred male private parts community I have no use for their clebrity or anything they say they bore me I rather watch ants build a hill making sure all the homeless ants there are fed and housed

this is a very serious matter of priorities that keeps being ignored and covered up like Sandra's face with penis parts how stupid are we as a culture to continue to do this you think gay marriage is more important, gay rights, equal pay, more vacations, bridges over homeless people & getting all the things you "deserve" none of that matters

what matters is love

 how dare society ignore what is being done to babies while swimming endlessly in socialismia

am I so to speak 'throwing out the baby with bathwater that contains blood from it's hacked off penis parts that ended up on Sandra Bullock's face as she and Ellen ROFL about it you bet I am because they can actually use their celebrity like they did for hens to be treated better to force penises to be treated better instead of laughing about it all the way to their 17th fully remodeled remodeled and remodeled again home that this year alone soared 70,000% in value as they laugh about that too that spread that all over our faces at parties and as they pompously laugh about penis parts in celebrity face cream makes them all appear very ugly to me

so it is  written in the extential book of priorities